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50 Years - Memories: January '10 pg 2

Apologies in advance if you have received this in error, please inform me to be removed from list if so

If you don't recognize some of the names of classmates below...
well, that's what yearbooks and reunions are for :
( KHS '60 & '61 reunion pics )

Please pass this email on to other classmates.
I'd like to keep this going, adding their responses to this list or one of yours...
as a reminder that the 50th reunions are just around the corner.
Pearl Country Club - Aiea - April 17, 2010 (confirmed)
Main Street Hotel - Las Vegas - October 10, 2010 (confirmed)

Have them post their responses as below, chronologically - latest first.
( any kine memory-recollection or response to a response OK )
Edit posts for improper content
Edit posts for brevity
Edit out email addresses
(though, with their permission, would appreciate having their email addresses)

Hal Oshiro

Below are a few of the classmates believed to have been receiving the email 'memories'...
either directly or through one of the classmates listed below.
Apologies to those inadvertently mis-named, misspelled or unlisted.

Alvin HIrokane, Alvin Kajioka, Alvin Kotake, Alvin Shimokawa, Amy Higashi, Amy Morioka, Amy Nakashima, Andra Dean,
Andy Nakano, Ann Miyamoto, Ardel Honda, Arline Hirahara, Arlene Yamagata, Bessie Shjimabukuro, Betty Ing, Beverly Davis,
Brenda Ignacio, Calvin Ishizaki, Calvin Kang, Carl Yasuda, Carlos Gouveia, Carol Hamasaki,Carole Kunishige, Carole Masuda,
Caroline Andrade, Carolyn Amoy, Carolyn Chock, Charlene Mau, Chester Otani, Clarence Fung, Clarence Shibuya,Clifford Ching,
Clifford Young, Clinton Chung, Dennis Sayegusa, Edwin Matsui, Edwina Ahn, Elsie Oshiro, Elsie Tanaka, Frances Mise, Francine Song,
Gary Tsukamoto,George Takamiya, Gerri Barcenas, Irene Rocha, Jane Mock, Jean Nakamura, June Yanazawa, Karen Fukuji, Karen Iha,
Karen Morisawa, Kathryn Mabe, Kenneth Morimoto, Kenneth Ginoza, Lance Ishihiro, Lillian Tarumoto, Lorene Watanabe, Louise Lung,
Lynne Zane, Madge Stibbard, Mae Nakanishi,Manuel Mattos, Marian Tarumoto, Martin Buell, Matilda Muraoka, Melvin Cabang,
Michael Yamaguchi, Michael Tang, Muriel Masumura, Naomi Kuramoto, Norman Ginoza, Pamela Machida, Patricia Kiyabu, Paul Kimura,
Paul Texeira, Pearl Shimooka, Pearl Chun, Phyliss Tanabe, Ralph Hind, Ralph Yamasaki, Raynor Tsuneyoshi,Richard Shinn,
Richard Shintaku, Richard Yawata, Rick Nakamura, Robert Gore, Robert Moriyama, Robert Nukushina, Roger Kobayashi, Ronald Higa,
Rosemary DeJesus, Roy Morihara, Roy Okano, Roy Takamatsu, Ruth Kinoshita, Sandra Ishimoto, Sandra Kimura, Sanford Murata, Seda Deguchi,
Shirley Tamashiro, Stanley Miura, Thomas Okuhara,Thomas Takushi, Thomas Yamada, Timothy Choy, Tony Ballesteros, Verna Chang,
Vernon Wong, Violet Chung-Hoon, Virginia Kakazu, Vivian Hirahara, Wade Morikone, Wayne Kanai, Wayne Yamasaki, Xavier Ching, Xavier Ikei

January 31, 2010 deadline for submission of cookbook recipes
Kincaid's gathering: March 16 and 23, from pau hana to whenevah

Seda, hopefully you, Elsie and the others can work out the craft fair in both Honolulu and Las Vegas.
Either way, all will have had good exposure for their crafts on this blog and the website.

Mahalo Pamela... pulled pork... mmm... keep those recipes coming folks, until the cookbook committee tells us to stop.

S. Cal classmates (and N. Cal too I suppose), contact me or Pearl Shimooka Mori for Jane Mock's email or phone number.

Elsie, pics can be sent to me or Carl... you're right, Nuk's messages are usually all in one paragraph... but then some of
our classmates' messages have been almost all in one sentence... no mattah... I usually chop 'em up to fit ; )


----- Original Message -----
From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Hal
Sent: Sunday, January 31, 2010 8:00 AM
Subject: Re: Jewelry Album

Good Job, Elsie.
I'm impressed, one small step at a time.
Good luck, the jewelry looks great.
We are so fortunate to have everyone working together to make all the aspects of this reunion the best one we ever had.

