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Gary01-Dec-2016 18:49
Many thanks, Jola...
Graeme12-Oct-2016 10:59
Hi Jola, Thank you for your recent kind words, they are always appreciated.
Ann Cleeves18-Sep-2016 17:43
Hello Jola! Thank you so much for your browse around my galleries, and all the nice comments you made left. Very much appreciated. I see you've been very busy uploading recently, so will be visiting your galleries very soon.
cits_4_pets29-Apr-2016 00:43
Hi Jola, I have not seen you posting any images for several months now. I hope you are ok, I miss looking at your images, even though I seldom left comments.
clickA SF01-Jan-2016 16:41
Happy New Year 2016 !!
Krzysztof Naumczyk20-Nov-2014 07:41
Thank you for taking time to see my pics :) Appreciate your comment!
JB22-Aug-2014 16:36
Jola, Thank you for all the kind comments. I enjoyed many of your galleries as well.
hermankervel06-Aug-2014 11:16
nice pictures
Guest 31-Dec-2013 16:39
Thanks Jola,
Here's wishing you and your husband a healthy and fruitful New Years also..
Guest 22-Nov-2013 15:54
I appreciate your nice comment on my "Frosty" image...
Lynnie 17-Sep-2013 03:04
Thank you for checking out my Bikes n Guns gallery by Lucky Cole and all the really nice comments. thanks, Lynnie
Guest 18-Jun-2013 14:12
I appreciate your nice comment and vote on my Clouds Reflection image...
lxg12-Jun-2013 04:51
Thank you for your comment on the serpent and car. Borrego Springs is an interesting area. I live about 90 minutes away and try to get out several times a year. I am also still finding new statues in the area. By the way you have some very nice galleries.
Guest 23-Apr-2013 22:53
Your comment on my Mums image is much appreciated as is your vote....
maude kirk 05-Feb-2013 21:58
Thank you so much for posting your wonderful photos of the Alabama Hills in California. That's one of my all-time favorite areas, a magical place, where I've spent some of the happiest days of my life exploring with friends. So your terrific photos were like a mini-vacation for me! Thanks again!

RC16-Jan-2013 13:09
So many beautiful images and a your travels are fantastic!!!!!!!!!!
Iris Maybloom (irislm)22-Dec-2012 21:59
Thanks for visiting my gallery and leaving a comment...much appreciated. Look forward to perusing your work.
Jason Gilligan20-Dec-2012 21:33
Nice work! V
John Glines22-Oct-2012 02:00
Thanks for visiting my gallery on Mini Siam and leaving just nice words for the miniature German castle. Mini Siam is a strange place. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but it was a wonderful challenge to take some interesting photos.
BTW, your work is stunning. It's a pleasure to browse thru your many glorious galleries.
Guest 29-Sep-2012 14:57
Hi Jola,
Thanks for your nice comments on my two images...
BOITOT 22-Sep-2012 14:51
Bonjour Jola,
Quelle maitrise de l'art de la photo dans un pays que j'affectionne particulièrement!
Un vrai régal!
Merci pour ce voyage en votre compagnie.
Bien cordialement
Jean Loup
Gilles Navet13-Sep-2012 21:34
Un vrai coup de coeur pour une vraie artiste
Je t'ai ajouté dans mes fav, je suis fan
artist15-Aug-2012 13:20
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
Terri Rucker 03-Jan-2012 02:36
Jola, I enjoyed your tender is the night photos. I particularly enjoyed the sleeping port. Very vibrant night shots.
Thank You Columbus, Ohio
boleslaw 26-Dec-2011 15:43
very nice christmas photos of the christmas scene 28 dec 2008, boleslaw
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 22:53
Hi Jola ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
Jeanette19-Dec-2011 20:30
Thanks so much! I LOVE your photos, so creative, so passionate! Thanks for sharing

Debbie B.11-Oct-2011 02:10
Thank you so much for your kinds words. How was your trip out here? Did you get to travel around much?
John Cravatta12-Aug-2011 11:11
Thanks for visits to my Galleries and all your kind comments.
Have a great Day,
John Cravatta
Franz and Renate Rosenberger08-Aug-2011 20:06
Jola,. I very much enjoyed browsing you great website.

One question: On your homepage you cited "All who wander are not lost.... 9 times out of 10 they are a photographer" - sithagong. Who was sithagong? Couldn't find it on the net.

Regards, Franz.
Marj Shockley30-Jun-2011 16:39
Thank you for your recent comment on my Barn Swallow photo.
Your galleries are amazing...I am enjoying browsing your excellent work!
Best regards, Marj Shockley
Bobby M31-May-2011 01:23
Hi Jola. Thank you for visitting my pages and your kind comments. It's pure pleasure to go browsing your galleries. Fantastic work...great photography.
John Glines17-Apr-2011 10:29
Glad you like my photo of the Chinese wall in Pattaya. I am one of your biggest fans. It is always a feast to go browsing thru your galleries.
anwaar 22-Dec-2010 12:05
your pictures are price less. i am not a king if i be a king i gift half to you that you have such a unique eye and heart. however. i can thank you. thank you for the feast you provided my heart and soul.
María Cano04-Sep-2010 18:48
I really enjoy myself with your work Jola. I learn so much with it and it is a inspiration for mine .. Thanks for sharing it .. :)

John Glines08-Jul-2010 21:56
And thanks for your comment on my photo of the sculpture in Dale Frey Park. I wasn't sure if it photographed very well.
John Glines29-Jun-2010 16:48
Thank you for leaving a comment on my photo of the big clock on 5th Avenue in New York City.
Jean-Marie Choisel27-Jun-2010 21:57
Great galleries Jola. Congratulations.
Virgil L. Judy 24-May-2010 02:07
Hi, Jola,
Your galleries have very nice pictures in them. Like to ask you a question in regard
to family names and I do not know if my mother's father came from Solotwina, Poland or
Solotwina, Ukraine / Solotvina, Ukraine (Haliczki is her grandfather's last name and
Parinske is her grandmother's last name). So far, I have not been able to find a
paper trail. Thanks,
Virgil Judy
Texas, USA
Guest 19-Mar-2010 01:02
Hi! Jola
I love all of you galleries. That's very very nice and lovely pics. I would like to invite you visit my web
patrick 02-Feb-2010 10:58
Hi Jola,
greeting from england !!! you look hot :):)
Ed McConnell26-Jan-2010 01:17
Hi Jola, on your Kilimanjaro trip you used a D90..would you recommend it or think of any reason not to upgrade from a D80 to the D90. I love the live view for tripod work..Ed
Guest 24-Jan-2010 16:05
Pani Jolu!
Dziekuje serdecznie za pozytywne komentarze. Musze przyznac, ze ma pani zbior przepieknych fotografii ujmujacych nastroj naszej polskiej ziemi. Wspaniale galerie!
Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zycze wszystkiego pozytywnego!
Dave Hodges21-Jan-2010 06:03
Hi Jola - Thank you for the nice comments on my Black and White gallery. I really appreciate your comments after looking at the very fine work you have in your galleries! I'll be back!
Ewa 19-Jan-2010 11:04
jestem poraz pierwszy na stronach opisuj¹cych i pokazuj¹cych Roztocze. Jestem ze Œl¹ska i to co zobaczy³am zrobi³o na mnie ogromne wra¿enie. Pani Jolu fantastycznie Pani ujmuje nie tylko przyrodê. Pozdrawiam serdecznie . Ewa z Œl¹ska.
Kerry Tingley12-Jan-2010 14:50
Jola, thank you for all of your kind comments. It was a surprise to come home and find all of the comments and encouragement! Kerry
Guest 01-Jan-2010 04:53
And a Happy New Year to you and yor husband...
John Glines19-Nov-2009 07:46
Thanks for leaving a comment on a photo in my Chiang Mai zoo gallery. I appreciate it very much.
Guest 12-Sep-2009 08:54

You've got a great perspective of the beauty around us as evident from your
fantastic galleries. Keep shooting and sharing.

