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Early 1964 The Home News

1964 - Flamingo Plaza shopping center

Hialeah, Florida

Thank you to Fred Swick for contributing the old Home News 20th Anniversary edition so I could scan this image.

According to my buddy Jeff Levine, Flamingo Plaza Shopping Center opened on Friday, November 23, 1956. And, according to Jeff who researched old Miami News articles, these were the original tenants of the shopping center:

Tiny's Liquors
Flamingo Bakery
Beauteria (beauty services)
Better Dresses
Children's Clothes
Suburban Barber Shop
Glass House Ice Cream Co.
Dixie Shoe Repair
Household Finance Corp.
Dr. Alan Sobel
Ewing Realty, Inc.
J.C. Penney
Diners, Inc. (restaurant)
Roy's Health Shoes
Your Little Department Store
Howe Appliance
Walgreen Drugs
Flamingo Cafeteria
W.T. Grant
J.B.M. Stores (women's apparel)
Mary Jane Shoes
National Shirt Shops
G. R. Kinney Corp. (shoes)
Diana Stores (women's apparel)
F.W. Woolworth
Darby Cleaners
Kiddyland of Hialeah, Inc. (children's clothes and toys)
Glider's Paint and Hardware
Marie's Beauty Salon
Western Auto Supply Co.

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Dolores G 30-Nov-2020 00:57
Where was Flamingo cafeteria located in the shopping center.
Art Boulanger 08-Jan-2019 21:04
How this shopping center has 9 lives! My family moved blocks away from the Flamingo back in the early 60s. As a kid it was in easy biking or walking distance. I saw the transitions over time from early 60s till I moved on to attend UF in the late 70s. My sister remains in the Miami area to this day and I visit every couple of years and usually try to sneak a drive over the old neighborhood which includes a visit to the Flamingo. Many of the stores listed at the top of the page were there in the early years. During the 70s it seems the garment fabrication businesses were taking over the shopping center occupying many of the larger spaces. Then in more recent years, based on Red White and Blue Thrift store being a long time "anchor" from the early 70 seem to molded itself more into a "thrift plaza" during the 90s-2000s. Now today it seems the plaza has recently attracted some established chain stores back to its mix. I hope it benefits the community as well as it served us back in its hay days. Strip centers usually don't last this long, hats off the Flamingo which keeps reinventing itself.
Don Boyd08-Aug-2017 23:44
Thank you for posting, Debbie (and every other person who has done so), I appreciate it. There's only one of "you guys" working on this website and it's me, who won't be around much longer thanks to cancer. However, the site hosting fees have been paid for seven years in advance and I will pay for another 10 to 13/ additional years in the near future.

Crawfordville must have been boring compared to Hialeah back in 1969? And yes, most of Hialeah looks much different today compared to when you were here - a ton of shade trees were chopped down or butchered so badly that they died and the population density has increased tremendously by multi-families living in one house or efficiencies created, mostly illegally, in the back of homes. Thanks for posting!

Debbie Lott 08-Aug-2017 04:20
You guys are killing me! Memories are flooding my soul! I lived on 800 E 9th Lane. Right next to the Golden Point restaurant not too far from the 62 bar ha ha!! I moved to Crawfordville Florida in 1969. I still remember the flamingo plaza and all of it stores and boy did I love Childerns World And I remember all of the carnivals in the parkIng lot. Oh those were the days. Seen pictures where I used to live in the whole place looks so so different
Paul Schneider 24-Jun-2013 02:18
Several people asked about Jimmy - the newspaper guy who was diabled and sold papers outside the Flamingo cafeteria in the ealry 60's. I was a little kid 6 or 7 years old with my family at the cafeteria but I've never forgetten him. I saw him in downtown Miami in 1976-77 just off Flagler Street and recognized him immediately. He was probably one of God's gifts. I hope no one mistreated him.