----- Original Message -----
From: Pamela Machida Halford
To: harold oshiro
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 8:27 PM
Subject: RE: 1/30/10

Hi there Hal,

Sorry I almost forgot about those recipes. Thanks for the reminder!!!


1 c flour

Put in lined muffin pan and bake at 375 for 20-25 minutes.


3 lb. pork


Pour ingredients over the pork and slow cook for 6 hrs.

----- Original Message -----
From: Jane Pang
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 1:31 PM
Subject: Re: 1/30/10

Aloha Hal & Fellow Bulldogs,

Kung Hee Fat Choy!

Mahalo for your updates.
With our busy community work and some heatlh issues, we're now open to begin discussion and plans for Class '60 Reunion.
Please ask Pearl to email list of current KHS '60 California network.
Will plan for a Saturday, February 13 lunch in LA area, to discuss plans for October California KHS '60 Reunion.
Please share your planning committee's discussion "whether pre or post Vegas timeframe for California activites?"
Will discuss with those able to make the Saturday gathering "best for most folks."
Anyone in California, interested in joining the Planning Committee, sharing their mana`o, email or join us on Saturday.
Call or email for meeting place.
( email me: for her contact info )

Look forward to partnering with your group, folks in Vegas for the Best 50th Reunion EVA!
Please send suggestions as to acivities and points of interest for those thinking of passing through California.
We'll do our best to plan activities "best for most folks."

Mahalo, aloha, ahui hou,
Jane Mock Pang
1-714-968-**** (Phone/FAX)

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Saturday, January 30, 2010 7:31 AM
Subject: RE: Craft Fair/Sale

Hi, Hal and Carl: Thanks for the feedback re: amount of photos.
I will send some today, making sure that I don’t send pics of items already sold.
My husb is trying to teach me how to consolidate, catalog, etc via Adobe photoshop, hoping to “correctly” send you smaller sizes
of pics on pages with item number, description and price on each.
You are absolutely right about too many pages, because I too, get bored after about the 3rd page.
BTW, Carl, should I send these pics to Hal directly?
You guys are so great!!
Jean-san: I’ve been so busy with visitors and have been home-bound dog sitting my sister’s dog (including my 2) till next Weds.
Finally got the Emperor’s General back and on my kitchen table ready to mail with “Departures”.
Hope you and Boyd are keeping warm.
Think of you whenever I see heavy snowstorms on CNN.
(I’m trying to copy Nuk….no paragraphs needed on emails).
Elsie T

January 30, 2010

The email messages below have been posted for the info-benefit of other potential craft-fair/fund-raiser participants...
sellers and buyers.

Thanks Bing for another ono-licious sounding recipe... again, though the 31st is the indicated deadline for cookbook
recipes, I'm sure the committee could accomodate more recipes for a short while longer... send them over.


----- Original Message -----
From: Hal
To: Carl Yasuda
Cc: Elsie Tanaka Ayers ; Seda Deguchi ; Jean Nakamura
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 10:34 PM
Subject: Fw: Craft Fair/Sale

Carl, Elsie, Seda, Jean,

Actually, the amount of pics doesn't matter... it's the total size of all the pics that I have to balance within my account's allotment.
Thus far though, I should have more than enough room for whatever all four of you might come up with.
As for others coming on board, there are a few simple things I can do to ensure enough space for them.
Bottom line, quantity should be no problem... except possibly for the potential purchaser perusing the paraphernalia.
( Eh Jean, how you like that alliteration ; )
I know when I look at a catalog, if it starts to become too long, I soon become disinterested in continuing... not that our classmates
have the same short attention span as I do, but still something to consider.
On the reunion website pages for instance, I have 12 to 16 pics per page... I'm guessing attention will start to waver just about the
2nd or 3rd page... are we talking about more pics than that ? ( 12 - 16 pics per page, 2 to 3 pages or more )
If not, then I see no problem at all.

In the catalog pages, I have one image that reads ' CY / JNW item descriptions and details '... those are actually blog images much
like the ones for the ' 50 years - Memories... ', so full descriptions can also be placed in there... might be better than just on the
emails since once emails are read, most will not read them again.
At the moment those images are ' blank ' but I'll be placing some example descriptions/details shortly for you all to look at, critique,
and provide suggestions.

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: Carl Yasuda
Cc: Hal Oshiro ; Seda Deguchi Ayers
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 6:19 PM
Subject: RE: Craft Fair/Sale

Hi, Carl:
Ok, I’ll try to consolidate pics with description and email you a few tomorrow…. (you have such great solutions).
Also, is it possible to add a few more pics later?
Another suggestion you offer re: sharing reception table sounds great (if we don’t have too many sellers).
Because, you’ll have to include sale of cookbooks, etc. too.
You may have to have two or several tables (if room can accommodate).
In any event, no sales pitch required, lol.
Your attitude and ideas are so refreshing!
This catalog idea is so unique and have to admit, we sure have such great minds in our class…..
also really getting better and such fun as we are progressing.
Mahalo, Elsie T.
BTW, Seda being there in Hon. early will be a great help.

