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01-JUN-2018 Sue Anne Rush

612018_002 Vietnamese Food

Vietname Cafe' Souderton

My favorite song in Singapore (1st to 8th grade) - 4th grade - Allentown

Keith Urban - I would like to meet him. :)

In 3 more years - Norweigan cruise line - to New Zealand - Australia - Singapore with whom ever... Malaria shot and visit all my friends. :)

FYI ::::::>

Counting Crows

Imagine - I would like to see them again.

Lighters - Bruni Mars

I like going to malls and shopping :)

I would like to be on the Action News 6 team. :)

Ginger Z was at PHS and a very nice weather reporter. :)

I loved coming to my grandparent's trailer - gave me a Millers' light. :)

My grandpop and grandmom - loved going to Winn Dixie - they gave them free food. :)

FYI :::::>

FYI ::::::> :)

Read ::::>

FYI ::::>

We love Key West - with David Thompson(R.I.P.) - cut his foot but we picked a day where it smelled like rotten fish. :(

We will go down again someday. :)
To WDW / Epcot - 2022

And stay in the Floridan :)

The trailer has now been put on the market. Krystle & Robert have split. :) Life goes on .....

Going to Spruce Lake for Couples Retreat. :)

And visit all our Brady relatives. :)

Our Pastor - Ken B and family have gone to Souderton Mennonite Church :)

Read:::::> Our relatives go here. :)

Above All

Micky Gilley - Florida - been here XXXX times :)

FYI ::::> :)

Donny Hill - father is a limo driver.

Russell and his brothers :)

Ben Herman(Navy) - lives in Lansdale. Very nice person.

Armond Devoe - father owns a music store in Lansdale.

My friend Rich O'Hare (R.G.P.) over 25 years ago at Montco C. C. - has a $33,000 Mustang for me free :)

Near Mike Constancer who works at the Lansdale Auto Body shop.

Chris - (with Heather)

Mark Roedel (R.I.P. )

Eddie Blair and all the relatives - the real Brady Bunch live in Florida and all my friends live in Florida - the trailer is being sold.

Mickey story -

Krystal/Robert have split :)

Our family has been thru a lot - December is a hard month for all of us and November 8 is my brother John C. Nyce birthday - he loves his sours.

Right now staying out of Philly/Chinatown - too many guns.

In 3 years to Singapore (Norwegian Cruise) and fly back on the SAS - staying at the Hilton. etc...
If you don't like flying - then stay home - I'll send you a postcard and gifts - Malaria shot - No drink out of the water - buy bottles of coke (2-0 cents) and eat satay - visit the SAS school - The American Club - see all my friends who are still alive - :) Buy a home in Singapore? Or just visit back and forth. We are going to have a great time. :)

See my friend - Albert Loo Zo Gee. :)

Karen Carpenter - when I was young I used to listen to the radio - fave song in Singapore :)

FYI :::::> I would like to see Keith Urban in person :)

Kieth Urban with Pink - Talon' mother took Lizy to a pink concert. :)

Hello - I would like to be part of the Action News 6 team - We know Ginger Z. She was at PHS :)

Joshua Graduated from PHS #1 and a full scholarship to Columbia. Did want to be a doctor but now he is studying Architecture - Lizy graduated from PHS too. I predict Betzy D. kids will be #1 - CNA and now an RN at SMH. - I used to work there over 25 years - now I am Rockhill Mennonite Homes as a CNA/ PT Therapist.

Ray Nyce lives at the Lutheran Home - writing and loves to be on the computer.

Chris Nyce - R.I.P. July 4th...
Ashes are at the Lutheran Home - near the Vietnamese Restaurant in Souderton. :)

Should I get a BMW, Renault 2022, or a Mustang 2022 = $33.,000 Sold free at the ole Forge Dealer.

Enoch has gone to live in Lancaster - awesome :)

We love to eat out on Sundays - :)

Lief Garrett - I love his songs

Baywatch - Hawaii - We went here for our honeymoon.