The shopping center went through some changes over the decades. There was a sewing factory in several of the bays (Bodin Apperal) in the 70's.
Rose Nichols 08-Apr-2013 03:59
Would love to get in touch with Vickie Matrascia- I am a long ago friend from high school. I was at that time Rosie Causing. Do you remember me? If you do please get in touch. An old friend
Rose Causing Nichols
Rose Nichols 08-Apr-2013 03:51
Would love to be in touch with Vickie Matrascia- An old friend from way back when. She probably won't even remember me. My maiden name was Causing "Rosie (Rose) Causing. Would there be any way?
Long lost friend
Rose Causing Nichols
Melanie 27-Feb-2012 15:59
To Mary Ann C. Sorry it took so long to answer your question. Yes, Joe was my father in law. I am married to his youngest son Mike. Joe passed away a few years and now his mom is gone too, this passed January. We have lots of old memories of Hialeah, some good, some not so good. It sure isn't the same any more! Vickie and Kathleen have kids and grand kids and they all live in Georgia.
Melanie 27-Feb-2012 15:57
To Mary Ann C. Sorry it took so long to answer your question. Yes, Joe was my father in law. I am married to his youngest son Mike. Joe passed away a few years and now his mom is gone too, this passed January. We have lots of old memories of Hialeah, some good, some not so good. It sure isn't the same any more! Vickie and Kathleen have kids and grand kids and they all live in Georgia.
Robbin Learned 06-Aug-2011 04:49
Jean Strong, Randy, was Randy Hinson, who later lived next door to You, in The Griffin House, of John A., Daphine, Rene, and Milan . The Hinson's moved to Hialeah, from Goldsboro , North Carolina, and bought the Griffin House. My Brother, is Danny. He's 3 Years younger than Me, so He was the Baby Learned Kid, on 6th Lane. He is also Retired, and lives in Titusville. I think: Randy Hinson, and Danny, were near the same age. And Randy's older Brother Don, was at least A year older than Me. Sadly: Randy Passed away years ago, in Wilmington, North Carolina . His Dad: Harold Hinson : Passed years ago also . As far as I know: Don and Randy's Mom : Marion, and Don: live in Goldsboro, North Carolina, where they were from originally. Sorry to hear about your Mom, and Judy . I remember them , so well. I can picture them, and all of You guys: The Strong Family. Your House, was A Fun Place to visit, because: it was A Lively, and Happy Home, that is until Your Poor Dad had that final Heart Attack. Our whole Learned Family, was Real Sad about that, as was everyone who knew MR. Ray Strong. He was A Real Good Man. I remember going to your Grandma's House in Homestead, as A small kid, with your family, in the 56 Chevy, that your parents had then, so I was 5 Years Old. We stopped at Matheson Hammock, and continued south to Homestead, on Old Cutler Road. And when We got there : Your Grandma: had cooked A Wonderful Pot Roast, and We all ate some . I remember How Delicious, to this Day : that Pot Roast was !!!!!! I'm glad to hear, that your present Marriage, is A Great one . I Like Homestead. My wife and I : used to take Sunday Drives to Homestead, and go to Robert Is Here Fruitstand, Cracker Barrel, Sonny's BBQ, Shiver's BBQ, or Toro Taco . From my House, to there : it's only 44 Miles, but A Different World. I Like The Redlands too, but it's very dusty, from the Growing Fields. I remember, when You lived just north of us, and You had A mustang . My Wife of 29 Years +, is gone from My House now, and we are separated awaiting our Divorce. I filed for Divorce, after She Changed Drastically, and at 52 Years Old: wanted to be A Teenage Single girl again. She started Running around on Me, and I couldn't reason with Her, and I wasn't gonna stand for Her Sleeping, Showering, ect. in My House, and Treating Me like A Stranger, or A Dam Fool . I have too much Pride , for that. And yes Jean: I do have A Facebook Profile Page. If You type in Robbin Learned ; You should get to my Page. I never have posted any picture, but I want to. I bought A Scanner , at Radio Shack, months ago, but couldn't figure out how to