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Holly the Springador 14/06/2000 to 22/10/2010

Holly was our first dog, she was a real beauty (and she knew it) and a great character.
She was the reason I took up photography as something to do while I waited for her to come back!
She was much loved by everyone who knew her. She had boundless energy - hers was a life lived at full throttle.
We still miss her.
Holly's view Parting is such sweet sorrow chillin Beautiful Holly
Holly cooling off  a pheasant surprise (picture 4000) My brown eyed girl queueing
Per-pet-ual motion monster I wonder if I can soak dad from here? come on Oz you wuss!
i dont want to mess my hair! Ozzy's swimming lesson holly Holly shows Ozzy the way
happy muddy splash whiplash tail and a smile hi dad
wetter wet happy Mandy and Holly
the tail that wags the dog Holly and me ears up making tracks
unusual What the flock? tired Holly holly and bunny
never mind I'll squeeze through the bars the gate's closed dad hurry up dad Are we going this way dad?
Spot and her pups. Holly, just chillin' Holly likes snow Holly does Elvis
frosty morning Holly Holly and her new friend Holly on a spin cycle shiny happy holly
what's that coming over the hill? Don't look a gift bunny in the mouth the monster time out
Holl on the hill hot Holly Holly comes back!!!!! my little ray of sunshine
Hurry up dad! Holly in the sun after a swim shake it baby
she's a blurred dog take a break on squirrel patrol run rabbit
happy holly been diggin holl the great rabbit hunt
nurse holly Mandy and Holly feeding the birds streamlined The day the dogs extremities froze
catch me if you can Holly spoils another shot holly attempts take-off diggin it
holly and midge Holly...... shake it Ready when you are!
Holly on Blaeberry I see you Holly guess who Watering the dog
holly in the meadow She's a bird dog Holly in the snow tired Holly
coffee holly takes a dip Holly.... holl.jpg
Holly in wonderland holly holl holly trees
The Beast of Bollihope holly waiting for mam The Holly Monster Reservoir dog
Holly and daisies happy born free bored.
Return to the yellow brick road holl. holly after a swim Found
Hurry up dad, my tail's frozen. 8 wot you doin' dad? Black dog on a grey day
on the rocks. Hare raising Holly hol. Holly
cooling down fear What are you doing down there dad? holly spoils another nice shot
holly at the sink 0016 0014 Holly's no angel
017 016 014 Holly has a drink.
012 holly on the moor holly, nearly black and white, 20050802 039
Does my tail look big in this?  014 tired. Holly black and white.
Can I go hiding. is it gone yet Dad? hurry up dad
Hung over 042 040 025
024 023 022 Watercolour
Please take me out dad. cooling off. tired dog cooling off
A cloud with our name on it Holly and the slipper holly bush. Holly triathlon training
transition swim. Holly and the Big Yellow Monster mad dog
Holly gans plodgin ower 'a heed. come to dad. in flight soggy doggy
The end of the rainbow.jpg I think we're going to get wet. Holly and the horse with the handlebar moustache Holly at Blaeberry.jpg
Hot Dog. We're off to see the wizard Holly and Midge Paper shredder.
All walked out. well they were here I'm going in...... There's rabbits in here Dad......
Put the camera down Dad........ 003. 002 001.
Holly and the frozen waterfall.jpg One of us is comfortable. Holly snowdrift. Holly at slatey ford.
Holly Holly Heaven hiding. She'll grow into them
Holly and Ozzy in the burn
:: Holly and Ozzy in the burn ::
Zanya and Zico
:: Zanya and Zico ::
Midge - Cocker Spaniel
:: Midge - Cocker Spaniel ::