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Steve McDonald

Memories of old Coral Gables by Steve McDonald (commentary - no photos) - click on image to read

Coral Gables, Florida view map

Thank you to Steve McDonald who had these memories on a website, with other folks contributing more memories, and Steve donated them to us to use on this site. Feel free to add more add the bottom.


There were still trolley tracks down the middle of Miracle Mile.
The Coral Gables bus station was near the corner of Ponce and Miracle Mile.
The Coral [Gables and Grove] Saturday morning movie was 9 cents. [Popcorn was 5]
There was no Miracle theatre.
The second bus station had not been built as it was a horse stable and rink for people to ride around the Coral Gables Golf Club.
The youth center was a block south of the Mile on LeJeune.
Gables High had not been built yet.
Sandy Wirth was the best looking girl in Florida. (Gables High Class of '53)
Mrs. Webb was the feared Principal of CG Elementary.

A couple of minor corrections and some other memories.
1. The trolley tracks were on Coral Way, before the 4 block name was changed to Miracle Mile. The trolleys were gone when Miracle Mile was invented, about 1952.
2. The horse stable was across the street north of the present bus station, where there is/was later a gas station. The bus station is situated on the old horse ring.

Other memories:
Huscamp Ford on Alhambra was diagonally across from the stables. They moved to Ponce and LeJeune and became Deel Ford.
Teel-Hodge Chevrolet (yes, our Teddy Hodge) was in the building between Coral Gables Elementary and Daniels Department Store on Ponce. They moved to LeJeune and 8th Street and became Anthony Abraham Chevrolet.
The old bus station was between Holley's 10 store and Whelan's Drug Store on the NW corner of Ponce and Coral Way (Miracle Mile). On the SW corner was the old Post office with Phil's taxi and a barber shop in the building. On the SE corner was Breeding's Drugs with a vacant lot and then Woolworth's 10. A Food Fair was later built between them. On the NE corner was the present bank building, upstairs was an airplane instrument overhaul shop and parachute repair loft.
The following Coral Gables buses exited north onto Aragon: Coral Gables Country Club, Flagler, Salvador Park, Granada, and ???. The buses that exited south onto Coral Way were Miami, San Lorenzo, University, Biltmore Veterans Hospital, Grand Ave and ??? Now this is REAL superfluous knowledge!
Alhambra Circle was originally designed so that horses could use the median. If you rode further to the NW corner of Red and Bird Road, Charlie Crandon had his polo field there.
Batista's, The Barcelona, and Coral Gables Cafeteria on Alcazar are early memories.
6th grade senior skip day was a bus ride to the corner of Douglas and Dixie Hwy to board a passenger train that went to Homestead Bayfront Park for an outing. Then we reboarded and went back to Douglas & Dixie where our parents picked us up.
There used to be a road sign on Coral Way, just east of Douglas Road in front of the Happy Hour that said, "Miami 6 miles."
A bit south of Coral Way on Douglas was the Coral Gables Hospital. It was formerly called the University Hospital where some of us were born (I was one). There was no Doctor's Hospital and the Hasta Manana had not been built across the street. Those born at Jackson, Victoria, or Riverside were born further north! Of course, those born in Homestead are a bit south.
From memory my phone number was 4-3773. Ward Cox was 4-3590, James Weir was 4-9644. County Commissioner Leslie Quigg was 4-3774. I remember his because we were always getting his calls. I'd have to think some for Doug Jones, Schroeder, Bails, John Green, Stockton Meade or Bobby Foster's numbers. Bobby's dad was our mailman.
Before the Sears Roebuck at the corner of Douglas and Coral Way, on that spit of land reaching east to 32nd Avenue, was annually held a carnival. Before I was born the Coral Gables Aerodrome was on that land. That is the reason for the coral rock dividing wall that parallels the property from Douglas to 32nd Ave. The Coral Gables Commission passed a resolution that "no aeroplanes will be flown over Coral Gables," so that killed the airport.
George Shelley and his family lived on the NW corner of 62nd Ave and Sunset in a mostly wooded area. They had a swim pool and windmill for their water supply. Last I heard George lives in Broward County.

When the World War II German POW camp was at Dadeland.
When Jimmy Sullivan the local cop became Sheriff of Dade County.
When the Ash Building at the U of M was a skeleton.
When Ponce de Leon was a Senior High School.
When there were 6 public, white high schools: Miami High, Ponce, Beach High, Miami Jackson, Edison and Tech High.
Holsum Bakery's annual Christmas Display.
The best for last. Read my book on growing up in South Miami, a town where everyone knew your name.
I remember well most of those things,amazing!! Jerry Koutas
Coral Gables Riding Academy was on the property of the Coral Gables bus station.
A prison at 87th Ave and Miller road before it was the water plant.
The Coral Gables dump was across from University Hospital on Douglas Road.
The carnival rides on top of downtown Burdines each holiday season.
The Coliseum Skating rink (which became a Bowling Alley in the 60's)
Pan Am seaplane Hangars (where the Pan American seaplanes took off many times a day) at Dinner Key. [Tom McGahey remembers this; he was a PAA pilot flying these planes..Steve]
The old wood FEC train station just across the street from the Miami Courthouse. And the roundhouse at NE 35th St and Miami Avenue.
All the Banyan trees that lined South Dixie Hwy.
Coconut Grove was considered the "poor side of town".
South Miami [Larkin's Corner] smelling like fresh baked bread from Holsum.
Royal Castles on every corner and a bag full for $2.00 to take to football games at the "Garbage Bowl" on Coral Way.
When Sunniland Shopping Center was the farthest south you could go shopping before Homestead where there was nothing but farms.
Shoe stores that had machines to x-ray children's feet.
I remember sneaking with friends underneath the Coliseum, through a wooden door in the back, and playing under the huge floor in the crawlspace.
How about the car ads on TV featuring Ed "Mark 'Em Down" Lane when he would hit the side of the car and the door fell off.
Bayshore Drive was a dirt road.
The Air Raid siren on top of the Coliseum on Douglas--tested every Saturday at 1pm.
Soaping the fountain on Granada Blvd.
Kendall Drive was a dirt road.
Johnny & Mack by the Railroad Track, the world's largest and that's a fact.
Thrill Hill in the Grove where you made your car fly
Browns Airport off 104th St near 70th Ave. The land was later a subdivision developed by Earle Smalley, John Landry's father-in-law.
The steam locomotives that unloaded the horses and hay for Tropical park on 72nd near Lost Lake and the caves.


All of this brings back memories of tales of early Coconut Grove that I heard as a child from my father and my grandfather. My mother's family came from NC and SC to Suwannee County Florida in 1825 on a land grant. My father's parents and his uncles came to Coconut Grove in 1918 from Colorado. My Grandmother's brother owned the ten acres of land on the bay behind St. Stephens Church in the Grove.

About that time, my Grandfather rented a house down on the shore of Biscayne Bay on Bayhome Drive for two years, just north of Hugh Matheson's estate. That location was very low and surrounded by mangrove swamps and tidal estuaries in those days. They were eaten alive by the insects and the land crabs roamed in such large herds that they sometimes covered the screens of the house. In order to go for walks, my grandmother stationed her older children around her armed with golf clubs to clear away the land crabs. That house was later destroyed by a storm. To get out of the mangrove swamp, my grandfather purchased a lot in the new development of Entrada in 1922 at the corner of Stuart Ave and Douglas Road. The lot was just up the rise from the low land and was purchased from Mr. Stuart, the original developer who dug the canal for Entrada before it was taken over by the Matheson Family. Mr. Stuart lived in the house behind my grandfather to the west. My grandfather built a two story stucco house on that lot and later moved to Ridgewood Road, a couple of blocks further up the rise. At that time, Douglas Road was a dirt road, which ended at my grandfather's house. My father went to Ponce de Leon when it was a junior high and high school in the 1930s. His drafting teacher, Mr. Elmer Day, later became our Dean of Men at Gables.

In the 1930s, my father and his friend utilized the St. Gaudens family marine railway at the end of St. Gaudens Road to haul and work on boats. During World War II, he served in the Coast Guard at New Smyrna Beach Lighthouse in lifesaving duty. He later operated a Coast Guard patrol boat in Miami harbor. Later in the war, he operated a submarine chaser in the Caribbean. After the War, he drove a dump truck for the rock crusher at the Hammock Lake rock pit (later called Barbarossa Park or Merry Christmas Park). He graduated from the University of Miami in Business in 1952 and eventually became Vice President of American Bankers Insurance Company in Miami.

I was born in Orlando and grew up on the 3 acre estate of my Grandmother's other brother on Poinciana Avenue in Coconut Grove. The board and batten cottage I grew up in at 3933 Poinciana Ave (corner of Poinciana and Kent Court) (now gone) was built in 1911 and originally had a windmill, well, water cistern and a tin roof. The community cross the street, along the south portion of Kent Court was called "Kentville." The other house on the property, where my great uncle had lived, also had a windmill and a wooden water tank, both of which were still there even while I was at Gables. My great uncle, a civil engineer, was a driving force in the construction of the first waterworks and other public works badly needed in the early days of the Grove. His wife founded the Girl Scouts in Dade County. A plaque was mounted in the Girl Scout Camp in the western party of Matheson Hammock in her memory.

In the 1920s, my father's two older sisters and brother went to school at Miss Harris's School on Brickell Point along with the Bell children and other early residents. Bayshore Drive was a dirt road and was accessible only at low tide. The parents in the area took turns driving the kids to school and high water was a constant subject of discussion. With my grandparent's house just down the road from the Kampong and with all these families knowing each other, my grandmother's brother and his wife were good friends of David Fairchild and his family. Our property on Poinciana had a grapefruit grove, avocado grove, a pineapple patch, banana patches, many citrus trees and both early and late baring mango trees. Because of the influence of David Fairchild, the property also had many other tropical palms and more exotic fruit trees. In 1957, we built a modern (modern for 1950) cement block house on the same property at 3770 Kent Court, just behind the old board and batten cottage.

Well, I have received some replies that piqued more memories. Steve

1. Bobby Snare lived on the corner of Riviera Drive and LeJeune. Jimmy Sindo lived a block away. We used to stage a mock fist fight on the LeJeune Bridge in front of a tour bus. The "victim" got slugged and fell off the bridge into the Gables waterway. The bus screeched to a halt and the passengers exited to see what was going on. By this time we had all jumped into the waterway (yes, it's long way down) and were hidden in the caves that were there under the bridge. Today, Bobby is an MD in Chipley, Florida and Jimmy has passed on. Villains unanimous!
2. John Gasley owned the horse stables in Coral Gables.
3. From Dick Vinal: I remember Pop flying the [PanAm] boats right across from the Coral Reef Yacht Club, where we all learned to sail. Snare had the biggest, heaviest Lightning in existence.
Brown Field is where I learned to fly in a Champ, while gassing planes for Tursair Flying School. Bails and I worked for Wally Webber at Webco; ex-PanAm pilot was owner. I bought my 1949 Ford at Johnny & Mack's. Do you remember when they cut all those beautiful Banyans down, and exposed the colored town; what we used to call it. My old phone # was 7-1094; used to get calls for Poe Hardware all the time. We even had a Party Line for awhile. I remember when Snare, Gentry and I used to ride our bikes to Ponce Junior High, and watch the blacks gigging mullet off the Maynada bridge. I remember my favorite seafood restaurant, Loffler Bros., right next to the Coral Gables bus station. Also remember that when I was going to Merrick Demonstration, we went half day on Saturday and skipped Monday.
4. Nienaber and Studeman also went to Merrick. [Studeman retired as Director of CIA in 1993]

As I recall [Steve], we had a tree fort in the vacant lot where the Miracle Theatre now exists. We being Ward Cox, Marty Martin-Vegue, Billy Studeman, me, Jacques Junger and maybe others. We rode our bikes to Coral Gables Elementary one morning and there were workmen in the lot bulldozing down trees etc. So after school, we rode to the lot, climbed the tree fort and proceeded to slingshot the workmen. Several minutes later, a block away at the police station, a police siren started up. Captain Floyd Brasher (you all remember Chief Bill Kimbrough (Tommie's Dad) and Capt Floyd Brasher...don't you?) drove into the lot, siren at full pitch and red flashing light. Capt. Brasher signaled us, "come on down boys." He loaded our bikes in his trunk and drove each of us home. He didn't ask where we lived; he knew! Needless to say, my mother observed Capt. Brasher delivering me home and unloading my bike. The Capt. knew where the discipline would come from!!!