† donna †12-Jul-2009 15:52
first, thank you for the kind comments you left on my gallery site.
I wanted to "take a trip" though yours also and am very glad I did.
I love your choices of subjects, and I see that you are interested in
fractals also. I have enjoyed incorporating my fractals with my photos.
it's a challenge.
thanks again and I will be back to look around some more,
donna t
Guest 10-Jul-2009 10:52
Nice Site
Guest 10-Jul-2009 10:52
Nice Site
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography24-Jun-2009 15:34
zle dis chodzi strona,nie moglam nic wpisac.
slhoornstra31-May-2009 05:18
When I opened your gallery I was stunned by the beauty and power of your images. I shall visit often.
Frank Wilson09-May-2009 05:21
I completed my first full year of PAD today. I would like to thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year. THANK YOU !
Kilkenny Photographic Society06-May-2009 23:31
Jola, Thank you for your kind comment, I've had a quick look at yours but there are so many and so much colour I need to return when time is on my side to give your images the attention they deserve. Fabulous gallery of galleries!!! StasiaC
Guest 22-Apr-2009 19:26
piêkna galeria, tak trzymaæ :)
pozdrawiam serdecznie s¹siadkê z Mazowsza :)
photokhan14-Apr-2009 17:50
Hi Jola
Thanks for your recent comment.
The clock featured in that photo is one in the Old City Hall, in Boston, USA.
All the best!
Frank Wilson02-Apr-2009 05:13
Jola: You will like this one.
Viktor 15-Mar-2009 21:12
Dzienkue bardzo Jolo za pienkne znymki naszego wspulnego Lvova! Masz dobre oko i czujesz monent, Sorry za moj polski .. jestem ukraincem. Zycze Vszystkiego milego i duzo fajnych foto. Dyakuju!!!
Frank Wilson04-Mar-2009 16:37

Your work (and your husband's)are one of the joys of pbase. I look forward to your offerings each day. Just want you to know you are appreciated.
Kerry Tingley03-Feb-2009 14:56
Happy Birthday Jola! A day late, but sincere wishes for a wonderful year in store for you! Kerry
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Feb-2009 08:51
Happy Birthday belated Jola, I wish to you a wonderful time full of creativity and happyness, kind regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 25-Jan-2009 07:43
Hello Jola,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Guest 16-Jan-2009 14:45
Dear Jola,

I saw your Barcelona at night photos and I´m delighted. Wonderful.
I added this gallery to my Barcelona Topic Collection and will bookmark your
space in order to come back with more time...

great work thanks for sharing

Volker Barcelona
Marc Vermeulen09-Jan-2009 00:21
Best wishes to you and to yours at 2009!
And thanks that you visit my site regulary.
Kerry Tingley04-Jan-2009 03:31
Jola, the card and ornaments arrived today. They are beautiful. Thank you SO much they will reside on my next year's tree. Happy New Year!
Ed McConnell24-Dec-2008 02:00
Jola, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...Ed
Kerry Tingley17-Dec-2008 05:24
Jola, this ranch is not my home. We lived for many years very close to this ranch- in a tiny town named Keno. Oregon. We sold the house and moved into town into an apartment after my Bill had quadruple bypass surgery a few years back and we needed to be closer to a hospital. I may get out there this year though. Merry christmas!
Kerry Tingley15-Dec-2008 00:08
Jola, It is Mt. Shasta on my photo of the snow coming in. Also, I do not have any ornaments from Poland. I do have Denmark, Sweden, Spain, El Salvador, Mexico. Peru, India, Columbia and Russia. I also have several different ones from the US showing baby Jesus looking like whomever built them (Navajo, African American. Southern white, etc.) Thank for your kind comments! Kerry
Pawel12-Dec-2008 16:51
Hi Jola :)
You are very passionate photographer, you have lots of work on pbase. Thank you for your visit as well.

All best to you, Pawel :)
Frank Wilson07-Dec-2008 06:24

I notice, while looking through all the photos on pbase, that you are an encourager on so many of the photographs. We all thank you for your support and encouragement.
Guest 03-Dec-2008 18:42
Jola, nice work you have!!!
Guest 14-Nov-2008 09:31
Your work is amazing. Skipping the fact YOUR PRO... :)))
I'm just impressed and great.
I will appreciate for any comment on my pages. Yours :D
Jongky Ku06-Sep-2008 22:10
Thanks for the nice comments.
You have a great collections and I like your sunset gallery.
Keep up your good work.
Btw, your hubby look so familiar on Pbase :-D
Thanks a lot, Jola.
Ali Abrishami02-Sep-2008 15:22
Dear Jola:
Your work is absolutely beautiful and insopiring
John Glines20-Aug-2008 12:04
Thanks for leaving a comment on my photo of the architectural detail of St. George slaying the dragon. It really is quite a stunning piece.
Guest 01-Aug-2008 13:21
I invite you to pass by windows at my new online gallery Le finestre Sono Passate at:

Then, take an encore look back at July at the Imagyst A Day gallery at:

Chet Provorse
Andrzej 25-Jul-2008 09:26
Pani Jolu!
Tyle komentarzy, ze nie wiem ma wiekszy sens dodac jeszcze jeden, pozytywny jak najbardziej. Podobaja mi Pani zdjecia, ogladalem z przyjemnoscia miejsca, ktore pamietam. Odnosze wrazenie, ze probuje Pani oddac nastroj miejsca, obiektu ktory Pani fotografuje...szalenie trudna rzecz do uwiecznienia na fotografii.
pozdrawiam i zycze dalszych sukcesow.
Shmuel Halevi05-Jul-2008 21:16
Hi Jola. Hope you find interest in this:
Hit the "100 tysiecy bocianow" .
Regards to Tomasz.
jacklouis05-Jul-2008 03:54
Thanks for your comment on my fractal botanical images. I enjoy your comments because you have such a good eye for art as your own galleries demonstrate.
Guest 28-Jun-2008 23:58
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my Osprey image...
Guest 27-Jun-2008 00:13
Hahaha! Thanks, Jola- I'm only an aspiring digital doctor, and I'm not even good enough to be an intern yet. :) Best regards! Nice to hear from you again.
MARICHKA 17-Jun-2008 08:50
JOLA! VITAJIU Z SYDNEJIU ! I am Marichka from Sydney, Australia. You make superb photos ! In your Rosctocze gallery there are monuments in the Brusno Stare and Brusno Nove cemeteries made by my grandfather ! For the last 7 weeks I do receive from people from Poland pics from both Brusnos. I just do not believe this is happening ! Well an article of mine about my and my sisters and parents visit to Brusno Nove ( still have 3 th and 4 th cousins there)and Brusno Stare must be the reason why this is happening. THANK YOU FOR YOUR NICE WORK. It just makes one wonder if I should move back to Europe - closer to BRUSNO and the region ! PRYVIT ! MARICHKA
Bartosz Kotulski13-Jun-2008 13:24
Dziekuje ogromnie za twoje opinie. Sa naprawde bardzo pomocne. Twoja praca mnie bardzo uzekla.
Najlepsz zyczenia.
Guest 05-Jun-2008 16:13
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my Swallow image...
Mangles Photography30-May-2008 23:00
Hi Jola
You have a wonderful body of work in your portfolio
Guest 29-May-2008 00:47

I love the pictures of your Mom and Dad. You also do a wonderful job portraying your country. Thanks for the journey.

R.Kirchner 26-May-2008 07:01
Hello Jola
Outstanding work !
Compliment from Germany, black forest
csmallari29-Apr-2008 02:28
I'm so glad you liked a lot of photos in my various galleries. I really, really appreciate the kind words Jola - Thank you OH SO MUCH :)
csmallari22-Apr-2008 19:12
Thank you Jola for the most recent visit to my gallery, the comments and the vote. I really appreciate it a lot. Have a great day.
Guest 20-Apr-2008 07:59
Beautiful work Jola. I visit Poland often but its never long enough. No shots of Zakopane!!
CreativeWiseGal19-Apr-2008 12:48
I have so enjoyed Frimpong's visit to Poland. Thanks for giving us all a tour of your lovely corner of the world!
Guest 16-Apr-2008 02:58
I appreciate your kind words on my Blackbird image...
Guest 03-Apr-2008 23:53
Thanks Jola for your nice comment and info...
Guest 13-Mar-2008 10:38
I guess your the Jola Dziubinska I'll be sending Frimpong to! He'll be leaving Delft today and hopefully join you in time for Easter. I'm looking forward to see your pictures!

Greetings from Frimpong's present host,

Guest 09-Mar-2008 02:31
It is a pleasure to look at your pictures , to feel your style, to see how you look the world . An average photographer use photograph as sort od frozen images of a place, a day, a face.
Good ones do pictures to express their feeling of the world ,his/her mood, her/his likes and dislikes.
Pictures show a bit more, the character of the photographer , her/his personality and mood.
You´re not an average photographer.
I like your way.
Be well, Jola
Denis Vincelette08-Mar-2008 12:14
First of all, many thanks for visiting my galleries and for your veery kind comments ...
Now, i am very happy to have discovered your amazing galelries, this is my first visit here and I am amazed ... SO many powerful and wonderful shots here ! Ouf ..... A great and talentuous photographer you are ! COngratulations ..... each image is thoroughly worked, well presented and delicious for our eyes ... I'll be back, of course, I want to see all of them ! Bravo !
Guest 07-Mar-2008 15:32
Many thanks Jola...
Guest 06-Mar-2008 02:07
Hi Jola: The other day I enjoyed a feast of nice compliments from you on my humble few images. Thank you so very much! You are an extremely talented and versatile photographer who has handled so many different subjects most superbly. I looked through some of your
valuable work and they are all highly commendable. I might say that I particularly liked your "We" gallery, which of course, reminded me of my friend Thomasz, an equally great photographer like you. "Warsaw night gallery" was also lovely and "They are watching us" was imaginative and original. Best wishes to you both and your family. JARIS
John Glines29-Feb-2008 03:22
Thank you for leaving comments on both my Manhattan gallery and my gallery of mandalas. I'm most appreciative.
Guest 04-Feb-2008 02:12
Jola, you look your grandmother...
Darbowski21-Jan-2008 15:05
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires ! J'aime beaucoup tes galeries et je reviendrai régulièrement les visiter
A bientôt...
Guest 28-Dec-2007 17:31
Many thanks for the vote and nice comment on my frosty image...
Rosemarie Kusserow11-Dec-2007 20:47
Thanks dear Jola for your many kind comments and vote on my Kaleidoscope gallery, I´m glad you liked them so much, it means a lot to me, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 09-Dec-2007 14:43
Thanks Jola
Guest 03-Dec-2007 17:57
Thanks Jola for the nice comment and vote on my winter scene...
Nice Home Page...
Guest 26-Nov-2007 15:14
Thanks for the nice comment on my winter scenic...
Monte Dodge19-Nov-2007 00:07
Hi Jola,, I am going through withdrawls as there is no Friday Sp??? Just wondering.. Best to you and your family,, Monte
william mahan15-Nov-2007 22:20

