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hojelse | profile | all galleries >> Horse Racing 2008 >> Klampenborg 2008-08-03 (Scandinavian Open Gr. 3) tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Klampenborg 2008-08-03 (Scandinavian Open Gr. 3)

img_8374b.jpg     (King First)
img_8374b.jpg (King First)
img_8394b.jpg     (Sin Cocos)
img_8394b.jpg (Sin Cocos)
img_8395b.jpg     (Flashline)
img_8395b.jpg (Flashline)
img_8400b.jpg     (Marigold)
img_8400b.jpg (Marigold)
img_8403b.jpg     (Sin Cocos)
img_8403b.jpg (Sin Cocos)
img_8406b.jpg     (Fortyfour)
img_8406b.jpg (Fortyfour)
img_8438b.jpg     (Bonefish & Sin Cocos)
img_8438b.jpg (Bonefish & Sin Cocos)
img_8467b.jpg     (Bonefish)
img_8467b.jpg (Bonefish)
img_8509b.jpg     (Skyharbor)
img_8509b.jpg (Skyharbor)
img_8510b.jpg     (Smart Guy)
img_8510b.jpg (Smart Guy)
img_8526b.jpg     (Good Girl Handicap)
img_8526b.jpg (Good Girl Handicap)
img_8528b.jpg     (Nassau Style)
img_8528b.jpg (Nassau Style)
img_8535b.jpg     (Nassau Style)
img_8535b.jpg (Nassau Style)
img_8536b.jpg     (Smart Guy)
img_8536b.jpg (Smart Guy)
img_8540b.jpg     (Nassau Style)
img_8540b.jpg (Nassau Style)
img_8547b.jpg     (Nassau Style)
img_8547b.jpg (Nassau Style)
img_8551b.jpg     (Smart Guy)
img_8551b.jpg (Smart Guy)
img_8575b.jpg     (Corteez Pride)
img_8575b.jpg (Corteez Pride)
img_8583b.jpg     (Flex)
img_8583b.jpg (Flex)
img_8639b.jpg     ( 3-års Sprint)
img_8639b.jpg ( 3-års Sprint)
img_8644b.jpg     (Corteez Pride)
img_8644b.jpg (Corteez Pride)
img_8658b.jpg     (Corteez Pride)
img_8658b.jpg (Corteez Pride)
img_8678b.jpg     (Finn Ind Again)
img_8678b.jpg (Finn Ind Again)
img_8694b.jpg     (Clauses Polly)
img_8694b.jpg (Clauses Polly)
img_8703b.jpg     (Titbit Rose)
img_8703b.jpg (Titbit Rose)
img_8710b.jpg     (Royal Legend)
img_8710b.jpg (Royal Legend)
img_8711b.jpg     (Lady Mary)
img_8711b.jpg (Lady Mary)
img_8717b.jpg     (Clauses Polly)
img_8717b.jpg (Clauses Polly)
img_8737b.jpg     (Titbit Rose)
img_8737b.jpg (Titbit Rose)
img_8756b.jpg     (Titbit Rose)
img_8756b.jpg (Titbit Rose)
img_8758b.jpg     (John Balliol)
img_8758b.jpg (John Balliol)
img_8764b.jpg     (Skandinavisk opdrætningsløb)
img_8764b.jpg (Skandinavisk opdrætningsløb)
img_8766b.jpg     (Reventon)
img_8766b.jpg (Reventon)
img_8791b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8791b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8792b.jpg     (Crimson and Gold)
img_8792b.jpg (Crimson and Gold)
img_8794b.jpg     (Volo Cat)
img_8794b.jpg (Volo Cat)
img_8799b.jpg     (Fly Society)
img_8799b.jpg (Fly Society)
img_8803b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8803b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8813b.jpg     (Volo Cat)
img_8813b.jpg (Volo Cat)
img_8814b.jpg     (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8814b.jpg (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8821b.jpg     (Kronhjort)
img_8821b.jpg (Kronhjort)
img_8823b.jpg     (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8823b.jpg (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8829b.jpg     (Volo Cat)
img_8829b.jpg (Volo Cat)
img_8843b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8843b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8847b.jpg     (Kronhjort)
img_8847b.jpg (Kronhjort)
img_8849b.jpg     (Volo Cat)
img_8849b.jpg (Volo Cat)
img_8853b.jpg     (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8853b.jpg (Notturno Di Chopin)
img_8859b.jpg     (Crimson and Gold)
img_8859b.jpg (Crimson and Gold)
img_8865b.jpg     (Kronhjort)
img_8865b.jpg (Kronhjort)
img_8873b.jpg     (Fly Society)
img_8873b.jpg (Fly Society)
img_8874b.jpg     (Fly Society)
img_8874b.jpg (Fly Society)
img_8888b.jpg     (Copenhagen Golden Mile)
img_8888b.jpg (Copenhagen Golden Mile)
