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Fadir 04-Jan-2017 16:39
I have no clothes, trousers and shoe

Weather is cold and rainy today. Retail/Drugstore is expensive. I have no Jeans. Some men in this region wear too long pants. Also Jurists are expensive, because neighbours are getting more and more aggressiv and loud. I have nothing to drink and eat. so Im hungry and thirsty. Im not lesbian or bisexuell. Everybody know that pissing in the mouth is not allowed. I hate kisses and sex, because they are dirty and not good in bed.I've washed everything, washed me and rubbish away. I have no residence,cellar, hair dryer, backpack, cigarettes, money, bike, car and ticket. I need warm food, drinking, Jeans, T-Shirt, warm shoe and room, clothes, toal, usw. A Psychologist dont brings money. A lot of People here in this region are not normal, because war is crazy. On the way is no toilet, because I have diarrhea, On the belly below should not be pushed around.Im not married and have no children. Fat and sour is not healthy. This world is crazy and diaconia is insane. I have no contact, especially not with artisans. The most men are married and have family. Narcotics and operations are dangerous.
alain_frechette15-Aug-2014 22:55
Your sensibility shine through your work. Love it.
Usequenet 17-Jul-2011 05:23
I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!
Usequenet 15-Jul-2011 04:17
Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.
optodielmived 11-Jul-2011 05:35
Very Interesting Information! Thank You For Thi Information!
m.kastelic20-Jan-2011 21:11
Great work! Congratulations!

Emmie Gray02-Sep-2010 06:50
Jill, thank you for the nice comment. I took that picture for the itinerant truck-driver, he likes it as well.
I have browsed around your galleries, and find them inspiring. I feel the urge to take more photos and read more poetry. I'm a big fan of Rilke. 8-)
Jean-Claude Liehn10-Jun-2010 03:36
A true creative and personal work. This is no so common an Pbase. Congratulations.
MONICA 08-Jun-2010 14:04
Joanne 15-May-2009 03:38
your photographs inspire me as a budding photographer :) thanks for sharing!
Kathy 26-Mar-2009 18:07
Jill - Thanks so much for giving me your site information. I love the photos of Granny!! Hoping you can give me some tips sometime!!! (((HUGS))) Kathy
WANDA PACE 20-Mar-2009 21:33
Mark Jones01-Jan-2009 21:04
Hey Jill, do you remember me from the PAD group a few years ago? I was just catching up on your pics. Of all the people I've met on pbase yours speak to me on a deeper level than any! I remember we shared the love for old houses and barns. Are you currently active? I finally crossed the great bridge to a digital SLR and I'm wanting to get active again. Once again love your work-many blessings for the New Year.
Reneneer12-Jul-2008 06:49
One word. Brilliant.
Reneneer12-Jul-2008 06:47
Lovely photos. I'm glad I came across them.
Dana 20-Jun-2008 15:58
I came across you gallery by accident and what a find. I really enjoyed the images, especially the emotions gallery and the leaves on trees (I forget the gallery name). Ther other image I thought was interesting and original was the shopping carts against the wall. For me, that image is sad/lonely. I will be checking back.
Teresa 12-Jun-2008 20:44
You'r roses are beauty and have Heart thanks for nice site
speaks art of Beauty Heart so Pure May Light glide you Speak in art Talent To
Keep And show The world in art.
Kenneth Vincent 19-May-2008 18:02
Loved your photo Kenneth & Lady
Kenneth Vincent 03-May-2008 16:47
It was good meeting you, Lady, liked you too.
Kenneth Vincent 03-May-2008 16:47
It was good meeting you, Lady, liked you too.
moon 17-Mar-2008 03:33
best werk
Bobby DeNeefe 03-Feb-2008 14:35
Beautiful work, and of course "The World Became Brighter in 1904" has even more meaning now.
Guest 20-Nov-2007 14:50
Some of the most original,beautiful and stunning work I've seen. SUPERB.
John Jr 12-Nov-2007 22:06
Hi Jill, I had to smile when I saw the green eye of Macavity. T. S. Eliot said Macavity was a ginger cat. But we have a black cat that I would surely have named Macavity if I had only known what mischief he would do. Most impressed by your art for "The velocity of sorrow." John Jr
Amy Nawrocki 14-Oct-2007 23:45
I loved your photo that accompanied my poem, "The Days of Claires and Jodies," in the Lily Lit Review. Thanks!
Jean-Claude Liehn18-Aug-2007 03:17
I'am with great pleasure back in your gallery. You are amongst the few PBase photographers how have a personnal style. Just as for writers, this is probably the begining of art. I particulary appreciate the frontal views of old walls. A subject I love. A traditional subject for the american documentary style of photography. But what you do looks more in the direction on pictorialism...Very personal indeed...Jean-Claude Liehn, Reims, France.
Jeff Real30-Jul-2007 02:32
Words fail me when I try to describe how your wonderful work affects me.
You have an artists soul. Thanks you so much for all your kind comments on my work.
cat bounds16-Jun-2007 18:57
Jill, your galleries are inspiring. I'm not a photographer, but I do own a decent camera that gathers dust. I wish you would consider creating a gallery devoted to giving examples and short tutorials on how you achieve some of your wonderful, artistic effects. Just a thought...
Guest 13-Jun-2007 15:48
Lovely work. Share more please.
Guest 06-Apr-2007 12:59
I have seen a lot of photographers on PBase. Among them, some have good technical skills, some have a sense of beauty, but just a few have brought photography to an art. You are among them.
Curt G.31-Mar-2007 20:51
Like others befoe me, I sort of got caught up going from gallery to gallery and image to image. Brought back memories of the friends I met on my old 1955 Harley K model (flathead predecessor of the Sportster). What lured me into your galleries was one image that looked as though it were a Polaroid print, yet wasn't. You are doing a great job with postprocessing -- unless that Canon has a Polaroid back (grin). Now to go back and vote for some of these galleries that do such a good job of revealing a part of America, the real people and the real places. Good work!!
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:15
You're 11 on my scale of 10.
Guest 06-Mar-2007 20:46
I just stumbled upon these galleries, and know I will be spending many happy hours here, browsing your excellent work.
Linda Solan07-Jan-2007 18:18
I love your work... it is so etherial... wonderful
Guest 27-Nov-2006 11:31
Wonderful images, as always.
Zak10-Sep-2006 21:25
just spent the last hour looking through your pics, nice work!!
D.Hackemer04-Aug-2006 02:37
I lost track of time going through all your galleries. Very nice work in all of them!!
Vincent Belford25-Jul-2006 21:13
Back again visiting your excellent galleries. You have so much good stuff I’ll be returning many times.