Jola: Thanks so much for your past comments and alerting me to the forum with my abstracts. I'm afraid I didn't get the submission there in time. I have spent most of the day trying to document the extreme drought conditions at Lake Lanier which supplies my water along with millions of others. I will continue to view your galleries for new and old postings. You do fine work! Take Care, Bill
Anita Waters12-Nov-2007 07:50
Thankyou Jola for your kind comments on my galleries, much appreciated
Walter Otto Koenig07-Nov-2007 14:56
Hi Jola,
I've looked through some of your galleries and must say that you not only have a great eye, but obviously your heart is in your work. I love the variety of your galleries and oyur imagination. I have added you to my friends and will be certainly be back to visit because there is much to see.
Best Wishes, walter
norbi04-Nov-2007 19:38
I think You will never be in need of motifs. Your kind of looking at the visuable world is really great. I am always looking for Your continuous output to enjoy. Thank You Jola.
Kind regards norbi
Guest 17-Oct-2007 22:12
Beautiful work, I'll be back. Thanks for sharing.
Roald Synnevaag10-Oct-2007 19:07
Thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving such kind comments. I have really enjoyed looking at your galleries and will be back to catch up soon.
Vitaliy 08-Oct-2007 21:12
Hi Jola, i enjoyed your nice pictures of Rava-Ruska! do you by any chance have pictures of Silo Zabir'e or Zabire? it is near Rava-Ruska,.. my grandmother is from that place.
Sabahattin Bilsel08-Oct-2007 11:58
Hi Jola, thanks for nice comments to my images & galleries.
You have excellent galleries, great captures, colors and very well framed.
Looking forward to see also some from Turkiye in nearest future.
Regards, Sab.
Clyne02-Oct-2007 14:32
Hi Jola, thanks for the comments on my gallery :) Stuart
Guest 21-Sep-2007 09:15
Hi Jola, thank you for visiting my gallery and leave nice comments to my images .
You have very beautiful galleries and interesting shots. Great Work !
Thanks again :)
Denny Walldén03-Sep-2007 08:36
Hi Jola!
I just want to thank you for the comments you gave my images. You have done me very happy.
Regards Denny
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:14
This is a beautiful gallery Jola
Barry S Moore13-Aug-2007 08:43
An excellent set of images, all well chosen for their intrinsic value.

I have added yuo to my favourites and will return to view more.

regards Barry
Milos Markovic10-Aug-2007 21:39
Fantastic diversity and so many delightful photos.
My compliments, and I will take some time to carefully go through your galleries and enjoy in subtleness and colors from your world.
Best Regards,
Jeff Cochran05-Aug-2007 18:31
Remarkable galleries.
Jeff Cochran05-Aug-2007 18:31
Remarkable galleries.
Jeff Cochran05-Aug-2007 18:29
Remarkable galleries.
Guest 26-Jul-2007 04:47
Over 2 millions hits !
How did you make it ? :-)))
Guest 21-Jul-2007 14:42
You are an amazing photographe.
Great portofolio.
Txs for your visit and comment
Guest 18-Jul-2007 23:24
Great Gallery with excellent impressions! Time to visit Poland sometime!
Svetlana Vasylyeva11-Jul-2007 10:57
dear Jola,
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery.
Best Regards,
mircea costina10-Jul-2007 19:31
Thanks for visiting my galleries,your work is amazing !

Tomasz Dziubinski - Photography05-Jul-2007 16:57
Over 2 000 000 hits, congratulations :)
Guest 03-Jul-2007 20:00
Great Gallery
Guest 03-Jul-2007 12:57
your gallery is absolutely beautiful! didnt leave a mgs. each pictures but i voted of 'em all. Congratulations!
Ania Baturo03-Jul-2007 08:13
Thanks Jola for the comment. P.S. Milo goscic Was obojga (tzn. Ciebie i Tomasza) w mojej galerii i... jaki zgodny gust ;) Pozdrowienia!
Guest 02-Jul-2007 04:52
Thanks Jola for visiting my galleries,
I like your work, simply amazing !
best wishes
cherry02-Jul-2007 02:44
i relly love youe gallery/photos.It always lead me to have a deep communications with God.Thank you for sharing your talent.Yuo have have made many people to be peaceful within.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 19:05
One of the best photo collections here.
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography05-Jun-2007 10:17
a kto by³ 1900000 ?
Philippe Jeandy04-Jun-2007 17:34
Many thanks Jola for your comment on my "A330s" gallery. Nice pictures here too. Will come back some.
Marlin Markle01-Jun-2007 01:16
just a good memory to remember that,love your point of view,please check back and please tell me things good or bad,,love your sp's
silvia marmori31-May-2007 11:57
i like your work... your vision of the world..
you wrote: Part of being sane is being a little bit crazy..
i do believe in that.. Nietzsche said "True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness "
your love to see things is transmitted through your images...
jean-francois woloch18-May-2007 08:05
congratulations, a sensitivity, a creativity and a Slavic heart that I appreciate because I am French but my parents were originating in the south east of Poland; I find the colors, the scents and the emotion of the transmitted heritage.
in a friendly way
Guest 16-May-2007 12:51
Thank you very much.
Zahn Ismail08-May-2007 18:40
WOW! Absolutely amazing!!
Guest 02-May-2007 17:47
thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving a comment. i'm really grateful and thanks again.
Guest 28-Apr-2007 20:53
Hi Jola
Thank you so very much for your recent messages about images from my galleries and your constant support.I apologise for not responding to every recent message or your images but I hope to do better in the future!My very best wishes and thanks, David. :0)
Guest 28-Apr-2007 05:26
Thanks for the comment Jola :-) ...You have an awesome gallery!!! I felt like I was at those different places you visited!!
Nestor Derkach27-Apr-2007 15:29
Thank you for your inspiring comments on my bird images.
Those compliments coming from a photographer of your caliber means a great deal to me .
I find your photography to be excellent and from a person with a very creative artistic flare for making exceptional images of such a great variety of subject matter.
It also has been a pleasure meeting you and your family on Pbase.

996sps26-Apr-2007 06:39
Thanks for your comments on my bee eater. I have checked out your galleries and find them captivating especially the 'people" shots. Cheers now!
Guest 17-Apr-2007 09:31
Dear Jola,
thank you very much for your interest in my work, I appreciate it.
Your galleries are really nice, one can find there wonderful shots.
I will surely return. Keep up valuable work!
Pawel Kazmierczyk08-Apr-2007 19:15
great great great ! Amazing variety, very creative ideas, one can get lost track of time among the many original galleries. Plus very humorous at times (Louis the red lips is the winner) pzdr
pr_rajan07-Apr-2007 00:03
...a musical flow and classical touch everywhere!
Guest 05-Apr-2007 05:22
Dear Jola,
Thanks for visit my portfolio...You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent...Greetings from Montenegro and i will come back with pleasure...
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography04-Apr-2007 07:25
Jolu !tam gdzie jest wiecej niz 150 zdjec na stronie ja nie wchodze ,bo nie mam cierpliwosci czekaæ a¿ sie otworz±.Pozdrawim przedswi±tecznie,Matylda
Guest 31-Mar-2007 16:30
Hi Jola
thanks for your kind words in my galleries.
i like your work - u do a great job. i will definately come again!
keep up and keep in touch,
Ohad R
John Glines25-Mar-2007 15:26
Thank you for leaving comments on a couple of my photos. Particuarly nice was that it introduced me to your work, which is stunning.
tomr-photos18-Mar-2007 15:07
Hi Jola. Thanks for the comment. :)
Guest 08-Mar-2007 22:40
Nice Gallery
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:55
Your photos ignite a lot of inspiration.
Gerard Koehl04-Mar-2007 17:40
Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires. Vous aussi vous avez de très belles photos. Une très grande diversité. Il me faudra prendre plus de temps afin de les visualiser. J'y reviendrai, je vous ai ajouté parmi mes favoris. A bientôt,
csmallari25-Feb-2007 14:31
Hi Jola. So glad that you liked my South Park portrait. Thank you for the kind comments.
Guest 18-Feb-2007 23:21
Hi Jola
Thank you so very much for visiting my galleries and making such generous comments.Coming
from a photographer of your capabilities,these comments are really appreciated!
Best wishes, David.
Federico D'Incà14-Feb-2007 00:29
Great photos Jola ....tks for sharing !!
Michel Carlué06-Feb-2007 08:57
Jola, thanks for your nice comments about some of my galleries, yours pictures are wonderdul, the winter gallerie is actually my favorite.
Encore merci et que la neige tombe encore comme le dit la chanson de Salvatore Adamo :-))
Guest 04-Feb-2007 20:05
Hi Jola!
You've got some amazing work here! I love your sense of colour and texture. Your photographs breath, or even scream, life: they're full of raw energy, of true 'joie de vivre'! But they are also very beautifully framed and professionally captured.
Thanks for dropping by to my site; I'll definitely be back at yours!
Pozdrowienia z Londynu,
Joanna [Asia ;) ]
wildoat02-Feb-2007 22:03
Hi Jola,. You have some really nice work here. Your self portrait photos are really nice to see. Your happy character shows through in your expressions. Thanks for sharing your photos.
Best wishes Tony.
Guest 01-Feb-2007 15:25
Thanks for your nice comment on my flower image...
Robyco28-Jan-2007 23:38
Hello, you are still at my favorite list and see a lot of your favorites also are looking at my pictures and gives some fun. So your life-style is great...... also your pictures are great and put you on my public favorites to get more nice people to find you....
Greg Christie25-Jan-2007 09:00
Jola, thanks for visiting some of my galleries. Your comments are appreciated. Some very impressive galleries you have and I'm still going through them (and Tomasz's as well). Cheers, Greg
Maaike Huizer24-Jan-2007 12:47
Hi Jola,
Thanks for all your nice comments on my pictures. I hope you keep visiting my galleries.
I always enjoy visiting yours.
Kind regards,
tomr-photos15-Jan-2007 03:33
Hi Jola. Thanks for the comment.
Guest 10-Jan-2007 13:06
Witam serdecznie,

