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Isabel Cutler15-Jul-2020 23:11
How's Sahraa doing?
Carl H. Johnson01-Jan-2018 12:57
Carl H. Johnson25-Dec-2017 00:49
linda 15-Jul-2017 16:34
Beautiful and much efforts put into your photos. Linda from Kenilworth garden
John Glines28-Jun-2017 21:20
Dear Helen, I see what you mean about the similarity of what I just posted: the Red Cross Fabergé Easter Egg, but I don't know where that came from; I just found it on line. (This after viewing the Russian plates.) I wouldn't be surprised if a vast amount of Romanov possessions were scattered around the world. I remember visiting the Kremlin and there being one room of Catherine the Great's jewelry but otherwise there was a lot less of Imperial effects there
than one might suppose.
Karen Moen16-Feb-2017 05:09
Just wanted to let you know that my computer and internet provider have been having connection issues. Hopefully it will soon be rectified.
Ted Kennedy 13-Feb-2017 17:14
Helen, thank you sooooo much for the great photos of Okinawa. I really enjoyed them
Jochen Dietrich 18-Jul-2016 13:37
Hallo Helen,
we are surching Fotos of the olaya Tower in Riyadh.
We are the manufaktures of the light fixture outside. The lightlines
we like to have Pictures from the Tower with the light lines on in the blue hour / beginning of darkness. 2 or 3 Picture hight Definition . For our broschures and cataloges
can you help us? Or can you give us a Name /address of fotograf in ri
Bob Soule 13-Jan-2016 19:46
Just checked out your recent galleries.
Fran Vader 08-Nov-2015 19:22
A voice from the past. I still have the Chubb brochure with the photo you took. Contact me, if you get this.
Mike Boatner 27-Aug-2015 20:50
Enjoying your travels!!! Thanks for posting them!!!

Dad spent his 18th birthday on Iwo Jima and manged to take some pics.
norma1427-Aug-2015 07:34
lovely pics
camelia13-Jul-2015 08:27
You'v got such a talent my friend, love your galleries
pat kluckman 25-May-2015 16:39
Helen, hi. Stacy and I knew you in oki. We bought rugs from you when you transferred back to DC. We have a question on two of the rugs. Pls contact us and we will send photos of the two in question. Thans, pat kluckman, CAPT, USN (ret)7
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:48
I am really impressed by your gallery, sorry for my english:)
Isaac 12-May-2015 17:37
Hi Helen,
I would love to use some of your images for pencil work, but i would need your express permission first.
Pls mail me back. Your photos are just lovely.
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:08
Vous possédez un réel talent
George 01-Mar-2015 16:20
Helen I served in Okinawa in 1979 hope to see the pics of the uso tour
Guest 26-Feb-2015 11:35
Loved the photos of abayas and doha. That all I have looked at so far. But also reaslize you were in Okinawa. I was there in 1958-1960 and a young kid in Naha AFB and actually living off base at Machinato Point. What a lovely place then.
Thanks for your lovely photos. I will be in Doha, just a flight change... Wish I had more time there.
Pete 27-Jan-2015 20:45
I have pictures of the Top of the Rock Officers Club, Okinawa, 1972 and 1973. I can send them if provided an address, and they are High Resolution.
hamery01-Dec-2014 10:55
thank you helen for visiting my gallery and nice to meet u in PB. thanks for your kind comments and happy shooting.
Hank Collier 03-Oct-2014 17:07
Hello - Saw your interesting page about Herend, as well as the lovely pics. We'll be in Hungary in November and want to plan a visit to the "real" factory, not just the visitor center and "mini" demo. We have a large Herend collection and are members of the Herend Society. If possible, can you provide information on how to schedule the VIP tour? (The driver we were hiring said no one can go in the main factory.) Thanks very much for any details. Hank Collier,
Minor Sights 25-Sep-2014 10:22
Hi Helen, I loved you pictures on Jeddah. You take great pictures and write great stories. I inserted a link to your photos in my recent article on Jeddah. Unfortunately it won't let me insert the link here but if you go to www DOT minorsights DOT come you will find it.

Would you be interested in making your own contribution to MinorSights? You've go great pictures and wonderful stories. leave me a message f that interests you.
hermankervel15-Sep-2014 14:21
nice pictures
Helen Betts12-Sep-2014 17:32
Thank you for your kind comments, Peter, and I'm glad you're enjoying my galleries! I just can't resist leaving some commentary, either for informational purposes, or to relate the adventure surrounding getting the picture :-).