csmallari25-Jul-2006 14:47
Thank you so much Jill for dropping by my PAD gallery and for leaving those nice comments. Have a great day :-)
1moremile14-Jul-2006 01:20
Jill, thanks for the visit to my galleries and the comments. I started to view your photos and I am completely awed with your talent and style. I have added you to my favorites so I can come back tomorrow and explore some more. I don't want to miss anything.Amazing.
jerry furnari 04-Jun-2006 23:43
1st class pics would love to introduce you to my artist friend sometimes when you are shooting local (shoals area). me and my girlfriend were at rocket the day you guys bought your new harley and you took some photos of us when and where can we view them ??? keep up the good work ride on !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 25-May-2006 10:53
Congratulations on a wonderful your style (especially abstract) and how you light and compose your images. Will be back...regards...Lorraine
Vincent Belford07-May-2006 03:21
WOW! Wonderful galleries added to my favorites.
Vince B.
Guest 04-Apr-2006 03:04
Wonderful photos!
Carl Bryant 04-Mar-2006 07:05
Fantastic work, Ms Burhans.

One of your wonderful photos accompanied a poem of mine in the recent Crescent Moon Journal. I felt honored to share the page with you. Thanks for your generosity!
Barry 28-Feb-2006 02:57
Thank you for shareing your vision with me
anonymous 27-Feb-2006 00:53
Randomly found your galleries & wanted to say nice pictures.