In 3 years - Norweigan Cruise to Singapore - stop by New Zealand - and Australia (visit Marco Nero)
and see all my friends - Malaria Shot - and fly back on the SAS - stay at the Hilton. - It' $3,000 / person. :)

Go to my ole school / and enjoy the sights. Collect stickers and shop. :)

and go to the Singapore American Club.

Love to eat the food and also satay :)

Yummy :)

Tickets for the beach boys ::::>

Leave it to Beaver :)

I love the Goldbergs - I would like to be on this show. :)

Leave it to Beaver

Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Sleepless in Seattle :)

The love boat

We were here - to see my friends Sue. #R.I.P. John :(

We were on the camper we rented ---

To Jimmy K. Saw Lady Gaga - advocate of bulliness. :)

Doug, Mark and I went to see him in Concert.

Should I get a 2022 Renault or a $33,000 Mustang - sold to me for free - Rich Rich'Ohare :) Wife died of a brain tumor... lives in Ardmore :)

I have friends in Flowertown - Elaine - who worked with her at Cookie - Mrs. Fields. :)

(R.I.P.) to all my relatives/and those who committed suicide :(


Reo Speedwagon

The Police - every breathe you take :)

I love to go to Atlantic City, Ocean City (the Tragers have a home here to rent.) I live Wildwood and I have yet to go to Cape May overnight. :)

Andy Gibb





Read :::::>

Read::::> Deff Leppard

Def Leapard


I would like to be on the Action News 6 team.

We know Ginger Zee (at PHS) wonderful reporter.

Hart to Hart

I go to this church (I am Luthern/Mennonite)

Dreams do come true .......

Scott Baio :)

Miami Vice

Yan Can cook :)

FYI :::::> Once day we will go here - stay at the Floridian. :)
and go to the beaches. :)

My Uncle/Aunt Trailer is being sold.

Robert lives in WPB.

I like this radio station.

Read:::::> We love PF Changs in Warmister. :)

FYI :)

Mark Roedel - we miss him. R.I.P. :(

#Russell and all of Eddie B.'s friends came to visit - Eddie B loved to fish. :) R.I.P.


Sleepless in Seattle

FYI :::::>

FYI - We like this restaurant. :)

We like eating here - (Near Krysten K.
P.F. Chang's (PLAZA LAS AMERICAS) - Warminster :)

Pete says hi to you Krysten :)

FYI :::::>

For now, we are staying out of Philadephia and Chinatown(Gun Violence./ Hijacking)

FYI :::::::>

We like eating at the Mongomery restaurants near 5 points.
We like going here. ::::>

FYI ::::> We went here with David Thompson. #R.I.P.

Chris (Heather)

Donny Hill (16 years old) father was a limo driver. :)

Julia Childs

Micheal W. Smith

BTS (방탄소년단) 'Life Goes On' - lulu fave group

FYI :::::::>
Go here one day. ::::> (Rocky)

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon

Cheeers - Been here many times :)

Read:::::> Scott Baio is the best. :)

Scott Baio :)

Read:::::> Lerned this in Singapore :) In SINGAPORE

I loved going to Great Adventure (with my friend Sharon Teichman) Lives next to Bobby / Diane and the children. Sharon's father died and her mom got a new man. :)

Watch out for Randy Leatherman - Bad to the bone.

We go to the local SPCA to help out :)

FYI :::::>

FYI :::::>

My cousin Debbie S. worked here many years ago.

Now she works at Knaus :)

We love going to restaurants (Sunday) and shopping at thrift shops too.

In two weeks - TGIF with Liza C.

I go to the Care N Share once a month to volunteer.


Now Tammie Strouse works there. :)
On your birthday - go there and get 50% off and if you are a nurse/aide another 50% off. :)

Mark's birthday is January 18th, 2022. :)

And to Kenny too - bad to the bone. Hooked on Oxycodone. :(

Where are Kenny Jr and Little girl too? - Foster parents.

The Rockhill Filling Station, 1710 N Ridge Rd, Perkasie, PA
We love eating here :)
Breakfast once a month :)

The Perk (Perkasie)
We love eating here too. :)

Love eating at all the restaurants in Quakertown.