hook it up, and I had pictures put on C.D.'s at CVS, but I still haven't figured out how to get my pictures on Facebook that way either. I'm gonna check with Best Buy's Geek Squad . I think they can do what I need . To get together, with You and Kenny : would sure be nice sometime. I would like that. I've been Real Sick lately though, with sorts Flu Like Symptoms , so I could not make it Real Soon, but Hopefully: I'll get over whatever it is I have ASAP. I haven't been on My Computer, for days now, cause I just felt drained . Normally though: I'm on My Computer: most every day. Nice to hear from you Jean . Talk to You later. Best Regards !!!!!!! Robbin.
Jean Strong 05-Aug-2011 13:21
Oh My Gosh Robbin now I remember you. You had a brother Randy I think was his name. I was married to Eddie for 18 years, got divorced in 1980. Had a son Eddie in 1968. Married again in 1986 to a man 18 years younger. Still treats me like a queen after 24 years. We have a beautiful daughter 23 years old. My mom passed away in 2001 and Judy passed away a few years ago. Do you have a face book page. Kenny and I both live in Homestead. Maybe we could all get together soon.
Robbin Learned 01-Aug-2011 00:06
Jean Strong, I Loved The Old Hialeah Too, in the years of The 50's and The 60's, The Best. But The New , or Present Hialeah, is A Mess. To Drive here now: You need Super Fast Reflexes, and Nerves Of Steel. Hialeah Drivers, are Hyper Idiots. They Run Stop Signs, and Red Lights Routinely, and cause A lot of needless accidents. That's why Hialeah, has 9 Fire- Rescue Stations, for such A small city. And The Population, which I guess to be around 350,000 People , or More. This Place is Jammed in Like Sardines in A Can. Best Regards !!!!! Robbin Learned.
Robbin Learned 31-Jul-2011 23:58
Jean Strong, Yes You know Me , alright . We Lived at 1000 East 6th Lane, right across the street from You. I remember Yor Dad , Ray, so well, and Your Mom , Mary also, and Judy, and Kenny. I spent A lot of time, at Your House, in The 50's. I remember Eddie Mc Mullin too, and His Neat Cars, and of course : Your Uncle Roy and His Harley, from Homestead. And Your Uncle Ford, and Aunt Bess too. Kenny stopped to see us one time, in probably around 1980. My Dad, Died in 1987, at 72, and My Mom, in 2000, at 84. I Live in Our second Learned House, on 12th Avenue . I am 60 now, and Retired. My Wife of almost 30 Years , wanted out of our Marriage, so I Told Her to Leave. Our Divorce, is Soon. I have so many Memories of 6th Lane, and The Strong's, The Mc Crory's, The Holder's, The Hinson's, Clifton , and Sabina, and Suzette, The Johnson's, The Nau's, and others, Like The Lambert's, and The Grand's. I also went to Hialeah High, Class of 69. I remember Judy's Boyfriend : Junior Clark . THere were A lot of Good Times, on East 6th Lane, But for Me: there was A lot of Beatings , by My Dad, Harry, and A Collie Dog of ours: got Run Over, in front of The Mc Crory's House, Suffered , and Died. I, was so sad, like everyone: when Your Dad, had His Heart Attack, that Killed Him. He was A Real Nice Man, and A Great Family Man , and He worked Hard, at Well Bilt Cabinets. I always wonder: why Good People, Like Your Dad, are Taken away, from their Family ????? I guess, it's not for Me to know. Nice , to hear from You Jean !!!!!! Don't Be A Stranger !!!!!! Robbin.
Jean Strong 28-Jul-2011 19:14
I remember Joe Matrascia also. I use to sleep over at his house with his daughters Kathleen & Vickie. I also think I know Robin. I moved to Hialeah in 1949 at the age of 2. I lived at 1001 E. 6th Lane behind Food Fair. Went to Hialeah Elem, Miami springs Jr. Then to Hialeah
High. I loved the old Hialeah!
glenn_jr18-May-2011 03:14
I still visit this plaza every week. What a difference!
Robbin P. Learned 11-Apr-2011 07:18
Does anyone Reading Here: Remember The Sidewalk Sales, That Flamingo Plaza Held, once in A While ?????? I used to go to them, and so did my Family. They were neat !!!!!! I especially Loved them, when Children's World, had a store in Flamingo Plaza, between Walgreen's, and J. C. Penny. Children's World: later moved to Sun Tan Village Plaza Near Rexall Drugstore, and Grable's Bakery. Robbin.
