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Stu | all galleries >> Daily Bowl of Stu >> June 2005 > Dia de Camões, de Portugal e das Comunidades Lusófonas
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Óbidos Stu

Dia de Camões, de Portugal e das Comunidades Lusófonas

10 June 2005

This is one of my favourite SPs - I'm in the bar! Once again I am putting up a photo that I took while I was in Portugal. I'm still photo'd out, and lacking any real inspiration after my wonderful time over there. I am slowly but surely going through all the images I captured, and uploading some of them to my Lisbon Story gallery (but note, not all the photos were taken in Lisbon, just in case the title offends - as it seemed to with one anonymous Portuguese 'guest' who left a foul-mouthed message (since deleted) on one of the images. Perhaps s/he didn't think I can read Portuguese. So now you know that I know that Marinha Grande is not in Lisbon). Ignoramuses aside, the Portuguese are, in general, extremely warm and welcoming people. I have spent most of the past 12 years of my life either living in Portugal or travelling to and from there, and I have only ever come across a handful of what the Americans might refer to as 'jerks', but which we in the UK prefer to call 'w*****s'. Enough of this wandering, and back to the story - not that there is one, mind you. I have spent most of the past few days in the house watching Euronews (which I have in Portuguese in order to keep my ears attuned to the language while I'm not over there) and reading the Portuguese newspapers. Why? I hear you not asking. I'll tell you. I like Euronews because it gives the news from a European perspective, and more often than not covers stories that are ignored by most other agencies. I read Portuguese newspapers because I have to keep up with what's going on over there, and events in Portugal very rarely make the news in the UK. By reading the Portuguese papers, I know that temperatures have risen to over 40ºC (104ºF for our non-metric friends) and that forest fires have broken out in the Alentejo, just south of Beja. The authorities are afraid that this year could be even worse than 2003, when half the country was in flames, and the smoke could be seen from space. I also discovered that a German company want to build the world's largest solar power-station, generating 116 Megawatts, near Beja. This would be a welcome development, since this part of Portugal is amongst the hottest and driest in Europe. It is also one of the poorest parts of Europe, where there is a great deal of unemployment and few prospects, resulting in depopulation. Sorry, I didn't mean to bore you! Hey, on an altogether different note, I got the date for my MRI scan - 30 June at 9am. Also, tomorrow is my birthday, when I will be celebrating my 21st for the 22nd time! I am hoping that Linda and Liam might buy me an 18-300mm lens with a macro capability. Fingers crossed!

Last year Liam was running with a foam arrow

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type01-Jul-2005 09:23
Wonderful shot, Stewart. It's just all so perfect, nothing to distract from the authenticity of the scene.
Guest 12-Jun-2005 00:14
A step back in history this one!
Ian Clowes11-Jun-2005 20:53
Great SP!
Pepe Zyman11-Jun-2005 04:37
Very nice composition and tones.
Elaine (etfitz)11-Jun-2005 02:06
Happy Birthday! Wonderful image!
Susanne11-Jun-2005 00:58
I too join the others and wish you a very happy birthday. I love your SP!!! So you are in the bar huh?
Karen Leaf11-Jun-2005 00:48
I do like your treatment on this Stu.
Happy pre-birthday. Maybe it's your birthday already so I hope your wishes have been realized.
laine8210-Jun-2005 22:18
Well firstly as I wont be around tomorrow, Happy Birthday & I hope you get your birthday wish.
I guess 6 months to some seems a fair time to wait for an MRI...I find it appalling. Too bad if it's life or death huh !!
Doesn't matter what day you took this shot. It's still as nice.
David Clunas10-Jun-2005 21:06
Happy Birthday, they have had plenty of time to get you something good! May your wishes come true!
John Finlayson10-Jun-2005 19:40
Have a great birthday, alwas nice to get new toys !
Gail Davison10-Jun-2005 19:09
ahahha I like the story. have a great 21st !!!
Gayle P. Clement10-Jun-2005 16:03
I really like the light and the slight softness of this. A very happy birthday to you!
Coleen Perilloux Landry10-Jun-2005 15:43
Interesting photo here. I like the auto. Have a very nice birthday and I hope you get your wishes. Good to know you're finally scheduled for the MRI.
Robin Reid10-Jun-2005 14:57
Great idea ... a SP from inside a bar that no one can see.
I like the scene Stu.
markvm10-Jun-2005 14:31
Nicely done! I love your shots of landscapes because they let me see how nice the older type settings are. A person would be hard pressed to find such a nice place like this here in the US.
nomadicdragon10-Jun-2005 12:37
Nice shot. Love the light and perspective.
Guest 10-Jun-2005 11:51
Such a good b&w! I really like the perspective on this.
Chris Sofopoulos10-Jun-2005 11:13
Nice b&w and great classic renault!! Bravo.
Zak10-Jun-2005 11:02
nice shot!
I like the old Renault 4 there!