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Don Boyd

Memories of old Miami and Dade County, Florida (commentary - no photos) - click on image to read

Some memories of Miami and Dade County in the 50's, 60's and 70's. You know you grew up in old Miami or Dade County if you remember:

The Dade County Courthouse was the tallest building in the county
The beautiful marble Miami Public Library was in Bayfront Park east of Biscayne Boulevard. It was later torn down as a sign of "progress."
Shopping at night in downtown Miami because the stores stayed open late certain nights of the week and shopping centers and malls weren't developed in the suburbs yet. Civic leaders are still working to make downtown more viable at night, which they haven't seen since the 50s and 60s.
Going to movies in downtown Miami day or night because it was safe to go downtown and there were several theatres on Flagler Street.
Shopping in the Little River area because the Northside Shopping Center hadn't opened yet for folks in the north end of the county.
The county's bus system being owned by the Pawley family with blacks required to ride in the back of the buses for decades. Dade County eventually bought the bus line from the family, along with the Beach and Gables bus systems and gave us a consolidated bus system.
The Biscayne Dog Track next to I-95, west of Barry College (now University)
Amelia Earhart Field (former Miami Municipal Airport) on LeJeune Road
Air shows at the Naval Air Station and Marine Corps Air Station Miami (Masters Field) on NW 27th Avenue
The North Campus of Dade County, later Miami-Dade, Junior College being built on Masters Field, former part of Naval Air Station Miami and Marine Corps Air Station Miami, on NW 27th Avenue and 110th Street - we parked on old taxiways in certain areas of the campus. Some of the classes were held in old rectangular barracks north of Scott Hall in the mid-60's.
The Miami Beach Dog Track located at the southern tip of Miami Beach.
The Tropical Park horse racing track that had the early winter racing dates.
Hialeah Race Track that had the prime winter racing dates and was packed with tourists every day it was open.
The Colosseum on Douglas Road - I remember it as a large bowling alley and a skating rink but it served other purposes during its life.
The air raid sirens that went off county wide every Saturday at noon or 1pm to make sure they worked
The Army Corps of Engineers federal property along Government Cut on the south tip of Miami Beach which somehow ended up with the city and then condo developers instead of becoming a public park
Mr. Bill "Miami Snakeman" Haast and the Miami Serpentarium that operated from 1948 until 1984 at US1 and SW 126th Street. He is now 95 years old, still working with snakes and lives in Punta Gorda, FL
The large Aviation Building east of Miami International Airport on NW 27th Avenue - Embry-Riddle had classrooms there among other companies - photo at
The 36th Street Airport before most of the airlines moved to the new 20th Street Terminal in 1959. Old photos are located on our aviation site at:
The crossing arms on LeJeune Road that blocked vehicle traffic while National Airlines propeller aircraft taxied to or from their maintenance hangar (now Baker Aviation School) on the east side of LeJeune Road
The public observation decks on top of every concourse at Miami International Airport with the 10 cent turnstiles that most of us hopped over without getting caught
The Beatles arriving at Miami International Airport to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show and vacation in the area:
The original Tamiami Airport out in the boonies on SW 8th Street - now FIU - this county's colleges (MDC and FIU) would have been in deep doo-doo if not for airports being given up
It seemed like half the town worked for Eastern Air Lines, National Airlines or Pan American World Airways


The William B. Singer Expressway (designated by the Florida Legislature), more commonly known as I-95 starting and ending at NW 29th Street northward. A December 1963 aerial photo of the temporary NW 29th Street entrance/exit is at: . I-95 was the third expressway to fully open in Dade County, following the Sunshine State Parkway opening in 1957 and the Palmetto Bypass which opened in 1962. The first I-95 segment opened in December 1961 and ran from NW 29th Street to NW 95th Street with work on the Airport Expressway and the interchange with I-95 occurring at the same time. The next segment to open was in 1964 when the NW 95th Street to State Road 84 in Broward opened along with the Golden Glades Interchange, except for a four lane stretch near Ives Dairy Estates that had a red light and grade level intersection. Also in 1964 plans were finalized for I-95's path through downtown Miami with two new spur routes, Interstate 395 from I-95 to the entrance to MacArthur Causeway, and Florida 970, the downtown distributor. Also thrown into the plans was the addition of the East-West Expressway (SR 836) which would run from I-395/I-95 west. The I-95 segment from NW 29th Street to NW 20th Street was completed and opened in 1968.

The segment from I-95's planned southern terminus at U.S. 1 to Flagler Street was also completed in in the 1968 time frame. The Flagler Street to NW 20th Street segment started construction in 1968, along with I-395, Florida 970 and East-West Expressway (SR 836). The Flagler Street to NW 20th Street segment finally opened in late 1969, allowing travelers to finally drive from US1 to the Golden Glades interchange and points north without stopping for the first time. The final construction project on the original I-95 was the new interchange at Ives Dairy Road which started in 1969.


NW 36th Street was the major east-west highway until the Airport Expressway was built, with a 10 cent toll on the Airport Expressway - a photo of the expressway under construction is at

The traffic circle just south of the Sears store on Biscayne Boulevard and the giant Coppertone billboard on the southeast portion of that circle with the motorized moving black dog pulling down the girl's bathing suit bottom - a Coppertone ad is at

The Miami News, Miami's great Pulitzer Prize winning afternoon newspaper published by Cox Newspapers. Subscription costs in the 60's were 5 cents daily and 15 cents on Sundays - originally in the Tower on Biscayne Boulevard (Freedom Tower) and later moved to a new building on the Miami River and NW 7th Street. They gave The Miami Herald some much needed competition.
Coconut Grove was full of hippies, artists, braless ladies and a lot of pot
Flamingo Park full of hippies and protestors during both the 1972 Democratic and Republican national conventions on Miami Beach, with nudity almost every night in the large pool
The annual Youth Fair being held way out in the boonies on Kendall Drive
"Kendall" meant the countywide juvenile detention center where the bad kids went when convicted of crimes - the really bad asses went there. Kendall also had a Children's Home where non-delinquent dependent children lived.
The Miami Marlins playing at the Miami Baseball Stadium off NW 7th Avenue
Fishing all over the place and catch brim, bass, gar (ugh!), catfish, etc. in canals and waterways. We used to go west between the Snake Creek Canal in North Dade/South Broward and the mountain of fill they excavated while digging the canal to a point where the Everglades drained into it and there were rapids there, along with plenty of rattlesnakes.

Regal Beer and Blatz Beer breweries in NW Miami - both were awful but they were cheap

The Rickenbacker Causeway had a drawbridge and a toll of 25 cents at the entrance to the causeway
The Miami Marine Stadium on Rickenbacker where you could watch hydroplane races or rock concerts
The cabanas you could rent daily at Crandon Park
The deserted undeveloped beaches south of Crandon Park on Key Biscayne where you could walk with your girl, park a blanket and make out for hours on a weekend day without seeing anyone coming by to interrupt the passions
The Crandon Park Zoo - I donated my three wild iguanas to their iguana island upon orders of the Hialeah Police who were fed up with hysterical calls from my neighbor ladies (Pat Fargason for one)
The amusement park at Crandon Park with the miniature train ride around the park for 10 cents
Beautiful Greynolds Park being full of young teens on weekends in the 60's and hippies in the 70's - great hippie chick memories forever! Some were truly beautiful.

The Ferris Wheel on top of Burdines downtown
The great ice cream at the Jordan Marsh department store restaurant (Gulfstream?) on Biscayne Boulevard
The opening of Dadeland Shopping Center with a grocery store (Food Fair, later Grand Union) on the north side just west of Burdines. It was enclosed and air-conditioned years later.
The Barefoot Mailman store at Dadeland, full of fun and unusual items and objects
The opening of the 163rd Street Shopping Center, an open area mall, to become air-conditioned decades later with a fabric roof
The opening of Hollywood Mall, the first totally air-conditioned enclosed mall in South Florida, on Hollywood Boulevard a few blocks west of I-95
Shopping in the Little River area until the Northside Shopping Center open air mall opened at NW 27th Avenue and 79th Street
The Rosetta Theatre on NE 2nd Avenue in Little River that had cheap matinees for kids during the summer, especially for those belonging to their Summer Movie Club.
The Shores Theatre was further north from the Rosetta on the same road (NE 2nd Avenue)
The Tower Theatre and Trail Theatre on S. W. 8th Street.
The Wometco 163rd Street Theatre, first twin indoor theatre adjacent to the 163rd Street Shopping Center.
The Golden Glades twin drive-in theatre next to the east-west Palmetto, which almost caused wrecks when risque scenes were being shown on the huge screens.
The downtown theatres, namely The Florida, Miami, and Olympia (now Gusman Hall)

The A&P Supermarket on NW 62nd Street just east of Hialeah
The Food Fair supermarket chain, with Merchants Green Stamps given for every 10 cents of purchases - a photo of a Food Fair is at
The Grand Union and Kwik Chek (now Winn-Dixie) supermarkets
The Zayre's and Grandway discount department stores - a photo of a Zayre's is at
The Luskins High Fidelity stores where low prices prevailed like Brandsmart today
The Midway Mall on the Palmetto at Flagler Street
The Lindsley Lumber and Renuart Lumber stores - photo of a Lindsley store is at
Johnny & Mack by the railroad track, the world's finest and that's a fact
An advertisement on billboards and TV for weeks that showed a mountain and an exclamation that "A Mountain is coming to Miami" that had us wondering where it would be. It turned out that the ad was for Folger's Coffee (mountain grown) that was being introduced to area supermarkets.

The Tyler's restaurants in several Miami locations in the 50's - we used to eat at one on NW 36th Street just west of NW 7th Avenue and they had a superb key lime pudding/bisque for dessert that only Jon's Steak House in Hialeah ever matched for deliciousness - everything else pales in comparison, especially the restaurants that have the awful green key lime desserts
The Painted Horse all you can eat restaurant just north of Miami Shores at 11495 Biscayne Boulevard where it was 99 cents for all you can eat and 49 cents for kids. A scan of their old ad from the 50s is at
The Jahn's Ice Cream Parlors - one on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables and one on A1A in Sunny Isles - a great place for taking your girl on a date, especially if she liked ice cream sundaes. A photo of the one at Sunny Isles is at
The Royal Castle chain of restaurants with minimum seating at the counter and no table seating until later years - hamburgers with fried onions on top were 15 cents, birch beer in a frosted mug was 5 cents and then 7 cents, and the glazed honeybuns were delicious - photos of one at NW 27 Avenue and 79th Street are at and
The Burger King chain starting in Miami on NW 36th Street east of Miami International Airport - a photo of an early Burger King is at
The Lums restaurant chain, home of the hot dogs steamed in beer with sauerkraut and frosted schooners of beer (one still exists in Davie with all the original menu items) - a photo of one on 79th Street is at
The Dressels Dairy bar on Milam Dairy Road west of the airport where you could buy ice cream, milk shakes, etc. and the kids could pet barnyard animals on the huge front lawn, all while watching aircraft going overhead either landing or taking off from MIA to the east
The Blackbelt Dairy
Sir William's Pub restaurant next to 836 at Milam Dairy Road (later became The Spirit restaurant)
Holsum Bakeries on US1 that emitted delicious aromas of bread being baked
The Hot Shoppes and Jimmy's Hurricane restaurants - a photo of Jimmy's Hurricane is at
Grentner's Restaurant - he later operated Grentner's Barbeque on NW 36 Street north of MIA
The Big Daddy's 747 Lounge on Royal Poinciana Boulevard in Miami Springs, just west of LeJeune Road
The Black Caesar's Forge restaurant
The Yorkshire Inn on Bird Road
The The English Pub / Jamaican Inn on Key Biscayne
The Studio restaurant
The My Apartment restaurant at the Miami Springs Villas complex on NW 36th Street
The Chesapeake seafood restaurant on the Miami River at NW North River Drive and 36th Street.
The Red Diamond Italian restaurant on LeJeune Road serving great Italian food - see
Wolfie's Restaurant at 21st and Collins and a second location in North Miami Beach
Pumpernik's Restaurant on Miami Beach
Marcella's Italian Restaurant in North Miami and later Hollywood - great ads on late night TV in the early 70's
Jackie Gleason's chain of restaurants - good food and service but the chain died
Television entertainer Jackie Gleason building a large home at the Country Club of Miami in NW Dade County and later moving to Inverrary
1956 hot spots: Top O' The Columbus at the Columbus Hotel, 312 NE 1st Street, Miami, Bamboo Room at the Roney Plaza, 23rd and Collins, Carnival Room at the Americana Hotel in Bal Harbour, Pagoda at the Saxony Hotel, 3201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, La Ronde at the Fontainebleau, Blue Sails at the Sans Souci, 3101 Collins Avenue, Pompeii Cafe at the Eden Roc Hotel, and the Aladdin Room at the Algiers Hotel. The popular 1956 strip joints were Pigalle at 215 22nd Street, Miami Beach, Life Bar at 134 5th Street, Miami Beach, Five O'Clock Club at 2002 Collins, Miami Beach, Harem Club at 636 Collins Avenue, Gaiety Club at 7800 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, and the Jungle Club at 3690 NW 36th Street, Miami. Popular bars in 1956 were Bonfire at 1700 79th Street Causeway, Murray Franklin's at 23rd Street and the ocean, Miami Beach, Malayan Lounge at 1810 79th Street Causeway, Bar of Music at 427 22nd Street, Miami Beach, Black Magic Room at 1335 79th Street Causeway, and the Black Orchid at 1601 79th Street Causeway.

WQAM-AM 560 Tiger Radio having a 60+% market share of all radio stations in South Florida, with disk jockeys Jim Dunlap, Rick Shaw, Lee Sherwood, Charlie Murdock, Roby Yonge, Ted Clark, etc. Alan Courtney had a talk show on at night which annoyed the music listeners. Rick Shaw always closed his evening show with Ray Peterson's version of "Goodnight My Love"
The WQAM Tiger in a Mustang that roamed around town, driven by different disk jockeys, awarding prizes to people in cars in front of them if they were listening to WQAM. A great WQAM nostalgia site is located at with old jingles, etc.
WCKR-AM 610 played rock at night for a while - it later turned into WIOD-AM "Wonderful Isle of Dreams" playing tamer music
WFUN-AM 790 Fun Radio, WQAM's main competitor - not my favorite
WAME-AM Whammy Radio - limited to broadcasting rock from sunrise to sunset - their broadcast tower was a few hundred fee east of the Palmetto in a remote field in West Hialeah just north of where Westland Mall was built (about where W. 53rd or 54 Street is now). I got to push the button taking them off the air at sunset a few times because I delivered The Miami News to the station engineers there.
Steve Alaimo, a local rock and roll singer with national hit records - sang frequently at dances held at Hialeah Municipal Auditorium
"The Place" on the west side of NW 7th Avenue near North Miami where teens went to dance to music performed by local and visiting rock and roll bands. The Clefs of Lavender Hill, a North Miami group with a national hit called "Stop! Get a Ticket", often played there.
The Castaways Resort on A1A south of Sunny Isles being a wild and crazy place with the famous "Wreck Bar" and go-go dancers, with numerous TV ads on late night TV
The Newport Beach Hotel on A1A and Sunny Isles Boulevard having a wild reputation and hosting various nationally known rock and roll groups - the owner's son was in my USCG Reserve unit
The Barn in North Bay Village with Wayne Cochran
The Rhodes Brothers performing at airport-area hotels and the Miami Merchandise Mart for years
Alabama Jacks on Card Sound Road, especially when it was owned by Rose
Sunday wet t-shirt contests at the Unwinder Hotel at Jewfish Creek
Rock concerts at Miami Jai-Alai Fronton, the Miami Marine Stadium and the Miami Baseball Stadium, along with the Orange Bowl and the Sportatorium way out in the Everglades on Hollywood Boulevard (now in the city of Pembroke Pines)
The Pirates World amusement park up in Dania
The Funland amusement park (50's) near the southwest corner of NW 79th Street and 27th Avenue where the "Wild Mouse" roller coaster was the scariest ride there. The popular Frank n Bun Drive-In was located closer to the same corner.
The Polar Palace ice skating rink on the south side of NW 36th Street near Miami Jai-Alai east of NW North River Drive.
The first Playboy Club in Miami on the canal east of Biscayne Boulevard, just south of the Pussycat Theatre. That Playboy Club moved to LeJeune Road in the Miami Airport Inn, a hotel that was somehow approved (money talks, reason walks) despite its height and location under the approach to runway 27-left at Miami International Airport. There was also a Playboy Club in the Playboy Plaza (name correct?) Hotel at 5445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. The hotel lobby and bar area were beautiful. The club was located in the basement area of the hotel.

The Bowlerama bowling establishment at NW 2nd Avenue and 79th Street
The 79th Street Art Theatre, one of the few adult movie theatres in the county
The nudist camp on NW 27th Avenue across from the Pizza Palace in Carol City that was featured in a couple of movies
The hundreds of young beautiful flight attendants who used to live in apartment houses in Miami Springs, especially along Royal Poinciana Boulevard, in the 60's and 70's. Airline regulations at the time required that they quit if they married, got pregnant or failed to meet weight standards, so the turnover was high every five years or so.

St. Mary's Church at NW 2nd Avenue and 75th Street before it became a cathedral in the mid-1950's.

Miami Beach
The 2-story parking garage at the Miami Beach Dog Track that allowed ample parking for all the teens going to South Beach between the Lummus Park fishing pier and Government Cut - that was South Beach at the time - somehow South Beach is now all over the place
The surfing craze in the 60's with surfboard sales, repair and rental shops along Ocean Drive across from Lummus Park
The bagel bakery in the same stretch as the Ocean Drive surfboard shops selling freshly baked bagels for 5 cents each
Holy Joe, a character who roamed South Beach trying to redeem us on the beach with his preachings
The residents of South Beach being older than the buildings, with a lot of them spending their days sitting in chairs in front of their apartment houses watching people walk by
The closest county bus stop on South Beach was at 5th Street and Washington, requiring a lengthy hike to and from the beach south of the fishing pier
Miami Beach being totally clogged with a ton of tourists during winter months, with big name entertainment acts appearing at the Fontainebleu, Edec Roc and other big hotels every week
Miami Beach being a ghost town during summer months with some hotels closing during the summer due to the lack of visitors due to the heat and humidity

The Naval Air Station, and later Marine Corps Air Station Miami at Master's Field on NW 27th Avenue - now Miami-Dade College North Campus
The sea of military troops camped out in tents on the south side of Opa-locka Airport from LeJeune Road to Red Road during the Cuban Missile Crisis and hundreds of trains bringing in tons of military vehicles and personnel
The Hawk and Nike missile bases set up all over Dade County in the event of a war with Cuba. We drove out to one in the boonies of Carol City and spoke to Army soldiers through the barbed wire fence on weekend afternoons - as long as you had a girl or two with you they would talk about everything
The Bay of Pigs aircraft (A-26's) taking off from Opa-locka Airport on training missions
The missile base command post west of Red Road and north of NW 186th Street (now a Naval/Marine Corps Reserve training center)
The Nike missile base in south Broward (now Miramar) just north of the county line and east of Flamingo Road. It will now become a Florida Army National Guard training center but the project is sure taking a long time to complete. By the time they move into the main base building it will need a new roof.
The Coast Guard amphibious aircraft operating in the bay next to their base at Dinner Key prior to their move to Opa-locka Airport in the early 60's

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Kristin Piatt 05-Feb-2023 15:09
My mom used to live and work in Miami in the late 70s/early 80s. The bar she worked at I believe was called the monkey bar. Does anyone hang any info on this?
Rick 19-Nov-2022 02:10
Does anyone remember the Norm Bush Quintet in and around Tampa and Lakeland florida?
Jim 16-Mar-2022 15:53
My grandfather Harvey Rouse worked for his Uncle George Cord at a Pure Oil gas station in North Miami. Northeast around 125th Street. I know it’s a long shot but if anyone knows anything about the station or has photos by some miracle I know he’d love to see them.
Joni 24-Feb-2022 20:23
Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant in Bal Harbor in the 70"s that was near the car dealership and across from the Bal Harbor shops? It was pretty upscale and I loved it especially the desert you had to order at the beginning of your meal. Some type of souffle with fruit baked in it and the named after the restaurant. So many great memories there.
Also loved the seafood restaurant on 79th street causeway with the best shrimp neuberg. Was it Felix's?
Loved my years in Miami! Joni
Cyndi 12-Oct-2021 04:08
Does anyone remember any of the chefs or cooks at the Newport Pub or Fountainbleau hotel that might have gotten around with his fellow co-workers. This would’ve been around 1968-1970
Guest 01-Sep-2021 22:38
The elephant off Bird Rd. was Dixie.
Guest 24-Jul-2021 18:07
Does any remember the elephant that carried a small tire wherever it went that lived on the corner of Bird Road and 107th ave. I Believed it was later given to Crandon Park Zoo.
Guest 24-Jul-2021 18:07
Does any remember the elephant that carried a small tire wherever it went that lived on the corner of Bird Road and 107th ave. I Believed it was later given to Crandon Park Zoo.
Guest 29-May-2021 12:25
My great aunt and uncle had a famous bar in Miami Beach in the 50’s-70’s. Her name was Theresa Kelly. And I think his was Joe Kelly. The bar was called Kelly’s. I cannot find any info anywhere about it. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of this. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
Leila M De Jesus 22-May-2021 07:08
I'm looking for a guy named Tony who used to own a gas station on or around NE 6th Avenue in North Miami. Does anyone know him or remember him please? Thank you. He used to fix vintage cars as well.
debra fotis 16-Mar-2021 15:45
I grew up in east Perrine and Attended school K-4 at the original Perrine elementary located on US1 and Eureka drive.
The original 4 room 2 story building which was built in 1916 was where my 4th grade class was.
My mother attended school there in the 1950's
My 4th class was the last to attend in 1978.
They built a more modern school on 168th street.
Sadly they tore it down for a shopping center instead of designated it a historic landmark.
There was a lot of upset people who were sad to see it go.
Shan 23-Sep-2019 02:23
Someone asked in 2015 about the deli/bakery in Suniland. It was Pumpernicks. A side note.. there was a diner called "The Hungry Hound" I think right in or about that same strip mall. I am sure someone wolfed down grits and eggs there besides me.
Jeff 11-Sep-2019 21:33
Not sure... but I believe the health food store in North Miami Beach was Here Comes the Sun. After they relocated, a record store call Good Sounds opened in that location.

As for Jeffrey Perlman, you are incorrect. Funland Park was on NW 27 Avenue south of 79th Street, Fun Fair was on the 79th Street Causeway on Treasure Island.

Luisa sure got around... LOL!
Luisa 24-May-2019 04:19
I've lived in Miami almost 58 years, came in July 1961. Lived on S.W. 10th Street, went to Miami Sr. High; ate at Harvey's, the Golden Fountain, the Golden Nugget, Tyler's, Toby's, Biscayne Cafeteria, Toddle House, Viet House, Ferdinand's, Royal Castle, White Castle; went to the Olympia, the Miami, the Paramount, the Uptown, the Parkway, the Tivoli, the Tower, the Trail, the Gables, the Coral, the Miracle, the Riviera; shopped at Kwik Chek, Food Fair, Grand Union, 7-Eleven, U-Tote-m, Farm Stores, Hartley's, Richards, Jackson's Byrons, Lerner's, Mangel's, Three Sisters, Jefferson's, Woolworth, Grant, Kress, McCrory's, Murphy's, Neisner, Eagle Army & Navy, Master's, Saunders', Roy's Liquor Bar, James' City, Rexall's drug store. Roberts' drug store used to have a TV set in a wooden cabinet in the lot with benches across the street.
cpop07-Mar-2019 00:05
Does anyone remember the plane at grapeland park? It was so cool we rode there a lot. Dressels dairy? great childhood memories
Guest 31-Dec-2018 21:08
Trying to remember a health food restaurant from the 80's, located NE 6th ave south of NE 163rd st . There was a winn dixie also in the same area. The krispy kreme is still there
Jeffrey Perlman 09-Jul-2018 22:07
That which was labeled "Funland" was really "Funfair" Great miniature golf
Lenny 13-Apr-2018 04:59
Does anyone remember a Italian / Pizza restaurant in Miami Beach called Chico's ?
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 22:17
Some kids used to sing me the "Johnnie and Mack" jingle as a tease, but some of these kids actually thought that it was all one name, and that it was probably my dad. Too bad it wasn't. More random memories:
1) I actually knew a kid who claimed that "Tom-Guss-taff-sonnnn" was his father, but his name was neither Tom nor Gustafson, so he never got sung to.
2) My mother worked at Wolfie's before she married my father, and claimed to have waited on Babe Ruth not long before he died.
3) Auditory memory: I remember the air-raid siren drills every Saturday at 1pm. Then it seems they went to monthly, then stopped happening altogether, but I don't have a timeline for this.
4) I remember going out every Wednesday night at 7pm and could see the Goodyear Blimp fly by. I used to pretend it was a UFO.
5) Sometime in 1971 or 1972, I saw a fireball in the east go through the sky and whatever it was probably crashed into the ocean. It was about 8 or 9 at night, I think. No one else around me was facing the same way, or believed me, and it wasn't in the paper or on the news later. This was definitely not the same as the incident some others reported in the 1960's, though. It was definitely 1971 or 2. I never figured out what it was, and don't suspect anything supernatural or extraterrestrial, even though people thought I was having a childish space fantasy at the time, but I am very clear in my own mind it was real, whatever it was. I'm 58 now. I'm open to clues if anyone has any.
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 21:29
People used to think because of my name that my dad might have owned "Johnnie and Mack". But no, Johnnie and Mack were two different people, and we neither were, nor even related to, either of them.
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 21:24
(email address)
My email is
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 21:20
(21 to 34 of 34)
(21) the house on the SW corner of the intersection of NW 13 St and 33 Ave, before 836 -- the house still exists now but the intersection does not, and it is divided into a duplex, with one part having a 12xx address on 33 Ave and the other with a 33xx address on 13 St. The Springsteen song with the line about the house with the interstate running through the front yard reminds me of this, even though it's a Spanish neighborhood, not black, and the house was green, not pink.
(22) the wooden bridge over the canal on NW 32 Ct between NW 13 Terrace and 13 Lane, I think gone since 1967-ish.
(23) any city bus from the 1950's through early 1970's, preferably showing that it is either Route 3 or 6
(24) the intersection of NW 14 St and 22 Ave., when it was impossible to turn left from one onto the other
(25) the intersection of NW 17 St, 27 Ave, and 16 St. Rd., when it WAS possible to make all such left turns
(26) Flagler Dog Track as seen from south of NW 7 St., long before it had anything to do with being a casino -- in kindergarten with no 836 I could see the sign all the way from Grapeland Park.
(27) The Ponce-Douglas medical clinic on SW 37 Ave between Flagler and Ponce de Leon. I think it was torn down in the 1990s sometime.
(28) any Miami-area Lum's restaurant
(29) the Burger King that was just south of NW 14 St on 27 Ave. It became an El Fajardo music store, I think, then several other places, no idea if the building even still exists.
(30) Maryland Fried Chicken on SW 37 Avenue across from Sears.
(31) Sambo's Pancakes in that same area (yes, I know people think now the name is racist, but I thought the story was just about a little boy who outwitted a tiger in a magic way, and didn't imagine it was denigrating to anybody; indeed when I was a kid, I thought it was neat that he was black and lived in Africa, but admittedly, I am white -- I intend no offense)
(32) any Miami area Howard Johnson's (less controversially)
(33) the Royal Castle at the intersection of Flagler and 37th Avenue
(34) the Dog House in that same area, when it was actually a Dog House and not just still using that dog-house-shaped sign to advertise any-and-everything else
That's as much of a brain dump that comes to mind now -- I registered, but if nothing pops up with an email address to contact me, I'll add another comment with my email. Thanks.
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 21:19
(11 to 20 of 34)
(11) Kensington Park Elementary at NW 7 St and 30 Ave, as it was pre-1972
(12) The Grand Union NOT in the shopping plaza but when it was across from KP Elem. pre-1970
(13) Douglas Road/NW 37 Ave between NW 11 St and 20 St pre-1971 before it was widened and crossed the canal, when it ended with a 90-degree turn at 20 St.
(14) The NW 14 St/37 Ave intersection before 836 was built
(15) any part of the area bounded on the south by NW 12 St. Rd., the west by 45 Ave. and Tamiami Canal Rd, the north by 18 St, and the east by LeJeune Road, before that area became parking for the airport, particularly the 90-degree turn from 14 St onto 45 Ave.
(16) the Police Benevolent Park on NW 14 St and 23 Ave. when it had the amusement ride area, both pre-1968-ish when there was no concrete picnic area and post-then, after it was built.
(17) the Boy Scout building in the back of that park
(18) the building between Blue Lagoon Lake and NW 9 St, west of 45 Ave, when it was the Pan-American Club
(19) that same building when it became South Florida Military Academy in 1974 (it has since sometime in the 1980s been torn down and now there is an apartment complex there, if I remember correctly)
(20) a tiny pink house just north of NW 9 St. on the east side of NW 37 Ave, sideways across from the Central Shopping Plaza Grand Union; the house was torn down 1970-ish and an apartment building put up in its place.
atomicjohn03-Apr-2018 21:19
Looking for photos of various mundane places as I remember them. I lived in central Miami near the airport from infancy (1960) until 1980. Specifically, looking for the following:
(First 10 of 34)
(1) Central Shopping Plaza and its pre-Andrew sign
(2) Grand Union there, worked there in 1977 (I think it's now a Winn-Dixie)
(3) Zayre's there (not the one on Dixie Hwy.), played pinball as a teen
(4) Before it was Zayre's it was Masters, probably pre-1966 (I think now it's a KMart)
(5) any other store there as it was in the 60's or 70's, I remember Western Auto, Paint Fair, Murphy's with a lunch counter, Neisner's with a lunch counter, Walgreens with a full restaurant inside, JC Penney's, Thom McAn, National Shirt Shop, El Encanto, Klotz Dentistry, Three Sisters, and a barber shop and record store whose names escape me
(6) Grapeland Heights Library at NW 14th St. and 37th Ave., wrote many a book report there
(7) park activity building at 15 St, went to kindergarten there, before K became part of elementary school
(8) Stephen Clark Building at 16 St., belonged to clubs that met there, I think those last few places were demolished by Andrew
(9) McDonald's when it was on NW 7 St and 32 Ave, 1960's signs saying 3 billion served or 100 million served
(10) the 7-11 that was next door to it in the 1960's, which was torn down to make more parking for McD's
Mike Lamanna 08-Jan-2018 20:15
I believe it was Keg North. Keg West was by the Tamiami Airport. Keg South is still at USI and SW 104 ST
Robert Williams 16-Nov-2017 14:54
Does anyone remember the name of the bar on Sunset Drive and SW 117 Avenue.
There was Sunset Feed, the chuck wagon restaurant and this bar on the corner in the '70 -'80.
Or even where there are pictures.
Pat Blackman 26-Oct-2017 11:50
Pat Blackman
Happy memories of old Liberty City. We had our own theatre (Liberty Theatre), grocery stores, and restaurants. Samson Market and Earl's Market were the largest grocery stores in our area. We had a drive-in theatre located at N.W. 22nd street. Allapattah Park was the hang out on Sundays and It was safe with no shootings. Happy times growing up in the Liberty City area.
Denis from Canada 08-Mar-2017 11:57
Hi, this may too much to ask but does anyone have a list or names of hotel/motels that were beachfront on Collins Ave. in the early 1970s? I am specifically looking for the name of a very small 2 or 3 story pink building. I don't think it have a pool or at least not of significant size. I was more a series of unit blocks than a typical horseshoe of straight line motel shape. Like I said, this may be asking too much as I don't even have a cross/side street to mention (I was about 11 at the time). I appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks in advance. Denis from Canada
Guest 05-Feb-2017 03:44
Does anyone remember a
boys home in Davie Fl?
guest 29-Nov-2016 14:14
This is for Sandi C-- perhaps you remember the name of one of your Teachers? Perhaps the Classroom teachers union in Dade County could help with where that person taught. And remember the teachers went on Strike in the 60's-- anyone remember that?? Did you walk to school, ride a bike do you remember any "landmarks" from back then?? Perhaps I was just very observant as a child but my bike rides to elmentary school seem like it happened only yesterday.
Guest 04-Oct-2016 01:00
Hi everybody; anyone here who attended Mueller Christian Academy? Especially the year when they had an additional campus over by the canal off of 7th Street? That was during the '72 election, and "American Pie" was a new release.
joan lee 29-Jul-2016 20:33
Joan- remember those days. I danced at Jilly"s, hung out at the Peppermint Lounge and a club Brown played at. Danced on tables.My kids were mortified . lol I am Joan too.
Guest 27-May-2016 14:40
Hey everyone - North Miami Sr. High, 1958 then the USAF. Know well of all the things you all write. Really brings back memories. Any one out there have any pictures of the NHRA Drag Races from Opa-Locka Airport? Hal Petrie
Sam Abernathy 20-May-2016 19:26
I used to attend the Youth Fair at Kendall Drive and SW 97th Avenue, I used to launch rockets on Sunday mornings at the old Tamiami Airport with the owner of Central Hobbies (Corral Way) and go to the 'My Apartment' and 'Rusty Pelican' restaurants in the early 70's. Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Don Boyd09-May-2016 16:13
Thank you for catching that Jay and taking the time to let me know. I have corrected the call letters. I wrote this page in 2006 and I think I had WAME originally. Someone wrote me to say that it was WAMI and I changed it. I should have researched it at that point but as usual I was in a rush. Best wishes to you!

Jay Rudko 08-May-2016 14:40
Don, the original "Whammy" Radio was WAME, not WAMI. WAMI was channel 69 TV, which did take on the "Whammy" moniker, during its short-lived run as an independent TV station before being bought out by Univision.
Guest 10-Apr-2016 20:53
Does anyone remember the Italian lady who owned a salon in Miami in 1965?
Raul Gomez 10-Feb-2016 20:35
I worked in the early to mid 1080's in two "Clubs" One South, on US 1 and in Monty's in Kendall Drive, I'm looking for 2 friends that also worked there, Patricia Gillespie, and Kathy French, I understand Kathy left the State around 1984, and that Patricia stayed around... I don't have Facebook but I have friends that have it and I have searched there without any findings.... If anyone here knows them or knows how can I reach them please let me know...
Guest 26-Dec-2015 21:29
Anyone remember the bulk candy place's name off kendall drive- I can't remember the name of the place but my nephews have such great memories of going there with their grandfather. Maybe it was on Sunset in a small street mall.
Guest 26-Nov-2015 10:48
There was a hotel with a fabulous pool on us 1 the hurricane something, do you remember it
Guest 23-Oct-2015 07:01
Hi I grew up in Coconut Grove My school had many field trips . One was to the Holsum bakery in South Miami. The smell was great.
Don Boyd09-Oct-2015 06:52
Thank you Robyn. I made the correction on the other page where you left your comment about the Tepee.

Robyn 09-Oct-2015 04:56
Don the complete address to the tepee lounge was 5722 sw 8st miami joan my mom worked there at the tepee as a singer in the sometime during mid to late 50s she met my father there in 1958 was best friends, married and remained together throughout there lives until my mom passed in 1991
Guest 07-Oct-2015 17:48
There used to be a Bagel Hole in Suniland, where the Whole Foods is, Dorothy. I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about.
Guest 27-Sep-2015 17:47
Yes, the deli was called Marshall Majors
Guest 27-Sep-2015 01:16
does anyone remember the restaurant (deli, bakery) in Suniland around where wholefood is -- Dorothy
Guest 20-Sep-2015 23:32
Does anyone remember the name of the restaurant in downtown Miami that had almond paste lambs for sale at Easter time? The lambs were various sizes and all around the restaurant.

Lew 18-Sep-2015 23:43
Does anyone remember a coffee house in the early 60's called The Ravens Nest at the northwest corner of Red Road and Bird Road? Are there any pictures of it?
Guest 15-Jul-2015 19:05
I do recall the race problems in Coconut Grove having grown up in the area (Palmetto HS '72). Grant Avenue was the dividing line to colored town, as it was known in those days, and it was a line you didn't want to cross (in either direction). I don't recall any '67 riots or anything close to it, but by 1970 when busing started things got bad. There were stories of snipers in the projects along S Dixie Highway north of Lejeune firing at cars and we had federal marshals at the high school. Railroad freight cars were being looted in Liberty City. I recall taking a wrong turn leaving a July 4 fireworks show at the old Orange Bowl (1969 or 70) and finding ourselves lost in Liberty City (two very alarmed white teenagers were we).
Kathryn Dews 15-May-2015 22:06
I'm writing a book and need some information. Back in 1967 I remember that there were some racial problems going on in/around Coconut Grove. And I seem to remember there were buses of demonstrators brought in. But when I Googled it, nothing comes up. Have I lost my mind??? Help!
liz campanile gibson 17-Apr-2015 01:40
Sandi C Do you know who owned the house you are looking for? if you posted it, maybe it could be looked up in the county records
Don Boyd19-Mar-2015 17:41
Manny, your question would have been seen by more people if it had been posted on the "Restaurants Gone But Not Forgotten" in the Restaurants Gallery. It was K. C. Cagney's.

Sandi C, you are asking the impossible. Your home could have been anywhere from just about the Dade-Broward line south to Homestead which is only 40 or 50 miles of homes marching westward towards the Everglades. Using only an initial for your last name rules out anyone who might have remembered your last name. Did your home have a telephone at the time? If so, and you provide your last name, perhaps someone with an old phone book could look it up for you. Otherwise, no one is going to remember a "Sandi C" who lived on the western edge of development. Sorry.

Sandi C 19-Mar-2015 15:23
Can anyone help me? I am trying to find the address of the house in Miami area where I lived with my parents as a young child of 8 or 9. This would have been approx. 1955-58. It's on my bucket list and I don't know where to start! Tried family ways but all are gone! I attended school from K-5 and don't remember the name of my school either. At that time the house was a new track home on the outskirts of town not far from the Everglades. Any suggestions appreciated!
Manny Padron 13-Mar-2015 01:16
Anyone remember the name of the restaurant at the current Titanic location in Coral Gables ,after it was supposedly The Flick ..around 1978-1979
kathydaly 13-Feb-2015 19:24
"Guest 07-Feb-2015 00:28 Does anyone remember an odd explosion in the sky somewhere in the mid 1960's over Dade County? I lived near the University of Miami and was very young when the whole neighborhood was on the street trying to figure it out. The report from Cape Canavaral was that it was a reflection off of two space ships...No Way...There was a greenish orange smoke ring around the moon for several nights"

Yes, not sure if same incident though. I was playing ball in the street with neighbor kids in Hialeah when it was dark. The way it exploded in rings expanding made it look like it was "landing". I was in shock and ran to my front door which was locked. I panicked, screamed and knocked until my parents opened the door, who smiled when I told them to look up. They said it just must be something that happened at Cape Canaveral but I would not believe them until they called a news station. They called and the news station confirmed it was just an unmanned explosion. One of the scariest memories as a child, glad to know someone else remembers and that it wasn't just my imagination ;)
Guest 09-Feb-2015 16:44
Yes, I remember that weird light in the sky, and the greenish ring around the moon. Scared the Doo Wah Ditty out of all of my sisters and I. We were a little further south just north of Homestead Air Base. In the Cutler Ridge area. Never did know what caused it. We figured something from the Base.
Guest 07-Feb-2015 00:28
Does anyone remember an odd explosion in the sky somewhere in the mid 1960's over Dade County? I lived near the University of Miami and was very young when the whole neighborhood was on the street trying to figure it out. The report from Cape Canavaral was that it was a reflection off of two space ships...No Way...There was a greenish orange smoke ring around the moon for several nights
Guest 02-Feb-2015 16:00
I remember driving down to Miami with my parents at night around 1968 to see the lights of Miami. As we approached on the highway, a massive power failure took out all the lights as we were watching. We turned around and went back to Ft. Lauderdale, where we were staying. I can't find any record of this event in my Google searches - does anyone else remember this and can you point my to any stories about it? Thanks!
Don Boyd30-Dec-2014 03:35
David: the address was near SW 84th Street and 110th Avenue in Kendall, according to comments under two photos of the home in the 1930's gallery. I've never heard of a TB Sanitorium being near it, but I don't know everything and anything's possible.

Don Boyd30-Dec-2014 03:26
Joan, thank you for posting your comments. I have added your comment to the other comments under "Restaurants Gone But Not Forgotten" gallery where far more people will see it and where it is more appropriately placed. The gallery is at: -

Joan 29-Dec-2014 03:10
I was a cocktail waitress at The Teepee Lounge on 8th Street around 1964. Even did some "gogo dancing" on top of the piano at the end of the evening. Wish I had a picture of me from those. Does anyone remember anything about the lounge? Big sigh :) .
David Squier 06-Dec-2014 02:05
Where was the Kendell Youth detention home? I thought it was at the T.B. Sanitorium?
Don Boyd28-Nov-2014 03:51
Jeffrey, which 79th? Fun Fair was on the 79th Street Causeway and Funland was at NW 79th Street and NW 27th Avenue and a true amusement park. If you look in the 60's gallery you'll see photos of Funland and there is one photo of Fun Fair, which was not an amusement park, on the causeway at:

Jeffrey 27-Nov-2014 19:22
I think the amusement park of NW 79th was called Funfair
Stretch 25-Nov-2014 17:39
I remember The Flying Machine in Dania, Evil People in Miami, Heaven in N Miami Beach and WBUS radio. I played those clubs with my band, Awesome Thunder and we were feathred on air on WBUS. The other band that we shared concerts with was Sun Country, another WBUS band.
Anthony 05-Nov-2014 19:15
I remember WLYF (Life-Fm, later Lite-FM). My Dad always had it on in his office and elevator. I also remember lesser known AM stations, such as WWOK (Country Music). Anyone remember when WQAM was Country as well? Sun-Country I believe it was called. As for Soul music, there was WRBD (Rockin' Big Daddy), which I believe was along The Turnpike right around the Dade/Broward line.
Don Boyd21-Sep-2014 18:05
I still don't know which station was first but what became WLYF-FM first went on the air long before the early 1970's. According to Wikipedia, which is notorious for erroneous facts but maybe not in this case, 101.5 first went on the air in 1948 as WWPB-FM. It changed ownership in 1969, became WLYF-FM, relocated to the WLBW-TV tower and increased their power to 100,000 watts. They became the first FM station in the country to achieve a #1 audience rating. FM Stereo was first broadcast in 1961 and I remember listening to FM stereo in 1965/66 in a family friend's car and business in Miami. In 1969, while stationed in Tampa I bought an AM/FM stereo table radio (which still works by the way) and when I brought it back to South Florida in 1970 there was a good variety of FM stations available for listening.

Guest 19-Sep-2014 18:39
I believe WEDR was the first FM radio station in Miami, somewhere in the early 70's. I moved to the area of SW 87 Ave and 47 Street in 1958. On the corner if 87 ave and bird rd southwest corner was O'Henry's hamburgers, across the street was A&P Supermarket. On the other corners were Royal Castle and Grand Union. 21-Jun-2014 16:42
The cruise line has not announced a dry dock for the ship, but maritme law requires a complete inspection of the ship's hull in dry dock twice within a five year period and no longer than 36 months between those two inspections.
Guest 29-Apr-2014 07:43
To the "Guest" who posted in Dec 2012 about a restaurant like Taco Bell (and I hope I didn't duplicate.. I couldn't read all).... It was TACO VIVA.... wayyyy better than Taco Hell ... In time the majority seem to go for price rather than quality, sad to say
(We were lucky enough to have a Carvel here in Tucson for a few years, but I spoke to the owner... Burger King;s .99 cent cones stole their business... they had to
Bonnie 26-Apr-2014 13:28
Don't forget Radio station WEDR. Soul music
Guest 08-Apr-2014 21:37
meant to say DOBBS HOUSE on Sunset
Guest 08-Apr-2014 21:36
remember the coliseum a huge bowling alley? the flick where you snapped your fingers rather than clap near the u of m? the moratorium protest at the uofm in 68 or 69?

manatees in the gables canal? merry Christmas park on Lejeune ? THE SPRAYPLANE!!!?? specs? smell of HOLSUM BREAD BAKING??

alligators in the duck pond near suniland plaza? the Flame? Black Caesars Forge rosin baked potatos? Boat races at Marine Stadium? Suniland and Packer Pontiac?

