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Car bomb at Karolinska hospital.jpg

The car bomb at Karolinska hospital 1998-03-25
Photo taken by me soon after the blast, and it was a "big bang". I called 112 and said a car exploded at the Karolinska Hospital.
Shocked people walked around and acted confused. A woman stopped all who spoke on the phone and asked them to call for help, as if she thought they had not noticed the incident. I stepped right over the part of the explosives that have not exploded when I'd check if anyone was trapped in the car. If this happened immediately after the blast or five minutes later I do not know, I lost all sense of time because of the shock. Then I just have to go from there and I got the feeling that I must be as far away as possible. After a few hours, the heart rate went down from 100 beats .....
Swedish newspaper about this:
"Car exploded outside the Karolinska Hospital
in Stockholm. Two people were injured when a car bomb detonated outside the Karolinska hospital's main entrance on Wednesday morning.
It is unclear what is behind the attack. The two injured, one male and one female, are known to police and may have been, an internal agreement among criminals.
"There's no gangsters who are into this stuff," says Sven-Åke Claesson, spokeswoman at Stockholm Police said.
The bomb exploded when the white car of jeeptyp passed the hospital's main entrance just before ten o'clock. Two siblings, a man and a woman, was riding in the car, owned by an elderly woman. The car, however, most abused by another man. The siblings and the other man is already known to police for various crimes, and all four are related.
The 28-year-old man who was driving the car was damaged most seriously in the blast and underwent surgery for his injuries this morning. His condition was stable, but he has not been heard by the investigators.
Police have no idea why the bomb placed in the car, but are considering whether it can be an internal arrangement between criminals.
The woman, who is 26 years old, were slightly injured. She was interrogated by police investigators after the explosion. She says it does not feel any threat to himself or his brother. The same says the car's owner and the alleged perpetrator is most often used the car.

No overall effect
According to police, no explosive charge detonated by the total force. There was also no damage to the buildings nearby.
"There are parts of an explosive device that does not detonated near the car," said Claesson said.
Police said it could indicate that the major charge was positioned so that the explosive was calling inside the car. The bomb probably was sitting in the front of the car, or in the engine. Which of explosives used was unclear on Wednesday afternoon.
According to the witnesses that were on the spot, it was a very loud bang and police sealed off large parts of the hospital in search of evidence and traces. Visitors had to walk in through culverts and backdoors. Closures caused traffic chaos around the hospital

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