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Howard02-Feb-2010 02:32
Hi Jose, I continue to admire your work. I especially like your photos of Mel. You capture all the right nuances. I have three teenage granddaughters and right now, they're my only models. I show them some of the poses you've used and try to emulate them. You've been a good teacher.

I finally got to shoot the MkIIII on Saturday. It was the first time I'd shot the camera or shot lacrosse. I've got a lot to learn about both. It does track very well and didn't get confused by bright objects in the background.

Have you solved the camera equipment in flight dilema yet? I live in the states, but haven't spoken to anyone recently flying with a lot of gear.

Thanks for sharing, Howard
jmb_5623-Jun-2009 23:20
Andrea, thanks for the compliments. I just use USM in Photoshop.
Andrea 16-Jun-2009 20:14
Hi JMB! I love yours gallery, especially "stacey_1dmkiii", very beautiful light! and very sharp photos! can I ask you if do you have used any kind of unsharp mask or other "sharpen for web" process?
Guest 28-May-2009 03:08
Very very nice photos, especially of the models with the natural outdoor light.
Ronin 16-May-2009 20:57
Hello, JMB. I'm impressed with your glamour photography. It looks like you use real women that you would see on the street. One doesn't see too much of this type of photography anymore & it's tragic. Look forward to seeing more.
AL SAMHA EAST - RAZA28-Apr-2009 18:33
grokum 22-Oct-2008 11:43
hi great shots - what is the market for these kind of images - is this private shoot or commisioned - if private who do you sell them to?
affian 12-Aug-2008 01:46
files that I post processed. I only use the RAW file if my exposure is off and also when shooting in the studio. so get back to me through this email
jmb_5617-Jul-2008 23:59
For Vic: thanks for the kind words. Congrats with the 1DMKIII! For outdoor shoots, I use 580EX + Photoflex Q39 softbox diffuser and Pocket Wizards. When I am using the 580EX on the camera I use Gary Fong's Whaletail studio version. Cheers, José
jmb_5608-Jul-2008 00:24
Thanks Paul. I must have used a circular polarizer only twice---to make the sky and the water bluer. Most of these images are jpeg files that I post processed. I only use the RAW file if my exposure is off and also when shooting in the studio. Jpegs are Canon Picture Style (Portrait mode). Yes, I add saturation either through FM Velvia Vision or Efex Pro 3.0. Cheers.
Paul Bartoszek 08-Jul-2008 00:17
Nice work in all your galleries... I was just curious what you use for filters on your photos? Also do you add contrast and saturation on your camera settings to get that awesome look?

Paul Bartoszek 08-Jul-2008 00:17
Nice work in all your galleries... I was just curious what you use for filters on your photos? Also do you add contrast and saturation on your camera settings to get that awesome look?

T. Brown 24-Feb-2008 04:50
jose, what ever happen to nadra, tonya and gwren? Great pictures some beautiful women.
Patrick Freichel02-Feb-2008 13:36
Absolute great Portfolio !!!!!!!!!
Rodel 29-Jan-2008 03:26
Such great photos! Colors match, composition is so great and it blows me away. Keep up the good work man.
Jacques 26-Dec-2007 16:29
Hi, some questions : I noticed (looking at 40D pics) that you use mostly Aperture Priority. I find your exposures to be extremely good, as well as the colour rendition. Looking at the exif info it states that no flash is used, is that true in all cases ?
Last questions: What Picture Style/s do you use when doing a model shoot and what settings do you use for Sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc. ?
Your answers would be hugely appreciated.

BTW, I think your pics are absolutely stunning.
Steve 22-Dec-2007 13:23
Hi, your model Cris is absolutely amazing........have you any more galleries of her in the pipeline? Keep up the good work!!!
Guest 02-Dec-2007 18:19
Great Gallery
lato 27-Oct-2007 13:03
i don't know alot about photo ,but it is amaizing and am wondering whoe is more beautiful the view or the girl
David Yu25-Oct-2007 20:02
You really have mastered people shots. Your portraiture photos gallery simply outstanding. Lucky you, you can take many of the gorgeous models photos. :)
Bob 22-Oct-2007 18:34
Great Photo's....Continued good work
Henrik S.07-Jul-2007 10:19
Haii Superb pictures...

