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Gwent Levels

This is an area of low lying land that is criss crossed with drainage ditches called 'reens' in Wales. It is one of the largest surviving areas of ancient grazing marshes and reen systems in Britain, the Gwent Levels is of national significance for its wildlife, the area I have photographed is within one of several linked SSSI's (Site of Special Scientific Interest) at St Brides. There are currently plans to build an M4 relief road that would cut across the levels causing much disruption to the wildlife, not least to the Cranes that have started nesting here for the first time in 400 years.

g9/33/399533/3/158510093.psrPlfGW.jpg g9/33/399533/3/161743639.YutIh7UV.jpg Buff Tip larva on Willow Migrant Hawker g9/33/399533/3/164759979.RaHutYLp.jpg Muddy Moorhen
g9/33/399533/3/164712062.We4BCsZT.jpg Grey Heron Grey Dagger Knot Grass larva Chaffinch Starling
Sparrowhawk Greenfinch Blue tit Goldfinch portrait Siskin Cuckoo Flower  (Cardamine pratensis)
Dance Fly  (Empis Tessellata) Cinnabar Moth Larva on Ragwort Holly Blue g10/33/399533/3/164616460.n6Y5NWAu.jpg Speckled Wood Chiffchaff
Mallard g9/33/399533/3/158265174.xNLheT5j.jpg Flushed Small White  (Pieris rapae) Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines) Yellow Iris
Young Long Tailed Tit Thick-Legged Flower Beetle Banded Demoiselle Drinker Moth Caterpillar Nectar Feeder Large Skipper
Blood-vein Snout Dark Giant Horsefly Robin Common Red Soldier Beetle Young Grass Snake
Emperor Ruddy Darter Gasteruption jaculator Small Skipper on Ragwort Peacock Southern Hawker
Emerald Damselfly Migrant Hawker Dock Leaf Bug g9/33/399533/3/161543275.BCL7pVri.jpg g9/33/399533/3/161630033.499rvFlq.jpg g9/33/399533/3/162625184.dpZOqC7k.jpg
g9/33/399533/3/162718447.iiGu6wR8.jpg g9/33/399533/3/162809017.wAgydtzn.jpg Angry Jay Bluebell Orange Tip Pondskaters
Large Red Damselfly Red Campion Grass Sawfly  (five image sequence). Alder Fly sheltering from the rain. Cardinal beetle Hairy Dragonfly. Brachytron pratense
Scorpion Fly (male) Black and Red Froghopper White Ermine Moth Four-Spotted Chaser Puss Moth Alabonia geoffrella
g9/33/399533/3/164164055.fpW8OOix.jpg Straw Dot - Rivula sericealis Azure Damselflies Large Yellow Underwing Wentloog Levels, Newport. Little Snipe Fly
Lackey Moth Larva 14 Spot Ladybirds Flowering Rush Ringlet Meadow Brown Mating Green Veined Whites
Six Spot Burnet on Knapweed Large White on Purple Loosestrife Common Darter Square-spot Rustic Comma on Bramble g9/33/399533/3/164132344.UH1bA2qd.jpg
Common Blue Tube Web Spider (Segestria Florentina) Ringlet Grass Vetchling Winter Sun, Newport Levels. Long-Jawed Orb Weaver Spider
Hornet Mimic Hoverfly Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle g10/33/399533/3/164469239.P8lBUv57.jpg Tales of the Riverbank Winter Walk Walking the dog
Yellow Dung Fly Four-spotted Orb Weaver Long-winged Conehead (female) Harlequin Ladybird Mating Early Bumblebees (Bombus pratorum) Conopid Fly (Thick-headed Fly) Sicus ferrugineus
Green Lacewing Liophloeus tessulatus (No common name for this Weevil) Mating St Mark's Flies (female above) Golden-ringed Dragonfly Common Darter Common Darter at rest
Golden-ringed Dragonfly Chequered Straw (Evergestis pallidata) Small Fan-footed Wave Common Carpet Moth Large Skipper Single-dotted Wave
Shaded Broad-bar Scarlet Tiger Moth Mullein Moth larva on Water Figwort Common White Wave Rush Veneer Carpet Moth
Alabonia Geoffrella St Mark's Fly (female) Fever fly? (male) Sawfly Noble False Widow (Steatoda nobilis) Stonechat (male)
Peekaboo Midnight feast Iceland Gull Newport Levels g9/33/399533/3/161396925.PN8Dnh8a.jpg Wentloog Levels, Newport.