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Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:03
Keep moving forward. I can see that you have a lot of potential.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:47
This is as close to perfect as it can get.
Larry Starkes 18-Jul-2006 19:43
Great site - i have a 1976 Fender Starcaster I want to sell - it belonged to my father who recently passed - email me if your interested
Elisabeth 30-Jun-2006 17:29

Kinda missed the fact that you have a guestbook here too haha.
Anyway, posted a private comment for your pic of Jimmi in the HRC volt in London. Please get back to me on that if you can help me out!

Great pics!

Lizzy xXx
TRENT T. DAVIS 19-Jun-2006 19:06
James V. Roy12-Jun-2006 20:24
Danke 12-Jun-2006 10:29
Guter Stil mit Info und Geschmack. Muss schon sagen das nicht viele Seiten im Netz so sind.
gary r 23-Apr-2006 16:00
Great site. Can anyone get me in touch with Charlie Lew?
Mark Lee Pringle(ETA) 09-May-2005 20:43
Jim, Hi, Mark Pringle again,..well, I watched All of your hard work last night on the CBS "Elvis"! As far as music props' go,..they did a Great job', with Your Help! A couple time-line compressions had me scratchin' my head,...but, overall the show wasn't bad! Their rendition of the Overton Park Shell sceane was in-correct,..and when Elvis was on the Dorsey's Show He didn't use the early Martin with the stick-on letters,...but, It's the FIRST time I've seen the stick-on letters represented Correctly! When they ran the credits at the end, they were compressed,, I missed your name!? Hopefully they gave you Credit! Mark.
James V. Roy30-Jan-2005 22:21
Hi Mark,
Thanks. I'm not sure of the one in Vegas with Liberace, I'd have to see a picture. By then, though he was using his D28 with the leather cover. He also had it at the time of the Dorsey Bros. stage show appearances but did not use it but used a D18. All of the gear for those performances, except Scotty's, was rented.
Mark Lee Pringle(ETA) 29-Jan-2005 07:14
Mr. Roy, What a Great job on Scotty Moore's web-site!!! Which brings me to ask',...what about the Martin guitar of Elvis', that he used on the Dorsey Bros.' Show and is pictured with Liberace in Las Vegas, (the first time,...'56)? It had the "two-pices of String" for the guitar strap that was tied in a knot about a foot or so, from the head-stock, and it seemed to have a white-dot/fleck on the lower portion of the pick-guard? Was that one of the "stick-on letters" Martins, post stick-on? Or, the first leather-cover Martin , pre-cover? I can't seem to find that white-dot on any of the other Martin's pick-guards?! Thanks for your time, Mark. Girard,Ohio 44420
Deb 04-Sep-2004 21:20
I went to Memphis in 2002 for the 25th anniversary i loved it. Have you any more pics from then of around Memphis and Graceland. I love looking at other fans pics of when i was there. Thank'you i love your Elvis photos.
Del Grace 27-Aug-2004 03:15
Nice sight people.I love guitar bands, check out these steel guitar pickers and guess what? They are black dudes but they are awesome on those guitars
Bob Thompson 20-Jun-2004 23:12
Hi Dave!

Bob Thompson here. Hopefully you remember me from from NAMMs 2002 and 2003. I was the New England DSM for Fender during that time, and spoke with you at the booth while you were working your craft. I've moved on to other less corporate challenges (no negative reflection on FMIC tho! Without a doubt the most *incredible* group of people I've ever had the pleasure to be associated with, not to mention the wonderful products as well! Hardest decision I ever made was to leave Fender, but the correct one). Now... university instructor, Berklee Summer Sessions, upcoming advanced guitar instruction website / publshing company and started a killer boutique guitar company with two partners, launching at Winter NAMM 2005.

Anyhoo... finally found your pix of NAMM '02 and '03 and I have to say the most sincere one thousand thank-yous for visually preserving a very joyful and exciting time in my life. I was elated to see that several shots had me front and center, along with the impromtu jam with Johnny Hyland at the booth, which I thought was lost to the air.. didnt see anyone snapping pix because I was playing. I took lots of NAMM pix myself, but none with me in them, obviously. It was a blast to see yours, and relive those ultra-cool times again, for a brief moment.

If you are ever up in the Portland, Maine area (please consider it an invitation)I would be honored to give you the tour of the shop and show you the instruments, as I know you appreciate the finer aspects of all things guitar. Hmmm... maybe get the exclusive pix of serial number 000001. Ha !

Take care, my friend. And thank you again so much for your presence at the Fender Booth. It is greatly appreciated.

Bob Thompson
Sales / Marketing Director
C.P. Thornton Guitars LLC
Cindy 21-May-2004 00:02
As an Overton Park Shell volunteer for almost eight months now, it was great to see the Elvis mural in its original form! You can check out this years schedule at :

Thanks again!
Chip Curley10-Dec-2003 22:11
Enjoyed browsing your pictures.
I have lived in Nashville for 50 years and never ventured in a honky tonk.
Your pics might make me take a chance ;-)
Visit my galleries for pics of Nashville Neon.
Guest 02-Sep-2003 20:22
Hello, I'm Dave Ryan of Cerritos California, just saying thanks for the pictures and info on the Stratocaster. I found out about your webpages from one of our enthusiastic members at the Custom-Stratocaster group at Yahoo groups. Your page of the Clapton Strat is right on target with our group's theme, so I added the web address URL to our links page. Thanks and rock on.