Random Snapshot Taker
Anna 17-Feb-2006 22:19
I am so glad I found your gallery - I have only looked at a few - I want to savour these images. I love the tribute for your daughter & the collages. You are a poet.
Mac Squires 01-Feb-2006 14:03
Found you while looking for fellow artists using birch bark. Wow. I love the way you use the texture and colour of the bark to enhance simple natural forms. I draw with black ink on the bark using colour and texture as the basic construct for my pictures.
Mike Morgan 10-Dec-2005 15:52
I think I stumbled upon your gallery via my brother's gallery, to JHR's gallery, to Larry Bosworth's gallery and then to yours......your pictures are very nice but I really like your message on our profile by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. It's so true......great message to all men...
Ian Birch24-Nov-2005 20:06
Sorry about the typo.

Regards Ian Birch
Ian Birch24-Nov-2005 20:05
An extremely interesting body of work. Great treatment.
I saw your spread in Digital Photo.

Regards Ian Birch
Guest 15-Nov-2005 17:54
It was a delight to wander through your galleries. I loved the b/w on display...excellent tones and contrast.
Jeff Cochran10-Nov-2005 00:36
Back for a visit, Love the new images. You are surely talented, Cheers.
Kate Hardy 12-Sep-2005 11:37
My name is Kate Hardy from Digital Photo magazine in the UK. I sent you an email on August 4th but have had no reply. We want to feature some of your work in our magazine, so please could you get in contact with me? Email me on
Many thanks!
Focus08-Sep-2005 14:32
I've sent the link to your galleries to some friends of mine........I was discussing your work over dinner with them last night, and they also wanted to enjoy them.........thanks for sharing!
Graham Tomlin29-Aug-2005 18:17
thankyou for you kind comments,regards graham.
Focus26-Aug-2005 13:45
Jill, your galleries are bodacious!! are not a simple photographer, for you have certainly graduated to artist........I've added you to my favorites....thank you for sharing - and thank you for visiting my humble galleries.
Guest 07-Aug-2005 19:26
Hello Jill, I've just stumbled onto your galleries and in an instant I know I will have to come back again and again. It's truly a fabulous body of creative work! In one word "Wow"!
Guest 11-Jul-2005 12:02
good photos keep it up if you want go to my gallery
Guest 11-Jul-2005 12:02
good photos keep it up if you want go to my gallery
Guest 01-Jul-2005 23:48
Hi Jill,
you really have amazing galleries! It's a delight to 'travel' through your galleries. Beautiful work!
Best regards,
Guest 30-Jun-2005 12:35

keep up the good work

Clay Patterson 22-Jun-2005 00:41
Hi Jill
You took pictures of our Border Collies at Guntersville State Park on the 15th of June. Don't know whether they are useful but you asked me to send you a couple pictures of them playing basketball and friesbies. Will be glad to do so if you will give me an email address to send them to.
Clay Patterson
Kim Messmer10-Jun-2005 07:47
Jill, your gallery is nothing short of amazing. You have such a variety of images and I feel such passion when I look at your work. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you also for your comment when you visited my gallery. It is much appreciated. :)
Kim Messmer10-Jun-2005 07:47
Jill, your gallery is nothing short of amazing. You have such a variety of images and I feel such passion when I look at your work. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you also for your comment when you visited my gallery. It is much appreciated. :)
D.Hackemer10-Jun-2005 04:31
Thank you so much for sharing your work, it all is wonderful!
Though I'm partial to your, Odds, Ends and Leftovers - always interesting!
Guest 03-May-2005 15:48
You have made me late for an appointment Jill.. wonderful work, just had to come back and comment when i had a little more time. Well done. Ooh nice smile btw!!..
Helena 01-May-2005 19:12
I was googling on pictures and I ended up on your site. You're pictures are really impressive and inspiring!! I really love them! Thank you so much for sharing it!
Greetings Helena Hunink, Amersfoort, Holland
Edward Jack 21-Apr-2005 12:05
Stumbled across your work on Pbase... I have yet to see "a bad image". As is often said, photography is about taking away elements from a scene and putting them in context - mostly by the use of composition and light. I have seen no better proponent of this on Pbase.. atleast not as consistently. I like your self portriat too... talent and looks!
Muril Robertson 12-Apr-2005 02:04
Very nice gallery. Some of the best work I've seen. I have bookmarked your site and will come back often.
Tom 08-Mar-2005 22:16
Hi Jill,
It is a great gallery. Thank you for sharing it.