Job at Best Buy etc....... Wawa...... Giant...... etc.....

The Rockhill Filling Station, 1710 N Ridge Rd, Perkasie, PA. (Once a month I come here for breakfast. :))

and eating at McDonald's for the happy meal - boy toy and extra fries.

Our home to rent out is at Hatfield - near the police station.

Been here numerous times :)

FYI ::::::> Baily Smith lives here composing her own music :)


FYI ---> Studying here :)

R.I.P. all of my relatives and friends that committed suicide. :(

I was to heaven twice - got bit by a bee - and am allergic to Penicillin.

Going to join the YMCA ( Doylestown and 5th street Menlo Pool ( Members) in the Summer. 2022

Gina Meyers used to live on 5th street - an awesome photographer. Daughter is Josie - Bucks County College to be a nurse. Lizy and Josie - best friends in 8th grade - Lizy loved going to her house. :)

Now with Talon for 5 years - works at GVH as a receptionist and can take blood. I volunteered here many years ago in the Nursery and the children's Center.

Volunteer in Doylestown Hospital and work as a CNA :)

Aunt Bertha lives at Rockhill - grandson is Erik Kratz :) - retired and has a book.

On Feb. 14th - Mark and I to Spruce Lake for the couples retreat. :)

We like going to Spruce lake... Keen Lake... Knoebel park :)

Marie Haas / George has separated - Tara - daughter died by a drunk driver - now is in the sky as a horse. The daughters work as PT therapists at GVH.

My best friend Cath and Steph :)

If it's your birthday - go to Care N Share - 50% off and another 50% if you are a nurse :)

FYI ::::::> Here from nursery school til 8th Grade. (4th grade in Allentown)

FYI :::::>

I love this soap

We love PF Changs :) Warminster - near Krytin K - last in Friends hospital :)

Pete was looking for you :) Dinner PF Changs out with you and your mum and us Rush's. :)

Steph Cath and I love this song :)

I would like to be part of the Action News 6 crew - Ginger Z :)

Yummy Breakfast once a month ::::> :)
Here with Rich O'Hare :)
Studying R.G.P. Wife died of brain tumor - works at the ole Forge dealer selling mustang.
My next car is a 2022 Renault or a 2022 Mustang :)

I received my new iPhone 13 blue last night. :)

When you come to Pa. to a T-Mobile Store and show your ID - free iPhone 13 from T- Mobile :)

Yummy::::::> Near Swamp Church :)

I had a chance to work here ::::>

We like going to the mall -but for now - not going because it's not safe - guns etc... :(

We love going to the K.O.P. and ending up at Shake shake :)

And going to Boderrose Bookstar too.

Staying out of the Phila and NY right now - not safe.

The mall is open :)

Order here -----> $30 and they deliver to your home :)

Yummy ::::::> Matt owns this place - lives next to my Friend Betzy. D.

I love it here::::>

I am several Universities to learn Nurse Practitioner and IT at Lasalle. :)

Staying out of the city and china town - guns are everywhere. :(

If you see a butterfly - it means someone in heaven is looking down on you. R.I.P. to all my friends who suicide...

I have been to heaven twice - once when I fell asleep in my Renault and got bit by a bee (allergic to them. I carry an epi-pen.

Mark and I soon to get my Booster shot.

Yummy ::::::>

Yummy:::::> Love going here for my birthday or just for eating. ::::>

We love going here:::::>

Christopher Cross - Sailing

We love his movies :)

FYI ----> Harry Potter book here :)

I go here Mon- Wed. with Jeannie :)

We love this show

Bitcoins:::::::> FYI (The way of the future like gold)

They have Bitcoins in Singapore. :)

Lizy and Talon :)

We love going to PF Changs (Warminster) - with Pete(he still like you as a friend and Kryten K. and mum. :)

Get my passport updated - to go back into Canada :)

Near my ole house - 167 Fletcher Drive Morrisville Pa - sold :)
Gehbauers--- Eldridge---- Politi ----- Streeter ---- Kiefer------ graduated from Pennsbury '79

I was here for 3 months

FYI :::::>

oxford valley mall
I once had a chance to work here. :)

We like going here too:::>

Warminster Hospital...

