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Vale Sam Tan passed away 09/08/2008

My good friend Sam Tan passed away on 09/08/2008 in a road traffic accident. This album contains some photos of Sam, he was a great friend - comments welcome
Cheers George

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Some more photos of Sam
:: Some more photos of Sam ::
Buddist Service For Sam HK Tan 10 to 11/08/2008
:: Buddist Service For Sam HK Tan 10 to 11/08/2008 ::
p 2_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 3_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 4_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 5_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan
p 6_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 7_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 8_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 9_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 10_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 11_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan
p 12_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 13_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 14_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 15_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 16_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 17_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan
p 19_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan DSC08912.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC08913.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn p 1_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 20_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 21_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan
p 22_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 23_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan p 24_Resized.jpg photo courtesy Thomas Tan DSC08917.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC08918.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC08945.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn
DSC09238.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC09331.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC09332.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC09342.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn DSC09343.jpg photo courtesy Christine Horn sam01_Resized.jpg
DSC02165_Resized.JPG DSC02452_Resized.JPG DSC02455_Resized.JPG DSC02537_Resized.JPG DSC04244_Resized.JPG DSC04248_Resized.JPG
DSC04259_Resized.JPG DSC04283_Resized.JPG DSC04374_Resized.JPG DSC03848_Resized.JPG DSC03880_Resized.JPG DSC03884_Resized.JPG
DSC03886_Resized.JPG DSC03887_Resized.JPG DSC03927_Resized.JPG DSC03928_Resized.JPG DSC03930_Resized.JPG DSC03937_Resized.JPG
DSC03939_Resized.JPG DSC03940_Resized.JPG DSC03945_Resized.JPG DSC03946_Resized.JPG DSC03955_Resized.JPG DSC03957_Resized.JPG
DSC02262_Resized.JPG DSC02305_Resized.JPG DSC02320_Resized.JPG DSC02913_Resized.JPG DSC02915_Resized.JPG DSC02919_Resized.JPG
DSC02922_Resized.JPG DSC02932_Resized.JPG DSC02946_Resized.JPG DSC02951_Resized.JPG DSC02952_Resized.JPG DSC01461_Resized.JPG
DSC01512_Resized.JPG DSC01513_Resized.JPG DSC01514_Resized.JPG DSC01598_Resized.JPG DSC01606_Resized.JPG DSC01635_Resized.JPG
