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Miss Kroll's 6th grade class at Range Line

top row: Bob Rinehart, ?Carol Schikley?, Eddie Krohn, Barb Webb, Paul ???, Miss Kroll, Mr. Goehman.
next row: Theresa Lutkowsky, Mark Sitzwohl, Grant Hanna, ???
next row: Brian Quinlan, Patti Stueber, Alison Goodwin???, Dan Doedens
next row: Mary Boticelli, me, Lois Wagner, Brian Durr, Carrie Dillman, Frank Barnett, Kay Sullivan
next row: Curtis Nachtscheim, Laura Catty, Phil Schemel, Gayle Sachs, Chris Anderson, Lori Kuge, ???

Sixth grade at Range Line meant a reunification of our grade school classes. It also meant that we
became a relatively large class. There were 2 separate clusters with 3 homerooms each. With right
around 30 students per class that would mean 180 students in our year. We had Miss Kroll as our
homeroom teacher and for science. I remember reading and writing about ecology and the importance
of recycling. We saw movies about industrial pollution. I think around that time the Cayohoga River
in Ohio caught on fire. We had an essay contest on how we could conserve on water, electricity and
the like. I wrote about paper recycling and got an honorable mention. Egelhoff's garden service
delivered a small tree to our home that my Dad planted in the back yard. The tree would be about
35 years old now. We had Miss Theine (we mispronounced her last name "tiny") for math. She is my
mother's cousin, so I saw her at family events and reunions. It was particularly hard since I got
a "D" in math and a requisite phone call home to inform my parents that "Tommy isn't doing so well
in school right now." That meant many weekends going over math problems with my Dad at the dinner
table until I got on track again. We had Mr. Wicklund for social studies. Some people called him
"Mr. Wickelfritz" for reasons that I never really understood. That year I remember that noticeable
differences in development arose. Brian Applebaum was already nearly full grown. Joe Maras was also
pretty physically imposing. He "dated" Betsy McCabe at the time. They walked around the perimeter
of the school grounds holding hands during recess. We ran around a lot and played 4-square and kick
ball on the parking lot. During the school year I remember a class trip to Kettle Moraine. I do
remember sifting streams for live insects as one of the activities. I wonder if anyone has photos.
In homeroom I remember ordering amoebae and planeria (that could regenerate their head) for science
class and observing them under a microscope. I remember playing tabletop football with 3 pennies
or with a piece of paper folded into a triangle. After Christmas Brian Quinlan had a football game
with dice and cards for offense and defense which we played during recess indoors. One of the big
events of the day actually took place before school started. Chris Anderson would sit on the top
of his school desk and play ballads on his coronet. I remember several girls coming into the class
each morning to be serenaded. I also remember a special concert where Chris Kailas, Bob Pachner and
Dave Lewis played "The Entertainer" during an assembly. Chris played electric bass, Bob played piano,
and Dave had a drum set. It was yet another memorable music moment.

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Tracy Litsey 13-Jun-2008 15:30
I think that is Barb Sommers under Mr. Goeman.

ROFLOL at your memories -- so on target
Brian Quinlan 22-Apr-2008 05:03
Hi Tom: I just noticed that you had names. I can verify in Miss Kroll’s class,
next to me is Patty Stueber, and she is sitting next to you in the 8th grade
graduation picture. Brian
Guest 12-Mar-2008 06:06
Paul Gray is top row, 3rd from right. Mr. Allen Goeman was the principal. Barb Sommers is 2nd row, last on right.
Tom & Helene Suh20-Feb-2008 10:55
Kris, no I don't remember that Sue Woody had glasses. She had a brother, Guy Woody,
who was a year or so older. I think he was in Boy Scouts. I am pretty sure that is
not Sue. She is in several other class photos. Who is it then??? I drew a total blank
a few weeks ago, but now I wonder if it isn't Barb Sommers? I am not completely sure.
There are also photos from the 20th reunion posted and I think Barb is in them.
Kris Chambas 19-Feb-2008 22:57
Tom, I think the last girl in the second row is Sue Woody. The last girl in the final row is Cindy Stanford. I got your email at the restaurant. Thanks for tracking me down. I hope to see you in June. I live in Madison...I'm not sure why you thought I was in California. Kris (Wigdale) Chambas