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Wayne N.
This has totally caught me off gaurd.
Jack was an incredibly giving and supportive person who affected many people in a very positive way. I'm going to miss him... we're all going to miss him.

Unds Convalava
How depressing. Jackeroo was always there with positive comments and supportive posts. He will be missed. Thanks for letting us know.

Jack loved this forum as much as he did taking pictures with his cameras.
He talked to me alot about this place and the enjoyment and knowledge it gave him.
He admired many of you.
Jack taught me alot about my camera and photo taking. Yes, he was a very kind hearted person.

Artshot Sue
I can't believe it. I can hardly type my condolences. Jack was truly one of the kindest individuals I have ever known. The world is diminished by his absence.
Kae, thank you for letting us know. Please tell his family he reached out to people all over the world and made them feel better about themselves. He touched so many lives. He was a truly giving and loving human being.

Jack will be dearly missed, please pass my sincere condolences on to his family....i'm speechless.

rusty gunn
I know that I and others on this forum will miss a great talent. Jack has helped me a lot with my bird photos and I will miss that. It is a great loss to this forum. Sadly missed.

I to am saddened and shocked by his passing. He was always positive and helpful. Please pass along my condolences to his family.

With tears in my eyes, I tell you this. Recently, I was writing out a very long set of instructions for some post procesing Jack and me were discussing. My wife asked me why I was writing out such a long thing and I told her That it wasn't for just anyone, it was for Jack, I said to her. "We're mates".
I told her and Jack both that it was the first time I ever got to say 'we're mates' to anyone. We all had a good laugh out of it and he told me to tell her "G'day mate". She greatly enjoyed that.
I miss him already. What a sad day.
To Jack, G'day mate!

Don Spencer
oh no..... this is awful news, what a loss, my deepest condolences to his family and friends.... he will be missed

Henry Falkner
While I never got close, I do like the stuff that he has done.
If it is suitable, pass on my regards to his family.

Kim R
Will be missed. I have only known him a short while but he became a special mate. He brought out the best in many of us with his kind words, advice and sense of humor.
My deepest condolences to his family and friends

I'm totally devastated by this news and at a total loss for words.
He will be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

I am just stunned right now. Jack was my friend though we'd only known each other through this forum and many e-mails. I had hoped someday to shake his hand in person but now that will have to wait until Heaven.
I cannot say enough about what a sincere, caring, and good man whose company I enjoyed. I will miss his friendship.
Please accept my deepest sympathy and pass my condolences along to his family.
"Jackeroo" will be sorely missed by all that knew and loved him.

Jack was a pretty special sort of guy. I always looked forward to having him post a reply to one of my threads. He was generous with his praise and knowledge. I, for one, and this column will miss him very much. Please let his family know that we all thought the world of him and offer our deepest condolences.

Stan Powers
Please let his 'other' family and friends know that we send our prayers and condolences...
We will all miss Jackeroo's Light!
With a heavy heart,

Goodbye Jack...
Thank you, Kae, for letting us know, we at least, won't just wonder where Jack is through lack of posts. I have only been on here a short time, but got the feeling that Jack was one of the best kinds of people, and the general level of mateship and goodwill on the OLY forum is testament to the quality of souls gathered here together. Even though this is an impersonal electronic medium, all of you have a way of making it personal in a good way. Jack will be missed, and I am sad that I didn't get the time to know him like the rest of you did. My condolances to everybody here, and his family and friends.

I felt like Jack was a person who I really liked and respected for his opinion and sense of humor. He is one of a kind and will be missed.
Sail on Jack.
Drummer wrote this with tears in his eyes.

Theresa K
This makes me extremely sad. I will miss his wit and his wisdom, giving us many a chuckle with his limericks and helping smooth out conflict when it erupted around here.
Here is one he wrote about me, modified for him:

Well now there's a Forum Club in Heaven I see,
I wonder if its open to the likes of me.
Jackeroo's being hailed as president elect
I wonder which members he might select
To patrol the Forum with wide awake eyes
Lookin' for stuff from wise-ass guys
That drop in to see us and create some fuss
But it's really good fun if they just don't cuss.
But all’s well that ends well and Jackeroo is Tops
Though we know his Postings and Threads have stopped,
We know from above he'll watch us and exclaim
By jove, mate, 'you've nailed it', and smile just the same.

My greatest condolences to his family. He was a true asset around here and he will be greatly missed.

This is very, very sad news I and I think everybody else enjoyed reading his posts, and he will be greatly missed.

Sorry to hear of Jakeroos passing. I enjoyed his posts and his wit and saw plenty of encoragement from himm to many. Kae my thoughts are for you and all his friends and family and thank you for taking the time to let us know as I'm sure it was difficult.
Rest in Peace Jackeroo.