Billy Studeman's "Blue Crabs in the Coral Theatre" story:

6. Remind me to tell Billy Studeman's "blue crabs in the Coral Theatre" and the Charlie Robinson "long-fuse firecracker in the Gables Theater" stories sometime.

THE GREAT CRAB CAPER at the Coral Theatre, circa 1951.
Absolutely Classic Bill, Thanks for the memory! Steve

From: Studeman

Steve - We still might all be arrested if we tell the crab story. I believe the movie thriller that was on was something like "The Revenge of the Crab Monster" in B&W.

We spent the early winter even down in Coconut Grove with flashlights, gloves and paper bags collecting the land crabs near their holes. Shine a light in their eyes and they would freeze facing the light; with a glove you could appoach from the rear and grab them. We stuffed 2-3 to a bag (double or triple bagged as I recall).

We (at least 6 or 8 of us) then entered the Coral Theater with the crabs under our winter jackets. We dispersed around the theater and waited for the scary part of the movie to start; can't recall the signal, but simultaneously, at the appointed moment, we set the bags on the floor and opened the end to let the crabs (who are nocturnal) escape. Nothing happened for a while. The people near the aisle lights saw the occasional crab or two run across the floor. Someone finally went to get the ushers who came with flashlights and more crabs were seen.

Then the unexpected happened. The theater manager decided to stop the movie and bring up the house lights - big mistake. The movie was stopped, an announcement made and up came the lights. The crabs were panicking and looking for holes and the people were stampeding up the two main aisles out onto the sidewalk and onto Coral Way. The police came and we all beat a hasty retreat. We were not treated kindly in the paper the next day.

Robinson's theater exploits were legend - there was the park pigeon fed Ex-Lax and bird seed in a shoe box and let go on the balcony of the Gables theater.

The firecracker was really a cherry bomb, and Charlie thought he had perfected the long delayed fuse by weaving string (a smoldering fuse itself) into the powder laced cherry bomb fuze. His intent was to set it off in the exit alcove (behind the big old curtains either side of the screen); he would light the string, and then return to his seat and await the delayed explosion. He went forward from his seat and successfully clandestinely entered the alcove. He didn't return and didn't return and suddenly the cherry bomb went off.

The ushers quickly converged on the exit and as they approached you could hear Charlie trying to open the push bars, which he finally did (light pouring in around the curtain) and escaped down the alley as the ushers rushed the alcove. They chased him for a block or so, but he got away, but retired from the explosives for a while.

At college, Charlie and some of us held off one of the drinking societies moving from dorm to dorm for some friendly dorm trashing. We held them off with a gross of cherry bombs, Whammo sling shots and lighters from the roof of our dorm. They remained in a distant tree line for over 30 - 45 minutes before we ran out of ordnance.)

If we did these things today, imagine ......

I am sure some folks might have some different recollections on the crab story, and maybe the pooping pigeon in the Gables Theater.

Respy, Bill


A bit repetitive, but some new data also:

This forwarded list is too MODERN for me. Here's my list. Steve
You grew up south and west of the intersection of Ponce and Flagler if you remember:

6th grade skip day: ride the TRAIN to Homestead Bayfront from the corner of Douglas & Dixie, included lunch.
Death Alley was two lanes covered with Ficus & Banyan trees.
The tower was open for diving at Venetian Pool.
The trolley tracks were still on Biltmore Way.
The Coral Gables bus station was between Whelan's Drug Store and Holley's 5&10
The upstairs of the Coral Gables bank was a parachute loft and aircraft instrument repair shop, NE corner of Ponce and Coral Way.
Most of Coral Way between Douglas & LeJeune was woods, later Miracle Mile.
The annual carnival was on the NE corner of Douglas & Coral Way, now Sears & Roebuck.
Checker Norman's Gulf Station
The bridge did not cross the Coral Gables waterway at Ponce de Leon
Bridge did not cross Miami River at LeJeune Road.
You could ride your bicycle across the Miami Airport on Red Road.
Charlie Crandon's Polo Field at the NW corner of Red and Bird.
Phil's Taxi and the Post Office was on the SW corner of Ponce and Coral Way.
Coral Way became Miracle Mile in 1952.
Rickenbacker Causeway was built in 1948.
Charlie Crandon owned the north end of Key Biscayne, Liquoria Matheson owned a coconut plantation (now Key Biscayne residential) on the south end and had a private club in there on the ocean side.
Caves beside the rockpit along SW 72nd Ave, east of Tropical Park.
Shorty was a cook at The Shack, which was located at the south end of the Dixie Belle Inn park lot (Shorty's opened in 1951).
Across the street behind Coral Gables Elementary, towards Alhambra, Skeeter Martin's parents had a vegetable garden.
A Nursery School in a house on LeJeune where the present Burger King sits; Wayne Peck & I were in that nursery school.
The wood water tank at Dinner Key that it was forbidden to climb..ha ha ha.
Vacant farm land and woods along US 1 between Larkin's Corner, Kendall, Perrine, Goulds, Princeton, Naranja, Homestead, & Fla. City (may be out of order).
Brown's Airport, Chapman Field and Old Tamiami Airport.
Grove Theatre where entry was 9 and popcorn was 5. On a 15 allowance you had a penny left over. (Later, Saturday movies at Coral and Gables theatres were 14. Soon you had enough pennies remainig to go to the Swift Ice Cream Plant across from Coral theatre for an ice cream cone.)
The great crab caper at the Coral Theatre instigated by our own Billy Studeman.
The Youth Center was on LeJeune, where Publix now stands.
5 was the bus fare on Coral Gables Municipal System except to Miami. That fare was 10.
Hasta Manana was built across the street from University Hospital on Douglas, where many of us were born.
The Barcelona Restaurant.
Pladium 12 lane bowling alley, next door to Howard Johnson ice cream, next door to Trail Theatre.
Mac's Texaco, Ponce and 8th St.
FEC Station next to Courthouse downtown.
Christmas carnival rides on the roof of Burdines downtown.
Airconditioning in Burdines downtown!
Thrill Hill in Coconut Grove
When the Reno's lived on a hammock way past the end of Kendall Drive! Janet is still there today.
The ship that sat on Biscayne Boulevard causing the road to shift. (just north of the auditorium).
4 similar towers built: Biltmore, Roney Plaza, Miami News, and Aviation Building on 27th Ave about NW 30th Street. Only two remain.
Ice Skating at the Coliseum.

Well, my list thusfar should have bored you thoroughly. See you at the next mini-reunion in Kissimmee this Nov. Steve


Steve McDonald's memories of Christmas lights in the Gables and auto dealerships in Dade County

The massive (overpowering) Christmas lighted homes were on South Alhambra just west of Granada. Anthony Abraham, the Chevrolet dealer, started it with his "$100,000" lights on his house and in his yard for Christmas.

Across South Alhambra from Abraham was Jim Cerniglia who decided that a little competition was good for the neighborhood, so he did his own thing with extraordinary Christmas lights. Cerniglia also had a small gauge train that would ride small kids around his yard.

Abraham bought the Chevrolet dealership from Thiele-Hodge Chevrolet in the mid to late '40's. Teddy Hodge was my classmate growing up. Abraham moved the dealership to its present location at the NE corner of SW 8th Street & LeJeune from the original location between Daniels Department Store on Ponce de Leon and Coral Gables Elementary.

I used to go to Cerniglia's (Jim Jr. was my friend and we're still in contact) for their annual Christmas Party, so I was present many years at the light display. Cerniglia was a shipper of agriculture to the north as I recall.

Potamkin came along much later. Here's my recollection: Leo Adeeb and my Dad were pals. Adeeb was a car salesman at Luby Chevrolet in Miami in the 1930's. Leo was sent to some kind of Chevrolet "management" school. Leo came back and opened his own dealership on Miami Beach. Decades later he sold out to Potamkin. Potamkin then became a mega dealer throughout the SE USA.

Since I'm on a car dealer kick, here is the history of Deel Ford. Huskamp Ford was on the SE corner of Alhambra and Salzedo in what later became the Loffler Brothers Oyster House. Huskamp was partners with John Halifax. They moved south to the corner of LeJeune and Ponce de Leon in south Coral Gables and later sold out to the Deel group. (I grew up with Joan and Verona Halifax).

Clark Alexander of Athens, Georgia started Alexander's Rent a Car on LeJeune Road at the airport in the 30's. His first car was a '34 Ford, which is still in the Alexander family. Alexander's RAC became Budget Rent a Car. Clark and my Dad became friends as Dad (among other ventures) owned the Atlantic Gas Station on the SE corner of LeJeune and 36th Street. That location was the on ramp from 36th Street onto the 36th Street Expressway (SR 112) eastbound for many years (it was recently replaced by a new ramp that starts a block or two west of LeJeune). In those days. LeJeune Road did not cross the Miami River just north of 36th Street; there was no bridge over the river.

Obituary for Edward Robert Injaychock, former Coach at Coral Gables High School

Ed Injaychock, 86 of Givens Estates, died on Monday, February 22, 2010 at the John F. Keever, Jr. Hospice Solace Center in Asheville, NC. Born and raised in Wilkes-Berre, PA, he spent most of his adult life in Miami, FL where he was a coach and high school administrator at Coral Gables High School. He graduated from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL where he was a member of the football and track teams and a member of Sigma Chi Fraternity. During his coaching years, his teams were very successful winning 2 state track championships, 5 football state championships, and 4 national high school championships. Two of his track athletes were members of the U.S. Olympic teams in the 1964 and 1972 games, one winning a gold medal. Ed was a co-founder and leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Dade County, FL.

Ed and his wife Betty retired to the NC mountains and moved to Asheville, NC in 1985 where he was a member of First Baptist Church. He served as a deacon, an RA leader, was on several committees, and a leader in his Sunday School class. In 1986, he and Betty were volunteer missionaries with the Southern Baptist Convention serving in Nairobi, Kenya for 1 years where he directed a community school. He was a community volunteer with the ABCCM Medical Clinic, Habitat for Humanity, and Literacy Council where he taught ESL. He was a former member of the Country Club of Asheville. In 1996, Ed was one of the Olympic torch bearers for a segment as it passed through Asheville on its way to the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games.

He is survived by is wife of 62 years, Betty Lee Stapp Injaychock; sons, Bob and wife Debbie of St. Simons Island, GA; Tom and wife Carol of Charlotte, NC; daughters, Peggy and husband Rex Henderson of Asheville, Carol Jean and husband Bert McLees of Atlanta, GA; eight grand children; two sisters, Regina Galvin and Rita Marie Injaychock, both of PA; along with many nieces and nephews of PA. Ed also leaves behind many friends, former students, and athletes whose lives he has touched and blessed through the years.

A memorial service will be held at 2:00 PM on Thursday, February 25th in the Pulliam Chapel at Givens Estates, followed by a reception. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that memorials be made to the Senior Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church, 5 Oak Street, Asheville, NC 28801; the Residence Assistance Ministry of Givens Estates, 2360 Sweeten Creek Road, Asheville, NC 28803; or
the John F. Keever, Jr. Hospice Solace Center, P.O. Box 25338 Asheville, NC 28813.
Asheville Area Alternative Funeral & Cremation Services is assisting the family.