Eugenia Hospital...

Abington Hospital...

BLD 16 - Norristown State hospital - was here - lock up - David Carr - BLD 52 - End of the Innocence
By Don Lenly - John Larkin was here - wanted to kill his mother... Now This hospital is for homeless people and to get their medicine. Cleo's and Lois's relative was here. R.I.P. :(


Robin Williams' Final Days Detailed In 'Robin's Wish'

REO Speedwagon - Take It On the Run

Coming to the movies :)


Mary / John (Nurse - IUP ) lives in Jamison. :)

Ben Herman (Lansdale) Navy

Mike Constanser (Lansdale Auto body shop)

Armond Devoe (Father owns the music store there :) )

Donny Hill......

Chris with Heather.....

Jack Petrisin (IUP) to Florida

Randy ( Journalist) IUP...

John and Rose Nyce :)

I once had a I bought for $3000 :)

Here for the Fall. :)

I love this show :)
The Young And The Restless - You Need To Come Home

FYI Buy a house in Singapore.

The taxis are the Mercedes Benz :)

Buy a Mustang 2022 or a 2022 ?

Buy a home in Singapore?

We are going to visit my ole school - Singapore American School :)

Visit in Singapore ---->

See my friends and Albert Loo Tzoo Gee :)

Best hotels :)

and visit all my friends - Albert Loo Tzo Gee... Ngatiam... Donna and Jade... Annie Lim.... etc...

#R.I.P. Louise Histand :( Went to Nursing school with my mum.

#R.I.P. Bascar

R.I.P. Feryl' 'MOMMY' :(

Here on line :)

# Flo died :( #R.I.P.

Bob Sr. Gehman died :( R.I.P.

#R.I.P. Lousie Histand :(

General Hospital :)

Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill

Jason Alden
Blame It On You

I want to be on this show. :)

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Bad Meets Evil - Lighters ft. Bruno Mars

For all my cousins and friends -

#R.I.P. all my friends who committed Suicide. :(

Rascal Flatts - Why

Elton John - Robin fave singer :)

Elton John - Rocket Man

Rascal Flatts ~ My wish for you

December 2021 was a rough month for us.

And Ken Burkholder went to Soudertown Church now. :)

Sending you something for you and Eddie - Get it soon as possible :)

I have something nice for you - a surprise. :)

Karate kid 3 final fight

Tool time Tim

Johnny Lawrence

Merci Me

I was to Heaven twice - allergic to Penneciln and Bee Stings - carry an Epic Pen with me. :)
Sometimes I hear voices. :(

To Horsham Clinic - Next time I go here to be the tech :)

I am ready for my Booster shot :)

Tomorrow is my Bday - 60 years old - full day for me - with Nanny, Lizy, Talon? To Lancaster :))))

We saw in concert :)

A Short Biography of Greg Laurie

Merci Me

Baywatch - went here to Hawaii for our honeymoon. - Will go back someday again. :)

My cousin Bruce Brady had land in Maui - sold it for XXXXXXX

Never give up hope :)
I pray for you both all the time.

Prayers for all my friends/family who some R.I.P. suicide :(

3 Things Every Christian Should Give To God

When you and Tammie - come up - you get my ole HP computer :)

Doug, Mark and I went to this concert... Aaron Tippin - There Ain't Nothing Wrong With The Radio

Work at the Lutheran Home as a CNA - personal care or where ever...

Work at Rockhill M. Homes - CNA/ PT therapist.

#Rip John Fosbenner. :(
Joanne Fosbenner...

Pray for Roscow - in Skilled :)

And Celia Landis in Park View.

And some of my friends have Covid now :(
Pray for LuLu ( Jo )

The Goldbergs - I would like to be on this show and also be on Action News 6 as the weather person.