Best Regards,
Dave Ryan
Gerry Beaudoin 24-Aug-2003 13:39
Mr Roy, Just found your pictures from the guitar show. Real nice shots of my guitar.
Thanks Gerry Beaudoin
Martin 10-Aug-2003 19:19
My name is Martin

I live in Canada.

I would like to know if you has audio tapes show which you assisted.

Take care.

ken 27-Jul-2003 17:48
Jim, Great site and as usual you're exceptionally thorough! Also, thanks for generating interest in Memphis, I guess I'll just have to go after I finish Guralnick's book. I liked the old photos. You were making people laugh back then too by remaining so serious yourself! - ken
James V. Roy28-Jun-2003 16:45
try here:
Upstairs at Graceland
Guest 27-Jun-2003 22:03
thanks for the good pics! i love seeing where famous people lived and still live, it kinda lets you tap into their lives and live it for a moment!

thanks again,
Mindy in New Orleans La.

Mindy 27-Jun-2003 22:01
i loved your web site ever since i visited graceland this april i have been Elvis nutts!!! but my only regret was that we saw nothing from the upstairs and i have been searching high and low since for pictures.
thanks for a good site,
Mindy in New Orleans La.

check me out
josh hager 19-Feb-2003 05:46

Thanks for the pictures. But, could you do me a favor and remove jennifer crane and I from the gallery?

Josh Hager
Guest 23-Jan-2003 04:24

Clicked your site from random and loved the pics. cool! thanks for sharing!

DiploStrat07-Jan-2003 01:49

Thanks for your comments. The Avila dominates everything here, moderates the weather, and is just generally beautiful. Our security officer just finished a two day hike to the top of the highest peak - about 9500 feet. I wanted to go, but did not think it a good idea with a busted nose.

One day!

DiploStrat31-Dec-2002 17:57

Thanks for sharing. I confess I love looking at FDP photos - it makes everyone a bit more human.

Happy New Year from the DiploStrat!
EricB 29-Dec-2002 02:44
Do you have any current contact info for Roy Goode? I've been trying to track him down for a while and just landed on your picture of him at The Cavern. Nice Fawn AC30s!
kees 20-Dec-2002 21:50
hello roy, can you give me your e-mail.

i will put your site on

see you

(from holland)
James V. Roy09-Dec-2002 19:32
Hi Chris. No I haven't had any luck with finding the repro knobs either. I got the covers and switch tip through someone that got them from Jim Rolph of Kentucky
chris graham 08-Dec-2002 10:25
i loved the photos of the '54 strat! i'm fortunate enough to own an early '55. i've looked high and low for repro bakelite knobs, without any luck. you mentioned repro p/u covers, so i thought you might have a suggestion. take care, chris
Christine Sweeney 05-Oct-2002 06:31
Hey James:

My boyfriend and I also attended Elvis Week 2002 this past August. It was our first time in Memphis. We had a blast!!! Please e-mail us back if you'd care to compare notes!!!

Although we did not make the big concert, we did do one of the Elvis Moonlight Cruises, and, since we could not get into the Jordanaires Gospel Brunch Sunday show, we opted for the Sunday Brunch at the Peabody Hotel and saw the ducks. We also spent an afternoon at Mud Island. We also got alot of cool pics, if you want to see them.

Dean 04-Oct-2002 17:44
Did you take the photo of Bruce in the Garden holding the Fender during a soundcheck? Do you ever sell copies of the shot for personal use?

James V. Roy08-Jul-2002 18:12
Hi Ken,
Thanks for visiting again. The diagram I have listed is for the old style jack. You can get a diagram for the stereo jack at
Good Luck,
Ken Dillow 01-Jul-2002 22:01
Hi James, I,ve written you before and I was just checking your site again. I Thank you for reply on the Eric Clapton Strat. The kit I am installing came with a stereo input jack. It has three prongs for soldering. I am lost again. I've read that Fender changed these jacks at some time. Any idea how to wire this stereo jack or do I use the standard jack and wire it like the schematic that you show? Thanks man. KD
Ken Dillow 15-May-2002 23:04
Great website James. Could you clarify the input jack wiring on the Eric Clapton Strat
Candy 08-May-2002 02:45
Well Jim I told you I would get to your site!!!! Just a little LATE!!!
TK 23-Apr-2002 15:22
JVR, Outstanding compilation of photos all the way 'round!
James V. Roy17-Apr-2002 14:58
Thanks, it was good to see you and Pete too. What with the kid, He don't get out much anymore. The wife manages to though.
Drop back agin, i'm always putting up new pics.
Guest 16-Apr-2002 20:40
It was good to see you and Peter last night. Pretty interesting stuff on this page.
I told you that I would look you up.
I'll let you know when the band is around soon. tomb
James V. Roy12-Apr-2002 19:07
Thanks Paul, I sold both Teles to a friend for $1100
paul 10-Apr-2002 14:17
what a nice 52 tele you once made, how much did you sell it for?
Jason C. Allen 18-Feb-2002 21:22

Really think your galleries are fantastic.

Your '54 Strat is amazing!

Hope to see more,

Jim Shine 16-Feb-2002 04:48
Nice pictures! Keep up the good work! Love that pic of Abby and Seymour!