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gallery: Budapest
Dubrovnik Croatia
gallery: Dubrovnik Croatia
Croatia & Slovenia
gallery: Croatia & Slovenia
Montenegro, East Europe
gallery: Montenegro, East Europe
Bosnia, East Europe
gallery: Bosnia, East Europe
Mittenwald Germany
gallery: Mittenwald Germany
Dolomite Italy
gallery: Dolomite Italy
Sirmione Italy
gallery: Sirmione Italy
Stresa, Millan Italy
gallery: Stresa, Millan Italy
Riederalp Swiss
gallery: Riederalp Swiss
Aletsch Glacier
gallery: Aletsch Glacier
Mannlichen - Swiss
gallery: Mannlichen - Swiss
Le Soliat - Swiss
gallery: Le Soliat - Swiss
gallery: Spring_2016
St. Petersburg Russia
gallery: St. Petersburg Russia
Golden Ring Russia
gallery: Golden Ring Russia
Moscow Russia
gallery: Moscow Russia
Riga, Lativa
gallery: Riga, Lativa
Tallinn, Estonia
gallery: Tallinn, Estonia
gallery: Finland
Stockholm, Sweden
gallery: Stockholm, Sweden
Lubeck & Heidelberg, Germany
gallery: Lubeck & Heidelberg, Germany
Bavaria Region, Germany
gallery: Bavaria Region, Germany
German Fairy Tale
gallery: German Fairy Tale
Fussen, Germany 2014
gallery: Fussen, Germany 2014
Vienna Austria
gallery: Vienna Austria
Graz, Austria
gallery: Graz, Austria
Hallstatt, Austria
gallery: Hallstatt, Austria
Salzburg Austria
gallery: Salzburg Austria
Berchtesgaden, German
gallery: Berchtesgaden, German
Chateau Hluboká, Czech
gallery: Chateau Hluboká, Czech
Krumlov Czech
gallery: Krumlov Czech
Budejovice, Czech
gallery: Budejovice, Czech
Prague, Czech
gallery: Prague, Czech
Marienske Lazne, Czech Republic
gallery: Marienske Lazne, Czech Republic
Karoly Vary, Czech Republic
gallery: Karoly Vary, Czech Republic
Chamonix and Geneva
gallery: Chamonix and Geneva
Bordeaux, France
gallery: Bordeaux, France
Arles and Carcassonne, France
gallery: Arles and Carcassonne, France
Lyon France
gallery: Lyon France
Marsilles & Canes 2014
gallery: Marsilles & Canes 2014
Loudes, France
gallery: Loudes, France
Annecy and Montpellier, France
gallery: Annecy and Montpellier, France
Cassis France
gallery: Cassis France
St. Tropez, France
gallery: St. Tropez, France
HoYuen, China
gallery: HoYuen, China
Aveiro & Sintra, Portugal
gallery: Aveiro & Sintra, Portugal
Porto, Portugal
gallery: Porto, Portugal
Guimaraes, Portugal
gallery: Guimaraes, Portugal
Santiago Cathedral, Spain
gallery: Santiago Cathedral, Spain
Leon, Spain
gallery: Leon, Spain
Burgos Cathedral, Spain
gallery: Burgos Cathedral, Spain
gallery: Spring
Santander, Spain
gallery: Santander, Spain
gallery: Bilbao
San Sebastian, Basque Spain
gallery: San Sebastian, Basque Spain
Pamplona, Spain
gallery: Pamplona, Spain
Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar
gallery: Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar
gallery: Andorra
Dali Theatre-Museum, Spain
gallery: Dali Theatre-Museum, Spain
Santa Maria de Montserrat, Spain
gallery: Santa Maria de Montserrat, Spain
Zhang Jia Jie and Avatar
gallery: Zhang Jia Jie and Avatar
Zhang Jia Jie Part 2
gallery: Zhang Jia Jie Part 2
Swiss 2011
gallery: Swiss 2011
Germany 2011
gallery: Germany 2011
Mercedes-Benz Museum
gallery: Mercedes-Benz Museum
France 2011 - Part 2
gallery: France 2011 - Part 2
France 2011 - Part 1
gallery: France 2011 - Part 1
gallery: Ireland
Portugal and Gibraltar
gallery: Portugal and Gibraltar
Spain Vol. II
gallery: Spain Vol. II
Spain Vol. I
gallery: Spain Vol. I
Mt. Fanjing