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Peter Freitag 26-Jun-2021 00:18
Tanner B-Thrifty market on Ponce kind of across from Gables Elementary. The awnings on the front would go up and the store front was virtually open-air.
Giralda Bakery had the best German Chocolate Cake on the planet!
Modernage furniture store on the corner of Miracle Mile and Douglas with the big semi-circular front with tons of windows.
Woolworth's on the south side of Miracle Mile between Galiano and Douglas (?). Always smelled like roasting peanuts. I bought a parakeet there once. Cute little guy.
At Gables Elementary, being called to Mrs. Herberta Leonardi's office with your parents. You knew you were in deep stuff. She always had monumental hairdos.
Getting on the Coral Gables buses. A sign over the rear windows said "Colored Seat From the Rear". Yes, it did!
The record store very close to the Coral Theater. I bought my first LP record there.
MiamiNorts 23-Feb-2015 01:26
In downtown Miami there use to be (60's early 70's) a natural sulphur spring. I can't remember which part of downtown, I was too young. We use to go by and it smelled awful and there was a pipe drawing water from the natural spring pouring water constantly. Does anyone know what happened to the spring? If it was capped, what year?
P. Crandon 21-Jun-2014 14:24
Wonderful site. So glad I discovered it. I have a small correction to make about Steve's comment about Charlie Crandon owning the north end of Biscayne Key. Not true. The Matheson's deeded 800 acres of land to Dade County and in exchange, the county built the causeway. As much as my 81 year old brain can remember, Charlie never owned any property on the key.
The movie "They were expendable" , about PT boats, with John Wayne was partly made on the key. I got to go to the set one day to watch.
Bill DuPriest 17-Jun-2014 02:02
There was a tiny storefront Greek restaurant on the northwest corner of Ponce Circle in the mid-1960s called "Frank & Evelyn's." I went there often for their braised lamb shank.
Bill DuPriest 17-Jun-2014 02:01
This is a terrific site -- makes me wish my memories of Miami/The Gables went back that far!

Does anyone remember which day and what time The French Chef was on TV in 1965?
Guest 30-Apr-2014 01:57
Does anyone have old photographs for the 5 main gables-area movie theatres? I see quite a few online of the Miracle Theatre, but none of the Coral Way Wometco on Coral Way between 12th & 13th Ave., The Coral and the Gables Theatre both on Ponce de Leon - I saw first run of the 'french connection" at the Coral Theatre, and " the Exorcist" at the Gables Theatre. And the Trail Theatre on Tamiami and Douglas - still there but now a live show theatre.
Stuart p. 05-Jan-2014 23:09
Does anyone remember a head shop called twelve coats West? I think it was on Aragon and Galiano?
How about the old coral gables Hospital? Before it was condemned, torn down, and rebuilt. Jimmy Hurricanes on the southwest corner of bird and Douglas rd. Where the waitresses would skate up to your Car!
william skipper 02-Jan-2014 22:19
I remember just about everything that everyone has mentioned. Graduated from CG Elem in 52. lived just across Douglas Rd. In the summer would ride my bike all the way to Venetian Pool. would buy a Powerhouse candybar for lunch. Would save my lunch money and get a frosty at Howard Johnson at the bus terminal for .31cents. Tylers restaurant would have loaves of banana bread up by the register. Helped out with odd jobs at Engels Mens Store. would walk home with Wayne Gordon sometimes whos dad had Easy Method Auto Driving School. It aint CG anymore.
mary montrope 02-Dec-2013 17:53
My name is Mary and i would like someone to tell me the price of bus fare in 1969.
John 24-Nov-2013 04:05
Lived in Coral Gables in the 50's. Visited last year. Remember Venetian Pool (with caves), Coral Way Cafeteria (deserts at the beginning of the line), Riviera Candies (Chocolate covered Perperment - yum. Enjoyed Key Lime Pie and Lemon Aid at Biltmore Hotel. Terrific time. Many great memories.
Don Boyd12-Oct-2013 16:54
Valerie, was it Charades? That was south of Miracle Mile and just west of Ponce de Leon as I recall. We loved Charades.

Valerie 12-Oct-2013 13:23
Hi, there was a restaurant inside a house near miracle mile that was fine dining and you could go there during the week and they would have a tasting menu of incredible dishes. Anyone know the name of it. I persuaded the company I worked for to have lunch there.
Gloria 30-Aug-2013 19:51
Does any one remember the Greek restaurant run by the Paul family? The name escapes me. I don't think it was in Coral Gables but I'd love to recall the name. Thanks.
Gloria 30-Aug-2013 19:51
Billy, H. ~ Yes, I remember Tyler's on Ponce. My family used to go to there for dinner on Thursday night because Miracle Mile shops were open late that night. We had their famous fried chicken with drizzled honey and their house salad was served with Tyler's famous dressing......
Laura 30-Mar-2013 02:29
I loved John gamely and the coral gables riding academy. Spent many wonderful weekends there.
Becky 17-Jan-2013 02:20
Lived on Alhambra Circle from 1941 (age 1) to l954. I learned to ride, and rode, at the Coral Gables Riding Academy. John Gasley was my instructor. We would occasionally see loose horses running down the grass path in front of our house. Many more memories of Coral Gables. My first grade teacher was Rebecca Thompson, I learned to swim, and froze at the Venetian Pool, where my older brother would dive from the tower. Spent hours riding on the "pull type" golf cart while my mother played golf at the CGCC. Swimming at Tihiti Beach, Matheson Hammock, and Key Biscayne. Remember the zoo? Would spend all day on saturdays at the movies. The Coral, the Gables, and later the Miracle. We moved to FL because my father was a captain with Eastern Airlines. He later had a flying school at the Tamiami Airport, with his friend Shirley Turner. Anyway, those were the good ol' days, when as a kid, you could ride your bicycle, play out in the neighborhood, even ride the bus, without parental supervision. A few streets over, north of Alhambra, there was a home on a very large lot with a high iron fence. Inside the fence were deer, really, and we would feed them hibiscus.
Fred 10-Jan-2013 00:33
Check out a brief film on YouTube, "Roads to Romance: Coral Gables (1950)".
Since I can't add a link here, search YouTube for: romance coral gables 1950
Tom Dollnig 06-Sep-2012 15:15
Moved to the Gables in 1940 (age 7). Went to CG Elementary when Abigail Gilday was Principal. Learn to ride at CG Stables located where bus station was later built. Horse trails wound down Alhambra circle to Biltmore. During World War II, top of Biltmore was used to spot enemy aircraft (sister was a spotter) headlights were painted 1/2 black, along with black curtains in all homes to be used at night. Coast Guard patrolled Miami Beach on horseback, looking for small German subs. Great fun times at Venetian Pool, Matheson Hammock. Remember when Key Biscayne was built and opened. Went to Ponce de Leon High School for one year, then back to Chicago after Mother passed away. Eight years spent in CG were some of the happiest and most enjoyable spent in my 80 years of life.
Don Boyd15-Jan-2012 02:44
David, thank you for the information and yes, I'd love to add your old photo to the site. Please e-mail it to: Thank you very much!

David Brown 15-Jan-2012 02:36
I have a correction to a correction regarding the naming of Miracle Mile in 1952. I have a picture taken in 1905 of the trolley system as it was being inaugerated with dignitaries standing in front of the trolley. On the trolley is the name Miracle Mile so the name had been associated with that portion of Coral Way since day 1. If you would like I can e-mail that picture to you.
Fred 01-Apr-2011 01:31
Hey, now I remember the Sunday night movies at the CGCC! And I think your mom taught me. What grade was she in or what did she teach? Thanks!
guest 01-Apr-2011 00:29
Born in 1951 and lived on N. Greenway drive in a two story coral rock home. Tour buses would stop in front of our home due to its unusual construction. Unfortunately, the house was destroyed by fire in the early 60s. I remember playing in the fountains, watching outdoor movies at the CG Countryclub, seeing Santa in front of the Courthouse,and visiting my Granddad at the Biltmore VA Hospital where he was the barber. I remember Mrs. Bertha Webb, principal at CG Elem. well. My mom taught there , Esther Gentil. Mrs. Webb had very long braids which she criss-crossed on top of her head in kind of a...well, a web! We lived a street over from the water tower, which was very cool. Xmas lights were big colored globes on giant black wires and trees went up Xmas Eve. Going to Venetian Pool was an adventure. I remember a place called the Red Diamond Italian Restaurant. What a great city!!
Fred 05-Feb-2011 15:38
Letter in the Feb-Mar. 2011 issue of Air & Space Magazine:
Lindy Lands
In the fall of 1933, when I was a junior in Miami High School in Florida, we
read that Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh had landed at Dinner Key in
Florida. They were flying for Pan Am Airways and seeking routes for flights
in the south Atlantic Ocean. A few days later, my parents and I
drove down to Dinner Key and walked out on the beach. In the bay, we could
see a pontoon plane floating at anchor. It was the Lockheed 8 Sirius in [a
previous article]. There was a man in a rowboat holding on to the plane,
and a man in the cockpit climbed down to the boat and was rowed ashore.
When he got out on the beach, we could see it was Lindy! He passed only a
few feet from me. Quite a thrill for a teenage boy.
Fred 30-Jan-2011 21:41
Try Google, Ebay, Craig's List, etc
Guest 30-Jan-2011 13:06
I want to buy Royal Castle coffee mugs and plates with the RC logo. Anybody know where I can get them?
Fred 24-Jan-2011 20:54
Another correction: After looking at a map, I guess the bus went down Salzedo to dop off Lelani.

I also remember one of the original Royal Castles on University or Ponce - with the White-Castle-like burgers and the birch beer in big frosty mugs!
Fred 15-Jan-2011 14:48
One typo correction:
Red/Bird center - ...the great little grocery/deli run BY 2 brothers
Fred 15-Jan-2011 01:33
I'm overwhelmed with the onslaught of memories I've read so far. Here are my unorganized ramblings: Moved to CG in 1947.
CG Elementary (with "School Supplies" stores on both sides) - Sandy Wirth was in my class;
Lelani Tsukano (sp?) was also in my class, the bus would drop her off at her mother's Hawaiian dance studio on Aragon(?) just south of the Mercedes dealer. Just south of there was Phyllis Kapp Dance Studio
Mrs. Webb (shiver!), Coach "Lucky" Silva (also at Camp Cloudmont)
Ponce Jr HS - Mr. Fitsgibbons would come grumbling into art
class to fix a projector and if there was anything else on the desk he would SWEEP eveything onto the floor!,
Also at Ponce, Miss Engles (sp?), a comedienne English teacher,
CG HS & Ransom School
Poe's Hardware near Dixie & LeJeune had everything!

Miracle/Coral/Gables/Lowe's Rivera theatres
Tropical Drive-In theater across from the Tropical Race Track on Bird
bus station with the 28-flavor HoJo and the great hot dogs
Pink Coliseum, Huscamp-to-Deel, Anthony Abraham Chevy,
? Olin Used Cars always on TV saying "I Garrr-un-tee...",
Peacock's Bakery, Peacock's Bicycle Shop, Air Raid sirens on the Coliseum and and Lowe's theatre
Going by the Holsum Bakery on Dixie ANYTIME to smell the goods, let alone to see the Christmas display!
Sam's Record Shop next to Lowe's theater
Spec's Record Store on the Mile
Kuhl Opticians on the Mile
Joe's Sunoco near the Coral theater
Swimming in the Biltmore Hotel/VA Hospital's olympic pool (my Mom worked at the VA)
Riding in the golf cart following my dad on the Biltmore golf course
Dining at the CG Country Club
Listening to Pastor Lewis N. Head's sermons at the CG Methodist Church and
Listening to my mom play piano for the 5th grade Sunday school
Oh thanks - Uncle Harold's Happy Town on the circle
"gigging" fish from one of the canal bridges,
"Skipper Chuck" Zink (used to see him in the Dobbs House)
Ralph Renick, Venetian Pool (where my chained bike was stolen),
(Old) Tamiami and (New) Tamiami airports
Brown's Airport: where I got my 1st ride in a Piper Tri-Pacer, airport owner was Mary Gaffney who became the Women's World
Aerobatic Champion!
Good Year blimp ride from Watson Island, Miami Marine Stadium
Deliveries by the milkman and CG Laundry and Dry Cleaners
The Abrahams Christmas (& other) lights
Red/Bird center - my long-time friend Jim at Allen's Drug Store; and the great little grocery/deli run my 2 brothers,
as well as the barber shop where I always got my trim
CG and Rivera Country Clubs, Burdines
Dinner Key: watching seaplanes and helicopters takeoff
Dinner Key Auditorium: General Motors Motorama with each year's new "Firebird"
Crandon Park cabanas, snack bars and the little train
Matheson Hammock and the terrible sand fleas
The Flick Coffeehouse - Tom Rush, Estrella, Fred Williams
The Gaslight South in the Grove - Ian & Sylvia
Miami Beach Auditorium with the Kingston Trio
Eating fresh ice cream at Swift plant on Bird (and yes, Jahn's on the Mile)
Jimmy's Hurricane drive-in at LeJeune and Bird
Hasta Manana on Douglas, Polly Davis Cafeteria every Friday night before going home to watch "I Remember Mama"
Dr. Franklin J. Evans, my doctor, neighbor, and head of the DC Medical Association

