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18th February 2004 - Let me introduce myself...

In almost a year now, Iíve been posting my hopes and dreams as well as some of the humdrum aspects of my life here on PBASE. Iíve had many comments about the gallery where people have said Iím:

Brave for being so open
Foolhardy for letting so many personal things out into the ether
Mad for spending so much time doing this

People say that they:

Love an insight into another human beingís life
Feel voyeuristic reading my postings
Would never allow their own hopes and dreams to be shared in so public a way.

You donít have to worry about how much of me I reveal, I only tell the bits I want heard, there are many private things still in my life. Wearing my heart on my sleeve has always been a key part of me.

My parents and friends all tell me how much they love reading my thoughts Ė my sister says it goes some way to make up for seeing one-another so rarely and my Mum phoned me at 10.45pm on Friday night to try to find out why Iíd not posted that day Ė she didnít realise we were out!

What interests and excites me is that the PotD galleries that existed before mine were not diaries, just collections of photos. Since I started in March last year, others have started to reveal things about themselves too. That makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I started something that goes beyond the simple photo.

In general terms, Iím not comfortable with photos of me. Iíve always been basically shy and awkward and that has been even more apparent in front of a camera. I never have liked my photos but that feeling has grown since my youth has drifted away from me. I know youíve all seen photos of me taken by David, some Iím more happy with than others. I like the one he took in the Thai restaurant at my birthday celebration with Hugh, Colin and Sharon (because my hair is so shiny) and I like the recent one of me with Davidís 300d in the garden (because I look like a photographer).

What I really hate though is that one on Jeanneís links page. Why? Because David tried to recreate a lovely photo taken of me about 20 years ago when I was a very skinny and pretty young thing. Since then Iíve gone Ďthe way of all fleshí and to me the photo just serves as a reminder that Iíll never be young again.

In this photo I have tried to redress all of that. Iíve tried to show you me as I see me. Fiery, feisty and with a glimmer of humour. I hope I achieved what I set out to achieve and I hope you appreciate how painful it has been for me to come up with a portrait that Iím happy with. Oh and no, Iíve not messed with the colour of my hair in PS Ė itís a real Leo mane!

Ray Ė Iíve seen your pic today with a bit of this about it but I hope you believe me when I tell you this was in the process of planning all the way home from work and I only saw your pic just before I put this one into action!

It's taken me a year to pluck up the courage to do this!

POST SCRIPT: Singing 'we've got Ledley at the back!'

Canon PowerShot G3
1/125s f/8.0 at 28.8mm full exif

other sizes: small medium original auto
Dan Chusid15-Feb-2006 15:52
I think I see Ansel reflected in that eye somewhere...

Did you remove the sock monkeys?
fotabug27-Jul-2005 00:28
You made me smile. That is what counts. I love this shot.
Leo Charette16-Feb-2005 20:52
Linda reading your comments here makes me want to back through you post to learn more about you. There are so many photos that I'm not able to to get to in the course of a day, sigh. But I finally made it to this portrait. This is wonderful ... the lighting, the expression, the crop... I like all of it. Thank you.
Guest 28-Feb-2004 17:44
Cheeky shot!
Beth 23-Feb-2004 23:19
Having had the pleasure of meeting you in person, I would say you are even lovelier in the flesh but you have managed to capture some of you as you do all your subjects!
Guest 23-Feb-2004 15:50
A lovely photo! I'm with Mark here, wishing I had that much hair (still falling out!), and glad Chris's comment wasn't too literal!
I didn't see the photo Jeanne had posted of you and as she has changed it now I can't look, but I know what you mean about not liking self portraits nowadays! The last photo of me I liked was taken in 1992 when I was 2 1/2 stone lighter and WITH red/gold curly hair. I was SO depressed when you posted the one of me last year, without even any make-up on!
I do love reading your comments, so don't stop! I can always read through it to find out how you are really feeling, and admire you for being so open with the world... who would have ever thought that we would turn out this way round? I was always the open 'heart on my sleeve' type, but as we have got more ripe (I refuse to say we are getting OLDER or MORE MATURE as we clearly aren't, it's just our bodies that are!) we are the opposite... I will make people laugh, but am SO VERY private about my own feelings. Love ya, Jan XX
Chris Brooker22-Feb-2004 13:23
Your hair has come out beautifully.
Lovely colour.
Guest 22-Feb-2004 03:30
Your body may age but I have a feeling your spirit will always be young.... I love this... excellent!
Guest 20-Feb-2004 20:12
Excellent self-portrait! Lighting from rigt side give a nicely warm golden color.
robin statfeld20-Feb-2004 03:17
Awesome portrait, shows so much personality : )
Linda Vich20-Feb-2004 03:08
Linda, I love this "glimpse" of you, both the image and what you have written! I look forward to visiting more often!

