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About Me

Artist Statement

I was born in Thailand, but have lived the majority of my life in Victoria, British Columbia. My art has gone through many changes since the childhood sketches I created before my earliest memories. It has been an amazing journey, one that I am now blessed to share with my wife Rachel, my seven-year-old daughter Ava, and our new daughter, Bethany Grace, who was born just recently (Oct 14, 2011...during the feast of Tabernacles). It is cool to be a dad and an artist!

Through art I hope to encourage reflection on life – the potential of love, the destructiveness of hate, the wonder of emotion, the beauty of free will, the infinity that can be sensed in the depths of the eyes. I wish for there to be something about my work that whispers there is purpose in life; that there is an infinitely creative God who put something wonderful of His own being into each of us, and that there is hope because He is on our side and loves us with an everlasting love. I believe this love was lived out among us by God Himself through His only Son Yeshua (which means "salvation" in Hebrew) who gave up His life so that we might live through Him. How beautiful is the story of God, a pure and perfect Father, who offered His only Son to redeem His human children from their rebellion, injustice, and death. What a privilege it is to wrestle in art with such ineffable concepts. I feel like I am just beginning to scratch the surface of the beauty of God and the wonder of the cross on which the Prince of Peace was crucified. I have only gone a little ways out of Hobbitton; maybe passed through the old forest, but am yet to have seen the beauty of Rivendell and the splendor of the elves, yet to have passed through the depths of Moria and faced the Balrog in all its flaming fury, yet to have experienced the cascading heights of Minas Tirith, and the battle of the Pellenor fields, yet to have confronted the Dark lord and all the hosts of darkness and then to have sailed on to the Land beyond.

What a magnificent story God has us play a small part in, with all its players and journeys, communities and nations – all revolving around the Life of His Messiah. This is the source of my passion to create and why my best-loved subject matter is people. It is people, made in the image of their Creator, to whom the mystery of the ages has been revealed. It is through people that God is expressing His infinite love! For this reason my best artwork embraces the narrative, for within story the situations that reveal love can form and evolve with depth and truthfulness. A good story gives us a window into an unfamiliar circumstance and sheds light on our own humanity. It shows us that even in the most intense struggles of the journey there is a beauty and that in the coldest darkness there is a flicker of light. For me, it ultimately pointed me outside of myself and lead me inexorably towards Yeshua, whose story as told by the Jewish scriptures, is the “True Myth” and whose resurrection is the “Eucatastrophe” of eternity.

“True Myth” – a concept coined by J.R.R. Tolkien, who believed that the story of Yeshua’s incarnation was the fulfillment of the longing for truth expressed in all the myths of the past which to him were only partial shadows of God’s ultimate reality that was to come. This idea was instrumental in his good friend C.S. Lewis’ acceptance of the faith.

“Eucatastrophe”- a sudden and unexpected turn from bad to good, from a hopeless situation to one of great hope. A term also invented by Tolkien to describe the resurrection of Yeshua.
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