Left for college in 1962.
Guest 03-Sep-2010 16:12
Those of you who have been following us on Facebook already know that we have reserved a fantastic venue for the reunion event. The event will take place on Saturday evening, November 13, 2010, at Jungle Island in Miami. ALL of the alumni from ALL of the Deerborne years and beyond are welcome. Anyone who ever attended, taught or worked at Deerborne is invited!!
This Joseph FERRAN, Deerborne NOV 1972 - May 1974
I am not able to attend (I am in Bs AS, Argentina) Dial 954-678-2290 > This will ring in Bs As at no charge to you.
I thought that someone who is available... might want to attend and find this information interesting
Guest 01-Sep-2010 01:10
Any Deerborne HS people out there?
New Contact Information:
JOSEPH FERRAN - Deerborne HS 1974 (track, wresting & basketball)
Miami Dade South 74-77 (soccer)
My email: or
USA: Tel: (954)678-2290 (Rings in Bs As, Argentina... no cost to you)
Tel Argentina: From USA: Dial 011-5411-4742-5167 or
011-5411-4747-2261 Fax: From USA: Dial: 011-5411-4747-5809
Website: &
Mailing: POBox 220966 (sent to me 1 x month)
Hollywood, Fl 33022-0966, USA
Argentina: Acassusso 2604, Beccar, Bs. As. (1643) Argentina

If any Deerborne people out there... please contact me.
Thanks, Joseph (Joe) Ferran
Guest 03-Jun-2010 22:45
Wow Mrs. Webb - There's a name I'd almost forgotten, she was universally feared. I learned to fly at the old Tamiami Airport - Mike's Flying Service - Mike Bove would fly a lawn chair if you strapped a motor on it. I cleaned and fueled the planes and when it was slow Mike would close the place so we could go flying.

Tom Orr
Steve 11-May-2010 01:04
The Large Christmas Display was the Abrahams' house. I believe that was as in Anthony Abraham Chevrolet (I think now it's a Maroone dealership). My B-I-L bought his first new corvette from them. I remember the Christmas display well. Lots of music and moving characters. It was always the highlight of any good Christmas display tour.

Anyone remember going to the Miracle theater for a Saturday Kids Matinee?? I remember I would collect RC (Royal Crown Cola) bottle caps. The liners were cork back then. You would dig them out with a fork or something, and when you collected six, you could cash them in for a movie ticket. I remember all the great science fiction flicks I saw there. I think I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still (NOT the Keanu Reeves ver!). How about throwing Good 'n Plenty and Jujubes from the balcony? Can anyone say, "Klaatu barada nikto"?
Ruby 03-May-2010 19:10
Oh how I wish that the andulusia bakery was still in business, and that I had one of their delicious cheesecakes now. That bakery had such good baked goods, and for years. I sure do miss that place. Ruby D.
margie 13-Apr-2010 23:17
Wow, thank you Steve and all. I grew up in Coral Gables (lived on Country Club Prado) and went to Ponce and Carver (also Ransom Everglades) and Gables High class of 1980. Yes, I remember many things mentioned. The Gables was a great place to live.
Billy H. 05-Mar-2010 11:12
Anyone reading here remember Tyler's Restaurant on Ponce ? I used to eat there all the time in the late 60's, and they had great food. Billy Hart.
Scott Singleton 04-Mar-2010 15:14
The bigger xmas display was across the street from Anthony Abraham's house. It was the Cerniglia house, he was known then as the Tomato King
Guest 06-Jan-2010 22:14
Guest of 2/11/09 see excerpt of your posting (Guest 11-Feb-2009 17:21
The massive Christmans Display was probably the Abrahams Home.
I was very lucky to have grown up in the Gables in the 50s. I went to CG Elementary (Yes I remember Mrs. Webb and her weird hairdo, also Mrs. Thompson my first grade teacher, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Sparks), Ponce (remember JJ Fitzgibbons the science teacher with the huge eyebrows? and CG High class of '72. )

