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Michelle de Lange24-Jun-2012 00:25

I have used two of your sea lion photos on morguefile for a painting( I'm trying to piece together a portfolio)
Thank you very much for making these photos available, it helped me immensely. If you would like a large format file of the painting or something just email me.

Thanks again,

Georgina Tripp 14-Jun-2012 13:46
Hi Matthew,
I'd like to use the humpback whale tail photo from morguefile to go with an article on whale watching that I'm contributing to yahoo! contributor network. It's a beautiful photo. I will give you credit, but it will be in its original form. Please let me know if that would be okay.
Georgina Tripp
Rob Willard 09-May-2012 20:17

I would like to ask if I may use your artwork inside a book I am making which will include images from artists that have been converted to 3D.

The image I would like to include is eagle_perched.jpg from

I will gladly add credits and a link to your website or other work. Hopefully if good enough the book will go on sale sometime in the summer in electronic-format.

best regards,

Rob Willard
Gavin Hastings 29-Nov-2011 12:27
Hello Matthew. I am currently working on a project of making teaching materials for ESL education in Asia. One of my products is a poster of about forty water animals. I was hoping to use a sea lion and a whale cresting picture of yours that I found on morguefile. The materials will be for resale. I was wondering if using these two pictures would be cool with you, and if so, what do you want me to write in the photo credit section. If not, I fully understand and will respect your wishes. Thanks for your time. A lot of your pictures are awesome.

Gavin Hastings
Mevelyn 14-Nov-2011 22:45
I used your "bird_chat.jpg" from MorgueFile in my digital web book "Sparrow In My Hand." Thank you.
Rich Aquino 29-May-2011 15:23
Hi Matthew!

I used your still life image of an egg (E40B3067.jpg, from MorgueFile) in a video I just produced. You know how video works...about 5 seconds of screen time! It's called "Meditations for the Warrior" and promotes the download of free mediation audio files with military personnel in mind. It's also a bit of a Memorial Day tribute. You can see it at YouTube under the "YogaJP" channel.

Mery 01-May-2011 10:44
Hi Matthew! Thank you for let me use your picture I just downloaded from morguefile. I used it in my blogspot. Entre poemas y vivencias. I posted today. Great picture! Mery Bracho
Guest 24-Apr-2011 03:30

Used your gorgeous loon on a lake -w/ credit - for a Yahoo! article called
"Top Ten Natural Lakes in the USA"

Shelley C 29-Oct-2010 17:57
Hi Matthew!
I used your Owl (closeup) photo as a reference for a painting I did. I may enter it in a contest too. Thanks so much for sharing your awesome photos with all of us!!!
Shari Goodhartz 23-Sep-2010 23:06
Hi Matthew,

Just wanted you to know that I used one of your MorgueFile photos on my blog yesterday (it seems to be a popular one -- the lighting study of the egg), about the autumnal equinox. I put your photo credit right next to the picture.

Thanks for your generosity with your wonderful work.

Best, Shari Goodhartz (Yoga is more than just exercise...
Giuseppe Palmeri 02-Mar-2010 19:03
Hi Matthew.
I am Giuseppe and i have insert a
your photo of a whale take on morgueFile
into the 27o level of the game Copippo.
Copippo is a puzle game for Android.

Search: Copippo, Android on Google!

Thank you,
Guest 25-Feb-2010 21:24
Hi Matthew,
We plan to use your butterfly image from Morguefile #92031 on our Spring issue of The Chariton Review. We'd be glad to send you a copy if you'll send your address. It will be out in May.
Judy Sharp, Production Editor
Truman State University Press
Kirksville, MO 63501
Billy 19-Jan-2010 17:27
Hi Matthew,

I've downloaded one of your otter pics for use on a wildlife info board, if this is okay with you. We've credited you in the text. Please let me know if this is okay. Well done on all of your work.
Chris 22-Oct-2009 16:24
Hello Matthew,

I really liked the pumpkinseed photo on Morguefile. I have downloaded it and used it in an ehow article i wrote about taking young children fishing. You can find it at ehow under my username caldunc.