Peter M. 11-Sep-2014 14:59
....And I must add, Helen, I appreciate the efforts you put in when describing your pictures! It is so much more interesting to know what you are looking at. Thank you!
Peter M. 10-Sep-2014 16:01
Helen, you are proving that regardless where you go in the world, there is beauty to be found!
Judith Barath 27-May-2014 21:56
Hi Helen,
I was searching the internet for Budapest architecture and came across your amazing album. I was born in that city. Your attention to details, composition and just the way you see Budapest (and the world) touches my heart. Thank you for the wonderful album. I am glad you had a great time in Hungary. In this year a lot of construction was finished and the city is more beautiful than ever, it is full of life (and tourists). Even the Metro4 is done and running, also the Vigado was inaugurated. It houses a great exhibition about the Hungarian architect, Imre Makovecz.
I wish you the best time and happy photographing in Saudi Arabia.
Judith Barath
Jerry Curtis26-Apr-2014 23:21
I happened upon your galleries when I saw a comment on some pictures of Anitta Vuorisola, who had commented, out of the blue, on one of my PBase photos, and I remembered you from the STF Challenge days. I even remember some of the pictures in your challenges gallery (the H5 ones, especially). I think you were living in Turkey the last time I visited your PBase site, and I gather you are now in Saudi? What a great travelogue you have compiled here, with such interesting and informative commentaries - a real pleasure to find again,
gilles bourgogne09-Apr-2014 12:00
I have too little time now to look thoroughly at your galleries, but you seem to be a well travelled photographer ! Therefore I shall certainly come back ! Besides, we have one camera model in common : a Panasonic Lumix DMC LX3,
even though i started using mine just a few weeks ago.
Samer Kouka 25-Mar-2014 14:23
Hi Helen,
I visited your profile and i checked your photos in Jeddah it's really Amazing.
I live in Jeddah since 2006, i don't know that it's beautiful till this moment :)
I am Dive Instructor, i would like to invite you to one of my Boat trips. please contact me when you have a chance to come to jeddah.
Thank you,
Captain Samer
Pat LeRoy 09-Mar-2014 17:44
Hi Helen,
My husband was stationed at Kadena AFB in Okinawa (1964-1967) (1968-1972). My sons also took Judo under Sgt. Peavy Do you have any information pertaining to Sgt. Peavy. It would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you,
Jeff Real19-Jan-2014 15:11
I so appreciate you comments on my photography. It is a joy to be able to share back and forth with you. Following you on your awesome journeys means the world to me.
Take care and happy shooting.
larose forest photos11-Jan-2014 20:49
Hi Helen, I just wanted to leave a message on your guestbook, telling you how much I love your photos from Saudi Arabia. Not just the photos either, but the wonderful and fascinating accounts you have provided for us. I know a lot of people are following this particular gallery. It is one of the highlights of my day, checking for new photos of a place I know I'll never see, but am fascinated by. Thank you!!
Fabienne06-Jan-2014 21:13
Bonsoir Helen, c'est avec beaucoup de plaisir que j'ai découvert vos galeries.
Vos photos sont variées et très intéressantes. Elles sont faites avec talent et savoir-faire et la qualité est excellente.
Kay Stevens 14-Dec-2013 17:55
Thank you for your wonderful collection of photos of Makovecz buildings. I'd been introduced to his work by a friend and really appreciated being able to see them portrayed so clearly and professionally.
My best wishes, Kay
Lynn D. Hickman 25-Jul-2013 20:33
I purchased a Kodak Carousel Slide Projector through EBay. The unit arrived & included a 140 slide tray almost full of color slides. The review of the slides include family pictures, travel pictures and a lot of Kadena Air Base. I called the seller and according to him, he purchased the unit in July 2013 at an Auction House in PA. If anyone is interested in these lost memories, you may contact me at
John Glines16-May-2013 01:33
Glad you like my vintage photos of NYC. Now that I live almost full time in Thailand, I miss NYC all the more, so those galleries of the old city and its people is sort of a valentine to the place.
You know I remain one of your biggest fans. I love the Rain Night in Barcelona, particularly the shots of the fruits & vegetables.
Steven Kay 10-May-2013 03:17
Hi Helen

I am highly impressed by the high quality of the pictures. These are very sharp, well composed and compelling to watch. Well done! One gets a chance to almost visit the places you have captured in your photo galleries. You have made a great contribution to PBase and the world of photography.

marybeardwood05-May-2013 19:12
Dear Helen,
I am very excitedabout your photos of the Topkapi Palace. I would like to purchase a couple if that is possible
Lucinda Lambton 28-Feb-2013 19:28
Dear Helen, CONGRATULATIONS on such excellent photographs. I am writing from England, in the middle of a book about buildings for elephants for which I would LOVE to use some of your pictures. Would that be possible? I do hope so as they are very fine. With very best wishes to you, Lucinda Lambton
Robert Houde15-Feb-2013 22:12
Excellent work Helen.
Jean Chiasson06-Jan-2013 21:58
Tank you Helen for visiting my gallery
Carl H. Johnson24-Dec-2012 16:56
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!
Tommy 21-Nov-2012 22:00
Thanks Helen
For these Nice Pictures
Very nice Architecture
Janet Contact 09-Oct-2012 17:09
Hi Helen:

I really enjoyed your pictures. I lived at Kishaba Terrace in 1967 till Jan 1969. My Dad was CWO Harold Contact if anyone remembers him or me. I went to Kubasaki High School in the 7th grade.
Janet Contact Hausrath
Anitta04-Aug-2012 08:39
Dear Helen,
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my galleries. I have been amazed of your photos! You are such a talented photographer and it's been a real joy to browse your galleries. One can see that you have a true passion for photography.
Kind regards,
Jim 22-Jul-2012 03:36
Beautiful pictures. Are you sure that the photo of the USMC change-of-command ceremony was taken at Camp Hanson, Okinawa? I was stationed there in the mid-70s and don't remember anywhere on the base where one could see the ocean in such a way.
John Glines25-May-2012 07:22
Thanks, Helen, for you kind comment on my gallery of food. The recent photos of yours that I've seen are truly extraordinary. I haven't commented on them, but I certainly have enjoyed looking at them. Best wishes.
Guest 19-May-2012 07:37
I was stationed on Okinawa when MS Rose's dad died in 1968. We made a water jump as a demonstration for a group of high ranking Japanese miluitary. It was a water jump and MSG (at the time) Ryay had a heart attack during the drop and did not survive.Oki was otherwise a beautiful place. How did you manage to attract the attention of the bull in the bullfight? formerly of 1st Special Forces Group(Abn)1st Special Forces. Ryan was my 11st Sgt at the time of his death. B. E. O'Day
Kinga Chwalkowska Zadlak24-Dec-2011 19:28
Merry Christmas to you and your family, HELEN ;~}}}
Guest 17-Oct-2011 11:22
hi helen i came across your pics as i was researching about sirkeci, iastanbul. i am a BA fashion student from lancashire in my final year and we have been awarded a travel bursary to travel to turkey. we will be staying from 25-10 to 28-10 and wanted to know whether you're familiar with the area. i have been looking for textile mills or leather manufacturers in the sirkeci province and thought i'd ask you. please let me know whether you can help in way. my email is
David Fishman 11-Oct-2011 19:25
Dear Ms. Betts,
I am the co-author of an upcoming book on planned suburbs around the world that discusses Wekerle; we are potentially interested in using/purchasing some of your photos; if interested, please send an email to:
thank you
greg caverly 25-Sep-2011 03:06
Dear Helen, i own two somewhat identicle pieces of zsolnay pottery they stand arround two feet high and are some sort of decanter they both have what look to be gargoles at the spout would you know where I could get information om these pieces
Guest 20-Sep-2011 17:27
My name is Eddie Lindsey and i was stationed at the 137th ord. co from 66-67.i was sentry dog handler and later kennel master. I would love to hear from someone who was there at that time.
Debbie DS 16-Sep-2011 20:39
Helen, This is Debbie, your neighbor from 23 Kuloglu. Trying to reach you guys. Please email me at Or if you prefer 256-683-9980. Hope to hear from you.
Debbie DS
Guest 28-Jun-2011 20:43
superb visions and details from Budapest. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
rgds, Volker Barcelona
Miklos Abeles 31-May-2011 07:06
Dear Madame.