Bardzo dziekuje za pozytywne komentarze pod moimi fotkami.
Bardzo milo jest slyszec tak pozytywne opinie od osoby, ktora robi tak dobre zdjecia.

Ania Baturo06-Jan-2007 11:47
Thank you very much for very kind comments. I really appreciate it :) Ania
lorand24-Dec-2006 23:22
Hi Jola!
Thanks for your nice comment on my gallery.
Robyco21-Dec-2006 14:50
Saw some shots of you and each one i took out was even better then the one before.
You are in my favorite-list now. I will be back.
tomr-photos17-Dec-2006 18:15
Hi Jola. Thanks for the comment. :)
Guest 17-Dec-2006 13:52
Thank you Jola, for your very kind comments.
flowsnow16-Dec-2006 02:35
Thanks for visiting my gallery. You have some fantastic shots here. I truly like the ones of the sunset very much. Keep shooting and I will be back again! Cheers!
gouter0808-Dec-2006 22:42
Jola, many thanks for taking the time to visit my galleries about Greece. I appreciate your nice commnents on my photos. You have very beautiful galleries with some very original shots. I have visited your husband's galleries also. Together, you make a high class photographers couple !
Guest 06-Dec-2006 13:58
wonderful playful galleries>>> thanks for the tours..
Robyco06-Dec-2006 11:27
Saw your B/W attempt, that is extreemly good.
Looked a bit in some other galleries, but to less time now.
For those sort of very good pictures i want to spent more time.
So I will be back.
Dmitry Zamorin03-Dec-2006 08:20
Jola, you have a great number of very interesting and qualitative photographies in so different genres! I've just seen a little part of them, i think. So, i will return to continue this trip.

All the best, Dmitry.
Guest 02-Dec-2006 15:31
Thanks Jola for the vote and nice comment on my macro...
Guest 02-Dec-2006 00:43
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my deer image...
Guest 30-Nov-2006 20:30
Thanks for nice comments on my images. I've added you to my fav.
Tak trzymaæ.
Guest 28-Nov-2006 14:50
Thanks Jola for your comments :)You have so many great galleries, it is going to take some time for me to go through all of them!!!
~Cheers San
Guest 28-Nov-2006 13:22
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my winter scenic...
Guest 25-Nov-2006 13:55
Thanks Jola
tomr-photos25-Nov-2006 01:19
Hi Jola. Thanks for the comment. :)
Guest 23-Nov-2006 13:13
Thanks Jola for your nice comment...
Guest 22-Nov-2006 21:19
Oops, all most missed this one, thanks very much for the vote and nice comment...
Guest 22-Nov-2006 21:16
Thanks Jola
Eric Carrère20-Nov-2006 13:41
Thank you Jola for your nice comments to my images, I added you to my fav artists ...Your galleries are very nice, wonderful work.
Greetings from Pau, Eric
Guest 16-Nov-2006 01:01
Thanks for your nice comment on my drunk sun.
Thierry Lucas15-Nov-2006 20:40
Hello Jola,
thanks very much for your comments and votes.
They are extremely apreciated.
You have a lot of good pictures to see.
I will return to see more and comment.

Guest 15-Nov-2006 19:31
Hi Jola,

Thank you so much for all the kind comments about my photos! I'm glad that you like the images, and I really appreciate your feedback.

Warm regards,
Tim J. (Posting from work, so appearing as "guest")
TheaterOfCrueltyNOH AZsacra (Azsacra Zarathustra)14-Nov-2006 13:54
Wonderfully geometry of the works. Clearness and purity of the lines. Severity and simplicity on the ZEN level. Your photoes are very similar to the Japanese HOKKU! Thank you that you stand for the ideals of poetic simplicity in the Art!

With a big love to Your Photoes,
Sincerely Yours,
Guest 13-Nov-2006 15:39
Many thanks Jola for your nice comments on my image...
Guest 10-Nov-2006 17:51
Thanks for your vote and nice comment on my scenic
JOSE MATA05-Nov-2006 16:09
your gallery reflections is fantastic , i write a poem about reflexions and translate all your images,
its in spanish but im oing to try to translate to the spanish. have a nice sunday with your family.
Guest 04-Nov-2006 20:39
Thanks Jola,
They are in a no hunting area,
Kevin Giannini31-Oct-2006 15:58
Hello Jola,
Thank you for the comments in my gallery. You have a wonderful gallery as well - I've added you to my favorites so I can check out later at home! Beautiful!
Sefval Mogalana28-Oct-2006 22:31
Thank you Jola for your comment on my scenery photography.
Alicja 28-Oct-2006 19:43
Tak sobie szpera³am w necie i natrafi³am na zdjêcie i znalaz³m Pani profil..
Pozdrawiam ;-)
Guest 28-Oct-2006 18:42
Thanks Jola...
Guest 27-Oct-2006 14:56
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my scenic...
Michel Carlué26-Oct-2006 07:27
Thank you so much for your comment on my painting and leaves gallery
I'am not the author of painting, sorry :-((.
Painting author : Anne Caturia - Le Village - 07580 - Saint Pons - France
Thanks again
Rosemarie Kusserow25-Oct-2006 07:47
Hi Jola, it is every time a plesure to com back to your works and enjoy! Thanks for your kind comments on my shots, have a nice day, regards, Rosemarie
Dawid Wnuk Photography21-Oct-2006 09:09
Great collection, Jola. I'm very, very impressed.
The skill, the talent and the heart to photography is a great combination.
Dawid W.
Andrey Wagner18-Oct-2006 07:53
Hi Jola, first of all i want to thank you for the kind words, and positive comments on my gallery, and i must say i like your work!!!(didnt have much time to take a proper look, hopefully will do it soon! :-))
Thank you very much, and good luck!!!
Guest 15-Oct-2006 15:34
Thanks Jola...
sarah 15-Oct-2006 15:25
hey. you have really awesome photos thanks for letting me see them. sarah
Marcia Colelli13-Oct-2006 15:44
Thank you once again on your comment on my Cabo beach shot.
Marcia Colelli12-Oct-2006 22:41
Thank you so much for your comment on my Cabo Beach shot. I got up every morning while I was there and went out while it was still pitch black. This one area was just so fantastic. I have some with pelicans also on these rocks at sunrise, looks very Jurasic
Guest 11-Oct-2006 01:50
I appreciate all your nice comments and vote on my images...
Joaquin M Garcia Leal10-Oct-2006 12:08
thanks for your commentary. Greetings
Guest 07-Oct-2006 17:10
Thanks for your nice comment on my bird :) ... I love the landscapes and old buildings you've shot!
Traveller06-Oct-2006 02:28
Thank you for your nice comment to my pic.
Debbie B.28-Sep-2006 20:15
Thank you Jola! You will have to tell me about the challenge. Right now I am heading out the door to go to the Tetons until Monday. Wish us good weather.
Guest 28-Sep-2006 14:06
Thank you for visiting my galleries. Your comments are most apprectated.
Guest 27-Sep-2006 23:02
Love your Home Page shot, very cool...
Many thanks for your nice comments on my, Berries, image...
Rhino 27-Sep-2006 00:13
My name is Ryan Nassau and I currently attend Harvard Law School. I know my boyfriend will enjoy these photos when I show them to him.
Jan Wisniowski24-Sep-2006 19:44
Thanks for continuing to visit my galler and your comments :)
Witaj Jolu , bardzo dziekje za odwiedziny i uwagi. Bardzo sie ciesze , ze wlasnie taki wspanialy fotograf jak ty zwraca uwage na moje zdjecia .
Guest 18-Sep-2006 16:45
I first saw your photos on (I post mine there too). I wanted to see MORE, so I followed your link to here. You have so many beautiful shots. It's hard to pick out a favorite. However, this one has been my desktop wallpaper for some time. Have a look at my galleries if you like:

