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George Fricker | profile | all galleries >> Sarawak >> Visits >> Denis Nelthorpe's Visit To Sarawak 07/03/2008 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Denis Nelthorpe's Visit To Sarawak 07/03/2008

Denis Nelthorpe's Visit To Sarawak 07/03/2008 to 15/03/2008 - Port Dixon Raptor Watch, Kuching Orang Utang's, Green Whip Snake, Crocodiles, Proboscis Monkeys, Macau Maonkey's and rare Silver Leaf Monkey - Fantastic
Ilham Resort Port Dixon Gibon Denis At Lighthouse waiting for the Raptors Only Two Raptors seen - they must have put flight off for the Malaysian Election Kingfisher Hermit Crab
Denis sampling Roti Chani Bawang Telur Ayam with Tomatoe Just the thing for a consumer lawyer - 100% discounts Rope Work at Fairy Cave with James George on the Rope Fairy Cave Denis about to descend suitably kitted out Sam just hanging about
Denis with fellow cavers Denis & George Denis the caver Warwick on mountain bike Buntal Seabirds Denis checking out the Durian - King Of Fruit - mouthwatering eh Denis
Satok Night market Kuching Denis buying fruits 1 Ringget a bag Orang Utang Birth Record Orang Utangs Green Whip Snake (not poisonous) Orang Utang 2
Orang Utang 3 Orang Utang 4 Orang Utang 5 Orang Utang 6 Green Whip Snake 2 Orang Utang 6 - Big George the dominant male Orang Utang
Denis watching Crocodile Jong's crocodile farm Large Lizard Jong's crocodile farm Mr Snappy Another friendly croc Lotus Flower
Peacock strutting his stuff Malaysia, Sarawak, Jong's crocodile farm, Peacock Jungle Fruit - Inedible Brilliant Brack - Fungus in forest More Bracks - Bako National Park George & Denis
Fluorescent Fungus The Beach - Bako Denis Patricia Denis Patricia with Fish (Ikan)
Framed Denis Patricia rocck climbing Proboscis Monkey in Jungle Proboscis Monkey close up Fellow travelers Girl on phone at beach
Naughty Macau Baby Macau Not so spiky Denis & Patricia spotting Proboscis Monkey Proboscis Monkey Proboscis Monkey
Proboscis Monkey Rare Silver Leaf Monkey Silver Leaf Monkey Proboscis Monkey DSC09852_Resized.JPG DSC09856_Resized.JPG
DSC09858_Resized.JPG DSC09864_Resized.JPG DSC09866_Resized.JPG DSC09874_Resized.JPG DSC09875_Resized.JPG DSC09876_Resized.JPG
DSC09878_Resized.JPG DSC09880_Resized.JPG DSC09882_Resized.JPG DSC09886_Resized.JPG DSC09887_Resized.JPG DSC09888_Resized.JPG
DSC09889_Resized.JPG DSC09891_Resized.JPG DSC09894_Resized.JPG DSC09895_Resized.JPG DSC09896_Resized.JPG DSC09897_Resized.JPG
DSC09903_Resized.JPG DSC09906_Resized.JPG DSC09914_Resized.JPG DSC09921_Resized.JPG DSC09932_Resized.JPG DSC09934_Resized.JPG
DSC09938_Resized.JPG DSC09939_Resized.JPG DSC00006_Resized.JPG DSC00008_Resized.JPG DSC00010_Resized.JPG DSC00015_Resized.JPG
DSC00016_Resized.JPG DSC00017_Resized.JPG DSC00019_Resized.JPG DSC00020_Resized.JPG DSC00021_Resized.JPG DSC00022_Resized.JPG
DSC01336_Resized.JPG DSC01337_Resized.JPG DSC01339_Resized.JPG DSC01340_Resized.JPG DSC01342_Resized.JPG DSC01343_Resized.JPG
DSC01344_Resized.JPG DSC01345_Resized.JPG DSC01346_Resized.JPG DSC01347_Resized.JPG DSC01350_Resized.JPG DSC01351_Resized.JPG
DSC01353_Resized.JPG DSC01355_Resized.JPG DSC01358_Resized.JPG DSC01359_Resized.JPG DSC01360_Resized.JPG DSC01363_Resized.JPG
DSC01368_Resized.JPG DSC01369_Resized.JPG DSC01370_Resized.JPG DSC01371_Resized.JPG DSC01372_Resized.JPG DSC01374_Resized.JPG
DSC01390_Resized.JPG DSC01401_Resized.JPG DSC01434_Resized.JPG DSC01444_Resized.JPG DSC01445_Resized.JPG DSC01446_Resized.JPG
DSC01448_Resized.JPG DSC01449_Resized.JPG DSC01452_Resized.JPG DSC01453_Resized.JPG DSC01456_Resized.JPG DSC01457_Resized.JPG
DSC01458_Resized.JPG DSC01459_Resized.JPG DSC01461_Resized.JPG DSC01464_Resized.JPG DSC01465_Resized.JPG DSC01466_Resized.JPG
DSC01468_Resized.JPG DSC01470_Resized.JPG DSC01476_Resized.JPG DSC01477_Resized.JPG DSC01478_Resized.JPG DSC01479_Resized.JPG
DSC01480_Resized.JPG DSC01481_Resized.JPG DSC01482_Resized.JPG DSC01486_Resized.JPG DSC01488_Resized.JPG DSC01490_Resized.JPG
DSC01493_Resized.JPG DSC01495_Resized.JPG DSC01496_Resized.JPG DSC01497_Resized.JPG DSC01498_Resized.JPG DSC01509_Resized.JPG
DSC01512_Resized.JPG DSC01520_Resized.JPG DSC01524_Resized.JPG DSC01528_Resized.JPG DSC01529_Resized.JPG DSC01536_Resized.JPG
DSC01540_Resized.JPG DSC01543_Resized.JPG DSC01546_Resized.JPG DSC01547_Resized.JPG DSC01553_Resized.JPG DSC01555_Resized.JPG
DSC01568_Resized.JPG DSC01569_Resized.JPG DSC01570_Resized.JPG DSC01571_Resized.JPG DSC01574_Resized.JPG DSC01577_Resized.JPG
DSC01578_Resized.JPG DSC01579_Resized.JPG DSC01587_Resized.JPG DSC01588_Resized.JPG DSC01590_Resized.JPG DSC01591_Resized.JPG
DSC01596_Resized.JPG DSC01597_Resized.JPG DSC01598_Resized.JPG DSC01599_Resized.JPG DSC01600_Resized.JPG DSC01601_Resized.JPG
DSC01602_Resized.JPG DSC01603_Resized.JPG DSC01604_Resized.JPG DSC01605_Resized.JPG DSC01606_Resized.JPG DSC01607_Resized.JPG
DSC01608_Resized.JPG DSC01609_Resized.JPG DSC01610_Resized.JPG DSC01611_Resized.JPG DSC01612_Resized.JPG DSC01613_Resized.JPG
DSC01614_Resized.JPG DSC01615_Resized.JPG DSC01616_Resized.JPG DSC01617_Resized.JPG