Mom 2013 - I would like to be on this show. :)

Joshua M Rush - graduated from PHS #1, Sara Craig #2, etc... and received a full scholarship to Columbia. :)

Did want to be a doctor - but now is Architecture and for every Instagram post - Josh gets $1.00

I am Lutheran /Mennonite --- We don't sue but if you are in the wrong - I will sue you.

Getting our passbook updated so we can go into Canada someday.

Keith Urban - Tonight I Wanna Cry -I would like to see Keith Urban in Concert one day.

Phil Collins - Against All Odds - would like to see him in Concert.

Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer - Steph, Cath, and I went to this concert. :)



Supertramp - one of my favorite albums. :)

In the meantime - to WDW for a vacation in 2022. :)


The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid


The Police - Every Breath You Take

Here for 1.5 semesters - Special Education/

In 3 years - Norwegian Cruise Line to Singapore and then fly back. :)

When I was young - my fave song in Singapore - here til 8th grade.... 4th grade in Allentown

Bad Company - Shooting Star - Steph, Cath and I love this album :)

FYI :) Want to see Garth Brooks :)

#R.I.P. Feryl ' Mommy' Died. :(

Lionel Richie - Hello (Baily Smith lives here and makes her own music. :)

Here for the Fall. with LuLu :)

I used to have a $3000 Renault - To the Dublin Fire Co.

My next car is going to a customized Mustang - sold by Rich O' Hare (over 25 years) at Montco Co. College studying R.G. P. (wife died of brain tumor) $33,0000 :)

Go to several Universities - going to be a nurse practitioner - at Lasale studying this :)

IUP 1.5 semesters for 1.5 semesters for Special Education. (seven)

Queen - We Are The Champions

Queen - Another One Bites The Dust



Randy Travis - Old Time Christmas

Queen - Greatest Hits

Jesus Superstar

Hello... Prayers. :( R.I.P.)

Once I had a Renault I paid $3,000

I could buy another Renault --- but I am going to buy a Mustang for $33,000 free sold by Rinch O'hare :)

Over 35 years ago, RGP - Montco :) Wife died of brain temor :(

On January 18th is Mark' birthday - to the Care N share :)

Go to church and then out to eat with a Coupon to the Local...

In March - to Sight and Sound with our family :)

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

KISS - Beth

Kenny Rogers - the Gambler

The Charlie Daniels Band - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Hong Kong Vacation Travel Guide

Things to know BEFORE you go to SINGAPORE - Singapore travel tips - in 3 years we are going on the Norweigen Cruise line and fly back on the plane :)

Best Singapore hotels: YOUR Top 10 hotels in Singapore

Norwegian Cruise Line | DE

Singapore Fights -

Singapore American Club



Read ---->
Singapore American school 2022


Wham! - Last Christmas

Urban Cowboy - Looking for Love - Been here with all my friends. :)

General Hospital 01/13/22

Going back to my ole school :)

Visit the ole Mobil station/Exxon station. :)


Rocky III • Eye of the Tiger • Survivor

General Hospital

Oodles of Noodles | Yan Can Cook | KQED

Once I was here - when my insurance ran out. John here - wanted to kill his mother... David Carr :)
Bld 52 - End of the Innocence with David Carr. :)

We love this mall - end up in Shake shake. :)
king of Prussia King of Prussia

Park City Mall.

I used to live near here. :)

Goin’ To The (Frozen) Lake: Grumpy Old Men Ice Fishing


I was here long ago.

Some day we'll go here again - - 2022 :)

Robert and Krystle has split - :(

Read::::::::> :)

We're going here :::>

We are going here :::::>

One day::::::>

Read:::::::> FYI :),%20New%20Jersey,%20United%20States_7266&checkin=2022-01-20&checkout=2022-01-21&adults=1&childs=0&rooms=1&los=1

Bailey Smith is in Tennessee - composing her own music. :)

The Karate Kid


FYI 2022 - Stay at the Floridian

Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill

Stop Kiss :::::> FYI

R.I.P. Feryls' mommy who died on Christmas day. :( Prayers for the family)
Thank you Micheal for the t-shirts - you are awesome :)

Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven

Urban Cowboy - been here many times. - I have the movie. :)