Reference is made my yesterday message regarding your photos in Budapest.
I'am taking the liberty to advice to you to contact Engineer/Architect Imre Makovecz who may show to you Real Hungarian Style buildings.

Miklos Abeles.
cindy Furman 31-May-2011 01:10
I was interested in your Capitol Hill, Washington DC pictures. I have worked on my family history and have pictures of a couple of the houses my ancestors lived in. One was 809 East Capitol St which seems to be listed as a condo now, so don't know if the original building is still there. Another was 1522 8th St. Congress Heights. I'd like to email the pictures to you to see if they are still there. Beautiful pictures!
Guest 03-Apr-2011 23:10
Was stationed there from Sep 1970 until Jan 1972 (258th PSC Command). Boy, things have changed. Really good pictures. Shows that you don't need the state-of-the-art digital. Rode motorcycles all over the place with 3 other guys that I'm still in touch with. Good times.
Jim Easley 18-Feb-2011 17:35
I was in OKINAWA form 1968 to 1970 and was stationed at the 137th ORD CO. I would like to hear from anyone that was there at that time. From 1970 till now I have not been able to find anyone that was there . Maybe I was dreaming. NOT.
PMR 23-Jan-2011 05:50
I just saw your info on Garfinkels. My uncle, Jack Maddox was with them in the district, where I was able to "lunch" with his friends at the "Birdcage" when I visited. He then was the manager at 7 Corners. I would love to contact the WONDERFUL Peekie or other members of his team
oki68 15-Jan-2011 00:44
Hi,I loved your pics very nicery taken,im from okinwa can't wait to go back...
Zoltán Balogh11-Jan-2011 11:22
Dear Helen,

I would like to say thank you for promoting my country in your wonderful, diverse galleries! I do wish you a very nice stay in Hungary and sunny/clear weather for your photographs! Keep it up!

Chas Wilson 28-Dec-2010 00:07
Hi Helen - It is I, Chas Wilson. Tim and I worked with one another, off and on, in Ankara in the late 90s. You and I shared a tobacco habit and several terrific conversations, as I remember. Your photos are captivating. Hope you both are well.
Denisa (CNN journalist) 15-Nov-2010 16:18

First of all, congratulations for your beautiful photos. My name is Denisa and I am a journalist at CNN London. I work for a project called iList Turkey and I will make beautiful galleries of nice places around Turkey. I have found some photos of yours that I would like to use. Please contact me on my email address and I will tell you which ones I am interested in.

Would you give us permission to use them in a photo gallery that will be published on the website international edition?

Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Louise 24-Oct-2010 19:40
Hi Helen,
My name is Louise and I found your photos through a google search of kuwait desert dogs. I too have one of these wonderful dogs from WARL. We got hey back in june, his new name is henry. I cant find much information on them but your description matches henry exactly. I would love to hear about what youve learned about the breed.
Guest 29-Sep-2010 23:01
hi helen i have a solid brass plate with theaya sofiya carved into it. i dont know who did this but i have searched several times to see where this come from and today found your page. if i hadnt i would have never known what or where this is from thank you jan
Guest 18-Sep-2010 15:46
I was stationed on Okinawa 1957 & 1958. Our gunsite was in futema. Our Unit was 65th AAA "A" Company. We stayed in Sukiran Bay. The pictures are nothing like it was.
wardell parker 31-Aug-2010 18:08
Hello. How could someone get the right to use the image of the little drummer boy that I see as the 1st Place winner for Music as a part of a Church Christmas Show poster?
Guest 09-Aug-2010 15:09
Gary, the little church on the beach is no longer there; in fact, the flat area between the church and the beach is now a small hill overgrown with weeds. The area might've been some kind of dumping site, resulting in that man-made hill. I lived in Machinato Pt. from '62~'72 and attended "Vacation Bible School" at that church. I went back to Okinawa for a visit a few years ago and was hit by the reality of "you can't go back again".
Blaine 26-Jun-2010 01:40
Even in a C 12 that does 300 kts it must be like an eternity to get to Iwo from anywhere.
Gary Ring 08-May-2010 05:58
I lived at Mashinato Point from 61 to 64. My little sister was born only 10 days after arriving in Nov '61 and days after a severe typhoon. My dad was a crash fire fighter at Kadena AFB. I have viewed satelite maps trying to locate a church we built along the Machinato Point beach. It was a Free Will Baptist Church. Do you know if it still there? I did attend school at Camp Mercy and in the Quonset huts. I remember too hooking a baricuda with my new fishing rod. The rod was destroyed and the cuda lived on! I remember taking a lantern and small fish nets and catchng shrimp along the beach line at night. Lastly, my little brother and I called the ordinance team more than once to take away munintions left over from the war. I did not realize how close Machinato was to the invasion point. As a 10 year old kid - THOSE WERE THE GOOD OLE DAYS!!! Thank you for the pictures. Do you have one of the oxen pulling the little two wheel carts? Regards!
Shelley 02-Mar-2010 14:58
Your photos are absolutely amazing. I can't stop looking at them.
Karen Sobel 11-Feb-2010 02:52
was glad to have found your pictures - I do find it amazing that the snow has gone mostly south of CT -
Jeff Soard 11-Dec-2009 21:43
Hi Helen, I doubt that we knew each other but I was googling Mashinato Heights and found your site. My father was Airforce and I lived there when I was eight and nine from 68-69. We were stationed at Naha. I used to love playing in the jungle on the mountain behind our house which was perched just above the rice paddies. I also remember that most of our neighbors saw habu's in and around their yards but we never did because we had a mongoose that hung out at our house. It used to like to eat mom's tomato plants. She was fine with that if it kept the snakes away. I have a lot of great memories from back then. Even the binjo ditches were kind of cool yet gross. I would like to go back and visit some day even though I probably wouldn't recognize anything. I work with a guy older than me who was stationed there at the same time and we enjoy comparing notes about our memories of the place. Did you ever go to school in Quonset huts? I remember that we had a drill where we kids had to put shutters up in case of typhoons. It was a different world over there but the people were wonderful, kind and generous.