Tom in Ga
antje kroeger photograpie03-Mar-2005 11:57
a pleaesure to klick on your site.
you are an soulfull lady. that's what i like.

Guest 19-Feb-2005 19:12
It's been just amazing to watch your transformation.
You've gone from being a person tentatively trying to express herself with a camera, to an artist for whom the camera is but one tool.
I admire your capacity for growth and for open expression.
Thanks for sharing it all.
Guest 18-Feb-2005 17:51
Jill, Your galleries and images are quite impressive and creative. I look forward to seeing your skills progress daily. Keep up the good work.....Michael
Sheldon and Marci Morton17-Feb-2005 20:03
Jill, Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful images. I look forward to returning and seeing whats new.
faith loffler 05-Feb-2005 05:00
it is me (FAITH) of coarse!! ~lol~ i was just wandering if u still have the black and white picture of me. if by any chance u do can u send it to me.
oh and i dont know if erica told u i said that i really like ur photos especially the one with u and the smiley face volley ball that picture is awsome.
Well i was just lookin at ur pictures and thought i would leave a message.......

faith loffler
Guest 25-Jan-2005 00:31
Hi Jill,
I think your work and your cross-processing / post-processing techniques are excellent. I just love the "older - deteriorated" looks on your photos. Very cool indeed. Keep up the good work and keep on sharing!
Guest 20-Jan-2005 21:47
Hi Jill! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your stunning galleries! You have such an affinity with light and rich, rich colour. I am impressed!!!
Ian Clowes08-Jan-2005 00:12
Hi Jill

I thought I'd try some natural light photo's inspired by yours. Christmas left me some candles so I used them! You might like to stop by and check it out :)

Ian Clowes08-Jan-2005 00:11
Hi Jill

I thought I'd try some natural light photo's inspired by yours. Christmas left me some candles so I used them! You might like to stop by and check it out :)

Ian Clowes08-Jan-2005 00:10
Hi Jill

I thought I'd try some natural light photo's inspired by yours. Christmas left me some candles so I used them! You might like to stop by and check it out :)

Emmie Gray02-Dec-2004 18:29
Jill, I have been meaning to drop you this line to thank you for your very nice comments on my galleries. I find your work to be unique and very visually satisfying. I especially like your 'Smorgasbord' gallery - the images in there are so richly textured, and seem to evoke memories of things from my past - as the previous poster suggested, an emotional response. Thank you for sharing your vision with us, it's always inspiring.
Guest 21-Nov-2004 02:16
I was going through my galleries and re-read some of your comments there. I decided to revisit your work. Thank you, Jill. I enjoyed my visit very much. Your work makes the viewer feel. For me, that's what Pulitzer prize winning photos do. Good work, Lady.
joe and jill 14-Nov-2004 01:51
Your work is breathtaking. Thank you for sharing the stunning image of us on our wedding day! What a unique perspective of our most special day.
Joe and Jill Christopher
Paul 28-Oct-2004 01:48

I met you at the theatre when "Sordid Lives" was playing. You were kind enough to share your webaddress with us to look at your work. Both I and my friend David have simply been delighted with your work! It was a pleasure to view it on the internet and to meet you!

Take Care, Paul
Sam 13-Oct-2004 21:22
Dear Jill,

Your photography is wonderful - great job. You have an obvious talent for both composition and technique, you've got very clever Ideas and execute them beautifully. Thanks for telling me about your gallery. I've looked at a lot of your work here and will come back to view more. Keep up the good work. We need you at HPS!