This is such a shock. I'm flooded with thoughts, emotions, and grief.
Please tell Jack's wife and other family and friends that there a LOT of people around the world that loved him in a special way . . . even though we only hoped to be able meet him in person one day!
I'm proud to be one of those that got to share a little piece of Jack . . .
God bless you, Jack. We'll miss you.

I am deeply saddened and devastated by this news. Jack was undoubtedly one of if not the most jovial, helpful, and encouraging members on this forum and a couple of others.
Since I first became acquainted with him, we exchanged E-mails ( both technically and personally ) on a weekly if not more basis.
News of his passing has left an irreplaceable void in my life as well as this forum. He will sincerely missed by all whose lives he touched.
I extend my deepest sympathies and condolences to you and his family in this profoundly, tragic loss.
He lives on in our thoughts and prayers.
With a saddened heart and deepest regards,

Dave S.
My sincerest condolences

Jack will be missed by all the people he knew online and off.
May He Rest In Peace. Yes indeed. I'm sorry to hear this.

Bill Huber
Jack, I will miss you so much, our daily chats on the net, your wonder pictures and you wonderful humor.
I have got to know Jack and talk to him just about every day, Jack was one of my best friends, he was getting ready for a fishing trip with some of his mate's to an island they always go to, it was planned for this week. He was really looking forward to it. We had talked about how many cards he need to take with him. He was tell me about how many fish they catch when they go out.
He was going to get an air conditioner this summer, he had help put one in Bev's house and he really liked it and was going to get one this year. We had talked about what size he should get. He was going to get a small one and us a fan to move it around the house.
Jack didn't live with is wife anymore but he still took very good care of her, he was over there just about every day to check on her and make sure things at her place were in order.
We would set and read the forum and chat back and forth about what was going on with this person and that. What we thought of someones image and how they could make it better. We would send image back and forth and help each out fix them up and make them better. This would go on for hours.
When he would have a problem with his PC I would go in and help help him get the problems fix remotely, and he just loved it, he thought that was one of the neatest things in the world, someone on the other side of the world running his computer.
My wife and I were planning on going to see him in the spring.
I will miss him so, I can't really tell you how much, he was a really good friend and I will miss him so.........
This is so hard to write..
Jack, I love you and will miss you so much, I will think about you every day take care old mate.... and I will talk to you again someday.

A great loss to this forum.
God bless, Mate....

This is soooo horrible to hear. I just don't know what to say. He was alway's soooo kind. A great sense of humor. Fun to read his post's. Just everything. Geez. This is terrible. We will all miss you soooo very much Jack. God bless you Jack. Brad.

Jack was one of those rare birds that bring both light, and warmth, into the lives they touch, and the world becomes a little colder and darker with their passing. I will miss having him around, and can only hope that there is someone to feed that menagerie of his.
My sincere condolences to Kae and Jack’s other friends, and to his family.

Jim Woodworth
Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind,
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls -
it tolls for thee.
I read Kae's post about an hour ago, but felt that enough people were responding that I didn't need to. Yet, somehow, I can't shake this feeling of sadness.
Jack and I exchanged e-mails a couple of times, that was how I found out his surname was Perkins. I enjoyed his sense of humor, and was always impressed by his demeanor. I am diminished by the loss of Jackeroo.

Darrell Spreen
You never know how priceless the photos and
thoughts you share here will be.

Very sorry to hear this news as I really enjoyed his comments and sense of humor. Condolences for his family!

Kevin G.
Well, I'm stunned and saddened. I always enjoyed Jack's posts and his contributions here.
It just ain't fair sometimes...

Leo G
For he will be missed by all of us. I've only known Jack for a short time since I've been a member of this forum. But in that short time he has become my friend. It was very hard to read all the nice things said about him knowing that he has passed on, and I shed some tears, something I do not do very often. Jack I know that you have gone to a better place and I give my thoughts to your family. You will be missed by myself and everyone who knew you here on this forum. Rest in peace Mate.

Terri French
Since I haven't been here too long, I didn't get the opportunity to know him well, but I always so much admired his positive, jovial outlook. He always was so encouraging and kind. The world was a better place because he was here. Heaven will certainly be welcoming him with open arms.

G. Gray
Jack will be missed by many.

rob kerfoot
So concolences to his family, speachless

Vernon Okamura
Aloha Jack,
The Wife and I will miss you.
We in the forum will miss your humor and photos.
Our condolences to his family and friends.

I just can't believe it, I'm just shocked!!! He just posted and shared this great link for all of us just a few days ago!! This forum's just lost a great friend......
God bless his soul and may he rest in peace. My condolence to the family.

I'm so sad.... and in shock.

was just posting some goofy stuff when I saw this. Kind of set me back. I didn't really have any direct interaction with Jackeroo, but kept seeing his posts and his excellent photogragh. You know how you just sought of form impressions of people from bit and pieces and my thoughts were nothing but the best about Jackeroo.