Robbin P. Learned 08-Mar-2011 19:28
When I Look at this picture, Lots of Memories, come back to Me. Going to Flamingo Plaza, to Bounce on The Trampolines, going to Western Auto, for Bike Accessories, Going to Woolworth's, to buy AMT Plastic Model Car Kits, and Entering, and Winning Model Car Contests, at Woolworth's, Eating At Royal Castle, across the Street, and Taking The Tour, of The Huge Royal Castle Commissary, Buying Birthstone Rings, at JLG Jewelers, Eating at Flamingo Cafeteria, Eating at The Lunch Counter, at Woolworth's, Eating at Walgreen's Restaurant, Going to Walgreen's , with My Mom, Going Shopping with My Mom, at Kwik Chek, Going to W. T. Grant's , Going to The Tap Dancing Studio, to Wait For My Girlfriend: Linda Jenkins, Riding My Go Karts, over By East 10th Avenue, in The Parking Lot, Climbing Under The Flamingo Plaza Sign, and Going to The Traveling Carnivals, By East 10th Avenue. I was either on My Bicycles, walking, or there with My Parents. But I Was there: nearly everyday, as an Elementary School Kid. I Went to Hialeah Elementary School, all 6 Years. Thanks, for The Picture , Don Boyd. Great Picture. Robbin P. Learned.
Robbin P. Learned 08-Mar-2011 18:50
Mary Anne C, I Remember Joe Matrascia. He was A Super Cop, on The Hialeah Police Department, in The 50's , and 60's. He Caught, and Arrested Robbers, while Shopping Off Duty, ect. I Lived not too far, from His House on Lejeune Road, and East 13th Street, and I Saw Him a Lot. He Had A Real Nice Family. Sadly, His Son Joey: Got Hit on His Bicycle, By ST. John's, on East 6th Avenue, in around 1960, and He Died A Couple Days Later. RIP. Joe Matrascia, was one of The Finest Hialeah Police Officers, in The History Of The City. RIP.
Mary Anne C 26-Feb-2011 05:37
Melanie, any relation to Joe Matrascia, who was a Hialeah policeman in the 60s? What a good guy he was.
Wendell Farlow 28-Nov-2010 06:28
The Flamingo Cafeteria, was a great place to eat. And I too had the chopped steak often there with the french fried onion ring on top, and it was certainly delicious. The waiters wore nice red suits and bow ties, and carried your trays to the table, and unloaded all of your food off of the tray. And the cakes there were delicious too. Wendell T. Farlow.
Ken Griese 21-Nov-2010 18:17
I best remember eating at the Flamingo cafeteria on Friday nights in the late 50's and early 60's.. Always had the same thing and always loved it! Chopped steak, mashed potatoes with gravy and green beans + a dinner roll - butter and an iced tea. Life was good and simple.
Annonymous 05-Mar-2010 00:34
MR. Thompkins SR., Your Ideals are Good, and I understand what your point is. And I agree with what you taught you children, but busing children to a high crime area like Brownsville, was nothing to take lightly , back when Integration first began in the school systems. Many White children, were attacked, Beaten, Their Hair Cut, and so forth by Brownsville jr. high students. They were Bullied, just because they were white and scared of Blacks. So do you honestly think that White Parents , and White Students , were Racists, for not wanting to Be Bussed to school in Brownsville ? And Sir, Brownsville is the name, of the area, and the middle school, and that someone mentioned Brownsville, did not mean it to mean Brown Skin, or anything else, So stand down off your Racist chip on your shoulder High Horse, and Be Real. Not all Blacks are Good, as you're Implying. But not all Blacks are Criminals either. I am a fair person, not at all prejudiced against anyone , I treat everyone the same, and I hope you practice what you preach sir. A fellow human being.
amaziah cozy thompkins, sr. 28-Jan-2010 18:13
Your mom was ahead of her time, from what I've been told by my colleagues that attended school in, Brownsville in that era, everyone that had white complesion, was considered a, "cracker." everyday they told me they had to fight, and there was no fleeing involved. I'm retired from the U.S. Army and taught my kids not to be pre judgemental, look and listen at a persons heart first.

