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November 25

I know I haven't updated in a while, so I thought to sort of make up for it, and just upload a bunch
of pics, a bit cheating, but it's better than nothing right? And I've been lazy in carrying my slr
around, so now it's just my ghetto cell pics! It's not that I haven't been doing much lately, actually
I have, but just been lazy in updating things that's all, but I do try to keep track of things tho.

So here' a list of dvd/movies/tv series I've watched...

-Heroes season 2: First season was really good, but the second season was bastardized by the writer's
strike, so it sucked to say the least.

-Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicle: Looks to be a good series and it didn't disappoint! Always love
the human/robot dynamics of the series, I see good potential in this.

-Pushing Daisies: Pretty charming and funny drama/comedy, but I can't believe they are goona stop

-Jumper: Cool action I have to say, but somewhat ok story, they took the safe way around this film.

-My Sassy Girl (US version): This movie sucked I have to say, cuz I already watch the Korean film,
it was trying so hard to be what it wasn't, it wasn't funny at all, and the female lead was annoying
and I didn't feel for her character at all.

-Rambo: Now this movie rocked and it was better than I thought! I really liked the story and even
tho he didn't utter that much words, it was action packed to the brim! I recommend this film for
action heroes!

-The Bucket List: I've always enjoy Morgan Freeman film, and this time he's teamed up with Joker
Jack, and it was pretty funny, and refreshing to see them work alongside each other.

-My name is Earl Season 3: The beginning was funny, but I thot they went away from the whole Karma
premise of the story halfway through the show, it because about Earl, and nothing about Karma, but
then toward the end, I"m glad it went back to about Karma!

-Entourage season 1: Got a few recommendations on this, and I had to check it out, lots of cuties
in this and the male bonding comradery was exactly like this, bitching, bickering, and making fun
of each other. Guys say the funniest shiet and do the stupidest things.

-There will be blood: I usually try to check out Academy award winners and see what's the deal was,
I have to say Daniel Day Lewis is just brilliant in this flim, but I thot the movie was only ok,
it was just too much and too heavy for me!

-Cape No. 7: If you're Taiwanese and understand Taiwanese, you just have to watch this film, it's
super hilarious and I loved every minute of it!!! I guess this movie translated to english or if
you watch it with subtitles, you lose the whole point of the movie. This so portrays the way
Taiwanese act and talk, and I guess the culture of it, I say "guess" because I haven't been back
to Taiwan for too long, so I can't really say what kind of culture they have. But the dialogue
in this movie is 100% accurate and I so get a kick out of this film.

-Scrubs Season 7: I think they lost a lot of magic with this series and prob toward the end of the
career, I always like how they narrate and have a voice-over each episode and tie everything into
the whole story, and I do like their tangent comedic moments when JD day dreams. But it's just not
as funny as before.

-Great Debaters: I've always enjoyed Denzel Washington movies, and this was based on a true story
so it was pretty interesting learning about history about an all black debate team going up against
the ranks of an all white college debate team in the likes of Harvard (it was actually USC). I
notice that I tend to lean toward movies that are based on true story, because it's like learning
about history, but I always do research afterward, and then I read the actual history, sometimes
the movie do change quite a bit from history, but I still enjoy it because part of it did happen!

-The Wild: This was a cute animation film, pretty cute and funny characters, especially the Koala
bear, I did enjoy this movie and would recommend it for a good laugh!

-Meet the Robinsons: Another animation film, this was about time traveling. I've noticed that I've
become less and less interested in movies about time traveling, a lot of times it doesn't make sense
to me, or confusing time lines. I haven't enjoy a good time traveling in a long time, the one that
comes to mind right now is still Back to the future series.

-The bank job: I do like heist movies and this was in part a heist movie, but it was much more!
This movie was pretty exciting and I recommend it, it's based on actual robbery story as well, and
of course they added their own flavor to it, but overall it was very effective and all the chracters
were all very engaging, I dig Jason Statham in this role, even tho he's usually the macho man type
of guy. Do check this movie out!

-Charlie Wilson's war: Currently watching this now, and I know it's based on a true story.

-Pan's Labyrinth:

-Blood Diamond:

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