Sweetwater at Miami Dade South? Christmas lights on South Alhambra? Dodds House on Sunset? CoCoplum library? Riviera day school? Gulliver academy? Ransom? The chained monkey near coconut grove. Snagging Mullet?
Martha 12-Mar-2014 22:34
Cannot forget Tasty Bakery at Grosse Point on NW 27 Avenue and NW 7 Street. Best guava pastels (as we called them) then or since! Go Stingarees/1965. How scary was it to get your driver's license at FHP across from MHS on Flagler. Didn't The Wheel use seasoning salt on the fries? Had first onion rings at Hot Shoppes. Great teen memories..
Nancy Mangone Mclean 15-Feb-2014 17:17
Does anyone remember Cloverleaf Bowling Alley in NMB? They would host the Tournament of the Americas every summer. I made so many friends from what seemed like soooo far away at the time. Great memories of the picnics we took them all to at Greynolds (?sp) Park.

Don Boyd09-Feb-2014 03:21
Susan, as with Laura's comment below, I am copying your comments to under the "Restaurants" gallery where it will be seen by far more viewers. I don't have such a photo and have never seen such a photo but perhaps one day someone will come up with one and allow me to display it on this site.

susan schooley 08-Feb-2014 16:04
Hi, looking for a photo of The Pub on Miracle Mile (wedding reception 1967). "Whitey" was the maître D'...
Guest 04-Feb-2014 16:48
Can anyone tell me what happened to the huge painting of Christ on the cross that hung behind the choir at Boulevard Christian Church in Miami???
Don Boyd24-Jan-2014 15:32
Laura, I have copied your question to the Restaurants Gallery at so that more people will see it. I'm sure there are more viewers to that page than this one. Hopefully someone remembers it and will provide a response to you. Thanks.

Laura Burno 24-Jan-2014 04:08
There was psychiatrist, Dr. T.E. Moore, who was not young, in 1964, had office in same building as a small restaurant on SW 8th that had BEST key lime pie. Anyone know name and address of that restaurant?
Guest 10-Jan-2014 09:11
Quinn 02-Jan-2014 14:49
I just found a drink stir from the Aladdin room at the Algiers hotel! It has a little genie on top!
patriciagast 26-Dec-2013 22:18
I was a teen in the forties Dexters 7 ave 31stVenetian on corner of us 1 organ music Rustics Hialeah north of the Hiaeah and 36 st. Miami fla
Guest 29-Nov-2013 00:15
I came to U of M in 1971 and have been in Miami Beach off and on ever since. Enjoyed reading your website and it brought back a lot of great memories. One correction - the Playboy Club at the Playboy Plaza Hotel was not in the basement. It was in the circular building to the right of the main building. There was a theater downstairs (saw Olivia Newton John perform there), but can't remember the name of the theater. My college buddies and I spent a lot of time there and we still have the pictures. One question - did the theater in the Fontainbleau ever have a different name other than LaRonde? I thought I remembered something different. Thanks again for the memories!
Guest 03-Nov-2013 00:01
Also, the bowling alley in Coral Gables was the Colosseum and the Stage was "downstairs"
They had phone on the tables and you could hook up by calling the table #.
Guest 02-Nov-2013 23:56
My father managed the Miami theatre downtown through the 60's. It had a fall-out shelter in the basement with tons of supplies in big drums and my dad had a gieger counter. We stayed there during hurricanes. We grew up on Key Biscayne, but became city rats. We snuck up to the top of the courthouse (where the jail cells and gargoyles were), rode all the elevators in town and climbed on the roof of burdines. We got into the paramount and town theatres for free and got to climb behind the facades of the Olympia. We ate at the Royal Castle on flagler or a little later, one of the first Burger Kings. Great Life!
Guest 26-Sep-2013 06:01
Grew up in Miami in the 50's/60's. Sam and Carl's in S. Miami was a deli (Jewish) and restaurant. Went every Sunday for years with my family for bagels & lox. It was a popular meeting place for many local Jewish families. If my memory serves me, it was owned and run by a Catholic family including their kids. Anyone remember the hip shop on Sunset Dr. where you could get custom made leather sandals or the Head Shop in Coconut Grove? Loved to go to The Stage on the weekends to dance. It was next to a bowling alley in Coral Gables. There was another place to go dancing called The World, but I don't remember where it was. Used to take the bus into Coral Gables to go to Miracle Mile. The bus terminal had a news/magazine stand with a very unique smell to it and a restaurant. Someone mentioned The Bookworm, my brother used to work there. The Riviera movie theater on S. Dixie Hwy had a vending machine in the woman's bathroom that as a little kid I was fascinated with because it sold lipstick. I remember shopping in Judi Leslie's in S. Miami and the drug store on the corner. Used to go in there to use the pay phone in the back. Across from the drug store was a two-story building with a five and dime store. My dentist was upstairs. Loved Suniland.... took dance lessons from Betty Curtiss, bought iguanas and horned toads from the pet store, got to go to Grand Union barefoot and had to run up the stairs to use the bathroom, but the five and ten cent store was my favorite place to spend my change. So many wonderful memories of the best place in the world to grow up.
Cherie' LiCausi 03-Sep-2013 06:09
About the phone numbers, mine was the area of US1 & Colonial Drive Cedar : CE5-6614 I have a good memory, Franklin & Mohawk, yes I do remember those exchanges too. :) I enjoyed browsing through this but it's desktop version on a mobile device, I'll have to go to the library & log in just so I can really sit down & enjoy this better :) Thanks for the memories
Don Boyd10-Aug-2013 06:08
Edward, you're more than welcome, glad Ellie and I could help out.

Guest Rivers, you're right but if you think the rehashing is bad on here you should see it in the various old Miami groups on Facebook. No one reads the older posts to see that Royal Castle (or whatever) has been discussed at least 20 times in the past year or two so they post "Does anyone remember Royal Castle?" or something similar that everyone with half a brain remembers. Worse yet, someone will start a thread about Burdines (or whatever) and then three or more people will completely change the subject and ask if anyone remembers the AAA Auto Alignment shop or Peter's Pickles or something totally unrelated to the subject of the thread. It's amazing that some of them actually graduated from high school down here because their postings are downright illiterate with misspelled words. And of course folks help themselves to a lot of the photos on this site and post them in the Facebook groups without any credit to this site. I spent a ton of time restoring the photos that are on this site and they just help themselves to them to post on Facebook groups. That's why all new uploads have my site in text on the photos so they help to promote my site when they lift them to post elsewhere. Integrity has gone by the wayside since we grew up.

We should all be thankful that we grew up in Miami (or South Florida) when we did. Those great times will never be repeated again. I only regret that we didn't have air-conditioning back then but we survived and probably appreciate ur more than the younger folks.

Guest 10-Aug-2013 03:04
Don.. this is very interesting formant.. but theirs a lot of information that is re hashed by the .. next person that reads each entry. I also was born 1935, raised 1953, worked 1953, & retired 1989 in Miami.. with Southern Bell & AT&T, stayed till 2001. You could not have lived in a better small town than Miami. The best time to live in Miami an enjoy all the various places people have talked about. Sorry it will never be the same ( an it shouldn't be ) But I'm glad I was their during those years...The Best ! Rivers
Edward Johnston 09-Aug-2013 19:28
I am very grateful to Ellie and you for sharing this.
My memory, at least, retained the "FR" that I (as a child, 50 plus years ago)
recalled being a part of a phone number to reach my Policeman father!
And our Mohawk number from back when SW 118th St actually was a rutted, dead end road right in front of our house at 6099.
Don Boyd09-Aug-2013 01:05
Edward, thanks to Ellie, here is the information you requested, from the 1956 Miami telephone directory. Southern Bell was transitioning from 6-digit telephone numbers to alpha-numeric 7-digit phone numbers at the time.

Miami Police: FR-4-6111 - emergency calls only
All other (non-emergency): 82-7411
Master switch board was at 21 SW 1 Avenue, phone 82-7411

Nixon Smiley was listed in the directory as living at 5985 SW Montgomery Drive and his telephone number was MO-7-1471 (of course MO stood for MOhawk).

I hope that helps you out.

Don Boyd06-Aug-2013 14:20
Nelle, thank you for providing the NW 111th Street location and I think you're correct because I bowled there with some Coasties in the late 1970's and as I recall it was north of 103rd Street.

Edward, I have a friend with a 1956 phone book and I'll get you the number that you want for the Miami PD downtown station and let's see if Nixon Smiley was listed and if so I'll get you the prefix.

Guest of 5-August, I remember it but never went in there. It is on the list of "Gone but not forgotten" restaurants/bars located at:

Guest 05-Aug-2013 05:04
Anyone remember the Pieces of eight Lounge on SW 8 Street At the Alhambra Entrance to Coral Gables, Any Pictures ? It was an octagon building with a green or blue roof.
Edward 31-Jul-2013 18:18
From a Guest-
Regarding the use of letters (1st 2 digits) in Miami phone numbers-
My father was a city Policeman (Stolen Car Div.) in the late 40's, and into
the 1950's-early 60's. I think I recall him having a card that listed a phone
number at the Police Dept. which started with FR (Franklin). Does anyone
recall what any of the phone numbers were at the downtown Police Station
in the 1950's? One more question- our house was down on SW 118th street
near Nixon Smiley's home. Does anyone recall what phone numbers began with
in that area? I thought maybe MO (Mohawk?).
Nelle 06-Jun-2013 03:57
I believe the Bowling Palace was on 7th ave. at 111th st. We used to hang out there after school a lot.
Don Boyd26-May-2013 01:52
We would love to have photos on this site of bowling alleys in the Miami area. One in particular is the Bowling Palace on NW 7th Avenue around NW 95th Street. I received this very nice e-mail from Marie Roper Gerber, who has given me permission to repost her comments, about the Bowling Palace. If anyone knows of an image of something from the Bowling Palace or can elaborate on the history of the bowling alley please let me know at - thanks!

"I was looking for a photo or some info on the Bowling Palace on NW 7th Avenue and maybe 95th Street. I bowled on a league there for Lory's Fashions in Little River, my old hang out, and still have my bowling trophy for High Game (289) - this was 1958. I graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 1957 and had attended St. Mary's. Was married in the Cathedral in 1961.

Anyway, I met my husband Bill Gerber there in 1959 - married in 1961 and still married. I would love to have a picture or more info on the Palace. I've searched the net but can't find anything - if there is anything at all, I'm sure you have it or can tell me where to get it!

Appreciate any info you can get for me."

Marie Roper Gerber

Don Boyd24-May-2013 13:26
Thank you, Terri, for your comments and for sharing your great memories of a great time gone by. We were extremely fortunate to have grown up in the Miami area when we did. None of us can remember everything that was going on down here but collectively we can pretty much nail the vast majority of it.

And thank you to all the others who have taken the time to post their comments on here. I appreciate it and I'm sure that many others also appreciate it.

Terri Wilson Godfrey 24-May-2013 03:42
What a great walk down memory lane!! I was in the Class of 65, worked for WQAM Radio as an assistant to the station director at the time, Lee Sherwood. So I worked with Rick Shaw, Roby Young, Johnny Knox, etc. Jan Kantor drove the Tiger Radio GTO and stopped people with a WQAM bumper sticker and gave out prizes. Remember Chicken Man! He's Everywhere, He's Everywhere! I met the Beatles, had my first legal drink at (I think it was called) The University Inn near the University of Miami. I remember a coffee house where many long time stars got their start in show business; Judy Collins among them. I was from North Miami but also shared apartments in Coral Gables and Little River areas. Hippies, flower children and Coconut Grove! Wolfie's, the New York Deli downtown Miami (Mr. Green), riding bikes on Key Biscayne when Nixon and Bebe Rebozo lived there. The Polynesian restaurant; was it The Luau?? Does anyone remember The Princess? She was an old faded movie/stage/star dressed in costumes who used to walk the downtown area by the Miami Public Library and the Bay front Auditorium. Thank you for this site and the work you put into writing has made my day to read all of this.
jeffrey craig craig perlman 21-Apr-2013 19:41
Someone mentioned Judi Leslie- a women's clothing shop. My aunt managed the joint!
Guest 01-Apr-2013 08:09
Fun to read all these stories...can someone remember the concerts on Biscaye Bay..not R&R but more Andy Williams style and always the 1812 Overture..guess it was 4th of July. My family would pack up and must be early 60's..and marvel at the boats tied up to listen while we were in the stands.

Also remember folding the Sunday newspaper (a favor for my big brother who delivered the news) early early in the morning (October) on A1A, watching as the soldiers/tanks driving towards The base during Cuban crisis.

Graduated Miami-Palmetto SHS in '68. Now living in Ghana, West Africa...founded an NGO here, now building a school. But remembering great memories of sailing Hobies on Biscayne Bay and the absolute beauty of Miami and the area.
Denise Miner 09-Mar-2013 23:09
HELLO AGAIN! I see Castaways..I went there. Portholes in the pool and people would moon you while in the lounge..Woolworths Miami Beach...the THEATER next door would show a movie, then, five acts would come on. It was a magnificent art deco interior. Jan Murray, Henny Youngman, Red Buttons..Jimmy Serpico ran the backstage and in 1976ish, I'd help back stage. Red Buttons (Arnold Shwatz?real name) would do his act, run off stage where I'd hand him his drink. Shot of bourbon, whiskey? Back out he'd go. Do another bit, come to the wings, drink another shot! And back into character the minute he was back in audience view. Wow. Henny Youngman was the rudest. One day a comedian whom I don't recall his name, would tell a joke and hit the punch line in Yiddish. Everyone around me would laugh. There I was, and of course, he points the goya out, that would be me. THIS made it even funnier to everyone else as he'd come back over to me and translate the punch line!I
I'd watch one show, help back stage for the next, hop a bus, and be on time for my shift at The Little Riviera Lounge on NE 79th/2nd Ave. Just up a few blocks, beautiful Miami Shores! I lived in the 79th Street Hotel with NO air conditioning! MERCY! But I had a refrigerator and a two burner hot plate. 35-00 a week!

So many of the 'guest artists' complained that their agent booked them in such a toilet. I'd have given anything to have performed on that stage. The last time I was there, maybe in the 90s, Lincoln Road Mall was so different, The theater had been transformed into Barnett Bank. I asked the security guard..I felt I was there.."This WAS a theaterm yes?" I think so. I left and couldn't help but shed a few tears for the loss of such a magnificent theater. The entrance on the left was floor to ceiling mirrors, the stairway to the balcony was a wonderful sweep of glory. The stage had waist high musical quarter notes whose stems swept to the stop of the stage, intertwining. It was the most glorious sight!

I remember Wolfies, Bagel Nosh, of course the luncheonette in Woolworths. I worked at Surf Drugs as a cashier for awhile. The Fontainebleau Hotel.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there who used to come in to the Little Riviera or once lived in the area, or remembers anything else about this, the theater, I'd love to hear! I know it's been ages and I do know many have passed but I believe that some could still be alive. Crikey..I was all of 19-21 at that time but I know for sure at least one person IS still with us and he is 70 now! So there still could be others that are beyond 90. Hope springs eternal I suppose. Thanks.
Guest 02-Mar-2013 01:19
I see many mentions of Tyler's restaurant. Does anyone remember Harvey's? I think it was on lower Flagler Street. Also, I remember a movie that was indoor, but part of it had no roof so you could see the stars while watching the movie. Loved what we called Policeman's Park, believe it was better known as PBA Park.
Guest 09-Feb-2013 01:20
Does anyone remember a little dress shop in south miami center called judi leslie's in the 60's? Also there was a jack and jill shoe shop for little kids, and across the street was a drugstore---can't remember the name. Also was a great sandwich shop to get a 'messy bessie'----it was deeeelicious. I think the name of the place was sam and carl's. Out on dixie hwy. across from um was breeding's drugstore and movie theatre, as well as a bookstore used by the um students for their supplies. My husband was a law student at um during the 60's so we got to know the whole area real well. Our very first date was at fox's sherron inn on dixie hwy. Remember the great roast beef sandwiches they had, aand the jukebox was always playing. Special times were had at The Studio, and the Castaways also. Ah, what great memories. And we cannot forget all the um football games at the Orange Bowl and the frat parties that followed.
Jane 28-Jan-2013 06:14
Does anyone remember The Peppermint twist lounge on South Dixie Hwy and around Sunniland, it was a great place to go dancing in late 60's early 70's. How about Frankie's Pizza on Bird Road and it's still there, the pizza is square. How about the Serpentarium on S Dixie Hwy around Homestead. There was a giant fake cobra snake out in the front of it. I remember the original Big Wheel on the corner of Flagler St and SW 57th ave. I was only about 6 or 7 then but when I was in high school at Miami Sr High we used to go to the Wheel on 37th avenue and south of Coral Way (I believe), the french fries and cherry cokes were to die for and the waitresses roller skated out to take our orders. It was a great high school hangout until we discovered Hot Shoppes on US1 where Bird Rd connects. Many good times there too but we had to share space with Gables High (our enemies). I graduated high school in 1965 and have so many great memories of those places (most gone now). Miami has changed drastically and not for the good I think. One more thing, we used to go to the beach at South Beach before it was "The South Beach" of today. Those multi million dollar clubs were just slum apartment buildings where the "winos" and hobos lived. Who knew? Everyone went to the beach there because the waves were high because there was a pier to the north and the jetties to the south where the ships would go out and it would produce huge (for there) waves to go surfin'.
Guest 24-Jan-2013 18:10
does anyone remember a club call hunters in miami spring if you do email me thanks
Guest 24-Jan-2013 18:05
after reading this i want to cry i lived in hialeah for years went to alot of rocks shows an alot places all over that town i miss it
David Gill 04-Jan-2013 20:34
The Noth Miami Restuarant on Biscayne Blvd that had laz susans on the tables was Hurrican Harbor ! One of my favorites.
Carlos Coton 28-Dec-2012 19:41
Are you thinking of Taco Viva??
Guest 24-Dec-2012 00:15
Please anybody remember an Fast food chain that was in Miami at the same time that Taco Bell and they closed all their stores it was a Mexican food like Taco Bell.
max 29-Nov-2012 16:32
running down the streets in Mia in the 60's trying to stay under the converted military airplanes that would fly incredibly low and spray malathion (I think) for mosquito abatement.....just deciding to split coconuts on the street anytime we wanted something to kill the boredom by just picking them up virtually everywhere on the parkways in Coral Gables neighborhoods....having so many mangoes on friends trees, we used to fill boxes of them get on other sides of hedges and have mango misslle wars... working at lots of bars and restaurants around MIA and C.G.......Novo Private club in Dadeland towers (on of the first clubs), Dobbs Houses "greasy spoons' mostly on Ponce de Leon in CG but virtually every loation in So. Miami on the night shift alone, if you were looking for food after 10 Pm to 6 am that was one set of joints to go and a red headed teenager with a ponytail (me) probably cooked your 3 am burger or eggs at some time, listening to the all night Bob Cole Radio show on some country station while doing that work as it was the only AM Radio broadcast after 11 PM or midnight, New England Oyster House on US 1, some club on Biscayne Blvd that the owner had us cook free breakfast for all customers every night at 1:30 am..... getting the summer hurricane map from the grocery store each year and watching Weaver the Weatherman to get the latest co-ordinates and hand write them on your map 2x per day during hurricane season.....when the Prado fountains in North Coral Gables always worked and catching tadpoles in their all the time.... fishing and canoeing, swimming in the Coral Gables waterway,
max 29-Nov-2012 16:09
The Pub Restaurant on Coral Way . Everyone had to dress up to go there and I remember putting on coat and tie as a small kid to go with my parents. Food always seemed first class A guy named "Whitey" was the maitre d' there forever and was an old school class act with a full head of white/silver hair slicked back, always wearing a great tux, and of course taking 5 dollar bills to get you in ahead of everyone on the reservation burned down in the mid late 70's I recall, Whitey retired to one of the then newer high rise condos out in what was then the new developing Kendall area
Chris 18-Nov-2012 20:21
I haven't been to South Florida in many years. I know things have changed drastically. I remember working at Corky's, later the Rascal House, and Wolfies. Corky's had buckets of sauerkraut and pickles or pickled green tomatoes on the table. Rascal House we served complimentary baskets of hot buns and little pastries for breakfast patrons, and buckets of pickles for lunch. The clubs had ladies night every night of the week, and "drink & sink" nights where you could pay $5 and drink well drinks until closing. You can't find those bargains anywhere these days.
Guest 18-Nov-2012 19:59
I remember working as a cocktail waitress at the Castaway's in North Miami Beach, going to the ocean at Haulover pier, working at Dyson's Pool company as a secretary, and all the fun nightclubs my sisters and I went to in the 70's...The Other Place in Hialeah, and so many others I can't even remember. I worked at Carino's Italian Restaurant on Biscayne Blvd for a few years as a waitress and made a good living, and later worked at Rita's Italian Restaurant on Biscayne Blvd. with Rita and her son, Mario. Some of my favorite spots were Tark's on Biscayne Blvd., the 163rd Street Mall store Jarrods which had the most beautiful evening wear, the Ham & Eggery where you could get breakfast 24 hours a day, and Ballys Scandinavian Spa across the street where I would go for early morning workouts and a swim before work. I remember the little hotels on the beach where my friends and I would go to on Sunday afternoon for drinks and music, I remember driving my little red MGB with the wind blowing through my hair, ahh.....those were the days.
Jack James 11-Oct-2012 02:09
I was raised in Miami. My parents moved to South Dade in 1953 to Howard,(between S.W.124th St. and S.W. 128th St.) across from the Serpentarium off Dixie Highway. I went to Vineland Elementary, Palmetto Jr. High, and graduated from Killian Sr. High in 1969. My mother worked at Suniland Shopping Center for Coral Gables Laundry and Dry Cleaning in the late 50's thru mid 60's. My Dad was an electrician working for different contractors including John Benson Electric and Mike Bradford among others. Both went to work for Eastern Airlines in the 70's and retired from Eastern. While attending high school I worked part time at various places including: Shaw Nursery (across from Suniland), Darnell's Texaco (on Galloway Rd near S.W.128th St., and Sub-Tropical Testing Service near S.W.120th St. While attending Miami-Dade College South Campus I worked for Kendall Pool Service. Later years I worked in carpentry around South Dade and was a manager for Wendy's when they first came to Dade County in the late 70's. Places I remember from the area I haven't seen mentioned here (or maybe I missed them) but fondly remember: The Shack Bar (on Dixie Hwy. near S.W.124thSt.), Kraft's Store, Netlow's Bar, Bowl-O-Mat, Skateland, The Sword and Marlin, Dixie National Bank, C.M.A. (Consumers Mart of America), Fantastic Gardens, Snowden's Bar and Restaurant, Flynn's Dixie Ribs, The Orchid Jungle, Dixie Drive-In, The Varsity Inn, Bay Glades Youth Center (later called Suniland Youth Center),and The Tiger Den. Those were off the top of my head,I have so many memories, I will post more later. Thanks for this great site.
Ila 08-Oct-2012 00:07
Oh the sweet memories of this beautiful city! I remember going into a couple of ceramics shops with my mother (had to be the mid to late 50's, possibly early 60's) and playing with 2 little girls, sisters, I am pretty positive their mother owned at least one of the shops. Does this joggle any memories? I miss Miami!
Lynn 26-Sep-2012 10:17
Dad would take us to the area across from the end of the runway of the Miami Airport and we would watch the planes take off and land. Afterwards, in the car, we held our breaths to see if he would turn down that drive (wasn't it gravel?) to Drexel's so we could get ice cream and pet the animals. So many wonderful memories of Miami in the 50's and 60's.
Going to the Chesapeake restaurant was a real treat!
guest 01-Sep-2012 17:25
I remember the South Beach track hosting Harness Racing in it's latter days, we enjoyed late evening cocktails at the Turf Pub on S. Washington Av. after the races. Also, speaking of restaurants, who could forget Neon Leon's (formerly Grentner's) or Lindy's in South Miami, the Black Angus Steak Houses or Arbetter's Hot Dogs (still in business) ?
Guest 28-Aug-2012 00:22
I remember Junior's Bakery behind Junior's Restaurant on 79th St and Biscayne Blvd I think. They had the best 7 layer chocolate cake in the world. Also Biscayne Cafeteria and Toby's Cafeteria and M&M Cafeteria. I can still remember that food all these years later. And Fun Fair on 79th St, best hot dogs ever! Notice how my memories involve food?! Great website and brought back wonderful memories of living there thru the 60's and early 70's.
Guest 25-Aug-2012 21:09
Was a nanny living in Miami 1970-71 and the club I used to go to was Evil People. It was just he best place at that time. Anyone remember it?
Guest 17-Aug-2012 02:33
Back in the 1960's there was a 2 story Building I believe green on SW 8th Street and near 87th Avenue in a trailer park. This was a Grocery Store/Tackle Shop. Does anyone remember it or have pictures of it.
Vince 15-Jul-2012 06:12
A couple of other thoughts about my beloved Miami of old. 71st st and collins ave on the beach. On the NE corner in the late 50's was a "Pickin Chicken" and in the 60's just south of this same intersection on the west side of collins ave was a Lum's. Well within walking distance to the beach.
Vince 15-Jul-2012 06:06
During the Cuban Crisis, the wife and I took a trip down to Key West and from the 7 mile bridge down to Key West, wherever there was room to accommodate the Nike missile launchers there they were with great numbers of troops for support.
Guest 15-Jul-2012 06:00
Anyone remember the "8600" club located exactly across the county line in NE miami? All bars were required to close at 2AM in the city limits, but as the "8600" was in the county, it opened at 10PM and closed at 8AM, which was when the city bars could open again. No need to be dry, you could drink 24 hours a day. Also the Little Riviera bar in Little River across the street from the State inspection station for your auto window sticker?
Lisa 30-Jun-2012 21:34
I graduated from Miami Senior High in 1971 - there was a hamburger place called Shirley's just across the street. I graduated from Citrus Grove Junior High in 1968 - and across the street there was a little store called City Line. In closing, I graduated from Kensington Park Elementary in 1965 and there was a Rexall Drug store across the street.
Guest 08-Jun-2012 21:15
I believe the restaurant off of 125th St and Biscayne that served the lazy Susan's with soups was The Round Table
Guest 01-Jun-2012 12:52
bmuseed 16-May-2012 19:19
Anyone remember the Famous Restaurant in Miami Beach? the tables had a bottle of seltzer and they brought small liver and potato knishes to the table.
Guest 08-May-2012 18:12
Does anyone remember the name of the resturant just north of 125th street & Biscayne Blvd. They had lazy susans on the table with different kinds of soup
Guest 20-Apr-2012 06:12
The ham @eggery on 163rd. st. served coffee in bowls with a great breakfast.Grits were dyno!I lived right in back inside st. next to the supermarket.
Guest 20-Apr-2012 05:54
doe"s anybody remember Flora"s Pizza on 79th st. causway,they made the best pizza and calzones in Miami in the 70:s. Brought the water from new york to make the dough!
Guest 20-Apr-2012 04:28
I remember going to see the doobie bros. @ bob seger in 1976 at the miami fronton when I was 16,miami was great then.
1973 15-Apr-2012 22:16
1971 - that was the year dad got mom from Crippen Oldsmobile a brand new Oldsmobile Cutlass, 4-door in Saturn Gold with a white top (it was painted white, not a vinyl top like most cars of the era) with a white interior. Sadly it wasn't a Cutlass-Supreme or 442 or Convertible but it ran for 20 years.

Sorry I duplicated 1966 and skipped 1971. Please note that there's no specific connection between the years but the only way I could get my lengthy narrative all in.

This site is a great reminder of all that's been lost in South Florida. It is such a shame that our culture doesn't appreciate history much, and that so much has been lost.
1972 15-Apr-2012 22:07
I keep remembering more: the Bagel Nosh and Tin Lizzie restaurants in North Miami; also Walgreens and Woolworths used to have restaurants in all of their stores, and Woolco on NW 79th Street. Helicopter rides of Dodge Island, and Chalk's International Airlines with their seaplane flights to Bimini et al. The annual fair was called the Dade County Youth Fair back then, I'd be scared to see how that's changed. And there was this department store called The Treasury and at the mall a gift shop called Barefoot Mailman and Spencer Gifts. Thre was also a Brunswick Bowling alley near where I lived ... on NE 16th Avenue around 124th St and there was such thing as North Miami Hospital which is now a cooking school. I still remember being baptized at St. Mary's Catherdral, which is probably the only thing I mention that's still there.
1970 15-Apr-2012 22:07
Harware stores and Lindsey Lumber. The Jockey Club was the place and lots of Italian Restarants lined the blvd: Carino's, Casa Santino, Lee & Vinnie's. Little hotels like the Shangri-La, the Bikini, and New Haven. Biscayne north of 135th was largely undeveloped. We'd go to Levitz and Modernage to look at furniture. Frequent guests on TV shows were Jack Horkheimer from the Miami Museum of Science and Space Transit Planetarium and the Snake-man from the Serpentarium. First National Bank of Miami became Southeast Bank and is now gone, as are many of the banks and these financial institutions called S&Ls (savings and loans) which are probably all gone to.
1969 15-Apr-2012 22:05
There was a ladies wear store called Three Sisters at Biscayne Shopping Plaza at Biscayne & NE 79th, which also had Neisner's and W. T. Grant and a small JC Penney. The Miami Herald had a consumer oriented Q&A and help called "Action Line" on the inside of the last page of the first section. Phone numbers had letters - ours was PH7-7637; we got our phone service from Southern Bell on NW 2nd Avenue in Little River, but they had to install the phone which was black with a dial. The monthly phone bill came with an IBM punch card to return with the payment. Richards department store downtown and on 163rd. All the department stores sold major appliances back then, in addition to a place called Kennedy & Cohen
1968 15-Apr-2012 22:05
And the convenience stores of the time: U-Tote-Em, Farm Stores (with the cow sign) and Pik-a-Pak. Always got to watch TV commercials for an amusement park in Dania called Pirates world, but never went. The car dealers are gone: Crippen Olds and Nolan-Brown Cadillac. There was a Jefferson's across from where the Omni now stands and the original Sears. We used to shop at the Northside Shopping Center-- Jackson Byrons and Sears. Sears had a separate store in the shopping center for Toys and garden supplies. And Dipper Dan ice cream. Winn-Dixie was called Kwik-Check. Going to movies at the Shores in Miami Shores. The beach all the way south where we'd park at a race track. Sunday mornings I'd watch "The Sunday Funnies" hosted by Wayne Chandler and Toby the Robot. And the local children's morning show, the Skipper Chuck Show. Mens' clothes: Lansons, Barrons. Jeans at the County Seat.
1967 15-Apr-2012 22:04
Burdines had a section called 'vibrations' and an electronics department in the bottom floor where my dad bought a Kodak X-15 Instamatic that used 126 film. I forgot the name of the cafeteria in the 163rd Street SS. And nearby Zayre's and Jefferson's and the Black Angus Steakhouse with the big black cow statue, and Corky's. There was a pizzeria called My Pi (they used the Pi symbol), the Biscayne Dog Track. Pony rides on NW 7th Ave near GrandWay and also on NE 125th St near Arch Creek. The rich kids from Keystone Point and Bay/Bal Harbor used to go to the Lear School. Dad used to go get our film developed at this camera shop in Little River called Atlantic, run by a few little old men. Many people were taking their film to these little FotoMat kiosks in parking lots.
1966 15-Apr-2012 22:02
I'm so glad for this website that revives great memories and reminds me of how far the area has declined; I had all-but-forgotten the original Miami Public Library near what is now Bayside. It's unfortunate that South Florida's true glory days are over, and that so much of what made the area interesting has been demolished. I remember Food Fair on NE 125th, 1st Federal Savings next door, Dade Savings, Royal Castle, Lums, The Painted Horse on Biscayne Blvd and then Sweden House. There used to be a lot more kosher grocers and meat places. The 163rd Street shopping center was a real treat before they enclosed it, with the amusement park, kiddie birthday parties, Jordan Marsh, the Arcade, Graber's.
1966 15-Apr-2012 22:02
I'm so glad for this website that revives great memories and reminds me of how far the area has declined; I had all-but-forgotten the original Miami Public Library near what is now Bayside. It's unfortunate that South Florida's true glory days are over, and that so much of what made the area interesting has been demolished. I remember Food Fair on NE 125th, 1st Federal Savings next door, Dade Savings, Royal Castle, Lums, The Painted Horse on Biscayne Blvd and then Sweden House. There used to be a lot more kosher grocers and meat places. The 163rd Street shopping center was a real treat before they enclosed it, with the amusement park, kiddie birthday parties, Jordan Marsh, the Arcade, Graber's.
Richard Meyer 11-Apr-2012 13:11
In 1967-68, we used to drive past the site of the nudist colony every day in the bus home from Bethany Presbyterian Church kindergarten (@ NW 175th St and 29th Pl). I'm not sure exactly where it was, but Don's guess is pretty accurate. You could never see anything from the road, just lots of trees. I'm not sure how or why I knew about it back then (as a 4-5 yr old), but it was no great secret.
Guest 06-Apr-2012 04:15
They call what Miami has now become "progress". excuse the language, but what a bunch os S___ that is. Miami (and Miami Beach) was really a place worth living in years ago, now it is nothing but a disgraceful filthy toilet bowl filled with the mess it is infested with. No or very little respect for anything historical, most everything gets (or has alreafy been) tossed aside as trash. Miami has truly become one of the saddest cities in the nation, and likely the world as well.
Steve Jackson 05-Apr-2012 14:53
how about getting on the skip line when you called wqam. You could talk between the busy signals to other callers.
Don Boyd29-Mar-2012 07:02
Sherron50: it was on the west side of NW 27th Avenue but I can't figure out where using Google Maps. I remember that it was a short block going west from 27th Avenue, like to 27th Court, and it was a short block from north to south. I may just have to drive up there and look in person and wherever there is newer construction then that is where it was.

Sherron50 28-Mar-2012 16:15
Excellent, excellent website!!! I was trying to figure out where exactly the nudist camp in Carol City was located. From what street to what street? We have a bet going.
sandy 26-Mar-2012 17:36
dose anyone remenber the royal castle in homestead???
Guest 26-Mar-2012 17:34
dose any one remeber the ROYAL CASTLE hamburg and birch beer stand?
Judie 18-Mar-2012 21:55
In the 50's My Dad and my Grandfather, Jack and Ray, had a barber shop on 36th St. "Raffield's Barber Shop" across the street from Jackson High School, in Allapattah. I loved to eat a cheeseburger at Bill Ross' or the sticky rolls served with the bread at Muggie's Restaurant.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Feb-2012 19:43
Lori, You're Welcome !!!! Glad To Help .
Lori 13-Feb-2012 13:38
Thank you! Don & Robbin
Best regards,
Robbin P. Learned 11-Feb-2012 19:48
Lori, If You Liked Farrell's in Westland Mall: Jaxon's Ice Cream Parlour in Dania, on US1, is very similar. If You've never been there: You definately need to Go !!!!!! Their Ice Cream is Real Good, and their Hamburgers are too. And The Decor, and The Atmosphere at Jaxon's : is Like Farrell's. Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin Learned 11-Feb-2012 19:43
Don Boyd and Lori, I Loved Farrell's at Westland Mall, and I went there all the time, back in The Late 70's . The Food and the Ice Cream there was Real Good, and it was such A Happy Place !!!!! The Colors of Everything, and it was A very Lively Atmosphere, with lots of Birthday Parties taking place there. I used to get A Rueben Sandwich, A Soda, and Of Course : Ice Cream. I Miss that place !!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Don Boyd11-Feb-2012 04:14
Lori, it was Farrell's Ice Cream in Westland Mall. It has been discussed in the Old Hialeah gallery in several places if I recall correctly.

Lori 10-Feb-2012 21:49
There was an icecream shop in the 70s at Westland Mall, It was to the right of one of the middle entrances to the Mall. I've been racking my brain to remember the name of the place. There may have been more than one location for this shop. I was a cute fun place where children got their birthdays celebrated there. Can anyone remember the name of the shop?
Robbin P. Learned 25-Jan-2012 05:30
Does anyone Remember Flander's Trading Post, on N. W. 27th Avenue, just south of N. W. 62nd Street ?????? It was A Sort Of Pawn Shop, that was both indoors, and outdoors. And it was owned , and Run : by An older Man, named MR. Flanders. As A Kid , in The Late 50's , and the early 60's : My Dad, and I used to go there, and Look around, and We bought A few used Items there. I Believe that MR. Flander's first name , was Frank. ????
Buck Parnell 25-Jan-2012 00:24
Jamaica Inn on Key Biscayne.............
We all loved to sit in those little wood lined booths and eat that great food.
Buck Parnell 25-Jan-2012 00:19
The Big Daddy's 747 Lounge on Royal Poinciana Boulevard in Miami Springs, just west of LeJeune Road
The Black Caesar's Forge restaurant
The The English Pub / Jamaican Inn on Key Biscayne
The Studio restaurant
......... Wasn't that the First Big Daddy's? Seems to me it was....
I went to Black Caesar's Forge one time. It was way east through the overgrown road near the Bay. I remember the great food, but most of all, the large vat of pine tree resin that they used to cook the baked potatos in...
I worked at the Studio Restaurant as a cashier when I was a student at MDJC. Wonderful food. Best of all, when I came in around 4:30PM I could have anything on the menu, gratis, before I went to work. I loved the Steak Au Poivre!
Robbin Learned 05-Jan-2012 01:07
Denise Stahl, That Army Surplus Store, was on N. W. 62nd Street, and N. W. 27th Avenue. I Grew up in East Hialeah's Sun Tan Village, By Hialeah Lanes Bowling Alley, and as A Kid in The 50's : I went there with My Dad A lot. It was A Real Neat Store. And Diagonally Across the Street, was Stevens Market. I went there almost every Saturday Morning , with My Mom, and it was A Nice Grocery Store. I Loved The Fresh Plain Old Fashioned Donuts, that Came out of A Donut Maker Fresh and Hot Right on The Bakery Counter. And We always Got A Pint or 2 of Howard Johnson's Wonderful Ice Cream there. And My Dad, used to go to Shell's City, on N. W. 7th Avenue, and N. W. 58th Street, and I would go with Him. That was A Real Neat Store. And Henry's Hamburgers, on N. W. 27th Avenue, just North of The Army Surplus Store, and Stevens Market, was Real Good, and A Little Bit like Mc Donald's. I went there with My Mom A Lot, and also to Grandway, on N. W. 54th Street, and N. W. 12th Avenue. I Have No Pictures of any of those Places: I'm sorry to say, But I Do Remember them Vividly. I Skated at both Rustic Roller Rink, and Hialeah Roller Rink, and I Ate at Royal Castle : all The time. Loved those Places !!!!!!! We got Pizza, from : Mae & Dave's, Patsy's, Red Diamond Inn, and Bottle Cap Inn. We went to Howard Johnson's on N. W. 36th Street and Lejeune Road , The Chesapeake, Bahama Steak House, The Hitching Post BBQ, and Big Ed's BBQ . I went to Hialeah Elementary School, all 6 years, then Miami Springs JR. High, for The First Half Of 7th Grade, And Then We Moved to Northwest Hialeah near Miami Lakes, and I Went then to Palm Springs JR. High, and then To Hialeah High, Class of 69. Best Regards !!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Denise Stahl 21-Dec-2011 16:10
Don, Do you have any pictures of a store called Sunshine Army Surplus> It was located on 62nd Street and 22nd Ave.? It was burned during the Miami riot's but my husband used to work there before going into the service. Thanks
harold martin 03-Dec-2011 00:43
hi! i was born in 1952 in miami lived in north dade carol city till 1965 then moved to Hialeah,any body know what Hialeah means ? i was told once it a seminole word means (land of high water) any body remember the delicious shrimp rolls at the drive ins they were great most dade drive ins had them,and the cheese pizzas they were good shrimp roll,pizza,and large coke that was a meal, the little green coils youd buy at the concession stan light to keep the misqiutos off, any body remember once a year out at monroe station would be the wild hog jamberee, everybody would camp around (monument lake) then saturday and sunday drive down old loop rd. to the grounds,the man who started monroe station was Dixie Web i met him once in 1968 he looked like Buffalo Bill, remember way back when from 826 out heading west out tamiami trail was all everglades nothing except a few old time crackers that had old wood shacks sold bait and snacks,yes i remember on the right all the austraian pine before they cut them down,we did a lot of our fresh water fishing out there and out around monroe station area back then if you did'nt catch a ton of fish you did'nt have a line in the water no limits fish all over the place it seems like a dream,any body remember the slack shack on 163rd north miami past the shopping center on the left back in the flower power days i use to go there and buy my LandLover Bell Bottom jeans,any body ever eat at Lorenzo,s Italian Market further down 163rd 2 blocks before west Dixie turn left 2blocks down on right south of greynolds, inside they had a little italian eatery killer food cheap lasagne you name it,well i better stop talk your head off i just wanted to hit on some old spots around our once beautiful Miami, thanks for letting mr share.
Robbin 10-Sep-2011 20:34
Does anyone remember the high, and very visible Round Water Tank, that was up on Stilts, near the FEC Train Tracks, and just west of the Biscayne Shopping Center ? It said Welcome To Miami in big letters. It was A famous Miami Landmark, for A long time, and I for one : miss it. It was taken down, and taken away, A few years ago, sadly.
Another Guest 13-Aug-2011 05:08
Guest, I remember Gold Triangle Stores, on West 49th Street in Hialeah, across from Westland Mall, and another Location , Across Kendall Drive, from Dadeland Mall . They had Good Stores, and I Shopped there.
Guest 27-Jul-2011 03:23
anyone remember the golden triangle stores? i couldn't wait to go there with my parents, they had pretty cool stuff back in the day!
effildIncitle 11-Jun-2011 12:31
I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.
Guest 11-Jun-2011 01:49
I went to the Deerborne School in Coral Gables in the 70s. I can remember thinking the Serpentarium was the single coolest place on Earth.
Guest 11-Jun-2011 01:45
I remember the graffiti "OKEECHOBEE SOUTHERNERS ARE COO COO PEOPLE" being written on the concrete of an overpass somewhere in South Miami between 1974 and 1978.