What else can anyone say? And yet just reading all the loving tributes written here, one can only gather them all up, embrace them, and join into the community of all of Jack's good mates who will miss him and cherish the contact they have had with him. Heaven must be a beautiful place and Jack will absolutely photograph it with all the skill and passion that he showed here on Earth.
Jack, you will indeed be sorely missed. Take care, mate.

Heidi Foster
Wow. This forum really has lost a good friend. But we were lucky to have him for the time that we did.

I am truly stunned at this news.
Thank you kbird for letting us know, Jack was a freind to many on this forum and I am proud to count myself as one them. He will truly be missed.
Please pass along my deepest sympathies to his family.

Knox / streetkid
Though I have not been here lately and have not been around to see and talk to him . . . I will NEVER forget Jack's kindness and humor. He made this place 'alive'. What a HUGE hole I will feel without him, not only here, but in my heart. He loved making all of us laugh and feel good about our photos! (he would always say . . "I'm sure your photo is good Knox, though I wouldn't know mate, it's too dark for me to see!" (to paraphrase) *smile* . . in his never ending and good natured quest to push my buttons about my dark photos
People, like Jack, who go out of their way to put a smile on your face are 'special' souls. I feel the Higher Power has special places for people like him.
A REAL larger then life character. I used to send him emails telling him how much he meant to me and how much I liked him . . . he would invite me to Australia, where "we can take pictures together and I can show you all the beauty". He would tell me to "bring Lukas!" (my dog). I always felt he was as serious as he could be . . . and would have been happy to see me (or anyone of us) walking up his drive with Lukas (in my case) and our camera gear in tow.
I can only think that my Higher Power (who I choose to call God) was sad and blue due to all the craziness going on in the world today . . . and needed one of his 'special friends' to come spend time with him . . . to cheer him up. I can't think of a better choice. My life is enriched and has been made better because I knew Jack. His love and friendship broke through the walls and distance of the internet. He always seemed as though he were right next door and would be glad to see me (or anyone of us), if we just walked next door . . . with that great big grin on his face!
I'm so terribly sad for ALL his friends and loved ones.
I embrace all of my friends here that MUST feel a terrible sense of loss in YOUR hearts, as I do.

Surely you are reading the forum from Heaven, chuckling at us all bumbling for words of fondness for you. You were such a sweetie. As Knox said, a special soul. My tears are for you, Jack. From the other side of the world, you made me laugh.
My heart aches at this news, but I know you surely are in a better place. God bless you Jackeroo. We miss you and love you.

My concolences to his family and friends

How I did enjoy his wonderful sense of humor.....his kindness...and his talent. This past April, he sent me a voice mail for my b-day....His voice was that of a kind and caring person...He helped mw with so many aspects of photography....and he truly cared...My heart-felt condolences to his family and friends

I have known Jack since 1970, and he has always attracted and inspired people. He was a man of quiet determination, brilliant wit with word and pen, and unselfish help and complete respect for everyone.
It's astounding that in the last two years he has engendered such love and respect among all your wonderful community of like-minded hobbyists.

Paul Auclair
"Jackaroo"....a role model. Jack, most definitely, will be missed.
i do not recall ANY of Jack's posts/threads being negative, spiteful or demeaning to others. therefor, i think he was a peaceful man and will indeed rest in peace.

I'll catch ya later roo-boy

Glenn D
My condolences to the forum and the family of a kind man who played a major part of this forum.

Some claim that forums such as this are nothing more than a faceless, impersonal medium, intended only for emotionless technical exchanges.
That may be true in some corners of the Internet, but at Oly Talk we know that there's more than just apertures, shutter speeds, and noise to be filtered. There's a community of people here that both seek and offer encouragement, guidance, and sometimes just a plain old laugh.
Jack was representative of the best of what makes this forum special.
My most sincere condolences to his friends and family, here and at home.

Jack will truly be missed here. He brought laughter, joy and fun to this forum, and was appreciated dearly by all of us.
May his spirit stay in this forum forever, and his memory never forgotten.
Rest in peace my friend.

I've only just recently started coming here, and unfortunatly didn't get to know him, but from what I've read here I wish I had. May he rest in Peace.
PS-Did Jackaroo have an ebay acount under the name jackaroo3l ? If so I just wanted mention to his family incase they don't know that he has some current actions running. I apologize if they aren't his but just wanted to mention it incase they are.

Phil Askey
The team here at dpreview would also like to pass on our condolences to his family and friends.

Jack will be remembered and mourned here.