DSC02190_Resized.JPG DSC02218_Resized.JPG DSC02232_Resized.JPG DSC02233_Resized.JPG DSC00935_Resized.JPG DSC00944_Resized.JPG
DSC00951_Resized.JPG DSC00955_Resized.JPG DSC00956_Resized.JPG DSC00957_Resized.JPG Chilling out Sam Remi & Ondris Sam Tan
Tasty lah Guess Going Off To Get The Durian Durian's Arrived DSC07199_Resized.JPG IMG_1306_Resized.JPG
IMG_1339_Resized.JPG IMG_0416_Resized.JPG Sam at the Tiller Driving through trafic Cheers How Does She Do That
From left to right Patricia, George & Sam The Three Wise Monkeys Sam Sam Preparing To Cast Off There There Sam Its Not That Bad Push Harder The Tide Goes Down 450mm in 15 minutes we don't want to be here all night
Loaded Up Which Drink First Sam & Patricia DSC01759_Resized.JPG DSC01938_Resized.JPG DSC01972_Resized.JPG
DSC01992_Resized.JPG DSC02001_Resized.JPG DSC02041_Resized.JPG DSC02048_Resized.JPG DSC06555_Resized.JPG DSC06560_Resized.JPG
DSC06577_Resized.JPG DSC06579_Resized.JPG DSC06581_Resized.JPG DSC06596_Resized.JPG DSC06598_Resized.JPG DSC06600_Resized.JPG
DSC06209_Resized.JPG DSC06211_Resized.JPG DSC06235_Resized.JPG DSC06247_Resized.JPG DSC06277_Resized.JPG DSC06284_Resized.JPG
Christina, Patricia, Sam & Maylin The Harriets In House Massage Now Listen Carefully No Popping Tie That Knot A Photogenic Lot
Am I really going to look more beautiful? Would you trust this man Let's Get Into It It's not that hard - just drink it down In rapture - what a beauty treament Even the camera could not take the frivolity
Artistes at work - maybe they should open a beauty salon James, Patricia, Sam, Kate & Tansee A little assistance checking the figure 8 DSC03150_Resized.JPG DSC03165_Resized.JPG DSC03212_Resized.JPG
DSC03225_Resized.JPG DSC03233_Resized.JPG DSC03241_Resized.JPG DSC00726_Resized.JPG DSC00737_Resized.JPG DSC00741_Resized.JPG
DSC00747_Resized.JPG DSC00772_Resized.JPG DSC00842_Resized.JPG DSC00845_Resized.JPG DSC00846_Resized.JPG DSC00856_Resized.JPG
DSC01795_Resized.JPG DSC01799_Resized.JPG DSC01828_Resized.JPG DSC01843_Resized.JPG DSC01844_Resized.JPG DSC01858_Resized.JPG
DSC01883_Resized.JPG DSC01892_Resized.JPG DSC01895_Resized.JPG DSC01899_Resized.JPG DSC01904_Resized.JPG DSC01905_Resized.JPG
DSC01906_Resized.JPG DSC01911_Resized.JPG DSC01925_Resized.JPG DSC01954_Resized.JPG DSC01968_Resized.JPG DSC01984_Resized.JPG
DSC01987_Resized.JPG DSC02017_Resized.JPG DSC02056_Resized.JPG DSC02071_Resized.JPG DSC02076_Resized.JPG DSC00768_Resized.JPG
DSC00774_Resized.JPG DSC00834_Resized.JPG DSC00940_Resized.JPG DSC00951_Resized.JPG DSC00955_Resized.JPG DSC00964_Resized.JPG
DSC00452_Resized.JPG DSC00467_Resized.JPG DSC00481_Resized.JPG DSC00503_Resized.JPG DSC00566_Resized.JPG DSC00567_Resized.JPG
DSC00573_Resized.JPG DSC00587_Resized.JPG DSC00591_Resized.JPG DSC00592_Resized.JPG DSC00593_Resized.JPG DSC00595_Resized.JPG
DSC00596_Resized.JPG Sam in new shirt Patricia, Sam, Warwick, James & George Patricia, Sam, Warwick, James & George Sam Sam & Patricia
Sam Comfy Amazing Nick & Sam Sam kicking back Warwick & Sam
Time for Martini's & Chicken Warwick & Sam ~ just a little more Time to prepare another Martini - shaken not stirred Banna Leaf Meal - Scrumptious Breakfast Breakfast
The Cave Gang Amazing formations Gua Syreh - Sam, Warwick & James Gua Syreh - Sam, Patricia, Kate &Tannsee the cave dog, James & Warwick DSC07893.JPG DSC07907.JPG