The phrase showed up again in the pilot of the show The Glades, except sub-human replaced coo coo people.
Patricia Timm 17-May-2011 18:19
In 1950 I was a student at the Academy of The Assumption, on Brickell Avenue. The school fronted Biscayne Bay. Beautiful Old Florida mansions lined the street. Now only concrete canyon of high rise condos.
My aunt and uncle owned the Sunoco Gas Station at the intersection of N.W. 27 Ave and N. River Drive - remember sliding down the hill in cardboard boxes, before the new bridge and the road 4 laned.
I attened Gladeview Elementary School in the 50's - it was located on N.W. 27 Ave and 62nd Street - now gone.
Remember Curtis Park, on N. River Drive? all of the beautiful old homes now gone-
replaced by industrial waste.
Guest 06-May-2011 18:19
I used to take the 30 or 17 bus into downtown from coc gr and see movies, i remember the paramount and there was another I'd go to - Olympia? Anyway, saw the Wonderful World of Henry O and Barbarella, early 60's. Later, I think, there was the Lums in Coc Gr. When I was 6 used to check out books from the old wooden Coc Gr library. That was a nice, comfortable structure, books from floor to ceiling, it seemed to me, but I was little.
Rob H 29-Apr-2011 00:57
I remember eating at the Polly Davis Cafeteria with my grandparents in the late 60's. I loved going there. There was one maitre d' I particularly remember. He was a Black gentleman in a maroon coat who always seemed to have a smile and a kind word. Anyone else remember that fellow?
Guest 15-Apr-2011 18:47
Renuart Lumber was owned by my Grandpa and his brothers. Nice to see it mentioned here! If anyone happens to have pictures of any of his lumber yards, I'd love it if you could email me a
Guest 14-Mar-2011 20:38
Does anyone remember the bus strike in Miami in 1959/1960? I have been to the State of Florida Library and they told me something happened to Miami Herald issues covering those two years. Google doesn't have any info, but I remember it was very long and people were using their own cars as taxis to transport desperate people around. Someone must remember that! I'll keep my eyes peeled on this site for any answers.
Don Boyd09-Mar-2011 06:44
Rhedda, I remember that slogan or statement but it was spray painted somewhere else in the north end of the county. Strange indeed.

rhedda J 09-Mar-2011 00:29
Only a kid from 70s Miami would probably remember because they were sightseeing as mom or dad were driving down US1 - right at the NE corner of SW 112th ave and US! was a stone looking bus bench and for years a spray painted message (in red I believe it was) was brazened across the backrest with the words: "OKEECHOBEE SOUTHERNERS ARE KOO KOO PEOPLE". Anyone remember this?
Guest 22-Feb-2011 02:02
Someone mentioned the space tower at Sunniland park. Does anyone remember there was another one just like it on the south west corner of US1 and S.W. 112 st? On the ther corner ws the sign for Parrot Jungle.
Lisa Hoffman 20-Jan-2011 02:53
Does anyone remember China Maid restaurant near Bird Road, I believe?

Tower Paint also on Bird Road?
LEONARD D 18-Jan-2011 08:17
Don in your site i relive those old days in my town hialeah just reading the posts here take me back to those wonderful days i went to HENRY H. FILER JR HIGH SCHOOL now they are called middle schools i used to go to the old hialeah roller rink on west 29 st and 5th ave across from FILER i remember the PIZZA PALACE i wonder if anyone remembers SORGIES pizza on east 4th ave there was also MAE & DAVES on palm ave across from the circle k motel boots and saddle on palm and 24 th well i worked as a teen at the royal castle on palm and 1st st when there was such a street they have taken all the good old places away the essex theatre at the circle in miami springs milander meatson palm 3 doors up from royal castle i also remember the "place" and the "image" i remember i saw mike pinera and blues image there singing "ride captain ride" wow its such a blessing to be able to remember and tell of old fond memories in our lives here thank you DON for a real nice website and a place where you can come and enjoy sharing and reading from others that grew up in our beautiful miami and its surrounding areas THANK YOU .. LEONARD
Scott 04-Jan-2011 02:22

Happened to find this site. I grew up on Key Biscayne during the 50's and early 60's. We were known as the key brats! Everyone who owned a house there got a free membership to the beach club, my mom would take us all there almost daily. I remember going downtown when I was a kid. I have a memory of a blind man downtown. I think he was always in front of the Kress or Woolworth store?, he had a german shepard and sold pencils. It used to scare me as a kid as he did not wear sunglasses. I have a question, not sure if you can answer. I know the Olympia theatre had a neat upstairs but did the paramount have an upstairs area as well. I remember seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at one of them. Thank
Cindy 03-Jan-2011 21:17
I was born in Miami in 1958 and I'm still here. I grew up in the Victory Homes housing project in Little River. It was a decent place with mostly two parent household back then. Latta's restuarant was down the street as well as Rexall's, Bowlerama, The Majorette and Jumbo's. My sister and I used to walk to Biscayne shopping center to shop and have a drink at Neisners lunch counter(they had a lemon frosty drink that you got to keep the glass). We used to go to the summer movie club at the boulevard theater (now xxx rated) and if you had a certain number of bottle caps you got in free !! Kings pony ranch was always a treat (I wanted to be a cow girl) I was always peeved because they led the smaller kids around the center, but when I got ride by myself I was scared. I remember the jingle from when the opened 163 st shopping center and it still rings in my head from time to time. Thanks foe the memories.
Don Boyd13-Dec-2010 13:30
mlm: thank you for posting those great old memories on the site. I really enjoyed reading what you had to write and I'm sure others will too. Your mention of the coffee roasting place by the Orange Bowl brings back fond memories of that delicious smell, in my opinion, is one that I'll never forget. That was very interesting about getting the cold cut sandwiches and sweet tea from the Army camp at the Bell trailer court on 79th Street and I hope to get photos of that camp someday. Please feel free to write more memories anytime you feel up to it. Best regards,

m012-Dec-2010 23:08
I am a Miamian by birth, Jan 30 1933 so my views and thoughts are of Miami in the 30's & 40's...I moved away in 1951 to Join the Air Force and see the world, and that I did..My memories are many and varied......Watched the Blimp Hangers burn during the Hurricane of 1945....Viewed the fire from across Biscayne Bay on the James Deering Summer Estate at Cape Florida on Key Biscayne......Watched Pan Am Seaplanes take off from Dinner Key..Watched the Goodyear Blimps on Watson Island, Camped with the Boy Scouts on the dredged up islands on the Ship Channel, now the Cruise Ship Port..Fished off 13th street causeway bridge...Saw Chalk's seaplanes take off from Watson island. I went to kindergarten in Moore Park, Later we watched Miami Jackson football games there, and in the Orange Bowl, walking all the way home in Allapattah after the game.....Loved the smell of fresh ground coffee at the corner of the orange bowl when we went past the coffee roster business there......During the 2nd world war, went to the army camp at Bell trailer court corner of NW 79th and 32nd ave. on Sundays and got free cold cut samwiches and sweet ice tee because all the soldiers were gone to Miami, and they would throw it out otherwise.....We could eat all we wanted but no bags full to take home...Fishing in the Keys, with no limits as there is now........My cousin and I went out on the flats one night where Stiltsville is and got 60 Crawfish in just a couple of hours on the low tide. we were in a skiff, gasoline lantern and a lobster net...........One Friday we came into Coconut Grove to do some grocery shopping, There were just 5 of us at the Cape that time, I bought 27 loaves of bread, all they had in the store next to the grove elementary and Jr. high school. got back to the Cape around 6 in the evening. Monday morning Paul was frying Johnny Bread, cause we dun et all 27 loaves Saturday and Sunday....PeterPan peanut butter came in a can with a key like the old time coffee cans..we would open it up and throw the lid away, cause it did not last long.....WHoo, got started and forgot to stop............anyhow thats the way it was in the 40's in My Home Town......................................mlm
Guest 29-Oct-2010 05:49
What fun memories. I lived in Cutler Ridge in the late 60s to early 70s while dad was stationed at Homestead AFB. Does anyone remember Wilson's Pony Ring that was located where Cutler Ridge Mall is now? I "worked" there as a kid in the early '70s.
PL 16-Oct-2010 03:50
Gloria , maybe you did not know, but there is A site for Robert E. Lee Jr. High Alumni, on Don Boyd's sites. Just type in Robert E. Lee Jr. High - Don Boyd, and that should get you to it. P.L.
Gloria Jean (Ebanks) Stewart 10-Oct-2010 04:47
Just found this site. Enjoying reading all the posts and have the memories flooding back. My mother shopped at the A&P and I always had to take one of those pony rides. I sure did love that! We used to go to Shell's City to shop. I was in there doing my grocery shopping the day Pres. John Kennedy was shot. We heard the announcement over the PA system in the store. Oh, I can't forget to memtion the bakery there. I loved the LARGE jelly donuts and we had many banana splits there.

I went to Miramar Elem Sch., Robert E Lee Jr. High Sch and Miami Jackson HS. I worked at the finance company across the street from the bank on 36th St. I remember the awful plane crash on 36th street around 1968 or 1969 (can't remember).

We would always go to the Orange Bowl for the Easter Sunrise Services. I learned how to swim in the Morningside Pool in N Miami. Does anyone know the name of the Ice Cream Shop that was on the corner, across from Miami Jackson? They had some kind of Spanish sherbert that tasted like Mango and Cantelope - really good. I have not tasted this for years.
Pokey 07-Oct-2010 11:50

Yes I was in the park in the 60's,,,actually lived there from 53 - till - 69, attended Broadmoor Elem, Madison Jr and Central High schools,,,lived on H row next to the maint building until 65 then moved to W street where the little pink pump house was in our yard.

take care
Guest 02-Oct-2010 22:37
Pokey - Bell Haven - 1960's Back Row just off the RR tracks...Were you in the park then.
Don Boyd10-Sep-2010 05:48
I didn't mention it because I never went there but I have a photo of it in the Restaurants gallery that a contributor sent to me.

Guest 09-Sep-2010 20:59
I was born and raised in Miami, graduating from Miami High in 1954. Maybe I missed it, but did you mention The Big Wheel Drive-In Restaurant? Best foot-long hotdogs ever!!!!!!!!! Too bad it all changed.
Josh Hernandez 19-Aug-2010 03:27
I lived in Miami back in 1986 in a housing project on NW 8th Ave. The Franco Nursing & Rehab center is there now. This was a very fond memory of my childhood. I used to walk all the way up 7th ave to Zayre Department store to buy toys. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of this old neighborhood. the original address was 9400 NW 8th. It would be great if anyone has pictures I can look at. Thanx
Angela Cortes 17-Aug-2010 17:13
The restaurant name I was looking for is Cisco's Cafe that used to be on NW 36th Street.
Angie 16-Aug-2010 06:01
I am in need of some help and know I can count on this site for the information. I was born (1967) and raised in Hialeah and a lot of my memories are centered around food. Figaro's on 49th street, Ferrell's at Dadeland mall and there was a fantastic Mexican restaurant on 36th street that used to serve the best salsa and deep fried ice cream but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the place. It was east of Grentner's BBQ but not far. It was fairly big and always packed. Please can anyone help with a name of this place?
Eli Yamanoha 23-Jul-2010 14:08
Thank you for this Wonderful site!
In the 60's and early 70's there was a cafe in the Grove across the Head Shop (Head Shop's still there). What was the name? They had rod iron tables & chairs, and an old lady (what a character!) who wore fancy hats at the register. This was located in the Passage which had the juice bar & Ice Cream Shop (which later became The Hungry Sailor), but it was on the South side of the Passage. Just a few doors west of the old HAMLET bar.
Barbara 30-Jun-2010 16:08
I love watching Larry King and he has now decided to retire and spend time with his family. I will miss him! I used to get so nostalgic at times when he would talk about his days at Pumperniks in Miami. I too worked at Pumperniks for a while and I also worked at Wolfies (21street) and the Rascal House in Miami beach. I miss the action, the crowded long lines waiting to get in! The food smelled good, tasted good and looked good! The tasty pasteries all made from scracth right there on the premises. We waited on so many differing types of people! Everyboby love the food from those resturants! There were many very interesting people who who come in everyday! I miss those days! My tables were situated underneath the celebraty photos which inluded Clake Gable at Wolfies 21street! Everyday the guys would come in for breakfast and you never knew who would pop in and sit down and have breakfast with them and the table would be taken the whole morning as each new person joined one would leave and put some money on the table and it would go on like this until they all left. It was like they had a private club in the resturant one day it could be the dundee Brothers showing up, the next it could be Red Buttons and Meyer Lansky came in several times too, but he like to sit alone with his bodyguard while his driver waited outside and people would come over and say hello to him. I recently saw a piece on Larry King on TV where they show how he and his buddies have breakfast every morning in CA and it give me goose bumps because they still do it exactly the same way as they did it many years ago! I will miss him!
Guest 24-Jun-2010 03:43
Don, I am on a few meds at my ripe age of 73, please forgive the typos. My album is going slow because I have to proof read my work beaucoup times. I am looking for a pix of 'The Red Cross Drug Store' in Downtown Miami. While I am at it AGAIN; I attended GESU School downtown, Cirtrus Grove Elementary & Junior High, Miami Tech Aviation in the 10th, and then on to the USAF to obtain the Korean GI bill whch expired in January of 1955. I attended U of M on the GI Bill, and that USAF stint of four years active service as flight mechanic stationed in Hawaii, flying to Japan and the Pacific, and four more years in the reserves, bought me a paid ticket at Miami VA, which saved my old life, and ultimately has kept me here for an extra nine years to live a second life. My wife Pat and I just celebrated 50 years wedding anniversary on June 11, 2010, we have four boys, and six Grandkids; we have lived a good life in this beautiful town, even if its not ole Myamah anymore; Fairchild Gardens is still here, and so is Flamingo down south, and the Tamiami Trail, Bill.
Bill Goodrich 24-Jun-2010 03:28
Mr. Don Boyd, I am in the process of preparing a digital photo album for my six grandkids. I have many 'family type' pictures of 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. to which I am including with my corney stories. I was looking for a pix of red Cross Dry Store in Downtown Miami. I was writinf about how I bought my Mom a CHAnel N5 Lg Lotion for $5.50 at RC, today at $107.87 on sale on Amazon. I have been a resident since 1939. Thank you for your good work, and if you desire I will copy you for a copy of my album when complete; it's a duzy, I got carried away, Bill Goodrich.
michael mahan 16-May-2010 16:38
Shorty's is still the best BBQ. I grew up across from Killian High from 1958 to 1973. My father helped start the Optimist Club at Suniland Park. I played baseball and football there. I'll have to try and dig up a picture I took a few years back of the playground at Suniland Park. There was a metal spacship that you could climb up. I went back there about 12 years ago, and they were replacing the playground. I almost bought the spaceship.

Ruth Aylward 12-May-2010 18:11
I see Dan I made an error, My Guy died on October13th 2009
Ruth Aylward 12-May-2010 18:08
Hi do you remember Guy Aylward the newscaster at WCIX tv at 1111 Brickell avenue in the round building. He also made many commercials one of which was for King Oldsmobile. He went on to own The Cinematheque Theatre in coral Gables and The Arcadia also The Grove Harbor with partner nat Chediak. I know because I was his wife for 40 years. Guy died on October 1th 2009.
Don Boyd28-Apr-2010 20:29
Thanks Robert, I was half right. I knew it was Dixie something.

Guest Robert 28-Apr-2010 16:48
That building, and wheel, was Dixie Lily cornmeal products company. And the wheel, was a gristmill wheel. That place was there in the fifties, and closed probably in the eighties. It was highly visible from the 112 on ramp and off ramp, by okeechobee road.
Don Boyd28-Apr-2010 05:00
Michael, I answered this in the other gallery where you posted it yesterday. The name "Dixie Mills" comes to mind but I'm not 100% certain on it.

Michael Foxworth 28-Apr-2010 04:58
Does anyone remember a factory stood high over the airport expressway just as you exited onto okeechobee Rd. High up on the side of the building was what looked like to me (a four year old) was an old abandoned ferris wheel. Because the bottom of the wheel was three floors off the ground I was creeped out at the thought of riding on it. Does anyone remember this building with the wheel.
jeanne ledbetter-knapp 25-Apr-2010 22:23
jeanne ledbetter-knapp 25-Apr-2010 22:17
sandy Reed 25-Apr-2010 17:18
OOps, I forgot to mention his name: John Charter Reed (aka: Jack Reed)
sandy Reed 25-Apr-2010 17:17
I was born in Miami in 1954. My dad was the assistant attorney generad for the State of Florida and then went into private practice in 1958. He died in 1962, when I was 7 and I was wondering if anyone reading this sight would remember him and have some stories to share.
Don Boyd23-Apr-2010 16:22
Jeanne, welcome and thank you for posting your comments and memories. I look forward to the class photo that you mention.

jeanne ledbetter-knapp 23-Apr-2010 13:43
jeanne ledbetter-knapp 23-Apr-2010 13:34
Guest 13-Apr-2010 21:51
Anyone remember Mike Chase the fancy guard that played basketball at Miami Dade?
Don Boyd13-Apr-2010 15:55
Thank you everyone for posting and welcome to the site.

calised: Jumbo's is still there on NW 7th Avenue at 75th Street. See . Thanks for mentioning King's Pony Farm - others have also remembered it and mentioned it somewhere on the site and maybe someday someone will send in a photo of it.

calised13-Apr-2010 02:19
I grew up in North Miami in the early 60's,we used to go to Kings Pony Farm on NW 7 ave 105 St,Jumbos Restauant on 7th Ave and around 72 ST was atreat.Shells City Supermarket was also there.On Miami Beach was The Castaways Hotel.
Guest 27-Mar-2010 16:05
I remember growing up in Miami in the late 50's and 60's. Toby's cafeteria located on 27th ave in Miami, Sorrento's Restaurant on S.W. 8th Street as well as the Tower and Trail Theatre. During the summer who could forget Shenandoah Pool and Vacentian Pool (water falls and caves) in Coral Gables. Attended Shenandoah Jr High and Miami High. Attended the original Shenandoah Elementary (1959-1964).
Big Al 21-Mar-2010 18:02
Gary Heery
You wrote you used to ride with the hell crossers. Was that on Miami Beach and what year. I also rode with them when I went to Beach High. I also new Bones from the Comanceros and some Outlaws. I would like to have you e-mail me.
Big Al
Bobby 05-Mar-2010 06:12
Hello, I grew up in opa locka in the fifties, and I skated at the outdoor opa locka skating rink, next to the police station. Does anyone else remember the skating rink ? It was a fun place to go, and we were safe, and could walk home by ourselves at night and everything. Try that now. Opa locka isn't very safe anymore I'm told. I guess it is true that you can never go home again. What a shame . Bobby C.
Don Boyd21-Feb-2010 05:49
Matthew, Frankie's is still there cranking out great pizzas and there are recent photos of it in the Restaurants gallery in the 2004 time frame.

matthew blank 21-Feb-2010 05:41
what about frankies pizza on bird road, i ate there weekly with parents, we'd drive 45 min from north miami to go get take out pizza and eat it in the station wagon.
Robbin 15-Feb-2010 05:45
Andrea, No, None of My Family, or Me , ever worked for Home Milk , or McArthur Dairy. But We Bought Both Home Milk , and McArthur Milk, and Ice Cream, when I was Growing Up, and they both had Wonderful Products. I Still Buy Mc Arthur A Plus Milk, and Chugs of Mc Arthur Chocolate Milk. I always Loved Seeing that Big Home Milk Carton Rotating In Front of Home Milk up High. I Went to Miami Stadium, a Lot over the years, and We could see it Looking East, from The Grandstands there. It Looked so neat !!!!!!! And in The 70's and The 80's, I Drove a Delivery Truck, for Swift & Co. - Swift's Premium, and I was always around that area Delivering to Customers, and I Passed and Saw Mc Arthur Dairy, where Home Milk was All the Time, on N. W. 7th Avenue, and N. W. 22nd Street. I Miss all The Old Familiar Places, Like that. I Know that McArthur's Other Place is up on N. E. 2nd Avenue, and 68th Street. I Love their Chocolate Milk, and Drink it all the time. Best Regards !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
jpartain 12-Feb-2010 13:26
My father worked at the" City Ice Plant"on 22st for 35 years,and mom was a waitress at Walgreens at the Northside shopping center for a decade.i still remember riding down 27th av and smelling the hickory smoke from the Open Pit BBQ restaraunt.Dad also owned to bars,Partains Bar,and the Rusty Pelican,I think on 79th st,and also a restaraunt named the New Yorker.My much older brother told me that the only "gang" in those days were called THE LITTLE RIVER RATS,doesn't sound too scary to me though.
Andrea 12-Feb-2010 04:18
Robbin, My father worked for Home Milk Dairy and then McArthur Dairy. I also worked in the ice cream dept of Home Milk when I was in high school. You have a lot of memories of the Dairy. Did someone you know work there?
Ralph 22-Jan-2010 18:10
There was a great pizza place in north miami beach, back in the 60's, on 167 st., called shakey's. It was a real neat and lively restaurant, with an old timey player piano, and their pizza was pretty good too. Does anyone remember shakey's ? Ralph E.
Donald Dale 15-Jan-2010 02:24
Wow, what a wonderful website. I'm a native Miamian, born here in 1960.
You mentioned the Florida, Miami, and Olympia theatres on downtown's Flagler Street, but don't forget the Paramount at 257 E. Flagler and the Town theatre right next to the Paramount.
Don Boyd09-Jan-2010 01:51
Doug: welcome too and thank you for posting all of the information regarding your family. While backlogged terribly in photos to add please be assured that I am interested in ALL old photos from the Miami area and I'd love to add yours too if you have some patience with me. Thanks!

Don Boyd09-Jan-2010 01:48
Marty: thank you for posting. I checked out the old photos on your site and there are numerous ones that I would like to use on this site someday when I have the time; I'm really backlogged on photos right now but sooner or later I'll get around to it. Please keep your site up in the meantime. Thanks!

doug_delucca08-Jan-2010 18:39
I was searching for old drag racing pictures in Miami and ran across this site. What a helluva collection! I was only born in 1980 at Baptist Hospital, but I am 3rd generation Miamian. My grandfather came over in 1902 on my father's side, and my mother's parents came here in the 20's. Both my parents were raised in Miami also. I love talking to all of them about the city, how it used to be, looking at old photo's etc. My uncle was a former North Miami City councilman in the 70's Anthony DeLucca Jr. My mother's side were the Salokar's. In the 20's my great grandfather, Andrew Salokar owned 200 acres of land in (back then) west Dade. It stretched from the corner of Coral Way and Ludlam all the way to the Palmetto. After the war, his son Al, opened up a gas station on that Northwest corner. His other sons, Claude and Phil, opened up the Ludway bar in 1947. The original house, built out of Dade County pine, still resides on Ludlam, just north of Coral Way on the west side (just north of the old bar).

Unfortunately, most of the family moved out of Dade county in the 80's due to the changing culture down there. It really is a shame I couldn't see Miami for what it truly was back then, not the disgusting place it is now. To see all the old neighborhoods with bars on the windows and all the billboards in Spanish makes it look like a different country down there.

I'll have to get the family collection of pictures and start scanning.

Thanks again for the great site Don!!!

Doug D - Boca Raton, FL
Guest 21-Dec-2009 00:46
I am Marty Lineen in Hollywood Florida. I worked at Funland Park for 2 or 3 weeks.
About 1960. I can remember you had to by tickets to get on a ride. The bumper cars were on the east side of the park. I think I made $1.00 an hour or less. My e-mail address is my 700 pictures are here.
Don Boyd18-Dec-2009 19:52
Welcome Frank and thank you for posting. I remember that old airplane at Grapeland Heights Parks and now I'm wondering when it disappeared and who destroyed it or moved it.

Frank 18-Dec-2009 18:26
Is there anybody around that remembers an old airplane in Grapeland Heights Park, in the late 50's and early 60's ? I played in that old airplane as as young boy. My friends and I would climb up in it, and sit in the seats and pretend we were in flight. We had great fun there, and we'd even take brown bag lunches there to eat on the plane. And it was nice to recall that plane, and such wonderful memories. Frank Jace.
Don Boyd09-Dec-2009 03:37
Welcome Ralph, and thank you for providing us with that information.

RR 08-Dec-2009 19:26
On the site of the old white belt dairy, Kraft Foods, had a large distribution warehouse, and Kraft delivery trucks, from circa 1960 to circa 1980. Then Kraft Foods moved to a larger warehouse in Delray Beach, and Paramount Poultry took over the old Kraft warehouse, for a few years, and later on , The Food Bank, took it over storing canned goods, ect, for the needy, and disasters , ect. Ralph Rateil.
Mike 22-Oct-2009 13:16
Does anyone remember a billboard in downtown Miami, probably about milk, with a
boys face, and his tongue moving back and forth? I think late 50's or early 60's.
Robbin 21-Oct-2009 17:09
The Old Home Milk Dairy, which was Occupied by McArthur Dairy, Since Home Milk Folded, or was Bought out by McArthur, a Long time ago, is Gone Now. It was Torn Down, Some Time Ago, and is An Empty Asphalt Covered Space, at N. W. 23rd Street, and 7th Avenue. You used to Be able to see The Dairy Bldg. and Lots, and Lots Of Red and White Mc Arthur Trucks, Going Southbound, on I-95, to Your Right Side. It was 3 Blocks East Of The Old Miami Baseball Stadium. Mc Arthur, was operating At That Location, and Their Original Location: On N. E. 2nd Avenue, From 68th Street, to 70th Street. Now: McArthur, is At That Facility, and They Are using The Former New Winn Dixie Dairy Facility, By The New Winn Dixie Warehouse, as A Cold Storage , or Something, also. That Facility, is At 120 th Street, and N.W. 31st Avenue, Just North of Miami - Dade College North Campus. I Have always Liked and Bought Mc Arthur Products, Especially: Their Milk, Their Chocolate Milk, Their Egg Nog, Their Sour Cream, Their Buttermilk, and Their Chocolate Ice Cream. McArthur, used to For Years Have A Big Ice Cream Plant, Just North Of Sunrise Blvd., on 441, But They Closed it Years Ago. I Think A Lot Of Their Products Come Here , From T. G. Lee Dairies, in Orlando. Both T. G. Lee, and McArthur, and Lots , and Lots Of other Dairies, across The Country, Are Owned by Dean Foods. I Always Loved The Mc Arthur Commercials , on T. V., That Said : Milk Means Mc Arthur !!!!! And The one Where They Feature Famous Locals, Like Golf Pro Charlie De Lucca , at Crandon Park Zoo, and The Music Said: We All Grew Up On Mc Arthur, Mc Arthur Milk !!!! To Me, This is Miami !!!!!!!!!! As Having Been Born In Miami, in Morningside, and Growing Up In Miami, I Like All Of This. I Am Robbin Learned. A Product Of Miami, The Magic City.
Robbin 14-Oct-2009 19:07
Anyone , Remember The Big Milk Carton, in Front of Home Milk, on N. W. 7th Avenue at 23rd Street ????? And How You Could See that Big Milk Carton, From Miami Stadium, up in The Grandstands ????? Also, at Miami Stadium, When The Miami Marlins Scored A Run, Redi Kilowatt, The Florida Power And Light Light Bulb Guy, would Dance on The Scoreboard. Anyone Remember that ???? I Went to Miami Stadium, a Lot as a Kid, with My Dad, and Later on , as A Teenager, with A Good Friend.
Robbin 11-Oct-2009 16:42
Anyone Remember : Sealtest Dairy, and Sealtest Products ????? And What About : Formost Dairies, and Formost Milk ?????? They Were Both Big Names, in The Miami Area, Well Thru The 70's, But Then They Dissappeared, and So Did Borden, Later On. One Company That Has Stood The Test Of Time Though, is Mc Arthur. Mc Arthur Dairies, is Still Around , and Going Strong. I Remember also: Puritan Dairies, and Home Milk, But They Dissappeared A Long Time Ago. Velda Farms, is Still Around, and Appears Sound. Farm Stores , are Still Around, But Their Products Are Made By Someone Else. Their Dairy Plant, Closed Years Ago.
Robbin 01-Oct-2009 02:36
Josie Ritter, You Are A Great Memory Of Mine, From The City Of Miami, and I Would Love To Hear From You Again. I Got Your E Mail, Back in February, But My E Mail , is Messed up, and I Haven't Been Able to Reply To You. I Can Use A Library Computer, to Read Your E Mail, if You Send Me another One, with an Address or Phone Number, and then I Can Write You, or Call You. We Could Exchange Info, about Our Hometown Miami, and I Would Love to Hear About Where You Live Now. All The Best To You !!!!!!! Robbin, From Rustic Roller Rink.
Robbin P. Learned 04-Sep-2009 17:54
George C., Thank You , For Your Reply, and Well Wishes, I Appreciate Both !!!! I Guess you Know: That Both Robert E. Lee JR. High, and Miami Jackson SR. High, Were Completely Torn Down, and Replaced, with New Modern Schools. Robert E. Lee , was Demolished , I Believe in around 1997, and The New Replacement School Opened in 1999, and was Renamed : Jose De Diego Middle School. I Agree, that Robert E. Lee JR. High, had Beautiful Historic Styling, and Architecture, and it seems that No one Has any Respect, for History, or The Memory Of The Great General Robert E. Lee, and that's Sad, and Disrespectful. And in The Case of Miami Jackson SR . High: They Had Remodeled The School Before, and made it Look Newer, and More Modern, But I Believe about 2 Years ago, or So, They Completely Demolished The Old School, and Built A Brand New 3 Story Modern School, But Thankfully: The Name , was not Changed, Like Robert E. Lee was. I Think Both new Schools, Look Real Nice, But I Realize : That History, was Lost, in The Deal, and All Of The Alumni, of Both Schools, Like Yourself, now only Have Memories of Your Schools, But Cannot Actually Drive By, and See Them, anymore. There is a nice Picture Of Robert E. Lee JR. High, on A Don Boyd Site, that You Defineatly would Like to See, and if You Type in: Robert E. Lee JR. High Miami 1930 Picture, it will Take you to The Picture, and You Can Comment Below The Pcture. The New School, Jose De Diego, where Robert E. Lee was, is White, with Blue Trim, and The Main Classrooms Buildings, 3 Story, Go Down 32nd Street, from 6th Avenue, to 5th Avenue, instead Of How Robert E. Lee, went From near 30th Street, to 32nd Street, on 5th Avenue . And Jose De Diego, Has Tiny Little Windows, where Robert E. Lee , Had Large Colonial Type Windows. They Sort Of Built The New School, a Little Bit Like REL, Except They Reversed it, With The Long Or Wide Main 3 Story Building, on 32nd Street, instead of 5th Avenue. And The Large Open Air Courtyard, in The Middle , The New School, Has That also, Like REL did. I Think : It was Very Wrong, and Disrespectful, To Change The Name Of The New School. It should Be : Robert E . Lee Middle School. But The Big Wheels, of The County School Board, and The Community, apparently wanted Robert E. Lee Out. Racial Overtones ????? Very Possible !!!!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Guest 03-Sep-2009 16:34
From George C.
Robbin, I have seen the on-line photos of REL junior high but didn't know it had been "upscaled". I thought the old school looked pretty good but it seems nothing can be left as it was. Jackson High had a beautiful, ornate main entrance but it, and most of the rest of the building, have been redone. Now the place looks like a condominium complex. I guess people are always wishing for the good old days but in some cases they were a lot better than what we have now. Take care and stay well.
Robbin P. Learned 01-Sep-2009 17:55
Does anyone Remember The Go Kart Racing Track, and Races, Behind Miami Jai Lai, Right off N. W. North River Drive, in The Early 90's ????? When I worked For Wells Fargo Armored Service, I used to Go By There, at night , on My Way Home, and when there was Practice , or Racing, I would Stop, and watch awhile, as I Love Go Karts !!!!!! There's A Go Kart Racing Track, Called Mega Racing, in Opa Locka, on The 37th Avenue Connector, Behind The Opa Locka - Hialeah Flea Market, and I Think that May Be The Same People, that were By Miami Jai Lai, But I'm Not Sure ???? Regards To All !!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Aug-2009 18:48
George C., Have You Been To The Robert E. Lee JR. High Site ???? It Has a 1930 Picture Of The School, and Below The Picture, You Scroll Down, and There's A Forum There, From Former Robert E. Lee Students, and if You Haven't Seen That, I'm Quite Sure : That You Would Enjoy it, and You Can Post about Your School Days, at Robert E. Lee JR. High, for Everyone to See. If you've never Been to it: You Can Get To it By : Type In: Picture Of Robert E. Lee JR. High Miami 1930 Don Boyd. And You Will See The Picture, and The Forum, is Down Below That. Best Regards. Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin P. Learned 16-Aug-2009 18:38
GeorgeC., Hi, I Too, was Born in Miami, in 1951, in A Small Hospital, Like A Big Clinic, in Morningside, called : Biscayne Hospital, and it was around 62nd Street, and Biscayne Blvd. My Wife, and Her Mom, were Both Born, in Jackson Memorial. Though I was Born in The City Of Miami, I Grew up in Hialeah, where My Parents Had Bought a House, in 1950. I Went To Hialeah Schools, But while in Elementary School, and 7th Grade of JR. High School, I Had Friends Who Attended Robert E. Lee JR. High. , si I Always Felt Close to REL, Like I Went there. They Tore it Down you Know, in 1997, and Built A New Modern School There, in 1999 , and Renamed it To : Jose De Diego Middle School. I Ride By There Often, and Remember The Sight Of REL there, and 1 Girl, and My Friends, who Went To REL, in The Early 60's. I used to Go Downtown, on The # 29 MTA Bus, from Hialeah, with my Mom, and My Grandma, in The 50's, and We Would Go To Richard's, Burdine's, Walgreen's, Mc Crory's, New York Delicattessan, Polly Davis Cafeteria, and To The Movie Theatres, Which I Believe I Remember to Be : The Florida, The Paramount, and The Olympia. ??? We Had Fun, and Shopped, and I Went On Rides, on The Top of Burdine's. My Mom, always Bought My Shoes Downtown, at Bargain Shoe Stores. Great Memories. I Enjoyed Your Story, and Your Poem, Very Nice , indeed !!!!! I Still Live in Hialeah. I Must Agree with you Though: Life was a Lot Better Here, in Greater Miami, Back Then, it Rather Stinks Nowadays. Lots of Changes, For The Worse !!!!! Best Regards !!!!! And I Hope You Come Back to Read My Story !!!!! Robbin P. Learned, of Hialeah.
Guest 13-Aug-2009 16:16
George C.
Don, I just posted my comments and should have closed with the following limerick from my recently published book of rhymes, Sandspurs, Limericks by a Native Floridian.
Of my childhood there's barely a trace,
Burdines has been bought by the Mace.
Where we camped you see strip malls,
Where we swam, gated home walls.
Can't go back but please slow down the pace.
Guest 13-Aug-2009 15:12
George C.
I was born in Jackson Memorial Hospital in 1938. I attended Orchard Villa Elementary, then West Little River. I went to Junior High at Robert E. Lee and High School at Miami Jackson. I have so many great memories of downtown Miami - taking the bus with my mother on her shopping trips to Burdines and going to boxing and wrestling matches and countless movies with my father. (He loved westerns and, not knowing the content of "The Outlaw", took me to see it one night. I'm sure he was embarrased - I was clueless about what Jane Russell and Jack Beutel were doing in all that hay). My father bought his hats at a shop in the Seabold Arcade. I was hooked on the pineapple/coconut juice at Sloppy Joe's down the street. Jahn the Magic Man's shop I believe was on the south side of Flagler Street and you could buy all those corny handshake shockers and water-squirting flowers there. We used to go Bayfront Park and walk over to the docks to see the fishing boats come in. Two of the few links I have to old Miami now are the courthouse and the Miami Daily News Tower, both of which are almost impossible to find among all the high rise buildings.
As adolescents we would ride our bikes, carrying all our fishing gear, from around NW 10th Ave. & 14th Street to the South Beach jetties or to what we then called the Million Dollar Pier to fish. I had a Miami Daily News route from which, each collection day, I might have enough to buy a milk shake and grilled cheese sandwich at the Jackson Drugs near the hospital. I agree the Miami area had its problems during the 40s and 50s but they seem miniscule when compare to those of today. I, like many of you, miss those days of our youth.
ArthurKey08-Aug-2009 01:42
Arthur Key

I am happily astonished to see some of these pictures and to read the memories of old Miami. I was born here in December of 1954 and grew up in the Overtown area before Urban Renewal brought my family to the NW 75th Street and 6th Avenue area which was known at the time as the Victory Homes projects. We lived at that time, less than two blocks away from Jumbo's Restaurant (still standing, amazingly). I attended Dunbar Elementary, I was the first male student to walk into the brand new West Dunbar Elementary, which is now the current site of Lindsey Hopkins Education Center. I remember walking in the front of the students along with a girl, because we were the two smartest kids in the school. We were filmed as we walked along NW 20th Street over to the new school by Channel 10, which was a brand new TV station that had just opened.

I'm filled with pride to see and hear comments by those who have posted here. May God keep and bless all of us old heads who remember the days of unlocked doors and cars at curbside with the keys just left in the ignition.
Guest 19-Jul-2009 19:39
what was the name of the slide on South Dixie Highway just north of the Boys Club?
Patricia 29-Apr-2009 17:21
Remembering beautiful Hialeah Race Park! On winter vacation as a young girl, I was intrigued with the "grown-up" talk of Hialeah. My first visit, and I think only visit, to Hialeah was in the mid 70's and it was on Flamingo Day, during which everyone wore pink-ish clothing to the Park. Well, I'll never forget the flowers, the stables so close to the visitors, the Flamingos, it's complete beauty and history. When I read, just this year, that the Park is closed and could be destroyed, I was shocked and never imagined this could happen to the great Hialeah Park. I understand that it is in a very traffic congested area, but at least preserve it as a historical site in some way!!! Bye for now my friends.
Don Boyd02-Apr-2009 04:52
From this point on, all of Robbin's and Pokey's comments will be in the "Robbin's Comments" gallery located at: to free up room for other guests and their comments.

