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Tombstone Angels

During the Victorian-era cemetery monuments began to feature lovely sculptures made of marble and angels became particularly popular subject. The individual angels show a variety of expressions, in many you see sadness, others appear to be judgmental or reflecting on some past deeds. Many angels are frozen in an eternal prayer for the soul of the deceased. Looking at the angels faces can make one wonder about the person buried there, their loved ones who grieved, our own purpose here on earth, and life after death. Use of angels continues to this day but I find the older sculptures more interesting. Damaged by accidents, vandals or aging more naturally, few angels have escaped unscathed. The expressions, now weathered with exposure to the sun and rain, drew my attention and I found many to be even more moving than a sculpture newly carved.

I made every effort to photograph the angels using portrait techniques. Black and white seemed the obvious choice for this subject. The images carry more of the emotion without distractions from misplaced colors. I hope you enjoy this gallery of Headstone Angels. Please leave a comment, I'd like to read your perspective.

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g2/34/375734/3/147071593.PXFgyzpP.jpg g2/34/375734/3/147061786.9hBOFgFz.jpg 20120722-1347-web.jpg
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g3/34/375734/3/108087866.9XRElYUy.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108081248.B04tNF0J.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108199906.eUVglsww.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108179184.KjSDwDEK.jpg
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g4/34/375734/3/90745617.Cn8OpabV.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108197816.rR6AWxzh.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108186541.vzrwAt5V.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108184403.FuJsNQBf.jpg
g1/34/375734/3/108179183.xsg0VMOP.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108179181.fuJBdszz.jpg g3/34/375734/3/108176521.2XfdRvU7.jpg g3/34/375734/3/108155193.4ApsT09p.jpg
g1/34/375734/3/108153917.oh6YVx1c.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108085865.zDWYC36B.jpg g1/34/375734/3/108082186.qMJgd9Pf.jpg g4/34/375734/3/90819910.DEnAbZYD.jpg
g4/34/375734/3/90819918.ZpFZkh2C.jpg g4/34/375734/3/90786582.MPQezIpy.jpg g4/34/375734/3/90786577.3Zqc5nE3.jpg g4/34/375734/3/90745615.uqS7tFI3.jpg