I grew up in Coral Gables (50's - 2003) attended Ponce and still remember the hugh eyebrows!! Graduated from Gables in 1972 also. Great time to live in the Gables!!
Jay 31-Jul-2009 02:52
In 1059, March, 21 my father a flight instructor and his student were killed in an accident at the old tamiami airport due to the stop of construction of the control tower by the county commission. does anyone have any information on this incident. My fathers name was Jay Bush. any information would be appreciated.Thank you. I lived in Carol City all my life until last year 2008 and moved to a quiet town east of Atlanta Hope someone out rher has some info THanks again Jay Bush,Jr.
Charlie Wolff 26-May-2009 02:02
I went to CG elementary, Ponce, CGHS and U of M. We just had our 50th HS reunion.
My wife and I walked the Gables downtown and drove the rest. It was and is a magical city! The very first comments on this page are mine and there are only a few memories other people added that I do not recall. In the 60's, my wife's stepdad Andy Ferendino purchased and restored the Douglas Entrance at Dougles and 8th Street.
My wifes mom, Sue Ferendino was a realtor and sold Andy house, his partner Ed Grafton's house and their business property on Bayshore drive to do the deal. I thought they were crazy and would go broke. Boy was I wrong! Douglas Entrance is a showplace today.
David24-May-2009 17:49
A correction concerning Elmer Day (my father)... He did indeed teach drafting at Ponce de Leon High School, but when Coral Gables Senior High was born, he stayed at Ponce de Leon Junior High School where we was Dean of Boys, and later Assistant Principal.
Dalia 07-May-2009 07:43
Remember the Chinese Village on Riviera Dr.? The trolley used to stop in front of our house so that people could take pictures. I also remember all the Blue Crabs that used to come into our yard at night since the canal was just across the street. I've enjoyed reminising about how great it was to grow up in Coral Gables - Thanks for all the great memories.
Robbin 03-May-2009 16:01
Guest, DR. Alexander, Was A Great Photographer, and He Went on Safari's in Africa, many times, and Took Beautiful Pictures, while there, and Some of His Magnificent Photography, was in Picture Frames, in His Coral Gables Doctor's Office !!!!! And Yes, He was A Very Nice Person. RIP. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Guest 23-Apr-2009 01:50
I worked at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables in the early 1970's. I remember Dr Alexander very well. He was a very kind man and I thought very highly of him. His hand writing was absolutly unreadable though. It usualy took 3 nurses to decipher his orders. I read his obituary in the Herald about a year ago and I believe he was around 90 at the time of his death. I truly loved my time working at Doctors Hospital.
Richard 18-Apr-2009 18:03
hi all....found this site about 3 years ago and spent about a week combing it reading info about old Hialeah...once I got my fix I gave it a break and am now back looking up info about old Coral Gables, since it is where I now live. I currently live on 9th St. and 72nd Avenue. I've been living here for about 4yrs and really like this area. It's a pleasure to read about Coral Gables in its hay-day. Someone metioned something about the taking pictures at the Prado entrance to Coral Gables...funny because that is where I go running at night...the long circle that takes you from Tamiami Trail to Coral's lines with trees and the houses are nice so running in the evening as the sun goes down is great. I have however changed my route and run from the Country Club Prado entrance--East a couple of blocks---South a couple of blocks (from this point I can see that free standing lighthouse/castle/weird looking building)----cross passed that circular road that leads to Coral Way and I end up at the Granada golf course (anyone who lives here knows what I'm talking about)---i proceed clock-wise around the golf course towards Coral Way then South to Phillips Park located on 90 Menora Ave---hang a right and proceed West towards The Biltmore---on towards Church of the Little Flower then hang Left towards 57th and then make a Right and proceed North towards Tamiami Trail to find my car parked at the little mini park thing located at the Prado Entrance where my run originally started....according to Google it is a bit over 5 miles and I love has been essential in my getting to know the city of Coral Gables. Nothing nicer than running around the Gables with your iPod blasting and admiring the beautiful home. I'm looking forward to changing my route again...anyone offer any suggestions: Once again Mr. Boyd, thank you for this site....hey, my girlfriends dad is Bob Funk...anyone remember that name from somewhere...he graduated from Hialeah High during the 60's I believe. He used to race cars and such.....wish he could get on here and share his memories......ciao!
Don Boyd31-Mar-2009 19:46
One would hope that they remember the Sorrento because there are six early 1960's photos of it in the restaurants gallery, contributed by the owner's son, to refresh their memories. Don
Guest 31-Mar-2009 15:06
Does anyone remember Santacroces Italian Restaurant or Sorrento's ?????
Robbin 30-Mar-2009 02:09
When My Wife, and I were Planning our Wedding, We Got our Marriage License, at The Coral Gables Police Dept., A MRS. Presley , issued us Our Marriage License, and soon After, We were married in a Garden Setting, at The Prado Entrance To Coral Gables, By The Fountain, in The City Beautiful, in The Year Of The Lord 1982. A Favorite Coral Gables Memory, For Me !!!!!!!!
Robbin 30-Mar-2009 02:02
Does anyone Remember: DR. Alexander, M. D., in Coral Gables ???? He was My Wife's Primary Physician, and Her Mom And Dad's , as well, for years, and years, and When My Wife and I were going to Get Married, I Met DR. Alexander, when He Administered our Blood Test, for Marriage. A Very Nice Man, and A Good Doctor. Another Memory Of Coral Gables !!!!!!
Robbin 28-Mar-2009 18:12
When I a young kid, I went with my Mom, and My Grandma, to Polly Davis Cafeteria, in Coral Gables, and I remember that their food, was wonderful, and where The Cafeteria was, and that was in the Early 50's, and then years Later, in the Late 70's, I Went to The same Building, But this time, 1st as A Foodservice Delivery Man, and Then as a Diner, at The Cornicopia Cafeteria. The Polly Davis Cafeteria, in Coral Gables, of The 50's, and The Cornicopia Cafeteria, in Coral Gables, of The Late 70's, were Located, in Downtown Coral Gables, Sort of Behind, and near Where Andulusia Bakery was, and where The Lejeune Road Publix is. Another Memory Of Old Coral Gables !!!!!!
Robbin 26-Mar-2009 03:35
When I was a young Kid, in The 50's, My Dad, took my Younger Brother, and I to The Venetian Pool, to Swim, in The Hot Summer, and of course, We Loved it, The Beautiful Coral Rock Pool, and nice Cold , Refreshing Water, it was Great, and now, it's a Very Special Coral Gables Memory, For Me, as a 58 year old Adult, and My Dad's in Heaven, with My Mom.
Robbin 24-Mar-2009 01:56
Coral Gables, is : Galiano, Alhambra, Segovia, Seville, Almeria, Andulusia, Catalonia, Mallorca, Toledo, Cadiz, Valencia, Granada Salzedo, Prado, Ponce, University, Blue Road, Miracle Mile, U Of M, Monza, Riviera, The Biltmore, Venetian Pool, Greenway, Formal Entrances, Trees Canopied Over Coral Way, In And Out Of The City, Gables Estates, Gables By The Sea, Cocoplum, Big Churches, Big Old Houses, Fountains, Fancy Publix Stores, Salvador Park, Neat Traffic Circles, Fine Restaurants, Merrick Place Shops, Access to The Sea By Boat, A Historic City Hall, and So Much More !!!!!!! Coral Gables: The City Beautiful, George Merrick's Masterpiece, and Legacy !!!!!!!!
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 00:57
I Remember, in The 50's, when I was a Little Kid, The Dark Blue Coral Gables Transit Buses, Polly Davis Cafeteria, Venetian Pool, and The Biltmore, when it was The VA Hospital Of Miami. Those are The Things, I Most Remember in Coral Gables, at that time, The 50's, and also , I Do remember: The Grand Formal Entrances, to The City, and The Fountains. And since then, and to this Day, Coral Gables is Very, Very Special, To Me !!!!!!!!! Oh, and as a Kid, I always Loved: The Names Of Streets, From Spain, and I Still Do, Today !!!!!!
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 17:08
Anyone Remember, or Went to : Mexico Lindo, - Mexican Restaurant, in Coral Gables ?????? As a Foodservice Truck Driver, in The 70's, I Delivered Fresh Ground Beef, and Cheddar Cheese Blocks, to Mexico Lindo, all the time, and I went there to Eat Dinner, with Girlfriends, on Dates, as well, and it was very Good !!!!! My Absolute Favorite Dish there : Chiles Rellenos, I Love That Dish !!!!!! I Had some Great Meals, with some Pretty Senoritas, at that place, and in My Favorite Venue : Where Else, But Coral Gables, The City Beautiful !!!!! Great Memories !!!!!!!!!!
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 16:57
Does anyone Remember: DR. Harold Friedman ?????? He was my Orthodontist, for 4 years, from: around : 1961, to 1965, and His Office, was on Lejeune Road, and Miracle Mile, in The 401 Bldg. 3rd Floor. From His Dentist Chair, The View, was Beautiful: I was looking out the 3rd Floor window, at The Fountains, and shops , on Miracle Mile, and Lejeune Road, and I could see The Top of Publix, and around there, ect. It was a nice Bird's Eye View, of A Place I Love: The Gables !!!!! And with that view, came some pain, and discomfort, but The View, eased my pain, Somewhat !!!!!!!! And , DR. Friedman, was one of the Best, in his Field, Very Highly Recommended, so that was comforting, also.
Robbin 22-Mar-2009 16:43
Jahn's, on Miracle Mile, was a Great Place. I went there, many, many times, Back in The 60's, and 70's, and The Crowd, was Lively, and nice, The Ice Cream Delicious, and overall, it was a 5 Star, 4 Diamond, Ice Cream Parlour !!!!!! I used to get: The Kitchen Sink, with I Believe , it was Your Choice, of Like 5 Different Flavors, of Ice Cream, and I usually picked; Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Chocolate Chip, and Butter Pecan. A Bowl Of Heaven !!!!!!!! A Great Coral Gables Memory !!!!!!!!! Eating Ice Cream, in My Favorite Place,---- Coral Gables !!!!!!
abbondandolo17-Mar-2009 16:36
It was the Abraham's home that had the great Christmas Lights and they also had a huge hole dug in their front yard for a manger scene. Does anyone remember the Chinese Village - Mery Christmas Park ?
abbondandolo17-Mar-2009 16:33
Oops - my name is Laura Costanzo - and I forgot Sunset Drug Store and McCrory's, Giralda Bakery.....
abbondandolo17-Mar-2009 16:31
I graduated from Deerborne in 1973 along with Joy Glennen, Marty Mangles, Terrie Epstein, Rita Proby...etc..are there any reunions comming up ?
Also, does anyone remember Santacroces Restaurant in US ! across from U of M ?
Duffy's Tavern ? Black Licorice Icre Cream at Jahns. Tefts Bridal shop, Judu Leslie, 5-7-9- Shop, Young Sohpisticates, Villager skirts, lady bug purses, Capezio's....
Coral and Gables Theaters - Friday night dances at Coral Gables Youth Center ?
Those were the great days !!!!
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 18:28
I Took a Sunday Drive, Last Saturday Afternoon, To Where Else, But : The City Beautiful,--- Coral Gables, and Went By Spec's Music, The U Of M, Monza Avenue, Red And Sunset, Riviera Park, Ect., and I Certainly enjoyed it. I went in Spec's, and Bought Some Jazz C. D. 's, and then I Headed south, on Red Road, * Old Cutler Road, to Howard Drive, and Then Headed South again, on South Dixie, and Ate Dinner, at Cracker Barrel, in Florida City. A Coral Gables, and South Dade Memory !!!!!!
Robbin 10-Mar-2009 04:30
Don Boyd, Thank You, You Did The Right Thing, and I Applaud You !!!!!!! I am Committed, To Memories, only, and I Don't want To Ruin Your Wonderful Sites, with Nonsense. I Enjoy writing, on Your Sites, and I will Be More Careful, about what I say, from now in, so as to avoid controversies, You have My Word, as A Gentleman !!!!!!!!!!! Best Regards. Robbin.
Robbin 03-Mar-2009 17:41
In My Opinion, Coral Gables, Is King, A really Beautiful City, appropliately named: The City Beautiful. In Coral Gables, you have: Neat sounding Spanish Street Names, The Unique Venetian Pool, The World Class Biltmore, Trees over the road Coral Way, leading you into The City Beautiful, from the west, Miracle Mile, The University Of Miami, Historic City Hall, Great Restaurants, Gables By The Sea, A unique, and Quaint Downtown, A Lighthouse Watertower, The Collection, where Beautiful Cars of The wealthy, can be found, and so many other distinctive things, can be found. One Ride around , by The Biltmore, taking in The Grand Old Houses, The Big Impressive Churches, and the Landscaping, and How clean, the area is, and one can see, what a 1st class place it is. I Love Coral Gables !!!!!!!
Guest 23-Feb-2009 04:22
It's RPL, not RBL, and I knew that already, and the Monza Avenue Publix Store, is near there, and is also considered in Coral Gables, and Yes, Coral Gables, is Beloved, to Me .
Guest 21-Feb-2009 14:39
Actually, RBL, the San Remo apartments and Riviera Park, being on that side of Red Road, are all in Coral Gables, rather than South Miami. It is a nice little area in there, at the edge of the city limits.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 17:21
The massive Christmans Display was probably the Abrahams Home.
I was very lucky to have grown up in the Gables in the 50s. I went to CG Elementary (Yes I remember Mrs. Webb and her weird hairdo, also Mrs. Thompson my first grade teacher, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Miller, Mr. Sparks), Ponce (remember JJ Fitzgibbons the science teacher with the huge eyebrows? and CG High class of '72. I know the Gables History pretty well as my grandparents moved there in 1927. My parents met at the Biltmore during the war. I was married at the CG Methodist Church Chapel where my parent's were married. I learned to swim at the Venetian pool. I remember the really tall slide at the youth center scared me, walking to school by Fowler's Seafood and the smell. I used to play "handball" in the tunnel of the 401 building. I could read the time on the City Hall Clock Tower from my bedroom. I remember Dr. Skinner the dermotologist.
I knew Frankie Pourbay (sp?) that went to Deerborne since some of you were asking about people there. I remember when there was goldfish in the Miracle Mile fountains because we used to catch them along with tadpoles in the Prado Fountain.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 16:53
I actually worked at Tyler's Restaraunt one Summer. Remember the fresh baked goods they had? They baked them all there. The banana bread and muffins were the best.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 16:48
La Carreta was originally the Wheel Restaraunt.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 16:46
FunLand Park and the Wild Mouse.
The Skillet Restaruant on LeJuene and Alcazar.
The Drive up Restruant at US1 and Grand Ave. Waitresses roller skated to the car.
The Wheel Restarant on SW 8th St.
Thank God one can still score some fresh doughnuts at the Velvet Creme on 8th St.
The old Standard Oil building on Alhambra and LeJuene.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 16:32
Peacock's Bakery Yummmmm.
Guest 11-Feb-2009 16:19
I remember the old Bus Station and the smell of the shoe Repair where there was a parakeet that talked. The Magazine stand. The Barber Shop. LeJuene Road before it was four laned. The kerosene lamps they used to light caution in constructin areas. McCrory's snack bar. When Liggett's Drug Store was new.
I remember Uncle Harold's Hapy Town. The fruit stand at LeJuene and 8th St.
Remember Toby's Cafeteria in Miami? M & M Cafeteria.
The A&P Grocery, Tanner's Grocery, When Steven's Grocery on Coral Way was new.
When Sears had a Garden Dept and Snack Bar.
Leighton 31-Jan-2009 15:48
RBL - it may be that this page appears to be a personal blog. Anyway, I lived in Miami twice, and the Gables was special. First time, late 60s//early 70s, we lived up off Flagler, near Red. Definitely, our trips into CG were fun. Venetian, Sears, Coral Gables Twin, Miracle Theater matinees, Andalusia Bakery, Sambo's on Coral Way, etc. Second time, the mid-80s, a UM student. First, I lived on campus - ugh. Then on Douglas Road, near 8th (Pink Palace was still in the neighborhood), and I walked down to La Carreta. Loved being within walking distance of Coral Way, and everything downtown Gables. Finally, I lived in South Miami - near your beloved Sunset & Red, at the San Remo Apts. My windows faced Riviera Park, and we had a Publix across the green. I worked part-time at the University Inn as a front desk clerk. (I think it's now condos or offices, but then, it was owned by UM. Very seedy place, but cool 60s architecture. UM had no idea that the creepy manager was allowing porn to be filmed in the penthouse suite. At the front desk, we'd see a parade of porn actors check in and out. VERY weird. Plus, the "restaurant" had a hepatitis scare around 1985, and freaked us all out.) I was surprised, that in the years since 1985, in South Miami, they have built the Bakery Center shopping mall, have torn it down (!), and have built ANOTHER shopping mall????? I also enjoyed the Riviera Theater (gone, I think?), and riding my bike all over the Gables.
Robbin P. Learned 18-Jan-2009 17:10
Coral Gables, is Unique !!!!!!! The Fountains, The Formal Entrances, to The City Beautiful, The Art - Deco Water Tower, The Biltmore, The Venetian Pool, The Spanish Names of Streets, City Hall, The Architecture, of The Grand Old Houses, The U OF M Campus, Miracle Mile, Downtown Coral Gables, Tree Lined Coral Way, Going in and out Of Coral Gables, West Of City Hall, Ponce, Merrick Square, and So Much Else !!!!!!! Ponce De Leon, and George Merrick, would Be Proud, to Be There Today , and I'm Sure George Merrick, is there in Spirit, watching over His City Beautiful Beautiful , Proudly , Rightfully So !!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love Coral Gables !!!!!!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 12-Jan-2009 03:51
I Have always Loved The Circle, on Lejeune Rd., and the way The Roads Fork Off Of The Gables Circle, The First Road, to the Right, Takes You To Red And Sunset, in The Heart Of South Miami, While The 2nd Road, to the Right, Takes You To Old Cutler Road, to Take Past ; Matheson Hammock, and The Cut Off To Kendall Drive, or all The Way Down to Cutler Ridge !!!!! It is So Pretty, around there, and sorta Magical, For Me, Like it's Sherwood Forest, or Emerald Isle !!!!!!! A Very Special area, For Me, To Be Sure !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Jan-2009 04:30
When I was a Young Kid, Growing up in East Hialeah, My Parents Had Good Friends, A Couple, Who were Like an Aunt and Uncle, to Me, and They Were Buck and Loretta, and They Lived in South Miami, in the 50's, Off Red Road, Just South Of Sunset Drive, and Every Birthday, I Had, and at Christmas Time, They would Bring Me A Great Present, and it always Came From A Great Store; Zipp's Sporting Goods, in South Miami, on Red, and Sunset !!!! Some Of Them, were: A Neat Igloo Tent, A Lionel Train Set, An Official Pro Football, A Punching Bag, with A Stand, An Official Basketball, A Volleyball Set, A Croquet Set, A Wilson Baseball Glove, and other Sporting Goods. They were Great People, and Zipp's, was a Great Sporting Goods Store !!!!!!!! Great Memories, Of Mine .
Robbin P. Learned 11-Jan-2009 04:13