Robbin 01-Apr-2009 21:29
Pokey, I Remember The Owner, of Hobby Mart. He was not Real Sociable, and His Kids, were always there Buzzing around, But it was A Nice Little Hobby Shop, and I Liked it, But it was no Orange Blossom, in any sense of the word !!!!! Orange Blossom, was The Best , in its' Time, in The Miami Area , For Sure !!!!!! No one else came close !!!!!!! I went to A Hobby Shop, at Northside, and Saunder's Hobby Shop, in East Hialeah, on Palm avenue, south of City Hall, and I went to Orange Blossom, Maybe : 5 Times, with My Dad. Even My Dad, Liked Orange Blossom !!!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 01-Apr-2009 21:13
Pokey, I thought that was probably, your Mom and Dad. Was that you Driving The Kart, in The Blue Jacket, That pulled out of The Pits, and Later, was Racing The Guy in The Pink Jacket, Down The Straightaway ?????? I Guessed, it was You, But Maybe I'm wrong !!!!!! Also, in The Kart Show, was that you, in Shorts, and a Gray Shirt, Towards The Last ?????? Like I said, That Tape , is Gold !!!!! I Really Like it, and Must Tell You: Good Job !!!!!! And Thanks, again !!!!!! I Have Checked ou some Karting, and Midgets Sites, and I Believe I Stumbled onto That site, a while Back, But Thanks, for The Info, and I will check again, to Make sure, that, that was it. You went to Hobby Mart, a Little Before, My Brother, and I Did !!!! We were Going there, in 1967, I Believe !!!!! My Brother, and I never entered those Races, or even Went on Race Nights. We just Ran our Cars, for Fun, and Sometimes: went Too Fast, on The Turns, and went off The Track, and Our Cars Landed on The Floor, or Off The Track anyway. But We had a lot of Fun !!!!!!! And Yes, That was : Hobby Mart, next to A Breezeway, that went out to The Rear Parking Lot !!!!! I Lived, and Still Do Live, about 2 Miles, from There. And when you went there, There was a Royal Castle, About a Block or Less away, on West 49th Street. I Like Vintage Karts, and The New Modern ones also !!!!! I Still Like These Engines, For Karts The Best ::: McCullough, West Bend, and any other Chain Saw Engines. ILove Chain Saws, and Chain Saw Engines. Their Power, and That Neat Sound they Make !!!!!! My Father, Had Cousins, in North Carolina, 34 Miles, North , North east, of Wilmington, out in The Country, where His Mom, -- My Grandma, was From, and They were all Loggers, when I went up there, in The Summers, In the 50's, and up to 1962. And All Day Long, every work Day, They Cut Down Big Pine Trees, to Take to the Saw Mill, and Make Lumber, out of them. My Dad, and My Brother, and I, would Visit them, and Watch them work, from a safe Distance, and Those Chain Saws, Would Be Going, and The Big Tall Trees Falling. I Loved Hearing Those Chainsaws , Then, and I Still Do !!!!!! I Remember they Were Using Poulan Chainsaws, and They were all Silver, But I also saw, up there: Homelite, and McCullough !!!!! And You would see Log Trucks, Hauling Logs, all Chained Down, Driving Down The Road, on The way, To The Saw Mill !!!!! For My Brother, and I, That Was Cool !!!!!! Talk To You Later !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 01-Apr-2009 20:24
Ya, that is my mom and dad on the red hondas, we all rode.
Both the karts running and the show was at Quincy Ill.
If you look up you will find a site dedicated to vintage karts with alot of pictures and movies. if you go to that site and pick the restoration section on the side, you will see a Moss Kart restored by CB Smithey, he is a friend of mine from the old kart days at Hialeah, Medley and Terri's. He has since sold the kart.
I took the slot cars very serious back in 64/65 time frame, and I was the only kid that was allowed to race with the adults on Wed nights at the Hialeah track. The track that was off 103st heading towards Westland had two big jumps in the middle of the long straight, I don't know if this is the same one you went to later on or not. When the track first opened, they had a sign that said, if you can beat the track time you get 25.00 in merchandise. My friend Les and I went up there on Sat and after some pratice, Les said he wanted to try for the record, well he beat it,won 25.00 and after that I said I can beat you, and I did,won 25.00, at which time Les got another car out and beat my record,for another 25.00 and when I went to get my second car out, the owner said thats enough boys, no more record setting, we walked out of there with 75.00 in merchandise, and one very upset owner ha ha.

take care
Robbin 01-Apr-2009 20:24
Charlie, I Stand Corrected !!!!!! Go To The Head Of The Class !!!!!! Who Are You ????
Robbin 01-Apr-2009 17:35
Pokey, I Mailed you the DVD Tape of Kart Racer, Today,- Wednesday,- April 1st, so You should Get it By Maybe Saturday, or Monday, at the very Latest, I would think !!!!!! Hope you enjoy it !!!!!! I watched The Kart Races, ect., again Last Night, over, and Over !!!!!! Thanks Again !!!!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Charlie 01-Apr-2009 05:34
Robbin, the new Miami Lakes Publix has been open for 2 years this month, not 1 year. Time flies when you're having fun I suppose but with your wife working there and you going there all the time you should know.
Robbin 01-Apr-2009 00:39
Pokey, The Acting, and The Films, Were Great, and Seriously, My Wife and I, Really enjoyed The Whole Tape, and again I Repeat: It was Nice of you to go to the trouble, of Making it, and to send it to us , Thanks a Lot !!!!!! And you know what ????? I am going to watch it again tonight !!!! I saw your Family's Ford Station Wagon, in Government Field, The Kind you Inquired with Don Boyd About, in a post Before, and I'm Guessing that : That was your Parents' Car, and Your Mom, and Dad were in Government Field, Riding Motorcycles, ect. I Think that was Them, I saw, with You. Was The Kart Track, where all of The Go Karts Were Practice Racing, in Quincy ILL., also, or just The Indoor Kart Show ????? Last night I Dreamed that one of those Beautiful Expensive Custom Go Karts, was Mine !!!!!! Wow, What A Dream, I Hated to Wake Up !!!!!! My Brother, and I , Had Slot Cars, and That's where we went, Hobby Mart, on West 49th Street, near The Corner Cove Of Stores, Recordland, A Beauty Supply Place, Ruffy's Restaurant, and others. We went there, in 1967. Did you go there then ?????? We had a lot of fun there !!!!!! We Raced, whoever was there, when we were, But we never Officially Entered any Races !!!!!!! Macy's Took over all of The Burdine's Stores Here. Westland Mall, used to Have A : Piccadilly Cafeteria, but they closed, a few years ago, and now: in its' Place , is a Fuddrucker's Hamburgers. And There is a Newer Piccadilly, East of there, at Red Road, and 49th Street. And The Old Publix, that was By I- Hop, across the street, from Hobby Mart, is Closed, and Vacant, But Between Palm Springs Hospital, and Sears at Westland Mall, There is A Huge Fairly New Publix Store, Called Publix Sabor. It, and Westland Mall, are 2 Miles, from My House, and Where Hialeah Speedway was, is 3 Miles from my House, and in its' Place, is a Lowe's Home Improvement Store, And A Target Store, next Door !!!!! I shop at My wife's Publix, in Miami Lakes, and it's 1 1/2 Miles From our House. But My wife's Publix Store, isn't allowed to Have a Pharmacy, so I Have to Get My Prescriptions, Filled at Publix Sabor, It's a Legal Contract Thing, Because Eckerd Drugs was Next Door, to The Old Store, and now: CVS, Is across the Parking Lot, in A new Free standing Store, so when they Tore Down My Wife's old Publix Store, Publix was planning to put a Pharmacy, in the New Store, But The Sengra Corporation, and Their other Tenant CVS, said No !!!!! So No Pharmacy went in The New Publix Miami Lakes Store. We always filled our Prescriptions at Eckerd, nd then CVS, and it was convenient, and Good, But then, a while back, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Publix said: That from that time Forward, that all Publix Employees can only fill Prescriptions, at Publix Pharmacies, so now, we have to Drive 2 Miles out of the way , to Publix Sabor, To Get My Medicines, all the time. This weekend, I'm going to Rent those 2 movies, for sure !!!!! I'm Mailing The Movie Kart Racer, Tomorrow, Didn't get around to it today , Sorry. You should get it in about 3 Days from Wednesday, I Believe !!!!!! Hope You enjoy it !!!!!!! Take Care !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 31-Mar-2009 18:23
Yes I remember the westland mall, I worked for Burdines Whse back then when they opened the new store at the mall. Like I told Dennis Collins, I use to race Slot Cars out in a strip mall as you headed to westland from Hialeah(off 103st), I don't remember the name of the hobby store,but it was located in the corner of the mall,I still have alot of old movies of the slot car days in Hialeah and at that other store too.
We have Krogers up here and that is where I get most of my food, and yes I remember Publix
take care
Pokey 31-Mar-2009 18:13

Glad you enjoyed the film.
I went to our little BlockBuster store today, and they still carry On Any Sunday, so you might be able to get it at your store along with the Worlds Fastest Indian.
Ya, I watch to old go kart film alot too,as for the atv in the creek, you notice who was the only one to get wet(me), ha ha, our acting wouldn't get a Oscar either for our put on wrecks. haha
take care
Robbin 31-Mar-2009 04:34
Pokey, Have You ever checked out: Mega Racing, on Their Site ????? It's a Go Kart Track, in Opa Locka, which is on N. W. 37th Avenue, at about 128th Street. The Course, is Lined with Car Tires, and it's Behind where Alterman Truck Lines used to be, for ever. They have a nice site !!!!!! My wife, and I Like to go there on Sundays, and watch The Karts Practice, and Race, and sometimes, they have the Little Mini Motorcycles. There are some Karts there, that are shifters, and They Are Blindingly Fast. You get Dizzy, watching them go by, in a Flash !!!!!!! They are Super Fast !!!!!!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 31-Mar-2009 04:23
Pokey, I watched The DVD, tonight, and I Really enjoyed it !!!!!! And it worked Like A Charm, perfectly, on My Little Cyber Home 300 DVD , which I have Hooked up to My Big Screen 50 Inch Toshiba T. V. Great Job, of Filming, it came out Good !!!!!! I enjoyed it all, But My Favorite Part, was : Section 2, with The Go Kart Racing, and The Go Kart Show indoors. There was some Beautiful Go Karts in tat room !!!!!!! I watched Section 2, about 40 Times, over, and over, No Lie, Honest To God !!!!!!! I cannot Begin to tell Yo, How Much , I enjoyed Watching Those Karts, and that sound, is Heavenly Music, to My Ears, I Love To Hear Chain Saw Engines !!!!!!!! Thanks, A Million, for The Treat !!!!!!! I Hope You will enjoy, The Movie : Kart Racer 1/2 as Much !!!!! It not only Has Go Kart Racing, But it is a Heartwarming nice Story, Like : The Karate Kid !!!!!!! I'm Mailing, The Tape Tomorrow-, Tuesday !!!!!!! Oh, and The Staged Acting Out Bike Crashes, at Belle Haven, were Funny, and Good, and You and Your son, at the Stream, on The ATC, was Good, too !!!!! I saw The one Black Mustang, at Belle Haven, Nice !!!!! All The Best, My Friend !!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 30-Mar-2009 20:58
Pokey, Anthony Hopkins, Affirmative !!!!!! Acknowledged !!!!!!! Thanks !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 30-Mar-2009 20:56
Pokey, The Tape Arrived, in Todays' Mail, and I will watch it Tonight !!!! Thanks Again !!!!! I Didn't Get The world's Fastest Indian, Yet, But I will soon !!!! I'm Curious, Do You Have Kroger, in your Town ????? I used to go in Kroger Stores, in Kentucky, and Tennessee, and Virginia, so I'm Very familiar, with Them. My Wife , works for Publix. Don't know if you Remember them Here, in Florida, or if you're familiar, with them at all,or not. That's where I Shop, At Publix !!!!!! How's The weather there ????? It's Been kinda warm, here today, and I just called The Correct Time, for The Temperature, and At 4: 50 P. M., it was 80 Degrees, Here, in Miami. It Stormed, and Rained, yesterday, and it was a Little Cooler, than today !!!!! I will Mail out: Kart Racer, Tomorrow, and you should get it, in a few days !!!!!! Do You Remember: Westland Mall, in Hialeah ????? Take Care !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 30-Mar-2009 13:28

Worlds Fastest Indian stars Anthony Hopkins

take care
Robbin 29-Mar-2009 17:53
Pokey, I am Going to Blockbuster Video, today, and I'm going to Look for: The World's Fastest Indian Movie !!!!! I'll Let You know, if I Find it , and see it. Thanks again, for the Info !!!!!!! Will Mail Kart Racer, to you, asap !!!!! Happy Sunday !!!!!!! Robbin .
Pokey 29-Mar-2009 14:48

On Any Sunday can be found on e-bay,but the Worlds Fastest Indian is only a few years old and can be found in most movie rental stores.

take care
Robbin 29-Mar-2009 01:55
Dennis Collins, I went To The Place, and The World, and to The North Miami Armory Dances, and To Pirate's World, Battle Of The Bands, and Municipal Auditorium Dances, in Hialeah, and other places around, But none of the others you mentioned. My younger Brother, and I Had Slot cars, in 1967, and We Ran them at Hobby Mart, in Hialeah, on Palm Springs Mile, West 49th Street, I think you did mention that. We Loved our Slot Cars, and Raced, whoever was Running theirs, But we never Officially Entered, or Ran, in any Races. But we did Have a Lot of Fun, with Our Slot Cars !!!!! It was a Big Thing, Back then !!!!!! I Had A Mustang, and A Camaro !!!!!! Great Memories !!!!!!! Thanks for Reminding Me !!!!! Best Regards !!!! Robbin.
Robbin 28-Mar-2009 15:37
Pokey, Thanks, for telling me about Any Sunday, and The World's Fastest Indian, and I will try to find, and see them !!!!!!! And Kart Racer, I will Mail it to you ASAP !!!! I know you will enjoy that !!!!!!! Eastsider, and I, have been Writing up a Storm, on The Hialeah Memories site, don't know, if you've seen it lately, or not, But if not, you Might enjoy our Back and Forth. Not much Hialeah Memories, But Nice Conversation, and Something to Read !!!!! Later, My Friend !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 28-Mar-2009 15:28
Dennis Collins, Hi, I went to The Place, and The World, and Municipal Auditorium Dances and Battle Of The Bands, Pirate's World, Dances at The North Miami Armory, C. Y. O. Dances at The Knights of Columbus Hall, in Hialeah, Hialeah High Sock Hops, in our Hialeah High Gym, Battle Of The Bands At Dinner Key, and School Dances, at Palm Springs JR. High. Don't Remember, any other Teen Clubs, or Dances. And The only Place, I Raced Slot Cars, was at Hobby Mart, on West 49th Street, in 1967, and when I say Raced, it was Unofficial: You, and I, and Pokey, and others, that were there, with Slot Cars, and we would All Press our Buttons Down, and Race. My Younger Brother, and I , Both Had a Couple of Slot Cars Each, and we went to Hobby Mart, all the time, and Had a Lot of fun, with our Slot Cars. We Never Raced, in any Official Races though, Didn't Want To !!!!!! I went to Orange Blossom Hobbies, in Allapattah, Before, but only bought model car kits there. That was one Great Place !!!!!!!!! I Never was at the other places you mentioned. In those Days, I Had no car, and Relied on My Mom and Dad, to take me, and I knew people, who had cars, and I would Ride with them, To The World, The Place, And The Armory, ect. Fun Days, A Lot Of Good Times, and a Lot Of Pretty Girls, I consorted with, and Have never seen again !!!!!! What Memories !!!!!! Golden Memories !!!!!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 28-Mar-2009 15:03
Pokey, I am very interested, in finding Any Sunday, it sounds Good, and The World's Fastest Indian, also !!!!! My first Motorcycle Ride, was on an Indian Motorcycle, when I was 4 years old. My family, went over to Friends House, in 1955, and My Parents Friends, Marvin and Billie, Had a son, They nicknamed : Bubba, and Bubba , Had an Indian Motorcycle, and He Sat me, in front of Him, I was sitting on the tank, holding on to something, don't remember what, probably: Dear Life, and Bubba and I, went Real fast , Down the Side Streets, around their House, off Bird Road, and Ludlam Road, in Southwest Miami. I was thrilled, more than scared, and I Believe: That started off My Love Of Motorcycles, at a very young age. The next Time, after that, that I was on a Bike, was when I was in JR. High, Riding an Allstate Sears Moped, our next Door neighbor, let me use, when He was away, because we were the caretakers, of His House. That was 1965, and I had a Restricted License, which allowed me to drive the Moped. And then 4 years Later, I Had 2 Yamahas, and A Kawasaki, and Then, in 1970, no Motorcycles, any more, said My Dad, and instead: He suggested that we Contact Uncle Sam, so we went to West 49th Street, to The Army Recruiter, and soon, I went to AAfees, in Coral Gables, and Then to FT. Jackson, in Columbia, S. C., for 9 Weeks Of Basic Training BCT. And After All, I Still Love Motorcycles, and Harley's, and Kawasaki's, are My Favorites !!!!!!! Take Care !!!! Robbin.
Pokey 27-Mar-2009 20:48

Dennis Collins

I never raced on Tom Thumb tracks, but raced alot in Hialeah, just north of the horse track, also raced at Orange Blossom Hobbies, and on 103st on the way to westland, also did some racing in Ft Laud. I still have my cars, took them to a local track here and got my doors blowed off running against the new stuff, But no one there saw any cars like I had, all home made. ha ha

take care
Pokey 27-Mar-2009 20:42

I wanted to mention, along with On Any Sunday, another fantastic motorcycle story is the World's Fastest Indian, if you haven't seen either of these, you need to check out you local video store for some nice weekend viewing

take care
DENNIS COLLINS 27-Mar-2009 20:00
Hello Robbin !
I also remember The Place & The World along with The Image on Miami Beach and the other bands you mentioned: Dr T & The Undertakers - The SHAGGS - Blues Image - Sounds Unlimited.
Did you do any Slot Car Racing at the Tom Thumb Raceways in N.Miami or the one on SW 27 AVE just south of the Tamiami Trail (8th st) ?
How about the Ocean Ranch on S. bayshore Dr. ?
Those were truly the best years of my life and a better place and time for us all.
Pokey 27-Mar-2009 11:52

What the Endless Summer is to surfing, ON Any Sunday is the same to motorcycle riding/racing. If you can find it, you would probably like it.

take care
Robbin 27-Mar-2009 04:30
Guest, I Remember, Guy Awlward, But not very well, Mainly, His name.
Robbin 27-Mar-2009 04:26
Dennis Collins, I Remembered, another Great Local Band, Back in The 60's : The Spellbinders !!!!!
Robbin 27-Mar-2009 04:22
Dennis Collins, Hi , I don't Remember, The Stage, But I Do remember, The Coliseum, and went there, to Ice Skate, and Bowl , Decades ago !!!!!! And I Do Remember : Echo, and The 7 Of Us, with one of the Tiger Brothers, Playing Guitar, in The Band, Can't remember , if it was Steve, or Lee Tiger. I saw, and Heard them, and Danced to their Great Music, In North Miami, at The Place, and The World. That was when I was in High School, around 1967. There were some Great Local Bands around, Back then. Do you remember: DR. T. & The Undertakers, The SHAGGS, The Drones, Chelseas' Children The World Of Matter, The Birdwatchers, The Kollection, Blues Image, The Warlocks, Sounds Unlimited, Hemlock, The Idyes Of March, The Razor's Edge, Beaver Patrol, The Organization, The Showmen, and Others. A Lot Of Talent, around, at that time !!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
DENNIS COLLINS 26-Mar-2009 20:51
Does anyone remember "The Stage Club" behind the Coliseum Bowling Alley ?
We danced to bands like "Echo" & "The Seven of Us" downstairs and played pinball and shot pool upstairs !
RSVP !!!
Guest 26-Mar-2009 16:22
Does anyone remember Guy Aylward wcix channel 6 newscaster? he also did many commercials
Robbin 26-Mar-2009 14:38
Pokey, I Remember: The Endless Summer, I saw it, a Long time ago, and I Liked it. In my JR. High Days, in 1965, I used to go Surfing, at South Beach, By The South Beach Pier, and I LovedSurfing, and Movies about it, Like Ride The Wild Surf, ect. , and All Of The Beach Party Movies, with Frankie Avalon, and Annette Funicello, and in 1967, I watched, and enjoyed a T. V. Show, called: Malibu U. , remember those ????? And at My JR. High School, - Palm Springs, There were a Lot Of Surfers, and Surfer Girls, and they were one Group, and then you had The Greasers, another Group, who Didn't Surf, and Greased Down their Hair, with Vitalis, Wildroot, Brylcream, Pomade, ect., andThe Greasers Didn't Like The Surfers, and There was Always Friction, Between The 2. I Had no problem, Because I used Brylcream, Vitalis, and Wildroot, on my Hair since Elementary School, and that continued, But I also Liked Surfing, and was A South Beach Surfer, So I was A Greaser, and A Surfer, Friends with Both, Neutral, and Happy !!!! I Had it Made !!!!! You know, I always Liked Woodshop, and at Palm Springs JR. High, in Woodshop Class, We used to Make These Neat Little Mini Surfboards, out of Teak Wood, Mahogany, or Black Walnut, and we would Finish them, real nice, Drill a Hole, for a Chain, Put Canoe, or English Leather, on them, and give them , to some Pretty Surfer Girl, that we Liked. That was Fun, and Romantic, and The Girls Loved The Attention, and Their Surfboard Necklaces !!!!!! Thanks, for sending, The Motocross Tape, I'm Looking forward, to watching it !!!!! I'll let you know, here, when it arrives !!!! And I will send You: Kart Racer, I know You will enjoy That Movie !!!!! Later !!! Robbin.
Robbin 26-Mar-2009 04:40
Pokey, Thanks a Lot, for sending the Tape, and I will Let you know here, when it arrives !!!! I Remember seeing : The Endless Summer, and I Liked it, cause I Liked Surfing, and Did Go Surfing, a Lot, By Soth Beach Pier, in The 60's, when I was in JR. High, at Palm Springs JR. High School, in Northwest Hialeah. I also Loved : Ride The Wild Surf, Beach Blanket Bingo, and Malibu U., on T. V., Ect. But I never saw the other Movie you mentioned, But I know I would of Liked it, cause I Love Motorcycles !!!!!!! Do You Remember Mustangs ????? The Pony, The Stallion, and The Thoroughbred !!!! When we were Kids, FPL Meter Readers Had Mustang Ponies, Fluorescent Orange Tank, A Black Saddle Seat,& Gray Dish Wheels, I Loved Mustangs, But never Got One !!!!!! I will send you Kart Racer, I Loved that Movie !!!! I think , you will Like it too !!!!!! Remember, Sealtest Dairy Products , in Miami ?????? Not any More, they Dis appeared, here, years, and years ago , and so Did Borden !!!!!! I'll Bet, you Have Wonderful Midwest Dairy Products there, in Indiana, Very Rich, and Creamy !!!!! Probably, much better than ours Here !!!!! Velda Farms, is still Real Good Here, Do you Remember Them ?????? And Mc Arthur, is Still Here, and Real Good Still !!!!! And Farm Stores Drive Ins, are Real good, and Still around !!!! I Love An Iced Cold Glass Of Milk, with A Twinke Cake, or Suzie Q, or A Piece Of Chocolate Cake, or A Slice Of Pecan Pie, Pound Cake, Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie, Peach Cobbler, German Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake, Black Forest Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Coconut Custard Pie, Bread Pudding, ect. !!!!!!! I Hope I Didn't Make You Hungry !!!!!!!! I Sure Did Make Myself want AnIce Cold Glass Of Milk, and Any Of Those, or Some Pineapple Upside Down Cake, or some Home Baked Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookies, that come in a Roll, and you slice them off in Rounds, and Bake them !!!!!!!! I Love those Best !!!!!!! Out of Curiosity, What Supermarkets, Do you Have there ????? I'm Guessing that You Have : Kroger, andMaybe Food Lion !!!!!! Or Bi Lo, Or IGA. Our Main Food Stores here nowadays, are: Publix, Winn Dixie, Walmart, Target, And a Cuban- American Chain, Called: Sedano's. But there are a Lot more Independent Stores, Such as Presidente, Tropical, Milam's, First Choice, Top Value, and others. Oh, and We also Have: Sam's Club, BJ's Wholesale Club, Costco Wholesale Club, and Smart And Final. We Belog to Costco, and we Buy some things there, But Most of our Grocery Shopping , is Done at : Publix.My wife works for Publix, and They are The Best !!!!!! She has 32 years with them, and works in The Deli Dept. Publix, for years, was only in Florida, But now, they are in 5 States, and Have 1,000 Stores. They are in Fla., Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. They Have Like 15 stores in Nashville. Some people say Publix, is a little Too Expensive, and others are cheaper, But Myself, and Most others say: They are worth The Difference. Their Stores, are Sparkling Clean, They are well Stocked, Their Employees Own The Company, and They Are A Class Act !!!!! Winn Dixie, wishes they were Publix, But They Fall Real Short, in that Arena !!!!!!!You can Check out Publix, on The Computer, they have lots of Pictures , and Facts, Ect. I Like Their Publix Trucks Pictures. They Have Beautiful Trucks, All Sterlings and Volvos, and Their Colors are Green, and Silver, or white Trailers, and Their Motto, is: Publix, Where Shopping Is A Pleasure, and it Truly is !!!!!!! Talk To You Later !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 25-Mar-2009 12:19
It's on it's way.
No I have never seen that film. Have you ever seen the films On Any Sunday and the Endless Summer, they were made in the 60's by Bruce Brown. Very low buget films but two of the best that I have seen, one is about motorcycle riding and the other is about suffing around the world. They are worth watching.

take care
Robbin 25-Mar-2009 02:59
Pokey, Thanks a Lot, and I'm looking forward, to Seeing The Tape !!!!! Very nice of you, to send it to me, and no Doubt, I Will Enjoy It !!!!!!! Much Obliged !!!!!! Have you Ever seen a Movie, called Kart Racer ????? It Stars: Randy Quaid, as The Father of a Young Kid, who wants to Be a Champion Go Kart Racer, and His Dad, used to Race Karts, and Tutors Him. It's a Great Movie !!!!! If you've never seen it, Let me know, and I'll send it to you !!!!!! Thanks Again !!!!!! Later !!!! Robbin.
Pokey 24-Mar-2009 19:35
Got the address today, will send the disk out in the morning, you should look for it later this week, let me know when you get it.
Remember this is old 8mm and it should play on a newer dvd player. I have an old one and it will not play on it, but will play on my daughters newer one. I added a few extras for you to watch, newer film (35years later) and some shots of vintage karts in Illinois that I went to a couple years ago.
Hope you can watch it and hope you enjoy it.

take care
Robbin 24-Mar-2009 18:20
Pokey, My parents Moved into our 1st House, in Sun Tan Village, in 1949, or 1950, and The House only cost 6 Thosand Dollars, Back Then, But Some of The Houses around there, are Much Bigger, than before. The owners, Have added on, and Put 2nd Stories on Top, so those prices, you stated, are probably, about Right, even now, with the Bottom Out. A Couple of years ago, My House, would Bring 350 Thousand Dollars or more, But Now, I Don't Know ??????? Do You Live Out Of Town, or in Town ?????? Take Care !!! Robbin.
Robbin 24-Mar-2009 02:22
Pokey, I'm not Really sure, either, now that the Bottom Fell out, and our Economy, as it is, But I can tell you, that a Few years ago, it was true. Those Houses, and that area, was in Demand, and there are some Houses there, that are Still Small, and near or the same as ours was, in 1964, whe we moved, But Some of The Houses, around Sun Tan Village, are Mansions. The People Have Built on and Up, and Those Houses are Big 2 Story Houses now, and fancy, But Sort of out of place, for the area. Our old House , now, Has Arches in front, and a Carport. I Go by My old neighborhood, all the time, just to Get that Special Feeling, and all The Old Memories, Come at me, like a freight train. That area, will always Be Special, to Me, Because I Spent the First 13 years of My Life there !!!!!!! Oh, and I almost Forgot, to tell you: Our Old GI House, By Karland Go Kart Track, Cost My Parents : 6, 000 Dollars, in 1949, when they Bought it new. For a Mere Song, But 6,000 Dollars, at that time, was a lot of Money. Take Care !!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 23-Mar-2009 20:41
I remember those houses in Hialeah. A while back on one of the channels on T.V., they had a special on those homes from the 50's, and said that they are now selling upwards of 200,000 to 300,000. I don;t know if that is true or not, but that is sure a big increase in value if it is true.

take care
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 19:42
Pokey, If you want to see our old House, where I grew up, as a Kid, By Karland Go Kart Track, Go to Don Boyd's Memories Of Old Hialeah, and Make sure you are seeing Lots of Pictures, of An Indian Statue, Hialeah Speedway Crowd, Casa Lu Motel, ect. Scroll Down to the 11th Row, and you'll see Pee Wee Fruit Drinks, and a Picture Of Longtime Mayor Of Hialeah, Henry Milander, with 2 Ladies, and to the Right, is a picture of our First Learned House, in East Hialeah. Some Houses, in our area, Had Sun Decks, and Outside Stairs Going up there, But there were Lots Like ours also, I'd say 1/2 and 1/2, in Sun Tan Village. Our Little House only Had : 2 Bedrooms, and 1 Bath, for 5 People, in our Family. We were Cramped, But it was our Home, for 13 years, and then we moved to a Bigger House 3 -2, and on a Good Lake, in West Hialeah, which is about 1 1/2 to 2 miles, from Gratigny Woods, where you took your Films of Motocross, and that's where I Live now, west of there, towards The Palmetto 826 North and South, and The Florida Everglades, even Farther West. When we moved here, in 1964, This area, was way out, But not any more, This Place, Dade County, Has Really Grown , Like Crazy. On The West of Hialeah, used to Be Woods, not anymore, it's Developed, with Houses, all the way out to US 27, and Krome Avenue. Oh, and by the way: Henry Milander, was our Mayor Of Hialeah, for 31 Consecutive years, and He was Originally, From Pennsylvania, and a Close friend on My Dad. Later !!!! Robbin.
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 01:33
Pokey, Did you ever Eat Hamburgers, at Henry's, on N. W. 27th Avenue, a little north of Gladeview Elementary School ???? I Did, and it was Good, a Lot like McDonald's. And Did you every go to Steven's Market, on N. W. 27th Avenue, and 62nd Street ????? My Mom, and I used to go there, on Saturday mornings, and then, after, around 11 A. M., she would Drop me off at : Rustic Roller Rink, To skate, until 6 P. M., and then, she'd pick me up. Did you ever go to Rustic Roller Rink, in Southeast Hialeah ????? I Loved That Place !!!!!! And what about Patsy's Pizza, on East 4th Avenue, and 17th Street, ever Eat Pizza there ????? We Did !!!! They Had Great Pizza !!!!!! Later !!!! Robbin.
Robbin 23-Mar-2009 01:19
Pokey, There was a Hobby Shop, at Northside Shopping Center, in The Front, facing N. W. 27th Avenue, and I went there, many times, in the early 60's, and Bought Model Car Kits, and Parts Trees, with Spare Chrome Parts, Clear Bubble Tops, ect., But I cannot Remember the name, of The store, for some reason. Do you Remember that Hobby Shop ????? I'll bet you also, went there, and Maybe Manocarz did too. He said He and His family, went to Northside a Lot, on Friday Nights. My Family, Loved Northside Shopping Center, and we went there, a lot, in the early 60's. And in The 50's, I went to Funland Park, a lot, with my Little Brother, 3 years younger than me, and My Dad. My Favorite Ride, was always : The Bump Bump Cars. !!!!!!! Talk to You Soon. Robbin.
Robbin 21-Mar-2009 03:32
Pokey, I Remember, when I Had 8 Track Tapes, and an 8 Track Portable Player, and I would take it in My Dads Car, To Play, when I Rode around The Neighborhood. I Don't know about yours, But My 8 Tracks Skipped Terribly, sometimes, from one son at the beginning, to the last song, ect. They were Miserable !!!!!! But that's all I Had, at that time, and I bought a few 8 Track Tapes, at Woolworth's, in Flamingo Plaza, Cheap, and I enjoyed them anyway !!!!!! I Like cassettes, but they sometimes get screwed up, and you have to Rewind, and Fast Forward, 1/ 2 of the time, to find the song you want, so they are also, a pain, and I guess C. D.'s , are The Best. My C. D. Player, in My Expedition, Doesn't work, and I Probably, won't bother to get it fixed, but I will Rather: Keep on playing My Cassettes. I'm sure you can find Blank 8 Track Tapes somewhere. I am very interested, in that Record Player/ C. D. / Cassette Recorder, you Have, and I May, Just Have to Have one !!!!!!! Speaking of Lawnmower Shops, Back when we were kids, in The 50's, a lot of Lawnmower Shops, had Go Karts, Remember ???? When I was in the Car, with my Dad, and we passed A Lawnmower Shop, I was Looking, to see if I Saw Go Karts, and sometimes, I Did !!!!!!! And Do You Remember Mustang Scooters, and Motorcycles ????? They had 3 of them, in the Front Glass Window, at Ace Cycle Shop, By Grandway, on N. W. 54th Street, and I Loved Those, and always wanted one, but never had one. Did you ever go to Seymour Johnson AFB, in Goldsboro, N. C. ????? If so, Did you ever eat BBQ, at Wilber's ???? I Have, and it's Great, I Love it !!!!! My Grandma Learned, my Dad's Mom, was From South of there, 35 Miles, north of Wilmington, and My Brother, and I went up there, every summer, when we were kids, and we went all over Southeastern N. C., From Fayetteville, to Raleigh, to Wilson, Goldsboro, and Kinston, To Wilmington. Ever at Pope AFB, in Fayetteville ?????? Just Curious !!!!!! I know you Traveled, and Moved around alot, in 22 years, in The Military. Good Experience !!!!!!!! And I Salute You, For Being So Patriotic, and Serving Our Country !!!!! I only Served Sam, for 3 Years, but I feelProud, and Good, that I Did That !!!!!! Have A Great Weekend, My Friend, and I'll Talk to you again Soon !!!!!! Oh, I Hope your weather, is Getting Milder now !!!! See Ya !!! Robbin.
Pokey 21-Mar-2009 00:52
Yes there was a lawn mower shop around that area, my dad paid 5 dollars for edger back in the early 60's for the engine for my kart. I never eat at the food fair next to burdines but I remember the BBQ place and the resturant on 71st. There was also a factory on 71st that made canves awnings, that is where we would get our awnings for the trailer, when there would wear out.
You talk about cassetts for your vehicles, I still use 8=tracks in one of my vehicles, I can make them with equipment that I had got overseas in the early 70's,but I have a hard time finding blank 8-track tapes now.
That record player, does a real nice job making cd's, it will also make cassetts too, I still have about 100 old 45's along with the albums.I bought most of the albums overseas, because it was cheaper to buy the album down town then to buy a 45 on base, to get the same song. Some of my albums have never been played all the way through, because I bought them mostly for one or two songs that were on them.
I will look for your address and sent the dvd as soon as I get it
take care
Robbin 20-Mar-2009 14:23
Pokey, I'm Mailing an Envelope to you, today, with my Home address, and it's Friday, March 20th, so you should get it, in a few days. I Made Homemade Corn Mush, last night, and put it in the fridge overnight, and today, I'm having Fried Cornmeal Slices, browned in the pan, with Smart Balance, and with Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, over it. Delicious. Oh, I flour the slices, before going in the frying pan. Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 20-Mar-2009 03:42
Pokey, Wasn't there A Lawnmower Shop, on N. W. 79th Street, somewhere near Bell Haven ?????? I seem to Picture, and Remember one, around there !!!!! I know you would know. And wasn't there a Salvage place, just past Hoffman's Garden Supply, on N. W. 79th Street, and 22nd Avenue ?????? Also, Do you Remember Charlie Emerson's Little Restaurant, that was Down the street, just west of Burdine's Warehouse, on N. W. 71st Street, at about 35th Avenue ????? And when you worked at Burdine's Warehouse, did you ever eat at Food Fair Warehouse's Cafeteria ????? That's where my mom worked, in the Miami Food Fair Offices Upstairs, in The Mail Room. She worked there, for 35 years, and I used to go there , to eat Lunch with Her, in The Summer, when school was out, and that cafeteria, was Real Good !!!!!! Also, Remember,: Alabama Bill's BBQ, which was on N. W. 32nd Avenue, at about 65th Street ????? We used to go there, and it was good !!!!! That was in The 50's. Talk to you later. Robbin.
Robbin 20-Mar-2009 03:24
Does Anyone Remember: Orange Blossom Orange Juice ?????? They had a Place in The City Of Miami, Down near The Miami Garment District, and When you went by there, you could smell Orange Juice, in the air , and it was Heavenly, especially, on a cold winter day !!!!!! And their products, were Really Good, We got their Orange Juice, and Fruit salad, in the jar, all the time, back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Another Memory Of Old Miami !!!!!!!!!
Robbin 19-Mar-2009 22:29
Pokey, I've Heard about that Record Player, that you can Make C. D.'s from Records, but I never got one, but I may yet. I don't have any 45 RPM Records, any more, But I probably Have : Maybe : 250 Record Albums, from The 50's to The 80's. In my 2 Cars, I Have Cassette Players, and A. M . - F. M. Radios, and My one car, A 1999 Ford Expedition, also has a C. D. Player, But it's Broken, so I Make Cassette Tapes, on My Home Portable Boom Box, from C. D.'s, and I Play only Cassettes, in My Aerostar, and My Expedition, and By The Way, I Drive Both The Van, and The Truck, at the same time, But I Haven't Been Able to walk on water yet, Hah Hah !!!!!! I Make Oldies Cassettes, from Oldies CD.'s, I Find, that are The Originals, put on C. D.'s, and I Have some Oldies, country, Jazz, and Comedy Cassettes, that I Bought, Long ago, when Cassettes were Standard. I Like Comedy Tapes, and I Have A few, oh, and I Like, and Have a Few Cassettes of Old Radio Programs, such as Green Hornet, The Whistler, The Shadow, and SGT. Preston Of The Yukon. I Got them, on per visit, at Cracker Barrel, a Few years ago. I Love Cracker Barrel's Food, and Their Country Store Gift Shop. I also love The Andy Griffith Show, Hogan's Heroes, The Beverly Hillbillies, ect., and Leave It To Beaver, My 3 Sons, Sea Hunt, Family Affair, Rat Patrol, Highway Patrol, Rescue 8, The Donna Reed Show, The Ozzie and Harriett Show, Sky King, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Have Gun, Will Travel, Death Valley Days, Wagon Train, Rawhide, Wanted, Dead Or Alive, Davey Crockett, Route 66, Green Acres, Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Adam 12, Emergency, B. J. and The Bear, Cannonball, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Make Room For Daddy, The Addams Family, The Munsters, The Dungeon, with M. T. Graves, American Bandstand, Saturday Hop, Batman, Green Hornet, Eight Is Enough, WKRP In Cinncinati, The Wild Wild West, All In The Family, The Jefferson's, Three's Company, One Day At A Time, and others. Now those were T. V. Shows !!!!!!!!!! And Everyone's Favorites !!!!!!! And Donny and Marie, and The Osmonds, They were always A Great Family Act, and I Always Had A Big Super Crush, on Marie Osmond, and Her Voice, is Beautiful , too !!!!!!! Sonny and Cher, Always, Had a Great Show too. And I Loved Hee Haw, and always watched it , on Saturday Nights, when it was on, with Chips, Fantasy Island, Chico and The Man, and The Hilarious : Sanford And Son. I Loved Those Shows !!!!!! And I still watch the Re- Runs of The Lawrence Welk Show. We went To The Show, in Branson, at The Lawrence Welk Theatre, there, and it was Great. What Nostalgia, and Memories, Huh !!!!!!! All The Best !!!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 19-Mar-2009 21:31
Pokey, Yes I Have A DVD, But Don't Worry about a Copy Of The Tape, I Do appreciate your offering, though. I wrote you a note, already, but it apparenly, got erased, somehow. Good Luck, on The Homemade PA. Style Scrapple, Made in Your Indiana Kitchen. !!!!!! And my Computer, or Yahoo Mail, Have Denied Me access, to Sending E- Mails, for some unknown Reason. I can Receive E- Mails, most of the time, but cannot send any. Talk to you later !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 19-Mar-2009 16:20
that Rt 66 disk sounds good, I use to watch that show all the time. My kids got me some disks of Sonny & Cher, Donny & Marie, and they got me a neat set of Bob Hopes USO Christmas shows, mostly from the Vietnam ear. They also got me one of those record players that you can make cd's from. I have a little more than 300 record albums, so I have been putting alot of the old albums on cd's , an they really sound pretty good. I still watch the old shows on T.V. also, ie Andy Griffin, Hogans Heros, and the Lawrence Welch shows, alot of the old westerns, and of course Leave it to Beaver. ha ha
take care
Pokey 19-Mar-2009 13:48
I will start making a copy, and wait for your address. Remember these are old 8 mm and the color isn't the greatest and NO sound. If I was smart enough (I'm not) it would be nice to put some music in the back ground like SteppenWolfs's born to be wild, or the Hondell's with little honda.

take care
Robbin 18-Mar-2009 23:38
Pokey, Yes, I Do Have A DVD Player, and I Rent Movies from Blockbuster, all the time, and I Go to Cracker Barrel, to Eat Dinner, a Lot, on The Weekends, and I Buy old T.V. Shows, on DVD, such as: Route 66, Petticoat Junction, Hogan's Heroes, ect. I enjoy those, a Lot !!!!!!! Later !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 18-Mar-2009 23:31
Pokey, Hi, It's very nice of you, to offer me a copy of Dirt Bike Scrambling out there, off Gratigny Road, and Red Road, in the early 60's, and if it's not too much trouble, for you, I will take you up on the offer. But , I'll have to mail you my Home Address, Because My E- Mail, on Yahoo Mail, is on the Blink, You can E- Mail Me, But I can't E- Mail anyone, at this time. I don't know what happened. At about the same time, a couple of months ago, My E- Mails would not send anymore, and Classmates.Com, started Denying me access, to my Site, and I'm very suspicious, that someone has jammed me up, and messed me up, by Fraudulently using my name to apply, or access my site. I wrote a Letter, to Classmates. Com, like 3 weeks ago, and have not heard anything, from them, and I paid up, for 2 years, and it's only been a few months. And the E- Mail on Yahoo Mail, went wierd, Right after, so now, I can't send any E- Mails, on either one. Talk about Frustration !!!!! I will mail you By the Postal Service, my address, and Thanks Again. And Good Luck, with Making some Homemade Scrapple, PA. Style !!!!!! Take Care !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 18-Mar-2009 11:54

Do you have a DVD player. Like I had said earlier, when we were out on the bikes we took alot of old 8mm movies of the dirt riding on the bikes. I have a way to transfer this old film to dvd. If you would like I could sent you a copy, you won't know any of the people, but should reconize the area. I don't have you address so if you want, email me at with you mailing address, and just remember that these are old OLD 8mm film----NO sound, and not very sharp, ( a little on the blurred side).

take care
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 06:17
Pokey, Type in : Philadelphia Scrapple Recipes, and You'll Get a Bunch, of them. I Liked Best The one by The Recipe ZZAR. Good Luck, in Cooking your own Authentic Philadelphia Scrapple. Me , Personally, I Like it either Plain, as Cornmeal Mush Fried, or with Breakfast Sausage, mixed with Cornmeal Mush. Later. Robbin.
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 05:46
Pokey, I've Got another one for You : Lebanon Bologna,, A Real Favorite, of Mine, since I was A Small Kid. I Love Lebanon Bologna , Do You ?????? If you Like it, and Can't get it , where you Live, you can order it, From Pennsylvania, and They'll ship it to You. I've ordered it, Many times, that way !!!!! A couple of Good ones are: Bomberger's, and Seltzer's, Both Of Pennsylvania, and their Lebanon Bologna, is The Real Mccoy, and Really Smoked, and Delicious !!!!!!! Later. Robbin.
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 05:09
Pokey, I Forgot, about The Computer Here. You can Probably Ask For Philadelphia Scrapple Recipes, on The Internet, and you'll Be Given Some. Give it a Try !!!!!! You can , Most Likely, Cook up some Real Authentic Philadelphia Scrapple, Like You Remember In PA., Right in Your Indiana Kitchen !!!!!!!! Later . Robbin.
Robbin 17-Mar-2009 05:02
Pokey, There are Recipes, for Scrapple, in Lots Of Cookbooks, I've seen them before. Check your Library, or Barnes and Nobles, or Border's Books, for Scrapple Recipes. You would be surprized, how many Good Recipes, there are out there. I Collect, and Have Quite a Few Cookbooks, and I'll Try and find you some Good Recipes, for Philadelphia Scrapple. As far as I know, it originated, in Philly. My Dad, was from Pittsburgh, in Western PA., But He knew all about Eastern Pennsylvania, and The Pennylvania Dutch,-- Amish, and Mennonites, and The Cooking of Eastern PA. I Make Scrapple, My Version, Creamed Chipped Beef, _ (SOS), Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup, Amish Shoo Fly Pie, ect. I Love to Cook, and I know my way, around The Kitchen. I Make SOS, with Bacon, and Pour it over Toasted Deli Rye Bread, and it's Wonderful. Did you ever Make Fried Cornmeal Mush, Served with Butter, and Maple Syrup, on Top ????? It's Wonderful !!!!!! It's easy to make too, Just Make a Cornmeal Batter, like for Corn Bread, Pour this in a Greased Loaf Pan, Bake it in a 350 Degree Oven, about 10 Minutes, Then Let it cool, at Room Temperature, Then Put it in The Fridge, overnite. Then in The Morning, Slice The Loaf, in Thick Slices, Put the Slices in a Pan, with some Butter, or Margarine, and Lightly Brown, The Slices, Then Put Them on a Plate, and Pour Pure Maple Syrup, over the Slices, and More Butter, if you Wish. This and a Cup Of Coffee, is a Fantastic Breakfast, and if it's Me, I would Have Ice Cold Orange Juice, also !!!!!!! Take Care !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin 16-Mar-2009 17:54
Pokey, I'll Pass on The Tar and Feathering, I know what that is, and it would Be Excrusiating Pain, But I know what you mean, that I am Torturing you, about PA. Scrapple. It is a Great Breakfast Food !!!!! I knew, you would know about it, you being originally, from Pennsylvania. My Dad, always made it at our House, and we all Loved it too. You can Have The Liver, I Hate Liver, always Have !!!!! My Mom and Dad, Loved it, But I Got sent to my Room, many a time, for Refusing, to Eat Liver. Yuck !!!!!! I Make my Scrapple, using Breakfast Sausage, in stead of The Liver, that they use in Authentic Philadelphia Scrapple. I Do Make sort of a Mush of The Breakfast Sausage, and Cornmeal Mush, and I cook mine a Little Bit, in an aluminum Throw a way pan, in The Toaster Oven, and then, I Pour Pure Maple Syrup, over it. What A Breakfast !!!!!!!! That and Orange Juice, and Coffee, and I'm Set !!!!!!!!! Oh, I Do cook the Sausage, and Drain it First. And Pokey, That Field, where you went, was The Place. But , When I went Scrambling Motocross there, was Later, Like 1969. That Burger King, is still there, on 103rd Street-- East 49th Street, in Hialeah, and Lejeune Road. And The Train Yard- , CXS Hialeah Yard, is still there. Where you went, to that wooded field, is Now A Big Greynolds Park Type County Park, with Picnic Pavillions, A Lake, A Kids Farm, And Bike, and Nature Trails. On Weekends, it's Packed with cars, and people. Amelia Earhart Park. Take Care !!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 16-Mar-2009 14:58
Robbin-------you need to be tared and feathered and hung out to dry------I haven't heard the word SCRAPPLE since the 90's. I love that stuff, we would buy about an 8 inch block back in Pa and I would cut about 1/2 inch thick piece, fry it up and cover it with syrup, BOY that was better than duncon donuts or even white castle. that sure makes my mouth water. In Indiana, they don't know what I am talking about, they keep trying to give me mush, yuk. I did find a store about 6 yrs ago that had advertised Pa scrapple, but it was white and it tasted bad. the scrapple I got in Pa was brown or dark grey. You are making me to want to go in there on a weekend to get some.
As for liver, I love that too, I remember in the military, they would have it in the chow hall, but it was green in color, so I would cover it with onions and gravey, and it was real good.

You and Don memtioned the bike riding at Amealia field. We use to go to an area west of Masters Field. we would take 103st west from 32 ave, over the tracks into the Hialeah side, there was a BK or some type of resturant on the corner, an we would head north to the field, there was alot of trails and sand hill and ponds there. In 65-66 time frame therew was about 8 - 10 bikes and we took alot of movies of the bike riding out there and on one occasion there was an old jeep with a couple of girls in it, along with a couple of guys with bikes, one bike was a black and white big bear scrambler and the other was an old honda style step through 50/90 cc that had been stripped down, the one boy was pretty large, I was wondering if that could have been you, like I said the time frame is 65-66.

