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Stacy London from TLC's What Not to Wear

Stacy London is an American fashion consultant and media personality, known best for her role as a co-host on the makeover reality program What Not to Wear which broadcasts on TLC in the United States and Canada.

London was born to Jewish-American parents in New York City on May 25, 1969. She received her A.B. from Vassar College with a double major in Philosophy and Germanic Studies, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. She began working in the fashion industry as a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine and later returned to Conde Nast as the senior fashion editor at Mademoiselle. She has styled fashion photos for other editorial publications, including Italian D, Nylon and Contents.

London has worked with a number of celebrities including Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler, as well as on fashion shows for designers such as Rebecca Taylor, Ghost, and Vivienne Tam.

Since 2003, Stacy has worked on numerous advertising campaigns. Her client roster includes Hanes, Wonderbra, Bali, Procter & Gamble, Covergirl, Suave, Target, Levi Strauss & Co., Maytag, Swatch USA, Longines and Calvin Klein. She can also be seen in recent Macy's commercials.

Stacy London co-hosts "What Not to Wear" with Clinton Kelly. She is known for her wit, as well as the trademark grey streak in her hair. She also has a love for high-heeled shoes. In a "Best of 2005" lookback show, Clinton Kelly teased London by saying "....there are almost as many great moments as there are high heels in Stacy's wardrobe." Stacy is more aggressive than her male co-host, and will bluntly criticize guests for their fashion mishaps. In September 2005, London and Kelly co-wrote a book entitled Dress Your Best: The Complete Guide to Finding the Style That's Right for Your Body.

London appeared on Oprah's "Jean Intervention" episode in November 2005.

Canon EOS 20D
1/500s f/8.0 at 70.0mm iso400 full exif

other sizes: small medium large original auto
kat 05-Jan-2011 05:13
I dont like the show
becuse stacy is rude to people about their fasions and styles I so seen people geting their feeling hurt too I feel bad they still look good no matter what! juging others about their looks is worng! and following them worng! and her adittude is nasty! I will never go on that show ever! i wish they could leave them alone the wau y their treating people noooooo way!
Laure 14-Dec-2010 02:52
I have been watching your show WNTW and it became my fav program.. And then there you were doing a commercial for Levi's... for their pull it up and stuck it in jeans.. I was so excited figuring if you said they worked, then they did... So I searched for a Levi store and boy was I disappointed... They didn't work at all.. I was so sad... Any other ideas on what a great, affordable jean would work on me?? I need a great pair of skinny jeans...
Tyrae 24-Oct-2010 19:04
You guys really need to come to Canada! I have a candidate for a Canadian show. My mom! She is always wearing Harley Davidson clothes, and when she does go shopping for something else she goes to places like Stitches or The Garage! Teenage stores! She's in her mid 40's and I think she REALLY needs some help with her wardrobe! PLEASE come to Canada!
Natasha 18-Oct-2010 01:45
I need serious help !
I wear my boyfriends clothesbaggie sweats and baggie tshirrts are my life , I'm a new mom ! I have gained some weight and am way to embarresed to go shopping so I I resor to wearing my boyfriends sweats and tee's !!!

I live in Ontario, Canada !
Please Please email me or call me 1 519 359 0118
Guest 14-May-2010 17:18
Stacy, I watch your show periodically and love it when I have time and was surprised at a comment you recently made in one of the episodes. "Did you have polio as a child"!. You were referring to wedge-heeled type boots that the candidate had in her closet. How insensitive can anyone be. I know someone who had polio as a child and all through adult life, had to wear special wedge boots in order for him to be able to keep his balance walking. You need to be more aware of your inappropriate comments.
E 25-Mar-2010 21:27
Come to Ottawa, On WE NEED YOU
Jill 24-Mar-2010 19:46
I am saddened every morning I have to get dressed and head off to work. I used to have a style of my own but during my late 20's I have put on weight and found an office job and lost whatever fashion sense I ever had. I always said I would not become one of "those" people and thats is what I am now! I could really use some help from the fab 2 that host the show. I watch marathons of this show and still slump everytime I go shopping. COME FIND ME IN CANADA!!!!!!
nuria16-Mar-2010 03:15
i watch show and i liket a lot ,please come to canada .stacy i need badli makeover please call me at 1 905 6643441 thank you nuria
nuria egger 16-Mar-2010 03:04
i watch your show and i liket a lot please come to canada ,sorry i dont now good to write english ,but all my simpaty to you .thank you for good time.i needet makeover to thank you