Steve Martin20-Sep-2004 21:24

I must remark, your images are "absolutely fabulous". Thank you for sharing.... and for the inspiration!
peace and health....
Toni Moore20-Sep-2004 05:26
Thank you for your kind words. I have just finished more rambling through your wonderful
galleries and you certainly do inspire. Let know the next time you are stopping by mine and I will put the tea water on.
laura 13-Sep-2004 11:40
i think ur pics is just cool!
Bill Miller10-Sep-2004 19:35
Jill, thanks you for your encouraging comments on my new PAD gallery. As a newbie the feedback is appreciated. I had laready booked marked your site as one of my favourites. I love the variety and colour in your images. Bill.
Guest 31-Aug-2004 16:47
jill, thank you so much for your comments in my gallery. your work is wonderful!
J.C. Richardson III29-Aug-2004 20:45
Hi Jill
This is JC. Your galleries are looking GREAT. You keep them coming.
You Take Care,
judy sidonie tillinger24-Aug-2004 16:53
simply put, I love your work.
i especially like the accidental tourist in
new york. makes me look at my city
with new eyes.
Guest 24-Aug-2004 12:29
You have awesome galleries. Your PaD gallery definitely one of my favorites, and also encourage me to do PAD as well. Thanks for the warm welcome @ my PaD gallery.
Luis Montero23-Aug-2004 19:51
Hi Jill
Thanks for the visit,I'm trying to do something uncommon, with lots of humor. don't know if my album is a photo album or on it's way of becoming a on line encyclopedia.
Very nice gallery you have, shot whatever the best image your eye catches. Did you know that the best photo is the one others haven't seen...
Best regards from Peru
Guest 04-Aug-2004 01:43
Thanks for your messages Jill!
You are an awesome photograper!!! Your images are AWESOME... All of them!
I hope to be a fraction of a photographer that you are one day!


Bill Baird15-Jul-2004 12:09
Hi Jill, Thanks for stopping by my galleries the other day! Yes, I have been busy with health related activities and I feel great! Have not been photographing very much. I do have some stuff I want to get posted soon. With everything going on with me right now I had to suspend my PAD. I really feel bad about it but I just did not have the time to do it. I am hopeing I can restart the PAD in the near future. Keep up the good work! I really do enjoy browsing your images. Regards Bill :o)
Guest 10-Jul-2004 12:12
Thanks for your encouraging comments.
I have not totally closed the door on PAD -
At this point I think I will continue but I need more time to think about it.
(After reading some of the posts in the PAD forum I got mixed feelings about PAD and thought I had to kind of sit back and analyze how PAD fits into my way of working in photography.)
Best Regards, Peter
Guest 27-Jun-2004 09:28
Jill, or rather, JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby, you are the rockin' most UBER Mama! I'm lucky as hell to have met you so early on in my Pbasing Existence. You are the rock that keeps my sand from
drifting sea word! Thus Far, TRUE dat, dat TRUE!

I really dig what you do baby, your photographs rock me
in a boat that never sinks! Your self portraits sex-me-up! Woooooooooo
and I didn't even know that was you? But now knowing that is YOU I can go full out crazy on you (which I think is a song by HEART) but let's backtrack to Led Zepplin and discuss some Lemon Squeezing, naaaaaaah, we had to delete all that craziness, eh? haaaaaaaa! Baby, Baby, baby,,,

And the roses?
Honey please is that legal?wooooooooooooooo :))))))))))))))))
HOT! some of those should be banned;)

I dig your works and almost even better than that I DIG YOU! So when you get real clean and decide to leave that sudsy tub, remember your masses, we are out here. Your minions, all of us, we
LOVE YOU! WE LOVE JILL! yes, indeed, we do, weeeeeeee DO!
ha, woo, right on!