I remember most of the places that you memtioned, I was at that Yamaha dealer, but we got our bikes from Miami Vespa/Honda on the 36th st just off of 32nd ave.

take care
Robbin 15-Mar-2009 18:14
Remembering, som old Familiar Places, and Things, that are Long Gone Now, such as: Miami Stadium, and The Miami Marlins, The Orange Bowl, Robert E. Lee JR. High, North Miami JR. High, Piccolo's Restaurant, Burdine's, Jordan Marsh, Richard's, The Place, The World, The North Miami Armory, Sunday's On The Bay,-- Haulover, Biscayne Dog Track, Morrison's Cafeteria's, who were sold to Piccadilly, All Of The Many Dade Drive In Movie Theatres, Flamingo Cafeteria, Hialeah Speedway, Racing at Hialeah Park, The Barefoot Mailman Shops, Royal Castles all over Town, Holsum Devils Food Layer 1/2 Moon Cakes, Lum's, Jano's Sandwich Shop, Hialeah Lanes, Karland Go Kart Rides, Michel's Kart Rides, The King Orange Bowl Parade, Pumpernik's, Wolfie's, Eastern Airlines, Putt- Putt Golf, Miami Lakes Driving Range and Pro Shop, Rustic Roller Rink, Hialeah Roller Rink, Roy's BBQ, In The Grove, on Grand Avenue, Victoria Station Restaurant, Bahama Steak House, The Chesapeake, Howard Johnson's Restaurants, Plantation Pit BBQ, The Old Northside Shopping Center, In The 60's, and Many, Many Others, But these are A Few !!!!!!!
Robbin 15-Mar-2009 05:19
Remember Years ago, and For Years, and Years, You used to See The Red and Black Wells Fargo Armored Service Trucks , in front Of Publix, Walgreen's, Home Depot, Winn Dixie, Spec's, and Lots of other Places, and in The Streets, The Distinctive Trucks were Everywhere. I know about this, 1st Hand, Because I was on Those very Trucks, for 14 years, that I was a Wells Fargo Employee. You Don't see any Wells Fargo Trucks now, and you won't anymore, Because Wells Fargo, was sold To Loomis Armored, and for a while, they were: Loomis Fargo & Co., But now They Have White Trucks, and are Just Plain : Loomis. Wells Fargo, was founded, in 1852, and I could not Believe that they sold The Company.
Robbin 15-Mar-2009 05:02
Anyone Remember, Home Milk ???? Home Milk, was a Big Name Dairy, in Dade County, and Especially, in The City Of Miami, where their Place was, on N. W. 7th Avenue, and about 24th or 25th Street. Their Place, Had a Big Home Milk Carton, on Top, or in Front, and I Believe, it Spun around slowly. You could always see it from Miami Baseball Stadium. I used to Go to Miami Stadium, a Lot, and I always Saw The Home Milk Carton, from there, and it Looked Neat, and was a Landmark, for a Lot of years. The same as : Robert E. Lee JR. High School. You Could always see the Back of The Big Historic Impressive Looking 3 Story School, From I- 95, as you Got near The Garment District, and I personally , Miss seeing those 2 Places. Robert E. Lee, was Torn Down, in I Believe 1997, to make way for a new School, which is there now; Jose De Diego Middle School, and Home Milk, was Bought out by Mc Arthur Dairies, and Mcrthur Later, Took over The Bldg., where Home Milk was. Also, Miami Stadium, was Dormant, for a few years, except for a Small Flea Market, on The Weekends, and Now, in it's place, are Apartment Houses, The Miami Stadium Apartments. Miami Memories !!!!!!
Robbin 14-Mar-2009 12:42
Pokey, Did you ever go to The A & W Drive In, on N. W. 27th Avenue, and around 113th Street , by Miami- Dade North JR. College ????? From 1969, when I Had My Yamahas, I went there. They Had Curb Service, where the Girls came to your car, and took your order, and then put the tray, in your window. I used to Have Chili Dogs, Fries, A & W Root Beer, and Philly Cheese Steak Hoagies. They Had all of those, -- Very Delicious. Also, Do you Remember, near there, about 116th Street, on 27th Avenue, in 1969, was Yamaha Dade JR. ????? I Bought my 2nd Motorcycle, there, A Brand New 1969 350 Yamaha California Street Bike, Black & White, in Color, and Very Fast !!!!!! And when I went there for Service, ect., I would Eat at A & W. , But Of course, I couldn't Get Curb Service, and A Tray in The Window, Ha Ha !!!!! They had a little Patio- Dining Room, on the side, and A Counter, with Royal Castle Type Round Stool Seats, where I would Eat. They also Had Great Breakfast, and when I Drove The Swift Foodservice Trucks, I would Sometimes stop there, for Breakfast. I used to Have: Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Toast, Steak,- Shredded, like on a Philly Cheese Steak Sub, and Orange Juice, and Believe Me, it was Good !!!!!!!! The Place is still there, But it's now called : The Root Beer Place, and I Haven't Tried it, Lately. There also was a House Of Pancakes, I- Hop, nearby, but it closed around 1977. And There was also, a Billiard Center there, at that time. That area, never was that Great,Except for The Very Exclusive: Westview Country Club, which was A Touch Of Class, at one time !!!!!! Speaking Of Dade JR. College, it's now: Miami- Dade College, North Campus, and now, Miami- Dade College, Has At Least 6 or More Locations; North , South, Downtown, Homestead, Hialeah, and others, But Miami- Dade North, and Miami- Dade South, are The Big ones. Also, Remember, Barry College, in Miami Shores ????? It's Grown Tremendouly, over the years, and is now : Barry University. A few years ago, they Tore Down Biscayne Kennel Club Dog Track, and now Barry University occupies that parcel, of Land , also. Lots Of Changes Here, Too Many !!!!! Talk To You Later. Robbin.
Robbin 13-Mar-2009 17:06
Pokey, Do You Remember, The Pantry Pride Supermarket, and Woolco Store, that were on 79th Street, at about 30th avenue ????? And what about The 7-11 Store, that was just north of 79th Street, on the west side of 32nd Avenue. And what about Lady Fair Bakery, which was Food Fair- Pantry Pride's Big Commercial Bakery, where they Baked Food Fair's Bread, and Cakes ????? It was Between Burdine's East Warehouse, and Bell Haven"s Back, and The Railroad Tracks. They Had a Great Chocolate Cake, I Loved, and used to Buy, all the time, at Food Fair. And Do You Remember, Reem's Coffee Shop, on The Side of Earl's Market ????? It faced 79th Street. I used to go there, for Breakfast, in 1973, and they had My Favorite: SOS, on Biscuits, Creamed Chipped Beef, I Love that, it's an old Pennsylvania Dutch Recipe, and I grew up on it, We always enjoyed, it at our House, and My wife, and I still Do !!!!!! I Make Homemade Philadelphia Scrapple, also, except I Hate Liver, so I Substitute Cornmeal, for The Liver, and At the Table, I Pour Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, over My Scrapple, Now That's A Great Breakfast !!!!!! Did I Make You Hungry ?????? You Might need a Sack Of White Kastle's, about now !!!!!! Ha Ha !!!!!! Remember the Smell, of The Sears Northside Garden Shop, inside, if you went Thru there, to Go to Sears ????? When we went that way, we were Glad to get into The Sears Store, and Went straight to The Candy Counter. And Their Little Coffee Shop, was Great too, Good Food !!!!! We went there, a Lot !!!!! Remember, Harvest House Cafeteria, in Northside ????? It was on the north end of Northside, and they had Real Good Food. We used to Eat there, a Lot !!!!!! Remember, Northwest Hospital ???? It was on N. W. 79th Street, and 10th Avenue. I Had My Broken Arm set, and a Cast, put on there, in about 1960, By Our Family Doctor, -- DR. Link, and I spent 1 night there. Take Care, My Friend !!!!!! Later. Robbin.
Robbin 12-Mar-2009 04:48
Pokey, I Must Have seen Diane's, But never was there, But I Sure Remember Mug's Bar, Because of the funny name, and we went by it, all the time, going to Sears Northside. You Must also Remember, the Barber Shop, on 32nd Avenue, at about 77th Street, which was Right outside Of Bell Haven. I used to get a Haircut there, a Lot, in the Middle, to Late 70's, and My Barber there , was The Owner, - Frank, and He was a Great Old Time Barber. My friend's 1967 Mustang, was Dark Green, and Had a 390 Four Barrel, and 4 on the floor, and it was super fast, like your friend's, and we also Hit 120 MPH, on The Palmetto, West bound, From Golden glades, By The Modernage Arch, Remember That ????? In 1988, My Younger Brother, a Police Officer, Had a Metallic Blue Mustang GT, with a 5.0 Liter Engine, and an automatic Transmission, and that Little Car, was Super, Super Fast !!!!!! Your friends Mom, was The Little Old Lady, From Pasadena!!!!!!! From Stupid Kids, Throwing Rocks, at Each Other, and BB Gun Wars, To Hot Rodders !!!!!! Great Days, Huh !!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Pokey 11-Mar-2009 15:52

Boy, the name Mugs Bar sure brings back memories, haven't heard that name in along time. Mugs almost sat next to Diana's, Mugs faced 79th street, where as Diana's faced 32nd ave.
The 67 mustangs were nice, three of us from the park got away from the bikes in 67 and got mustangs, one guy, who's mother wanted him off the bike, bought him a new 67 coupe (lime green- real pretty), but since his mom would drive it too, she ordered a 6 cyl, automatic with power steering, and we really gave him a bad time about that. ha ha. I had a new fastback with 289 and 4 speed, it ran pretty good, but my other friend had a real killer of a mustang. He had a coupe with 390, the standard 390 had 335 hp, but you could get a special order one that came from the factory with 365 hp, that is what he had, along with a 411 ratio and 4 speed, that was the fastest thing I ever rode in. We would pull onto Palmetto expressway an before you knew it you had pegged the speed-o at 120 mph.

take care
Robbin 11-Mar-2009 04:50
Pokey, I Remember the area, around Bell Haven, in General, But no, I Don't Remember: Diana's Restaurant, or What service Stations, were on The Corners there. I Do Remember, a Muffler Place, around where you said, But if you Didn't tell the name, of Skip's, I would not have Remembered it. I remember a Mug's Bar, around there, also, and there was a 7-11 Store, next to A Gas Station, on the west side of 32nd Avenue, and 79th Street, I do remember that, and The Cowboy Center, was just a little west of there. I used to buy Long sleeved Cowboy shirts, with pearl Type Buttons there. And A Little west of there, There was A Lindsley Lumber, A Mcdonald's, and A Peoples National Bank. And on The Other side of The Street-, 79th Street, there was : Miami Heights Motel, Miami Steak House, and Bill Miller's Restaurant, Allied Steel,37th Avenue, Gable- Tite, The Railroad Tracks, and Home Lumber. And Stacy' Shoes, was on The North Side of the street, By 37th Avenue, and The Railroad Tracks, on 79th Street. And in The 50's, The Red Barn, Zoo Type Attraction Place, was around where Gable- Tite was. City Service was joking Referred to as Another name that Rhymes with City, Remember That ????? I Remember The 67 Mustangs, They Were Real Nice Lookin, and Good Cars. In 1969, a good friend of mine, Noel, got a 67 Mustang GT Fastback, with A 390 Engine, and 4 on The Floor, and Man was That Car Fast, and Fun. He got it used, at a Used Car Dealer, on N. W. 27th Avenue, near 95th Street. He Ran The Hell out of that car, and almost Jerked My Neck outa place, all the tim, the way he drove. The Good Old Days !!!!!! Take Care Pokey, and Dave Bruce Cancelled The Trip, so you Can Unpack !!!!!! Best Regards. Robbin.
Pokey 10-Mar-2009 20:39
Robbin & Gary Heery

Across the street from Diana's was a City Service Station before they became Citcos, do you remember the other station at that intersection, I remember the City Service was green in color and my dad would send me there in the winter time to get a 1/2 gal of kerosene for the heater in the trailer.
Do either of you remember Skip's muffler shop, it was on 79st around 28 or 29 ave. I remember Skip had a neat sounding 58 - 60 Ford Pick-up that seamed to run real good, at least it had the sounds to back it up. When I got my new 67 Mustang, thats where I took it to get duels with glass packs on, it too sound real nice at the time.
take care
Pokey 10-Mar-2009 20:28
Robbin & Gary Heery

You mentioned alot of places, do either of you remember Diana's resturant. it was located at 32 ave and 79 st, next door to Bell Haven Park, it was on the southeast corner of the intersection. It was owned by a man named Louie Hunt and it was named after his oldest daughter. He also had a younger daughter named Charlene. Louie worked in a circus for along time, before moving to the Park and opening the resturant, it was a great hang-out for the kids around the late 50's to early 60's
take care
Robbin 10-Mar-2009 05:15
Gary Heery, Speaking of Gas Stations, My Dad, Owned 2, in the 50's, when I was a Little Kid, One was A Sinclair Gas Station, with the Green Dinosaur, as it's symbol, and that place was by Downton Miami, on N. W. 5th Street, by The F. E. C. Tracks, and the other station He owned, at another time, was a Hudson Station, on N. W. 27th Avenue, at about 69th Street. And I rememember, The Texaco Station, you mentioned, it was near Toby's Toy Store, and not too far, from Bell Haven . And I remember, The Gas Wars, all the time, back then. Remember, Nickel Night, at Funland Park, and The Wild Mouse ????? My Dad, took all the kids, in our neighborhood, To Funland Park, on Nickel Night, which I believe, was wedesdays. Remember, Henry's Hamburgers, Steven's Market, Army Salvage, Alabama Bill's BBQ, Bill Miller's Restaurant, Miami Steakhouse, The Red Barn, Harvest House Cafeteria, at Northside, Sears Northside, Music Makers Music Store, at Northside, Plantation Pit BBQ, on N. W. 27th Avenue, and 88th Street, Howard Johnson's , By Northside, Streeter's Bakery, at Northside, Grand Union, at Northside, Reem's Coffee Shop, on the side, of Earl's Market, The Cowboy Center, on 79th Street, Hoffman's Garden Supply, on 79th Street, and 22nd Avenue, Broadmoor Pharmacy, and Cuba Bakery, Central Cold Storage, Food Fair Warehouse, Burdines Warehouse, Armour & Company, Associated Grocers Of Florida Warehouse, 7-11, on N. W. 32nd Avenue, and 79th Street, Food Fair, on N. W. 79th Street, at 30th Avenue, Frank's Barber Shop, on N. W. 32nd Avenue, at 77th Street, Big Bee's C. B. Service, on N. W. 75th Street, and 30th Avenue, Sears Warehouse and Service Center, and Howard Johnson's Commissary, off 27th Avenue, at around 68th street. And Thanks Gary, for The Compliment, about My Memory, and Yours, is Great also !!!!!!! Best Regards. Talk to you again, soon. Your Friend, Robbin.
Gary Heery 09-Mar-2009 18:26
Robbin, WOW accolades for your really great memories with your Dad, Mom & Grandma. You nailed it with the Ladies at Grable's. Those were the days when they wore those little lace hair net caps. Gas station attendants still wore ties and hats. Speaking of gas staions do you remember they used to sell "bulk oil" in those bottles that the cap was also the funnel? There was a Texaco station that was owned by a really nice man (James) on the corner of 27th Ave & 75th St. He had a '66 GTO, he taught me alot about cars and would let me use his place to work on my cars. Also the gas wars between him and the Crown Gas Station south of him. I remember the price going down to 12.9 a gallon at on one day. Gotta go for now will talk to you soon my friend Gary
Robbin 08-Mar-2009 21:31
Gary Heery, I Remember Trader John's, I went there a few times, back when The Birdwatchers, were there, and I Think Trader John's, was Like Their Home Club. Good Place, and I Loved The Birdwatchers Music, They were A Great Band !!!!!! Trader John's, was on N. W. 27th Avenue, and 119th Street. I Mostly, on ly went to Greynolds Park West, where The Rock Tower was, and The Par 3 Golf Course, ect. I Remember only: The Outlaws Motorcycle Gang, From FT. Lauderdale, or Broward. Your Memory Gary, is Razor Sharp, Maybe, Better Than Mine !!!!!! Enjoyed your Post . Oh, and I remember The Head Shops, in Ojus, The Grove, Sunny Isles, ect., in The 60's. Remember: Kent State, Flower Power, Acid, The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Frank Zappa, Timothy Leery, Judy Collins, Woodstock, Joan Baez, Iron Butterfly, 13- Mary Jane, ect. & Easy Rider????? Best Regards, My Friend. Robbin.
Gary Heery 08-Mar-2009 06:09
Hi Don, Robbin, Pokey and all readers, writers and rememberers... hmmm, sounds like those 3 R's :-) Just somemore of those memories that I don't recall others mentioning.
Trader Johns night club, I want to say 27th Ave and around 97th St. also I've read many people who mention the "Love-ins" at Greynolds Park but not that it was originally at the West Park then after a few months due to the fact it was interfearing with the "not to happy about hippies crowd" it was moved to the East park. Also, in the town of Ojus just north on West Dixie Hwy from the West Park was the best "Head shop" called "The MushRoom" and as if my old febble mind is having a major flashback to that time the owners name was "Tito", really cool guy. Also, a fact about the Tower at Greynolds Park West is; it's actually where Mr. Greynolds buried all the machines he couldn't use or sell after donating the land. There was a mining operation there before. Robbin, on 79th St. somewhere around 9th or 10th Ave on the southside was a Dry Cleaners I don't recall the name of it but, their sons name is Louis/Luis. They lived upstairs above the shop.
Also no mention of the motorcycle gangs of the time. The baddest one was the "Comancheros" and the one I rode in, "Hells Crossers". Well thats all for know. As the King of Rock and Roll wold say... Thank you, thank you very much. Goodnight and God Bless
RobbinRobbin 06-Mar-2009 18:06
Gary Heery, How are ya???? Nice to hear from you, and I really enjoyed your post. You went don Memory Lane Remarkably !!!!! And yes, I Remember Grable's Bakery, in Allapattah, and we had 2 in Hialeah. at that time, and I think they changed the name, or ownership, or Both, in later days, to Pollart's Bakery. We Loved their Birthday Cakes, and Breakfast Crumb Cakes. A wonderful Bakery, The Old Time Bakery, with Little Old Ladies waiting on you. I skated at Rustic, Hialeah, and Opa Locka, and on The Sidewalk, never went to the one near The Strand Theatre, I Heard about. Later on, in The 70's and 80's, I skated at Super Skating Center, in Hialeah on West 49th Street, and Tropical, in Hialeah Gardens, and I went, in the Late 70's, to A Super Skating Center, By The Falls, a few times, because of A Girl who Lived near there, and I was Chasing Her, and The Chase Led To That Skating Rink !!!!!!! And yes, Petula Clark's Downtown, Made me think of Our Downtown Miami. Downtown, was The Place to Go, when I was a Child, in The 50's. My Mom, and I , and My Grandma, and I, Went Downtown, all The time, back then, to; Richards, Burdine's, Polly Davis Cafeteria, Woolworth's, Walgreen's, The Movie Theatres: The Florida, The Paramount, The Olympia, and Lots of Shoe Stores. Oh and The wonderful New York Deli Restaurant. And Remember, The Carnival, on Top of Burdine's ????? And Remember, The Old Miami Public Library, In Bayfront Park ??? It was Fabulous. I went there, many times , with my Dad, in the 50's, and sat at tables, and Read Books, while My Dad Researched Subjects, such as Family Trees, ect. I used to go with My Dad also, to: Rosedale Deli, on N. W. 5th Street, and Falcone & Sons Italian Grocery, on N. W. 7th Avenue, Shell's City, at 58th Street, and 7th Avenue, ect. Fun Days, Going Around Miami, with My Dad !!!!!! I went to Dances, and Battle Of The Bands , at The North Miami Armory, in around 1966 To 1969, and in the 80's, went there with my Mom, and my Wife, to Orchid Shows. Great Place, and I was in The ARMY, so I felt Special there. You know, they tore down: The Armory, The Pool, The Police Station, The Old Fire Station, and North Miami JR. High, and They're now Building a New School There. I don't know, if it's going to Be only a Middle School, or Also a New Relacement High School, For North Miami SR. ?????? And above all, I must agree, with you Gary, Don Boyd, sure did give us all a gift, when he made his sites. A Great Man, of His Time !!!!!! Take Care Gary, and Talk to You, another time. Best Regards !!! Robbin.
Gary Heery 06-Mar-2009 06:04
Sorry, I didn't answer sooner Robbin. Yes, to skating at all those lost rinks. Do you remember Grable's Bakery acrossed the street from the original Orange Blossom? Pokey, I lived in Belle Haven for a short while maybe in '65, in one of the cottages near the pool. So many places that we all mention from our past and at the same approximate time makes one feel we all could have... smiled, nodded or maybe even spoke to each other at one time or another. It's like when the song "Downtown" came out. I really thought it was written for us Miamians. Everyone you knew referred to Downtown Miami just as "DOWNTOWN". It seemed to be our small little world. When I read "Everyones Great Memories" here. Thanks to Don and all his hard work, time and effort. We all get to reclaim those great times of our past that we all shared. We didn't realize at the time how too soon those very places would disappear forever. Ok, OK... I'm soon going to start blubbering all over the keyboard or something. Sooooo.... on to better thoughts. I don't recall anyone mentioning how we would all swim in all the man-made lakes at any given moment. I can see us swinging from the ropes tied to the Scrub Pines that surrounded them. What great times and how we all watched out for each other. One of the Guest writers mentioned the North Miami Armory dances. My girlfriend Jan Greene (she went to NMHS and worked at NM Zayres) talked me into going square dancing with her there many times. Well thats enough for now. God Bless and Good health to all till we meet again here at Don's place.
Robbin 01-Mar-2009 20:59
There were many Good BBQ Places, in Northwest Miami, that are only History now, and though I enjoy remembering them, and writing about them, I enjoyed Getting Ribs, ect., at their places , much more. Some of these Places, where I Frequented, in the 70's, were : Rib Roast INN, on N. W. 54th Street, and N. W. 17th Avenue, Prince Pit BBQ, on N. W. 27th Avenue, and N. W. 46th Street, MR. Dixon's Ribs, on the 18th Avenue Side of Buy Rite Meats, on N. W. 36th Street Allapattah, across the street, from The Old Miami Jackson High School, The Old Peoples Drug BBQ, in back of the Peoples Drug Store, in Overtown, at N. W. 8th Street, and N. W. 4th Avenue, Close to the New Place : Peoples BBQ, which is Right off I- 95 South, at the N. W. 8th Street Exit, Turn Right, and it's on your Left, BBQ Barn, on N. W. 7th Avenue, at N. W. 118th Street, Golden Chic BBQ, in North Miami, Roy's BBQ, on Grand Avenue, in Coconut Grove, and Grentner's BBQ, on N. W. 36th Street, By MIA. And I absolutely Loved; The Old Hitching Post, on Okeechobee Road Hialeah, Old Hickory, on Bird Road, just East of the Palmetto Expressway, Flynn's Dixie Ribs, which was down on South Dixie, near Pinecrest, And , in the 50's , I Liked Big Ed's BBQ, on Palm Avenue, and East 9th Street Hialeah, and I Have always, and Still Do: Love ; Shorty's BBQ. Also, A Place I Go For Ribs now, and Have gone to, since The Early 70's, is a Church BBQ, out By The Road, in A Fenced in area, with an Order Window. Their Ribs, and Their Own Homemade Sauce, are Wondreful. It's next to The West Little River Fire Station-, Miami- Dade Station 7, at about N. W. 92nd Street, on N. W. 22nd Avenue. I Love BBQ, Can't You Tell ????
Robbin 01-Mar-2009 20:18
The Military Installation/ Government Site, where Joella Good Elementary School, and The Naval / USMC Reserve Training Center are, was named: ( Cherry Grove ), in the 60's, and 70's, and was always: Off Limits, to all Civilians, and was Semi-, Hush Hush- Top Secret, For National Security Reasons, at that time. My Brother and I used to Ride our Motorcycles by there, and we knew about it, because someone told us. It was Hidden, for the most part, by Trees, and was not known about, by most people. This Site was mentioned, by Don Boyd, above here.
Robbin 28-Feb-2009 17:26
Cheryl Howell, In Elementary School, in East Hialeah, in 5th Grade,- 1961, I had a steady Girlfriend, named Diane Howell, and she had an older sister, named Barbara, and they Lived Right off Lejeune Road, and East 20th Street Hialeah, any Relation, to You ??????? Just Curious. Best Regards. Robbin Of Hialeah.
Robbin 28-Feb-2009 17:20
Back in The 50's, and up to 1960, My Family, liked to go to Greynolds Park, for a Picnic, on Sundays, and we always enjoyed the Ride from Hialeah, and being at Greynolds Park. I used to climb to the top of the Big Rock Mountain, and it was a nice view, from up there, and We would take out Paddle Boats, around the Lake. Cheryl Howell's account, of Greynolds Park, sure brought back Memories. Thank You Cheryl, for Jogging my Memory, about Greynolds Park.
Don Boyd25-Feb-2009 03:34
Cheryl Howell, I'm sorry I deleted the post with your name (feel free to post it again if you have the time) but I thought it was a duplicate post which happens a lot here when people refresh their browser and realized too late that I deleted the wrong one.

I thank you for posting that memory of Greynolds Park, which was not only wonderful for the hippies hanging out there when you mentioned and into the 70's, but also in the early to mid 60's when it was full of young people every weekend. It was as packed with people and a non-stop parade of cars just as much as South Beach is on weekend nights these days. My buddies and I never saw so many beautiful girls in one place in Miami as we did at Greynolds Park.

Guest 24-Feb-2009 23:29
I remember Greynolds Park during the mid to late 60's - As a flower child living atop the coral rock castle - perched like the owner - looking over the seemingly endless vast sea of hippies and sit -ins, poetry, barefeet lomghair and guitar playing teens.
Cheryl Howell
Guest 23-Feb-2009 18:12
I remember , The Prettiest girl I ever saw in my entire life, a Beautiful 13 year old Blonde, with Long Straight Hair. Her name , was Josie Ritter, and she went to Robert E. Lee JR. High School, in Allapattah's Wynwood Section, of The City Of Miami. I saw her, at the old Rustic Roller Rink, in Southeast Hialeah, in 1962, and to this very Day, in 2009, 47 years Later, I have never forgotten Her, and in fact, I can still picture Josie, at Rustic Roller Rink, and How Beautiful she was, standing there, and skating. A Love Story, and A Real Memory Of Old Miami.
Don Boyd28-Jan-2009 03:11
Jay, I've never seen that one on any of the photos or literature that I have. Can you send me a scan of it so I can put it up on the site? Thanks.

Jay Hannay 28-Jan-2009 02:34
A 1937 airport directroy shows a proposed International Airport located where the Rickenbacker Causeway connects to Virginia Key. What's the story on the proposed airport?
Robbin P. Learned 15-Jan-2009 17:58
Masters Field, has been Mentioned, many times , and as a Small elementary School Kid, I went there, with my parents, and with neighbors, in around 1957, to see the Drag Races, and I Loved that, and then , years Later, I found myself there again, in around 1974, and this time, I was a Foodservice Truck Driver, Delivering Hot Dogs, and other Foodservice Items, to a Carnival, that was there, at that time. While there, I Thought about The Drag Races, with Fond Memories !!!!!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Jan-2009 03:01
Guest, You Made some Valid points, Reference, The Orange Bowl Parade, But it's All About Money, No Money No Parade !!!!! The National Coverage of The Parade, was Dropped, Because They Weren't Paid, and Nobody was Paid, Because Of Polititians Wasting The Taxpayers Money on Pork Barrel Projects, and Putting it in Their Deep Pockets, That's Why We Have No King Orange Bowl Parade Now !!!!!!! The other Reasons you Stated, are After The Fact. If The Parade was Still Going on, The People would Watch On T. V., and Pay Parking, and Chance Crime, and Even Get wet, To See Our Great Parade, But They Don't Have that Option, any More, Because Of Poor Leadership, and Corruption !!!!!!!!! You said what you Think, and I Respect your Right To Your Opinion, But now , you and Everyone Reading This, Knows My Opinions !!!!!!!! Best Regards, Guest !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
Guest 10-Jan-2009 23:33
I think that the reason the Orange Bowl parade disappeared was a change in America's leisure habits, especially viewing habits. With the dawn of cable television, there were more channel options and fewer people watched parades on television, especially on New Year's Eve. The loss of national TV coverage was the single biggest thorn in the parade's side. People in Miami were also less likely to journey into downtown Miami, facing parking and crime woes, and so the whole thing gradually dwindled.
Robbin P. Learned 05-Jan-2009 15:38
Don Boyd, I Forgot to Mention, in my Previous Post, that; The Garlic Rolls, at Mama Jennie's, were 1st Rate, Just Like The Old Style Good ones We were accustomed to, Long ago !!!! I Got Carry Out, and The Garlic Smell almost Overwhelmed Me, and My Car, Smelled Like Fresh Garlic, But I Love Fresh Garlic, and Garlic Rolls, if they are The Good ones, Like Those. I Had The Spaghetti With Meat Sauce, and it, Also, was Very Good !!!!!! Did I Make You Hungry, Don ?????? Best Regards !!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 05-Jan-2009 02:47
Don Boyd, My Wife and I went to a Great Place, that I thought had closed Before, But I passed By there, and Saw it was still in Business, Stopped in, and Had a Great Italian Meal !!!!!!! The Place, is; Mama Jennie's, By Barry University. I Had not been there in Like 10 years, had Forgotten about it, and For some unknown Reason, I thought they Were out of Business. We were there this Evening, Sunday, Jan. 4th, and the Place was Packed, and Doing well. I'm Quite sure that you Have Been to Mama Jennie's !!!!!!! Still Stymied, Reference ; Marty's, or Mary's, and I Drove By the area today, and saw no Clues, to Solve My Confusion !!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!! Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 04-Jan-2009 05:11
Don Boyd, I Will Be Perfectly Honest, with You, I Am Confused !!!!!! I Really Thought it was Marty's, But Maybe, it was Mary's, I'm Not Sure enough to Insist that it was Marty's. As I Remember, it was sort of near Mario The Baker, But a Little Bit North of there, at Like 140th Street, or 142nd Street, and If you were on West Dixie Highway, When you got a little ways north of Mario's, you Turned Left, Off of West Dixie, and it was There !!!!!! Does that sound Like where Mary's was ???? If So, Then it was Mary's. The Food was Good there, That I Remember !!!!! Now I'm Curious !!!!!!! Best Regards, Don !!!!!!! Robbin.
Don Boyd04-Jan-2009 04:25
Robbin, everyone remembers and loved Mary's Italian Restaurant in North Miami but I've never heard of Marty's Italian Restaurant. Was that an extra 't' that you typed into the name or did you really mean Marty's?

Don Boyd04-Jan-2009 01:50
Robbin, everyone remembers and loved Mary's Italian Restaurant in North Miami but I've never heard of Marty's Italian Restaurant. Was that an extra 't' that you typed into the name or did you really mean Marty's?

Robbin P. Learned 03-Jan-2009 20:05
Anyone Remember, Marty's Italian Restaurant, that was in North Miami ?????? It was a Good Place to Eat Italian Food !!! I used to take my wife there, when we were on A Date, in 1981 !!! We Liked Marty's, Mario The Baker, and Gracie's, new Location, at 151st, on N. W. 7th avenue. And for Seafood, We went to Sea Shanty, on 136th Street, and Biscayne Blvd., Griffin Road, in FT. Laud., and Sea Shanty, in Coral Gables, in the Holiday Inn.
Robbin P. Learned 02-Jan-2009 17:34
Every New Years Eve now, I Remember, and Miss; The King Orange Jambouree Parade, that we used to Have in Miami, every year, But now we Don't, and Everyone Knows Why; Crooked Polititians Stealing all the Money, and then saying; We Have no Money, For The Parade, and The City is Broke. Yeah, There's No Money, cause You Greedy SOB's Stold it all, and Left us, and The Nation, without Our Namesake Wonderful Parade !!!!! And For This, I Hope You Pay in Hell, You B-------DS. You Stink, and So Does Your Mama !!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 28-Dec-2008 19:58
Some More Miami- South Florida Memories For All Of Us; Jilly's South, Shoe King, The Miami Wax Museum, The Shrimp Place, The Old Seaboard Coastline Train Passenger Station, Henry's Hamburgers, Curry's Restaurant, American Savings Bank, Wells Fargo Armored Service, Rolf's Armored Service, The Roney Pub, The Castaways, Ed Mark Em Down Lane Auto Sales, Little Old Burkie, Austin Burke, The Founder, The North Miami Armory, Johnnie And Mack By The Railroad Track, Polar Palace, Flander's Trading Post, Hudson Oil Gas Stations, Sinclair Gas Stations, Cities Services Gas Stations, Railway Express Company, Lundy's Market, Billy's Seafood, Maryland Fried Chicken, Food Fair, and Later Pantry Pride , Burdines, Biscayne Kennel Club, South Beach Pier, Miami Beach Kennel Club, The World, The Place, The Luah, Grandway, Shell's City, Toddle House, Huddle House, Hungry Hound's Restaurant, Goodbody's Hamburger's, Rudy's Hamburgers, Wuv's Hamburgers, Taco Viva, Tacos Ol'e, The Pastime Bar, The Boots and Saddle Bar, Joan's Galley, Golden Chic BBQ, Stouffer's Restaurant, The Ludway Bar, Happy Landing Bar, Pizza Patio, Duff's Smorgasboard, Sweden House Smorgasboard, Florida National Bank, Savings Of America Bank, Centrust Bank, Southeast Bank, Howard Johnson's Restaurants, Goodie's Shoes, Pace Wholesale Club, Luria's, Best Wholesale Club, T- Bone Charlie's, Beefsteak Charlie's, Miami Steakhouse, Bill Miller's Restaurant, Woolco, Eckerd Drugs, Super X Drugs, Pharmor Drugs, Charcoal's Restaurant, Golden Budda, Luskin's Electronics, Pizza Delite, Dipper Dan Ice Cream Parlors, A & P Supermarkets, Met Wholesale Club, Pal Amusement Park, Oliver's Discount Drugs , Fedco Discount Drugs, Randle Eastern Ambulance Service, Eastern Air Lines, Pan Am, National Air Lines, Chalk's Sea Planes, Mike Gordon's Seafood Restaurant, The Fish Peddler Restaurant, The Tropicaire Drive In Theatre, and Flea Market, The Tropi Kett Sub Shop, Red Road Market, Piccolo's Italian Restaurant, Pumpernik's, Wolfie's, Bertram's, Custom Cut Beef, Marriott In - Flite Kitchens, Dobb's House, Three Little Bakers Bakery, Holsum Bakery, on Red Road, Holsum 's Restaurant, Ronnie's, The Old Cutler Ridge Mall, - B. A., - Before Andrew, Andrew's Bakery, in Perrine, The Patio Bakery, & Abraham's Bakery, Miami Beach, Cuba Bakery,- In Broadmoor, The Old Miami Incinerator, on 12th Avenue, and 20th Street, When The Biltmore Hotel, was; The Miami Veterans Hospital, - V. A., The Old Gracie's Italian Restaurant, on N. W. 54th Street, Grace's Delicatessen, in Virginia Gardens , The Ember's, Rocky Graziani's, Holiday Lanes Bowling Alley, on West Dixie Highway, Across the street from Peoples Gas's Silver Ball Tanks, Peoples Bank, Coral Gables Federal, just to name a Few !!!!!!!!
Robbin P. Learned 26-Dec-2008 18:20
Gary Heery, In 1964, when I was in 7th Grade , in Junior High School, My Mom Had a 54 Chevy, Dark Green, with a Black Convertible Top. It was a Beautiful Car, in Good Condition, and Everything. I can Picture that Car, and My Mom, though Both Of Them are Gone now. Thanks, For Reminding Me, I enjoyed The Memories !!!!!!!! Best Regards !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned Of Northwest Hialeah, near Miami Lakes.
Robbin P. Learned 25-Dec-2008 20:01
Gary Heery, Hi , I Grew up in East Hialeah, By Hialeah Lans Bowling Alley, and My Dad used to Take Me, sometimes, To Orange Blossom Hobby Shop, on 36th Street, just west of Miami Jackson High School, and as you Said, It was The Best !!!!!! I Bought Lots of AMT,& Revelle Model Car, and Model Plane Kits in The Box there. That was one of the Neatest Stores, I've ever Been in in my entire Life !!!!!!!! And Gary, I'll Bet you Skated, at Rustic Roller Rink, and Polar Palace !!!!! ????? I Did !!!!! Had Great Fun at Both Places !!!! We've Lost so many Great Places Here, in Miami--, That were Historic, and Neat, Such as; Robert E. Lee JR. High, Miami Stadium, The Orange Bowl, Orange Blossom Hobbies, Rustic Roller Rink, Polar Palace, Hialeah Roller Rink, Hialeah Park Horse Track, Hialeah Speedway, Miami Marine Stadium, Royal Castle, Hialeah Lanes,, Palm Springs Lanes, Cloverleaf Lanes, The Coliseum, Lum's, Home Milk, Borden Dairy, All of The Putt- Putt Golf places, FunLand Park, Frank & Bun, Fun Fair , Jahn's Ice Cream, on Miracle Mile, Dipper Dan's Ice Cream, Swift's Ice Cream Plant, on Bird Road, Howard Johnson's Ice Cream Plant, on Flagler, Biscayne Cafeteria, on Biscayne Blvd. , just North Of The Omni, Rosedale Deli, on 5th Street, near the FEC TRACKS, in Miami, and Many other Landmarks, and Popular Places. Best Regards , Gary, and Happy Holidays !!!!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned, of Northwest Hialeah.
Gary Heery 13-Dec-2008 17:48
Don, Heres some other good old places to remember Orange Blossom Hobbies in Allapattah on 36th Street. When they moved to the BIG new store "Best Slot Car Tracks" including a scaled drag strip. Lets not forget the Sunshine store on 27th Ave for ALL your military surplus needs and discount new items too. I worked there for a short while, bought a Bazooka for the rear package shelf of my $35 '54 Chevy in 1967. Can't get away with that anymore.
Gary Heery 13-Dec-2008 17:12
You have helped so many of us from the greater Miami area relive so many unthought memories of yesterdays gone by. Thank you and God Bless you and yours
Guest 12-Dec-2008 01:03
Just ran across this site and brought back a LOT of memories..I have lived in NC for the past 35 years but raised in Miami and went to Edison...In 1962 I entered a contest to write in "99 words or less why you would like to work on the Rick Shaw Show" on old WCKR (WIOD)...long story short, I won. Had a great couple of years as a young teenager working around Rick, Roby Yonge, Sonny Hirsch and even Larry King.....always wondered what happend to the girl that won and worked with me....her name was Diane Raymond and I think she went to NMB High School....anyway, those were GREAT years and I grew up a lot working with those guys.....also remember the Sunday night dances at North Miami Armory.....Miami was a GREAT place to live in those all who have posted, thanks for the memories.....*I grew up off Biscayne and 72nd terrace....I remember when the 79th street shopping center was opened.....what a treat.....anyone remember the first restaurant at the center 79th and Biscayne - Arthur Maisals (might have mispelled that) and later became Juniors......anyone interested, my email is donlawrence@gaston
Robbin P. Learned 11-Dec-2008 13:17
Guest, Do you Remember; The Carvery, and Their Great Sandwiches ???? Especially, Their Reuben Sandwiches, They were Delicious !!!! And Three Little Bakers Bakery, on Miller Road, By Publix, was a Great Bakery, back in the 70's. And In 1981-82, I used to go to Kelly's Seafood, on Kendall Drive, it was Great !!!! Best Regards !!!!!!! Robbin P. Learned Of Hialeah.
Guest 10-Dec-2008 14:19
Wow! I'm awash in memories! I was born at South Mami Hospital in 1968 and moved to Kendale Lakes in 1978. Does anyone remember the Eileen Wall Dance Studio? (on Miller Way?) I took dance lessons there for years. I also remember Great Value super market, Blue Bird bakery or that the Denny's in Coral Gables used be "Sambo's". My brother and I used to love Larry and Penny Thompson Park in Cutler Ridge - as it had water slides! And there was another park - near Miller Road, I think - where there was a huge statue of a woman, reclining, which you could climb upon. Or the Kendale Lakes Skating Rink, Godfather's Pizza, Don Carter's, Luria's, Goony Golf (with the big orange dinosaur). So many memories - will think of more! :) Great website!
Guest 10-Dec-2008 14:19
Wow! I'm awash in memories! I was born at South Mami Hospital in 1968 and moved to Kendale Lakes in 1978. Does anyone remember the Eileen Wall Dance Studio? (on Miller Way?) I took dance lessons there for years. I also remember Great Value super market, Blue Bird bakery or that the Denny's in Coral Gables used be "Sambo's". My brother and I used to love Larry and Penny Thompson Park in Cutler Ridge - as it had water slides! And there was another park - near Miller Road, I think - where there was a huge statue of a woman, reclining, which you could climb upon. Or the Kendale Lakes Skating Rink, Godfather's Pizza, Don Carter's, Luria's, Goony Golf (with the big orange dinosaur). So many memories - will think of more! :) Great website!
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 18:12
Back in The 50's, Wolfie's, at 21st, and Collins, and Pumpernik's at 67th and Collins, Were Wonderful Places To Go To Eat, where Delicious Food was Served, abundantly !!!!! As A Little Kid, I Remember Our Family , Going There, to Eat, Mostly, Pumpernik's, at 67th And Collins, and even as a Little Kid, I Remember That I Liked the Food there. And Back Then, That area, of The Beach, was Alive, with The Famous Hotels Around, Like The Deauville, And The Carillon, and Others. Those Places, Had The Cream Of The Crop Entertainers, all The Time, Such as; Steve And Eydie !!!!!!! Those Were The Days , Even For A Little Kid, Wonderful Times !!!!!!!! Best Regards, Don Boyd, and Thanks, For This Great Site, and all of The Old Miami and Dade County Memories That you Listed Here !!!!!! All The Best !!!!! Sincerely, Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 02-Dec-2008 17:59
I Remember, when The 2 Main Shopping Centers, were ; Biscayne Plaza, And 163rd Shopping Center, Long Before Westland Mall, Dadeland Mall, The Omni, Broward Mall, Aventura, and Even Before Northside came about. And of course, Back then, in The 50's, There was Great Shopping and Stores Galore, in Downtown Miami. My Mom, and Grandma, would always Go to Downtown Miami, to Shop, and Buy My Brother, and I New Shoes, at Bargain Prices there., at Shoe Stores, that Had Lots Of Shoes in The Windows on Display, with The Prices !!!!!! Great Memories !!!!!
P. Girdner 02-Dec-2008 03:40
Wow! What a trip down memory lane! Thanks Don!!
Pokey 23-Oct-2008 20:44
Belle Haven Trailer Park-------Looking for anyone from the old park at 3200 nw 79th st from early 50's to late 60's
Guest 12-Oct-2008 19:50
I grew up on Miami Beach in the late 60s' - 1991. I have a large amount of pictures of it all, especially from Miamarina where some of you likely bought seafood from me/my parents at the charter boat dock. My how Miami and Miami Beach have changed, little or none for the better. It is VERY sad to see so much of it gone, in the name of "progress".
I went to Leroy D. Fienberg, Ida Fisher as some of you did. My mom also worked at Wolfies 21. The best years of my life were there on Miami Beach. Anyone interested in corresponding, my email is I now live up the coast in Stuart. This town also destroyed much of its' history.
Don Boyd26-Aug-2008 03:15
Wow Hedy, what a bunch of great memories and I thank you much for taking the time to share them with us. Good stuff!