Linda V.
Ron Lutz II19-Feb-2004 20:46
Yes, what everyone else said!
Guest 19-Feb-2004 18:56
Heh~ I *love* this - it's a fabulous portrait, the light on your hair looks amazing (and Jeanne's right about redheads too!) and I love the way you're looking at the camera, lots of humour and fire and just *everything*. Brilliant!
mikiruaq19-Feb-2004 06:05
Excellent self-portrait!! The picture wouldn't talk unless you gave it the commentary it deserves and you do both well. Read your "column" all the time :)
brother_mark19-Feb-2004 04:18
Wow! I wish I had that much hair! I'm not keen on portraits of me either. Your photo diary has led me to think of this as both a photo a day and at least a bit of a story of my day or week. I'll not be as revealing, not my nature, but it does make the project more interesting. Afterall, there's only so many times you can say nice "depth of field" before you begin to get bored with it. So thank you for sharing and inspiring others to open up a bit. It is what makes PAD worth keeping up with. (That's American grammar.:) )

The grass might be drying up, but the flower is still fresh. ;)
gary becker19-Feb-2004 02:08
Crap. I hate being late to a love fest. I agree with everything already said.
Guest 19-Feb-2004 00:40
Very cool back-lit, Beautiful red!
Guest 18-Feb-2004 23:44
Here's looking at you kid! Very nicely done Linda!
Guest 18-Feb-2004 23:11
Oh, Linda! This is fantastic. Before I even READ the diary, I had screengrabbed your image and put it on my page! Not because it's a better picutre, but to me it immediately felt like YOU! I LOVE it! The great hair color (Redheads DO have more fun!) the wink, the fiesty look! But MORE than that, I know how difficult it is to capture oneself in a portrait. You can get all artsy, dramatic...doesn't mean anything other than a good photo if you can't capture the inner beauty! You HAVE done that here!!!

You inspire me EVERYday! I envy your candidness and it's contagious as well! You have a little cult following in the USA, Linda!! It has been a PLEASURE to know you and I look forward to getting to know you even more!!!
virginiacoastline18-Feb-2004 22:35
great hair! Great picture! Great mind! Fun humor
Go GURL! ^_^
Guest 18-Feb-2004 22:34
Linda - first off "Hi" Secondly I often visit your gallery and because I'm always rushing about seldom leave a comment. Today I will - Great work always and always a great read. Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us ~ John
Faye White18-Feb-2004 22:15
Hi Linda - nice to meet you (love your hair!!!!). :)
Lara S18-Feb-2004 22:14
Great shot. Great courage. Can't wait to meet ya!
Jill18-Feb-2004 22:06
Linda: You have given me the courage to reveal little bits and pieces of myself from your own courage...You have given me inspiration to grow flowers-my own form of meditation and joy as a result of actully FEELING your joy as you dig in the have given me an appetite for better healthier foods as a result of explaining your culinary skills and shooting such splendid, magazine cookbook photographs of beautiful vegetables and breads.
There have been times I have sat in wonder, sadness even cried. That is how your diary affects me and I am sure others too.

As yourself, feeling older and not that of a young girl it is so difficult to face that demon. However, with you I still see a sparkle, a burning spirit, energy, humor and the most gorgeous natural red hair I have ever seen.

I love this picture.
Guest 18-Feb-2004 21:08
Hi Linda, great to meet you.
I really love this selfportrait. Your hair looks so healthy and shiny.
Ian Chappell18-Feb-2004 21:08
Linda, no matter how you see yourself or like to be seen, I think you're lovely!
Guest 18-Feb-2004 20:41
I'd assumed we were all younger and more beautiful than our self-portraits! I'm crushed.
You've done a great job here of conveying what you wanted...and you've got incredible red hair!
Dan Chusid18-Feb-2004 20:35
Linda: The portrait looks good up ^there^ especially with the highlighting of the hair (soooo pro-fessional!) Your words provide much more of the image than the acual photo anyway so keep on painting those alphabeticals together. Hope your winter is white yet warm! Regards, - DC
Pall Gudjonsson18-Feb-2004 20:29
Hello Linda - I see a person here very much alive and kicking - This is excellent in every way !
Guest 18-Feb-2004 20:27
Well let me be the first to say I think you've accomplished what you wanted here. I like the playful wink, the hint of a twinkle in your eye, and the lighting sure does suggest a fiery nature. Absolutely wonderful, Linda. I admire you not only for your photos, but also the emotions and thoughts that come with each one. -- angela :)
Ray :)18-Feb-2004 20:26
Linda: no worries! I actually found it funny that we came up with similar shots! Being older than you, perhaps I have even more of a problem with self portraits but just felt in the mood when I stepped out of the bath today! I deliberately left out that awful chin of mine! I suspect that compliments will follow on this pic.......~~~Ray.