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4449 Day Two

Arriving Spokane
"Arriving Spokane"
Steam in Spokane
"Steam in Spokane"
Cedar Rapids
"Cedar Rapids"
Taking the main
"Taking the main"
Leaving Town
"Leaving Town"
Fog at the Viaduct
"Fog at the Viaduct"
Impressive Steam
"Impressive Steam"
Vanishing Train
"Vanishing Train"
Making Friends
"Making Friends"
Warming Up
"Warming Up"
Foggy Canyon
"Foggy Canyon"
Skytop Observation
"Skytop Observation"
Morning Coffee
"Morning Coffee"
Clearing Fog
"Clearing Fog"
Track Inspector
"Track Inspector"
Working Lady
"Working Lady"
Open Country
"Open Country"
Father & Son
"Father & Son"
The Sun Appears
"The Sun Appears"
Sweeping Curves
"Sweeping Curves"
C&S at Cunnigham
"C&S at Cunnigham"
More Curves
"More Curves"
Wheat Fields
"Wheat Fields"
BNSF 4023 East
"BNSF 4023 East"
Pasco Tower
"Pasco Tower"
Pasco Hump
"Pasco Hump"
A Southern Belle
"A Southern Belle"
Highball Pasco
"Highball Pasco"
Rolling Hills
"Rolling Hills"
Lush Vineyards
"Lush Vineyards"
Coal on the River
"Coal on the River"
BNSF 5626 Meet
"BNSF 5626 Meet"
Volcanic Formations
"Volcanic Formations"
Columbia Scenery
"Columbia Scenery"
War Stories
"War Stories"
River Causeway
"River Causeway"
'Volcanic Dominoes
'Volcanic Dominoes"
Making Time
"Making Time"
Lady Captain
"Lady Captain"
Steam n Stacks
"Steam n Stacks"
Shooting Steam
"Shooting Steam"
Entire Train
"Entire Train"
MP 128
"MP 128"
Distant Clear
"Distant Clear"
Shiny 7558
"Shiny 7558"
Reflection One
"Reflection One"
Reflection Two
"Reflection Two"
Reflection Three
"Reflection Three"
The Dam
"The Dam"
MP 115
"MP 115"
More Cliffs
"More Cliffs"
Looking East
"Looking East"
BNSF 7457
"BNSF 7457"
BNSF 5330 West
"BNSF 5330 West"
UP Bridge
"UP Bridge"
High Bluffs
"High Bluffs"
Aerial Chase
"Aerial Chase"
Back to Wishram
"Back to Wishram"
Mt. Hood
"Mt. Hood"
The Cut
"The Cut"
Changing Scenery
"Changing Scenery"
Another Tunnel
"Another Tunnel"
Double Tunnel
"Double Tunnel"
Reflection Four
"Reflection Four"
BNSF 6018 West
"BNSF 6018 West"
BNSF 8888
"BNSF 8888"
West Stevenson
"West Stevenson"
Rock Formation
"Rock Formation"
BNSF 4102 West
"BNSF 4102 West"
Western Hills
"Western Hills"
The Big Debate
"The Big Debate"
Nice House
"Nice House"
New Condos
"New Condos"
BNSF 5117 East
"BNSF 5117 East"
EaVan Crossover
"EaVan Crossover"
Highway Draw
"Highway Draw"
Break Time
"Break Time"
Columbia Draw
"Columbia Draw"
BNSF 5170
"BNSF 5170"
North Yard
"North Yard"
UP Power
"UP Power"
CP 2.2
"CP 2.2"
BNSF 2880
"BNSF 2880"
The Builder
"The Builder"
Arch Bridge
"Arch Bridge"
Arriving Portland
"Arriving Portland"
Dad in Portland
"Dad in Portland"
Dad & I
"Dad & I"
4449 at Home
"4449 at Home"
Father & Son
"Father & Son"
Beautiful 4449
"Beautiful 4449"
Dad and Lady
"Dad and Lady"
4449 Monochrome
"4449 Monochrome"
Hanging Smoke
"Hanging Smoke"
4449 Cut Loose
"4449 Cut Loose"
Lima's Finest
"Lima's Finest"
Union Station
"Union Station"
Amtrak 466
"Amtrak 466"
Station at Dusk
"Station at Dusk"