Hedy 26-Aug-2008 01:08
Ralph Renick on Channel 4? "Good Night, and May the Good news Be Yours."
Skipper Chuck, a neighbor of mine and I was on his kids' show in the mid-50's.
Formosa Restaurant and Sunset Theatre in South Miami, and later on the Psychedelic Shak. Mr Foster's Dept. Store. Poe's Hardware. Fuchs Park (just called " The Duck Pond") Sunset Drugstore.
Sunset Branch Library, an old coral rock building that I loved..all in South Miami.
Dadeland Mall when it was open-air. The Barefoot Mailman store there.
That big rotating shark at the entrace to Rickenbacker Causeway. Carolina Snowball, the albino dolphin at the Seaquarium, and how sad when someone poisoned her..
Holsum's Bakery Christmas displays, and that yummmmy smell when you drove by.
And their big animated sign with the kid licking his lips.
Tahiti Beach, Matheson Hammock, collecting air plants and coconuts that fell out of the trees.
Coral Gables Country Club, watching my parents dance under the stars. Maitre'd Mendez, bringing me Shirley Temples and talking to me while my parents were in the bar. He gave me a doll I still have, named after his wife Peggy Alicia.
Or the ladies room attendant fixing my dress strap and doing my hair.
Later on, their Olympic pool where I'd sign for sodas and ice cream sandwiches on Daddy's tab.
Burdine's downtown- what was the name of the restaurant? for snow princesses or lime rickeys and BLTs..
Card Sound- Alabama Jack's when it was still owned by Jack and Alice Statham (Uncle Jack and Aunt Alice, to me) and the White Elephant bar there. What a juke joint!
Seeing the boats and shanty shacks blown into the mangroves after Hurricane Donna. (Jack's place too, it was rebuilt after each hurricane.) He had a pet raccoon and a king snake that he let me play with.
There was a lady that shot fish with a bow & arrow out of the trees along Card Sound Road!
We had a weekend shack on Card Sound too- before the "new" bridge when it was a dead end road---- running water faucet but no plumbing, the toilet seat was over open water (ewww) and BIG snook under our dock- Dad tried to shoot them 8-) Mother & Dad would sit up all night drinking beer and catching big tarpon off the dock- then Mother & I made jewelry with the beautiful scales.
I'd take my little outboard motorboat out in the mangroves by myself, at age 10! to net starfish and to fish.
You could see the remnants of the old Flagler railroad on the islands. Our neighbor was a stone crab & lobster trapper- we had them coming out our ears, and didn't know how good we had it!
Oh those were gooood times. I'll think of a thousand more!
Les Clements CGHS 68 04-Aug-2008 01:26
Great site. I go back to Miami in my dreams, found the site looking for info on an old S Gables-Old Cutler restaurant called Black Ceasar's Forge, parents took us to, potatos cook in pine resin? This is the only reference to it I can find from Google.
Whenever Gables HS won a game (which was pretty often) Jimmy would comp everybody a chicken dinner, the team buses would always go by with 100 guys chanting "Jimmy Jimmy Chicken Dinner"
Anybody remember the old Spanish fort in the woods off Old Cutler? South of the traffic circle on the east side, amazing I've never read anything about it

PS Coral Gables 1968 football team was just voted the best HS football team in the history of Florida, would post a picture by Forest Johnson but he is a famous professional boat potographer and I need permission probably
Dallas, TX
Silverton, CO
Guest 03-Aug-2008 22:20
just stumbled across this site. i was born in miami in 1960, and moved away in 1996. i love looking at the old pics, it brings back good memories of growing up in miami.

thanks don.
Don Boyd04-May-2008 14:23
Maryam, the only help I can give you is to let you post your message and see if anyone answers up after reading it. But first, you need to post your name as it was when back when, and you need to post the year you were in 2nd grade. Otherwise no one will have a clue as to who you are or when you were there and you won't get any responses. Good luck - I only remember three names from my second grade class.

Maryam 04-May-2008 10:13
I want to find my classmates and teacher, when I was in the second grade at Ludlam elementary school in Miami.CAn you help me?
Ray21-Apr-2008 15:27
I thought I was going to get some feedback on this. I guess not. Here's one last image... then the answer at the bottom. Here's a picture of the view out of an access opening:

Still can't figure out where I am? Scroll down.

The very top of the Dade County Courthouse. You've seen this famous landmark thousands of times. It may be the most talked about landmark here at Don's site. Now see what's inside. One of the things I learned, the windowless peak of the building was NOT the jail. The jail levels did have windows. Many more pictures here:

Ray18-Apr-2008 18:43
Here are some more clues from that photo. These are the types of things I look for when I’m in an old building.

You can see the side of a big wooden water tank. It is still in service for the domestic water supply. Where would water tanks be located in a building?

If you look at the white areas carefully, you'll see thin horizontal lines. They're cast cement. When you see lines like that, it indicates they were cast in wooden form made from planks, not plywood. This is a good clue the building is old; before plywood was available.

In the black iron beams, you can see rivets, not bolts and not welded. This is also a clue that the building is old.

The white area may look like the underside to large steps, maybe like something you would see under the seats of the Orange Bowl. But they’re not seats or bleachers. Also notice the turn. It’s an outside turn, not an inside like you would see in the corner of a stadium. The other side is outdoors.

The white insulated pipes carry chilled water for the air conditioning system that dates back to 1957 when A/C was installed here.

So… any guesses yet?

Ray16-Apr-2008 22:55
I have an idea for a little fun. I have some images I want to share with the group. But I don’t want to tell you where they’re from. I want to get some guesses. Here’s what I can tell you. The pictures are from today (April 16, 2008). This is within Miami Dade County. It is NOT a stadium. I think those are enough clues. There are a lot of clues within the picture. I suspect at least a few of the regulars here will figure it out quickly. If this goes a couple days, I’ll add some more clues. When someone answers correctly I'll add links to the rest of the pictures. They're cool.

So… where am I?

Don Boyd07-Apr-2008 15:30
Well, there are comments all over the place, but on the main memories page, which you can get to by clicking on the yellow "Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries" at the top of most pages including this one, there is a "Comments" gallery box at the bottom of all the photos. Click on that and it will open the gallery where most people place their comments. The hotlink for the comments is

This page also has a ton of comments and a lot of photos have comments under them if you scroll down.

Guest 07-Apr-2008 15:17
Don, where exactly is the "comments gallery" located? Thanks.
Patricia 31-Mar-2008 15:26
Yes, we are still here in the best memories of vacations to North Miami Beach in the 50's and 60's. During my first winter vacation down from Massachusetts when I was nine, in 1957, I fell in love with NMB, and had my heart taken away. Nothing was ever as good. The wonderful smell in the air at night of all the restaurants and the tropical breeze, all the other kids from all around the US, the pools, the ocean, Jahns
's , Polly Davis Cafeteria with the waiters and the way they held the trays and smiled. Does anyone remember a Drug/5&10/luncheon counter/souvenir store on Collins Ave named Guild's or Gueiser's?
Don Boyd29-Mar-2008 22:03
Just me and you and I hope you're female! : ) Seems like the comments are sporadic - a bunch over a few days and then one or two for days on end and then a bunch again. Most comments are in the "comments" gallery though.

Guest 29-Mar-2008 21:48
Anyone still here?
Mark Emden 12-Feb-2008 01:37
I moved to Miami in 1953, graduated from Coral Gables High in 1955 and UM in 1960, so I recognize a lot of these places. Bowling alleys - I bowled in most of 'em - Trail Lanes, The Lounge (upstairs, on 36th St) Cutler Ridge Lanes, Bowl O Mat, Miami Bowlland (near downtown Sears), University Bowl. Coliseum was an Ice skating rink in the mid-50s, before it became a bowling alley. There was a bowling alley (can't think of the name, didn't last long) on Bird Rd just West of Turnpike. Restaurants: Gallaghers (Biscayne Blvd North of 125th St, Luau 79th St Causeway, Place for Steak, (also 79th St on the Beach), Gypsy's Pub (formerly Leonard's LaPena) Yorkshire Inn (with Mac MacDonald's piano bar), Carousel NW 27th Ave - decent food and dancing. I know I'm late to this party, and haven't looked at the entire thread, but I'll come back with some more if I haven't duplicated too many previous comments
June Steding 08-Feb-2008 14:27
Thank you for more great memories, Don! I so enjoyed your memories of old Hialeah where I grew up but also remember every single thing you have written in here.
Don Boyd05-Feb-2008 04:35
I rode buses a lot as a kid from the mid-50's to mid-60's - mostly to downtown and in the 60's to South Beach (5th and Washington) and I vaguely recall that name and that there was another bus line, now that you mention it. Excellent post! Don
Guest 05-Feb-2008 04:03
BUS thoughts: Lotsa folks still remember the Coral Gables bus system, but who still remembers "Coast City Coaches" in the early 1960s? I think their busses were also dark blue, and one of their Miami routes crossed 27th Ave / 79th St.
Leighton05-Feb-2008 00:23
One of the flicks shot at Pirate's World was "Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny" (1972 - I think). One posters at had this to say:

This legendary piece of kiddie badfilm is an astounding atrocity; a primitive, interminable fraud which turns out to be just a lame wraparound for other (pathetic) kiddie movies. The Santa segment consists of meandering silent footage (padded with promotional shots from Pirate's World Amusement Park,) which is not at all clarified by a faint, indecipherable female narrator and an equally muffled, wheezy Santa, who vainly attempts to ad-lib his lines throughout. When Santa tells the kids a story, its another bad hour-long movie (either Barry Mahon's "Thumbelina" or "Jack and the Beanstalk"), shown in it's entirety! Finally, Santa is rescued by the title rabbit, a pitiful man-in-suit abberation, a droopy, matted thing with absurd cheeks, something your poor kid might encounter at a strip-mall photo shoot. There are some hilarious closeups of the Bunster doing a constipated jig to a kazoo rendition of "Jingle Bells". As an Ice Cream Bunny, though, he stinks; he does not produce one single scoop of ice cream throughout the entire film! Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn show up for pointless cameos, as Kazoos play an irritating rendition of "Old Man River" in the background. Yep, this kiddie matinee monstrosity is infernal myth-bashing at its worst, a joyless, retarded torture test that must be seen to be believed. Forget about "Plan 9 From Outer Space"; this may be the worst flick of all time.

Another poster says it has tons of footage of Pirate's World - I'm trying to track it down. Sounds horrible. I did find some Pirate's concert footage on YouTube - can't remember the band.
Jo-Anne K 01-Feb-2008 22:45
Rod Stewart .....Pirate's World, you are so right Don. Can you just remember what concerts I went to see at the Sportatorium??? I never did want to believe all of that long term memory stuff until today!
Guest 01-Feb-2008 04:16
Remember the pedestrian crosswalks in downtown Miami in the 1960s? There was a bell that went "ding," and the 'walk/don't walk' display included an "X" for crossing diagonally.
Leighton 31-Jan-2008 20:58
Mykael mentioned buying limeade from a Kendall Packing Plant. Hmmmmm, my mother used to drive somewhere south to buy special powdered lime punch for the holidays, around 1970. Wonder if it's the same place.
Leighton 31-Jan-2008 20:52
Numerous concerts held at Pirate's World, and several REALLY bad Z movies filmed there, as well.
Don Boyd31-Jan-2008 18:06
Jo-Anne K: that must have been great weed because the Sportatorium was way out west on Hollywood Boulevard between Flamingo and US 27, not in Dania. We Hialeah boys used to laugh at all the folks jammed up in horrible traffic on two-lane Flamingo and two-lane Hollywood Boulevard trying to get there for concerts and we just went out Okeechobee Road and US 27 and came in from the west with no traffic at all.

Are you possibly thinking of Pirates World in Dania?

Jo-Anne K 31-Jan-2008 16:10
Oh what I wouldn't give for a conch fritter from Alabama Jacks!!!!
The sky ride at the Sportatorium in Dania you could catch a buzz before going to a concert (rode across with Rod Stewart in 70 or 71, shared my doobie with him).
Charley 31-Jan-2008 13:08
Great site, been in Miami since 1947, lived off of galloway and 47th street, graduated from Southwest in 1964. All the old memories are great. Don't meet too many old timers any more.
Guest 30-Jan-2008 01:28
Born in the naval dispensary on Miami beach in 1945. We had the first TV in the neighborhood and all the neighbors would come over at night to watch the local programming. (there was only one station,WTVJ) Dixie Lilly had a country and western show featuring local broadcasting legend Molly Turner. There was an adventure show called the "vagabond". Alec Gibson had several shows, different formats including a fishing/outdoor show. We went away for summer vacation and when we came back there was a second station, channel seven. After that the local stations started becoming more sophisticated and added more cable content. Does anyone remember all the "sorry but the cable is down" on screen prompts.
Guest 25-Jan-2008 01:14
Correcting my error on below 'Guest' comment: That Eastern Airlines slogan was "Eastern Airlines, the wings of man." --X1
Guest 24-Jan-2008 22:13
Hi all! Remember local TV news in the early 70s?

WPLG channel 10 had "The Scene Tonight" (Dean Miller, Ken Thomas, Gordon Stevens, Joe Croghan, Walter Cronise). It was a "hip" show, including mad-libs (one promo featured the news team as a four-piece orchestra, another with them on a bicycle-for-four). Croghan (formerly of WIOD) also hosted The Don Shula Show ("brought to you by Holsum, the bread with all the good things baked in... and Eastern Airlines, with wings of man!"). Sally Jessy was still local, hosting ch10's "AM Miami."

WTVJ ch4 (Jim Brosemer from ch10, Ralph Renick) switched to the "Move Closer to Your World" theme. Larry King and Jane Chastain were still local at ch4. WTVJ's full-page ad in the Dolphins' home-game program was headlined "One of Miami's top three sportscasters has just been banned from the locker room" and showed ch4's three sportscasters with one holding his hand over Chastain's eyes.

WCKT ch7 (Richard Whitcomb, Wayne Fariss) kept its "hard journalism" image, with the rotating globe and intro music from the "River Kwai" paratrooper scene. Their promo was an unseen announcer reading a list of journalism awards the station had won, accompanied by a parade of unforgettable/shocking film clips. --X1
Bobbi 22-Jan-2008 14:51
We lived in Miami from '63 - '93 (just after Andrew). I remember Tyler's Family restaurant, Black Angus on US1, Carvel on Colonial Drive, Dolphins at the Orange Bowl, and working at Publix in high school - what great memories!
Drew 21-Jan-2008 21:20
Thanks - I Googled the name, and found out that he died in 1989, at age 65.
Ari 17-Jan-2008 21:30
Night Owl Movies was hosted by "Big Wilson" on WCIX 6
Drew 17-Jan-2008 04:46
Who was the guy who hosted the "Night Owl" movies in the mid-80s???????
Guest 15-Jan-2008 11:48
M.T. graves was also on channel 51 in the early 70's does anyone remember the show tales from the purple grotto on channel 23 in the early 70's it came on around 11pm on friday nights.
Don Boyd11-Jan-2008 02:42
Guest: if you go to the main memories page, which is only one click away at the top (Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida) you'll see a Charlie Baxter Gallery < containing old photos of his Channel 7 days. Unfortunately Charlie passed away on 10/5/07 up in the Nashville, TN, area. Don
Guest 10-Jan-2008 22:16
Whatever happened to Charlie Baxter who was a personality on Ch 7? Loved his M.T. Graves personna. Channel 7 was always my favorite back then. Wayne Farris was the best doing the news.

Used to read Jack Kofoed(?) in the Herald every morning. Scared me to death when I was sent to Turkey after reading his accounts of Dale McCutcheon. Luckily I had no problem there.

Was great reading the Herald in the morning and the News in the afternoon. Can't remember the columnist in the news I used to read every day.
Leighton 10-Jan-2008 02:25
I'm just glad that I experienced the "tail end" of "old" Miami - I was a kid there, from 67 - 73. Managed to catch movies at the Coral Theater (watched it torn down in the 80s, as a UM student) and Miracle, enjoyed Sambo's, Dadeland Mall, Westland Mall, Diamond's....Farrell's Ice Cream (sp?), with PLASTIC ANIMALS BURIED IN THE DESSERT!!??...Pirate's World, the train at Crandon, Jackie Gleason on Miami Beach, Skipper Chuck, etc., etc. Oh, and riding our bikes behind the mosquito trucks in the old Fairlawn neighborhood, off Flagler. (I never grew extra fingers from the toxins.) Oh, I was doing research on that neighborhood - 63rd Court off Flagler - and found out it DID have a name - Fairlawn - and that the reason our corner lot was so large, was due to the fact that it was meant to have a traffic circle (like the Gables), but that it was never built. Anybody who knows anything about that neighborhood, please contact me at
Guest 09-Jan-2008 03:40
I believe the bowling alley on 7th Ave was called Bowling Palace. I grew up on 11th and NW 122 st. My Dad was a regular at The Driftwood Inn bar and I worked at the Grand Way store across the street.
Mary 02-Jan-2008 16:12
David Watson...
I am so glad you shared your memories of northwest Dade...I grew up on 105th street and northwest 32nd place...My parents moved into the neighborhood in 51 or 52..I was born in 1950..I went to the same schools you listed...I used to walk to NeJames store collecting money bottles on the way...Bought a bag of penny candies and a RC Cola (or a PEEWEE depending on how much money I had)..then walk back home again....I remember when Miami Dade College was Masters Field...Again..thanks for sharing..
Dave 30-Dec-2007 00:13
Duffy's Tavern is still there on Red Road and just north of Coral Way. So is Heidi's Gasthaus, a german restaurant from way back, but I am not sure it's still open. For all you old timers like me you may want to know that Frankie's Pizza and Arbetter's are still around on Bird Road. So is the Bird Bowl bowling lanes. Other places still open are Shorty's BBQ and Fox's Sharron Inn on US1. There is also one last survivor of Royal Castle on NW 79th Street and 27 Avenue. In little havana there is still Uncle Tom's BBQ which I hear is under new management. Jimbo's Fish Shack is still open on Virginia Key just south of the treatment plant. Many have named Lum's where I also ate many times in the Grove. There is only one left up in Davie at 4125 SW 64th Ave. It still looks like the old Lum's with Tiffany lamps over the booths. Down in the Redlands, Robert is Here is still there, as is Burr's Berry Farm for u-pick-ums. Hey, maybe I will start a tour of old miami eateries one of these days! All this is making me hungry!
Don Boyd26-Dec-2007 04:19
Hi Richard, I remember Duffy's by name and remember that they had a huge St. Patrick's Day celebration if I recall correctly. Some of the TV stations did segments from there over the years as I recall. I can't remember ever drinking there though.

The Seven Seas restaurant and bar has been there forever and I used to eat lunch there in the 90's after slipping off from the airport. The food was decent and reasonably priced. But I never drank in the bar because it was not on the way home. Perhaps others have memories of these two establishments? I'm surprised too that no one has mentioned them.

Richard 26-Dec-2007 03:48
You know, alot of people here have been posting about all these old restaurants and watering holes from the past...most of which do not exhist anymore...but how come nobody, and I mean nobody has mentioned any of the following two bars? DUFFY'S Tavern located on 2108 SW. 57th Avenue or The Se7en Seas Old Tavern located just South one block from Duffy's. From what the bartender at Duffy's told me, that place has been around for over 50yrs. Doesn't anyone remember any of these two places? Does anyone remember the Lums on Collins Ave right in front of the Rodney Plaza on 22nd and Collins Ave?
Don Boyd22-Dec-2007 18:23
How about Bowling or Bowl or Bowlers Paradise in your old phone book? Just an idea... I asked my wife and she doesn't remember it, and her mom is visiting and she doesn't remember it either, but then again they weren't bowlers. Her mom remembers an outdoor bowling area in a park with other activities but it was further north on NW 7th Avenue, near 135th Street.
David Watson 22-Dec-2007 18:01
Correction on my last post: the alleys ran west to east.
David Watson 22-Dec-2007 17:58
The bowling alley was on the east side of 7 ave and the alleys ran east to west. I never bowled there but I would eat lunch there. Another piece of the puzzle. I looked up the name "Paradise" in my 1961 Miami telephone directory and it was no help.
Guest 22-Dec-2007 13:33
I have vague memories of a bowling alley in that area. Don't recall it being just outdoor bowling, maybe part of a larger park. Was a popular spot. Was on the east side of 7th Ave. Seem to recall going there once or twice. Paradise in the name?
Don Boyd22-Dec-2007 06:24
Ah, my memory isn't too shot then, haha. However, I am drawing a real blank on the outdoor bowling alley on NW 7 Avenue at about 98th Street. My dad was a bowling addict, in leagues 3 or 4 nights a week for years, and we never went to that one. Was it lighted for nighttime bowling? I'll ask my wife who grew up in Biscayne Park but she's 6 years younger than me and remembers less than me when it comes to stuff in the 50's.

Anyone else out there who can remember the outdoor bowling alley that David is inquiring about?
David Watson 22-Dec-2007 05:42
Hi Don, yes it was the Luau. Any remembrance on the outdoor bowling alley?
Don Boyd22-Dec-2007 04:39
Great memories David!! Thanks for adding them because you brought some back for me that I had forgotten about. Coral City then Carol City was one of them. As I recall the city of Coral Gables complained to the county about the names being too similar.

Was that South Pacific-type restaurant on 79th Street Causeway called the Luau? That's what pops into my head right now.

Thanks again!

David Watson 22-Dec-2007 03:26
I was born at St Francis hospital in 1944. Lived early years in Allapattah, but mostly a North end boy. Lived at 10426 NW 32 Ave Until 1965 when I got married. Got out of the Army in 1968 and worked on the Sheriff's Dept until 1995.
I went to Miami Park elementary, Madison Jr Hi and graduated from Miami Central Hi in 1962.
Some things I remember:
NW 32 ave being a 2 lane road and ending at the canal at 106 st
Ne Jame's grocery at NW 27 ave & 106 st
Baker & Norris grocery at 9920 NW 27 ave
Paying 18.9 cents a gallon during a gas war on 27 ave in the early 60's
Soap box derbies on the high bridge at NW 103 st and 36 av
The Turnpike drive in theater
27 ave drive in theater
North Dade drive in theater
Miami drive in theater
Dade theater in Allapattah on NW 36st just east of 17 av
Regent theater on NW 17 ave just south of 36 st
The Live and Let Live drug store right next to the Regent
Center theater on NW 7ave & 60 st
Kendall hospital where my wife was born, hospital is long gone
Night golf at the Colonial Palms golf course 136 st and South Dixie in 1964, 1965
Going to the downtown YMCA in the 50's
Going to Funland Park 7850 NW 27 ave in the 50's. I remember my parents & grandparents would throw nickles at plates and glassware in on large booth. If the coin stayed in the bowl, plate or whatever, you would win the item. My Dad got banned from the booth because he would win too much. There was also an old guy that would, for a dime or a quarter, guess your age within 2 or 3 years or your weight within 5 pounds or so. You would win something if he guessed wrong. I don't remember what, but I also don't remember him ever guessing wrong.
The Bowling Palace on NW 7 ave
Carol City Bowling Lanes
Carol City originally being named Coral City
Tropical Lanes on 119st NW 22 ave
Cloverleaf lanes
Palm Springs lanes
Fun Fair on the 79 st Causeway
I also remember an outdoor bowling alley on NW 7 ave somewhere around 98 st. I have never found anyone else that remembers this. I would appreciate a little help.
There was also a restaurant on the 79 st causeway that had live South Pacific entertainment, hula dancers, flaming knife throwers, etc. Name escapes me.
Thanks for the great site.
David Watson. My email is:
Guest 15-Dec-2007 20:17

Does anyone remember The Oar House Bar on Bird Road?

Mykael - I'm interested in Old Blaack Ceasar's Forge Resturant too.
Guest 15-Dec-2007 20:12

Does anyone remember The Oar House Bar on Bird Road?
Guest 15-Dec-2007 20:10
Guest Love this site
Rob Sr. 12-Dec-2007 03:08
I just read all the way to the bottom of this page and my head is about to explode! I can't possibly come up with anything that makes sense but I do remember the "lit up house in the Gables" was the Potamkin's. I really feel like everyone has done a great job of covering the bases and I have come in on the middle of something really unbeliveable. I'll try to keep up and offer a comment now and then. By the way I have lived in Miami/The Grove/Cutler Ridge since 1950 and I ain't movin to Ocala! Rob Sr.
Guest 07-Dec-2007 20:05
All Miami Jackson alumni should remember Ross's Tastee Freeze. Mr. Ross put up with a lot over the years.

The Ranch House restaurants that became the Neighbors restaurants.

The lemonade at Matheson Hammock and the salt water swimming pool. Dodging falling coconuts.

The Dade County Sheriff's Department. Black and white cars if I remember right.

I remember, I think it was the old MacArthur causeway, but you could see through the boards of the bridge down to the water.

The Masters department store on NW 7th street and 37th Ave. Gold Triangle near Dadeland.

Driving past Coral Castle everyday for years without knowing what it was.

The heavy presence of New Yorkers in Miami. The rednecks from the South in Hialeah before they were replaced by the rednecks from Cuba.

The Putt-Putt by the airport on 36 st. The Jungle Club. The Chesapeake Restaurant. 36th St before the Airport Expressway was built. The wooden baffles along the fence at Eastern Airlines on LeJuene that kept the prop blast from hitting the cars passing. Watching military planes fly in and out of the airport. Fighter jets and C-19's. Watching C-47's, DC-3's, DC-6's, Lockeed Electras, Lockheed Constellations and Super Constellations, and the first 707's and DC-8's take off.

Fishing and dipnetting shrimp from the catwalks of Rickenbacker and Bear Cut. The races at the Marine Stadium.

The beaches on Cape Florida before it became a state park.

The empty places along US1 between Kendall and Homestead.

Just a few places between Sweetwater and Krome Ave.

Miami had some places that weren't crowded back then. Now it is just a huge concrete Monopoloy Board.
Guest 28-Nov-2007 19:51
I know the house you are talking about Leighton. We had some friends living in Coral Gables at that time and we drove by that house for a few years in a row. If I remember right, the house backed up to the golf course. Tremendous display. One of the biggest and brightest displays I have every seen to date. If I am not mistaken, I think the Dolphins former Quarterback Bob Griese lived right down that same street. Great memories
Leighton 26-Nov-2007 02:13
Does anyone know the history of the Coral Gables home that set up a huge Christmas display every year - in the late 60s and early 70s??? Also, did anyone ever take those canal rides in Fort Lauderdale during that time - to see the Christmas lights?
Tom Poppino 20-Nov-2007 17:29
We came down to the last game in the Orange Bowl on Nov. 10, the last UM Game anyway, my first game was 1961....sad that they are going to tear it down...I hear that peices will be sold. We went to our old house in Norwood, right down the street from Noralnd HS, not bad really, I expected a war zone, we lived there in the late 50's before moving to Kendall.....also went to Northside Shopping Center where my dad was the project manager for Frank Rooney when it was built....what great memories ! Tom in NC
Rick Hallberg 26-Oct-2007 15:05
Anyone who grew up in the area around the N. W. Miami Norland High area remember these??
Marcellas Pizzas little white volkswagon delivery cars...The 26 bus, 31 shuttle, Chicken Unlimited, Lums, Tenneco gas station, Tony's Pizza on 441 behind 7-11, Cloverleaf Bowling (still there I think) the intersection at 183rd and 7th with Frederichs, Kresges, Carvel, Royal Castle (later Char Hut) Kalers Drugs, Tarash Drugs, Norwood Hardware and Winn Dixie where the MTA busses would stop for a while to change drivers and let out the drivers for lunch while you waited on the ledge of the parking lot or that big concrete bench they constructed with the overhang that provided a little shade?
Guest 17-Oct-2007 21:55
I am a Miami Native born in '65 at Baptist Hospital and Griw up in the Perrine area, I now live in Country walk some of my fondest memories include many of those mentioned in this blog...such great times as we have watched South Florida Develop.
A few to add to the list that I had not yet seen:
Pie Fair Restaurant
Marshall Majors Restaurant in South Miami
Westward Ho Restaurants in Cutler Ridge and Dadeland
Dixie Crème doghnuts
Eagle Army Navy Store
Texas Big Slide
BG Ramblers C & W Bar and Club
Buying Limeaide from Kendall Packing Plant
The Bodega Restaurant just S of Dadeland on US1
The cafeteria at Parrot Jungle and the
Joan’s Galley Restaurant on Quail Roost
Suniland Movie Theater
Clock restaurants
The Tu Way Diner
Richards Drapery
The Old Swingers Club In Perrine Playhouse South??
The Nudist camp in the Redlands
Mineral Springs in the Redlands where gators and swimmers coexisted
Stella and Paul’s restaurant in the Old Cutler Ridge Strip Mall
The Pony Rides Behind Richard’s in the Cutler Ridge Mall
New England Oyster House in Perrine and South Miami
Tuesday night Steak Diners at The Caribbean Club in Key Largo
Pix shoes in Cutler Ridge
I am also doing a project on the Old Black Ceasar's Forge and would love to hear any memories or information regarding it. It was before my time, but am aware that it was at Lulam and Coral Reef where there is now a 5 acre residence, I beleive it was the owners of the house that purchased the restaurant in order to build their estate. Can anyone fill me in??
Thanks again for a wondeful Blog!!
Guest 13-Oct-2007 16:18
Born in Doctors Hospital 1959, grew up in Miami and still live there. Great site! A few of the bars and clubs I frequented late seventies:

The Brasseie LeJune and 36th Street
Big Daddys-CoralWay and Douglas, Bird and SW 82nd St, and Dixie Hwy and 62nd Ave
Moreys Market -S Dixie Hwy
The Mutiny
The Other Place in Hialeah 103rd St- $5 drink and sink night
Champion Bar- Bird Road
Guest 01-Sep-2007 18:44
Does anyone here have a picture or postcard of the old Rocket Drive-in Restaurant in Miami. My Mom was a carhop there in the 50s and I would LOVE to have a picture of it to go with pictures of her in uniform ! If you do, please contact me at joanietempleton at yahoo dot com. Thanks
Guest 31-Aug-2007 02:36
All the good times on Chicken key!
Three generations of my family have played, fished, and camped there.
Guest 31-Aug-2007 02:32
Joanne 30-Aug-2007 14:16
Butch mentioned Snowdens off SW 152 st. Thats where our crowd did senior skip day. (Palmetto '75) We spent the afternoon swimming in the canal under Old Cutler Rd. I used to bike all around that area, the Deering Estate, the private school right off Old Cutler (name?). Anyone belong to or visit Kings Bay Country Club? Went to a couple of weddings there. I would love to hear from anyone who used to play football or cheerlead for Suniland Optimist Club. I was a cheerleader there from 1964 to 1970. Lets here from ya!!
RT 24-Aug-2007 14:33
It was Flynns Dixie ribs at Coral reef and the highway...
owned by Bill Flynn who worked for the FEC Rwy for a time, and then opened this place, and then went into local politics, as a state representative. Had a chance to talk to him in person at Dixie ribs once, after he had sold it. New owners kept his name for awhile, and I think they dropped it later on and called it just plain Dixie ribs.

Coon road was re-named to it's present form (Kuhn) of spelling somewhere in the early 70's or late 60's. New a girl who lived on Coon road named Michelle. Had some great parties at her pool.

How about the Dixie drive-in? With the Banjo on the sign out front?

Great site!!!!!!
Buddy Parsons 05-Aug-2007 09:54
I went to work for Royal Castle in the late 50's and became their production superintendent for their bakery, stayed for 16 years. The place was beautiful and first class all the way.
It was the only air-conditioned bakery in the country at the time if memory serves me right.
Knew all the Singers on a first name basis. They were the finest people and really cared about their employees, always going around and greeting as if you were part of the family.
I'd have to say it was the best job I ever had in my life.
A part of me went with it when it folded. I kept in touch with Jerry Laub, Singer's brother in law for several years and then he just dissappeared. I guessed he passed on as we all do.
Wished I coud relive that time again, it was good!

Buddy Parsons
Guest 17-Jul-2007 19:10
does anyone remember a club by the name of Evil People?
Gables_MiamiBeach08-Jul-2007 21:05
Miami High? On your knees, Stingarees!
Guest 08-Jul-2007 20:34
Lived in Miami from 1955 to 1981........and it is good to remember the old days of Miami......remember Hot Shoppes? Pappagallo, Judi Leslie, Young Sophisticates? I was in Miami last year when my father passed away......I miss him...he used to take us to Chippy's on Miracle Mile and then we would go to Venetian Pool......I graduated from Kensington Park Elementary, Citrus Grove Jr. High and of course, Miami Senior High......
Dave 06-Jul-2007 23:33
Anyone remember a famous steak house of the 60's and 70's on Coral Way near the 5 points? I am trying to remember but it just won't come to me.. ARGGGGGGGHHH!!
Guest 01-Jul-2007 18:23
How many of you remember Alec Gibson in the early days of his career? In the late 40's, after school, while attending Coral Gables Elementary, a few of us students would shuttle across the street to the WVCG radio station studio to watch Mr.Gibson.
At the time he was MC for a country and western music program known as the 'Cousin Jeff' show. He, of course, was Cousin Jeff. Later Mr.Gibson was an early personality at WTVJ. After many years he moved to New York to perform on national TV. Later he returned to Miami and in yet another incarnation became a recreational vehicle entrepreneur on South Dixie Highway.
Guest 01-Jul-2007 18:07
Aldo said >

Oh yes Aldo I do remember Central, when my brother was in High School 1972-3-4 and Coral Park played their home games there. By the time I was at Coral Park 1976-77-78 we played our home games at FIU.
Guest 01-Jul-2007 17:44
First off I was alerted to this page by my brother. What wonderful memories, thanks so much for this wonderful trek down memory lane. I was born in Coral Gables in 1960 so many of the things you have listed ring a bell with me. Hopefully I can add a few as well....How about :

Mansene's Italian Restaurant on NW 4th St and Douglas Rd...used to go there and the kitchen would fill the pressure cooker pot with spaghetti & we'd also buy some of their great breadsticks. (1960's) (We lived at NW 4th and 35th Ave)

Going to WTVJ in downtown Miami to be on the Skipper Chuck TV Show (60's)

Deli Fair in Coral Gables -- great deli sandwiches. I used to go into the Gables to see my mom for lunch (she worked for Flagship Bank in the Gables) and we'd eat there. (70's)

The Wiffenpoof Restaurant -- just off the circle on Ponce de Léon Blvd -- was supposed to be very very expensive. (60's & 70's)

maybe someone else will remember the name of the professional clown that had a studio in the Gables where he used to perform a daily show. Was great.....I wish i could remember his name. I went there several times, once for a birthday party for my friend Preston, and one other time with my church (Flagler Street Baptist Church) (60's)

Golden Triangle Stores -- full of great electronic gadgets and TV's and such. (70's) I used to frequent the one in Dadeland.

New Hickory BBQ at Bird Rd & the Palmetto (60's & 70's)

Burger King at NW 11th and LeJune Rd, was one of the 1st BK's and had to be knocked down so that the Dolphin Expressway could go up. It was closed in 1966 and the Dolphin opened in 1968 IIRC.

Howard Johnsons at NW 14th and LeJune -- remember going to get mocha-chip ice cream cones (60's)

Cooper's restaurant on Bird Rd and 60th -- only open for breakfast and lunch. Best damn breakfasts in town -- who could forget those handmade dollar sized bisquets they served. (70's)

Taco Viva on Bird Rd just east of Ludlam Rd -- my 1st venture into Mexican-American cuisine (70's)

Formosa Chinese Restaurant in South Miami, right next to the Holsum Bakery (60's & early 70's)

I wish I could remember more but getting old now and the memories are fading LOL

Again thanks for this forum to relive old Miami memories.....and yes contrary to popular lore out there, there was a Miami before the Cubans came in the 1960's & 1970's. Too bad most of it is gone now. It was a fun place to grow up in, with beaches close to home and weather that is some of the best year round. I miss the old Miami I grew up in, much more as the years go by. (((((SIGH)))))
Guest 01-Jul-2007 17:27
First off I was alerted to this page by my brother. What wonderful memories, thanks so much for this wonderful trek down memory lane. I was born in Coral Gables in 1960 so many of the things you have listed ring a bell with me. Hopefully I can add a few as well....How about :

Mansene's Italian Restaurant on NW 4th St and Douglas Rd...used to go there and the kitchen would fill the pressure cooker pot with spaghetti & we'd also buy some of their great breadsticks. (1960's) (We lived at NW 4th and 35th Ave)

Going to WTVJ in downtown Miami to be on the Skipper Chuck TV Show (60's)

Deli Fair in Coral Gables -- great deli sandwiches. I used to go into the Gables to see my mom for lunch (she worked for Flagship Bank in the Gables) and we'd eat there. (70's)

The Wiffenpoof Restaurant -- just off the circle on Ponce de Léon Blvd -- was supposed to be very very expensive. (60's & 70's)

maybe someone else will remember the name of the professional clown that had a studio in the Gables where he used to perform a daily show. Was great.....I wish i could remember his name. I went there several times, once for a birthday party for my friend Preston, and one other time with my church (Flagler Street Baptist Church) (60's)

Golden Triangle Stores -- full of great electronic gadgets and TV's and such. (70's) I used to frequent the one in Dadeland.

New Hickory BBQ at Bird Rd & the Palmetto (60's & 70's)

Burger King at NW 11th and LeJune Rd, was one of the 1st BK's and had to be knocked down so that the Dolphin Expressway could go up. It was closed in 1966 and the Dolphin opened in 1968 IIRC.

Howard Johnsons at NW 14th and LeJune -- remember going to get mocha-chip ice cream cones (60's)

Cooper's restaurant on Bird Rd and 60th -- only open for breakfast and lunch. Best damn breakfasts in town -- who could forget those handmade dollar sized bisquets they served. (70's)

Taco Viva on Bird Rd just east of Ludlam Rd -- my 1st venture into Mexican-American cuisine (70's)

Formosa Chinese Restaurant in South Miami, right next to the Holsum Bakery (60's & early 70's)

I wish I could remember more but getting old now and the memories are fading LOL

Again thanks for this forum to relive old Miami memories.....and yes contrary to popular lore out there, there was a Miami before the Cubans came in the 1960's & 1970's. Too bad most of it is gone now. It was a fun place to grow up in, with beaches close to home and weather that is some of the best year round. I miss the old Miami I grew up in, much more as the years go by. (((((SIGH)))))
Don Boyd01-Jul-2007 16:29
I agree with you - that was a slip of the fast typing fingers failing to coordinate with the brain. I changed it. Thanks. Don
Guest 01-Jul-2007 15:23
First off, this is SO GREAT, brings back such memories, however you list the opening of the Dadeland "Mall", when it first opened it was NOT a mall, it was an open air shopping center. It was turned into a mall years later.
Don Boyd30-Jun-2007 16:46
Perhaps you are right and maybe someone with first-hand knowledge of the situation will clarify the issue. If they are a historical organization's photos and that organization received any type of funding from the city and/or county then perhaps the photos then become public records under the state records law? Don
Gables_MiamiBeach30-Jun-2007 13:30
My guess is that the pictures do not actually belong to the City of North Miami, but to a private group--perhaps some sort of North Miami Historical Society, that technically is not asociated with the city. Said group has provided already-labeled copies to the city as a courtesy, who chose to include the photos on their website?

Just a little speculation there...
Don Boyd30-Jun-2007 01:53
That's really crappy of them to post their "North Miami Historic Photos" text across the middle of the images like that. They should be public records under state law and I don't understand why they would purposely ruin the images that are being displayed on the net for the public. Perhaps they want to make money off of taxpayers who would like a clean image of certain buildings or places? That's pretty low down in my book. Don
Guest 30-Jun-2007 01:17
A lion's share of 1950's/early 60's North Miami street scenes, storefronts, and store interiors can be found here...including Unkle Johns, Whelan's Drugs, and the Lindsley Lumber...
Guest 28-Jun-2007 20:19
I remember weekend nights at what we referred to as "Bayside" in the 70s. Located in the huge public parking lot across A1A from Haulover Beach and adjacent to the Intra-coastal Waterway, this lot was a free for all of teenagers that gathered to listen to local rock bands that would set up and plug in at the picnic pavilions alongside the waterway. Sometimes more than one band going at once at different pavilions. No permits needed back then, just show up with your band and plug in to the free electric. Huge crowds always on hand every weekend and no hassle from law enforcement that did patrol the lot but left people alone for the most part. Great times were always had there.
Leighton 28-Jun-2007 19:28
Darn, I was in the wrong chat. 99, I did some research. The tiled horse was moved into a warehouse in the 80s, during renovation of mall. Somebody broke in and stole half the horse (dismantled for removal), and supposedly threw it in nearby canal. Sad - it was a great sculpture. The stone animals from the open-air days were moved to the new zoo in the 80s. DOES ANYBODY HAVE PHOTOS OF FORUM CAFETERIA? If so, please contact me at

Does anybody know what the neighborhood was called, north of Flagler, west of 57th, and south of Tamiami Canal? Was it Fairview? Lived there from 67 - 73. Our home was in dead-center, and all of our corner homes had huge yards at the intersection of NW 63rd Court and NW 2nd St. I think the original plans called for a traffic circle there, or something, thus the big corner lots.

More questions to come........
Stevn 25-Jun-2007 03:56
My father had a law office in Concord and he was there lawyer for the tenant association. My cousin Phil owned the Tyler's for few years in the seventies and he introduced jewish deli there and country singer on Friday nights. Do you remember the waitressess Connie and Mabel. They filmed part of the movie the Deep at the Tamiami Gun Range. Michael Caine was in the movie and Phil arranged for me to have breakfast with Mr. Caine. I was about 8. My cousin later owned Sam and Carls on 57th ave and the sandwich shop in the Dadeland Medical Building. My favoite restaurant was the Studio. I am looking for the recipe for their curried chicken. Does anyone remember the restaurant in the old Sunset Country Club (97th Ave and Sunset). I think it was called the Hampton House. Also at Concord the Breyer Patch Ice Cream Parlor (with murals from Uncle Remus), Bruce's Western Wear, etc.
Guest 25-Jun-2007 01:24
Some memories. The Regeant theater two doors south of the Live and Let Live in Allapatah for saturday westerns, RKO news, serial and comedy was 9 cents, 14 coat hangers or 1 aluminun pot to get in during WWII. NW North River Dr. between nw 26th st and 29th street was a beautiful big park filled with 4 or 5 varieties of guava trees. Green guavas make for tummyache. Kress 5 and 10, McCrory's 5 and 10 on Flagler. Touching sea cows at the Prinz Valdemar aquarium shallow tanks. Jahn the Magic Man around the corner from the Royal theater where I ushered for a short span. Bag boy at Margaret Ann grocery store on SE corner of Red rd. and US 1. Kit Kat club on 27th ave. where my aunt was shot in the leg. Musa Isle Indian Village on the Miami river. Boating to Key Biscayne before there was a causeway. Red road when it was two ruts through the palmettos and pines. Martin and Lewis at the Olympia before they were famous. Gene Austin at the Olympia. Austin wrote the song 'My Blue Heaven' which was the most purchased song before the Beatles. More to come when I gather my thoughts.
Guest 25-Jun-2007 00:42
VanderCar had another scheme in the Herald. He offered title to a googolplex on an island in the keys for one dollar. I wonder how many takers this produced. A googol is the number one followed by 100 zeros.
Lonnie Morton 24-Jun-2007 23:45
I remember Vandercar. Back in the 70's I went to his house once in Miami like a lot of prople did to look at his art and just visit. It was a real cool place. I asked Vandercar about Margaret, whom I thought was his daughter. I remember there was a Margaret Vandercar that attended Edison High School when I was there in the 60's and 70's. I graduated in 1972. I asked Vandercar if I could see Margaret. Telepathicly, I immediately heard a voice in my head that said "NO." Now, here, I read that he is survived by his "wife" named Margaret. That means that his wife must have been very young at the time because she was in the Edison class of '71. That is kind of strange. Unless I am mistaken, I thought she was his daughter.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 23:23
Thanks again Don, I’m glad someone is keeping a living History of the Miami area. Does anyone remember Lewis VanDercar an artist and self proclaimed Warlock? He had a studio near the Miami Herald building and we would go by & watch him work there. The following is an obit from the Miami Herald.