Mattana18-Jun-2004 19:48
Hi Jill:
Thanks for comments on my pictures and the California Poppy gallery. I enjoy reading them very much. Well, the Temporary gallery started out with the idea that I was going to place pictures of my weekly excursion for one to two weeks and delete them. Then I started on this Poppies project thinking that I will have only a few pictures of them. The gallery grows on me so I think I will make it permanent. Thanks for the nudge.
bluewatermonk07-Jun-2004 11:26
I am glad I dropped in here to see your work. You have some stunning candids in here. You accidental tourist galleries are excellent!
Guest 04-Jun-2004 04:28
Very Nice...
Besati30-May-2004 16:38
Jill, you have wonderful galleries here. Your control of the lighting is remarkable. I have already added you to my list of favorites. Keep on giving us surprises with your creativity.
Hubert Steed26-May-2004 17:30
Thank you for your kind words about my man reading the NY Times in Washington Sq Park. I like your feeling for people in your galleries. Your moods and expressions of your subjects are genuinely captured. I also appreciate your Goethe quote. Thank you for sharing your photos, thoughts and feelings. All the best!
Guest 09-May-2004 18:55
Hi Jill,

Thanks for the compliment. I too think it's a nice place to be at that time of day. I do have to give David credit. The first several shots I took kept coming out dark. So I emailed to him, and he lighted it up for me. What a guy! However, I accidentally deleted it, well I deleted the photo, then had to repost it. So your message is in cyber space.

I have to tell you that your work is just wonderful. I enjoy looking at your creativity on a daily basis. Oh and I did get those big tea cups at Kirkland. Fun store!

faith loffler 06-May-2004 01:59
I like ur stuff. u really express ur self, it's amazing
Guest 27-Apr-2004 17:08
I'm glad you dropped in to see my egg series. I hope you truly enjoyed it. I know it isn't "professional" in any way, but if it makes someone smile my mission has been accomplished. Thanks for the visits and the comments!! :)
Guest 26-Apr-2004 17:53
Interesantes fotos
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Stan Richard23-Apr-2004 17:03
Jill, thanks much for the nice comments on my newest Moon & Planets shot, glad you were able to enjoy it too. Cheers! Stan
Guest 22-Apr-2004 18:40
Thanks for viewing my "retired" PaD. I took a short walk through your site and you have a great eye for the details of life. I'll be back.
Yes, I am working harder in retirement, just less.
Guest 18-Apr-2004 17:31
Silly me when I thanked you for the welcome into the PAD group I replied to myself. Glad the "countdown sign" gave you a laugh. This PAD is a lot of fun. The pictures are just amazing. Also inspiring to seek that creative photo that is just waiting to be taken.
Guest 13-Apr-2004 02:15
Dear Jill :
You Can see :
Mike Johnson03-Apr-2004 02:06
I saw your galleries and all I can say is WOW! You have an incredible eye. Really enjoyed all of your shots. You keep after it...
Guest 02-Apr-2004 05:07
Thanks for checking out the beginings of my photo a day. It led me to follow the link to your galleries and stumble on your enchanting work. I must also say that you have quite a way with words. I look forward to seeing more of your work as well.
Guest 19-Mar-2004 12:48
Hi Jill, thanks for your kind message, I've been looking through your site and have to say that the PAD galleries are your forte, maybe something about the discipline, or the regular feedback seems to be really inspiring you to improve daily.... I'll be back!
Guest 17-Mar-2004 18:55
thanks for looking at my galleries, it prompted me to check yours out and Im glad I did, great photos, I will be back
Guest 16-Mar-2004 22:28
Thanks for your kind comments Jill... and thanks for being such a great friend to Linda. She speaks of you often, and was thrilled to talk to you on the phone just before I rang her one day. I know she is SO excited to meet you in 10 days time (and counting!!!)
Anna Yu13-Mar-2004 16:01
Hi Jill,
Thank you for the welcome. I really like your galleries and will come back to study them more carefully. Bookmarked.
Costi Jacky 13-Mar-2004 14:22
Hi Jill

Thanks for your visit and your warm wellcome
Carolyn B.09-Mar-2004 16:36
Just have to tell you that your gallery is a pure delight!
Jeff Gegner27-Feb-2004 04:19
I just had to drop you a note and let you know I really like your work and your a lot closer to getting commercial work than I am :)

Jeff Gegner
Karen Stuebing21-Feb-2004 08:35
What an eye you have! All your images are just incredible.