I , always thought The Area, Where Coral Gables, and South Miami, Come Together , was a Neat Part Of Dade County !!!! On Ponce, By The University Of Miami, and By The Monza Avenue Publix, And Where The Riviera Theatre, Royal Castle, & Spec's, Were, also. And Nearby, in The Very Heart Of South Miami; The Intersection, Of ; Red Road, and Sunset Drive, and One Of My Favorite Places, on The Face Of The Earth; Holsum Bakery !!!!!!!!!!!!! Holsum Bakery, was ; Bread, and Cakes Heaven, in The 50's, and 60's. I Dream Of Their 1/2 Moon Shaped Devil's Food Cake, To This Very Day !!!!!! I Bought and Ate, So Many of Those Cakes, with Ice Cold Milk, That I Should Be Called; MR. Holsum !!!!!!!
Fran 08-Jan-2009 01:00
I still to this day love the Miracle Theatre. My dates and I never received a ticket for an expired parking meter. The Parisian Bridal shop is where my bridesmaid's and Mom bought their gowns for my wedding. Good times, good memories.
Robbin P. Learned 07-Jan-2009 06:58
There's only 1 thing I could say, about Coral Gables, and that is; Back in The Late 70's, and 1980, You would Park at the Meters, and The Maximum Time you Could Pay Up For, was; 2 Hours, and if you went to a Movie, at The Miracle Theatre, When you got Back to you car, You had a Parking Ticket, and that was Like a Dirty Trap !!!!!!! I Resented That, very Much !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 06-Jan-2009 05:07
In The 70's, and Early 80's, I was a Foodservice Truck Driver, for Swift & Company, and I Delivered Food Products to The Kitchens, that Made the Meals, For The Cafeterias, or Dining Facilities, at The University Of Miami, and They were Run By ; Marriott. My Company, Armour & Company, Kraft Foods, and others , went to those Dining Halls' Kitchens' Docks, To Deliver Provisions !!!!!!! And I Remember; The Student Union, The Rathskellar, Dining Hall 730, and Dining Hall 960. They Bought a Lot Of Merchandise, and I went there 5 Days a Week, on My Route.
Fran 05-Jan-2009 08:29
I don't have memories of the equipment yard but I do remember having lunch at the Monk's Inn. The waiters were dressed as monks and the food was great. Then of to shop with friends, later dinner at La Hacienda.
Robbin P. Learned 05-Jan-2009 04:57
Does Anyone Remember, When The City Of Coral Gables Public Works Dept. Had it's Equipment Yards, in a Large Sunken Pit, across the Street From Coral Gables High School, on Lejeune Road ?????
Fran 03-Jan-2009 17:10
The coffee house was the Flick. I went there many times while attending college.
Robbin P. Learned 02-Jan-2009 11:15
I Remember, there was A Real Neat Coffee House, Beatnik, Hippie Type Place, and A Good Pizza Place next Door, and Both of them, were on Ponce, Right in Front of The University Of Miami, and I went to Both in 1969, and Enjoyed Both places, but Cannot Recall the names of the Places !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 02-Jan-2009 11:07
Anyone Remember, Yamaha Miami, on South Dixie Highway ???? I Bought My 1st Motorcycle there in 1969, A Brand New Black And White 305cc Yamaha. They had advertised, in the Miami Herald, and the Ad appealed to Me, so My Dad, and my Brother and I went There, from our House in Hialeah, and I Left there, on My New Yamaha. We ate Lunch, a Real Good one, at Tyler's Restaurant, Remember, Tyler's, anyone ????
BruceL 28-Dec-2008 01:49
I was born in University Hospital in '41. We left the Gables in '51 because Dad said the taxes were too high. We moved to unincorporated Dade County, SW 136 Street, and there were no neighbors for a quarter mile on either side. Talk about a change from Toledo Street! My parents owned the Toy Wagon toy store on Ponce. They used to put me in the window during Christmas shopping season because I was delighted to play with the electric train that Dad put on display. I was told that I sold a lot of train sets. I spent many days from an early age at the Venetian Pool where it cost $.09 to get in. Mom gave me $.10 so I had a penny left for candy. If I was unable to get the dime I either slipped through the fence around the pool or swam instead in the fountain a block away from the pool. I remember that the fountain had a slimy bottom. I suppose the city didn't put much chlorine in the water. I don't remember being run out of the fountain although the Coral Gables PD drove by from time to time. I still remember our phone number; 4-1542.
Robbin P. Learned 25-Dec-2008 19:25
I Am Happy, and to the Point Of Thrilled, That Someone Else, Besides Myself, Wrote something, about The City Beautiful !!!!! Thank You, Kelly !!!!! And I Still Think Present Day Coral Gables, is Still Magical, Fabulous, and Wonderful !!!!! I Live in Hialeah, and It ain't No Coral Gables, By any Means, So I Escape From Hellaleah, Every chance I Get, To George Merrick's City Beautiful, mostly, on Sunday Drives, and That De- Stresses Me, Like Going To A Spa Does !!!!!!!! I've Been Visiting The Gables, since I was a Child, in The 50's, and I Always Loved it there , and I Still Do. Best Regards, Kelly, and Thanks, Again !!!!!!! Robbin.
Kelly 25-Dec-2008 05:55
I want to thank the people who have paved the way for the next generation. I grew up in the Gables in the 70's. There were no stop signs or roundabout circles, only yield signs. I can remember going to the Granada golf course and looking east with no tall buildings in the way. The city was newly developed, it seemed, with fresh trees planted and landscapers would cut the parkway grass for everyone once a week. That only lasted a few years because it was costing the city way too much money. Houses were built with more land unlike now where one house is almost on top of the other. The Biltmore was still the original structure as the old white abandoned hotel with broken windows and graffiti. It definetly looked haunted. The rectangle olympic pool with bleachers along one side were still standing. I actually got to swim in that pool before the final remodel. My parents still live in the house I grew up in. Some things are still there, just changed a little. Venetian Pool, the Prado fountain, old style churches, and the winding roads with trees hanging over them. You are welcome to contact me for any updates. Kelly
Robbin P. Learned 16-Dec-2008 05:55
As I've Said, Many times Before, I Really Love Coral Gables, And I Like to Take Sunday Drives there, and Ride Around, and Admire The City Beautiful, with it's Beautiful Houses, Fountains, Tree Lined Streets, Spanish Named Streets, The Biltmore Hotel, The Venetian Pool, The Spanish Architecture, Miracle Mile, The University Of Miami, The Churches, Greenway, Alhambra, Ponce, Blue Road, City Hall, Coral Way, With Trees Over The Road, and so Much More, This Place, Has Class, and It Is Class !!!!!!!! I Could of Got Married, anywhere I Like, But I Chose; Coral Gables !!!!!! In November, Of 1982, on The 12th Day, My Girlfriend,-- Fiance,- Patti Johns, and I, Got Married, at The Prado Entrance To Coral Gables, Happily, and Proudly !!!!!!!! I Love; Coral Gables !!!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 14-Dec-2008 19:09
Hi, I am Robbin Learned, and I Have Been Posting Stories Of Coral Gables History Lately, and I Have enjoyed it, And I Hate to Sound Sarcastic, But Doesn't Anyone Else Have anything to Say ???? It's Ridiculus, I've Been the only one posting , on this site, For Quite some Time Now. Has Everyone, Lost Interest ???? This is a Wonderful Topic,-- Coral Gables, George Merrick's City Beautiful !!!!!! I Love Coral Gables, Always Have, and I can't Believe that no one wants to Write about Old Memories Of Coral Gables. What is wrong , with you People ???????? I Don't want To Monopolize this Site, and I'm not Trying to show Off, So Why Don't Some of you Write About Old Cral Gables ?????? I Mean no Disrespect, To Anyone, I'm just Making A Point, and Trying To Bring New Life, To This Wonderful Dying Site !!!! Don Boyd, is A Wonderful Man, And He Graciously Offers all of us, a Nice Place, to Tell about Coral Gables, Yesterday, and Long Ago, and I Ask that Some Of you Take Advantage, of this Site !!!!!! Best Regards To All, and Happy Holidays !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin P. Learned 13-Dec-2008 22:44
I Remember, when I Enlisted, in The ARMY, And I Had to Go To Coral Gables, To The AAFEES Induction Station, on Aurora Street, Just East Of Lejeune Road And Gables High, For Testing, A Physical, ect., and Then Later, one Day, I Reported there, at 5 A. M., and at 4:00 P. M., I was on A Navy Blue USAF Bus, Enroute To MIA, To Go To Columbia, South Carolina, - FT. Jackson, Army Base, For Basic Combat Training ,- BCT. A Very Rude Awakening !!!!!!! For Me, This wasAnother Coral Gables Memory !!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 13-Dec-2008 22:32
Does anyone Remember The Polly Davis Cafeteria, that was in Coral Gables, in the 50's ????? And Then, later on in The Late 70's, there was The Cornicopia Cafeteria, in The Same Building That Polly Davis was in Before. I Forget what Street it was on, But I Remember it Being Just South Of Publix, that's on Lejeune Road. Both Cafeterias, Had Real Good Food, And I went To Both To Eat. Great Memories, Of Coral Gables !!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 18:00
As A young Kid, in The 50's I went to Visit My Dad, in The V. A. Hospital, which at that time, was In The Biltmore Hotel, in Coral Gables, and I Wandered around, as all Young Kids will Do, and I was Awed, By The Huge Olympic Sized Swimming Pool there, and I Ran up and Down, all The Steps there, Exploring the Place, while My Mom, and Grandma, visited My Dad, who was an Army Veteran, and was Hospitalized there, a Couple Of Times, and that was memories, that I'll never forget. And Look at The Present Day Biltmore, A 5 Star Hotel, and With 5 Star French Restaurants, in The Hotel !!!!!! The Architecture, of The Biltmore, is Magnificent, as is The Ambiance, And Class Of The Local !!!!! I Love That Place !!!!! And, at Night, You Ride By, and What A Sight, it's Like The Eiffel Tower, in A Way !!!!!! Talk About Class, This is It !!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 17:46
Anyone Remember, Don Arden's La Casa Bar, on Lejeune Road ???? For years, it was a Popular Little Watering Hole, or neighborhood Place, with Lots of Regulars, just Like Cheers, where everyone knows your name !!!!! Right in the shadow, of Coral Gables High, and Across the Street, practicly, from; Havana Harry's Great Restaurant, Stood Don Arden's La Casa Bar, a Gables Landmark !!!!!! Cheers, To All , From Me, and I Am Robbin P. Learned, of Hialeah, The City Of Progress !!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 17:37
I, Personally, always though that Ponce De Leon, or Ponce, as Locals say, was, and still is a neat Street, The way it Curves, and Hooks up, with The Trail, - S. W. 8th Street, on the North End, and then, it Meanders along, south, and Finally, Parallels South Dixie Highway-, US1, Passing By The University Of Miami Campus, and Ponce Has some Restaurants, To Be Tried, also !!!!!! It Has It's own Identity, Just as The Classier Miracle Mile Does. Ponce, In The Gables, it even Has a Ring To It !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 17:28
I Remember Having The Kitchen Sink,- A Huge Bowl, Of Assorted Flavors Of Ice Cream, At Jahn's, on Miracle Mile, and what A Great Treat, That Was !!!!!!! I went there, often, in the 70's. A Really Popular, and Great Place, it was !!!!! I'm quite Sure, that many, many others Remember Jahn's, and Their Great Ice Cream, and Memories, They Made There !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 17:19
Does Anyone Remember; The Orthodontist,-- DR. Harold Friedman, who, in the 50's and 60's, and possibly, The 70's, was in The 401 Building, on Lejeune Road, and Miracle Mile, in The City Beautiful,-- Coral Gables. He was My Orthodontist, for 4 years, and I can Remember; Sitting in The Dentist's Chair, Looking out the window, at The Fountains, and Miracle Mile, and That Really Eased My Pain, a Lot, and I Always Loved Being in Coral Gables, it's So Beautiful, I Still to this Very Day Love Coral Gables !!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 07-Dec-2008 07:10
Anyone Remember, New Hickory BBQ, on Coral Way, across the Street From Sears Coral Gables Store ????? That was a Good Place, in it's Day !!!! I used to go there, to Eat, in the 70's, and always, enjoyed, my meal there !!!!!! And Swiss Chalet, on Miracle Mile, Had Good Ribs !!!!!! I used to Eat there also, at one time !!!!! Also, I Liked Mexico Lindo, in The Gables, and I ate there, a Lot. My Favorite Dish There, was; Chiles Relleno !!!!! They Made that real Good !!!!!! And , Andulusia Bakery, It Had Wonderful Everything !!!!!!! I used to Go there, a Lot, Back in The 70's, and in 1980- 81. Great Bakery !!!!!! All, in George Merrick's City Beautiful !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 07-Dec-2008 06:41
Does Anyone Remember; The Old Airplane, That was in Grapeland Heights Park, Back in The 50's ????? It was there, for Kids, and Adults too, to Go in, and Tour it. I Grew up in East Hialeah, By Hialeah Lanes Bowling Alley, and Back Then, in The 50's, I Would Ride My Bicycle, all the way to there, and Eat My Brown Bag Lunch, in the plane, for an Adventure. It was a Long, and Very Dangerous Ride, Traffic Wise, But I Always Made it There, and Back Home Safely, Thank God !!!!!! The Old Plane was Neat, and That was a Great Memory, For Me !!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 17:43
Best Regards, To Steve McDonald, and Don Boyd, and Thank You, For This Wonderful Site, I Love It !!!!!!!! The Memories that you Have Listed Here are Wonderful !!!!! I Especially Remember; The Swift Ice Cream Plant, seeing it Passing By, and I Loved Swift's Ice Cream, Especially, Their French Vanilla, it was The Best French Vanilla, I've Ever Tasted, in My Life !!!!!! And I Worked For SWIFT & CO., for 15 years, in Miami, so That Ice Cream Plant, was My Company's Place. SWIFT's Ice Cream, was Served at Dipper Dan Ice Cream Parlors, and Later Came From A Big Ice Cream Plant, in Macon Georgia. They Had Another Ice Cream Plant, in Norfolk Virginia, also, Back Then, After The Bird Road Plant Closed. All The Best, Gentlemen !!!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 17:29
A Great Memory, For Me, was Back in 1981, My Girlfriend And I Going To See Movies, at The Miracle Theatre, on Miracle Mile, and Going To Woolworth's 5 & 10, to Buy neat, and Necessary Stuff. And Just Joy Riding, around The City Beautiful, was Like A Dream, and Especially, Because I was Madly in Love, with My Girlfriend !!!!! I Always, Since I was A Little Kid, Loved Coral Gables, and I Still Do !!!!!!! Coral Gables, is A Very Special Place, Beautiful, and Distinctive. Most Definately, No Doubt Whatsoever, If I Could Live Anywhere, Money No Object, I Would Live in The Gables !!!!! My Favorite Areas; By The Venetian Pool, By The Biltmore Hotel, By Salvatore Park, and around Doctors Hospital-- Blue Road area. I Love The Gables !!!!!!!!!! I Salute MR. George Merrick !!!!!!! Cheers !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 17:06
Anyone Remember, The Sea Shanty Seafood Restaurant, that was in the Holiday Inn, on South Dixie Highway, around 1981?? I took My Girlfriend, that I was Dating, at the Time, there, Often, We Liked The Food, The Atmosphere, and The Area. I Lived in Hialeah, And She Lived Near Coral Gables, So we were always, in The Gables, and South Miami, and The Grove. We Married in 1982, and Have Been Married, Ever Since, and We will Always Remember Sea Shanty, Of The Gables, in The Holiday Inn. A Treasured Memory !!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 29-Nov-2008 22:50
Remember, Old Hickory BBQ, on Bird Road, just East of The Palmetto Expressway ???? They Had Good BBQ, Back in The Day !!!!!! I Went There, Sometimes, Back in The 60's, and 70's, and My Brother, and His Friends, used To Go To Swim in Miller Lake, and Ate at Old Hickory, afterward !!!!!! A Sizzler went in there, Before, after Old Hickory Closed, But Now, There's a Dunkin Donut There. A Good Old Memory, of The Past !!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 29-Nov-2008 22:39
To Anyone, who Now Lives Out Of Town, and Remembers The Old Coliseum, on Douglas, There's a Fairly New Publix Supermarket, There now, Right where The Coliseum was, For Years, and Years, and The Publix, is Very Busy, And Blends in with the Surrounding Buildings, and Looks Very Nice, and it Even Has A Parking Garage. Talk about Progress !!!!! The Coliseum, was nice, in it's Day, and Served it's Purpose, as An Ice Skating Rink, and A Bowling Alley, But in Recent Years, it Had Become Dilapidated, and An Eye Sore, So The Publix, is Definately Better there !!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 29-Nov-2008 22:29
Anyone Remember , The Ludway Bar, On Ludlam Road, just North Of Coral Way ???? They Made The Best Hamburgers around, and The Ludway, was A Very Clean, And Respectable Establishment !!!! My Dad, went there, for years, Back in the 50's, and He and I would Stop in , and Have A Burger, and An Ice Cold Draft Beer, or We would Grab a Bag Full Of Hamburgers To Take Home, to Hialeah. The Ludway, was For Years, A Class Act, and I For One ; Miss It !!!!!!! It was A Nice Place To Go, and Very Safe, Well Run, And Decent, Enough, To Take Your Mom, Or Girlfriend There, For A Hamburger, and A Cold Draft Beer, and you could Be Sure, That Nothing Bad would Happen !!!!!!! A Great Memory !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Guest 30-Oct-2008 09:46
You are right. I should have not posted my CV. SORRY. I was wrong.
Joseph Ferran
Guest 13-Sep-2008 20:03
That's pretty rude of you to spam this site with your employment solicitation. You have a master's degree and spell Sheriff with 2 r's and Border Patrol as Boarder Patrol?
Guest 13-Sep-2008 11:42
Any Deerborne HS people out there?
Email change & USA Tel added
JOSEPH FERRAN - Deerborne HS 1974 (track, wresting & basketball)
Miami Dade South 74-77 (soccer)
My email:
USA: Tel: (954)678-2290 Fax: (954) 678-2289
Tel Argentina: From USA: Dial 011-5411-4742-5167 or
011-5411-4747-2261 Fax: From USA: Dial: 011-5411-4747-5809
Website: &
Mailing: POBox 220966 (sent to me 1 x month)
Hollywood, Fl 33022-0966, USA
Argentina: Acassusso 2604, Beccar, Bs. As. (1643) Argentina
GeoffGeoff 25-Aug-2008 23:07
I spent three weeks helping EAL with Tristar T/R problems in August 1973. Staying at the Holiday Inn, our first meal was taken at the Brother's Two restaurant just behind the hotel. The most amazing thing I remember was the demolition of a club and the re-buiding of it in the short time we were there. We actually spent an eveing on opening night. It was called Big Daddy's.
William Skipper 07-Aug-2008 21:33
You really brought back some memories. I attended CG Elementry until 1951 then on to Ponce JH and to CG High. Was Capt. of school patrol at CG elem. Coach Silva was in charge. My older brother Robert Skipper went to CG HIGH prior to my arriving. My dad, at one time, worked at the awning company behind the Ford dealer on Ponce. I remember it all and wish I could do it again. I remember being in love with Barbara Nichols and Barbara Walker in the sixth grade. Mrs. woltz class. Thanks for the memories. Bill Skipper
Guest 07-Aug-2008 20:58
Any Deerborne HS people out there?
Email change:
JOSEPH FERRAN - Deerborne HS 1974 (track, wresting & basketball)
Miami Dade South 74-77 (soccer)
My email:
USA: Voice mail: 954-274-0295 (I checked it 4 x day)
Tel Argentina: From USA: Dial 011-5411-4742-5167 or
011-5411-4747-2261 Fax: 011-5411-4747-5809
Website: &
Mailing: POBox 220966 (sent to me 1 x month)
Hollywood, Fl 33022-0966, USA
Argentina: Acassusso 2604, Beccar, Bs. As. (1643) Argentina

