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Guest 05-Mar-2012 19:58
Tell that to the people of Haiti.
Guest 24-Oct-2010 22:56
Hello John
I want you know that your work is amazing to me , I like many gallery from you. Thank you to show me your wonderful work. I will find time to come to see more offer.

Jose Canovas22-Oct-2010 09:57
John, your work deserves a superlative WOW!
Guest 18-Oct-2010 20:18

Thank you so much for your kind words and votes! It made me very happy and proud! Browsing your galleries blown me away. The scenes and faces are super! Thanks for sharing!

And the place from where I took the pic of the Tokyo Tower was from the building (Park Hotel Tokyo), think its next to the television tower in Rappongi ;)

Guest 09-Jun-2010 01:11
"Equipment has absolutely nothing to do with taking a good photo."

Totally agreed with you and also what I am doing.

Thanks for sharing,
marty golin 04-May-2010 17:03
Yes your presentation last night was (as you admitted) choppy. Minor point compared to the fact that you presented a steady stream of very nice images & stories behind them.
SueGal04-May-2010 13:01
Hi John - just wanted to tell you I enjoyed the presentation last night and you have taken incredible photos. The best part for me is that your style is keeping equipment to a minimum and just learning how to take a good picture. Take care ~Sue
ckrajewski 21-Apr-2010 02:00
Love ya John....cousin Catherine....your pics are great!!!!!!!
Guest 13-Apr-2010 03:28
Hey John...have you been to Myanmar? I just went through Dave Lazar's gallery and am thinking this may be the next trip. Hope you're well. John
Guest 10-Apr-2010 16:06
Hey John - nice to see the new photos. I really enjoyed the India/Nepal series - i liked the emotions and the characters you captured.

Guest 09-Mar-2010 20:51
Read your "What I have learned so far" today. If you started a religion I would join. Also, how do you get all these great style sheets? The click and go versions get a little old. Later...
Herbey Morales25-Feb-2010 16:56
Your work is beautiful and intense. Very inspirng!. Looking forward to see more and to learn from you.
My best Regards.
Herbey M.
Guest 06-Feb-2010 14:20
I'm totally agree with your message about "What I've learned so far..."
I Love your "Window, wall & doors" gallery.
Thanks for your comment on my picture.
Guest 06-Feb-2010 11:00
Don't know how I haven't found any of your galleries before! Absolutely stunning collection and I've only looked at the one gallery! Cheers :)
Guest 31-Jan-2010 00:28
thanks indeed for the information of name. Your gallery is unique in many ways to me, John. I really like all of them: your composition, colour, mood, perspective, line and so on. And it is your view and skill that put them together uniquely. Nice integration! SS
Mike 09-Jan-2010 16:54
Exceptional work; you are very very good at this!

Best wishes and keep living the dream,
Clyne30-Nov-2009 11:17
Thanks for your kind comments on my Nepal gallery. I agree - how long could you sit in Durbar Square watching the world go by...
Guest 12-Oct-2009 22:06
Are you ever at home..(where is your home?) :-) What a wonderful collection of globetrotter photography!
Guest 03-Oct-2009 15:46
hello John
long time, since we
Guest 14-Sep-2009 11:09
Great gallery, John!!!
Irish Eyes Photography05-Sep-2009 23:26

Thank you ver much for your kinds words on a couple of my images. I am so glad I clicked on your site. What a fabulous journey you have been on. It is next to impossible to pick favorites. You have a great eyes for composition and use of patterns, & color to create your images. Oh to have been a mouse in your camera bag.

Wonderful images and I will make sure to come back and visit when I have hours to sit and enjoy your great images.

Guest 01-Sep-2009 05:54
Hi John!
I would like to start with saying THANX for you comments on my pictures.
I also took the time to go through many of your pictures and they are awesome. I understand that you also like travelphotography as much as I do. I will follow you galleries and added you as a favorite.
I got tons of pictures that has not even surfaced, so please do come back to my pbase and tell me what you think.

Krist Malisse 17-Aug-2009 22:27
Hello John,

Your pictures are "to good"!! You are the example that with minimal equipment, someone can make great photography. You make me think at Sergio Pessolano, a great photgrapher from Italy, who travels all over the world, his photography is also stunning. Still a question, are you working in raw? And do you do a lot of post processing? Thanks for your comment. All the best from Belgium.
Jeff 29-Jul-2009 03:00
I started by looking for comments on a Nikon D90 with 28-200 and got to your site. What a wonderful side trip. I enjoy traveling and was looking for a new camera/lens and if your photos are any indication I found the system I am looking for! You have the eye! Thanks
Heather 31-May-2009 19:48
Come on, these are so incredible, and everyone's commens say the same. I wish you would go further with them. Absolutlely stunning!!!! I'm so proud of you!
Gene Trent14-May-2009 04:02
Love your work!
sandro casiraghi25-Apr-2009 21:09
I like very much your way to photography. All pictures, particulary the people one, shows an extraordinary ability to interact with environment in the proper way. It would be great for me if you could take some time to go through my picture as well.\sacasira
Thanks in advance and congratulations again !
Yves Rubin14-Mar-2009 22:10
John, you have such a diverse and beautiful set of work, all reflecting the most positive sides of humanity and the countries you have visited. A truly remarkable collection!
Keith Hall 12-Mar-2009 12:37
I have so loved viewing your photos, they tell so many stories of so many lives. As a pastor and a camera nut I have been great impacted today by your work and wanted to simply write and say thank you for your wonderful heart for people, it really shows in your work. My heart is so burdened for this type of work.