gallery: Mt. Fanjing
Orchid Show
gallery: Orchid Show
Quilin of China 2010
gallery: Quilin of China 2010
Swiss Autumn - Vol. 2
gallery: Swiss Autumn - Vol. 2
Swiss Autumn - Vol. 1
gallery: Swiss Autumn - Vol. 1
Lugano Switzerland
gallery: Lugano Switzerland
Lake Maggiore, Italy
gallery: Lake Maggiore, Italy
Portofino, Italy
gallery: Portofino, Italy
Genova of Italy
gallery: Genova of Italy
Cinque Terre of Italy Vol. I
gallery: Cinque Terre of Italy Vol. I
Cinque Terre of Italy Vol. II
gallery: Cinque Terre of Italy Vol. II
Corsica Island of France
gallery: Corsica Island of France
Marseilles France 2010
gallery: Marseilles France 2010
Expo 2010 - Part II
gallery: Expo 2010 - Part II
World Treasure in Expo
gallery: World Treasure in Expo
Expo 2010 - Part I
gallery: Expo 2010 - Part I
Macro Lens' Wonder
gallery: Macro Lens' Wonder
Mount Wuyi
gallery: Mount Wuyi
Inside the open Birds-cage
gallery: Inside the open Birds-cage
Hong Kong Flower Show 2010
gallery: Hong Kong Flower Show 2010
Fujian Tulou
gallery: Fujian Tulou
Autumn in South Korea
gallery: Autumn in South Korea
Flowers in Zhejiang
gallery: Flowers in Zhejiang
Spring in Zhejiang
gallery: Spring in Zhejiang
Small Orchid Flower
gallery: Small Orchid Flower
Orchid Onc.sphacelatum
gallery: Orchid Onc.sphacelatum
Orchid, Paph.micronthum
gallery: Orchid, Paph.micronthum
Taichung, Taiwan
gallery: Taichung, Taiwan
 HungCun Village and WangShan Mountain
gallery:  HungCun Village and WangShan Mountain
Harbin, The North-East of China
gallery: Harbin, The North-East of China
Mount Emei, China
gallery: Mount Emei, China
JiuZhaiGou of China, Winter 2007
gallery: JiuZhaiGou of China, Winter 2007
Jiuzhaigou of China, Autumn 2001
gallery: Jiuzhaigou of China, Autumn 2001
Tibet East in Spring - Volume 1
gallery: Tibet East in Spring - Volume 1
Tibet East in Spring - Volume 2
gallery: Tibet East in Spring - Volume 2
Tibet - Monastery
gallery: Tibet - Monastery
Tibet - Mt. Everest and Its Mountain Range
gallery: Tibet - Mt. Everest and Its Mountain Range
Tibet - Antiques Statue in Museum
gallery: Tibet - Antiques Statue in Museum
Shangri-La, Sichau, China
gallery: Shangri-La, Sichau, China
More about Shrangri-La
gallery: More about Shrangri-La
Great Wall near Beijing, China
gallery: Great Wall near Beijing, China
Lijiang, Dali of China
gallery: Lijiang, Dali of China
Kanas, northern of Xinjiang, China
gallery: Kanas, northern of Xinjiang, China
Ba Shang the north-east of He Bei province, China
gallery: Ba Shang the north-east of He Bei province, China
Jingdezhen, a porcelain city in China
gallery: Jingdezhen, a porcelain city in China
Mountain Lushan, China
gallery: Mountain Lushan, China
Mountain Sanqing, China
gallery: Mountain Sanqing, China
Sabina Chinensis Tree in Shan Dong, China
gallery: Sabina Chinensis Tree in Shan Dong, China
Dazu Stone Carvings, China
gallery: Dazu Stone Carvings, China
5-stars river cruise in China
gallery: 5-stars river cruise in China
Camellia flower in Guangxi, China
gallery: Camellia flower in Guangxi, China
Shanghai, China
gallery: Shanghai, China
Hangzhou, China
gallery: Hangzhou, China
Chinese New Year in Suzhou, China
gallery: Chinese New Year in Suzhou, China
Guilin, China
gallery: Guilin, China
Butterfly Specimen in NE China
gallery: Butterfly Specimen in NE China
South XinJiang (1999)
gallery: South XinJiang (1999)
Mount ChangBai
gallery: Mount ChangBai