I am going to try to get some old photos scanned over the Christmas break and post them somewhere. If you are interested in seeing them drop me an email.
Rita 06-Oct-2009 20:00
warm feeling*
Rita 06-Oct-2009 19:59
Hi Helen,

Thank you for beautiful pictures about Istanbul and Turkey.Its was a harm feeling for my heart to see your pictures, especially because I have there been too and Im missing this city so much.
Xin Qiu30-Aug-2009 17:34
Hi, Helen,
Thank you very much for youe comments on my post. It may first time visit your gallery and I am impressed so much! You picture are stunning. I will be back frequently an enjoy the great collections you shared with us.
Best regards,

samuel, dubai 29-Aug-2009 10:31
impressed by your skills. great work.
Kitty Ryan 30-Jul-2009 15:14
Dear Helen,

I am the Pastoral Associate at St. Barnabas Catholic Church in Chicago and we are doing a prayer wall at our Marian Shrine for the Feast of the Assumption on August 15th similar to the prayer wall on the way to Mary's House in Ephesus. We would like to publish your picture of Mary's House from the following website / We would like to publish the photo in our August 9th bulletin. Please let me know if this would be possible and what the copyright procedure entails. The deadline for the August 9th bulletin is Monday August 3rd. I am hoping that I will hear from you by then. I can be reached via e-mail at


Kitty Ryan
Pastoral Associate
St. Barnabas Church
10134 S. Longwood Drive
Chicago, IL 60643
773-779-1166 ext. 226
Marlise Sanchez 28-Jul-2009 03:51
Hi!I love your pictures, they made me feel closer to Okinawa, I am planning my trip for next September, I am a teacher in Costa Rica but in this moment I am studying in Japan for 1 year and six months I already have 9 months so.... I am looking forward to visit many places as possible. Thanks Helen you gave me an idea of the place so I can not wait for being there... Are you in Okinawa? In Costa Rica we say: !Pura Vida!
Guest 28-May-2009 20:40
My Dad was stationed in Okinawa from 1969 to 1971 and it was one of the best bases we lived on. Mark Barclay
Dragomir 27-Apr-2009 19:32
Hi, Helen!
This was really a great idea to create your challenge galleries. I greatly appreciate comments that people, passionate about photo, give to the pictures of this collection. Exchanging points of view enriches all us. And your galleries are wonderful. I discover your site occasionally, surfing in and I'm enchanted. I will surely often return. Thanks
Martin Kralik 05-Apr-2009 14:37
Hi Helen,
Hope all is well. We exchanged messages before about your great photos of Bratislava, Slovakia, and the great sense of playfulness and whimsy they convey.
On a related note, I thought I would share with you this link: It's a new initiative by young, Bratislava-based architects to beautify the city and create and/or revive precisely that whimsical aspect in many currently grey, 'in-between' public spaces. (The website's layout can be a bit confusing but all you need to do is click on any one of the bubbles - and also pardon the English which is shaky in places).
Although I doubt that a great number of these ideas will attract sponsors or otherwise make it to fruition, it's great to see creative people applying themselves to making things better and more aesthetic, particularly amidst the current construction boom across eastern Europe, where everything seems to be driven by developers and their brutal 'dollars and cents' logic.
All the best in your pursuits,
Martin (Abu Dhabi - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore)
Nancy Roof 21-Mar-2009 23:37
Dear Helen,

Kosmos journal would like to publish your photo of the Awakening Revsisited - 1077577419.
We would need a hi res photo for a half page publication. We would credit the photo as you designate. We are known for our stunning visuals - and this would be one.

Hoping to hear from you in the positive.

Nancy Roof
Zehra Deniz 20-Feb-2009 23:27
Merhaba merhaba merhaba Helen,
Ýnþallah Türkçe biliyorsundur çünkü ben Ýngilizce bilmiyorum maalesef..
Ben Ýstanbul'da yaþýyorum ve minyatür öðrencisiyim.Çok önemli bir ödevim için fotoðraf ararken senin çektiklerini buldum.Arkeoloji müzesi,Çinili köþk ve Aya Ýrini.Çok güzeller fotoðraflar ellerine saðlýk..

Hoþçakal :))

Nancy 13-Jan-2009 02:18
Hi Helen,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your photos, especially the ones of Okinawa - they are wonderful! Not only do you love photography, but you love life - it shows in your photos. I recently started an Okinawa folder but don't bother looking too soon; at the moment I only have 12 pictures in it, but I'm working on getting more pictures into my gallery and filling in the captions. That's the other thing I enjoyed about your gallery, you identified and had a name for strange looking insects, etc. Now I know the Japanese name for the Asian Long Horned Beetle - lots of fun!
Thanks, Nancy
Helen Betts29-Dec-2008 03:23
Hey Angie! I'll give you a call soon. I'm in Washington but still working for a Turkish newspaper. Helen
Guest 28-Dec-2008 23:58
Hi Helen,
This is Angie, old neighbor of Ankara, hi, looking at your photos, nice work, how are you? 903-267-0559
Vincent Lynch 26-Dec-2008 18:00
Dear Helen,

I ran across your photos when searching for ideas for some pics around Washington, D.C. You do VERY nice work. Very impressed. I am in the Washington area myself (although soon retiring in Thailand), and it's a pleasure viewing your work!

