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Ahhh... India.
What a country and what a people. Definitely more than just a destination, or trip, or vacation. It is an experience. Some great moments, some really bad moments. Lots of hassle. Lots of sights.
Is it worth it, most definitely. Will I go back, I hope too. The best part of India: the people. The worst part of India: the people.

It's interesting really. India's greatest asset, in my opinion, is the great diversity of people and culture you can see everyday anywhere you go. A crush of humanity in alot of places.

India's worst "trait", in my opinion, is the Indian people's own attitude towards their own people. I was constantly asked why I was talking to him, or her, the rickshaw driver, the girl begging on the street.
They are below me. I should not even look at them. Constantly asked why
I wanted to take pictures of lesser people. Told not to sit with the people in the market. I had one guide get just plain mad when I stopped to talk to the market girls in Jaisalmer. Made me talk even longer...
Even some comments on the gallery reflect this attitude.

Dominic: I did not go to Kerala and I have many pictures of the capital, Delhi. Honestly, I have some I'm not even showing from Delhi, like the little girl whos face was entirely burnt by
acid thrown at her lower caste mother, the thousands upon thousands of rickshaw drivers sleeping and living on the streets, etc, etc. This is what I saw and where I went.
I honestly didn't visit any remote villages and just because a woman has bad teeth doesn't mean she is illiterate or not worth talking too or photographing.
There isn't a person in the gallery I wouldn't want to meet again.

Himadri: I am a people/person photographer so for me, people are the best subjects possible and the people of India some of the most interesting I've seen.
I'm not trying to define India. I'm showing what I saw. You can shoot my kitchen dustbins and title them what you want, but the fact of the matter is you will be in a closet the whole time
...I drove almost the width of India from Pakistan to Bangladesh. Thats a big difference in space. ...and believe me, I'm not even showing close to the worst.

For all the others I deleted ...sorry about that.
All I can say is that you should be proud of your country, not just parts of it, or specifically
the "richer" parts. It's a great country with alot of really great, kind, gentle and also poor people.

Backstreet Women The BusStop From Above I Wouldn't
Main Street Early Morning Quiet Market Woman Beauty in the Market
Joy The Wrap ... Flower Girls
Morning Chai °°...°°
Beauty in the Market II Market Smile Good Karma
Orange Worker Temple Woman Boredom
The Turban Flower Hmmm... Kan-Tucky Born
Bracelet Seller DSC_1705.jpg
Orange DSC_2684.jpg Gypsy Pose Pipe
Mr. Chappy Red Gypsy Color On the Ghats
The Ganges On the Front Stoop Devotion
Daily Life: Jodhpur Market Girls No Entry My Son
Flower Girl Temple Steps Market Girl
Working Girls Hey!!! Fire Ganges Sometimes
Fuel I Am Sadhu India!!! Karni Mata Temple Street Scene: Varanasi
Temple Steps Adinath Watching Varanasi Backstreet Roadwork
School Bus Black n' Blue Ganesh Karni Mata's Piping
Rest House Bahhhhh!!! Rs350 Haveli Style
Rats From the Fort Color The Clocktower Adinath Temple
Delhi Backstreets Shiva's Footprints Street Eats Clocktower II Round' the Corner
After the Rain Above the Ghats Strolling Adinath Raj Internet Reincarnated
The Climb Rats II Thums Up Ganges night Piping II
Jodhpur Udaipur Jaisalmer Over Jaipur Schwinn
Vertigo Sikh Guest House Red
Cobra Stop Gucci's Internet The Printer Rush Hour - Udaipur
Going Yellow Five Legged Cow The Climb Yoga Govt. Approved
Mooo Snake and Bake Panning for Gold
Ghat Backstreet Sisters The Dreamer
Varanasi, India