Brian Anderson, USA
Massimiliano Farinetti15-Sep-2006 09:20
Dear Jola, thanks for your nice comments to my photo
If you have time I invite you to take a look at the whole site
Guest 14-Sep-2006 01:30
Jola, thanks for your comments on my Down Country Roads gallery. I took a look at your country roads gallery and am struck by the similarity of many of the images of the countryside in Poland to scenes in upstate New York. You have many fine shots--I will go back and look at them more thoroughly and add some comments when I have a little more time. Regards, Steve
Deborah Lewis08-Sep-2006 20:49
Thanks for stopping by!
Guest 04-Sep-2006 21:58
Hi-Thanks for viewing my galleries and for your vote on my PAD :)
cambraniz04-Sep-2006 21:29
Thank you for your comment. I'll transmit to my wife. She was my model for this occasion, and will be very proud.
Guest 04-Sep-2006 20:40
GR8 Gallery Jola ... Thanks for your comments and I'm still thinking about some kind of "safari" with you ...
yaffa rennert04-Sep-2006 19:05
Thank you for your kind comments on my Nudes gallery.I really appreciate them very much.
I enjoy very much visiting yore riche galleries.
You have wonderful pictures on "Portraits gallery".
Michel Carlué03-Sep-2006 06:51
Ho Jola,
Thank you so much for your comments about my photos. I will also take the time to look at your very beautiful pictures.
Best regards
Marek Hofman27-Aug-2006 23:09
Bardzo dziekuje za cieple slowa. Wielu ludzi w Polsce zyje tym koncertem jeszcze w tej chwili. Ja nie moglem zabrac swojego sprzetu, nie dostalem akredytacji a kolega pozyczyl mi kompakcik w trakcie koncertu :) Tym bardziej sie ciesze i pozdrawiam.
Katie Chew27-Aug-2006 21:20
Hi Jola,
Thank you for your kind comments and vote on the photo of the Dahlia.
photokhan24-Aug-2006 14:52
Thank you for your kind words in my "Venice" gallery...Much appreciated!
Marcia Colelli11-Aug-2006 13:33
Thank you very much for your comment on my macro butterfly shot
Guest 11-Aug-2006 09:15
Hi Jola,

Thank you for your many kind comments about my photos. And I continue to enjoy seeing your work :)

Rody Graumans10-Aug-2006 07:46
Nice meeting you, I loved my stay
zyziza05-Aug-2006 07:35
Czesc Jolu! Dzieki za mile wpisy, za pozdrowienia, oraz poprawki bledow jezykowych. Nowej camery jeszcze niestety nie mam wiec wyduszam co sie da ze starej ;-)
Z duza przyjemnoscia i ciekawoscia co jeszcze zobacze ogladam Wasze ( przy okazji pozdrowienia dla Tomka ) fotografie z Chorwacji. To naprawde jest duza frajda ogladac dziela kogos kto dobrze fotografuje! Pozdrawiam Was wszystkich!
Guy Szczepanski 13-Jul-2006 21:18
I am stunned at the beauty I have seen here. You are truly talented and should be very proud of your work,I know I am. Thank you for sharing your world with us. I will visit
as often as I can.
God Bless
Ania Baturo12-Jul-2006 21:44
Thanks for all nice comments on my pictures. It is a great pleasure to watch your galleries. Best wishes. Ania :) P.S. My Polish friend from Germany, thanks to your photos, knows what is Roztocze and Podlasie ;)
csmallari08-Jul-2006 13:42
Thank you so much for the very encouraging comments regarding the lotus flower. Have a wonderful weekend Jola :-)
HELENA AFONSO04-Jul-2006 14:11
Thank you Jola for your visit and comments on my gallery,I visited some of yours and was fascinated, indeed very beautiful work, Helena
Guest 30-Jun-2006 22:33
Thank you for your visit and comment. Photography and the web allows me to capture and share wonderful moments with the world. I, like many other photographers, believe we are living in a wonderful time!
Guest 29-Jun-2006 17:28
Thank you so much for all your comments!
tomandlinda28-Jun-2006 21:32
Jola, Thank you for all the nice comments on our galleries. We are both new and trying to learn. Your comments are so kind.
Katie Chew28-Jun-2006 19:27
Jola, thank you for your comment on Prickly, my photo I posted today.
Guest 28-Jun-2006 09:24
One day, I will reach your level. Your pictures possesses a mysteriously motivating aura. But for now, I just need to figure out how to use this stupid Photoshop.
csmallari25-Jun-2006 23:25
Hi Jola. Thanks for the visit to my PAD gallery and the nice comments. Enjoy your day :-)
Guest 25-Jun-2006 15:47
Thank you, Jola for commenting!
Guest 24-Jun-2006 16:55
Thank you for your comment on my POTD!
Guest 24-Jun-2006 12:25
Thank you Jola for your nice comments in my gallery , i appreciate ....
Manas Khan20-Jun-2006 22:11
Thanks for your comment.
Guest 20-Jun-2006 14:19
Witam i zapraszam
cmentarz !!!!
Tad z Australii
Guest 19-Jun-2006 13:32
Hi Jolka I'm Magouda frm Egypt your collection are Beautiful I like the light in your work please have alook on my work on the same sight
best regards
Guest 17-Jun-2006 17:55
Great Gallery and Imagination....
Guest 17-Jun-2006 15:04
thanks for the comments Jola
Guest 17-Jun-2006 15:02
thanks for the comments Jola
csmallari17-Jun-2006 14:59
Thanks again Jola for the nice comments. Enjoy your weekend :-)
Allan Garry 16-Jun-2006 09:43
I am a painter and rarely do I see such beautiful work as yours you paint with that camera you ar truly an artist
Manas Khan15-Jun-2006 22:42
Thanks for your appreciation on my photograph
Debbie B.15-Jun-2006 02:52
Thank you for the nice words about my Teton picture. :-) Keep up the good work, I enjoy looking at your pictures.
Bill Morgenstern14-Jun-2006 01:19
Dear Jola,

Thanks very much for your kind words and votes of support on my forest and orchid images. You are such a caring person who motivates others with your views abd votes. I will look more tonight at your images to see what you have done recently. Next week I head for Norway and hope to meet Roy there and share some photo time together. It would be nice if you could join us in the field.

Take care and all the best - Bill
HELENA AFONSO13-Jun-2006 14:01
Very nice photos, showing your skill and sensitiveness, I will come back to your galleries, Helena
Guest 12-Jun-2006 15:42
Near masterful work. It really caught my eye.
Guest 05-Jun-2006 19:38
Hi Jola

many thanks for visiting my galleries and all of the wonderful comments you have made, they are really appreciated, loos like you have some fine galleries yourself, and i will be back soon to peruse

Best Wishes
Derek 04-Jun-2006 12:26
I'm surprised :). Lilly 04-Jun-2006 12:23
Enjoyed ur work. Susi
Guest 31-May-2006 13:46
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my flower image...
I really like your home page image, very nice...
Arno Meintjes Wildlife30-May-2006 10:26
Oryx / Lion
Arno Meintjes Wildlife28-May-2006 11:08
Hi Jola
Thanks for the info on the film. I saw it as well. Strange but true.
Animals can do strange things.
Here is a lion & hyena (sorry about the quality)
Now normally they are the biggest enemies you can get.
Another one is the male lion and the off-spring
normally male lions hate cubs and they are known to eat them.
The explanation for the Oryx lies in the mother’s instinct of the animal. It is a fact that giving birth can, as is the case with humans, trigger something in the female’s brain that can not be reversed.