Vince Lynch
Holly Chase 08-Dec-2008 15:19
Merhaba, Helen--

Very evocative photos. Ankara is overlooked by most visitors to Turkey, and indeed by many Turks themselves. It's a REAL city with a personality that goes beyond the 20th century monuments. The traditional market around the Roman and Seljuk Citadel, Samanpazari, is one of Turkey's most charming. As one who has lived and worked in Ankara, I can say that you have included a great sampling of pieces of the Turkish mosaic!

I continue to work with Turkey, as a consultant for travellers-- both seasoned business travellers and first-time tourists. I'm happy to be able to direct my clients to this site for a preview of what Ankara holds for them.

Selamlar ve iyi bayramlar !!!

Melody V 04-Dec-2008 16:18
Dear Helen,
I would like to use the image of your purple sweet potato in my magazine (I see I'm not the only one!). Can you contact me as soon as possible (I'm filing the story this week). I am also in Washington, DC.
Andy Keiser 02-Dec-2008 19:22
Hi Helen,

Any way to purchase a large digitial version of one of your capitol hill photos? Thank you - Great shots!
Guest 22-Nov-2008 05:40
Helen, your photography is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone. As one of your neighbors in Capitol Hill, I truly enjoyed viewing the photos of our beautiful neighborhood.
Ana Teresa 08-Nov-2008 02:40
Helen, you take some fantastic photos. Topkapi Palace photos are absolutely great and so are the photos of Istanbul. The photo you took of the Mosque "Istanbul revisted" is outstanding!!! Turkey is an amazing country that I loved visiting.
I congratulate you for such outstanding photographs!!!
Guest 09-Oct-2008 17:41
Helen, You are a master!

I no longer put new work on pbase. If you are interested in seeing more of my wildlife photos try


Magdalena 18-Sep-2008 13:31
Hello – any chance you could contact me? We would like to use the "Okinawan beni imo (purple sweet potato)" pic in our magazine. I hope to hear back from you.
markus schlüter 12-Sep-2008 12:57
hi helen, pls could you get in contact with me? i need your email address. We would like to illustrate some of the textual references with one of your images in our next publication. details per mail. thanks
William Pifer 16-Jul-2008 03:20
When I was a lot younger, our family lived in Turkey. The photographs of the fairy chimneys brought back to mind one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing!
Steve Peckham 14-Jul-2008 04:53
Helen, my name is Steve, in 1973-74 I was stationed at Kadena air base, Okinawa. I found your photos of Okinawa to be a trip down memory lane. I loved it there, and looking at your pictures tonite, it reminded me just how much I've missed it. Thanks for the trip! Steve
madelia12-Jul-2008 08:01
Lovely photos. I'm glad I came across them.
Donald Haddix 15-May-2008 16:34
Helen, your photography is "spot on" as they say. I discovered this site on a Google search on Iwo Jima. Dad fought there, lasting 3 days, before being wounded and barely surviving. Thank goodness for his comrades who pulled him out of a destroyed tank. I was trying to find out if they still have flights there. Please let me know if there is still a way to get to Iwo. Thanks for everything and Semper Fi to all the Marines that served on Iwo.
John Glines27-Apr-2008 04:25
Thanks for dipping into my galleries. Glad you liked the sky behind the chedi in Chiang Mai. Ironic that that was shot with my old Canon S10, which only goes to prove once again that it's often the photographer more than the camera. I was surprised you looked at any of the "My Life" photos. I'm just sorry that I didn't start using a camera till I got my first computer, which isn't that long ago, so I don't have pictures of Hawaii in the 40's, Paris and Rome in the '50's, Tibet, Beijing, Guilin, but I do have fond memories. BTW, I never tire of dipping into your galleries. I'm probably your #1 fan.
Bobby Conn 28-Mar-2008 10:31
Helen, beautiful images!! I was born and raised on Okinawa and graduated from Kubasaki High School in 1975. My mom still lives there and I left there in 1978 after joining the US Air Force.I try to go back as ofter as possible to see my mom but at times financially cant afford to fly back with the wife and kids. Its these photos that you took and posted on the web that now inspires and motivates me and my wife, even more, to go back to visit all the wonderful people of the islands!! I wish one day to retire there and live on Tokishiki or any of the Kerama islands. Bob Conn
Mark Henley 27-Mar-2008 04:41
Helen, my family lived on Okinawa from 1961 to 1966. My dad ran the Camp Mercy Officers Club. After joining the Navy in 1975 I did a tour at Kadena. I still get gifts from my mother that she collected in the 1960's because she knows how much the island means to me. Thanks for the memories.
missy_gardenwhimsy18-Feb-2008 22:49
This is my first visit to your galleries and I will return often! Your photos are awesome and I really appreciate the titles and descriptions! Excellent photography!
Guest 28-Jan-2008 05:00
Bratislava LOVE YOU!
John Glines07-Jan-2008 10:14
Look forward to seeing the shots with your D300. I just got an Olympus E-510 body & a 12-60/2.8-4 lens but have given it only one workout so far.
John Glines22-Oct-2007 04:58
Thanks for your kind words about my Calypso Cabaret gallery, but the truth is that I posted only one photo taken with my Sony H5 at the performance last week. The others were taken over a number of performances with different cameras and even a different photographer. Also, thanks for your thoughts on a dSLR. Best regards.
Guest 19-Oct-2007 01:09
Visited Turkey earlier this year (2007) and now, through your wonderful photos, revisited Turkey. Thank you. Delightful.
John Glines09-Sep-2007 09:47
Many thanks for taking the time to look at my sample photos & leaving comments. And I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but I have a friend from NYC in town for the week. I've started to work more in the Aperture setting. (I took all your comments to heart.) Re Peaking: go to manual, click on the focus button & you'll get to peaking, which can be set on high, low or off. Again, many thanks. John
John Glines05-Sep-2007 06:16
Helen: Have you had a chance yet to look at my Sony samples gallery? It's at
I'm still looking for your input.
Milan Vogrin18-Aug-2007 20:20
Helen, you have a great collection of various shots, specially those from capitals in Europe. Great work.
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:01
A very nice collection of photos Helen
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:42
Hope you update soon as I'll be anxiously awaiting.
Federico D'Incŕ12-Apr-2007 00:02
Hi Helen ...tks for your kind words turn you have intoduced me to your work have a fantasic eye and great composition in all your shots ....I have added you to my favourites ...!! V
Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:04
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Guest 12-Jan-2007 21:09
Welcome back to Istanbul Helen. Hope we will meet this time :-P
Demy Bautista 05-Dec-2006 22:37
Great colors Great depth. I enjoy the pictures of Okinawa especially the beaches and the sunset. Love your work!
Elizabeth 27-Nov-2006 05:07
What a great site
Rhino 27-Sep-2006 00:16
My name is Ryan Nassau and I currently attend Harvard Law School. I know my boyfriend will enjoy these photos when I show them to him.
Jo Wright 17-Sep-2006 21:45
Helen,yes you are a true photographer,thanks for sharing.My son is still on oki from 72 after he graduated from kubasake high.He is a charter boat cpt at white bch.When he visits fl we go to key west.Jo w
Debbie D. 22-Aug-2006 14:21
I googled your name this am, hoping to find your pictures...and indeed I did!! I have had the best trip down memory lane, and can't wait to share with Joe and the boys later today! So many of your "views" were the same as my "views"...I feel as if I had a personal photographer! Loved the balcony views especially! (and the Harlem Globetrotters!)
Take care, and say "hello" to Tim.
Debbie D.
Guest 21-Aug-2006 14:25
Hi Helen,
Remember we wrote through some years ago. Now by chance i have met your photos again.
I'm Erol Avanoglu.
Hope we can meet one day. Your photos are very good.
I have also some photos in my website.
I would love to have your comments. (but i'm still updating my photos.)
Regards, Erol Avanoglu
Nur 04-Aug-2006 17:49
Hi Helen,
I was surfing on the net, found your photos. I quite enjoyed seeing Turkey so close so real!
I live In Portland Oregon, sure I miss izmir and foca a lot.
I will visit Turkey in October maybe we can talk about photography?
Take care
Nur Iverson
Guest 01-Aug-2006 01:06
Your photos are fabulous. You have a terrific eye! The photos give us a real idea of what our son will be seeing, as he just arrived on Okinawa a couple of days ago.