From: Carl Yasuda
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 3:59 PM
To: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
Subject: Re: Craft Fair/Sale

Hi Elsie,
As for pics, if you have a lot of items, maybe you could consolidate some into various group
(i.e.; rings, ear rings, necklace, etc.) to cut down on the amount of pics.
And on each pic, you can label each item in the pic.
If you are not able to do this with your computer, send me your pictures to me and I'll number label them
and I'll send them back to you for identification on each item.
Or, I could merge pictures into one.
Anyway, I wouldn't worry too much about the total amount of pictures since Hal will manage them somehow.
I have 3 items and Jean will also have 3 items.
Another idea I have, if worst comes to not having other sellers, I would imagine just adding a couple tables
to the reception table for you and Seda.
I had plan on just being at the reception table and show the 3 items or just have it on display there and
to contact me if interested.
This way a picture is worth more then trying to make a sales pitch.
Time is clicking, just smile and have fun. Life is too short.

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 12:56 PM
Subject: Bing's Real Simple Steamed Shrimp with Old Bay Seasoning

A recipe for the cook book.

This is a simple recipe that I use for parties.
In fact, it was one of the dishes I served to Louise Lung and her husband Ray this past autumn.

5 lbs. raw shrimp with shells on .....

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: Carl Yasuda
Cc: Hal Oshiro ; Seda Deguchi Pratz
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 11:08 AM
Subject: RE: Craft Fair/Sale

Hi, Carl….Thank you so much for your input!!
It didn’t seem real that so many would have been interested in the craft fair, but according to Pearl,
she said 17 for Hon. and 6 for LV.
In any event, setting up the craft fair isn’t that difficult, just that someone does have to coordinate the event.
Normally, rental of the space would have to be determined, then prorating the cost to each crafter,
i.e. $20-40 for each table.
I’ll be willing to coordinate the LV event, if it happens.
I’ve already reported to Pearl that the Social Club (Main Street) will not be able to accommodate craft tables.
It is a small room and according to Kathy Nemoto (events coordinator), she layed out the room with tables for
150 people (max), plus reception (check-in) tables and very small area left for entertainment
(musicians – Kiki and her group), so not optimistic about the craft fair in LV.
Checked out the preview website….logos look great and didn’t realize Jean would be selling tote bags too.
It will really be a nice catalog when done.
Seda and I better start moving in sending some pics of our items.
BTW, how many maximum pics are being allowed?
Unless Pearl gives you names of interested crafters, no way of knowing how to contact except hoping that
they are reading reunion blogs.
Thanks again for your help and look forward to hearing from you again. Elsie T.

From: Carl Yasuda
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 1:26 AM
To: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
Subject: Re: Craft Fair/Sale

Hello Elsie,
You know, I really don't know how big this project will be but I'm just trying to get involved with some aspect of the reunion since
it really should be something special.
Since I don't have any experience with craft fairs and even reunion activities, I found my idea of coming up with medallion to
commemorate our 50th reunion as a starter.
Now of course, the patch and decal.
Then Jean got in touch with me and the idea of selling online would help her with her items.
And now Hal came up with establishing a catalog and web site for our items.
All this seems so simple at that time and the interest just picked up.
As I mentioned to Seda, I really don't think that we have 17 people interested in selling so we'll see.
BTW, just received an email from Hal with a link to the catalog he has started.
He has the photo of my patch and Jean's t-shirts that I receive today.
Anyway, if I can be of any assistance just let me know.
We do need someone with experience to do a lot of leg work just to find a place and handle all the logistics for a Honolulu craft fair.
Now, if you are volunteering to set something up in Las Vegas, it might work.
I'll keep in touch.
Thanks for writing.

---- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 6:12 AM
Subject: FW: AAGEN 2010 Scholarship Program Announcement

This might also be of interest to the young relatives of the KHS Class of 1960

Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 10:39 AM
To: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
Subject: AAGEN 2010 Scholarship Program Announcement

To: AAGEN Members and Friends
AAGEN announces its 2010 Scholarship Program.
read more ...
AAGEN Membership Service.......
Find us on Facebook

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 6:11 AM
Subject: FW: 2010 White House Summer Internship Program

This might be of interest to the young relatives of the KHS Class of 1960.

Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 11:39 AM
To: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
Subject: 2010 White House Summer Internship Program

To: AAGEN Members and Friends
White House 2010 Summer Internship Program.
read more ...
AAGEN Membership Service....
Find us on Facebook

Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 3:29 PM
Subject: White House Summer Internship Flyer

Attached please find a flyer for the White House Summer Internship Program. Feel free to share with your networks.

