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40 year celebration 'Summer of Love in 1967' Haight Ashbury

 hotsytotsy in the blue-ghosts of the past-jazz club caution: older clown. brother clown. the clown. scarry clown. barefoot walking.jpg getting the led out with led zep music
.....more tongue. lots of tongue in the haight. get down candy lady.jpg if you have elephant balls this dress shirt is for you very happy with hairstyle. fresh touchup for da street fair moving through the crowd peace sign.jpg
flowers in yur hair..peace,love,grateful dead 40 yrs ago. nice eh? made in china(caution:may contain lead) heyyyyyyyyyyy.jpg g6/31/718031/3/80395773.3ZpBVnbu.jpg polyester
bug eye pimple where was i.jpg purple spaghetti hair.jpg wind chimes for peace, love, dope. haight ashbury for all the hornies skateboard kid.jpg
clapping of one hand-see raised hand in image WOW! youngin likes peace button.jpg stepping on flowers? cd's..for sale. high blows and low blows. unplugged for good
says chicken.. yummy eatable leather.jpg long lines for food hot sun too.jpg and then ralph.jpg many people many cultures.jpg
dancing to zep.jpg inspector tongue.jpg fan, music -talk to your marigolds throw some in your salad under the green umbrella.jpg
he's not really looking at buttons he wants cookies.jpg hari krishna.jpg LSD scarf for sale. as advertised. lots of move on haight.jpg impeach cheney first. my favorite. what's yours
muscle's hard on juice peace and smiles.jpg haight ashbury streets.jpg peace on the cement.jpg sign here and enjoy some ganja brownies.jpg
very angry little person wearing original 67 summer love t.jpg would someone take me home please.jpg grocery shuffle.jpg seeing through a window.jpg
inside looking out pot luck -more stuff.jpg boys from broken homes, haight ashbury feeling better after being sick.jpg hari k.jpg
gurls love tu buy stuff.jpg sign post up ahead next stop the haight.jpg lovers.jpg out your window.jpg them or us.jpg
the candy man can with a piece of cotton in one ear.jpg a stand for peace.jpg little people talking to balloon for fun.jpg bush t.jpg it's the music.jpg
popcorn leave a tip.jpg bones and ghosts.jpg livin in the haight.jpg more windows.jpg on a mission.jpg
old new.jpg some famous guy in rock.jpg on the back.jpg no picture.jpg sit anywhere and eat.jpg
love thyself. this guy does. pile of masks nice hat.jpg posing for a photo.jpg OoOoh where are we, safe i hope.jpg
can't rush your reflection mOody ROsE GArDen freakin hungry here eat this.jpg all wood hand carved.jpg role playing with leather masks.jpg
on the phone.jpg his bad side.jpg make a,drink -have a happy trip ride yur bike. join the green evolution. and..parkit free. the healing center.jpg
sign in.jpg it takes all kinds... the light bulb. always on. silk in the sun.jpg mr purple haze.jpg
juice man.jpg nobody cares. get yur freak on. don't know whats going.jpg a new toy.jpg yesterday's shoe style..lovely.