In my countless hours on the Internet in chat rooms and forums over the last 10 years I often wondered about a situation as this.
I wondered about the people we meet and come close to and how would they ever know why a friend would one day just stop posting, gone without a trace, never to be heard of again.
I didn't know Jack and this is my first venture here into Olympus Talk, I followed the link from the Top Discussions on the Home page.
A loss like this often makes you feel the pain and sadness of the world.
My condolences to you all and to Jack's family and friends.

Roy F
I will always remember Jack. From my first encounter with him,
it was clear that he could not stop smiling. I always enjoyed his
critter posts, from Gemma the cat to the wallabys.

Pat Liu
Thank you Kae for letting us know this awful sad news, it is a big shock to me . we lost a dearest friend Jack, we all knew him well in this forum for his great supports, and friendliness. He will be greatly misssed by all of us for ever. My depest condulences to his family and his dear ones, and he will remember in my prayers.

It's very sad and shocking news to hear about this. Somehow the forum world normally feels so much removed from the issues of life, and everyone seems immortal. The changes are normally just each new camera model as it appears, but now one of the more colourful identities has passed on.
It's only natural that we should miss him.

Everyone here knows I am always the jester, but this news has hit me very hard.
I used to enjoy Jackeroo's replies to my silly comments, and as already been said he will be missed but not forgotten.
I know we are in different parts of the world, but we are a little closer for knowing Jackeroo.
I will be drinking a toast to him this evening, and that is a lot for me because I don't drink.
If it is possible for an address to be posted here (with family permision)
I would love to send a card.
To Jackeroo. May he rest in Piece.

I am saddened to hear of Jack's passing.
Jackeroo, thank you for sharing your love of photography with us.
Thank you for sharing all the photos of the beautiful creatures that lived in your country.
Most of all, thank you for your light-hearted attitude and your charming sense of humor.
We'll miss you.

Marvin Thomas
Thank you for your post. I think it says something more about Jack, that his friends would think to advise his online friends. No matter what time of day or night I would share a photo with the forum, Jack was often the first to post a reply with kind comments and useful advice. I will miss that very very much. I'm still in shock. My condolences to his friends and family, both here and at home.

we've lost a wonderful friend.
We've come to know and care about him and may I offer my deepest condolences to his wife, Bev........he will be greatly missed. Rest in peace my friend......

Keith H Thompson
When I encountered this post I was totally shocked. Jack will be missed by all. His knowledge will be missed by many. Jack, you will forever be missed in this forum…

JE Hilmer
All, It comes as a shock of course to hear this. Jack was a super guy, and I'll keep his family in my prayers.

Dave Zz
My first reaction was shock and dismay ~ the thought "Not fair!" popped into my head!! With a mate like Jack, the time knowing him would always seem way too short.
He loved my swamp/critter shots, and had he been able to travel, would have been right beside me at the river! He told me he loved watching Nature shows about Florida's wildlife, and so looked forward to my posts ~ especially the Gators! Here's a "piece" of an Email he sent me long ago, after I posted a gator shot titled "My Mug Shot":
Hi mate,
I opened your thread on your Mug Shot ... what a beauty !! .. terrific shot Dave, I almost cried .. LOL .. I had just come back from the Croc Hunter's (Steve Irwin) Zoo. It's only 1 1/2 hours drive for me and well worth a trip so I took my wife up for the day. Why did I almost cry ?? Cos I had absolutely NO CHANCE of getting anything like you did. LOL
You just can't beat shooting wildlife "in the wild". The pictures are much better cos you have the satisfaction of actually seeing them as they should be seen. Your series on the gators has been fabulous mate, and I got a funny feelin' they're gonna get a lot better LOL.
Then he went on to offer help on bringing out the details in the eye. He was always looking for ways to help others, and knew how to offer that help in a kind way.
He was a good friend who's glass was always half-full, a great photographer with a passion for taking pictures ~ a wonderful human being!! The responses here on the forum are a great tribute to Jack ~ I'm sure his eyes are twinkling with each post!!! Yes....he will be missed.
My condolances to his family, friends, and all that knew him.....

I just learned that one of the nicest members of this forum has passed away, and it feels like I lost a good personal friend. Which I also did.
Except from here at otf I also had private contact with him on msn.
The feelings I feel right now, proves to me that friends made on the internet, are just as real as the ones I have in the "real world". My English laguage skills comes to short as to describe how I feel, but I'm sure all of you know what I mean.
My thoughts goes to his family and friends.
I will really miss him...

I am deeply shocked and saddened to hear this news. Jack was a wonderful photographer with a great sense of humor, and was definitely an asset to this forum. He will surely be missed.
My sincere condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones.

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cathysmith13519-Nov-2014 23:21
I've been wanting some portraits taken of everyone in my family. A portrait like this would be perfect. It's so simple, yet it does an awesome job of making the person in the picture look awesome. I'll have to keep researching photographers.