Guest 31-Jul-2006 00:30
Enjoyed your Galleries Helen
I can tell you enjoyed taking these images

Good quality work best wishes from England
andrew 30-Jul-2006 02:30
hi how are You Helen ? very nice gallery ... i was born in poland and ive now in australia , i was twice in Turkey i love this country and i thing a part of my life is from turkey i dont way but story about great Troyan war and Helen is always with me first movie wich i saw in cinema it was about Troy iwas 4yo i read story about Henrych schimelman when i was 14 yo it was my dream to see Troy when i was 18 i was in Troy my dream came true and 3 years ago i back to Troy and i hope i will be back always to this place .... i saw so many difrent places in Turkey and i like it all but Troy is my real life...
Roger 20-Jul-2006 14:07
Hi Helen,

I will be visiting Ankara next week and stay in Turkey for three weeks. I travel to Turkey every couple of years to take photos and visit friends. I love to photograph the people of Turkey. The Kale is one of my favorite places to visit. The artist Kemal Celik is a close friend of mine. Many of the people of the Kale know me. Maybe we could meet? Your photos are great.

Rosemarie Kusserow20-Jul-2006 10:12
Thanks a lot dear Helen, I´m glad that you like so many shots, I feel honored, greetings to Turkey from Germany, Rosemarie :-)
Guest 03-Jul-2006 00:34
You have best photos here!!! 04-Jun-2006 12:11
Unbelievable! Liam O' Keefe 27-May-2006 22:20
Tolle Seite! Hat mir sehr gefallen. Weiter so!
Guest 25-May-2006 22:17
Hey Helen, thanks for your notes on my GG bridge photos. It's funny, I am going to Istanbul in July, we keep on trading places! :-)
HELENA AFONSO21-May-2006 10:44
Hi Helena, I visited your Australia Gallery and that brought me back nice memories of my holiday in 2004, a wonderful place and you did a good job showing it with your eyes and sensibility, thank you, Helena
Guest 20-May-2006 13:14
S I M P L Y B E A U T I F U L...,
andrew weaver 06-May-2006 12:22
Wondering if you would like to contribute to an arabian image site:
Please email me if you are interested and I will be happy to explain more:
Best regards

Andrew Weaver
Picture Arabia
Guest 26-Apr-2006 19:43
Helen, I've got my R1. It seems to be a nice camera. But I couldn't find enough time to walk around with it for testing too much. Apparently, I need someone give me a hand for photography walks around Ankara and nearby. ;-) Btw, how is it going with D200? Happy enough?? Take care.. Sinan Altinok
Helen Betts27-Mar-2006 19:59
Hi Veysel,

Thanks for the information. I don't have that lens but do have a 60mm micro, which I rarely use although it's a great piece of glass. Hope you can take some good pictures in Antalya -- that's very exciting! Dört gözle bekliyorum ;-). Helen
Guest 27-Mar-2006 18:35
Hi Helen; i took that photo with 105 mm Nikon Macro but i really can not remember use close up or not; but i think without close up. I went to Sirkeci today also 4-5 hour ago couse i need to convertor and some filter for take a total eclipse of the sun. I will go to Antalya tomorrow twelve noon. I hope i can take nice photo so i really couldn't remember to visit Sirkeci station. I hope later. Regards Helen
Guest 08-Mar-2006 22:26
Thank you for good comment to my PAD. Do you know where is the Nikon service in Istanbul? If you want help please write me. Regards Veysel
Brian Betts 27-Feb-2006 06:24
Hi Helen, We share at least 2 things. Our last name and a love of photography. I really enjoyed your fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing these. Photography is my hobby and I am about to go on a trip to the Caribbean and hope to get some good shots.
Guest 07-Feb-2006 01:51
hi,im from algearia ,and i love ankara,my father was there and he loved it ,hope to be there soon,great pics ,seems u proud of ur country bye ,keep the good work
Guillermo Corral 12-Jan-2006 10:22
Hi Helen, I lived for 3 years in Ankara at the end of the 90s and when I came up by chance on your pictures posted in Dpreview I immediately recognized my former city. Good and very evocative work, it's true the winter in Ankara is generally dull but from time to time you get those beautiful clear skies. Congratulations,
Michael McDonagh 27-Nov-2005 19:56
Helen this is cousin Michael love your site. invited to go to Istanbul 27 Jan -- 4 Feb 2006 with a friend. Will u and Tim be in Ankara then? love M
John23gr 04-Nov-2005 06:31
This is my first "exposure" to your gallery. It was a wonderful, exhilarating experience, which I found both educational and humbling. You have a natural "eye" for composition, as well as for color, and not only that, but for most of the shots you were obviously under the handicap of being a tourist, which limits your time, timing, location, and weather! I was going to write which were my favorites...but I stopped, because I would be leaving too many excellent photos out! (OK, the colorful fish, and your collection of doors were incredible!) I have a vague plan to visit Instanbul in the spring, but I bet that I could take hundreds of shots and not find one to match yours.
I look forward to revisiting your web-gallery for more "lessons in photography!"
Be well,
John Apostolos
San Francisco, New York, & Patra - Greece
Fatih Gumus24-Oct-2005 21:01
Hi Helen,
i wonder why you changed to Sony? What is wrong with nikon D70?
Tabrizi 26-Sep-2005 09:07
Hi Helen...