We humans can learn so much from animals. They kill to eat and survive; we kill for the hell of it. (wars, crime, etc.)
Thanks for the chat
Fred Parsons27-May-2006 14:36
Just realized I was not in Tomasz favorites list anyway (it was someone else) - so it goes
Fred Parsons27-May-2006 14:32
Both you and Tomasz have great galleries. Ofcourse yours is the best ;-) He may now delete me from his list of favorites !!!!!! Great inspiration to look at the work of both of you.
gina_dl22-May-2006 10:41
thanks for the nice words Jola
csmallari19-May-2006 21:44
Thank you so much for dropping by my PAD gallery again and for the positive comments. Hope you are enjoying your day :-)
Guest 19-May-2006 17:45
Thank you, Jola for taking the time to look and comment on my galleries!!
Guest 17-May-2006 21:28
Thank you for your nice comment Jola. Regards
Mark Elert16-May-2006 21:57
It is always nice to read your comments to my pictures, Thanks!!
Eric Pouhier14-May-2006 15:52
Thank you so much for all the comments and votes you placed on my pages today, this is really a pleasure to read such words !
Best regards, ERic Pouhier
Guest 14-May-2006 05:51
Thank you very much for your comment on my leaf picture!!! I enjoyed looking around your galleries, your use of light is wonderful!
Guest 13-May-2006 19:58
Thank you so much for your comment on orchid macro!
Guest 12-May-2006 00:29
Thanks for the nice comment on my duck image...
Guest 11-May-2006 13:02
They put their all into their coutship of the female...
Jeanette 11-May-2006 01:44
Hi, I came accross your gallerie, liked what I see. You do a beautiful job.
Enjoyed all of your photographs. Keep up the good work.
Guest 11-May-2006 00:44
Jestem mile zaskoczony Twoim zainteresowaniem Australijskim krajobrazem a przy okazij moja fotografia z nie ukrywana przyjemnoscia porozmawialbym na scajpie.Tymczasem zasylam Pozdrowienia. Tad
tomr-photos09-May-2006 23:02
Hello again and thanks for the comment. I would not have taken that shot with an SLR. I still love using those little P&S cameras.
csmallari08-May-2006 10:18
Thank you so much for the visit to my PAD gallery and for the very nice comments. Have a great day Jola :-)
Guest 06-May-2006 20:56

Thank you very much for your kind comments. You have a very extensive (and lovely) gallery which I will visit regularly. Best wishes and happing shooting, YJ
Mark06-May-2006 19:57
Thanks Jola for visiting and nice comments on my galleries. Specially Pow Wow Indian dance. you should listen to there drum beating this is 3 days event day and night a goose bumps on your hand guarantee such a atmosphere especially at the night.
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 22:35
Jola, I enjoy visiting your galleries. Thank you for your visits and comments to my site. I am happy to share this wonderful experience with someone who also enjoys photography.
Bill Morgenstern03-May-2006 14:57
Hi Jola,

Thanks for continuing to visit my Forest Gallery and your supportive comments. I am honored to have you visit and give me support. So you know, I feel a close kinship to your images of nature and landscapes. Through different eyes we capture the beauty.

Thanks again and all the best - Bill
Guest 30-Apr-2006 11:51
Fantastic images. It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries! Domyslasz sie ze jestem polakiem . Pozdrowienia Tad
Guest 27-Apr-2006 20:26
Thank you so much for your kind comments, it means a lot coming from someone with a great photographic eye. It's so nice to see all parts of the world in this forum.
Abdrzej Jezierski 27-Apr-2006 03:38
I was tempted write in polish but all the cooments are in English so...
I just recieved an e mial with a powerpoint show of your photographs of the windows of Barcelona. I think they are superb, so I entered Google to see who Jola Dziubinska is. Well, it was quite a surprise to see the amounto of sites with yor name. I saw on the map, that yor travels never carried you to Argentina. Between June 2nd and 8th, sponsored by the Polish Embassy the Polish community in Argentina will be presenting a "Week of Polish culture". The program includes concerts (Classical and Jazz), other artistic expressions (will also include a conrtest for amateur photographers). Maybe it will tempt you to visit Buenos Aires which is a city of many places ideal for imaginative phtpgraphers...
Serdecznie pozdrawiam
Andrzej Jezierski
Marcia Colelli24-Apr-2006 22:26
Thank you once again for your kind comments on my tulips
Guest 23-Apr-2006 19:41
Many thanks Jola for the nice comment on my scenic...
Ron S. Bernardo23-Apr-2006 00:11
You have beautiful and very inspiring galleries, thank you!
Mario Weusten19-Apr-2006 15:11
thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving a comment......

Gr Mario
Marcia Colelli16-Apr-2006 14:06
Thank you once again for your nice comment on my Statue of Mary and Jesus
Guest 14-Apr-2006 22:30
Thanks Jola for your nice comments on my image...
Guest 14-Apr-2006 15:35
Thanks Jola I appreciate your nice comment on my bird image...
Guest 13-Apr-2006 23:29
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my scenic...
Bill Morgenstern10-Apr-2006 14:32
Jola - Thank you for your wonderful comments on my gallery images. Now that I have seen some of yours I can see that we are drawn to the beauty of nature quite easily. If you ever visit Canada again come to the Rainy River District in NW Ontario and I will be your guide to places you may enjoy photographing. I'll be back to see your new images often.

Guest 10-Apr-2006 12:33
Guest 09-Apr-2006 02:09
Many thanks for your vote and nice comment on my chickadee...
Guest 07-Apr-2006 22:41
Hi Jola,
Thank you for all your comments. I have added you to my favorites. I see you have a lot of interesting galleries and it will certainly take me a while to go through them. Greetings from Luxembourg Thierry
Guest 06-Apr-2006 13:04
Hi Jola

Thanks for your visit and nice comments. I love your abstract gallery and I'll have to come back to finish going through it.
Guest 06-Apr-2006 11:27
Jola, thank you for looking at my photos, and for your kind comments. They are much appreciated!
I have enjoyed looking through your galleries, and I look forward to coming back to see all of them. I like your roses! And I have also liked seeing the photos of yourself and of Tomasz, because now I see the faces behind the names... Good wishes to you both.
Guest 05-Apr-2006 21:56
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my duck image...
Marcia Colelli03-Apr-2006 11:15
Thank you so very much again on your wonderful comment on my butterfly
Mario Weusten31-Mar-2006 17:30
You have a very great collection . thank you also for your comment
Debbie B.31-Mar-2006 15:09
Thank you for the nice comments. Your galleries are excellent and fun to follow.
Abdul Rahim Al Maimani30-Mar-2006 18:19
Nice galleries Jola, I like the favourties a lot. Well done
jaac29-Mar-2006 21:55
.....And a big thanks for your many views and comments on my galleries, much appreciated :-)

jaac29-Mar-2006 21:53
Hi Jola, I'v started browsing your galleries
but with nearly 3 thousand images, i'll have to call back,
too many for one night. From what I have seen so far you
have many good images, so i look forward to viewing more :-)

Guest 29-Mar-2006 20:10
Thanks for the comment on my picture
Guest 28-Mar-2006 17:12
Thanks Jola...
Debbie B.28-Mar-2006 16:17
Hi Jola,
Yes, we still are getting snow. :-( I think maybe spring is finally on the way. There is a lot of snow in the mountains.
Guest 27-Mar-2006 19:16
Hello Jola -

Thank you for all of your kind comments on my pictures. Encouragement helps me to keep looking, seeing and shooting. I enjoyed looking at your galleries. You are a talented photographer with many nice photos. I couldn't help but notice similarities in our pictures. We must perceive the physical world in the same general way. Interesting huh? I also enjoyed looking at Poland--it's looks to be a beautiful place to live. Some day I can travel to Eastern Europe, perhaps.

Thanks again and keep shooting and sharing.

Guest 25-Mar-2006 14:57
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my blkackbird image...
Guest 23-Mar-2006 11:40
Thanks again for your comments, Jola. You are my first supporter. If you want to visit these places, there is no problem. You can be my guest.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife23-Mar-2006 05:44
Thank you for you visits and comments it is really appreciated.
Regards. Arno
Guest 23-Mar-2006 05:36
Hey Jola,
Thanks for visiting my have a wonderfull gallery too.
Jannik Lindquist22-Mar-2006 20:15
Dear Jola,
Thanks for visiting my galleries - and, thus, for giving me a chance to discover yours! Just seeing the thumbnails for your "Patterns"-gallery made me want to grab my camera and go out in the world :-)
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Mar-2006 11:05
I have put a small gallery together about life in and around the Kruger National Park.
I hope this will give you an idea where we are off to every now and then.
You are welcome to visit it here :
Guest 15-Mar-2006 09:49
Podoba mi sie Pani Galeria, niesamowite zdjecia i klimat. Bede zagladal i komentowal. Zapraszam do mnie... to stara galeria,z przed dwoch lat, ale za miesiac wstawie wiecej zdjec, nowych...

Pablo Yáñez14-Mar-2006 15:17

Thanks for the comments on my (sort of) PAD flower photo..

Not sure if it's a "forget-me not" - don't those grow in little bunches?

These were growing in a lawn from very short stems (<5cm), with a single flowers from each stem. In places there were enough little flowers to color the lawn a very nice blue/violet from far away.