Kalpen Modi
Associate Director
White House Office of Public Engagement

----- Original Message -----
From: Bradshaw, Betty Ing
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 6:07 AM
Subject: Secretary Shinseki Receives JAVA Award.

Thought you might want to pass this on:

1749 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102 (Bob Nakamoto, President)

January 26, 2010 Vol. V No 02
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

( inserting Honolulu link )

January 29, 2010

For the potential crafters and committee members... yes, I do realize that the craft fair thing is still not a 'done deal'
but felt that time would be a critical factor for those traveling from out of state... which is why I offered to host an
'online catalog' to help expedite the set up if it did become a go or something similar came about.
As Carl may have mentioned, even if the craft event is a limited affair or at worst can't be held here, at the very least
the crafters will have exposure for their items on the online catalog and a preliminary structured set-up for our
reunion in Las Vegas or any other craft event before or after the April reunion.
Apologies to those who may have thought some of the info on this page would not be posted, but I really felt that it
would help potential crafters, and of course classmates and committee members, with the craft fair decisions.

OK... back to the other stuff... what was it... oh yeah, egg shells and bald women... ; )


----- Original Message -----
From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Carl Yasuda
Cc: Harold Oshiro; Elsie Ayers; Pearl Mori
Sent: Friday, January 29, 2010 4:10 AM
Subject: Craft Items

I am in total agreement with Elsie as to how to handle the payment and handling of the craft items after it has been
posted on the website.
My husband has just confirmed our travel plans, so I will be able to help in setting up and finishing up on any craft
show plans.
I would be willing to help coordinate plans on whatever the committee decides.
The website on the tea shirts and patches looks great.
Mahalo, Seda

----- Original Message -----
From: Carl Yasuda
To: Seda Deguchi Pratz
Cc: Hal Oshiro
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: The craft items

Hello Seda,

Ok, this is how I interpret the online catalog will work.
You will send Hal the pictures of your items and description with price.
He will post the pictures at his web site with necessary descriptions.
As a person goes through the catalog and is interested in an item or items, they can send a request to Hal and he can
send me the request or to you if it's your item and you can fill the request.
As in the case of Jean, the request comes to me and I forward the request to her and she has it filled and mailed to me.
I will distribute the item at the reunion.
If the items are paid in advance, I will consolidate the funds and distribute it in accordance with what she has setup.
We can do it the same way except you can bring the items and hand them out at the reunion.
As for the payment, if an advance payment is made, I or Hal can hold it for you or send it to you,
however you want it done.
The craft fair issue should be decided by the next committee meeting.
BTW, yes I can be the middleman along with Hal.
Right Hal, please add anything else that needs clarification.

As for golf, there wasn't much interest in a second round of golf so Ron will not be scheduling a second round of golf
but he kept it open for those few who may be interested.
I'm sure he'll be able to set something up on short notice if a group or two wanted to play.
Please let him know if you are interested.
He works best under short notice I think.
I'm always willing to be added pending health issues.

I can't guarantee Hal will not post this on the blog as he has surprised me in the past.
But maybe Elsie would be interested in the above information.
I'm sure Elsie is also trying to make travel plans but needs more information as to the decision for a craft fair.

I hope this helps. I cannot speculate what the committee will decide on anything but I'm just trying to do the best I can
with what I can control and hopefully make this 50th reunion a little more eventful for most of us.
Feel free to ask other questions if you need to.

----- Original Message -----
From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Carl Yasuda
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 6:54 AM
Subject: The craft items

Dear Carl,

First of all thank you so much for your generous offer to coordinate the craft items.
I can't imagine how much work you are willing to do.
We are all enjoying Hal's blogs.
I just wanted to know what exactly we are going to do.
Are you saying that you will be the middleman once we put the pictures of our craft items on Hal's blog?
Is there going to be more than one golf tournament?
I am making travel plans and want to know as soon as possible.
Thanks so much.

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Cc: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 8:23 AM
Subject: Re: From Elsie Tanaka

Elsie: Will bring this up at our next committee meeting.

----- Original Message -----
From: Carl Yasuda
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:05 AM
Subject: Re: Craft Fair

I think the online catalog is great and yes you should get started.
That is why I sent you my pictures.
What I had started between Jean and I, I had a document (listing) with my items including description and price
and was awaiting Jean's stuff so I could include them before sending it to you for emailing to classmates.
But the catalog idea is a lot more organized and should work with other sellers.
All that is needed is some sort of order form to place an order for items.