Lewis VanDercar, off the wall artist, warlock dies at 75.
Written by Lourdes Fernandez
Herald Staff Writer

The man who persuaded 150 people to show up at midnight to view a primitive bird, who left a skull encased in concrete on the beach and who had a constantly changing display of statues outside his Miami home died Thursday morning.

Lewis VanDercar, 75 called himself “creator”. Some people called the former artist crazy; others said he was a genius.

Mr. VanDercar died of heart failure in his home in Quail Hollow, a small town north of Tampa. He moved there in 1973, bought eight acres and built a dome shaped, ivy covered home resembling a cave.

He called himself, in turn, a warlock; Magus Supreme, pro tem of the Supreme Order of Magi; and someone with mysterious powers, specifically ESP and the power to levitate. He hinted about incarnations and said an alien entered his body as a young man. He said he had a pet poltergeist, and then tried to sell it through a classified ad.

“It was difficult to tell whether it was all tongue in cheek or not,” said David, a physician doing his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital. “He would vacillate back and forth.”

His classified ads in the Miami Herald were frequent:

“Sale: Swamp colored UFO. Must qualify.”

“Free Cruise to Bahamas, Bring oar.”

“Electric car. $25,000. Extension cord extra.”

He sold roc eggs in one ad. He said he rediscovered the ancient secret formula to make and impregnate the eggs of rocs, mythological birds.

A woman bought the eggs and had them shipped to her Chicago home. Later, Mr. VanDercar admitted the eggs were really a bunch of garbage piling up in back of his home. He didn’t want to haul it away, so he covered it in plaster. He didn’t tell the lady, but sent her a check for the shipping costs.

Then there was the time police found a skull, embedded in concrete, on the beach. The skull turned out to be plaster. In the concrete was a bottle with a note: “The creator and the created are one. Hate makes it ugly. Love makes it beautiful. Let us all be lovers.”

Said Mr. VanDercar later: “There is some sense of the ridiculous that can be carried to such an extreme that it becomes beautiful. Take the time I predicted that a great extinct primitive bird was going to appear at midnight in the park. The newspapers exposed it as a hoax. Even so, at midnight, 150 people showed up in the park to see the bird. That was beauty.”

His Miami home studio at 331 NW 18th St., was open always. People continually passed through and stayed for long philosophical talks with the artist.

Mr. VanDercar, who never got beyond eighth grade, learned from them. “They gave him a very broad background in terms of knowledge,” his son said. “He knew a lot about a lot of different things.”

Born in Detroit, Mr. VanDercar entered the Navy during the Depression to help support his family.

In the late 1930s, he became an animator, drawing Popeye cartoons from a Miami studio. He entered the Merchant Marines in World War II and later worked as an aircraft engineer. He returned to Miami, where he worked construction jobs and ran a plumbing shop.

Then he learned he could make a living from his hobby, painting and sculpting. He decorated an exterior wall of his house with faces of every age and culture, Greek gods, sea monsters, heroines, gargoyles, Moses, faces from Egypt and India and China, and many other places.

He also created mountains for resorts and amusement parks, and built a gorilla’s lair for Monkey Jungle in South Dade’s Redland. He made a giant dragon, 100 feet long and 30 feet high for a Merritt Island Park.

In 1984, he returned to Miami for a short while to repaint a reconstructed limestone bridge at Arch Creek Park. He painted the concrete and iron used to rebuild the bridge so it would look like limestone, too. He was still painting days before his death.

“He spent 30 years and died doing what he liked,” his son said. “Not many people are able to do that.”

Said Mr. VanDercar once: “Many people think what I do is ridiculous, but not intelligent people. Most people are fearful and they don’t enjoy life because they’re afraid to take a change and do what they want. So intelligent people admire your courage.”

In addition to his son, Mr. VanDercar is survived by his wife Margaret, daughter Muggins and three grandchildren. There are no services.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 21:26
This really brings back memories. Altho I grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, we moved to Miami from Chicago in 1925 (when I was 3) and lived in a house on an aunt's grapefruit farm (now part of U of M) for 3 months before we had electric power!

After flying B-17s in WW II the Air Force assigned me as public relations officer at the Biltmore (then
a USAF rehabilitation hospital) from June-Dec, '46. Steve Clark, later Miami & Dade mayor, was the
payroll clerk, Ben Hogan, the great golfer, was assigned to Special Services and Art Bruns, later to
found Miami Springs Villas, was in charge of the Officers' Club.

Stu Newman
Guest 20-Jun-2007 20:35
Guest 20-Jun-2007 20:29
Don Boyd20-Jun-2007 16:47
Thanks Paul and everyone for your memories. Paul, I vaguely recall the 1st and Last Chance bar somewhere on Okeechobee Road, probably from going out to the "mids" on Krome Avenue at night. I had totally forgotten about Andytown on US 27 even though it hasn't been gone that long relatively speaking. Don
Guest 20-Jun-2007 16:09
Hi Don, I was born & lived in the Miami area from 1952 to 1991 before moving to Atlanta GA. I was thrilled to see all the comments and photos they brought back some great memories of growing up in Miami in the 50's & 60's. Do you remember the First & Last chance bar on US 27 leaving Miami & Hiealeh going toward Lake Okeechobee. It was a wild hangout at times but they served a great steak. The back was set up as a picnic area and people would go there on weekends with their families to listen to the music. (a lot of Hank Williams style music) It was truly the last chance to stop before Andy Town near the intersection of State Road 84 & US 27. The last time I was down there, a giant interchange was there connecting 585 & Alligator Alley with US 27. By the way the Amusment Part at Crandon Beach with the train was the Zoo for Miami until the new one was built in SW Miami. It was a great place to go along with the Seaquarium. Lot of great memories. We would go to the beach or visit the Zoo or both.
Gables_MiamiBeach20-Jun-2007 14:56
At the time I worked in a preschool located on the Kendale Lakes circle; it is still there today, though under a different name. I am familiar with the statue of Almirante Miguel Grau, as I lived on the Kendale Lakes Townhomes on the corner of Kendall Drive & 137 Avenue, which was renamed for the admiral while I lived there.
Guest 20-Jun-2007 04:07
gables-miami beach..the office building in the back of the miller square? Incidentally I pride myself in having lived in a different different kind of Miami way back when and seem to feel contemptuous towards the "new bunch" though it is very true that the Peruvians have a voice and even a statue commemorating their rear admiral on 137 there's not much to do about it but just accept the differences and move on..go to coral springs..but even up there it's story tonight said some lady was grabbed in the head after maneuvering around an accident are not exempt, anywhere. Thank you, though.
Gables_MiamiBeach19-Jun-2007 18:19
Interesting picture of Kendale Lakes, one of the places where I used to live and work; in fact, my wedding reception was at the KLCC. I will guess 1978-79 for the photo, as I see a completed Bent Tree development (or at least this part of it) in the lower right of the picture, and that was built in the mid-1970's. Another building where I later worked had opened in 1981, is still a vacant lot in the picture, so I am splitting the difference between those two periods.
Guest 18-Jun-2007 02:08
Where were you told not to park? At that lake on 137 ave where they used to have the bonfires? So that was where the drive-in was...near 144 st and S dixie...they have an Offerdahls' up front over there. And the strip mall with the Carvel was the Pantry Pride one?

BTW here's a real interesting picture of the Kendale Lakes country club with Miller Drive broken apart by its previous dirt trail incarnation east of 137 ave in the foreground. This is my favorite one I've found...c. 1975 I'm betting
Guest 17-Jun-2007 17:06
Thanks for the memories. I grew up in South Miami/Perrine area then Kendall, before it went crazy. As a kid, I was a guest on the Sunday Funnies show...had frozen donuts for a year. I saw Star Wars at the Drive in on US 1 that has been a Publix for years. My brother learned to drive on the Old Blimp Base (before there was a zoo). Remember the zoo on Key Biscayne? Wasn't beafsteak Charlies called the Steak N Brew first? South Miami on US1 had a park with a jungle gym thing in the shape of a rocket with a slide. Dad used to go out with the guys to a dive, Brother Two? AHHH hidden Lake...still hidden when we moved to Kendall...we rode our bikes before we were old enough to drive. Cocaine Cowboys...have you seen the documentary? My brother had his first job as a bus boy at Thurman's...he must have learned something...he retired before 50. Tamiami Airport, west kendall before the boyfriend and I were told by a cop not to park out there because of drug runners dropping dope from planes. Carvel ice cream on Kendall Drive in a strip mall with a dive bar that served anyone. Sometime in the early 80's they found a dead guy in a car trunk that was smelling in the parking lot. I too could go on and on.Any one with pics of South Miami, pine hills late 60's and early 70's? Dad worked at Dade Hospital supply...later Baxter. South Beach in the early 80's..night clubs that were just old buildings painted black inside, a lot of neon, a bar, and a dance floor...and we thought it was cool! Wolfies, Lums. It was after that the everything changed in South Florida. Dadeland is like it's own downtown weird is that? Sitting on Kendall Drive FOREVER in traffic. 70's gas crisis and waiting in line. Remember Green Stamps? Ann Bishop on the news? Janet Reno, before going to Washington...I had her come and speak at Arvida JR. High when I was there. She had a place off Kendall near the back of MDCC south. MDCC now just MiamiDade College!
Don Boyd16-Jun-2007 19:31
Here is Howard's message again but without the 50 blank lines at the bottom of it:
Howard hide | delete 14-Jun-2007 18:24
Thanks for the fabulous memories. My parents moved to Miami in 1941. Attended Riverside Elem. school in the 1st grade, then Central Beach Elem., Kinloch Park, near Le Jeune Rd., Coral Gables Elem. school, Shennandoah Jr. High and finally Miami Senior High '52.
*** Paint your car at "Johnny and Mack by the Railroad Track" $9.95; Delux $14.95
*** Meeting visiting relatives at the RR station in front of the Courthouse bldg. downtown.
*** Watching the fishing boats unload their catch at 5pm at Bayfront Park, Biscayne blvd.
not too far from the beached ship from the 1926 hurricane.
*** Flamingo Park taken over by the Army 1942-44. Watched the soldiers training for war.
*** Blackout window shades when lived on Miami Beach.
*** First TV Ch 4 with Ralph Rennick and Weaver the Weatherman.
*** Riding our bikes or taking the bus (Gordon, the driver) to the Venetian Pool in C.G.
Seems they were always playing " Peg of My Heart" on the Juke box.
*** Fri. nite football at the Orange Bowl. Miami High had a better team than the U of M,
1949-52. Lost our 1st intracity game in 28 yrs. to Jackson 1951.
*** Pan Am seaplane terminal at Dinner Key. Also the annual GM Motorama held there.
Anyone remember taking your date to watch the "submarine races" at Dinner Key???
*** Finally, watching the girls at the new Eaton Hall @ the U of M from our dorm @
1214 Walsh.
*** I can't believe how Miami had changed since those "good old days", however I have
seen the same for Phoenix since I settled here in the 60's. Thanks again for the
Don Boyd16-Jun-2007 19:29
Gables_MiamiBeach: I sent you a message regarding the matter and how to solve it. Check your messages on PBase. Don
Gables_MiamiBeach16-Jun-2007 18:38
OK, now I am a registered member, which I hope will assist my inquiry, because twice I posted this question as a guest and twice it was subsequently removed. I am not sure why they were removed (perhaps Don or a moderator can explain, so I know for future reference), but in any event, I am hoping that this one will stick.

I see a variety of images that come from the online archives of the Dade County Planning and Zoning Department. There are URL's listed for these photos. When I go directly to the URLs, I am not authorized to view them. When I go to P&Z Department's homepage, I do not see any link that would seem to take me to any such archives. Would someone please advise me on this? Thanks.
Guest 14-Jun-2007 16:54
I think (though I am not resolute in my convictiosn) that the current incarnation of that Children's Rest Home may be the current Miami Douglas Macarthur Senior High School..where kids who get kicked out of the regular high schools go...there may also still be residences for kids with behavioral problems..maybe through the Florida Dept of Children and Families.

There are pictures of the seemingly decades old structures

The park is accessible off of sw 80 st and 107 it enters the park it winds in a near north-northwest fashion (becoming theo. sw 79 st) and the nature trail is on the north side of the road..on the south side are the picnic tables, playground, ball fields, and frisbee playing fields, as well as a pre-k school. Continue down that road and hang a left on sw 114 ave (or the last access road before 117 ave) and you will venture southward to where it dead ends, sw 80 terr....and that is the back part of macarthur and the can directly access macarthur through sw 84 to The Palace, a retirement home that wasn't too nice to my grandmother. Sw 84 st and 117 ave is accessible behind the old strip mall where Wag's and Andy's Sir Dolphin (and later Jay's..formerly of Anson's Market..seafood used to be)

The fire station you mentioned might now be the "Kendall Warehouse" (left turn off of 84 st across from the private school) park. Scant a clue as to why it's referred to as that..someone can maybe enlighten me. Oh yes, if you look down you'll find a picture link I have provided for "Kendall Dr, west of 107 ave" where the junkyard may have stood...there is a sign advertising 30 acres for sale by Suchman Real estate...Tel#MO.7.6461.
jenna 14-Jun-2007 05:55
thanks bob...i google earthed that area and see that it is now something called kendall indian hammocks park....this could be the current incarnation of the old Kendall children's was a huge complex...i don't recognize any of the buildings from the '60's, but i haven't been able to zoom in enough...thanks again for the cross streets...i'll keep searching..
Bob L 14-Jun-2007 05:32
Recalling from memory I believe the Kendall Children's Home along with other government facilities was a large sprawling complex administered by several county and state agencies. It covered an area west from S.W. 107th Ave. to almost S.W. 117th Ave. There was an entrance at S.W. 107th Ave. and about S.W. 80th St. just north of Kendall Drive. There may have been other entrances also. I remember driving past it many times back in the late 60's and early 70's. Before development of the property there was an auto junk yard south of the complex. The junk yard property was later developed into several apartment complexes at S.W. 107th Ave. and S.W. 86th St. There were many oak trees on the property. I remember Metro-Dade set up a fire-rescue station on the property near the S.W. 107th Ave. entrance sometime in the 70's.
Bob L 14-Jun-2007 05:11
Recalling from memory I believe the Kendall Children's Home along with other government facilities was a large sprawling complex administered by several county and state agencies. It covered an area west from S.W. 107th Ave. to almost S.W. 117th Ave. There was an entrance at S.W. 107th Ave. and about S.W. 80th St. just north of Kendall Drive. There may have been other entrances also. I remember driving past it many times back in the late 60's and early 70's. Before development of the property there was an auto junk yard south of the complex. The junk yard property was later developed into several apartment complexes at S.W. 107th Ave. and S.W. 86th St. There were many oak trees on the property. I remember Metro-Dade set up a fire-rescue station on the property near the S.W. 107th Ave. entrance sometime in the 70's.
Guest 13-Jun-2007 02:52
I wonder if anyone remembers the Debruin family of (and I'm guesstimating, as the old structural address is defunct) 1450 nw 3 st...ike and rose debruin with children juliette, lillian, steven and billy (WWII vets..all were seasonals). My father, Richard Tytell, recently deceased went to Citrus Grove middle and remembers playing basketball at the orange bowl, directly across the street from the old estate. It pains me greatly how it no longer stands, my history literally gone. The only ties I have to this land are the historical events in my (mostly newfangled) neighborhood, which I don't really associate with myself anyways. The West Kendall area, as we all know, is completely different. I am only 30 years old but have been fascinated with the history of Miami since I started serving legal process at age 21 and gaining exposure to all the neighborhoods, spanning all points north and south!! Thank you, Don Boyd, for keeping this site alive and helping me remember the true land in which I was originated and not abandoning hope (I dislike Miami, with the exception for the historical and natural landmarks that are left, and I have a special special kind of respect for the folks in Golds and the Redlands who have maintained their nearly century-old estates and helped fight development hand over fist...and I go to Chekika..though the trails have been unmaintained for years, every chance I get).

Look out for more photos
Guest 10-Jun-2007 18:28
thanks don...i've found that site as well when i started searching for kendall children's home a few months ago...this was a really big campus as i recall...i was a little kid so my memory might be fuzzy, but it had to occupy at least a square mile (or more) within it's fences and walls...when they moved the dependants to their new dormitories, we would have to walk down a long road (1 mile long?) to the school for 4th, 5th and 6th grade...that school was called bouganvillia elemetary?...we went to school all year, no summer a turn in the road was the 'haven school' for downs kids...there really was a lot going on at this site...where has it gone?.........there were horse farms in the area...i wish i had cross streets or an old address...i'm really curious what became of this huge facility...thanks again...jenna
Don Boyd10-Jun-2007 17:44
You're welcome, Jenna. I did some Googling last night after posting the photos and found some references to the Kendall Children's Home at this site: - some of the Grand Juries in the county issued reports on Youth Hall and the Kendall Children's Home and the problems at each and recommendations for corrective action. They had a real problem with the detention kids being close to the dependent non-detention kids over the years. There are reports in the 60's and 70's but there is no mention of the Kendall Children's Home in the reports of the 80's, only Youth Hall. It appears that the state took over the function from the county but I'm really curious as to what happened to the home, school, hospital, land, etc. We all know how well the state cares for dependent kids. I'm tempted to write Action Line about it unless someone can provide some information to satisfy our curiosities. Don
jenna 10-Jun-2007 16:46
ohmigod!!!..don, thank you so much for posting those pictures...i was housed in that building for the first year i was at the kendall children's home...the dependant girls were on the first floor and the dependant boys (my little brother) on the second...there was a small playground out back...i remember all the kids lining up each evening with our hand out, palm up to have a small amount of baking soda poured in our palms...this was our'd wet your toothbrush and dip it in the baking soda, then brush....this photo is opening the floodgates of my memory...thank you, thank you, thank you.....they built different dormitories for the dependant kids at the back of the campus later to keep us farther away from the deliquents i'm guessing...three buildings, one had a cafeteria, lobby and two wings for the boys and girls dormitories, another smaller building across the street for the african american boys (this was the '60's) and a little school for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades...the big field in front of that school was were the scout jambouree was held....jenna
Don Boyd10-Jun-2007 07:03
Jenna and Dottie: I'm a zillion photos behind in processing but this one touched me so I found two shots in the state archives going back to 1935 when the boys dormitory was under construction. I cleaned them up and both are now posted in the 1930's Gallery. I couldn't find anything newer at the state but I'll look some more later. I presume the juvenile detention center there was separate from the Children's Home? I would hope so. Don
Dottie 10-Jun-2007 03:54
Jenna - I believe Don Boyd (editor and originator of this site I believe) posted something about KENDALL Detention Home. Probably about halfway down from the top. A number of locations and memories are listed. He did not specify anything about it in particular, but you might post a message directly to him - hope he can help you fine some information about it. Good Luck!
Guest 10-Jun-2007 02:40
it'd be interesting to find out if Paley's Big Wheel had anything to do with helping find LA CARRETA (the oxcart spanish..wagons have wheels) but since there is only a Sergio's and the nearest La Carreta is on Sw 8 St that should be entirely attributed to conjecture. But interesting to consider how many popular American busineses down here became prominent Cuban owned businesses.

Interesting synopsis of co-designated streets by the county and state governments.
jenna 09-Jun-2007 23:49
hi...i'm hoping someone out there can help me...i was born in coral gables in 1954...learned to swim at venetian pool, went to ponce de leon jr. high and coral gables high before moving to arizona at age 16....when i was 6 (1960), my younger brother and i were placed in the dependant section of the KENDALL CHILDREN'S was known mostly for it's juvenile deliquent section, but there were about 75-100 kids there because their parents couldn't care for them....we were there 6 years...i have been trying to find this place as it was a huge part of my childhood and can't find anything when i google it...i'd love to see a current aerial photo if i had an address or cross streets or???....did it get torn down? it was a huge place when we were there with k-12 schools, church, a hospital?, haven school for kids with downs syndrome, an old folks home? and of course the deliquent section...i remember the boy scout jamboree was held on site on a huge field near our dormitory each year...a little canal ran next to the main road may have been close to the original 'shorty's b-b-q' as one of our teachers took my brother and i off campus almost every friday for b-b-q.....i almost wish i hadn't started looking for Kendall cause now i'm really curious to find out what became of this place....hope someone remembers something...thanks....jenna
Dottie 09-Jun-2007 23:14
Oo[s - sorry - I just posted a reply to Angelo below this one -- forgot to add my name.
Guest 09-Jun-2007 23:13
ANGELO -- So sorry I haven't been back to the site until now. You may already have the answers, but Paley's was on 32nd Avenue close to Coral Way. I'm not exactly sure where Toby's Cafeteria was located. I think somewhere in the NW section, but fairly close to SW Miami. A few more "memories" have resurfaced -- Miami Military Academy, Monty Trainer's (a newer waterfront bar in the Grove), Matheson Hammock, Venetian Pool where I contracted a ringworm (don't ask me how) ; Coral Gables Country Club where I tasted my first London Broil with an old boyfriend whose family were members of the club. I'm still best friends with my X-roommate, Linda, on June llth and should have a few more memories to post after her trip. We lived together in a l bedroom, l bath apt on Alhambra Plaza. Can't imagine sharing a 12 X 12 bedroom now. People would flock to our apt almost nightly....guess the neighbors were used to the constant traffic flow, music and hell-raising. Those were the days!! Oh yes -- the lighthouse on Key Biscayne. Also Rusty Pelican on the causeway (correct me if I'm wrong with this). Never forget attending the JIMI HENDRIX concert at the Miami Beach Convention Hall. Best peanuts I've ever eaten. LOL. Also, in Coconut Grove - saw the original HAIR production, Richie Havens concert and more that slip my mind. More later -- love coming back to this site -- thanks to everyone who has contributed with their fondest memories.
Guest 08-Jun-2007 15:37
ooops here's the link (please allow some time for images to load, and it is a PDF file)
Guest 08-Jun-2007 15:36
Sw 80 St and 72 ave (train crossing only had crossbucks and cautionary sign, no signal)/ Coral Gables in the Alhambra Cir/ Nervia St/ Madruga Ave area (which looks remarkably the same as it did when I went to school there and minus the urban aspects of Miami, as it does now)
Guest 08-Jun-2007 15:17
mr sunshine soft pretzel 18342 NW 7 Ave. (1966)
Campbell's photocopy service nw 100 st and 7 ave (1966)
NW 12 Ave between nw 95 and 99 st (1963)
U-Totem on NW 103 St and 12-13 ave where apts are now (1962)
Publix on Miami Gardens Dr and 47 ave...where Food Star and other low income shops now stand (1962)
Guest 03-Jun-2007 06:03
What a great site! I attended Shenandoah Elem, Ada Merritt Jr. and graduated from Miami Senior HS in 1959. A couple of other places I remember are Tahiti Beach where you could swim or fish off the rock wall; Sorrento's Italian Rest, maybe on SW 8th Street. I walked to 5-7-9 store on Miracle Mile every Saturday to shop. Also, did anyone see Elvis at the Olympia Theater in 1956 or 57? Great days!
Tom Poppino 26-May-2007 13:09

If you go to there are some great old photos of Miami Staduim where the Baltimore Orioles did their Spring Training and where the Minor League Marlins played for years, it was torn down in 2001 as you will see in the photos. T
Tom Poppino 25-May-2007 13:10
Well I can't stand it, since I found this site yesterday 5/24 I keep think about our days in Miami and the memories are rushing back. So.....I must ramble once more. In the early 60's til I guess the early 70's we grocery shopped at SUNSET CORNERS, at Sunset Drive and Galloway or 87th Ave....a classic small style store, that's all there was, also along Galloway was Norman Brothers, when it opened it was just a produce stand. We played golf in the summers at George Wilson CC out Kendall was a Par 60.....There were two lakes at K Land and we fised them alot, when my grandparents came down from Indiana Jan - March every year he would take me fishing many afternoons after school......I remeber the kids who would sneak radios to school so we could know what was happening in the World Series each Oct. .....I was at Glades Jr Hg in 1967 and the Red Sox (Impossible Dream) played the Cardinals. We went to many Miami Dolphins Games, one of the best was 12-24-72, Christams Eve, the Dolphins were 14 - 0 and played the Browns in the first Playoff Game...with 8 mins to go we were behind! but Jim Kiick, who lived near us in Kendall saved the day with an 8 yd touchdown run. Howard Twilley also lived near us, those guys were not making the millions I guess...
WIOD Radio - I worked there from 77 - 81 after U of M, Larry King was the all night talk show host, missing teeth, broke, a gambler he was the butt of jokes back then, Hank Goldberg and the late great Sonny Hirsch worked there and were friends of boss Rick Weaaver, the voice of the Dolphins has also passed away.
I have an extensive audio and video collection from Miami, mostly sports related...I have the WKAT radio broadcast from 11-23-67 Notre Dame at Miami, yes it was Sonny at the mic, a classic, I also have WTVJ video of hurricane coverage, Donna, Cleo and Betsy remember them? I have the actual telecasts of the Dolphins in many games from the early 70's and SB VI, VII and VIII....we played at Continental Park, went to Kendall Presbyterian Church, fished in Snapper Creek, ate at Jimmy's Hurricane after games...ate at Shortys and watched it burn down....1968? My son is envious that he cannot live that way, but it's a different world now, he's 15.....I have many photos I'd like to share but will need some direction on how to do that.....Tom
Don Boyd24-May-2007 19:32
Tom, thanks for confirming the open-air Dadeland - that's what I remembered but didn't know if deranged brain cells were causing that memory. : ) Gray Drugs, thanks for that one too because I had forgotten the name. Rooney built a lot of buildings in Dade, contrary to stuff newcomers spout off.

To answer your question about more photos, yes, there's a ton to come yet and it will probably never end until I cross the bar so to speak. Some nice folks have sent me some stuff to add or are about to and I've got a ton of stuff in old boxes plus other sources to work on. It takes time to clean up the pics and upload them plus doing other things in life. Thanks for your memories!

Tom Poppino hide | delete 24-May-2007 18:10
Don, Dadeland opened in 1962, and yes it was all "open air" Frank J Rooney had built North Side Shopping Center on 27th Ave. where my dad was project mgr. Dadeland I got my first baseball glove at Gray Drug Store, About the only thing left from the original Dadeland design is the "D" Tower, we use to eat at Gray's eat in counter...remember the big tile Sea Horse Fountain in the center of the mall? and the other animals, the Turtle , the Lama and others...amazingly my dad started his own company in 1977 and in 1983 got the contract to remodel Dadeland and the Sea Horse was destroyed.....bad idea. There is some neat stuff on the internet about Aerjet , Rooney built this as well, for the Aerojet Company out of Clif. but it was never used ! became a ghost town, I fished there in 1963 with men that worked on the project, I was 10, The bass fishing was incredible.
When I played Little League at K Land it was 4 dollars in 1962.
I really love this site, found it today....anymore pictures ? they are fantastic !
Tom Poppino 24-May-2007 18:10
Don, Dadeland opened in 1962, and yes it was all "open air" Frank J Rooney had built North Side Shopping Center on 27th Ave. where my dad was project mgr. Dadeland I got my first baseball glove at Gray Drug Store, About the only thing left from the original Dadeland design is the "D" Tower, we use to eat at Gray's eat in counter...remember the big tile Sea Horse Fountain in the center of the mall? and the other animals, the Turtle , the Lama and others...amazingly my dad started his own company in 1977 and in 1983 got the contract to remodel Dadeland and the Sea Horse was destroyed.....bad idea. There is some neat stuff on the internet about Aerjet , Rooney built this as well, for the Aerojet Company out of Clif. but it was never used ! became a ghost town, I fished there in 1963 with men that worked on the project, I was 10, The bass fishing was incredible.
When I played Little League at K Land it was 4 dollars in 1962.
I really love this site, found it today....anymore pictures ? they are fantastic !
Don Boyd24-May-2007 15:26
Tom, do you remember if Dadeland was open air when it first opened? Since your dad was involved in the construction of it perhaps you remember. Thanks for your memories of good times down here. Don
Tom Poppino 24-May-2007 15:20
We lived in Miami from 1954 - 86, now in NC. Played little league at K Land under Wayne Blanton, they also had the Dade County Youth Fair every year which was great ! My dad was the Project Mamanger for Frank J Rooney when they built Dadeland Shopping Center then he was moved to the Project called Aero Jet down below Homesead which is a very mysterious site now.....remeber the 1962 Cuban Missle Crisis well, we lived right off Kendall Dr near Baptist Hospitol, went to Killian HS then Florida Christian HS for last 2 yrs. Went to all the great games in the Orange Bowl, 1966 Miami beat USC 10 to 7, 1967 Miami lost to Notre Dame 24 - 22, went to every Orange Bowl game 1962 - 1985, I went to Univ of Miami 1972 - 77....fished everywhere especailly everglades Turner River, Tamaiami Trail, Alligator Alley, Andytown, ate at Shortys and Flinns...collected baseball cards and had a 1964 Schwinn Stingray bike copper color, went to Kenwood Elem. and Glades Jr High....what a great life !
pierdaawg 21-May-2007 09:51
Anybody here that used to go to the Ale House Matinees; free beer from 5 - 7pm first Sunday of every month. We used to stockpile beers behind the piano so we would have some when they cut off the free beer at 7. One Sunday we drank 23 kegs in two hours. A lot of people wore bathing suits sine it was customary to pour a beer on somebody's head as a form of greeting. I still have some of the tickets that Mom Dunkleberger gave you after they checked your ID at the door.
Guest 18-May-2007 19:49
the Place Pigalle was called the place pig alley by the locales. Tempest Storm also performed there, back in it's day it was a classy place, then went down later was reborn as Club Nu in the early 80's.
guest 18-May-2007 18:26
Hi, I used to work in Miami back in the early 70's as a nanny for a doctor's family. Grew up in New England but absolutely loved Miami. Wish I had stayed. But does anyone remember a club by the name of Evil People, or its DJ Mark Twain? Also, I used to date Ronnie Grant from WQAM, anyone remember him?
Guest 18-May-2007 18:00
Does anybody remember the Place Pigalle on 22nd street and Collins Ave? Pearl Williams, Pauly Dash and Lee Sohn were the headliners. Pauly Dash appeared in many local commericals in South Florida including an RC Cola shoot at the long defunct Pioneer City in Davie,Florida.
Guest 17-May-2007 13:47
Anyone remember partying at hidden lake in Kendall back in the 80's/early 90's? It was east of Tamiami Airport+137th, a dirt road ran along its northern edge (now paved I think it's sw 128 st). Lots of bonfires and keg parties. Fair amount of street drag racing on the surrounding dead end side streets. Now the lake's been about half filled in, and is surrounded by a Publix anchored center, homes, and wharehouses.
Don Boyd14-May-2007 02:26
Martha, you are correct. I keep forgetting to add the Miami Beach location but will do so now. Don
Guest 13-May-2007 21:38
There also was a Playboy Cub on Miami Beach at 5445 collins av in the Playboy Hotel,the club was in the basement and closed sometime in the late 70's
Butch 11-May-2007 16:34
Who is the felow rat that wrote in about Snowden's? Does anyone remember the "Roadrunner Inn" down south in the Redlands? I still have a T-shirt from that old bar. What about walking everywhere before we were old enough to even drive scooters. And on and on and on etc. Thank you Don Boyd!
Don Boyd11-May-2007 14:05
fla_lady: the aerial photo of Kelly's, later Billy's, is displayed on the other page. That was in the southwest corner that you mention. Don
Guest 11-May-2007 13:07
Does anyone remember the name of the drive-in restaurant at the southwest corner of 79th Street and the intracoastal waterway? It was a great hangout place after any event.
Guest 11-May-2007 03:16
Some other Kendall/Westchester tidbits, this from a counter waitress at Denny's....I was born in 1976 so I wasn't there, and if there exists any oversights, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

The Chuckwagon was moved to that larger lot which it sits on now along with Sunset Feed somewhere in the mid 70' used to be in the TJ Maxx strip mall (7260 sw 117 ave) along with a package liquor store/bar called THE STEER...apparently the shopping mall magnets wanted more money and they bailed? The Chuckwagon has always floated my boat, but apparently it was sold in the early 80's and the lady then opened up another short-lived diner type restaurant around 112 st and 137 ave (circa 1988)

Further out on 107 ave and Sunset (where the Underwear House is now...across from Buning the Florist) was KEG WEST...which either preceded or co-existed with Keg South....

Before the days of the Turnpike there was a footbridge that spanned the width of the snapper creek canal on (at the time) theo. miller dr..before it connected horse country with westchester...

She kept rattling on about Old Man Dockins/Dockett? and his property south of sunset rd where the floity toity gated community just west of the turnpike is.

Also mentioned the "boxball court" that was on the west side of 97 ave between miller and sw 48 st (blue rd I guess?)

I might have mentioned this before, but the IHOP on the sw corner of 127 and kendall was a Lum's up until about 1983 and I'm wondering if anyone knows the name of the old bagel place at the Kendall Mall on 107 ave (not New York New York, another joint that sat on this offshoot walkway that went behind...where Bally's would be now...the space was later occupied by Baskin Robbins (mid 80's))

These memories are tearing me to there any feasible possibility as far as re-visiting them is concerned or do you just have to join the enormous line of escapees making tracks into Ocala or Melbourne.. I was near Rocky Mount, NC...and they had a Sonic with the old-timey set up....but instead you would speak your order into the portable speakerbox and the wait for the attendant to come out with your order.....while sifting through these memories I'm always inclined to fire up my ITunes and play all the obscure oldies and southern rock songs I have saved up.

Thanks for putting up those pics!!
Guest 11-May-2007 01:03
Thanks for the memories for this Palmetto class of '65 Ridge Rat! I love this site and will return often! Some of my favorite places: Dixie Drive In, Hot Shoppes, Shorty's, South Beach, Crandon Park, Matheson Hammock -- and how many remember the spot off Old Cutler Road behind Snowden's Bar where everyone went to neck down by the bay! I can still hear the breeze blowing though the trees.....

Someone needs to compile all these pictures and memories into a book.
Wilson Wright 11-May-2007 00:03
To Fl Webb Girl...Sure we remember Edison Center and Edison Hi...Especially the night we beat Miami Hi the first time in football. And the Saturday boat races at Pelican Harbor...and didn't WIOD have an antenna tower near there? and Kelly's Drive Inn or the Coconuts at 62nd and the Boulevard...or Mad Man Muntz TV on the Boulevard near 55th Terrace ( $99 a set...He really wanted to give 'em away but Mrs. Muntz wouldn't let him) ...Or Johnny & Mack by the R.R. Track that would paint your car for $19.95...or the Patio Resturant at 77th and the Boulevard owned by Willy Grefe's mom and dad...or having a Herald route and collecting 40 cents from each customer each Saturday ? And who went to Morningside Elementary at 69th St & 5th Ave...
fWWebb Girl 09-May-2007 20:58
It's great to read everyone's comments but am I the only one who grew up in Edison Center and graduated from Edison High? I saw 163rd St. shopping center being built. I remember Pick'n Chick'n on Biscayne Blvd. One of the radio stations broadcast from there on the weekend and it was the place to be seen. Mike Gordon's parking lot on the 79th street causeway was the place to make out. Or the little bit of land known locally as Pecker's Point. Larry's was the place to get a milk shake or a sandwich on 79th street in Little River. You had a choice of the Rosetta theater, the Little River or the Boulevard (which later became the Pink Pussycat). Great memories and a great time in my life. I grew up in Miami and still live in Broward County.
Loren Rapport 09-May-2007 13:38
Talk about old time establishments...what about Jack's hamberger and hot dog trailer underneath the South Beach Pier. He was also one of the first to rent surfboards (logs) in the 60's.
Butch 08-May-2007 13:10
I went to Palmetto High school and our football team beat Miami High for the state championship in 1964 or 1965. As far as I know, if my memory serves me correctly, it was the only time a high school football game result was the headline of the Miami Hearald, Herald?. Any comments?
Guest 05-May-2007 01:37
Dottie..where was Toby's and Paley's Big Wheel? Was the Varsity Inn & Ale House that old college park place across from bakery center on sunset rd? I remember the bus terminal..isn't that where they put those "luxury apts" and Ruth's Chris? Opposite Books & Books. Then the court used to be on 2801 Salzedo St where the police station is and they moved that to its current location in 1993-94. The newstand in South Miami was alive and well until the mid 90's...where was Trader John's? I know the current one on Hollywood Blvd. I remember when (at least for my father) working around the Miller dead-end situation grew to become an eventual bitch around 1987-88..when the lane widenings began and traffic escalated. Some horse country residents were still fighting city hall come hell or high-water once the road was pushed through....we found that rather funny...
Guest 05-May-2007 01:15
Man, oh man..if only they re-initiated that mug-sliding deal over at Shorty's...I'd be waiting in eager anticipation to see the first spill over someone's new suit and the argument and possible threat of a lawsuit that might have times changed! Which gets me to thinking...a lot of these old-timey establishments that still exist down here have a much different vibe and dynamic going on.....though they are by and large Shorty's and Arbetter's and so forth they probably nowhere resemble the joints they once were or signified prior to the mid 80's or so...not that I'm from the 50's-70's but I am clued into this when I go to places in ft lauderdale like Douglas' sandwiches and I can order a sausage sandwich with sweet peppers and grilled onions and not get met with some dirty-assed "I'm doing you a favor" look. It's a world of difference. The only old-world Miami place I can really count on is The Chuckwagon for my breakfast where the same lady fills my cup and knows I'm gonna get THE WHEEL. Most places that lack that caliber of service I'm inclined to just leave a quarter or better yet a slug. And why is it at other places like Dunkin Donuts where the (mostly) barely competent skeleton crew make hourly wages you're expected to leave a tip because this container is placed front and center so you can't miss it. Oh, and you can't miss the begging stares from the cashiers. I could kill for a Waffle House around me. I just remembered Carmine's deli by my a carniceria.
Craig M 27-Apr-2007 16:44
I did not see this mentioned, but I probably just missed it.

Anyone else remember Sunday Funnies with Wayne Chandler and Toby the Robot?

I won a bicycle on The Skipper Chuck show. I was there with a group for my cousin's birthday and was chosen to play "The Opposite Game." I won that so I got to go back to the studio for "Superstakes." I won that, so I got a bike.

I'm not even going to get into the things done in the back seat of my car at what is now Black Point Marina. That place was nothing but secluded woods in the late 70's/very early 80's.
Don Boyd26-Apr-2007 11:54
Dottie (and others): thanks for posting all those great memories of great places. Wow, you really came up with a bunch that others haven't mentioned yet. Don
Dottie 26-Apr-2007 03:03
WOW -- This site has certainly jogged my memories -- Thanks to whomever started the ball rolling. My mind has been whirling since this was forwarded to me and I have listed some of my favorite "blasts from the past" here. Some could possibly be repetitous. I graduated in '65 - born in '47. Lived in the SW section of Miami, close to Coconut Grove. My elementary school was Silver Bluff, Junior High - Shenandoah and Gables for High School. Favorite TV shows were l0's Bandstand, The Dungeon (MT Graves), Ozzie & Harriett -FINALLY saw Rick Nelson (my idol) in l984 here in Charlotte, N.C. -- took my scrapbook and he signed it and gave me a kiss I'll never forget. Also "Winky Dink" at a VERY young age. Also - Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Restaurants I frequented were: TOBY's cafeteria, Paley's Big Wheel, l9th Hole Bar on Red Road, Chippy's on Miracle Mile, Flynn's Dixie Ribs, Scrumptious Lush Italian restaurant at FIVE POINTS where I tasted the BEST TO DATE- garlic rolls, Oyster House on Alhambra Circle close to Phone Company, Ole Hickory House on Coral Way, Shorty's where the waitstaff "slid" mugs and pitchers of beer down the long tables (still have fantasies about eating there), Hamburger Circus in the Gables, PUB, Luau, Peppermint Ice Cream at Howard Johnson's next to Bus Terminal in Gables, Sandpiper-Key Biscayne, and Mancene's (sp) -- Rock n' Roll Bands I recall - Shaggs, Montels, Birdwatchers and hot spots where they performed - Knights of Columbus Hall - Dinner Key; The Barn (not sure of location); Trader John's, Varsity Inn & Ale House on US 1 (Could be one bar); Par-Tee Lounge; One South Bar on US 1; Mother's Lounge and The Place - Pizza Restaurant on US 1 close to UOFM where I tasted my lst shrimp pizza; Don's Den - across from Gables High where we hung out before class; Royal Castle and the "table" jukeboxes; Cotton Candy on the roof of Burdines at Christmas time; Hurricane Harbor and Castaways; Colognes I gave as gifts to whomever I was going steady with at the time - Canoe and Zizanie; Clothing stores where I tried to keep up with my classmates - Judi Leslie, Stagg Shop and 5-7-9; Miracle Theater, Coral Theater and Gables, Lowe's Riviera and Tropicaire Drive-Inn; Viscaya; The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables Country Club; Palmetto Country Club; Monkey Jungle, Parrot Jungle, Youth Fair, The Flick. Lived in an apt. on Alhambra Plaza in 65-66. Rock'in with parties. Whew -- that's about it -- Amazing how much fun we can have reminiscing the past. 60 IS THE NEW 80!!! :)
stuart 25-Apr-2007 10:40
Also, The Royal castle at ponce and University dr in Coral Gables was a hang out in the 60's before and after the dances on friday nights at The CoralGables War Memorial Youth Center...And Arbetters Hot Dogs And Frankies Pizza are still thriving on Bird Rd
stuart pascul 25-Apr-2007 10:32
Somwhere on this site someone mentions corkys on miracle mile in coral gables.Correction: It was Chippys bakery and diner we used to got there sunday mornings for bagels and lox and friday nights after bowling at the collesium lanes on douglas rd and sw 16 st which was a huge former opera house prior,the landmark collesium building has been replaced twice and now stands a publix market and condos.The collesium also contained a dance hall called The Stage where I once saw Steppenwolf make a surprise appearance.Funny because it was nothing more than a teen dance hall. Also the owners of Chippys on the Mile were the owners of a great NY style deli called " Gold Star" that was next to the Grand Union Supermarket on SW 8 ST and 62 AVE in West Miami....Stuart Pascul native since '57
Aldo 25-Apr-2007 07:47
Also, does anyone remember Central Stadium (I think high school football games were played there) ... next to the ball fields and the Coral Gables police shooting range.
Aldo 25-Apr-2007 07:45
Does anyone have a picture of the gooney golf that was on the Trail between 79th and 82nd avenue? Or the pine trees that lined the trail west of the Palmetto Xway?
RCL 24-Apr-2007 19:08
I also remember Miller being two lane road, and didn't it have a canal along side it that was filled in? Long ago MIller and I believe Sunset ended in dirt roads and tomato and strawbery farms, correct me if I'm wrong. I also remember Arbetters hot dogs. The guy who made the hot dogs would roll the bun down his shoulder across his back and onto a plate. Kinda cool trick I guess, but do you really want to eat that hot dog?
RCL 24-Apr-2007 18:55
Hi, I used to live in South Miami, went to Ludlam Elementary, was a bus boy at Sweden House and a cook at the Howard Johnson's on South Dixie in the Gables around 1970-72. If you remember seeing a couple idiots riding a canoe through snapper creek canal all the way to Biscayne Bay it was me and a few friends. I remember touring Holsum Bakery in elementary school about 1965, and the Christmas display they had that you could see from South Dixie Highway. Lots of wonderful memories of Miami, it was beautiful then. Lums (hot dogs steamed in beer?), at Dadeland and the Formosa at around 57 ave and Dixie were my favorite restaraunts along with the New England Oyster House in the Gables. I used to buy comic books at Joes News stand on Sunset Drive. Greatly enjoy this site and reading all the memories you all share.
JRodriguez 24-Apr-2007 17:21
I'm probably a bit younger than some of the people here...but I remember the early 80s pretty well as a kid growing up on Miller & SW 82nd Avenue. I remember Miller being one lane each way and ending at SW 117th Avenue. If you wanted to go west head north to Bird Road or south To Sunset Drive.
My great-uncle use to take me every Sunday to the old McDonald's on Bird Road & SW 83rd Avenue. It was the old style...later replaced by the boring one on Bird Road in front of Tropical Park.
Other good memories...forcing my mom to buy me toy cars at the old Sentry Drugs on Miller & SW 94th Avenue and across the street at the Krest 5 & 10 (now Walgreen's). They were smart...the Matchbox display case was right next to the cash register.
And...who can forget pizza at Frankie's or hot dogs at Arbetter's. Thank God they're still around.
More...skating at Tropicare. Movies at the old theater behind where La Carreta is on Bird Road & SW 87th Avenue or at the old theater where Ross is now on Coral Way & SW 87th Avenue.
My all time favorites...Lionel Play World next to the Coral Way theater and the Zayre's across the street. Cuban food at Lila's.
JW 23-Apr-2007 23:19
Dadeland had a Food Fair Supermarket when it opened. And wat about the Flick Coffe House near UM. A hot spot for music in the 1960s and 70s?
Craig M 23-Apr-2007 22:41
By the way, those of us who live East of U.S. 1 call West Kendall something else. We call it East Naples. It takes so long to drive to West Kendall that if we were to make the drive for the same amount of time without traffic, we'd be in Naples.