Chuck Kuhn17-Feb-2004 04:13
Jill, beautiful and breathless photos. Regarding my Harmless snoozer, ONE never knows. Around the SF area they are at every stop light or conner. On occasions (usually a red stop light) I have chatted with them. Yes, enough to write a book. I will share more photos asap
Thanks for sharing
Jeff Cochran10-Feb-2004 10:00
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
alexeig15-Jan-2004 16:14
Hi Gill,

Many thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. I had a look at your galleries: you have an uncommon gift of seeing beauty in everyday things. I envy your eye. Your Everglades shots are also fantastic.
Action shots with G5: it is clearly not a camera for a sports journalist, so be prepared for a lot of failures. Use ISO400 for indoor shots without a flash, open your lens, put zoom in full tele, put manual focus to 5 meters, this will give a depth of field from 5 to infinity and reduce the shutter lag to minimum. Point your camera to where action is and make as many shots as your memory will take. I made approx. 200 shots during that handball game from which 100 were deleted immediately due to technical faults and from remaining 100 only 20 were what I consider OK. So, it is approx. 10% success rate.

Enjoy your G5, it is amazing camera.


Sarah 07-Jan-2004 14:19
Jill, You are awesome and very creative... I love all of your pictures! It's always good to kick back and breathe and looking at some of your work makes it easier to kick back and relax at the computer. Good job.
Guest 01-Jan-2004 20:48
Thank you Jill for your comment on my "winter" gallery. Yep, we do get a little snow now and then, and even though it can look nice, I really don't like it! I wish you a happy 2004!
Selvin Chance28-Dec-2003 07:33
Thanks for visiting my galleries.
Larry 19-Dec-2003 04:40
Hey Jill!!! Thanks for sending the link again so I could view the new additions!! I just have to say it again!! YOU HAVE TALENT GIRL!!!! Sometimes we stumble upon the talent hiding within us.. you've had a good stumble.. I'm still waiting for my stumble!! Take this to the limit.. What could be better than doing something you enjoy so much and it's so obvious you are enjoying yourself to the max!!! You're a natural RJ!!!!!!
Guest 01-Dec-2003 18:50
Jill - Welcome to the PaD club! You're going to have a blast. Somedays it gets tough, but there are so many things waiting to be photographed. I like your B&W gallery, as long with your Random gallery. Your going to have a blast - WELCOME!
Maurice Burke Photography24-Nov-2003 22:40
Thanks for stopping by my galleries today and leaving a comment. I'm glad "Smile" made you smile...Your work is very good; beautiful colors and excellent composition. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

faith 20-Nov-2003 00:22
faith 20-Nov-2003 00:13
U Have A Lot Of Talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Perry24-Oct-2003 00:56
Thanks for dropping by and checking out my photos. Your stuff is very good. If you want to chat sometime just send me an email to

Tess 23-Oct-2003 20:09
Dear Jill - Wow these are great! You have lots of talent and it's cool to see the imagination you have with your photography - it's terrific that you have such a neat place to persent your art! Thanks for sharing with us.... Tess (aka kittentess)
Deb aka Warm-heart 22-Oct-2003 23:52
Jill, Your pics are very impressive! The pic with the sun's rays...that was Awesome!! I also enjoyed the black & Whites and the flower pics. Beautiful! Continue doing what you're doing, I think you're on the right track. Thank you
Patrice Warren 22-Oct-2003 22:59
Jill!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Wowser!Your pictures are awesome g/f! I have wondered where you have been lately. Have missed you bunches. Now I know exactly where you have been..Good Work my friend!!I am totally impressed. My sister in Kentucky also does this...she is very good at it as well. Now she is into weddings, graduation pics, etc. But she especially loves doing children, animals and still life. Much luck to you Jill. I agree with Dimplzs...these are definitely good enough to enter in contests or put in a Gallery somewhere. you have alot of Talent! Talk soon. And keep on "Clicking" that camera!!LOL!(((((((((HUGS))))))))))))...Too bad you couldn't take pics of our Maine Foliage. that would be so beautiful! love ya, Patrice;)
Luca 22-Oct-2003 20:21
what beautiful photos: particularly loved the ones of the flowers; thank you for sharing !
Lady J 22-Oct-2003 18:47
These are great..You have talent!!