I was a little rushed for time this morning so I only had a brief chance to look at your photos, I'll have to come back later to look through with a bit more time so I can enjoy it more. Loved your "Door" galleries. Made me wish I had visited Poland a few years ago when I was in Prague - but as usual I was rushed for time on that occasion as well :-)

Arno Meintjes Wildlife14-Mar-2006 11:03
Thanks for the comment on the Hippos Jola.
Guest 14-Mar-2006 10:58
Many thanks for your comments, Lola. They are very encouraging for me. Your passion about photography, that I find in your galleries, is contagious. Keep up the good work.
David G12-Mar-2006 09:21
Thank you Jola for the kind comments in my's really appreciated! Have to say, I so enjoyed looking at your photos! Your strong spirit and personality come through so clearly in your work ~
thanks much,
AL10-Mar-2006 15:54
Thanks for your kind comment on my PAD pic and glad to visit your galleries. Love your amazing collection of patterns and b&w/sepia. Hope to see more from you and thanks again for sharing your beautiful works :-)
Guest 10-Mar-2006 12:06
Thanks for comment & vote, really appreciate it, Im glad you like it.
Guest 08-Mar-2006 20:29
Thank you very much for your comment on my picture! You have some wonderfully creative galleries!!!
Guest 05-Mar-2006 14:52
Thanks Jola, I appreciate your nice comments on my berries image...
Guest 05-Mar-2006 01:04
very good work congratulations, keep cliking :)
Guest 03-Mar-2006 22:43
Thanks Jola for the nice comments on my aspen image...
Guest 03-Mar-2006 00:29
Thanks Jola for your most appreciative comments on my scenic...
David Stanton01-Mar-2006 02:37
You have some very wonderful images here. Thank you for posting them. I especially liked the memories in stone. Sometimes images are supposed to be beautiful. Sometimes images are supposed to make us think. These images do both exceedingly well.
Matt 28-Feb-2006 19:56
You have captured some great moments here in your work, truely beautiful.
You are a very beautiful and sexy woman, very sexy.
Debbie B.26-Feb-2006 03:09
Thank you so much for your words of encouragement
Guest 25-Feb-2006 15:33
Many thanks Jola for your intrest in my work and your very nice comments....
Arno Meintjes Wildlife25-Feb-2006 15:18
Victor is emplyed as well - not just any old lion - his full job description can be seen in the image. Bi and enjoy the weekend. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife25-Feb-2006 14:52
Jola, Thank you very much. It is official. Look at
Irene Firck24-Feb-2006 21:01
Jola, thank you very much for you kind comments on my "milk meets coffee" gallery.
You have some wonderful images here, very colourful. A pleasure to view.
Kind regards,
Arno Meintjes Wildlife24-Feb-2006 09:58
Jola and Tomasz,
Your work are Superb.
We can not comment on every image but I can assure you Louise and I do not miss a shot of any of you. You WILL be on top of the popularity list soon.
Guest 23-Feb-2006 20:48
Thanks Jola for your very nice comments on my images...
Marcia Colelli23-Feb-2006 12:26
Thak you so much for your kind comments to past few days on some of my photos
Arno Meintjes Wildlife21-Feb-2006 05:18
Thank you for your continued support and comments. I opened this album to the public, but be warned it is about injured and killed animals.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife18-Feb-2006 17:08
Thank you for your visit and comment on “Jungle Giant” on land.
I had to show that he is a giant in the water as well.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-Feb-2006 05:25
Thank you very much for viewing and commenting on my wildlife images.
I appreciate your interest in wildlife.
Lloyd & Sandy Spitalnik17-Feb-2006 02:13
Hi Jola, thanks so much for viewing my galleries and for your kind comments and votes. It's much appreciated.
Debbie B.16-Feb-2006 16:31
Thank you for all your nice comments on my Lake Tahoe pictures. :-)
1moremile13-Feb-2006 16:32
Thanks for visiting my galleries, Jola. Very nice photos you have. And I am glad to meet you.
Guest 11-Feb-2006 18:19
Thank you so much for your kind comment and your vote. You made me very happy! I like your photos of windows. Very beautiful and an interesting idéa! Keep uploading and take care... /Anders
Guest 11-Feb-2006 00:26
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my thistle image...
Guest 07-Feb-2006 13:11
You have very talent in all the galleries, nice colours, nice shots, nice photographer :)
Congratus and thanks for comment my images .
Guest 07-Feb-2006 03:11
Thank you for browsing my various galleries. The comments you left throughout are very encouraging and very thoughtful. They are most appreciated.
Guest 05-Feb-2006 20:34
You have such a wonderful set of galleries! You have a great eye.
Guest 05-Feb-2006 19:46
Thanks for your visit and the comment on the mating lions. Louise
Arno Meintjes Wildlife05-Feb-2006 13:46
Thanks for your message on "posing for the camera".
We are back and left all of this behind in the park.
Guy Bruyea04-Feb-2006 16:03
Jola, thank you for your visit and comment on my latest bird image.
Luís Pereira02-Feb-2006 22:52
Thank you so much Yola for your kind comments and for your link!
I really aprecciate it.
Luís Pereira
Guest 02-Feb-2006 16:37
Hello Jola,
You've visited my galleries several times now and each time you've given me some very positive input..I want to say "Thank you!". I hope you come back many more times.
BTW you have an impressive gallery yourself.
Guest 02-Feb-2006 14:48
Thanks Jola, this image was taken last summer from our flower garden...
Guest 01-Feb-2006 06:38
Jola, thanks for your visit. I enjoy your work more now that I know the area, on a map anyway. Regards, Louise
Arno Meintjes Wildlife01-Feb-2006 06:04
Thank you for your visit and kind word. I really appreciate it. Arno
Guest 30-Jan-2006 16:37
I like some of your work. Not all, but quite some. What disturbed me when browsing was the choice of Comic Sans as general font. Comic sans is possibly the worst font out there and was never built to set text except for on-screen help pop-up bubbles. It really does not suit a B/W gallery imo, actually, it doesn't suit any gallery nor any publication.
This is just my $0.02 worth, you may listen to it or ignore. Anyway, visit
Guest 30-Jan-2006 14:14
Thanks Jola for your kind words on my image...
Guest 30-Jan-2006 14:14
Thanks Jola for your kind words on my image...
Arno Meintjes Wildlife30-Jan-2006 11:33
Jola thank you for the visit and comment. The other big one is Wahlbergs Eagle as seen here Regards Arno
Sundevil328-Jan-2006 05:58
Thanks for your comments and votes.
Guest 22-Jan-2006 00:22
Thanks Jola...
sara turner21-Jan-2006 01:42
i also love your "hubbies" gallery too! sara
Guest 20-Jan-2006 20:08
Thanks Jola some of the icicles were even larger than these...
Stan Richard19-Jan-2006 19:57
Jola, thank you for the nice comments on my Winter's Dawn photo, much appreciated. You also have some beautiful images. I love your cover photo :)
Debbie B.19-Jan-2006 18:56
Jola, Thank you for your nice comment on my winter picture. :-)
Guest 18-Jan-2006 01:19
Thanks Jola for your vote and nice comment, they are appreciated...
Guest 16-Jan-2006 13:47
thank for you comment ,youir gallery are good photography and nice perpective
Guest 16-Jan-2006 13:11
Thank Jola for warn and pleasure words for my works.
I glad to introduce :)
tomr-photos14-Jan-2006 22:33
Thanks for making me aware of another nice place to visit...and thanks for the comments you left. Another gallery added to my favorites.
Guest 14-Jan-2006 15:22
Many Thanks Jola for your very nice comments on my work.
Ishai Gonda12-Jan-2006 10:46
Thank you for your nice and kind words
I appreciate it
Ill be back soon

Guest 12-Jan-2006 04:03
I can't tell you how much your very nice comments on my work means to me, specialy from someone with your talent. I've enjoyed your images and have you on my favorite list as will. Many thanks for your votes, they are very much appreciated...
Michael11-Jan-2006 19:27

thank you for visting my galleries. I very much appreciate your comments. I like your pictures a lot and I often look into your galleries. You seem to spend so much time in your photgraphy, I am almost envious.
Guest 11-Jan-2006 18:12
Thanks Jola, your compliment means a great deal to me...
Jeff Cochran11-Jan-2006 15:50
Wonderful galleries, thanks for sharing.
akleja08-Jan-2006 17:30
You have many marvellous galleries! Your pictures are all very beautiful. You are most talanted!
Nick Vivian07-Jan-2006 19:44
hi Jola...

Thanks for your comments...

I have added you to my favourites, and added a link here:
to your DOORS gallery...
Mine are from England, Zanzibar and France

Rgds and best wishes

Kenneth Zimmerman06-Jan-2006 14:10
Thanks for yor comment on my first attempt at SP Fridays.
I checked out your images and I am impressed!
Well done,
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography06-Jan-2006 12:07
JOLU ,byc moze .szuka³am czegos weselszego i trafi³am na nia.Byc mo¿e juz ja nawet mam w galerii ,ale tak mi siê spodobala ,¿e j± wklei³am.Mo¿e zasugerowa³am sie nia?Siedze i opracowujê stare zdjecia.Marnotrawiê czas ,ale bawiê siê ¶wietnie.Gdyby nie pies to nawet bym siê nie ubiera³a.Czujê siê tak,jakbyn wszystkim uciek³a.Lubiê samotnosc,ktora jest okie³ jest ,kiedy mam co robic w skupieniu i cichosci.Praca mnie mêczy coraz bardziej.30lat w robocie,duzo ,nie?Pozdrawiam Matylda
Bergen - RAF©UF - VSN - Roald Atle Furre-Christine Urquhart Furre06-Jan-2006 09:28

Thank you for your comments about my photos in the
If you are fond of roses look into my gallery at
Roald Atle Furre
Bergen Norway

Bergen Norway
Djo03-Jan-2006 21:56
thanks for visiting my place. the church is actually in Austria in Carinthia and it is a catholic church. Thanks for your appreciation. Josef
Karl Baer02-Jan-2006 22:09
Jola, thank your so much for all your good comments on my photos!
I wish you all the best for the New Year 2006!
Guest 02-Jan-2006 18:57
Dziekujemy bardzo za odwiedzenie naszej galerii i opinie :)
Michel CORBOZ02-Jan-2006 13:28
Thank you for all your comments! It's highly appreciate!
You have so many galleries I have to explore,
that I can't comment every one of them now.
But I promess you I'll be back soon...