p.s nuria canada
Brianne Brooks 15-Mar-2010 01:09
Hey Stacey and Clintin! I have the perfect candidate for the show. My mother!!!! We live in Canada, and it would be really awesome if you guys made it up here for a canadian make over! A good person to consider would be my mother for sure! She has recently been diagnosed with cancer and to have her have a make over would really cheer her up, you know, in the end after all the critizing is over. lol. Come to Canada PLEASE!!!
Victoria 04-Mar-2010 23:56
Hellooooooo TLC's "What Not To Wear"... I am seriously speaking on behalf of myself when I say this.... I NEED you guys to come to Canada, Vancouver BC preferably, as that is where I am located. I work in a nice office, I'm only 22 and I feel I am THE ONLY person my age who can't flipping buy clothes that flatter me, or better yet, that fit me, OR that are decent quality AND that look good too. I need some help!!!! SO PLEASE! If you don't make it here, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, someone start a show in Canada, some of us are DYING for your help!!!
Thanks :D
Ashley 10-Feb-2010 22:51
hey stacy!! i love your show please come to canada it would be soo much fun to see canadian made over and theres some people that i know need a makovers in canada please stacy and clintin help canada be fashable ps i am only 12 years old!!!! byye love the show
Ashley 10-Feb-2010 22:50
hey stacy!! i love your show please come to canada it would be soo much fun to see canadian made over and theres some people that i know need a makovers in canada please stacy and clintin help canada be fashable ps i am only 12 years old!!!! byye love the show
Guest 06-Feb-2010 18:27
PLEASE PLEASE COME TO CANADA! i know some one who needs a serious make over or at leat major fasion tips! the girl wears light grey poke-a-dot dresses that dont flatter her with neon blue tights and purple boots!
Rachel 30-Jan-2010 21:16
I agree with some of the other ladies, wish your show was in Canada, I watch all the time, and think my style has gone down hill, I used to dress nice, but I am finding it harder to dress my body, and all my focus goes to my children.
Pat 11-Jan-2010 00:55
I tape your show each day and watch it after work each night.
I wish you were in Canada, especially Vancouver, as I could use a makeover.
I am trying to use your tips and buy clothes that fit.
I can hear you now, "another sleeveless T shirt" - yes, I have one in every colour
Guest 31-Aug-2009 16:57
how old do u have to be to be on what not to wear?
Guest 31-Aug-2009 16:57
how old do u have to be to be on what not to wear?
Guest 19-Aug-2009 16:07
kelly 13-Aug-2009 07:08
stacy and clinton??? do u even look at this wall??? would u be able to get back to us??
Guest 08-Aug-2009 19:18
stacy and clinton r my idols!!!!!!!!!!
Guest 08-Aug-2009 19:18
stacy and clinton r my idols!!!!!!!!!!
amanda 30-Jul-2009 16:16
that a nice dress
Guest 28-Jul-2009 16:36
Please come to Canada ! I know someone who needs a SERIOUS makeover ! There are tons of people up here that need a makeover, for that matter. So please consider it !
Teacher 14-Jul-2009 15:38
Can you not read people it is spelled Clinton not Clinten. I think a lot of you need to go back to school for an English class instead of fashion training. On a positive side I want to give a gold star to the people that took the time to show that we are not all illiterate here in Canada.
Angie 09-Jul-2009 16:18
Hi Stacy and Clinton,

I absolutely love your show! Any plans to come to Toronto, Canada...