img_8890b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8890b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8893b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8893b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8895b.jpg     (Fly Society)
img_8895b.jpg (Fly Society)
img_8896b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8896b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8904b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8904b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8920b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8920b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8928b.jpg     (Quilboquet)
img_8928b.jpg (Quilboquet)
img_8943b.jpg     (Arabian Word)
img_8943b.jpg (Arabian Word)
img_8945b.jpg     (Narug)
img_8945b.jpg (Narug)
img_8949b.jpg     (Narug)
img_8949b.jpg (Narug)
img_8953b.jpg     (Namking)
img_8953b.jpg (Namking)
img_8960b.jpg     (Hoffmann)
img_8960b.jpg (Hoffmann)
img_8963b.jpg     (Druid)
img_8963b.jpg (Druid)
img_8969b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_8969b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_8974b.jpg     (Red Marteeney)
img_8974b.jpg (Red Marteeney)
img_8977b.jpg     (Red Marteeney)
img_8977b.jpg (Red Marteeney)
img_8978b.jpg     (Air Force Eleven)
img_8978b.jpg (Air Force Eleven)
img_8987b.jpg     (Narug)
img_8987b.jpg (Narug)
img_8998b.jpg     (Hoffmann)
img_8998b.jpg (Hoffmann)
img_9001b.jpg     (Druid)
img_9001b.jpg (Druid)
img_9005b.jpg     (Arabian Word)
img_9005b.jpg (Arabian Word)
img_9040b.jpg     (Restaurant Kardemomme Ærespræmie)
img_9040b.jpg (Restaurant Kardemomme Ærespræmie)
img_9042b.jpg     (Air Force Eleven & Double Ess)
img_9042b.jpg (Air Force Eleven & Double Ess)
img_9050b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_9050b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_9058b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_9058b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_9066b.jpg     (Air Force Eleven)
img_9066b.jpg (Air Force Eleven)
img_9067b.jpg     (Air Force Eleven)
img_9067b.jpg (Air Force Eleven)
img_9069b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_9069b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_9072b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_9072b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_9077b.jpg     (Double Ess)
img_9077b.jpg (Double Ess)
img_9110b.jpg     (Nightingale)
img_9110b.jpg (Nightingale)
img_9112b.jpg     (Carlos Girl)
img_9112b.jpg (Carlos Girl)
img_9123b.jpg     (Vanity Fair)
img_9123b.jpg (Vanity Fair)
img_9140b.jpg     (Carlos Girl)
img_9140b.jpg (Carlos Girl)
img_9142b.jpg     (Moune Shine)
img_9142b.jpg (Moune Shine)
img_9149b.jpg     (Kendwa)
img_9149b.jpg (Kendwa)
img_9161b.jpg     (Ask Don't Tell)
img_9161b.jpg (Ask Don't Tell)
img_9169b.jpg     (Amazing Vibe)
img_9169b.jpg (Amazing Vibe)
img_9176b.jpg     (Kendwa)
img_9176b.jpg (Kendwa)
img_9194b.jpg     (York Stutteri Ærespræmie)
img_9194b.jpg (York Stutteri Ærespræmie)
img_9200b.jpg     (Vanity Fair & Moune Shine)
img_9200b.jpg (Vanity Fair & Moune Shine)
img_9207b.jpg     (York Stutteri Ærespræmie)
img_9207b.jpg (York Stutteri Ærespræmie)
img_9218b.jpg     (Kendwa)
img_9218b.jpg (Kendwa)
img_9221b.jpg     (Kendwa)
img_9221b.jpg (Kendwa)
img_9232b.jpg     (Nightingale)
img_9232b.jpg (Nightingale)
img_9239b.jpg     (Nightingale)
img_9239b.jpg (Nightingale)
img_9267b.jpg     (Django)
img_9267b.jpg (Django)
img_9270b.jpg     (Jagodin)
img_9270b.jpg (Jagodin)
img_9275b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9275b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9288b.jpg     (Lumen)
img_9288b.jpg (Lumen)
img_9293b.jpg     (Bongo Bello)
img_9293b.jpg (Bongo Bello)
img_9295b.jpg     (Hot Fudge)
img_9295b.jpg (Hot Fudge)
