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Photo-a-day 2014

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A 365 photo project is a great way to get motivated to get out there and practise photography every day, and I try to find something different and interesting to photograph - usually my twins' latest antics though sometimes other subjects get a look in.

30th June.jpg 29th June.jpg 28th June.jpg 27th June.jpg 26th June.jpg 25th June.jpg 24th June.jpg
23rd June.jpg 22nd June.jpg 21st June.jpg 20th June.jpg 19th June.jpg 18th June.jpg 17th June.jpg
16th June.jpg 15th June.jpg 14th June.jpg 13th June.jpg 12th June.jpg 11th June.jpg 10th June.jpg
9th June.jpg 8th June.jpg 7th June.jpg 6th June.jpg 5th June.jpg 4th June.jpg 3rd June.jpg
2nd June.jpg 1st June.jpg _.jpg __Jan 2014 PAD.jpg 1st January.jpg 2nd January_family on beach_DSC01320-Edit.jpg 3rd January_cloud_reflections_DSC01249.jpg
4th January__IMG_2463.jpg 5th January__DSC_1196.jpg 6th January__DSC01447.jpg 7th January_twins brushing teeth_IMG_2572.jpg 8th January__DSC01520.jpg 9th January_twins playing game_DSC_1415.jpg 10th January__DSC01544.jpg
11th January__DSC_1419.jpg 12th January__DSC01639.jpg 13th January__DSC01692.jpg 14th January_newborn and family_DSC_1445.jpg 15th January__DSC01744.jpg 16th January__DSC_1341.jpg 17th January__DSC01774.jpg
18th January__DSC01846.jpg 19th January__DSC00982.jpg 20th January__DSC02016.jpg 21st January__DSC02107.jpg 22nd January__DSC02215.jpg 23rd January__DSC01761.jpg 24th January__DSC02290.jpg
25th January_twins_DSC02420.jpg 26th January__DSC_1621.jpg 27th January__DSC_1657.jpg 28th January__DSC02448.jpg 29th January__DSC02489.jpg 30th January__DSC_1697.jpg 31st January__IMG_2763.jpg
_feb 2014 PAD.jpg 1st February.jpg 2nd February.jpg 3rd February.jpg 4th February.jpg 5th February.jpg 6th February.jpg
7th February.jpg 8th of February.jpg 9th February.jpg 10th February.jpg 11th February.jpg 12th February.jpg 13th February.jpg
14th February.jpg 15th February.jpg 16th February.jpg 17th February.jpg 18th February.jpg 19th February.jpg 20th February.jpg
21st February.jpg 22nd February.jpg 23rd February.jpg 24th February.jpg 25th February.jpg 26th February.jpg 27th February.jpg
28th February.jpg _March 2014 PAD.jpg 1st March_DSC03628.jpg 2nd March.jpg 3rd March_DSC03714.jpg 4th March_IMG_3384.jpg 5th March_DSC03774.jpg
6th March_DSC03678.jpg 7th March_DSC03843.jpg 8th March_DSC03867-Edit.jpg 9th March_DSC04016.jpg 10th March_DSC04029.jpg 11th March_DSC04051.jpg 12th March_DSC04089.jpg
13th March_DSC04151.jpg 14th March_DSC_2626.jpg 15th March_DSC04237.jpg 16th March_DSC_2782.jpg 17th March_DSC04259.jpg 18th March_see saw-Edit.jpg 19th March_DSC04329.jpg
20th March_DSC04408.jpg 21st March_buggies.jpg 22nd March_DSC04423.jpg 23rd March_DSC04424.jpg 24th March_DSC04580.jpg 25th March_DSC04602.jpg 26th March_DSC04664.jpg
27th March_DSC04703.jpg 28th March_DSC_2887.jpg 29th March_caving families.jpg 30th March_DSC_2970.jpg 31st March_DSC04747.jpg May 2014
May 2014
1st May_IMG_4664.jpg
2nd May_DSC05684-Edit.jpg 3rd May_cakes.jpg 4th May_DSC05789-Edit.jpg 5th May_dandelions.jpg 6th May_DSC05826.jpg 7th May_IMG_4825.jpg 8th May_IMG_4962.jpg
9th May_IMG_4974.jpg 10th May_IMG_4989.jpg 11th May_away.jpg 12th May_DSC05882.jpg 13th May_DSC05886.jpg 14th May_DSC05907.jpg 15th May_paddling pool.jpg
16th May_DSC05930.jpg 17th May_DSC05944.jpg 18th May_birthday party collage.jpg 19th May_IMG_5355.jpg 20th May_sleepy3.jpg 21st May_DSC05922.jpg 22nd May_IMG_5309.jpg
23rd May_3 little monkeys.jpg 24th May_DSC06118.jpg 25th May_DSC06144.jpg 26th May_DSC06203.jpg 27th May_IMG_5412.jpg 28th May_potty2.jpg 29th May_DSC06246.jpg
30th May_tadpoles.jpg 31st May_IMG_5514.jpg June 2014
June 2014