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Abandoned farm equipment

Productivity increase in farming the last 150 years is an amazing process. Where in the early days of industrialization the absolute majority of the population in the western world were peasants, that figure is now down to a few percent of the workforce. With an ever increasing prosperity with following increase in intake of carbohydrates, fat and protein, the overall productivity increase figure gets even more astonishing. At least in the western world, famine is a horror of the past (at least for the time being).

With an increased degree of mechanization and with the introduction of basic chemical fertilizers, a great leap forward was done, but still farming was labor intensive and the main power source was horses and human sweat. Where horses where gradually phased out in favor of small tractors, the post-WWII development introduced high yielding crops, a new flora of chemical agents and an entirely new level of mechanization. Recent years giant harvesting monsters seen out in the fields certainly shows that the level of mechanization progresses with ever accelerating speed and determination. This process became known as the "Green Revolution", but given today's interpretation of the word "green" one can really ask how "green" this revolution was...

In the backwater of this development and aggregation of farming at the expense of small rural farms, abandoned farming equipment of various vintages is often spotted out in the countryside.
BF5T0040.jpg BF5T7811.jpg IMG_1598.jpg BF5T7815.jpg
BF5T9587.jpg LC4S9464.jpg IMG_2908.jpg IMG_1080.jpg
BF5T7819.jpg IMG_1601.jpg IMG_2697.jpg LC4S2530.jpg
BF5T7813.jpg IMG_2810.jpg IMG_0859.jpg BF5T9479.jpg
IMG_2910.jpg LC4S0108.jpg IMG_3699.jpg BF5T3082.jpg
IMG_3935.jpg BF5T9583.jpg BF5T9986.jpg XY3B5421.jpg
BF5T9590.jpg XY3B8556.jpg BF5T8856.jpg BF5T8859.jpg
BF5T8771.jpg BF5T7870.jpg BF5T7846.jpg IMG_2807.jpg
XY3B5857.jpg BF5T8917.jpg BF5T0055.jpg BF5T7812.jpg