Gul Chotrani01-Jan-2006 21:41
Dear Jola.....
Many thanks for your supportive comments in my Tibet/Nepal galleries... I paid a price for those captures - altitude sickness, and had to return to lower levels very soon after.

BTW, what is your main camera?

Vilone01-Jan-2006 14:30

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest 01-Jan-2006 03:22
Thanks for the vote and nice comment...Happy New Year...
Guest 01-Jan-2006 02:36
Thank you for your comments. I enjoy your windows gallery very much. Keep up the good work!
Guest 31-Dec-2005 18:18
Jola, thank you for the nice compliments. I especially enjoyed your Fall Colors and Reflections galleries, very well done!
Adela Bak 31-Dec-2005 02:04
Beautiful Pictures!
What kind of camera did you use?
What brand?
I've just recently started to be a photographer.
Mark30-Dec-2005 15:57
Jolka Jolka if I'm not wrong there was a song like this long time ago :-))
Now I had a chance to get closer look on your is a great work keep going
and wish you Happy New Year and gazillions of great shots.
PS; now if I'm homesick I just jump to your galleries
Günter Borgemeister30-Dec-2005 07:20
Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries, Jola.
Best wishes for you and a very happy new year!
Guest 28-Dec-2005 00:17
Thanks Jola...
Enrique20-Dec-2005 15:03
Wonderful photos. I especially the landscapes.
Shmuel Halevi19-Dec-2005 15:39
Thanks for stopping by Jola and for your comments. Thank you mostly for acquainting me with your galleries, a real feast for the eye. Enchanted.
paul yung19-Dec-2005 08:30
Very nice images of Eastern Europe. Congrats!
Garrett Lau18-Dec-2005 02:49
Thanks for all your comments on my photos. You have some great photos yourself. I particularly like the sunsets.
Guest 17-Dec-2005 16:27
Thanks for visiting and voting. You have some awsome shots. Aloha, JB
Guest 17-Dec-2005 14:00
Hi Jola, I see you like doors to, thanks for sharing you wonderful photo's of doors, some far older than we have here in the US.
Cheers Lou
Donna Hollinger14-Dec-2005 16:38
Hi Jola, Yup, the whole gallery contains scanned pictures...I think I took all these with a Minolta but it is long since gone because that was 15 years ago. I am looking everywhere for my notes but they are not immediately accessible. Cannon EOS 20D is such a blessing! Your work is very affective and I love looking at your galleries. Donna
Gary Winters10-Dec-2005 05:01
Jola, You have so many wonderful images of Poland. I'm told I have ancestors who lived there, but I know nothing of them. It is indeed a beautiful country!
Debbie B.07-Dec-2005 02:12
Coming from you that is quite a compliment!! Thank you!
Debbie B.06-Dec-2005 16:31
Jola, Thank you for your nice comment on my icicle shot. Your galleries are lovely.
Guy Bruyea01-Dec-2005 00:22
Thank you for commenting on my flamingo shot. Your galleries are very nice...esp. enjoyed the flora/fauna gallery.

Guest 26-Nov-2005 16:14
Thanks Jola for the nice comment on my fog and frost picture...
csmallari20-Nov-2005 16:53
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your wonderful comments in a few of my galleries. It is always a treat to get nice comments from other people who enjoy photography and the beauty of nature. May you discover many more wonderful surprises as each new day is given to us by God :-)
Nick Vivian20-Nov-2005 15:58
Hi Jola... I have added a link to ur gallery:
on my Animal patterns gallery so people who like patterns can see both.
; - >
Guest 17-Nov-2005 20:08
You have a most amazing collection of windows and doors. I enjoyed my visit a lot.
Guest 16-Nov-2005 21:08
Dziêkujê za odwiedzenie mojej strony. Muszê przyznaæ, ¿e Pani zdjêcia s¹ zachwycaj¹ce - szczególnie krajobrazy. Du¿o mi jeszcze do takiego poziomu. Pozdrawiam ;)
Guest 16-Nov-2005 19:35
Thanks Jola for your nice comment on my picture...
Guest 15-Nov-2005 04:31
Hi Jola, Thank you for your comment.
Guest 09-Nov-2005 17:27
Thank you for your very nice comments on my "wet rose" today.
This is something I'm taking to heart! And I'm glad for your visit.
Warm regards.
Guest 09-Nov-2005 13:23
Thank you for your comment on "Fall in Stoney Fork"..I enjoyed viewing all the photos of windows, a fondness of mine too..Continue the wonderful work.
Guest 08-Nov-2005 10:53
Thank you Jola for your visit and your comment . It is funny, I laughed well . I like very much your gallery " Autumn fall "
Guest 05-Nov-2005 23:54
Milo jest zobaczyc ladne zdjecia z Polski zwlaszcza jak sie jest chory i w dodatku mieszka na obczyznie
royalld05-Nov-2005 16:24
Hello Jola,
Thank you for leaving a nice comment at my PaD gallery, last month.
I have been traveling and I'm just catching up on my correspondence.
I looked through your fabulous pictures this morning. Very enjoyable.
Guest 02-Nov-2005 14:19
Thank you for your nice comment on my picture...
FABIAN 20-Oct-2005 13:20





Mario Presecki19-Oct-2005 08:07
Thank you for your comments Jola. You are in my favorite artists so I regularly visit your galleries and enjoy in your beautiful pictures.
Best regards
Noemia Costa Dias10-Oct-2005 00:00
Jola, thank you for commenting my PaD photo today, I came to visit your work and I found that you have very beautiful galleries that I would like to see in detail especially your beautiful landscapes and your windows, I love windows and I also have a windows gallery but it's not yet complete. Greetings from Portugal, and I'll visit you with more detail soon. Nany
Rolf St06-Oct-2005 21:51
Hi Jola, i "stumbled" over your galleries by todays update of Barcelona-Windows. I got curious, went on and like very much what i saw. Especially your pictures of Brusno Nowes graveyard. It was also interesting to compare your window pictures to those of your husband. Go on - i'll come back.
Galina Stepanova28-Sep-2005 19:53
Jola, thank you very much for your supportive and encouraging comments on my Moscow gallery. I also appreciate an opportunity to look at your sensitive photography and I enjoyed my journey through it.
My compliments and best withes.
Buz Kiefer25-Sep-2005 16:58
Thanks for your comment on my photo today Jola. I visited your galleries and found many enjoyable and beautiful photos there. Please keep posting your photos as I plan to return often.
Guest 25-Sep-2005 05:45
Thanks for the comments you made me, glad to meet a whole family of photographers from Poland, please keep up clicking and sharing your wonderful work.
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography24-Sep-2005 22:26
Jolu ! Dziekujê za Niecierpka !
Torben Jorgensen18-Sep-2005 09:00
Thanks for your comments. You have some nice galleries here. Great idea with the window galleries.
Mario Presecki16-Sep-2005 14:00
It is wonderful when two people, like you and your husband, share common interest for photography and in the same time you both have a very good sense to take beautiful pictures.
Guest 10-Sep-2005 18:48
Thank you so much Jola for the nice comment. Photography is a hobby and i'm still learing. I learn so much by looking at the galleries on Pbase. Isn't amazing that people from all over the world can share? The landscape photos that you have are just wonderful..makes me want to go to Poland. Actually beauty is everywhere if only we would stop and take the time to look.
Guest 01-Sep-2005 11:01
your photos and galleries are so wonderful. you have such a good eye. i wish i could see like you, and better yet have such wonderful environments to shoot. kudos.
poetry66619-Aug-2005 22:19
I have enjoyed looking through your galleries very much Jola. I particularly like your windows&door galleries, as I too like them a lot. Here's a link to mine.

keep up the wonderful work :-)

Gul Chotrani13-Aug-2005 14:37
Keep up the good work, esp. your doors collection.
NealyBob09-Aug-2005 10:08
Thanks for the comment and for confirming the id of the plant.
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography08-Jul-2005 20:54
Pascale Guittonneau07-Jul-2005 19:23
Hi Jola,
Thank for your comment. I appreciate your gallery " Windows in Podlasie". They are beautiful. Best wishes, Pascale.