God Bless You,

Pasto Keith Hall
Tarantella11-Mar-2009 19:58
thank You for such a nice feedback.. i am a big airshow fan, so You have a chance to see more new photos in my portfolio in the future.. all the best, Angel
Gilles Navet10-Mar-2009 17:56
Happy to discover your work, and your talent to show us what is true.
Your are in my Fav Now, easy to come back
Thanks for sharing
Marjan Schavemaker04-Mar-2009 20:55
Excellent CSS, John! Regards, Marjan
Janet Hickey 27-Feb-2009 14:17
Go to ... I don't know if you're available to present a program next year for our club, but I'd like to investigate?
Narelle Power14-Feb-2009 15:13
Inspirational, awe inspiring and truely breathtaking - your photography caught my eye, my mind, my heart and soul - thankyou
Guest 09-Feb-2009 01:32
John your work is remarkable, an understatement for sure! Looking at your work gives me such appreciation for the simple things in life, I an American sometimes think how much happier we would be if only we lived a simpler life. God never intended for man to have "Stuff" but rather to have each other.
Guest 07-Feb-2009 12:53
I am so pleased that my Sea Slugs caught your eye, otherwise I may not have discovered your incredible and captivating galleries. You're on my short list of favorites!
all the best,
Guest 01-Feb-2009 18:19
HI John
I`m very impressed of your works from all the countries you have presented. Great d40X/18-200 performance. It really proves that photography is not about the gear.
Lokking forward for next works!
Greg 13-Jan-2009 20:42
I am in awe, I am humbled, my photography just scratches the surface, your envelope you and absorb you into the photograph. I am well traveled and have seen it all, well you have proved me wrong .... hats off to you ...Touche
Paula van den Boogaart 29-Dec-2008 17:28
excellent photography! I have lived in the developing world for many years and can testify to your talent of capturing the real life. I absolutely adore your photos.

keep up the wonderful work
Jim Stolk 22-Dec-2008 20:25
hey John Jim from the west africa trip. Your photos are fantastic.They make mine look a bit lame. Hope all is well . Have a great christmas and all the best in the new year Jim
Sarotte Anna 02-Dec-2008 14:07
Dear John,
Your photos are really wonderful.
May I use one of them (Cameroon, 3 Breadheads, 7 Arms) for a non commercial brochure on the promotion of statistics in developing countries ? I work for an international partnership for the promtion of statistics.
Best regards

msc 27-Sep-2008 21:12
Thanks for the memories.

I spent 3 months in the early 70s travelling thru Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal. While much of the world has changed, your photos show life as it was 35 years ago. If only I had had a decent camera back then!
Guest 16-Sep-2008 04:44
I had a wonderful time venturing through your galleries.
Fredrik 04-Sep-2008 15:54
Hi John,

I just have to thank you for letting me see all these bits and pieces you have collected from around the world. From the start I came here looking for example shots with the Nikkor 18-200 lens but I ended up finding so much more. The way you have capturer both the culture, landscapes and the people who inhabit them is really stunning and gives you a glimpse of how it is to live on the other side of the world and it both make me happy and sad to see all the different peoples fate.

Kind regards,
Guest 12-Jun-2008 23:20
About your shot of Lake Lagdo and your comment about noise.
Do you edit your own photos?
If you still have noise, just make it would make a water color or oil painting.
Sometimes we can't always get the perfect shot, but is life always perfect?

L. Clem
Julie Aucoin16-May-2008 01:24
Incredible photos, John. So happy I got to discover your work. Browsing through your galleries has been a pretty cool virtual adventure! Makes me want to pack my bags and go!
Thanks for the many inspirations. I'll be back... often.
Guest 15-May-2008 17:26
Great Gallery

Website :
Colin Clarke02-May-2008 22:08
Hello John. Your work is outstanding. You have a great command of the color spectrum, you understand the impact of light on a subject, and your compositions are tight. Bravo. Cheers, Colin
TuTmin24-Apr-2008 05:15
Hi John:
welcome to the Pbase world.keep your nice work up.
kind regards,