I think it would be good to have multiple activities over several days or even having two activities on the same day
but at different times.
An example would be golf on the 15th and get together at Kincaid (?) after for those interested.
And maybe on the 16th, a craft fair and karaoke at a convenient location such as where the '61 class had their event
if it can be worked out.
So, there are still a lot of issues that need answers just for the craft fair alone and hopefully, the committee will provide
some answers soon after the next meeting.

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 4:19 PM
Subject: Re: 1/26/10 - W-AOL

Jean, I'm glad Stephanie got away with her experiment and didn't bruise her teacher's ego badly.
Some of us couldn't get away with that.
It's a very thin line between being perceived as creative versus a smartass.
Funny, women are waxing off hair from one area of the body while it's falling off in another.
I do feel bad for women who do lose their hair, especially if they're young.
One of my aunts used those bald sprays and I think it worked well for her.
She had a silver dollar size bald spot which filled back in after a few months and she was in her 70s, so there's hope that
the hair may grow back.
She didn't do anything for it.
When I was working, there were a lot of women who wore wigs because of hair loss.
There use to be a few women who shaved their heads bald in our small town.
They were young, very pretty, and had nicely shaped heads so it wasn't a problem for them and probably attracted interest.
I haven't seen any lately.
Good looks seem to cure a lot of problems.
Seda, I also thought about the mosaic project often too and it's Bessie's beautiful abstract mosaic that I remembered most,
and I thought, wow, great art could be created with only painted egg shells; how clever of Mrs. Fujita to think of it.
It was Bessie's work that made me realize the possibilities that using ordinary materials we normally throw away can be used
to create beautiful art work.
I also discovered how attractive abstract art can be.
She was one of many students that opened my eyes from the small world I was living in to a world of what can be possible.
I guess a lot of us ate tamago rice before we started our project. nuk

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2010 7:17 AM
Subject: RE: 1/27/10

Pearl and reunion committee members: I was amazed that we actually had 17 interested in the craft fair.
Thought it might be just a handful.
Why then couldn’t we have a separate craft fair on another day entirely, like you would have a golf day?
Or, have it on the same day as golf….. those golfing usually in the morning, can attend the craft fair in the afternoon.
In any event, I’m sure everyone would love to see our wonderful classmates show their talents and creative works.
What a great event this could be!
The reunion treasury would have monies they never had before.
Please give this suggestion some serious consideration.
Crafters will still participate in the online exhibition through Hal and Carl.
The clock is ticking, so pls advise.
Mahalo, Elsie


January 27, 2010

Will do Pearl... have neglected to post that list for the past few months anyway... now might be
a good time to post it again (see above)... anyone out there have contact info for them ?
Yes I did get that email from you on my other email account since I was off island at the time...
that email message was posted on the Pbase blog page

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 3:37 PM
Subject: Re: 1/25/10

Please remove Marilynn Setoda Baca from MIA list.
Got new address from Pearl Lui

----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: Pamela Machida Halford ; hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:48 AM
Subject: Fwd: KHS

Pam/Harold etal. Pam, just got your email.
Here is the response to you, let us know.
Hope that we and everyone else can get together with you.
Aloha Gerri BD

-----Original Message-----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 9:35 am
Subject: Fwd: KHS

Harold, Pamela, there is a mystery here, I sent an email twice to the email address below,
on Jan 18 and did not get a response and assumed you had a change of plans.
Can anyone enlighten us on who NIshioka is that I responded to.
Anyhow, Pamela I see that you depart on Tuesday Feb. 2nd, do you want to try for Mon. the 1st,
the night before you leave...may be kind of tight, but tell us of your plans and email Harold's blog
to confirm whatever you decide. We could make it at Kincaid's again or the next time you are in town.
Whatever is convenient for you.
Unfortunately, other than the nishioka email, there was no info how to contact you by phone etc.
Keep well. Gerri BD

-----Original Message-----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: Nishioka
Sent: Mon, Jan 18, 2010 11:51 am
Subject: Fwd: KHS

Hi Pam, are we on for tomorrow, Tues. please let me know. Greri

-----Original Message-----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: Nishioka
Sent: Sat, Jan 16, 2010 8:59 pm
Subject: Re: KHS

Hello Pam, nice to hear from you, how about this Tuesday the 19th, what time and where would you like to have breakfast at.
Where are u staying at. If u like local breakfast cafe, Jack's in Aina Haina is great, or Kahala Mall MacDonalds,
Wailana on Ala Moana, Pagoda's buffet, of course Zippy's is always good.
A nice place is Longi's at Ala Moana shopping Center.
Who else have u been in contact with, maybe they could also join us but it is not necessary.
So tell me.
Aloha, Gerri (ph.734 ****, my cell which I am having problems with is 330****)

-----Original Message-----
From: Nishioka
To: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
Sent: Sat, Jan 16, 2010 8:26 am
Subject: KHS

Hi Gerri,

Yes, it's sure been a long time, huh?
Yes, I sometimes miss those good-ole-days when my parents had the store and were still alive.
My dad passed on in l987 and my mom in 1996.
I married a Canadian in 1988 and moved to Canada where I now live but in the winter, we go to Florida with our motor home -
but I always get to Hawaii to see the little grandkids!!!