I love going to my Grandmother Ella and Grandfather Cress Garner home :)

and being at my Aunt Mary trailer. - Now it is being sold. We like to stay at the Hampton Inn? but when we go to WPB we'll fly or drive --- At Disney World - next time stay at the Floridian. and see The WPB Zoo ( we love it there - Aunt Mary / Uncle Walt love to see the monkeys and go to Lion Safari Zoo. :)

Kenny Rogers - The Gambler

The police

Rex Smith


Beatles - Hey Jude

Queen Live Aid 1985 - Bohemian Rhapsody

John Travolta And Olivia Newton-John - You're The One That I Want - Grease (My kids I babysat loved this movie - The Polities... The Streeters ... etc... (Kiefer- Charles Boem )

FYI :::::>

Bee Gees Stayin Alive

welcome back kotter

Barry Manilow

Mash - My Uncle Clarence and Aunt Marylin served in this war. #R.I.P. - gave me a Cross Pen for my graduation present. (I bought a swinn Bike for my 18th Birthday. :)

Bruce Lee - In Singapore is Bruce Lee :)

Yoyo Tricks - I have the yoyo' , comic books from Singapore ,stickers and stamps :)

The last Funeral to go to was "Myers' --- saw Michael ( Two hoodies and 3 XL tee shirts. :) )

Karen Carpenter - my favorite song in Singapore - here to 8th grade :) (4th Grade in Allentown)

Linda took us here :)

How to make yummy potatoes

We went here :::::>

Book a hotel;label=msn-DiICXGn19bXYjGI31IZu7Q-80608048331825%3Atikwd-17325754206%3Aaud-808219487%3Aloc-190%3Aneo%3Amte%3Alp62541%3Adec%3Aqs9%2011%20memorial%20ny;sid=9f3ec8af4e89a35f316061fe7cbc0910 --- > We want to go here :)

I go here Tuesday/Fridays
FYI ::::> (Ricky S. Works here)

Here ----->

Read::::::> (Going back here one day - WDW - Epcot - the Beaches :)
Stay at the Floridian _ and see the Mickey Gilly Bar - Where Urban Cowboy was at. :)\\


FYI ::::::>

I once had a chance to work here:::::>
Sesame Place :)

Near my ole home --- 167 Fletcher Drive Morrisville, Pa. 18944

The Love Boat

I am going to join here::::::>

and join here for Summer 2022 :)

We like going here :)
For the couples retreat. :)

Bailey Smith lives in Tennessee and composes her own music. :)
Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton Greatest Hits

In Pennsbury '79 - graduated 55 out of 1,000 Students.
Chemistry - is my teacher's favorite newspaper and had a fun time with the teacher's aide. (Mr. Smith) :)

I liked Earl Miller back then. :)

I loved going here when I was 16 years old with my friend Sharon T. :)

My Friend Brad and Jim Nice - parents were friends with us - took Jim Nice to Dorney park - I did go on the roller ride that went up and down and threw up. :)


Urban Cowboy - been here numerous times - Donny Hill and my friends Armond Devoe Chris (Heather), etc.....

Hotels in Lancaster :)

In March 2022 - see David at Sight and Sound.

Read ::::> We were here on my birthday. :)

We love coming here :)

FYI - :)

We love this mall - end up at Shake Shake :)

FYI :::::>

Boy George


In two weeks - here with Liza C.

Read :::::> FYI

We like going here :::::::>
Near my ole home -

I once had a chance to work here:::)
FYI :::::::>

Jesus Superstar

Horsham Clinic 10 days here - when I come back ... I will be the techie. :)

Village People

The Love Boat

Or see my Pinterest - Sue Anne Rush

Meatloaf R.I.P.

How to make yummy meatloaf

Meatloaf (R.I.P. ) :(

We like going to all the malls :)

I love this restaurant.

In Chinatown - also get the sours at Aussies :)

And take out at the Vietnamese Restaurant. :)

We like eating at the Chinese Restaurant at Doylestown. :)

I had a chance to work at Sesame Place once. But I said no.

