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Linda A | all galleries >> Galleries >> Every Day I Write My Book - 2004 diary > 19th August 2004 - the first (probably of many) mistake in our new home....
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19th August 2004 - the first (probably of many) mistake in our new home....

We have had a crushing disappointment today - after the excitement of yesterday's conversation with the store we'd ordered our bed from proclaiming we could have the mattress today, they rang this morning to deliver a blow that only someone who has spent much of the last week sleeping on a kiddie put-you-up can appreciate......our bed hadn't arrived after all and so we were faced with at least another week on the floor, maybe longer. The place where we ordered the bed had long delivery times and our mistake was to not shop around.

I felt like crying as I came off the phone just because I ache so much from having nothing to sleep on. How I longed just to be able to sink down into a nice, soft bed with freshly laundered sheets and sleep. This feeling has been exacerbated by two nights with only five and a half hours sleep - DM, his sister, Linda, Tony and I have been up till 1.30am both nights they were here and the boys (bless 'em) have been up before 7am in the morning. In a cottage this size it's not possible to sleep on when two small boys are determined to play! Sleep depravation is a miserable experience and one I rarely suffer from.

After waving off the family for their onwards journey to their holiday, we took the dogs walking on the moor. Despite continuing storms and rain here in the UK - a road in Scotland has been washed away by a mudslide today, we have had plenty of sunshine here and we wanted to make the most of it. But our conversation was almost exclusively about how miserable we both felt about the lack of a bed.

It occurred to me that we'd have been better off shopping around because I'd remembered seeing a store in Launceston (a small but very pretty market town about ten miles north of here) advertising that they had beds in stock for immediate delivery. I mentioned this to DM because we do need to buy another bed for our spare room and we hit on a plan. Let's go and buy the 'spare room bed' from the place with immediate delivery and use it for ourselves! Eureka!

A quick trip in the car, a short discussion with a wonderfully helpful man in the store and it's being delivered tomorrow - that's just about the best news I can imagine.....I can spend my birthday night sleeping on a comfy bed and it's the first time I can say that in a while.

This photo is of the Town Hall in Launceston, where we whiled away an hour after buying the bed. It's such a pretty, unspoiled place. One of the best things about Cornwall is that the traditional town centre still exists here. There are many towns that DON'T have a Macdonalds or any of the 'designer' names that clutter up the high streets of the rest of the country, leaving most towns bereft of heart or soul. Here we have butcher's shops, bakers, greengrocers and not a Next or Gap anywhere to be seen. Hurrah for that I say.

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Steve 22-Feb-2005 23:45
Oh nothing to do with your gobsmacking photos... The think I love about Launceston is the Mad Hatters Tea Shop! great coffee and a lovely sandwich. well that and the bookshop, the Church and the Charity shops.. makes achange from Liskeard.
Guest 20-Aug-2004 21:05
happy bday
brother_mark20-Aug-2004 19:58
Happy Birthday! And I hope you have a good night's sleep or your new bed. :-)
Guest 20-Aug-2004 18:22
After reading your story for the day, my back is hurting!! You guys live in the most beautiful part of the world, I just LOVE all your pictures.
Teresa 20-Aug-2004 16:15
Oh how beautiful!
gary becker20-Aug-2004 04:09
Beautiful... I can't believe you live only 10 miles away.
virginiacoastline20-Aug-2004 02:44
Happy Birthday tomorrow =] ..and I am sure you will find a happy way to end your day tomorrow =]
jude19-Aug-2004 22:04
A faerie castle is what it looks like.. how beautiful to have a country with this kind of architecture. Glad you have that bed to sleep in now ... sweet dreams
Jude Marion19-Aug-2004 21:40
Linda, this looks like Ruppunzel's (SP) house! Very cool tower!
Just think how much you are going to appreciate that mattress when it finally does arive ... cold conmfort, I know!
Guest 19-Aug-2004 21:39
Great shot - and,as usual, good to "hear" you.
I have always left it too long to "go back" - resulting in disappointment - but hearing you tell that there are still places unsullied by "progress", I'm sore tempted.
I wish you a Happy (and comfortable) Birthday.
northstar3719-Aug-2004 20:44
That was the road to my mother and father's house that the mudslide was on! When your bed comes you'll appreciate it all the more!
Cheryl Hawkins19-Aug-2004 20:00
Hurrah for the lack of big commercial places. I live in a rural area and understand the inconvenience of not having a lot of choices for shopping, but, turning each town into a clone of each other town is horrible.

Guest: While it is indeed sad that there are other people in the world suffering, because one doesn't mention each and every instance of tragedy, doesn't mean that one doesn't care for their fellow humans. Sheeshh!
Guest 19-Aug-2004 19:53
What an interesting clock tower... lovely color in the photograph.
Your "bed" experience sounds exactly like something I would do... like something I've often done as a matter of fact. At least you can up with a great solution and now are ready for company!
Dennis Steinauer19-Aug-2004 18:54
Linda -- beautiful shot of the clock tower and sky -- and I thought this was just an exterior shot of your new "cottage". Hope you get to spend your birthday in a new bed (since we already know from some previous entry that you'll be spending it in your birthday suit). :) How old will you be -- so I can chuckle at all the socks I have that are older?
Guest 19-Aug-2004 17:36
How miserable! I'm glad your wait for a comfy night's rest is short lived, though!
Guest 19-Aug-2004 17:32
I can one up your bed story....TR and I ordered a bed for our last home (a 3rd floor walk up in an OLD Victorian building that was a hotel before condo conversion!) Anyway, upon didn't fit! The door had to be removed, and still, b/c of the litle jog on the wall, it we couldn't get it through the entrance way. We had to return it and find something else!!! It was the floor for a few more days!

Lovely sky in this picture! Glad the rain has stopped!!
Mike R19-Aug-2004 17:30
Hurrah indeed. Hope the bed arrives OK. BTW, last year I carried your birthday card around in the car for about 3 weeks before I finally remembered to hand it over - this year maybe you will get it sooner!