I can only meet you on a Tuesday or Thursday cuz that's when both kids are in school.
Breakfast would be good - just let me know which day is best for you.

Aloha, Pam

----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:35 AM
Subject: Fwd: KHS

Harold, Pamela, there is a mystery here, I sent an email twice to the email address below,
on Jan 18 and did not get a response and assumed you had a change of plans.
Can anyone enlighten us on who Nishioka is that I responded to.
Anyhow, Pamela I see that you depart on Tuesday Feb. 2nd, do you want to try for Mon. the 1st,
the night before you leave...may be kind of tight, but tell us of your plans and email Harold's blog
to confirm whatever you decide.
We could make it at Kincaid's again or the next time you are in town.
Whatever is convenient for you.
Unfortunately, other than the Nishioka email, there was no info how to contact you by phone etc.
Keep well. Gerri BD

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Shimooka Mori
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: 1/25/10

With all the times I send you emails I still get your email mixed up.
Good thing I kept the following on file which was sent to you on 1/11/10 (wrong email)
Can't remember if I saw it on your blog.
My apologies to Pam.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from the reunion committee.
Just a note, whatever event is chosen is voted on by all committee members.
There are twenty (20) who are working hard for you.
It takes a lot of meetings and many suggestion to look into to get things done.
If there are any out there who would like to lend support or be on any sub-committees,
please don't hesitate to give me a call or repond via email... ... ...

Survey results on the craft fair events for Honolulu (17) & Vegas (6).
We might not be able to do.
However, I'm sure there will be more discussion at our next meeting set for 2/11/10.
2nd meeting set for 2/25/10.
Next bulletin with info on costs for all events/travel will be mailed out on 2/26/10.

COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Please r.s.v.p. if attending.

----- Original Message -----
From: Vernon Wong
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2010 7:04 AM
Subject: RE: 1/26/10

Macadamia Chocolate Chip!
My favorite cookie in the whole universe.
They gotta be tooo ono.
I fell in love with Pepperidge Farm´s "Sausalito" mac-choc chip cookie after my first taste.
What a great combo.
Occasionally I find the Sausalito but not very often (in Europe).
When I do stumble across them I buy out the store.
Can´t wait to sample Seda´s (and buy out the store?).

January 26, 2010

Here's the link to the Hana Hou article that Manny mentioned:

No Betty... thank you and all the recipe contributors on behalf of the cookbook committee.

Jean, Jake is a (relatively) recent local phenom who is now becoming known world-wide.
Here's a link to his bio:
I'm sure other classmates can fill you in on any relationships... Bessie maybe ? : )

I'm just the messenger Seda, Carl and the committee members do all the work... and you're right, they are
greatly appreciated.
Whoa ! Macadamia and choclate chip... can't wait to try it.

Western Union Hal

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From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 9:28 PM
Subject: RE: 1/25/10

Hi fellow young classmates, Manny here.
Gerri, who said gold bars are worth more.
Gold coins have more value, and when the price of oil goes up so does gold.
I will give you the bags for the same price that I pay .
Wait, forgot to ad the airlines tax, Filipino tax, labor tax, and whatever tax I want.
I would like to know when is the craft show going to be.
I am making some weapons with curly Koa wood, I will bring them and sell them at wholesale.
Damn, forgot all that tax Gerri will pay.
The only pictures that anyone can look at are in the Hana Hou article.
Just let me know, and I will bring all the different types.
As for other koa items that I make, you let me know what you want and I will make it.
The next item I am making, will be a 13' long old Hawaiian type OLE surfboard.
Well that's all for tonight, stay and think young, Manny

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From: Betty (Violet Chung-Hoon) Townsend
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 9:37 AM
Subject: Recipes for Class Cookbook


Please forward these recipes to the cookbook committee.
Thank you!!!

Pineapple Chicken

Pecan Caramel Bars

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From: Boyd & Jean (Nakamura) Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 7:28 AM
Subject: Re: 1/25/10

Thanks for taking care of my stuff, Carl.
It' a load off my mind.
Excuse me for my ignorance but, who is JAKE SHIMABUKURO??
He is awesome on his instrument (?ukelele?) but I never heard of him until today.
Is he a classmate's child?


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From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Monday, January 25, 2010 6:24 AM
Subject: Payment of items.

