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Co van der Wardt03-Apr-2020 15:40
Hi Jeff,

Today I visited your site again.
Many, many great pictures.
But...………… birds??? ;-)

Cheers Co
Peter Löffler23-Nov-2019 16:47
Jeff, you are the most creative Pbase photo artist I'm aware of, and your work is a source of inspiration for me. Congrats for your sharp eye, your imagination, and your sense of harmony and proportion. Keep going! Peter
Nestor Derkach30-Jan-2018 15:07
I roamed through some of your galleries and found them to be of excellent image quality,but also composed with care and excellent resolution.
I appreciate you comments on my work ,have a great year in Photography .
Norbert Fortelny02-Mar-2017 18:50
Thanks for your comment, it helped me find a new favorite.
Keep up the good work.
Graeme01-Nov-2016 00:02
Hi Jeff, Thank you for your very kind words on my images today, I am so pleased you liked them so much. I find your work very interesting too and look forward to browsing your galleries.
Gary23-Oct-2016 23:50
Many thanks Jeff...
Gilles Navet03-Jun-2016 16:10
Beaucoup de respect pour ce beau travail photographique.
Il y a de la technique et un regard.
Jr t'ai mis dans mes FAV. A bientôt
Elizabeth Torres 26-Feb-2015 15:43
Hi Jeff,

My name is Elizabeth Torres and I am with Ackerman McQueen advertising in OKC. We saw the image of the reflecting pool that you shot, and were curious to see if you were interested in licensing it for a project we are working on. If you are interested please contact me at The image selection for this project will be wrapping up in the next couple of days so if you could contact me as soon as possible, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much!

Elizabeth Torres
Photography Assets Manager
Neil Marcus05-Oct-2014 22:02
Oh yes please bring your wife along. I'm looking forward to meeting her.
Guest 21-Jun-2014 13:26
To the artist who truly looks and sees and verbalizes with thoughtfulness and precision. Many thanks for your visits and for your exceptional and encouraging comments.
hermankervel01-Mar-2014 16:41
Nice pictures
Blandine Mangin19-Oct-2013 07:18
merci de nous faire découvrir vos belles photos, sublimées par votre post-traitement !
Guest 20-Aug-2013 15:23
Guest 20-Aug-2013 15:22

I work with Ackerman McQueen ad agency in Oklahoma City and we saw an image of yours on a website that we would like to use for OKC Chamber Of Commerce E magazine VeloCity.
THe photograph is the reflecting pond at the Alfred P. Murrah Memorial that we would like to use for the magazine. Is it possible to obtain permission or license an agreement with you for the image. The image will be online for three months and archived for five years. Let me know if yo have any questions.

Beau Brand
Photography Assistant/Digital Asset Manager
Ackerman McQueen
1100 Valliance Tower
1601 NW Expressway
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
Guest 27-Mar-2013 00:22
exceptional work! I gave up on the idea of commenting on single photos. They are ALL excellent..
Gar Cropser25-Mar-2013 02:17
Thanks for visiting my Zion Gallery. The Autumn Light image is a composite of 7 images, using Nik HDR Pro.
Guest 18-Nov-2012 14:46
Congrats on the "populars" best J
an nguyen18-Dec-2011 02:03
Happy Holidays to you and yours .
Thank you for supporting me and your frequent visits and finest words .
Best ,
Anne N
judithann05-Nov-2011 05:43
judithann PM reply 05-Nov-2011 05:28
Thank you for commenting on my work, Jeff, so that I might experience what others on Pbase already know..and that is that you and your camera compliment one another...taking images for the whole world to enjoy. :o)))
judithann05-Nov-2011 05:28
Thank you for commenting on my work, Jeff, so that I might experience what others on Pbase already knew...and is,
hotsytotsy12-Sep-2011 00:01
Your Photography has hit my heart many times. Always enjoyable and
interesting. You are a Maestro. We need your view of the world. Keep it up.
Inga Morozoff17-Jan-2011 03:16
I've spent some time wandering through your galleries and am inspired! You have a fine eye and I expect to learn by studying your work.
Peter Sussex24-Dec-2010 14:22
Dear Jeff,

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!
Carol Wert 25-Nov-2010 16:18
Hi Jeff,
The pictures are great and tell a story, you have a good eye for getting the right perspective.
Curt Knaus11-Nov-2010 23:53
Hi Jeff,
I really enjoy and admire your photography. You have a gifted eye and creativity that combine to make some wonderful images. You've truly influenced the way I look at things.
Thanks for your visits to my galleries. Your comments are always appreciated.
Best wishes.
Guest 10-Nov-2010 04:03
This is an interesting, thought provoking and fun collection of well crafted galleries. If you haven't taken time to enjoy them. Rest a moment and enjoy the world through Jeff's lens... Meagan
Guest 16-May-2010 18:13
Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comments. You have some lovely work on your site and and will return often.

