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Na Lua Stu

Sticking to the Moon

16 February 2005

Nothing much to report today, since I haven't been able to get up to too much. Two things achieved: I washed the breakfast dishes, then, with the help of my downstairs neighbour, I managed to get some of the washing hung out to dry. Apart from that I have spent the day lying on my back, doped to the eyes on the pills that the doctor has given me, trying to concentrate on reading and, having given that up as a non-starter, watching a couple of episodes of Band of Brothers. Many of you will be pleased to know that I ran into a couple of blutakbeasts this afternoon. They had recently been watching the film Apollo 13, and it reminded them of their own space programme back in the 1960s. Apparently their first successful Moon landing took place on 1 July 1969, which means that they just beat the Americans to it by a couple of weeks. Their own space missions were apparently so hush-hush that they were willing to allow NASA to take all the plaudits. They explained that they were in a bit of a sticky situation at the time, and that they were desperate to obtain new poster material since they were sick and tired of holding up the millions of Che, Jimi Hendrix, CND, Richard Nixon, and French existentialist slogan posters. Their leader at the time, President Stig E. Bakplastique, decided that what was needed was an image of the planet Earth from about 250,000 miles away. Tireless and indefatigable efforts (excuse the tautology - I did it for effect) were made in a no-expense spared push to glue old Fairy Liquid bottles and pipecleaners together to make a spacecraft capable of taking the brave Stickonauts on their historic journey. At first I thought that they were pulling my leg, but then they showed me the photograph of Nieds Stuckon, the first blutakbeast on the Moon, actually on the Moon. And as we all know, the camera doesn't lie. Does it.

FujiFilm FinePix S7000Z
1/5s f/5.0 at 7.8mm iso200 full exif

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Argishti Khachik24-Feb-2005 20:44
Karen Leaf19-Feb-2005 02:00
I'm thinking your whole problem lies in this photo Stu.. Wasn't the BIG scare when man, dog, monkey etc came back from OUTER SPACE that they would bring back contaminants on the clothes, fur and even the air they breathed. I think maybe they were right, and you're sucking down some really good air.....
Guest 18-Feb-2005 22:08
Excellent composition Stu.
Carmen18-Feb-2005 21:00
The camera never lies. Of course not. Don't know if the medication's working on the main problem, but I'm enjoying the side-effects... History is written by the victors. When you're just a few inches high and made of sticky stuff, it's easy to get stepped on.
Ian Clowes17-Feb-2005 22:09
Great to see them back, I was worried. Do you know te one who held up that tennis player poster... you kow the one!!! Just I'd like to thank him for his support back in my college days :)
Guest 17-Feb-2005 15:52
Whatever drugs you are on, I want some!!
Zak17-Feb-2005 11:18
Stu17-Feb-2005 09:37
Dominic! You surprise me. I didn't take you for a consipracy theorist!
Dominic Kite17-Feb-2005 08:52
Stu, that's superb, and I love the tripod, I mean space vehicle in the background!
Susanne17-Feb-2005 06:01
I really like that idea. How neat. You have a great imagination.
Elaine (etfitz)17-Feb-2005 02:59
So funny! Great lighting!
petesie17-Feb-2005 02:26
If I hurt my back laughing you will feel bad won't you? You are so creative, even without those pills...but with them....oh my goodness.
Guest 17-Feb-2005 01:54
send me some of those pills..Fairy Liquid bottles..Hendrix??? however, I do like this image..
Coleen Perilloux Landry17-Feb-2005 00:35
Me thinks you should write a book while you're on that stuff. Could be a best seller--of the Harry Potter style.
Guest 17-Feb-2005 00:22
Stickonaut 1 to 2 "Oh look... Dundee's coming 'round again".
Gilles Navet17-Feb-2005 00:20
Glory and honor for you, Stu
Two tribut in the same week !!!!
A star is born
laine8216-Feb-2005 23:38
Well, Mr N has just set me into a fit of laughter...Keep working Stu, you don't want to lose touch with reality..LOL !
Guest 16-Feb-2005 23:32
I thought it was a mummy until I read your caption!
Guest 16-Feb-2005 23:29
Been thinking about "your style" - for sure a king of high contrast B&W!
northstar3716-Feb-2005 23:03
Lying on your back all day doped up on pills, you're turning back into a student! I saw one of these beasts working behind the cheese counter at Safeways this morning.
Herb 16-Feb-2005 22:56
It's about time, somebody came out with the truth the photo proves it.
You must be taking some powerful stuff or do you smoke some of it...LOL