Thanks for answering all the questions about the craft fair projects so quickly.
Carl, you are very generous in offering to be the contact person in Hawaii for the sell of items,
thank you.
I am busy now making up some inventory so that I can email a photo album.
Putting up a website just for the crafts is a great idea, but would be an enormous amount of work
for you and Hal.
I know all of us participating will be very grateful, with our asian up bringing (as Elsie mentioned)
will have to reciprocate for the rest of our lives!
Hats off to all of the reunion committee for all of their hard work.
The 50th reunion sounds perfect thanks to all of you.

Nuk, your email on the mosaic boxes was just great.
I remember that project as if it was yesterday, I can see my design and have often thought about
over the years.
I made a beautiful abstract design also, it must of been one of the requirements.
My parents moved many times so I don't think that box survived the move.
Reliving the memory was great.

Jean, I must of miss the email, that said what kind of craft you are going to submit, would love to
know since you are such a great seamstress.

Geri, the outings you have planned for everyone, sounds so much fun.
I was in town in December, but could not make the last Kincaid get together.
Hearing from the group through the emails gives us all an idea how much fun it was.

Seda's Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip Cookie


January 25, 2010

Echo that Carl... vendors, do send your pictures and descriptions directly to me... I'll forward copies of same to the people
on the committee who have a need to know.

Thanks Gerri... although I got that link to the Midler-Shimabukuro performance from several people, I haven't found the time
to look at it yet... good reminder... have nearly 700 emails of that type from '09 that I've had just a cursory glance at since
starting this blog... several dozen more this year... found my classmates to be slightly more interesting ; )

Elsie, it's not too late... according to the committee and the Bulletin, January 31 is the deadline to submit recipes... but I'm
going to go out on a limb here and guess that submissions just a few days late will likely be included... in fact, hanging
on to the tip of that limb now, maybe a supplement or Cookbook Two can be done with very late submissions... so keep
those recipes coming.

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From: Carl Yasuda
To: Hal
Cc: Jean Worley
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 9:10 PM
Subject: Craft Fair Venders


I just want to say that everyone interested in selling craft items, should send pictures and description to you as a reminder.
As in the case of Jean, apparently she may not have photo and email attachment savvy at this time so I'm awaiting her items
to take the necessary photos and send them to you as soon as possible.
Also, I'll be handling the local orders of her items to include keeping track of orders, payment and delivery.
I believe some of her high end items will go into the silent auction.
Orders paid in advance is desired, but not required, and would be helpful for her since her source is pay as you go type of
arrangement I think.
This is why Jean will be able to take specific orders and not deal with bulk orders most outlets require.
With sufficient time, her orders will be completed and shipped to me before the April reunion since Jean is not expected to
make the April reunion.
I would like to offer my services to other venders if I can help in anyway, whether or not they plan to make the April reunion.
BTW, would Manny be interested in selling some of his crafts?
Could you check with him?
I know I had wanted one of his wood craft but I haven't been able to find the right picture.

Jean, correct me if I misunderstood you on anything I've mentioned.


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From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: Hal, Chester
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 7:16 PM
Subject: Fwd: Jake & Bette Midler Performance

Chester, u may like this.
Harold, perhaps our classmates would like to see the great performance of Bette Midler and Jake Shimabukuro who I believe
performed this for the Queen of England.
Enjoy. Gerri Bd

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From: clifford young
To: Cliff Ching; Gerri Barcenas Digmon; Harold Oshiro; Ken Morimoto; Lynne Zane Sugiyama; Norman Ginoza; Roy Okano;
and several others
Sent: Sat, Jan 23, 2010 7:54 pm
Subject: FW: Jake & Bette Midler Performance

Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 19:51:19 -0800
From: Mel Chinen
Subject: Jake & Bette Midler Performance

Here is a youtube video of Jake and Bette Midler performing In My Life for the Queen of England.
Please click the link to view the video.

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From: Pamela Machida Halford
To: harold oshiro
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 5:20 PM
Subject: RE: 1/24/10

Gee, just ask, huh?
Will check it out more later and give you any info I have .

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From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 4:50 PM
Subject: Re: 1/24/10

Harold, Miles is reference to Mrs. Miles who was Frances' and my 5th grade teacher at Waialae Elmen.
At the UH, the professors used to call us by our last names and I still do that too from time to time.

Unless I had a hearing problem in school, Mr. Fong (not Fung) was my 6th grade teacher; you can take that to the bank.
Banks are dropping like flies, maybe not.

If Pearl was writing to Mrs. Luter, than 'Luter' has to be the correct spelling.
You smart kids are confusing the beegees out of dummies like me :)))
Did Luter look part Hawaiian (Hawaiian-Haole)?
Just don't tell me she was slightly balding with a prickly mustache, a slightly bulging belly, and large forearms.

