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Jennifer Harvey | profile | all galleries >> Flowers >> 2012 Ice Meadows Flowers tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

2012 Ice Meadows Flowers

This excerpt from The New York State Scenic Byway Program describes the uniqueness of the Hudson River ice meadows: "In the Winter of 2004ís cold weather, the ice came near to being 15 feet thick. In warmer seasons, one can find eight rare plant species: whip nutrush, sand cherry, brown bog sedge, Clintonís club rush, New England violet, spurred gentian, sticky false asphodel, and dwarf raspberry. These plants reside on about 115 acres that make up the Riverside Ice Meadows, one of the few natural grasslands in the state. The open fields, because they are such a narrow strip, actually run for 16 miles along the upper Hudson shoreline. They remain open because, according to the Nature Conservancy, the scouring of the shoreline each spring by melting ice keeps the meadows pretty much free of woody plants which would easily take over if it were not for the action of the ice and water."
DSC_13367ps2 850h.jpg DSC_13511ps2 800h.jpg DSC_13508ps 800h.jpg DSC_14744ps 800h.jpg
DSC_13557ps 850h.jpg DSC_13533ps 850h.jpg DSC_13515ps 850h.jpg DSC_13472ps 850h.jpg
DSC_13465ps 850h.jpg DSC_13482ps 850h.jpg DSC1435614354ps2 850.jpg DSC_13569ps 850h.jpg
DSC_13582ps 800h.jpg DSC_13504ps 800.jpg DSC_13469ps2 850.jpg DSC_13566ps 850h.jpg
DSC_13646ps 800h.jpg DSC_13738ps 800h.jpg DSC_13697ps 850h.jpg DSC_13810ps2 800h.jpg
DSC_13723ps 800h.jpg DSC_14746ps2 800h.jpg DSC_13830ps 800h.jpg DSC_13727ps 800h.jpg
DSC_1368082ps2 800h.jpg DSC_13731ps 800h.jpg DSC_13759ps 850h.jpg DSC_13657ps 850h.jpg
DSC_14305ps 800h.jpg DSC_14310ps 800h.jpg DSC_14358ps 800h.jpg DSC_14374ps 850h.jpg
DSC_14378ps 800h.jpg DSC_14399ps 850h 1.jpg DSC_14401ps 850h.jpg DSC_14402ps 800h.jpg
DSC_14719ps 850h.jpg DSC_14729ps crop 800h.jpg DSC_14741ps 800h.jpg DSC_14752ps 800h.jpg
DSC_14798ps 800h.jpg DSC_14837ps 850h.jpg DSC_14845ps 800h.jpg DSC_14898ps 800h.jpg
DSC_14902ps 850h.jpg DSC_14713ps 850h.jpg DSC_14755ps 800h.jpg DSC_14726ps 850h.jpg
DSC_16805ps 850h.jpg DSC_16810ps 800h.jpg DSC_16825ps 800h.jpg DSC_16848-49ps 850h.jpg
DSC_16876ps 850h.jpg DSC_16943ps 800h.jpg DSC_16971ps 850h.jpg DSC_16976ps 800h.jpg