Please, contact me if you see this posting
Guest 13-Jul-2008 11:38
JOSEPH FERRAN - Deerborne HS 1974 (track, wresting-basketball)
Miami Dade South 74-77 (soccer)
My email:
USA: Voice mail: 954-274-0295 (I checked it 4 x day)
Tel Argentina: From USA: Dial 011-5411-4742-5167 or
011-5411-4747-2261 Fax: 011-5411-4747-5809
Website: &
Mailing: POBox 220966 (sent to me 1 x month)
Hollywood, Fl 33022-0966, USA
Argentina: Acassusso 2604, Beccar, Bs. As. (1643) Argentina

Guest 13-Jul-2008 11:24
Hi Hugh Williamson; This is Joe Ferran from Deerborne HS. I remeber you s well. Thank you for posting your comment. I lost the year book. Do you think you could scan my picture andemail it to It would also be nice if we could keep in touch via email. I would appreciate your efforts regarding the picutre and perhaps a couple of pages of the year book.
Adding names to the list of "kids" I graduated with: Larry Litvak, Guillermo Ferris, Amy Firestone, Davis Kasden, Honeycut (track team - younger kid at the time).
Hey "guys" please email me:
Guest 11-Jul-2008 20:37
I graduated from Deerborne in '74 as well and remembered you once I looked at the yearbook - things were a little 'hazy' back then and hanging on 'the wall' did take some toll on my memory.

Apparently there were several 'ad hoc' reunions but I always heard of them well afterward since I kept in touch with only a few other alum. There was a fairly active list on years ago so you might be able to find others there.

Hugh Williamson
Guest 04-Jul-2008 22:16
Phone number correction: 954-274-0295

Joseph Ferran says: I attended Deerborne High School Graduated 1974. <I only attended 11th and 12th grade. Looking for newspaper article on me running track.
Paper: Coral Gables times
Year 1973.
Article tiltle: Deerborne`s one man track team

Can anyone help?
USA voice mail: 954-274-0295
Guest 04-Jul-2008 22:08
My name is Joseph Ferran. Does anyone remember me? I was the track star and I was on the Wrestling tem and did not play much but I made the basketball team
I attended Deerborne High School. I now livein Bs As Argentina
I graduated 1974.
I went to school with some of the following names: Richard Farmer, Rene Georgi, Gladstone, John Proby, Rita Shapiro, Evelio Gonzalez, Cathy Sierra, Daniel Avayu, Carlos Villaruel, Frank Hearns, Michelle Moragn, Mr. (?) Ferris, Brenda Rodriguez

I would like to be able to get in touch with anyone that went to Deerborne High School:

My email:
USA: Voice mail: 954-274-0295
Tel Argentina: Dial 011-5411-4642-5167
Guest 04-Jul-2008 22:03
My name is Joseph Ferran. Does anyone remember me? I was the track star and I was on the Wrestling tem and did not play much but I made the basketball team
I attended Deerborne High School. I now livein Bs As Argentina
I graduated 1974.
I went to school with some of the following names: Richard Farmer, Rene Georgi, Gladstone, John Proby, Rita Shapiro, Evelio Gonzalez, Cathy Sierra, Daniel Avayu, Carlos Villaruel, Frank Hearns, Michelle Moragn, Mr. (?) Ferris, Brenda Rodriguez

I would like to be able to get in touch with anyone that went to Deerborne High School:

My email:
USA: Voice mail: 954-274-0295
Tel Argentina: Dial 011-5411-4642-5167
Dave 24-Jun-2008 18:23
Roberta: I believe Cooper Oldsmobile was on Ponce de Leon about 6 or 7 blocks south of SW 8th Street. My grandmother always changed her Olds every 2 years at that dealership. I can't remember when it closed but it has been many years since it was around.
pam 12-Jun-2008 21:03
For the person who asked, I do remember Deerborne - attended there from nursery through 2nd grade...then left for Sunset. Ms. Grace was my favorite teacher. I used to walk to a ballet school a few blocks over...Ms. Zintgraf, I think....she liked Mentos. Nice memories from there, but maybe that is because I left after 2nd grade!! ha.
Guest 12-Jun-2008 20:54
I cannot begin to thank you and Mr. Boyd enough. Now I know where to come when I am homesick for my "old' home and it gives me confort somehow that other people feel the loss too...I thought it was just me!!! Anyone else remember wonderful Tahiti Beach near the grove?? I think it's a ritsy gated community now. I was born in South Miami in 1962 and grew up in the South Miami / Gables area, Sunset Elementary / Carver Jr, Ponce Jr / Gables High - then moved to the boonies & graduated from Southwest Sr. I saw the story about the land cabs on this site..funny story....I almost got arrested a few years ago when I was trying to show my husband what a land crab was. I remember when you had to stop on Old Cutler Road to let large groups cross...remember the nighttime migrations? Anyway, one year in Marathon driving down a dark, emtpy road, I saw one crossing the street. Since noone else was around, we stopped in the middle of the road and I shined a light on the poor little crab to show him. Out of nowhere, a cop pulls up - thinking we are inebriated- and orders us back into the car. After checking everything he could think of, and putting up with my protests about "...but it was a land crab like the old days..." ..and promising not to stop for crabs in the future, I was allowed to go. :-)
Leighton 20-May-2008 17:27
It has been almost 25 years for Metrorail - that's a long time. Vast improvements in technology make replacements a necessity. There is a difference between historic SF & NO streetcars, and a mass transit system, for instance.