Sorry for the late reply. Just read ur post. Yes, it is indeed Kuala Lumpur. You are very much welcome to come here anytime. Don't forget to inform me on ur arrival ya!

Guest 24-Jul-2005 14:49
Interesantes fotografias
gracias por compartirlas
saludos desde España
Al Varland23-Jul-2005 16:07
Wow you are truly a world traveler and have some wonderful shots to document it...Congrats!
Jim Woodworth14-Jun-2005 19:59
Beautiful galleries. I came by to look at the Cyprus galleries, but I'm going to have to spend lots of time here. Great subjects, beautifully captured.

I'll be back . . .
Erik 10-Jun-2005 19:38
Hi Helen,
great galleries. I will come back to have a closer look - especially the Istanbul-gallery is fantastic for someone who's loving that city that much that he can't imagine to return to his own country ...
(maybe you like to see mine too? )

I will come back with more time to have a closer look. Thanks for these great pictures.
Rajesh Gupta (Karma_raj )18-May-2005 18:15
Helen , Thanks for yor comments ...and giving an opportunity to go through the beautiful gallery of yours really got some amazing pictures here ..
just a guest 10-May-2005 11:30
It might be interesting for some pictures from your first stay to be p ut next to a photo of the actual situation to see how time has had it grip on things...
Chuck Kuhn05-May-2005 01:13
Wonderful, expressions of Turkey. I was there 3 yrs ago, for 3 weeks. I just posted my Vietnam trip here. Thanks for sharing
work in process
Selami 13-Apr-2005 11:26
Harika bir çal1sma...tebrikler...Yeni çal1_malar1n1 bekliyorum..
Greg Gebhardt17-Mar-2005 23:15
I thought I lost you. Hope ll is well and wonder where you are currently!

Jax. FL
Antonis Sarantos26-Jan-2005 18:31
I admire your work. Very artistic and unique with sensitive touch in every theme, you became one of my favorite artists. I am sure that the best is whwt we haven't seen yet, so i will come back soon. From Greece by Helen.
Andrys Basten10-Jan-2005 11:14
Helen, could you contact me at andrys1 at ?
Guliz Imre 29-Dec-2004 19:41
Merhaba Helen Hanim,

I hope you will remember me from FSI, when you read these. I loved your photo gallery, it made me homesick. Ankara pictures took me back there. Hopefully I will be coming in March for total immersion in 2005. Can we visit you guys at the Turkish Daily News?
Please say hi to Tim Bey too,
Andrys Basten17-Dec-2004 10:14
Helen, re your comment on one of my pages
that you were glad someone liked your Turkey galleries (!)
I had dinner with the person who was my travel partner
in Turkey and found she is a fan of your pages too.

She was in awe of the care you took with the interior and
details and the results. During Xmas break I will spend
more time here and learn more. I loved the extra info
you gave and hope you don't mind if I contact you with
a couple of questions about some of the places we saw.
Bob Moul11-Dec-2004 14:12
Wow! Tremendous galleries, Helen. The old world architecture is so beautiful and you have portrayed it so eloquently. Thanks for sharing a bit of your world with us.

Richard Haas 03-Dec-2004 21:36
would you be kind enough and contact me
thanks in advancz
Guest 20-Nov-2004 00:49
Hi Helen, your photos are so bright and colorful, even the mundane becomes a subject for you. Do you do anything special to enhance the appearance of your pictures? Nick
Guest 26-Oct-2004 22:40
Great photos. I look forward to following your work.

H from Dallas Texas
Guest 16-Sep-2004 15:20
Helen, you are my favorite photographer in the world.
I love the colors of Japan.


Louis Wendruck
classmate of Tim Betts from Occidental College (class of 1978)
Mansour Mouasher27-Jul-2004 03:29
Beautiful galleries, magnificent images, fantastic colors and composition, very expressive!
Terken 19-Jul-2004 04:06
hi helen,
you were right, your photos are presented better in this web site, so here i am.
these are beautiful pictures; i see "my ankara" in them, the longer look, the more i miss it. i hope you visit the city often -and take more pictures:) i guess your other viewers feel the same thing with other places you visited and take pictures of.

atilla divanoglu 10-Jun-2004 07:14
teþekkürler bayan helin
paul potter 03-Jun-2004 22:40
I got the Okinawa Guide today! Very excited to read through it. Thank you for making that happen. I plan on going to visit Okinawa in a couple of months and I wanted to get the book before to reorientate myself. It has been twenty years since I last visited. Thank you for taking the effort to create this book. If the new one comes out, is there a way you can let me know, I would love to obtain one.


Paul (Kinjo) Potter
Paul 19-May-2004 04:29
I used to live in 45-5, Portakal!! Your pics of the park behind the building brought back some great memories!