Kind regards

an nguyen02-May-2010 12:50
Thank you for the lovely words on my photos.
My compliments to your fine photo work as well.
Anne Nguyen
Guest 15-Mar-2010 03:16
Thanks for viewing my photo you have some unique work here.
Rosemarie Kusserow24-Jan-2010 15:45
It is always a great plesure and ispiration for me to view at your very artistically galleries Jeff, therefore it means a lot to me when you write your kind comments on my shots, thanks for your interesst and constantly support, Rosemarie :o))
Fong Lam03-Jan-2010 03:26
Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my images, Jeff.
I really appreciate them. Your work is fantastic!!
Wish you the very Best in 2010 !!
Regards, Fong
Hilarie Mcneil-Smith05-Dec-2009 17:32
thanks for your comment on my paintings gallery. you musts have caught me in the act of 'hanging' pictures! LOL.. I'm rearranging and adding some new ones.
I love what I'm seeing in your galleries and will visit again!
Elmer Quianio25-Jul-2009 22:56
Really enjoyed looking at your galleries, thank you for stopping by mine, really appreciate your comment.
Guest 10-Jun-2009 22:01
You have an array of fantastic images. All of which are well composed and processed. Love your work! I look forward to many more in the near future!
Guest 31-May-2009 22:51
i'm flattered by your compliments. I have to say i like your style also!
nice to see someone else colour outside of the lines!
Phyllis Stewart31-May-2009 06:00
Thank you for commenting on my dog gallery. Wow, you have awesome photos here... will take me weeks to see them all, but I will be back again and again.
Peter Zetner11-May-2009 01:13
Hi Jeff. Thanks very much for all your kind and encouraging comments. They're especially meaningful because you are obviously a very talented and creative photographer. I really enjoy browsing through your galleries and am probably guilty of not commenting as often as I should. I'll try to rectify that! In the meantime, keep up the great work. I always look forward to your next series of images. Best Regards, Peter.
Nora van Beek16-Apr-2009 00:30
Thanks again for visiting my galleries and your encouraging words. I still have a lot to learn. I admire your work very much. Very artistic and original!
All the best,
Nora van Beek07-Apr-2009 22:47
Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. I continue to be wowed by your work and look forward to seeing more.

Best wishes,
Guest 18-Mar-2009 05:15
Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment...

CM Kwan16-Mar-2009 12:40
Hi Jeff, Thank for visiting my gallery. Your galleries are fully of fine-art pictures! CM.
Pawel05-Jan-2009 22:10
All best in 2009 :)
Jacob Padrul06-Nov-2008 03:39
Hi Jeff, Thank you for visiting my City Nights gallery and for nice words. It is even more valuable for me as we have such different styles. While mine is rather descriptive, straight forward, yours is much more artistic, your images are very expressive and convey the mood. You have great images here…. Jacob
Pawel21-Oct-2008 16:22
Thank you for all your visits :)!
I lkie this feeling of art in your photography.
All the best, Pawel :)
Guest 13-Oct-2008 16:07
Here you will not only a fabulous photographer, but an incredibly supportive one too. It was a true pleasure to view your work jeff- I will definitely return for more.

Thank you so much for your kindness, and for sharing your work with us all.

Guest 05-Apr-2008 03:29
Thank you so much for your comment and vote!!
Sam_C31-Mar-2008 07:25
Thanks for your kind words Jeff. You have some very unique and fascinating work!!
It will take me some time to explore them, but these are galleries I am really looking
forward to viewing!! Best Regards, Sam
Jaime González17-Feb-2008 20:58
Hello Jeff,
Thank you very much for your visit and nice words.
Your work is really amazing. You have great skill to take photos and a talented vision to post-process them.
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Jan-2008 08:20
I´m glad you like my Kaleidoscope gallery,
thanks for your kind comment and vote, Rosemarie :o)
kimene S11-Jan-2008 00:12
Ever truly inspired! Thankyou for your amazingly wonderful work Jreal!
Darbowski31-Dec-2007 12:22
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, j'aime beaucoup tes galeries et ton approche de la photographie, je reviendrai souvent, à bientôt
Scott Gorenflo29-Dec-2007 23:10
Thanks for commenting on my landscape gallery. Not only is your perspective great in the photos but the processing (photoshop?) is truly a work of "ART".
Guest 16-Dec-2007 10:59
great photos !!!
thanks for visiting and comments ..
Reagards Rita
poetry66621-Nov-2007 15:06
Hi Jreal,Thank you for your kind comments and vote that you left for my graveyard image. I took a look at your work and left a few comments and I have added you to my favorites.
Guest 17-Nov-2007 17:10
Hi Jeff,
Thank YOU for the support you've given me with my galleries. Your work is incredible to me and I very much admire it. I greatly enjoy returning here and seeing what you come up with next.
best to you,
Carol Muse Skinner23-Oct-2007 01:31
Wow - five comments - and VERY nice ones at that! Thanks so much - I really appreciate it Jeff.
Rosemarie Kusserow07-Oct-2007 17:26
Thanks again jreal for your interest and your kind comment on my gallery:, I´m glad you liked this place as well, Rosemarie :o)
Martha Albuquerque29-Sep-2007 17:02
Hi Jeff,
Thank you for visiting my "One Day At A Time" gallery.
Your work is beautiful! I'll come back for more,
All the best,
Martha :)*
Rosemarie Kusserow12-Sep-2007 19:39
Thanks for your generous comment on my shots, I´m glad you liked them so much, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Carol Muse Skinner10-Aug-2007 16:36
Hi Jeff - thanks for the comment on the three sunflowers - very nice of you to stop by. I checked - you don't have any more manipulations - you should - you've got some very nice work in that gallery.
Jen Bixler19-May-2007 13:03
Thanks for stopping by my daughter's gallery. You have beautiful work here.
Keep posting!
Guest 07-Mar-2007 13:14
Your photos have really made my day. Thank you.