I moved away in 1985, and I'm shocked that the original Metro cars are around at all. Even Disneyland revamps their Mark cars every 20 years, although I imagine millions more enjoy that "ride" than utilize Metrorail as practical transportation. The Northern route wasn't complete when I was there, so it wasn't very practical. It ran right by my UM dorm, but if I remember correctly, it didn't even reach Dadeland?
Roberta Perry Hughes 04-May-2008 07:20
Y'all forgot about the dealership where my father always bought his new cars: Cooper Oldsmobile. Wasn't it located in the Gables?
Daddy first owned a 1953 black Olds, which he traded in on a brand new two-tone green 1955 model. After that, he traded for a salmon pink & eggshell white 1958 Olds. I loved every one of those cars! My father was the only "Oldsmobile man" on our block...& we always had THE sharpest & prettiest car in the neighborhood!!
Though a lot of these memories on here were before my time, I sure have enjoyed reading about them, & picturing everything in my mind. You all have done a great job!!
Ray25-Apr-2008 03:21
S: Thanks for this memory "We'd take the old Gables Dark Blue and White Bus into the Terminal" Those were exactly the same buses we went to Ponce in. No A/C, horizontal metal bars across all the windows. You could even see where the "Blacks to the Rear" signs were covered up right next to the "Driver trained in Courtesy" or something like that. Hard to believe the same buses you took downtown in 1964 were still on the road and hauling us to school in 1974. Today the County wants to retire a bus in just a few years. What happened to maintenance? Now all the Metrorail trains are going to be replaced because it would be to expensive to repair the ones that they opened the system with. There are trains in London lasting 40 years or more and we can't get 20 our of ours. Can someone please investigate the maintenance of OUR buses and trains?

Dave 06-Mar-2008 17:14
Guest, absolutely right! I had forgotten the location and for some reason Ponce popped into my head. I remember going to dances there with my cousin in the 60's. As you said, the noteriety of the Mossler case probably wasn't something the school wanted out there. Thanks!
Guest 05-Mar-2008 23:02
Hi Dave -- Deerborne was between Almeria and Sevilla, diagonally across from Bill Ussery Mercedes-Benz. It was a very in-city setting: the high school part had no greenery except for the tree planters by "the wall," where everyone hung out and fretted over the accursed parking meters on Almeria. It was common to go running 3 blocks over to Miracle Mile or the bus station during lunch, then try to make it back in time for 5th period. When I attended in the 70s (as disco approached), no one bothered to mention the Candace Mossler thing. Maybe they wanted to forget.
Leighton 05-Mar-2008 03:42
In the early 70s, the place for kids to go was the CG Youth Center. The builing had a pleasantly distinct smell - I suppose a mixture of all the arts and crafts stuff. I wonder if it's still operating - I'll have to Google it.
Dave 04-Mar-2008 17:47
D, I remember Deerborne School as my cousin Mike went there in the mid to late 60's. If memory serves me right, it was off Ponce de Leon. It was somewhat famous in the 60's as Candace Mossler's kids went to school there with my cousin. She had a sensational murder trial along with her nephew Melvin Powers who were accused of killing her older husband at their apartment in Key Biscayne. The famous Houston lawyer Percy Foreman defended her and got her off. I think her older daughter's name was Rita and was a classmate of my cousin.
bob24-Feb-2008 22:23
Steve, I hope to see you at the CGHS class of 1958 reunion in June. I haven't been "home" in 21 years so I know I'm in for many surprises. I started first grade at CG Elementary in 1947, then skipped second grade and landed with our class...not sure it was the best move by my parents and the teachers. Have wonderful memories of the Gables, especially the theatres. I was an usher at the Miracle for several summers, last in 1962 after I graduated from college. Frank Maury, the manager, I understand still lives at age 94 in Naples. Unbelieveable. I am looking forward to a tour of the theatre when I get there. So glad it was restored. Thanks for
your fabulous pictures on the web site. I couldn't do better. Yes, and I remember Studeman, Martin-Vegue, you and the others you mention.
Bob Semes
Ashland, OR
Leighton21-Feb-2008 06:07
Interesting. I remember that same cave at the Venetian - no making out in the early 70s, when I took swimming lessons. It had this weird little "tunnel" built into the rock, and my friend got stuck, and almost drowned there. Hope they filled that thing in.
S 15-Feb-2008 21:56
Guest: RE Caron Leff...I graduated Ponce Jr. in '60, went on to Gables, c/o64...We'd take the old Gables Dark Blue and White Bus into the Terminal, could walk thru HO-JO's and look at the ice cream counter...Also remember Mr. Alu's barber shop there. Attended many of the Sat. Matinee Yo-Yo contests on stage at the Miracle, in the 50's...Used to see the newest James Bond film every year, Christmastime at the Gables, then look into Guy Butler's Sporting Goods shop. Bought my first "Ivy League" Shirt at Engel's men's shop, catty-corner across Alhambra, then I found out about Stagge Shoppe and the Dinghy, if you wanted to be cool at Gables Hi, right"

To drew, I spent probably 80 of the 90 days each summer at Venetian Pool...the Caves were for Making Out, fool! What did you think all those girls and boys were doing back there? LOL We'd leave there and put laundry soap in the Fountain at deSoto and Granada on the way home...nice suds!
Also, RE "D"s comment about Deerborne School...I'm racking my brain...we used to walk by or ride bikes by it all the time...see the wall, never went there; a part of the landscape, but for the life of me I can't remember where it was. Off LeJeune rd?
Guest 14-Feb-2008 16:42
To Rob Sr. Thanks for the answer on the Bushwacker, it was driving me crazy!!
Caron S Leff 13-Feb-2008 22:54
I grew up in Coral Gables, I went to Coral Gables Elementary, Ponce Jr High and
Coral Gables High. I love lookin at what you have created here. I remember the bus
station, because after school we all went for french fries and a coke. It was a great time and place to grow up. I have many fond memories of all the theaters, The Miracle, The Gables and The Coral. We spent most Saturday's afternoons watching movies in one or another.Thank you again.
Caron S Leff 13-Feb-2008 22:36
I grew up in Coral Gables, I went to Coral Gables Elementary, Ponce Jr High and
Coral Gables High. I love lookin at what you have created here. I remember the bus
station, because after school we all went for french fries and a coke. It was a great time and place to grow up. I have many fond memories of all the theaters, The Miracle, The Gables and The Coral. We spent most Saturday's afternoons watching movies in one or another.Thank you again.
Rob Sr. 12-Feb-2008 10:36
That bar was the Bushwacker.
Guest 30-Jan-2008 14:43
Does anyone remember the name of the dive bar/lounge across from where the old coliseium used to be? This was probably 15 years ago?
Guest 25-Jan-2008 00:46
Speaking of Coral Gables, is anyone out there a grad from Deerborne? You know, with "The Wall," and all that? ;D
Drew 29-Dec-2007 16:39
I'm too young to remember most of this (1962 birth date), but I knew the Coral Gables of the late 60s, early 70s. Glad to see the ol' Sambos building at Miracle & Douglas is still there, as something. Does anyone remember the massive Christmas display at some home in CG, during late 60s/early 70s??????

The 'cave" at venetian Pool freaked me out.

LOVED the cheesecake from the Andalusia Bakery (I see that's gone).

Lived off Douglas in the mid-80s, while attending UM. Man, have they leveled SO many cool buildings, including the awesome Mid-Century CG Presbyterian Church. At least that cool little French hotel (Hotel St. Michel) is still there, where I blew out all their fuses when shooting a student film around 1984. Miss the pink Coliseum. La Carreta on 8th is gone??!!!!!
Ray27-Dec-2007 01:33
About the Coral Gables bus system....

I used to take the Westchester bus to St. John Vianney HS then St. Brendan HS every day. It went way west, but right in front of my school and also Christopher Columbus. Perfect for students of both schools.

Year later, long after the Gables gave the bus system to Miami Dade, I figured out why the bus system was there. All the routes started in the Gables, but ended in, well, let's say poorer areas of the County. Richmond Heights, Westchester, South Miami... I'm sure there were others toward the North. Why? If you rode any of the routes in the morning or afternoon, it was clear. To bring the 'domestic help' into the rich homes of the Gables. Maids and other workers would be on these buses.

Sad but true, I had a neighbor that would actually call the police if she saw a black person on our street that wasn't wearing a maid's uniform.

In the early 1970's the Gables bus system had some old 1950's vintage, unairconditioned buses they hung on to. They were used twice a day to take kids to G.W. Carver and Ponce Jr. Highs. We were too close to the schools to qualify for the County Buses. But these old buses would take us down Alhambra Cir. to Ponce, then I think Carver. But for Carver I did live far enough away to the the School Bus 593 Lee Womac at the helm. How in the world do I remember my 7th Grade bus driver, but little of what I was taught at Carver?

Carver had been the black HS and Ponce the white. When Coral Gables HS opened, both became Jr Highs. Because of desegregation, by 1972, everyone went to Carver for 7th grade, then Ponce for 8th and 9th. Both were actually excellent facilites because they had been high schools. The labs and shops were way above Jr. High standards. I was in Graphics classes at both schools. Carver was actually the best. Full size dark rooms, printing presses, drafting boards, everything.

The main thing I remember from Carver was sweating. No AC anywhere in the school. Just these steam heaters in the classrooms that just sat there. I think there was enough residual heat from the summer to keep us warm in the winter. Maybe a fan or two. In some rooms the sun hit the windows and made it hell. I'm sure kids today would laugh at the concept of an un air conditioned school as some sort of torture.

As I type this, I'm reminded of my 7th grade Typing teacher, Mr. Horton. Graphics was my favorite class. Mr. Pino maybe? The teachers at Carver were tough. Ponce was way easier. At Ponce, Mr. Ralph Moore was principal. Other APs were Artmeyer? Triana?

Building wise, the 1000 building was great old Florida architecture. I spent many hours in the attics. One we converted to an electronics lab for the Independent Study Program. I understand the 1000 building has been closed. I really hope they can fix it.

2000 was old too, but I think it had been rebuilt after a fire so it didn't seem quite as old. Both had high ceilings to help get the heat away from us. The 7000 building was newer, with low ceilings and every classroom seemed to face the sun twice a day. It was the pressure cooker.

For 9th I switched to St. John Vianney. For that old HS I have a web site. SJV High was around from 1959 to 1975. You can see some old pictures of it there.

I actually attended CGHS one day, Drivers Ed over the summer. I found out Palmetto had the same class in half the time, so I switched. Coach Salwick had great driving tips under the heading of 'don't do this...'.

Any other memories of Carver and Ponce? I know everyone usually has great memories of their HS, but Jr. was fun too.

Ray27-Dec-2007 01:03
A minor correction: "A prison at 87th Ave and Miller road before it was the water plant. " Actually, the Stockade was just north of the City of Miami water plant. I think it was built in 1932 and was turned over to Miami Dade Fire Rescue in the 1950s. It was finally torn down last year. A new very large fire facility is about to open on the same property.

Starting at Miller Road (SW 56 St) and going south on 87 Ave (Galloway Rd).

Original Dade County EOC.

Miami Dade 911 Center

Cemetery for those that couldn't afford a burial. It's actually still used to spread ashes today.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue Station 13. Old 13:

Water Plant (now run by Miami Dade, not City of Miami)

Railroad tracks

SR 874.