Jeff Cochran02-Apr-2004 22:36
Hello, I enjoyed looking through your galleries.Thx for sharing. :)
Henry Ho26-Mar-2004 06:13
Hi Helen!
Thank You!you just seen my photo taken in Burma,I have one Sony F828,it is very good easy to handle,but more noise in dark area,I really want to go to Turkey take some photo and share with you! Henry
Helen Betts04-Mar-2004 23:53

Thank you so much for looking at my galleries! I must admit, I haven't been too photographically inspired since I returned to Turkey from Okinawa -- the colors and setting of Ankara just don't compare to the brilliance of my favorite little island.

Anyway, to answer your question, I generally shoot in Aperture Priority at an f-stop that allows either for the depth of field I want or gives me a fast enough shutter speed that I won't get camera shake -- just depends on the situation. I never use Auto or Program modes. For closeup work, I use Manual. For flash shots, I shoot in Shutter Priority 1/125 sec. If you let the camera choose shutter speed for you (as in Auto or Program), you will find it picks around 1/40 second, which for me leads to camera shake and blurry pictures. I try to be aware of changing White Balance to fit the situation, using mainly Sunny and Cloudy (for shady scenes as well); I find that Auto WB often produces an ugly yellow cast (that can somewhat be corrected in PS but not entirely). I keep Saturation, Contrast and Sharpening set at 0 and use ISO 100 almost exclusively. I rarely use Smart Zoom (although got an excellent pic with it a while back) and I have both the wide angle and tele converters; the first one I don't use much, but the tele lens is light, easy to carry and well worth the money.

All in all I have found the V1 to be an excellent little camera that I prefer to my 717. I just got an 828 to try out but will hang on to the V1 since I know I can rely on it for all situations plus I can carry it with me all the time in my purse.

Hope this helps -- don't hesitate to ask if you have any more questions.

CCS 03-Mar-2004 20:12

I really like your pictures very much, can you share with us the preparation involved before each shot ?? do you simply use auto mode or you make manual adjustment before each shot ??

I am using a V1, any tips for Dsc-V1 users

thanks !!!
daniel zrna 09-Feb-2004 18:22
Thank you for all the memories that came back and were stirred. My family are missionaries and lived in Okinawa for 5 years ending in 2003, and long for the day of our return. It is a hidden paradise, with some of the most beautiful people, spectacular views and food of Gods creation. I used to snorkel and bring home dinner, just like you see in the photos, every other night. The top place in the world for diving. I am no expert, but have alot to offer on Okinawa, feel free to drop me a line...Dan

I was at many of your photo shoots. The best camping is right in between the clifs of Miyagi Island. Free, hidden in the farm roads is a shady white sand oassis. thanks again
Don 25-Jan-2004 23:48
Wonderful shots, Helen. I am being posted to Ankara this coming summer and your photos are making me wish that it would be sooner rather than later! Maybe we'll cross paths...

Don (Ottawa, Canada)
Greg Gebhardt24-Jan-2004 00:24
Your images are so nice to look at. I always enjoy looking at them. I hope you are having a great time at your new location

Greg Gebhardt
Jax, Fl
Kelly 06-Nov-2003 06:35
Hi Helen, I have the same Sony V1 as you do. I wanted to know if you have problems with the shots coming out blurred...sensitive to the hand not being still. Or do you always use a tripod? What mode do you take your pictures in usually. Thanks in advance for your help. K
Matt Hevezi 06-Sep-2003 04:29
Hi Helen,

Okinawa is a great place ... isn't it?

Nice work.

Guest 02-Aug-2003 17:38

Guest 02-Aug-2003 17:37

Guest 07-Jul-2003 21:13
just saw your photos , very nice !!
Tomoaki Owan 13-Jun-2003 12:41
Your pictures are wonderful. I especially like Ikeijima and Nakijin Castle Wall. Comments from viewers are also very interesting. I learned a new expression from your site - "Coming-of-Age Day." Thank you. Tom
Guest 16-Feb-2003 17:19
Visit my gallery to see the real face of Israel (The State of Terror)
Guest 22-Jan-2003 22:05
I managed to track down your galleries after you replied to my comment in the STK challenge and I must say "WOW!!". What colors! Beautiful work Helen. It must be fascinating in Okinawa.
Andrew aka andag1
Grand Rapids, MI
lazar 07-Aug-2002 11:08
helen betts !

thank you'may camera his: olympus c-3030 zoom 3.3 pixel.

lazar menachem.
Edward 30-Jul-2002 14:53
Please eamil me your advice. Thank you
Edward 30-Jul-2002 14:52
Hello, after browsing in your website and photos, I have noticed that you own many Sony p series digital cameras. I am looking in to buying one soon. I have considering P7 and P9. You have taken shots with both camera, can you tell me which one you will recommand. What I look for in camera is pretty simple. Point and shoot, picture quality, I will be only taking pictures of protraits. Flash capability, this is somewhat important, because I usually take photos indoors with low light or during night time. I guess the most important aspect is picture quality in all circumstances. I will be only be printing out 4 by 6 pictures. So, can you please tell me whether P7 or P9 is bteer in your opinion. I have also considered Cannon s30 or s40. Maybe if you can compare them for me and give me your advice. Thank you
Willa Dios20-Jul-2002 21:58

I loved your gallery. The photos of Okinawa are fabulous, and your dog is SO adorable!

I look forward to returning.

Regards, ;)

Willa D.
David Small 16-Jul-2002 17:28
i also am plauged by the F707's dark left side, and i was also wondering how you got it fixed. i.e. does sony have to do it? ad if you did how much it cost or was it under warranty. thanx a lot for your time.
david small/
Daniel C 07-Jul-2002 19:59

i am also suffering the dlss as per your page on

at the bottom i did notice that you had some images
fixed and i was wondering what procedure you used to
have those fixed
i would appreciate an answer :) thank you

Guest 24-Mar-2002 20:04
I am waiting for you to come to turkey. Please let me know beforehand.
Erol Avanoglu
A sony F707 owner.
I have visited your gallery about Turkey, there are really nice photos, hope they were taken with a digital camera. May be next time who knows.
See you some time in Turkey.