Strong Man Sam Patricia & Sam DSC02213_Resized.JPG DSC02222_Resized.JPG DSC02256_Resized.JPG DSC02276_Resized.JPG
DSC02283_Resized.JPG DSC02289_Resized.JPG DSC02296_Resized.JPG DSC02300_Resized.JPG DSC02303_Resized.JPG DSC02319_Resized.JPG
Very Wet Lah A little snake not in good health Flower Pot Man Sam, Warwick, Andrej, Patricia Strong Man Sam Man with Stick
Sam, Andrej, Warwick, Patricia We could still swim for it But You may need it to take the thorn out Complete With Mushrooms in butter and Sarawak pepper The Football, The Wine, Motorbikes DSC06859_Resized.JPG
DSC06863_Resized.JPG DSC06865_Resized.JPG DSC06895_Resized.JPG DSC06900_Resized.JPG DSC06911_Resized.JPG DSC06923_Resized.JPG
DSC06924_Resized.JPG DSC06929_Resized.JPG DSC06930_Resized.JPG DSC06932_Resized.JPG DSC06940_Resized.JPG DSC06944_Resized.JPG
DSC06403_Resized.JPG DSC06406_Resized.JPG DSC06415_Resized.JPG DSC06431_Resized.JPG DSC06435_Resized.JPG DSC06501_Resized.JPG
DSC06510_Resized.JPG DSC06518_Resized.JPG DSC06519_Resized.JPG DSC06520_Resized.JPG DSC06521_Resized.JPG DSC06549_Resized.JPG
DSC06552_Resized.JPG DSC00143_Resized.JPG DSC00145_Resized.JPG DSC00146_Resized.JPG DSC00156_Resized.JPG DSC00170_Resized.JPG
DSC00174_Resized.JPG DSC00214_Resized.JPG DSC00215_Resized.JPG DSC00216_Resized.JPG DSC00222_Resized.JPG DSC00223_Resized.JPG
DSC00224_Resized.JPG DSC00230_Resized.JPG DSC00232_Resized.JPG DSC00246_Resized.JPG DSC00248_Resized.JPG DSC00253_Resized.JPG
DSC00258_Resized.JPG DSC00259_Resized.JPG DSC00622_Resized.JPG DSC00657_Resized.JPG DSC00673_Resized.JPG DSC00675_Resized.JPG
DSC00676_Resized.JPG DSC00680_Resized.JPG DSC00700_Resized.JPG DSC00702_Resized.JPG DSC00704_Resized.JPG DSC00714_Resized.JPG
DSC00715_Resized.JPG DSC00717_Resized.JPG DSC00722_Resized.JPG DSC00723_Resized.JPG DSC00724_Resized.JPG DSC00726_Resized.JPG
DSC00727_Resized.JPG DSC00730_Resized.JPG DSC00731_Resized.JPG DSC00732_Resized.JPG DSC00733_Resized.JPG DSC00738_Resized.JPG
DSC05629_Resized.JPG DSC05632_Resized.JPG DSC05666_Resized.JPG DSC05675_Resized.JPG DSC05678_Resized.JPG DSC05682_Resized.JPG
DSC05695_Resized.JPG DSC05740_Resized.JPG DSC05754_Resized.JPG DSC05759_Resized.JPG DSC05760_Resized.JPG DSC05761_Resized.JPG
DSC03901_Resized.JPG DSC03929_Resized.JPG DSC03974_Resized.JPG DSC04018_Resized.JPG DSC04040_Resized.JPG DSC04042_Resized.JPG
DSC04051_Resized.JPG DSC04085_Resized.JPG IMG_1524_Resized.JPG IMG_1525_Resized.JPG DSC03615_Resized.JPG DSC03626_Resized.JPG
DSC03663_Resized.JPG DSC03665_Resized.JPG DSC03674_Resized.JPG DSC03675_Resized.JPG DSC03676_Resized.JPG DSC03678_Resized.JPG
DSC03679_Resized.JPG DSC03730_Resized.JPG DSC03731_Resized.JPG DSC03759_Resized.JPG DSC03765_Resized.JPG DSC03768_Resized.JPG
Things are looking up Sam At Exit No 1 Tough 6 Metre Drop Exit On Rope Sam Squeezing Through Sam
Bananas Anyone Bananas Bananas Sitting In The Pepper Plantation Warick, James, Sam & Patricia Cooling Off In The Paddy Field - I knew I should have brought my bathers A Beer and Makan (food) with friends - Patricia, Warwick, Sam, James & Kate DSC06559_Resized.JPG
DSC06580_Resized.JPG 122222 per Frank Tan Resized.jpg Sams Run per Jodi Waldron New York Frog 180608_Resized.JPG WED_000169_resized2.JPG