The reason I mentioned race is because you put, "Brownsville(?)".
Kriss Strand10-Sep-2009 02:43
WOW! We lived @ 1050 E 18th beetwen 10th Ave and the rail road, from...'65 to '71? I would go up to Nolan's truck rental(?) to get an RC cola from their machine. We moved to Davie when I was 11 or 12. I went through the 4th grade @ Hialeah elementary but my Mom kept me out for a full year when they wanted to bus me to Brownsville(?). I have a few class photos from there and would love to post them.
Any way I remember everything you all mentioned and it truely was a blast from the past! I don't remember his name but I too went to the dentist at the Flamingo Plaza. I remember drinking cherry Cokes (the hand made kind) at Walgreens and hating the paper straws because they always collapsed. The bike I got for Christmas was from the Western Auto. I bought a Zorro play set, complete with chalk tipped sword, mask and cape at the toy store. Cashing in bottles at the Quick Check that we collected and scrounged . Oh and the carnivals with the guy riding a motor cycle in a sphere shaped cage! Does anyone remember the Dwarf village that set up in the parking lot? It may have been a dream as most of this seems.
My sister was working at J C Penny's or Woolworths when it was robbed once.
It looks like some of you may have been my neighbors when I lived there. I was young but my brother, Keith and my sister, Sonjia where in Jr. and high shcool.
Thanks for posting these reveries. I just found this site dont know how to post photos yet but I do have some that I would like to share.
Guest 28-Aug-2009 06:21
Hello Maria and Carey! I just happened to take a look at this site again and saw your names here! Hope all is well with both of you. Melanie
Robbin P. Learned 28-Mar-2009 19:48
Melanie Green Matrascia and Maria Elena, I enjoyed Reading Both Of Your Post Here, and Recognized all that you talked about. It was Memory Lane, for Me !!!!! I Bouncd on those Square Pit Trampolines, By Western Auto, and I Bought toys and competed in Model Car Contests, at Woolworth's , went to Walgreen's, Bought toys, at Children's World, Went to Kwik Chek, with My Mom, Got accessories, for my Bike, at Western Auto, Bought Rings, for Girlfriends, at JLG Jewelers, Ate Dinner, all the time, with my Family, at Flamingo Cafeteria, Went to The Traveling Carnivals, in The parking Lot, on 10th Avenue, over near The sign, in winter, Right before Christmas, when it was Chilly, Rode My Go Karts, By 10th avenue, afternoons, where The Carnivals were, Rode My Bike, in The Plaza, everyday, and Took Girlfriends inside The Flamingo Plaza Sign, by Crawling under, Where we Kissed, and Made out, in Private, and Never Got Caught, and The Girls Names: I am not Telling !!!!!!!! I Rode on The Ponies, at The Pony Rides, on East 9th Street, By My House, I Rode the Go Karts, at Karland, also By My House, I went to Royal Castle, Golden Point, Burger King, Food Fair, Grable's Bakery, The Essex Theatre, The Circle Theatre, Big Ed's BBQ, The Hitching Post BBQ, Patsy's for Pizza, Babcock Pool, Babcock Recreation Center, The Hialeah Public Library, Rexall Drugstore, DR. Link, DR. Bernard Ellins - My Dentist, Hialeah Lanes, Carol's Restaurant, Farm Store, U- Totem, Saunder's Hobby Shop, I went all 6 years, to Hialeah Elementary School, from 1957 to 1962, and then, I went to 1/2 of 7th Grade, at Miami Springs JR. High, and then we moved to West Hialeah, in 1964, and I transferred to Palm Springs JR. High. I still Live there, in West Hialeah, near HML, - Hialeah- Miami Lakes High School. Best Regards, To Both Of You Ladies !!!!!! Robbin P. Learned.
carey gigi 28-Mar-2009 01:34
Melanie Green Matrascia Hello how have you been, do you remember me I was your neighbor from 1950 to 1960 lived at 1002 east 19th st. and I think you lived at 1082 next to the Gonzales's on the corner. I guess you remember I worked at your house in Springs about 15 years ago. I am going to write you on the other site that Don Boyd mentioned and maybe get more responses . Just scroll down past all the photos and the blue rectangle box on the right are newer comments , hope to see you there Carey
Don Boyd27-Mar-2009 04:12
Melanie and Maria: thank you for your comments and for taking the time to post.