img_9296b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9296b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9302b.jpg     (Peas and Carrots)
img_9302b.jpg (Peas and Carrots)
img_9305b.jpg     (Bongo Bello)
img_9305b.jpg (Bongo Bello)
img_9312b.jpg     (Lumen)
img_9312b.jpg (Lumen)
img_9335b.jpg     (Bongo Bello)
img_9335b.jpg (Bongo Bello)
img_9352b.jpg     (Peas and Carrots)
img_9352b.jpg (Peas and Carrots)
img_9362b.jpg     (Lumen)
img_9362b.jpg (Lumen)
img_9376b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9376b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9381b.jpg     (Lumen)
img_9381b.jpg (Lumen)
img_9385b.jpg     (Dan Tucket)
img_9385b.jpg (Dan Tucket)
img_9387b.jpg     (Pecoiquen)
img_9387b.jpg (Pecoiquen)
img_9390b.jpg     (Jagodin)
img_9390b.jpg (Jagodin)
img_9394b.jpg     (Mick Jerome)
img_9394b.jpg (Mick Jerome)
img_9400b.jpg     (Bongo Bello)
img_9400b.jpg (Bongo Bello)
img_9401b.jpg     (Hot Fudge)
img_9401b.jpg (Hot Fudge)
img_9411b.jpg     (Alpacco)
img_9411b.jpg (Alpacco)
img_9415b.jpg     (Peas and Carrots)
img_9415b.jpg (Peas and Carrots)
img_9431b.jpg     (Jagodin)
img_9431b.jpg (Jagodin)
img_9435b.jpg     (Mick Jerome)
img_9435b.jpg (Mick Jerome)
img_9439b.jpg     (Hot Fudge)
img_9439b.jpg (Hot Fudge)
img_9441b.jpg     (Eko Arabian Night)
img_9441b.jpg (Eko Arabian Night)
img_9451b.jpg     (Scandinavian Open Championship)
img_9451b.jpg (Scandinavian Open Championship)
img_9464b1.jpg     (Scandinavian Open Championship)
img_9464b1.jpg (Scandinavian Open Championship)
img_9483b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9483b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9487b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9487b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9492b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9492b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9508b.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9508b.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9526b2.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9526b2.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9531b1.jpg     (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9531b1.jpg (Chinese Mandarin)
img_9563b.jpg     (Tobelini)
img_9563b.jpg (Tobelini)
img_9565b.jpg     (Tobelini)
img_9565b.jpg (Tobelini)
img_9578b.jpg     (Wrams Boss)
img_9578b.jpg (Wrams Boss)
img_9595b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9595b.jpg (Fado)
img_9601b.jpg     (Zebulon Zaid)
img_9601b.jpg (Zebulon Zaid)
img_9603b.jpg     (Nottingham)
img_9603b.jpg (Nottingham)
img_9608b.jpg     (Tobelini)
img_9608b.jpg (Tobelini)
img_9614b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9614b.jpg (Fado)
img_9616b.jpg     (Wrams Boss)
img_9616b.jpg (Wrams Boss)
img_9623b.jpg     (Nottingham)
img_9623b.jpg (Nottingham)
img_9630b.jpg     (Tobelini)
img_9630b.jpg (Tobelini)
img_9637b.jpg     (HM Droningens Ærespræmie)
img_9637b.jpg (HM Droningens Ærespræmie)
img_9639b.jpg     (Nottingham & Zebulon Zaid)
img_9639b.jpg (Nottingham & Zebulon Zaid)
img_9649b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9649b.jpg (Fado)
img_9653b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9653b.jpg (Fado)
img_9664b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9664b.jpg (Fado)
img_9681b.jpg     (Fado)
img_9681b.jpg (Fado)
img_9715b.jpg     (Zingapore Zling)
img_9715b.jpg (Zingapore Zling)
img_9718b.jpg     (Bossa Nova)
img_9718b.jpg (Bossa Nova)
img_9727b.jpg     (Boob's Pressure)
img_9727b.jpg (Boob's Pressure)
img_9730b.jpg     (Rex Shipping)
img_9730b.jpg (Rex Shipping)
img_9772b.jpg     (Joint Instruction)
img_9772b.jpg (Joint Instruction)
img_9822b.jpg     (Zingapore Zling)
img_9822b.jpg (Zingapore Zling)
img_9835b.jpg     (Leonard Jerome Handicap)
img_9835b.jpg (Leonard Jerome Handicap)
img_9849b1.jpg     (Boob's Pressure)
img_9849b1.jpg (Boob's Pressure)