Thanks again,
Jennie Renton 09-Jul-2009 12:12
Hi Matthew

We are just uploading your picture of a ball with a shadow from Morguefile. We'll credit it to you - thanks!

J. Kizler 18-Jun-2009 03:43
whale_tail_a2.jpg on morgueFile is captivating. The more I look, the more I see, and the more story is told. To illustrate dreamtime, I used it in conjunction with a Hubble image, and surprised even myself. Whatta whale! Thanks for making me look good. :-) Holler if you'd like to see it.
Guest 14-Oct-2008 12:52

I'm requesting permission to use your image of a hawk found on morguefile. To grant permission, please email:

Thanks for the use of your great image.

Sara Day
Pier Post 12-Aug-2008 10:09
Hello Matthew,

I was looking on Morguefile for a photo for a scientific book, and I found a great photo of the Egg - Lighting study. I downloaded it from morguefiles to use on a book Cover.

I will place you name on the Credit Page. Also I would like to send you a copy of the book.

Pier Post
Cheryl Ziola 30-Jan-2008 20:56
Hello Matthew. What amazing composition in your photo of the eagle perched on a tree found at I was wondering if I could obtain a high-resolution photo of that one to use in a powerpoint presentation to aboriginals? I noted the downloaded version is only 72 dpi. I am representing a Vancouver-based charity called FORED BC so we're not really in a position to purchase these kinds of gorgeous pictures. Would you be able to email it to me at If it bounces due to size, then please use (free utility) to send large photo files. Thanks so much for your help
Guest 08-Mar-2007 13:32
Keep going forward. You have so much potential.
Steve 22-Sep-2006 20:58
Mr. Hull
An amazinglly beautiful photo of Pelican Diving! I downloaded it from morguefiles
to use on a poster I created for the education department where I work. Just thought
you would like to know how much I liked it and how much I appreciate you sharing you
great work. Let me know if you would like to see the finished poster that thousands
of other people are going to see. (You did get photo credit) Thanks again
Steve Monson
Laurie 02-Sep-2006 01:08
Hi Matthew,
I just went through your photos and my eyes were so delighted with what they saw. I got very excited with the zoo fox (which I found at morguefile) and your egret from your Florida vacation. I havent downloaded the fox as I am not sure how to go about it but I would love to use both of these photos for paintings with your permission.

rainbows to you
Kai 17-Jul-2006 08:09
Hi Matthew,

I used your foto of a calf (found at morguefile) for my Weblog.
Thanks for sharing your work.
Kai Schleyerbach
Guest 27-Mar-2006 19:09
Forsythia Yellow -- a pretty and common bush.

Hello Matthew:

May we please reproduce the image above, posted on morguefile? The purpose is for a spring gardening series produced by Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association, to appear in the Toronto Sun. We will credit the image.

Thanks and regards,
Lee Ann Knudsen
Matthew G. Hull23-Jan-2006 20:40
Thank you so much for your kind words. You grabbed the image from MorgueFile, so of course I don't mind at all. Peace.
Phuong Tran 20-Dec-2005 16:17
Thanks for sharing with me. Great pictures.

Matthew G. Hull26-Mar-2005 22:41
Thank you so much for your kind words. You grabbed the image from MorgueFile, so of course I don't mind at all. Peace.
anna. 26-Mar-2005 07:20
I completely fell in love with your photo of the lonely bench in the snow, and I hope you don't mind that I've used it for a header in my blogtemplate. You can come see it here

thanks for taking such lovely pictures!!
Matthew G. Hull05-Feb-2005 22:50
Glad that you liked it :-)
GraphicallyPut 02-Feb-2005 18:52
Just dropped by to say thanx as I have just downloaded your image titled 'Pool guard Lizard'
from the morgue :) I just wanted to let you know I am grateful for the use of it & it will become part of an entry in one of the competitions I enter in I am learning heaps on photoshop thru this awesome site so I hope to do you proud! If you would like me to send you an email when I use it just let me know at the email addy above.
thanx heaps:)