Come and take a look at my site, we do almost the same kind of pictures:
Guest 08-Apr-2007 16:00
Wonderful gallery and I really enjoyed my visit here.
Your work with models are just great.
I have add you in my favourite list and I will come back for more.
Thanks for sharing.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:59
This is as close to perfect as it can get.
Guest 27-Nov-2006 04:00
Just took a look at your galleries...Great work!
shg206-Sep-2006 05:38
very nice portraits, excellent work
jmb_5611-Aug-2006 22:14
Hi Matt,

Yes indeed. I don't have them anymore but I used to shoot with both the 1.4x and 2x TC on the 300/4 G and it worked. Mind you the AF slows down a bit especially with the 2x TC.
Matt Hopper 11-Aug-2006 17:05
Did I read somewhere that you got the Sigma EX TCs to work with your Minolta 300/4?
I love the model/fashion shots; that appears to be your strongest talent.
Guest 21-Jul-2006 19:37
I have heard that you like Lisa. :) Checkout my site. More to come. Cheers. Thierry
Brett Hochkins24-Jun-2006 06:22
Hi, how r u? My name is Brett from Australia. Its gr8 to look through the work of seasoned pbase veterans like yourself. U have many fine photos in your galleries, too many to comment on all of them but I tried! I hope one day to have an impressive body of work as well. Well done. (ps. Please let me know if you did anything with the photos I commented on. Take care B.)
jmb_5611-May-2006 02:07
Thanks for the kind words Gary. Yes, I enjoy working with Lisa and hope to work with her sometime in the future.
Gary Boake 11-May-2006 01:44
Love your work. I'm originally from Hamilton so a lot of your sites are familiar to me and remind me of the beautiful scenery around the Niagara Peninsula. All of the girls are beautiful although I'm partial to Lisa as are a lot of your viewers.
Thanks again from Vancouver Island where there are also some beautiful sights.
Heather 04-Sep-2005 17:58
Excellent work!!!!! I love the shoot you did with carmen, she looks amazing. You captured her very well.
I would love a chance to shoot with you! Email me back if you would like to see some pics. My name is venus_angel555 on check me out
jmb_5603-Sep-2005 22:27
Marcelo, my Maxxum 28-75/2.8 is pretty sharp! I carry this all the time whenever I have a photoshoot with my 7D system. I find that the results (in terms of sharpness) rival any of my prime lenses especially when I shoot at f/5.6.

The bokeh is smooth and is a very good performer shooting wide open.

Good luck.

Marcelo Somerstein02-Sep-2005 01:25
Thanks for the reply! How do you like your 28-75 2.8? Is it a good studio and general shooting lens? I've checked out reviews of all kinds, but nothing beats word form a good photographer with hands on experience with the actual lens.. I'm putting together my list to order this baby and all its toys as soon as possible. I can't wait to own the 7D :) Thanks again Jose!!
jmb_5601-Sep-2005 23:19
Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for the kind words. I have no experience with either of the lenses you mentioned. You should check out dpreview and go to the Konica Minolta SLR talk forum and get feedback from the owners of these lenses. Cheers, José
Marcelo Somerstein01-Sep-2005 21:59
Nevermind my previous posting, I just read your response to the other user. I did notice several 17mm shots, though, and no 17mm lens listed. Have you had any experience with the Maxxum 17-35 D or the Sigma 18-50 f2.8 EX?
Thanks again! Your photography is inspiring me to get this awesome camera!
Marcelo Somerstein01-Sep-2005 21:53
Your photos are amazing. I'm about to go into digital photography as a serious amateur and I'm going with the 7D. I love that camera. Could you recommend a good set of lenses for this camera? Do you mind telling me what glass you use?
Thanks a lot!!
Her,am Ratcliffe 20-Aug-2005 02:32
Jose, Try this, I like the results, for any size print. The change is not very much, so you may have to do the action two or three times.
Love your galleries & my 7D. Herman
Guest 20-Jul-2005 16:14
Hi Josi,
would you be willing to sell a print or two, printed in a profesisonal lab, 8x10 or similar? I live your macros and would be willing to purchase some.
Please let me know.
My direct e-mail is

jmb_5615-Jul-2005 20:31
For Dan Hollerud: I used various lenses for my glamour shots. However, the staples are: Maxxum 28-75/2.8 D, Maxxum 85/1.4 G(D), Maxxum 50/1.4 and Sigma 70-200/2.8 EX.

Best regards,

dan hollerud 14-Jul-2005 20:10
can you tell me what lenses you are using for your glamour shots? I am thinking of buying this camera and dumping my fuji s3's....
J.C. Richardson III19-Jun-2005 01:21
Great Job on all of your galleries. You have my vote.............
H den Brok 06-Mar-2005 17:37
Great Shots !!!!
Tasty Orange18-Dec-2004 04:14
Great Shots!!! Great Quality.
Jeff Cochran17-Mar-2004 23:51
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Mike Estaniel 26-Aug-2003 11:29
Hi Joji,

Just opened our Yahoo egroups and followed the trail of addresses. This is a very interesting site. Nice pics pare. Thanks for sharing.

Pards, di kaya mahalata na marami kang ritrato ng mga babae. Ha ha ha.


Guest 08-Aug-2003 23:37
Hi Jose,
Nice gallery you have. Keep on shooting
Regards, Rainer
kenn 08-Aug-2003 03:03
Thanks for showing us your part of the planet, enjoyable..regards kenn. Australia
kenn 08-Aug-2003 03:01
Thanks for showing us your part of the planet, enjoyable..regards kenn. Australia
Roniece 11-Oct-2002 02:44
Hi Joji
Wonderful pics - enjoyed looking at them :-)