The only reason I can think of to live in West Kendall is insanity. I simply refuse to drive out there for any reason.
Craig M 23-Apr-2007 22:39
I have lived in Miami since 1972. Dadeland Mall was an open air mall at that time. I am not sure when they put a roof on the place.

There used to be a Chicken Unlimited in Kings Bay Shopping Center (SW 144 St and U.S. 1) at the end of the shopping center where Canton is now.

Speaking of trees... I used to ride my bicycle in the woods. There was nothing but trees between SW 80th Avenue and SW 78th Avenue and SW 164 Street and SW 161 Street... that area is now Southwood Junior High... or Middle School.. whatever they call it. I was at Southwood the year it opened. Riding bikes on that land was sure a lot more fun than learning Spanish at Southwood.

I remember a place called Zipps. Also in Kings Bay Shopping Center. It was a make it yourself ice cream sundae place. Speaking of which... How about Farrel's in Westland Mall? They had an ice cream dish called the Pig Trough. If you could finish it, you got it free and they took your picture and made a huge display of you in front of everyone.
Don Boyd23-Apr-2007 20:11
I vaguely remember Dadeland as open-air at first (unless my mind is going). I think the Hollywood Mall on Hollywood Boulevard west of I-95 was the first enclosed air-conditioned mall in South Florida. I could be wrong but that's my recollection. Don
Guest 23-Apr-2007 04:28
I don't remember an open-aired Dadeland..later on when there were windows on top I used to stare up at them. Did they have a kiddie place at Barefoot Mailman. Which store at Dadeland had a tot lot? Then they had a lady at Burdine's at Debbie that used to cut my hair. Also, Zipp Toys and Zipp Sporting Goods in South Miami, A LIKELY STORY, and Beverly Hills Cafe was on sw 152 st and 137 ave or 122 ave I don't recall. Also, the Kendale Lakes Country Club (now Micosukee) had a swimming hole which had MORE TREES then what you would see now, they recently razed down lots of trees and you can see the high-rise condo from KENDALE LAKES DR/sw 68 st. IT ABSOLUTELY PISSES ME OFF HOW MUCH WEST KENDALL HAS CHANGED. Prior to the mid to late 80's it was an all-American type neighborhood. And where was the nearest KFC before the one at Kendale Lakes mall opened? Also I remember the Mobil gas station on 127 ave was alive and well in the late 70's but it was manned by an attendant. They had a Big & Tall in the mall on 127 and sw 88 st where the Kendall Bookshelf (a bookstore I love going to) is now. Also the Sizzler was there before it became a Latino's Cuban cafe and before that i believe it was Grandma's Receipts....and Kelly's was on 107 and Kendall. On 99 ct and Kendall was a chicken unlimited, but that's recent history. I also remember when the Hammocks mall first opened was like THE COUNTRY . You could see the farm fields all the way down from the vantage point of sw 104 st..and I was amazed they'd built that far in 1987-88. Then I remember when they stuck a KFC, Subs Grill, and two cheesy looking mini-strip malls in front of the old Kendale Lakes mall how amazed I was. One day, peace and quiet..the next..bass booming assholes and fartbox exhaust pipes
Guest 23-Apr-2007 03:39
I don't remember an open-aired Dadeland..later on when there were windows on top I used to stare up at them. Did they have a kiddie place at Barefoot Mailman. Which store at Dadeland had a tot lot? Then they had a lady at Burdine's at Debbie that used to cut my hair. Also, Zipp Toys and Zipp Sporting Goods in South Miami, A LIKELY STORY, and Beverly Hills Cafe was on sw 152 st and 137 ave or 122 ave I don't recall. Also, the Kendale Lakes Country Club (now Micosukee) had a swimming hole which had MORE TREES then what you would see now, they recently razed down lots of trees and you can see the high-rise condo from KENDALE LAKES DR/sw 68 st. IT ABSOLUTELY PISSES ME OFF HOW MUCH WEST KENDALL HAS CHANGED. Prior to the mid to late 80's it was an all-American type neighborhood. And where was the nearest KFC before the one at Kendale Lakes mall opened? Also I remember the Mobil gas station on 127 ave was alive and well in the late 70's but it was manned by an attendant. They had a Big & Tall in the mall on 127 and sw 88 st where the Kendall Bookshelf (a bookstore I love going to) is now. Also the Sizzler was there before it became a Latino's Cuban cafe and before that i believe it was Grandma's Receipts....and Kelly's was on 107 and Kendall. On 99 ct and Kendall was a chicken unlimited, but that's recent history. I also remember when the Hammocks mall first opened was like THE COUNTRY . You could see the farm fields all the way down from the vantage point of sw 104 st..and I was amazed they'd built that far in 1987-88. Then I remember when they stuck a KFC, Subs Grill, and two cheesy looking mini-strip malls in front of the old Kendale Lakes mall how amazed I was. One day, peace and quiet..the next..bass booming assholes and fartbox exhaust pipes
Guest 23-Apr-2007 03:30
Thanks Craig..yes!! I should have known, the signage is still there...but there are all model homes there instead of countryside..the only countryside you can see in Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay is on 72 ave around sw 95 st where the cow pen is...I am amazed that is still there...both are still great areas with good people but I would have loved to see its original manifestation. Old Dixie Hwy was alive and well, now the abomination known as "THE BUSWAY". I am a bit prejudiced towards the new Kendall people, my first memories of Kendall were all American. In 1987-88 it all changed. I'd say when the Taco Viva/Baskin Robbins on Kendall Dr closed down that was the end..actually the liquor store at the Kendale Lakes mall's closing might have signified the end of the paradise that used to be my neighborhood. i mean, come's absolutely horrible now (though I will admit that El Dorado Blvd is kickass!!)
Maurica 22-Apr-2007 22:03
Just remembered the huge strawberry fields at SW 107 & Kendall. And all of the U-Pick fields where you could pick corn, green beans, strawberries, tomatoes and several other things. Boy, are they long gone.
Guest 22-Apr-2007 21:15
Love this site!! Boy, does this bring back memories. I was born in Miami in 1939 and lived there until Feb. 2005.

I read through all of this and hopefully I didn't miss it..............but does anyone remember there were stables and horse shows where Baptist Hospital on Kendall Drive is now?

Also, does anyone rembember dances at the Bandshell in Bayfont Park? And they were FREE.

Wonderful job.
Craig M 21-Apr-2007 22:32
Regarding "The opening of Dadeland Mall with a grocery store (Grand Union?) on the north side west of Burdines" -

Does anyone remember when Dadeland was an open air mall? If it was raining, you'd get wet walking from store to store.

Cozzoli's at Dadeland was one of the best pizzas in Miami. Any of the Cozzoli's pizza places would do, but Dadeland happened to be the most convenient for me.

I can remember U.S. 1 when it was 2 lanes in each direction, and the railroad tracks were parallel to it on the west side instead of that abortion of a Busway.

My first job was at a place called Top of the Cone. I scooped ice cream. I was about 13 years old and rode my bike to the store. It was at U.S. 1 and Coral Reef drive where Office Depot is now. That job lasted for a few months.

Anyone remember Submarine King? S.W. 168 Street and U.S. 1. The made a 6 foot sub for parties. That place used to be packed on weekends with boaters waiting to grab their food for a day out on the water. I got a job there while in high school. I worked there for about a year until I decided that making subs was not going to be my life career.

There was also a shopping center on U.S. 1 at about SW 170 Street. There is a car lot there now. I don't know why I am posting so much. I should just save my material for one post.

This site is a blast.
Craig M 21-Apr-2007 21:49
Linda -

When did you teach at Palmetto? I graduated there in 1981.
Craig M 21-Apr-2007 21:48
Angelo -

Kuhn Road is still in existence. It is actually right next to SW 80 Avenue at about SW 160th Street. I used to live there. I think Kuhn Road is 79th Avenue (or really close to it) off of SW 160th Street.

I came up with a few more places that I remember. Where Calico Corners is now on U.S. 1 and SW 168th Street between the north and southbound side of U.S. 1 there used to be a place called Thurman's Two Way. It was a truck stop kind of diner. Greasy food with friendly people. Open 24/7/365. We used to go there at all hours to eat.

Almost across the street from Thurman's was a place called Ranch House. Over the years it changed to several other names including Flamingo's.

Thinking back to the 70's and 80's always brings back memories of good times.
linda rovin cooper 21-Apr-2007 13:19
Anyone remember a steakhouse called Leonard's La Pena restaurant way out Bird Road? They had an
organist playing music and delicious stuffed potatoes...used to go with my parents. What about Dean's
Waffle Shop on Coral Way and SW 32 Ave...; Ruth Foreman's Studio M theatre on Bird Rd in the Gables..
i was in several plays there while teaching at Palmetto High.
What a great site...thanks to all who have brought these great memories to these pages.
linda rovin cooper 21-Apr-2007 13:18
Anyone remember a steakhouse called Leonard's La Pena restaurant way out Bird Road? They had an
organist playing music and delicious stuffed potatoes...used to go with my parents. What about Dean's
Waffle Shop on Coral Way and SW 32 Ave...; Ruth Foreman's Studio M theatre on Bird Rd in the Gables..
i was in several plays there while teaching at Palmetto High.
What a great site...thanks to all who have brought these great memories to these pages.
Guest 21-Apr-2007 03:24
Hey got me scouring through the old photos on planning and zoning's 152 and s dixie/ what was once old dixie with old clapboard farmhouses and fertilizer sheds dotted the road...I would have loved to see it....
Guest 21-Apr-2007 03:09
I remember Beefsteak Charlie's....was around until the mid 80's..but Flinn's Dixie Ribs..that seemed like one funky spot. Hey BTW..Kuhn Rd...that was sw 92 ave where Deering Hospital/Baptist South is now?
Craig M 20-Apr-2007 20:44
I remember a few things that I did not see listed. I thought I would share.

At S.W. 132nd Street and U.S. 1 in Miami there was a bowling alley called Bowl-O-Mat. There was a Pitman Photo there for many years after that, and now it is a Walgreens. Directly across the street is a Tire Kingdom. Before Tire Kingdom was a place called Beefsteak Charlies.

Also, at S.W. 136th Street and U.S. 1 there is now a Samurai and a shopping center next to that. That location used to be the Kendall Roller Skating Rink. Across the street from that was Colonial Palms Golf Course. There was a miniature golf course there as well, and I am remembering there being a large orange dinosaur. At that location there is now a shopping center and homes (Colonial Palms Shopping Center and Tuscany Villas and Estates).

Also, not too much South of there, at about S.W. 146th Street and U.S. 1 there is a Publix. That used to be the Dixie Drive In Theater.

At S.W. 152 Street (Coral Reef Drive) and U.S. 1 where the 7-11 is now, used to be a BBQ place called Flinn's Dixie Ribs. This used to be a favorite spot for the police pilots who would land their helicopters in the field out back to eat there.

If you lived in the area, the after school hangouts were also at Coral Reef Drive and U.S. 1. There was a roast beef place called The Carvery.

Also, does any remember Bogey's Barn? For a long time it was a racquetball club and golf course. There was also a restaurant there which changed hands several times. The best Mexican food in Miami was there for a while. Mexico Lindo, owned and operated by a friend of mine who has since died, was the best place for Mexican food. Mexico Lindo was in Coral Gables before that on Giralda and moved quite a bit, including locations on Aragon in The Gables, Main Street in Miami Lakes, and Biscayne Boulevard in downtown.

Sorry, I am getting carried away. Nostalgia tends to do that to me.

Anyone want to grab a taco? Tacos Ole was popular until being taken over by Taco Viva.

I am trying to find someone else who remembers a place on U.S. 1 called Pizza Garden. It was, if memory serves me, at about S.W. 107th Street near where Kendall Toyota is now.

Lums was at Kendall and U.S. 1 and served hot dogs steamed in beer. Across the street was Black Angus at S.W. 104th Street and U.S. 1.

I could go on, but I don't want to bore anyone any longer than this.
Guest 19-Apr-2007 00:18
Rose..I remember those Christmases....didn't they swathe the tower with reefs and lights and whatnot?
Barry Reed 18-Apr-2007 20:34
Now you got me thinking. What fond memories.
Has anyone mentioned Venetian Pool. I practically lived there in the summer.
Does anyone remember the "caves" out on Miller Rd near what is now the Palmetto Pkwy? They were right next to one of the rockpits.
What about the Greater Miami Boys Drum and Bugle Corps "The Miami Vanguards" at Moore Park - or the Miami Crusaders Drum Corps at Curtis Park?
How about TV and Radio personalities; Alec Gibson, Jim Dooley (and his fishing trips for kids), Ralph Renick with the News on channel 4, M.T. Graves, Uncle Dan (UHF 51)
barry Reed 18-Apr-2007 19:58
How about WINZ with Bob Greene, who later married Anita Bryant. WVCG for those of us who lived in the Gables.
Remember SHORTY'S RIBS on South Dixie Hwy? I also remember going downtown with my Grandmother in the 50's and going to RICHARD'S dept store. There we no windows in the building.
I remember the clouds and stars on the ceiling of the Olympia Theatre.
Great memories of Miami.
Guest 18-Apr-2007 17:51
Painted Horse near the Ivan Tors studio -all you can eat for .79 when have you had Apple brown betty last? Watson's, Broadway Joe's (Namath's nasty sloopy Joe joint) on US 1 in Perrine, The Black Angus near Jefferson's Dept Store on 163rd. Cloverleaf mini-golf with the Bob Griese bunny rabbit and Csonka gorilla. Count Warlock on channel 23, Georgia Boy's fried chicken, Big Joe the alligator at Spike's Groves in Dania, My Pi pizza, the Yumbrella by the U of M.
Jeff Greene 17-Apr-2007 18:41
How many of you walked up and down Miracle Mile every saturday? There was a Jahns on the Mile that had great sundays. They also had the "Kitchen Sink" which was enough ice cream for about 10 people. I went to Miami High and graduated in 1964. Don't get back much but still have family in the area.
B. Rose Bogan 17-Apr-2007 02:57
Wow, what a blast from the past. I remember Dadeland during its early days: The Forum Cafeteria and throwing pennies into the fountain while waiting in line, Barefoot Mailman, the juice bar/fruit stand with all that fresh orange juice and of course the gorgeous horse at the "then" center of the mall. Christmas in Dadeland was always special and Burdines always went all out. I grew up in the Coral Park area so I remember with fond memories Mr Donuts (the best), Arbetters Hot Dogs, Neisners 5 and dime, Anthony's Pizza and Cozzoli's Pizza. Coral Way and 87th Avenue was where it all happened. Yes, Coral Way was a two road with a canal and, if I'm not mistaken, there was a bridge just west of SW 102 Avenue. There were strawberry patches and horses all around. Behind my house were black angus cows and horses. They occassionally wound run through everyone's backyards.
Joe 16-Apr-2007 20:06
My Grandfather owned "Jay's Sundries" from the 1950's until 1971.
1240 NE 125 St Accross from William Jennings Bryant Elementry.
Had a penny candy counter, Burgers, fries, Ice cream floats etc..
Guest 13-Apr-2007 03:17

Sunset Dr and 93 ave as it appeared in the late 60's...which resembled killian dr (sw 112 st) in the east kendall/sw 97 ave-sw 87 ave area a great deal....
Bob L 31-Mar-2007 09:52
Brings back wonderful memories. I was born in 1949 at Jackson Memorial and have lived here in Miami all my life. I lived my first 6 years on S.W. 26th St. and S.W. 34th ave. In 1957 my family moved to a new housing development called Westwood Lakes at S.W. 107th ave and Bird Road (S.W. 40th St.) where I spent the next 35 years. Bird Bowl and the skating rink next store were my favorite hangouts. Anyone remenber Crown Lanes Bowling (Bird & 117 ave) where the hospital is now? It was almost twice the size of Bird Bowl. How about Pizza Patio (Bird & 95th Ave) drivein resturant ? They had the best meatball sandwiches and and onion rings in Miami. I miss the girls on skates curb service. Tragically it was torn down and replaced by a a Wendy's (Now closed down). Bird Road had Royal Castles at S.W. 107 ave (next to the A&P Grocery Store) and at S.W. 87th Ave. next the Army & Navy Store (Now a bank). How about Henry's drivein resturant (Later became Pizza Palace) on the southwest corner of Bird & and S.W. 87th ave next to Kwik-Chek? They had the best burgers. Or the Plantation Pit Bar-B-Q next to Linsey Lumber? Hot Shoppes drivein at Bird & U.S. 1 was the hangout for the bad boys and their street racing cars. The Tropic-aire Drive-in was the place to take your best girl to see the movies. (Yeh!). Carvel was at Bird just west of S.W. 97th ave accross from Olympia Hights Elem. My parents would shop at Grand Union & W.T. Grants & we would sometimes dine at Tylers resturant at Concord shopping center. In high school I would work part time at Burger Castle after school at Bird & S.W. 107 ave. Remember the A&W drivein (Later Became El Molino?) at Bird & 110th ? I'll stop here for now in case I'm boring you. Thanks for all the wonderful memories. Bob

P.S. Dori, the drivein resturant on 32nd ave south of Coral Way was Called the Big Wheel and had a large wagon wheel as a sign.
Don Boyd30-Mar-2007 03:45
Theresa, it sounds like Moore Park on 36th and 7th Avenue. It was a very popular baseball field back in the 50's and 60's. There's a fire station and tower there on the corner as I recall. Don
Theresa 29-Mar-2007 12:33
Hello I'm looking for a ball park my da played at somewhere around 1955 near or on nw 36th st.He wants he ashes to be spred out there.Thanks for the memories.Theresa
Guest 17-Mar-2007 10:07
My photography page
The older ones were taken with a Pentax that my father used to snap shots with in NY....later ones were with a Canon RebelG. Photographing people from different ethnical backgrounds down here has allowed me to become more desensitized towards the disparity of cultural norms this city smacks in the face of.
Guest 16-Mar-2007 06:54
Wow..Ives Dairy was really the sticks back then
between 11th and 12th...think this is that ranch that still stands...
Guest 16-Mar-2007 05:54
Take 2
"Isle of Dreams" broadcasting towers on Kennedy Cswy (79 st) c. 1953
Lindsley Lumber near nw 27 ave and 183 st Carol City Yard
Royal Castle on 79 st...bad picture quality..there is still one up the road from original site I believe
Lum's on 79 st..near Northside shopping center....hope that's the location where the pic was taken?
I AM TOTALLY AMAZED...Ives Dairy Rd looked COMPLETELY DIFFERENT in 1970. The I-95 looks to be a grade level crossing? You can also see the old dairy adjacent and to the southeast (which nowadays would be somewhere across the current I-95). This is the warehouse area just before the flyover ramp on Ives Dairy...that plaza with the 7-11 still stands.
Don Boyd16-Mar-2007 04:39
Bill, I think it was a Grand Union. Anyone else remember?
Chris, keep up the great work - I'm loving all the old photos. Also, your link to the Golden Glades Interchange is the same as the Phillips 66 station - can you provide a good link? Thanks! Don
Guest 16-Mar-2007 00:11
Wasn't the Food Fair where that Publix is now....I think it was also an Xtra supermarket in the late 80's..another one was at the Concord Shopping Plaza.
I think this may be NE Miami Gardens Dr (186 st) and ne 25 ave....on the north side...probably adjacent to Ojus Elem
A trip down NE 167 st (n/k/a NMB Blvd) Jan 1958
Phillips 66 station on the S.E corner of NW 167 st (Golden Glades Pkwy) and NW 38 ave
Golden Glades Interchange/ NW 7 Ave c. 1954. It looks like the part of 167 st that is shown is the beginning of NMB Blvd.....where Pkwy Regional is. Strange enough, NE 159 st, just to the south of it (which I use to bypass traffic) looks exactly it Biscayne Gardens.
bill 15-Mar-2007 16:06
I think it was a Food Fair grocery store in Dadeland.
Don Boyd15-Mar-2007 06:14
Chris, I'm enjoying the heck out of seeing these old pics on the links. Don't ever worry about sending too many. Thanks, Don
Guest 15-Mar-2007 02:11
Burger King/Food Fair on nw 27 ave and 79 st.
Burger King on S Dixie Hwy just below 184 st/Eureka..I LOVE THE OLD SIGN (c. 1965)
Jahn's on 17292 Collins Ave..Sunny Isles...
Guest 15-Mar-2007 00:14
Sorry..I am wrong with the Sunset Dr description....if anyone can clarify on the location of the landmarks it'd be appreciated...hope I'm not posting too much...but I'd love to hear about some other places that might have been overlooked in this discussion forum.
Guest 15-Mar-2007 00:05
I hope you have as much fun looking at these as much as I had finding them!!

The Sherman's Produce stand on Milam Dairy and nw 6/7 st....this is theoretically where the flyover ramp would be now?
Milam Dairy Rd south of Sherman's Produce....the houses across the way are part of the nw blvd/dr neighborhood and the grassy field is now occupied by lower income apts/condos...a nightmare to drive down these days
Dressels Dairy (west side of 72 ave around theoretical nw 36 st)
Looking S.W. across Milam Dairy from where the Radisson would stand now (2nd picture down) and then looking N.W. from that same vantage point (picture 7...I don't see Sherman's Produce)
Celebrity Golf Range (nw 36-41 st and Milam Dairy on the west side..notice there's a grassy divider and the road doesn't look as rough)
Sunset Dr in 1969..."Leo's Spotlighter" stood at theoretical sw 100 ave on the south side, where private homes are now (some still were at the time, but the road was only 2 lanes). Shell/Phillips 66 were on opposite sides of 97 ave..and the U-Totem was behind Shell on 97 ave. Shell is now a Mobil station...there is also a stretch of Sunset on the north side with a white picket fence in back which is where Barbie's Landscaping and before that the fruit stand was.

Guest 14-Mar-2007 23:08
Here's 29th ave and nw 183 st....before the subdivisions crept in
Dirt roads on sw 74 ave rd/34 st rd and 74 ave and 30 st...what is called "the waterways" community
The "820 bar" at 820 S Lejeune Rd (c. 1963)
Another view of S Lejeune, from the perspective of sw 9 terr going east. My great aunt lived on sw 7 terr west of lejeune
Another perspective (1961) can barely make out anthony chef sai's looks like my kind of place

Guest 14-Mar-2007 07:22
Don, you are quite heart skipped a beat when I found these....your stories add so many layers of credibility to Hialeah's not-so-distant yet seemingly light-years away history....I will try to find some more pictures when I can. On the West Miami pictures...from what I can garner Grand Union, the bake shop, and the deli were just east of 62 ave on the south side of the Trail and the Gent Drugs was one block over...sw 60 ave? Rayfield's looks like it was housed in the same building that Enrique Munoz Studios (60th and 8 st..north side) is in now....And Paint Fair/KFC/and (fill in name of unknown burger joint here) must have been on the ne corner of 62 and 8 st. I LOVE THE VINTAGE COLONEL SANDERS and the bucket logo. I hate how the whole fast food bit has gone from a youthfully exuberant novelty to a necessary ingredient.
Don Boyd14-Mar-2007 03:05
Great stuff Chris! Thanks very much for your comments and the links. I'll swipe those images and post them one of these days. Keep sending if you can. Don
Guest 13-Mar-2007 08:07
The "paint chip testing sight" mentioned below...I found it on Dade County planning and zoning site some time ago...

it was on Coral Way and theo. 93/94 ave where the library is now. Coral Way, according to people I have spoken to, used to have a canal running alongside of it, and in certain stretches in the middle, splitting the road. Same with Miller.
Guest 13-Mar-2007 06:33
Incidentally, I am Chris Tytell, a guest, in the Hialeah posts. I would love to hear from everyone...though I am a plumb generation younger.
Guest 13-Mar-2007 06:31
Ok, sorry, mostly (West) Kendall related fare...Wag's, Andy's Sir Dolphin both of which were originally in the strip mall where the Ale House and (gag reflex) Pollo Tropical is now. Anson's fish market overlooking the Snapper Creek on Sunset opposite Buning the Florist...the proprietor, Jay, opened up his own fish house in that same strip mall but, as always the fate suffered with seafood places in Kendall, went out of business shortly it is some ridiculously overpriced "coffee house". The Kendale Lakes mall and the sheet music store, Sentry Drugs, Stride Rite, Mr Deli-Tizer, and Luria's. Before it became the megaplex of chain stores that it is now, it was a mall with a paved walkway and mom and pop shops with annoyingly sappy elevator music playing through the speakers. The development opposite Kendale Lakes was called "Sherlock Homes" and sported a kitschy mural of the detective I believe..and Kendale Lakes had a mural itself but I do not remember..winding red lines. Kelly's seafood formerly inhabited the space where the infamous Latino's (where you can see lines at 7 am in the morning) is now. There was also a great burger joint on the southwest corner of Kendall and 127 (Flanigan's, Home Depot) called Rudy's. That strip mall was built in 1985, and I remember as a 9-year old how unusually developed my town was becoming. Town & Country was the straw that bent the camel's back. Also, I remember there having been a nursery on Killian Dr/112 st and the 92 ave area. It is now a fenced in tree grove of some sort. Sw 120 st, on the south perimeter of the Tamiami Airport in West Kendall, was at one time a dirt road and I would ride my bike down Lindgren and set up shop for awhile over there to watch the planes take off. Further down you could see "the three lakes" that eventually became the backdrop for the gated-community development that sported the same name. Hurricane Andrew changed everything. Prior to that, Country Walk lived up to its name.

More pictures..

Kendall Dr, looking west from 107 ave, as it appeared in 1965, the others I believe are where the strip mall where the Publix/Wolf Camera/ New York New York deli is now

Kendale Lakes (142 and Kendall Dr) when the El Conquistador condos were being built

S.E. corner of Bird and 107 ave as it appeared in 1957

Ali Smith mendez 06-Mar-2007 08:35
What about going to Greynolds park in North Miami Beach and getting high and seeing bands for free that had played that weekend at Pirates World or the Miami Beach Convention Center...At the "Love In" or going to the Grove Peacock Park and the Krishnas feeding you their food.???? now i eat at Barton
Guest 06-Mar-2007 04:58
What about the Forum Cafeteria in Dadeland, The Sweden House on US1. Richards Department Store, The Treasury, Gold Triangle, Captain Video.
Ron H 05-Mar-2007 20:05
I was born in 1960 and lived just behind Tropical Elementary School. Moved away for a couple years and came back to Cutler Ridge in 1964, finally settling on 43rd street and 106th ave where I grew up. My favorite memories include Bird Bowl and the skating rink next door. Swimming in those canals all around the neighborhood back when they were clean. I even swam the length of both Westwood Lakes just for kicks one day. Oh gosh, what about Arbetter Hot Dogs, They still there?
Laura 04-Mar-2007 23:56
I was born at Doctor's Hospital and grew up in South Miami. I remember the smell of bread baking from Holsom's Bakery on Red Road, so sad to see it's a movie theatre now.

Other things, Shortys on Dixie Highway, and Flynn's Dixie Ribs further south. I remember thinking the traffic jams on Dixie Highway were bad... back in the late 70's!
Royal Castle had the best burgers.
I'd forgotten about the Barefoot Mailman in the Dadeland Mall, thanks for the reminder!
Mom shopped at Food Fair, before it became Kwik Check and WInn Dixie.

I remember going out on Kendall Drive to pick cuccmbers and I most remember being able to jog at night, before the boatlift happened and the crime rate soared.

Miami was such a good place to grow up in the 1970s. Thanks for these memories, Don!
HrryHarr 04-Mar-2007 23:51
Black Ceasar's Forge in south Dade with rosin potatoes.

The Olympia when it had a stage show before the movie and they played the old pipe organ
SUSIE HANDY-ROUNTREE 03-Mar-2007 20:54
SUSIE HANDY-ROUNTREE 03-Mar-2007 20:48
SUSIE HANDY-ROUNTREE 03-Mar-2007 20:45
John Solt 02-Mar-2007 03:44
John Solt,
Grew up in Perrine SW 164th ST. I remember sneaking into the old Kendall Blimp Base and catching Barn owls. Also it was always a treat when dad would take us down to Shorty's BBQ south of Cutler RIdge.
Richard 28-Feb-2007 12:59
There was also a Playboy Club on Miami Beach and no one mentioned Perrine where US 1 was covered like a tunnel with Banyan trees and the road went under water every time there was a hard rain.
Walter 24-Feb-2007 22:25
What memories. I worked for the Food Fair Chain and also the original 163rd st shopping center. Does anyone remember the nightclub north of 49th st on Lejune road on west side. Each time I read you article I think of other oldies. What about the wall separating Bunch Park from 27th avenue.
Don Boyd22-Feb-2007 08:02
Thank you Janet, Wayne and Diane (and others who have contributed) - I appreciate your additions. Don
Janet A Kliven 22-Feb-2007 07:56
I moved North of Miami in a city called Opa Locka in 1946. I am sure people from there would also remember Joe and Als on 27th Ave, a drive in that had great chocolate milk shakes and french fries, that we would head to after the Opa Locka Skating Rink closed on Fri and Sat. I remember the foot long hotdogs with the toasted buns that were flat on each side at the Howard Johnson's at Sunny Isles Beach. Also remember many dates at the Golden Glades Drivein theather. We would stop at Royal Castle and get a dozen burgers and some Birch Beer and take it with us. I remember all the dairys out past NW 183rd street and 27th Ave. We also were able to go to the swimming pool at the Opa Locka Naval Station before the base was reactivated for the Marines in the middle 50's.
Wayne Douglas Tarrant 21-Feb-2007 20:44
I was born in Miami in l935. 72 yrs young at this writing.
Born at Jackson Hospital.
Growing up at the age of 5 yrs old, all streets beyond 36 street and 10th ave. were just dirt roads.
The orginal Burger King was a malt shop that served hamburgers on powdered buns.
"South Beach" was the public beach at the Jetties.
People fished from the bridges at night, in the Bay area to suppliment their meals.
There was actually large fish and shrimp in Biscayne Bay.
Lums was a "hole in the wall" on Miami beach... before becoming a chain.
Downtown: Sear's store had an elevator that should be in the Smithsonian Museum.
"Sloppy Joe's Chili Dogs" was a staple for many years.
Diane 21-Feb-2007 13:09
WOW! I started a list and, as I read yours, I kept checking them off! But to add a few, Policemans Park in Allapatta, Tropical Drive thru on Bird Road, and the Famous Restaurant on 5th Street on Miami Beach. I am sure I could name many more, being born and raised here, but I am speechless for now! Thanks, Diane Preuss (Cliff Gibson's girlfriend).
Don Boyd21-Feb-2007 03:53
Janelle, I'm glad you liked it and I thank you for writing. There will be more added over time. Don
Janelle Kurtz 20-Feb-2007 22:30

I finally found someone who remembers "Dade County" the same way & Places I do!
Thanks for the memories! I had the best times of my life here in Hialeah! I still live in the same house I was born in but it will never be like the old days!
Thanks again, What a journey you took me on!
Don Boyd20-Feb-2007 07:29
Thank you very much for writing Ma m. You've provided some great old memories and we appreciate it. Tobacco Road is still there on Miami Avenue just south of the river and it's still packed at certain times. I've had lunch and dinner there a few times - the food is very good. The area south of it is booming with new construction everywhere wiping out old homes and apartment houses. Thanks again. Don
Ma 20-Feb-2007 04:50
I got my first taste of Miami Beach in 1943. I enlisted in the Army Air Corps Aviation Cadet Program and was sent there from where I was temporarly living in Washington, D.C. After the war, (WWII) I returned to D.C. and moved into the Maryland suburbs until I got enough sense to move to Miami in 1963. I'm al lot older than most of you, 85, and so I started off my Miami life at the same time that some of you were born there. There was a small traffic island formed by a 3 street intersection at US 1, Bird Road and a 3rd street that I have forgotten the name of, but it was large enough to accommodate a Sunoco Gas station. I lived 1 block from it. Between 1963 and 1995 gas at that station sold of 19 cents a gallon. You had the ability to reset the pump to whatever octane level you wanted. Levels above 87 would cost a penny or two more per gallon. Has anybody mentioned the late night jazz joint called Tobacco Road that was upstairs in a rundown area of mid downtown Miami. All of the big time entertainers used to drop in there after their scheduled performances at the expensive named Miami Beach hotel shows. They homed in there to entertain each other, but everyone was welcomed. Only the jazz buffs knew about it. There was also a private members only after hours jaxx club in an upscale cafeteria on Dixie Highway and 104th street. There was also a Zares store there that had benn a Jefferson Store before it was taken over. The Johnina hotel on Collins Ave. and 63rd street had a wild saxophone player that kept the joint jumping till 4 AM. He was a painter, (artist) during the rest of his time. He used to wear wild outfits that his mother made for him.
guest 19-Feb-2007 18:41
Grand Union
Rea's Toys
Parenti's Pizza
Guest 05-Feb-2007 03:10
...other places in Miami that are no longer there:
U Totem (like a 7/11)
Swedish House
Howard Johnson
White Castle
The place along Bird Rd and 93rd Ave, that had lots and lots of paint chips facing the sun, for testing
Rascal House
Westward Ho
Ranch House
Rodney Pub (Miami Beach)
The Floridian Basketball Team
Pantry Pride and Food Fair
J B Hunter
Heaven (first dancing club with seating couches)
The Place

Guest 04-Feb-2007 21:25
Remember "Honey for the Bears"? or Monk's Inn (waiters dressed like monks).
The Mutiny? Ensign Bitters? Cats? Regine's? Suzanne's?
Pastorita? Woolco? Casanovas? Evil People? a store called Richards? Sambos?
Me 04-Feb-2007 00:55
Oh ya. Dumb and stupid cause we used to sit out by the South Beach pier
on surfboards waiting for a 4 footer while people were catching small sharks
(3-4 ft) from the pier. I'm lucky to have all my toes and feet.
Anybody there from Hialeah Sr High 1970?
Randy Again 04-Feb-2007 00:38
I'll always remember those Royal Castle Hamburgers. We used to rent surfboards
for $5.00 for all day just accross from the South Beach pier. At the end of the day
we would ride the bus home. The bus would transfer at Burdines or Jordan-Marsh somewhere downtown and we would grab a bag full of those RC hanburgers. They were small. About 3" x 3" and after surfing all day you could usually eat about 6-8 easy. 15 cents each. LUMs was much, much better!
Randy 04-Feb-2007 00:03
I grew up in Hialeah. Graduated from Hialeah High in 1970.
There used to be a Lums and Royal Castle just north of Red Road on
49th Steet and a Big Daddys further up. My dad flew for Eastern and I
can still remember flying RC model aiplanes at Masters Field in the area
between Miami Dade JC and Mittens dump. We used to go dove hunting
out there with 410's.
Violet 03-Feb-2007 18:30
Don't forget Shirley's (hang out place across Miami Senior High); Tobys Cafeteria, Pizza Palace, GC Murphy and Neisner downtown, ...and in the summers, you could go the movies if you had 6 Royal Crown cola caps : Those were THE TIMES!!
guest 02-Feb-2007 00:48
Frankie's Pizza was owned by the Pasquarella family. Roxanne, she of the "Ms. Tall Florida" contest-I think she won in the '80's, owned the beauty salon next door. Mark (nephew of Frankie) is now the head chef at Tony's Italian Restaruant in Homestead.
Don Boyd13-Jan-2007 04:27
Thanks for writing. I remember the Royal Castle at that location very well because it was one of the last ones to stay in operation, along with the one at NW 27th Avenue and the Palmetto (NW 167th Street). Unfortunately I don't think I took any photos of them. Was the Miami Drive-In Theatre on NW 7th Avenue somewhere in North Miami or are my memories screwed up?
Don Boyd08-Jan-2007 22:44
Hi Bob: The Wilcox Field name is in honor of Congressman Mark Wilcox who was a strong proponent of air service and he apparently accomplished securing substantial federal appropriations for airports in Dade County while he was in office. I have never read of an airfield by that name anywhere near MIA. The first airport in the area was Pan American Field, which is now the north third or so of the existing MIA. Don
Bob Sullivan 07-Jan-2007 05:11
Don, Miami Internationl Airport has a sign up high on the East side of the main building that says "Wilcox Field". I was born in Miami Beach in 1940 and lived there until 1993. I was told that Wilcox operated a grass strip airfield in the '20's on the site that became MIA. Do you know if this is true? Great site. Rekindled many long forgotten memories! Thanks.
Dori 01-Jan-2007 07:43
I grew up in Miami just east of the Gables and your wonderful article gave me lots of warm fuzzies. Remember Jahn's and Cookies on Miracle Mile. Remember Jackson Byrons on Miracle Mile. The Studio Restaurant had the best Caesar's salad that they made for you at your table. Remember going to the Playboy Club for New Year's Eve. Remember Charlie Murdock especially since his mother worked at Silver Bluff Elementary School. Charlie Murdock and Rick Shaw were much loved even then. Remember the Burger King on Coral Way just west of 27 Avenue. Remember People's Grocery store on 27 Avenue just south of 24 Terrace. Remember there was a drive in restaurant on 32 Avenue south of Coral Way where the waitresses skated to the car just like at Hot Shoppes on South Dixie near Bird Road. Remember the roller skating rink at Crandon Park. And lastly remember the submarine races on Perimeter Road next to MIA. Thank you for all the WONDERFUL memories.
Guest 22-Nov-2006 20:53
I grew up un Miami on sw 10th street close to what is known as Calle Ocho today. I spent the first 22 years of my life from January till May in beautiful Miami.What memories! Tyler's restaurant, I used to be an avid movie goer in the dowtown area!, The Florida, Miami, Olympia now Gussman hall, the Tower & Trail thetres both on 8th street!.Coral Gables and it's Miracle Mile! The start of Burger King! Anyone remember the old Painted Horse Cafeteria Style all you could eat food emporium on 8th street, later called the Dalah Horse? Another one of the big Zayre style stores in South Miami called Masters? South Dixie Highway?Parrot Jungle used to be there before it's move ?? Good Work! Tom Fermanian
Craig 21-Nov-2006 22:10
Good Stuff- what about Tiger Radio 560 giving away the match books with numbers on each, match and I forgot what they gave, but I ran across a couple
Laurie 21-Nov-2006 12:23
Great memories..Here are a few additional of mine. Red Diamond the Italian restaurant on 42nd ave,We spent many a special occasion there! The Stage at the back of the Coliseum. They had ice skating on teflon..lots of live bands too! I remember a small amusement park off 22nd ave across the Miami River, Polar Place and lets not forget Big Daddys and the 747 lounge.
Thanks again
Evelyn Gauzens 15-Nov-2006 22:46
This was a wonderful trip back to my mid-life (born in Miami 1929). Let's see the newspaper was the Miami Daily News...the dairy was the White Belt Dairy...ALL hotels on Miami Beach closed in summer, began to stay open when folks trooped down to see the wonderful spots that Arthur Godfrey and Jackie Gleason made famous by their TV shows. Hialeah was populated heavily when all the servicemen, who had the luck of training in Miami & Miami Beach, returned to settle here. Oh what a wonderful journey it has been for me and thanks to you for putting it all down.
Evelyn Gauzens (nee Phelps)
Guest 15-Nov-2006 03:30
Johnny & Mack by the railroad track, the world's finest and that's a fact
My mom had her car painted there, my brother had his car repaired there.

The Lindsey Lumber and Renuart Lumber stores My brother and I bought lumber there to build a go cart...that we both almost died on driving around Surfside.

The Jahn's Ice Cream Parlors - Took lot's of dates there.

The Pirates World amusement park up in Dania - fun as hell. Great concerts there...Leon Russell for one... a great but really dangerous ride called the "Steeple Chase" horses racing around a track (mechanical horses). Lot's of people got hurt on that one!

The Barn in North Bay Village with Wayne Cochran It was really Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders! A kick ass band! Hershel Pearl and Bernie Yuman (both Miami natives) managed them for years..may be 10 - 15 years!
Guest 24-Oct-2006 19:33
Lets not forget Wolfie's (NMB & the original 21st St), Pumperniks, Marcellas's and GiGi's restaurants. Scotty's snack stand north of Haulover. 79th St. beach had an outdoor snack bar that had a cement patio for dancing to QAM music all day Saturday and Sunday. Concerts at Pirates World. The first indoor twin theatre at 163rd St shopping center and of course the Golden Glades twin drive-in theatre. Greynolds park was a great hippie hang out too.
Brett 23-Oct-2006 12:03
Remember Rozzelle's Rendevous? A small group of sailboats, organized by Pete Rozzelle, from the Coconut Grove Sailing Club, that would chase each other down Biscayne Bay to meet at Elliot Key Marina for a weekend of fun after the summer hurricane season was over. Now known as the Columbus Day Regatta.
Native Miamian 21-Oct-2006 18:20
Remember when everyone listened to AM radio. We used to listen to WFUN whose studio was in South Miami. And the Skipper Chuck show...I remember being on the show with my cousins. Ooh, one more...Arbetter's Hot Dogs on Bird Road and the pizza shop that the Pasqarellas ran with the square pizza...
Jeanne 21-Oct-2006 18:05
I remember Tyler's restaurant, in the Concord Shopping Center near Westwood Lakes. We used to fight for the slices of their banana bread in the bread basket. I remember when Tropical Park was a horse track. When it closed down we used to sneak in and walk on the track, it was made of thick rubber. I also recall riding our bikes down to Matheson Hammock and spending the day there fishing. Thanks for the memories...Jeanne
Guest 06-Sep-2006 16:54
I am so amazed by this. I was searching for info on Tyler's Restaurant and found your site. I have lived in Dade/Broward all my life and I had forgotten most of the "highlights" you mentioned. Oh for the good ole days.