Angie, Toronto, Canada
Anna Schupak 21-Jun-2009 21:49
Stacy and Clinton,

I like to watch your show on TV as much as I can. Lately I've been observing that it is focus mainly on young people: young moms, professionals,etc... I am 61. What would be good for me? Hope you can have a program for mature people as well.
Many thanks, Anna Schupak Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Guest 21-Jun-2009 18:19
Guest 21-Jun-2009 14:38
You really need to come to Canada, my mother desperatly needs your help ! :S
Valann 19-Jun-2009 02:57
Come to Winnipeg Canada.... in January! Help me, my friends and Family find warm and fashionable clothing for our climate. Now that is a challenge for you!!!!
Allison 18-Jun-2009 23:27
hi!!! stacy and Clinton ... I'm Allison and I from Perú... but I love your tv program ... is so cool and very fashion...
Ron 09-Jun-2009 15:21
Hi Stacy, We live in Winnipeg,Canada. My wife (doctor,OBGYN. age 40) watches your show always but desperatly needs your help!!!!! Can you save her?
Darlene Gardner 14-May-2009 22:19
Hey Stacy and Clinten, I love the show I would love to be on it. I am 4ft 11, and I cant find anything to fit me, please come to canada and do a show
Clair Thibaudeaux 28-Apr-2009 21:24
I saw them today! they came to my school! it was awesome. i actually had a conversation with clinton:)
Keira 02-Mar-2009 02:56
I love your show so much! I watch it almost every day and never miss a new episode! Thanks so much for putting on this fabulous show!
audrey tarrant 01-Feb-2009 19:12
HI STACY AND CLINTON First I love your show. Am wondering how would i go about getting my mother on, I live in Newfoundland Canada she is a walking talking fashion disaster, anyway love you guys keep up the good work Audrey Tarrant
Virgina A. Florence 20-Dec-2008 20:04
Hi Stacy,

I think you are the best! I need your help. Please give me some advice as to what colors and patterns that I can mix and match together. I would like to expand my options. Thanking you in advance for your help.
starry 20-Dec-2008 01:53
dear stacy and clinton, it would be an honour just to met you both one day, i love watching your show and the way you bring happiness in to people's lives,it bring tears an joy in my heart to see the ways in how you make there lives happy, i love you both, especially both your personalities, you both are doing a very good job so keep up the good work ,god bless you both and keep you both young and happy to bring more happiness into other people's lives. love starry
Guest 20-Nov-2008 19:30
Hi Stacy--I watch What Not To Wear regularily. Just turning 60- do you never do any episodes on what is appropriate for this age group. Don't like old lady clothes, too young for that. Marilyn ( N.S. Canada)
Terryl Francisco 20-Nov-2008 19:12
Hi Stacy I live in Calgary Alberta Canada. I have two kids,I was diagnosed with MS just before I was married 10 years ago.Yes, my ten year anniversarry is approaching(June 2009).
I never shop for myself, just for the kids. I often just wear sweats because I am in pain most of the time and I have to do physio 3-4 times a week.
If you are ever here please HELP.
Beth 29-Oct-2008 02:03
Help! Help! HELP! I need to get my mother in-law on the SHOW! I'm in Canada, how do I do it.... Seriously! This is the lumber jack fashion disaster of the century!
Caity♥ 12-Oct-2008 23:03
Hey Stacy hey Clinten I love what not to wear and since I,v been watching it had some great fashion ideas and theres this website I put them on called polyvore and I was wondering if u could check it out and maybe use it them your show. My screen name is LOL78.
Hope u check it out thanks caity
Jenn 27-Sep-2008 15:13
I watch What Not to Wear all the time and LOVE it! I wish there was a way to bring What Not to Wear to Canada to be on the show?!
mandy 29-Jul-2008 00:05
i love it my mom lisa said she likes it to lol i love her top stacy call me at 7066477645 i need a top and i need hlep come at 219 D street ok call me girl lol
lisa 28-Jul-2008 23:55
i love it its, the top get it hehehehehehe and stacy was wearing a short sleeved lacy top with a tie at the waist it is a winter white color i love it i need one lol
Lynn Beirness 28-Oct-2006 23:00
On the episode aired in Canada on October 27, 2006 Stacy was wearing a short-sleeved lacy top with a tie at the waist. It appeared to be a winter white color. Does anyone know where she purchased the top? It was beautiful and I'd love to purchase one. Thanks.

Lynn Arthur-Beirness
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