Prayers ___> :( R.I.P.

Drexel Burger :) - Lizy R. went to this univ. and transferred to Gwen Mercy :)

Singapore American Club

Singapore Club

Adam 12 - one of my favorite shows



Montly Cruise

Ice T

Leave it to Beaver - one of my favorite shows.


Kenny Rogers R.I.P. :(

Cheers - been here many times :)

The Soup Nazi - Cheers

Happy Days

Happy Days with the Fonz

Mork - We miss him. :( R.I.P.

Mork and Mindy

Laverne and Shirley


Father Of The Bride

The Jerk

When in Florida - we love to drive along the mansions and shop at the gift shops - Epcot WDW and this time we'll stay at the Floridian. We love WPB. :)

Best CLEARWATER resorts 2022: Top 10 hotels in Clearwater, Florida

Top Hotels & Resorts in CLEARWATER BEACH

THE Fugitive - This is our favorite movie :)

FYI :::::>

Of Mice and Men

Green Acres

FYI :::::> We like coming here :) - Brooke and Robin have a home here. ( Their business is where Feryl works. :)®ionId=6057572&semcid=US.UB.BING.DT-c-EN.HOTEL&semdtl=&siteid=1&sort=RECOMMENDED&startDate=2022-02-10&theme=&useRewards=false&userIntent=&utm_campaign=BEX%3AUSA%3AENG%3A%24%3ADL%3AAMER%3AUSA%3APA%3A240%3ACTY%3AGettysburg%3A6057572%3ACL%3A&utm_content=BEX%3AUSA%3AENG%3A%24%3ADT%3AAMER%3AUSA%3APA%3APennsylvania%3A240%3AGettysburg%3A6057572%3Adestinationonly%3A&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_term=gettysburg

Jackson Browne- Running on empty

Read:::::> FYI

Read:::::> FYI R.I.P. :( Prayers for the family

Florida --- Kiss station.

Long Hot Summer - Keith Urban

Counting Crows

The Spinners - John's fave album in Singapore :) - John is a talented artist - went to the Philadephia School of Art.

Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Don Mclean, Jim Croce, John Denver

Best Classic Country Songs Of 1990s

New Country Songs 2022

FYI :) We love going here - been here many times :)

When I go down again - drive or fly and stay at the Floridan or the Hampton Inn and visit all my friends and family - the real Brady Bunch:) - The trailer is being sold. :(

We love this station -

Adam 12 now and then

All my ex' live in Texas

FYI ::::>

When You both come to see us a free iPhone at T Mobile :)

Canon EOS M ,Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM
1/30s f/2.0 at 22.0mm iso250 full exif

other sizes: small medium large original auto
Sue Anne Rush 26-Dec-2022 13:55
Bonjour - I have been to many Hospitals - the worse was when my insurance ran out and I have to go to Norristown State Hospital - locked up - I had blood work done - Johnathan Larkin was there - he wanted to kill his mother - I met David Carr - we went to have coffee - and I went to Bld 52 to listen to 'End of the Innocence' by Don Henly.

Now it is a place for the homeless to eat.

Cleon's nephew was here - R.I.P. maybe someone didn't like him talking about God?

For every life is another one born.

If you see a butterfly in the Summer - someone in Heaven is looking down at you.

I have many jobs - Best Buy in Quakertown - the McDonalds near my house - Giant - Dollar Store - Agway :)

I am a CNA/PT/IT/OT - reapplied back to SMH - will they rehire me yes or no - because I am Asian? :)

Tammie S - went to back to work here - She got caught stealing a bracelet - Betty said if I come near her house - they will call the cops - well if you come near my house -we have GUNs and Knives and I will call Kirk - on you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marie (from the Clubhouse ) - Chuck - the grandma - moved to a retirement home in Doylestown - near the new Bonton :)

Come and see if they will rent it out for you. If you think that would be nice - then we can be neighbors :)

Sue Anne Rush
Paolo Peggi (aka Bracciodiferro)01-Jun-2018 21:33
Buon appetito,Sue Anne! VVV