Melanie: if you go into the Hialeah Comments galleries (the one starting 1/1/09 and the one before that), and in the narrative gallery about growing up in Hialeah, you will find tons of comments written by Robbin Learned who remembers everything that ever happened or that he ever ate for the past 50 years, especially over in the east side of Hialeah, along with comments from other gents who grew up around the same time. You will be amazed at how many memories these guys have come up with and I'm sure you will recognize much of what they have written about.

Melanie Green Matrascia 27-Mar-2009 03:55
This is such an incredible website!! I used to live on East 19th Street and 10th Avenue as I was growing up in Hialeah. My parents used to take me to the little area in the north east corner of the plaza to skate on Sunday afternoons. There was a Kwik Chek (aka Winn Dixie), a Richard's which later became J.C. Penny, Flamingo Cafeteria, J.L.G. Jewelers ( I got my class ring there), and so many other stores that have already been listed in other posts. Kwik Chek used to give out Top Value stamps with your grocery purchase and the redemption store was a few doors down. I also remember the trampolines that were built into the south east corner of the parking lot. Flamingo Plaza was a big deal until North Side Shopping Center was built! My mother used to send me to the grocery store to get milk or bread when I was really young. I would go through the factories on my bike to get there. Can you imagine sending your child anywhere like that today?! Growing up in Hialeah is an era gone by. Who remembers the go cart rides and pony rides on East 9th Street between 8th and 10th avenues? Then there the pony rides that used to be on Okeechobee Road forever! Lots and lots of things that used to be and now it's gone. I also remember the little Italian restaurant we used to go on 49th Street called Figaro's. They played Little Rascals movies all the time. Before that across the street there used to be a place where they still had girls skating up to your car to take your order. Thanks for so many memories!
Maria Elena24-Jan-2009 03:44
Wow, I arrived from Cuba in '61 and moved to Hialeah in '64, just a half block from the north end of Flamingo Plaza. This place was my playground on weekends. i used to go there on my skateboard, and I first learned about finances there putting Beatle's records on lay-away. It took 2 week's worth of allowance for me to buy an LP, which cost $3.89 or something like that. I used to buy it a JC Penney's. Imagine, I was 8 years old then, and the store trusted me to make my payments. Some of the other stores were Diskay, Western Auto (got my bike there), MaryJane Shoes, Children's World, Walgreens, a stamp redeeming store, Woolworth, and other smaller shops thru-out the plaza. I lived there 'til I was 10, and we moved up to 22nd St., by the RR tracks, but I still walked to Flamingo Plaza every once in a while. Remember the rides that used to come every winter and set up in the corner of the parking lot, just behind the big sign? I cherish those days SO much!!!!
Maria Elena
Robbin P. Learned 08-Jan-2009 06:01
Don Boyd, Thank You, Very Much, For This Photo, it Sure Brings Back Memories. I was always at Flamingo Plaza, it was a Great Shopping Center. Best Regards !!!!!!! Robbin.