I might be distracting Roger as we were exchanging emails.
Roger has a great impressive memory.
I think the gals might want to talk to him at the reunion.
Form a line please.
The first spot in line is reserved for Elsie, the smartest and cutest 3rd grade classmate of mine at Manoa school. nuk

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From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: Hal Oshiro
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 3:23 PM
Subject: My Receipe for Reunion Cookbook

Hope not too late, but if so that’s okay.
You should definitely have your wife try this.
It took me many attempts of modifying to get this right.


Elsie M. Ayers

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From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 1:03 PM
Subject: Re: 1/24/10

Harold/Pam Machida Halford, Pam, know you have such a busy schedule, I sent an email to you however,
I don't think it got to you.
Please email me so that we can set up breakfast on, is it Tues or Thurs.
Keep well. Gerri BD

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From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

Harold, Manny, Mahalo for confirming my order, could u please be sure that the bags are the same color,
pattern and size as Janice/Rosalind bag.
Please check with Janice/Rosalind on this.
Also as we discussed unless gold is in gold bricks it would not have much value but I will see what we can do but
I don't understand what the price of oil has to do with it.
By the way with your amazing power of influence, can we get your discounted price.....( I knew you would like this).
Much aloha, Gerri BD

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From: Boyd & Jean Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: 1/24/10

I love sentence diagramming!
The kids don't do that anymore...what a shame.
I substituted ages ago for an English class and found that they just wrote s for subject, v for verb, etc. above the words
instead of the more picturesque diagramming where you could actually see the dangling participle.
They don't know what they were missing.
I was horrified when they stopped teaching phonics for a generation and taught only whole word recognition.
We started getting Immigration inspectors who couldn't sound out or spell a foreigner's name.
They could only "see" the beginning and the end of the name or even plain words.
They didn't even know how to use phonics.
So glad when our school board brought back phonics to the elementary grades.
May is too early to come to Alaska.
Nothing is blooming then.

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From: Boyd & Jean Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 9:43 AM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

What are you selling?
I don't remember anything besides Hawaiian war weapons.

Your Ms. Mau story about grades reminded of my daughter, Stephanie, who is living in Dutch Harbor, Alaska and is the
Port Director of Customs and Border Protection.
Her classmates in 8th grade were mature beyond their chronological ages.
They were responsible, smart, well-read and all had a devilish sense of humor.
Since our school is K-12, the few teachers that we have have to teach numerous subjects.
Her particular teacher taught health, social studies, science, P.E. and coached basketball after school.
Stephanie got suspicious about the teacher's grading system because he never returned their test papers.
He just posted the grades.
She got suspicious when a boy basketball player got a higher grade than she did.
She said that was not possible since he copied all her answers.
She felt that the teacher did not really read or check the tests but graded each kid according to whether he thought they
were smart or not.

On the next test which was a fill-the-blanks test, she wrote in ridiculous answers to see what the teacher would say.
She got an "A".
The teacher probably thought that it was her turn to get an "A".
The whole class of 8 students demanded to get their tests back.
Stephanie asked the teacher if he even reads the tests before he grades them.
When he answered, "Yes, I read all the tests", she read some of the answers on her tests.
On one: The main bodily fluid is sperm.
On another: Santa Anna crossed into California to go to Disneyland to kidnap Mickey Mouse.
He made sure he read Stephanie's test papers from then on.

LOL on your reunion starting list.
Nice to hear that guys worry about getting ready, too.
I'm ready with my hearing aid.
Have been using my Minoxidil for women and practicing my comb-over in case it doesn't grow any hair for me.
I had to laugh when my beautician tried to sell me a can of black spray for the bald spots where I part my hair.
She must have bought it years ago from Ron Popeil of informercial fame.
Have been slathering my face with $135 a jar aloe cream to smooth out the wrinkles.
I'm afraid if I lose weight, all the fat that keeps me from being wrinkled will disappear and I'll show up as the
saggy baggy elephant.
Looking forward to seeing all you folks even if it's just hearing your names and seeing your faces after all these years.

January 24, 2010

Nuk, I can rent space under the coop.
I've tried but somehow I can't place 'Miles' ... clue me in... last name ?

Pamela, 'let your fingers do the searching'... the senior class pics are posted on the website on this
page: ... hope that helps.

Seda, you can email the photos and prices to me and I can forward the relevant info to the particular
committee members who need it... same with the recipes.

Nuk, Roger's not paying attention again : )... the orders for cookbooks, patches, medallions, etc can
be sent to me or any of the committee members listed on the Bulldog Bulletin that was sent out...
I believe Roy O., Muriel and Bobbie are heading the cookbook committee... and I'll probably be
immediately corrected if any of the above is incorrect.

Thanks Lillian, will pass on the recipes to the appropriate people... boy those sound really good...
and for the others... yes, listing just the names is a teaser to promote cookbook orders.

Pearl, Nuk claims (kapus) Fong (as he spells it) as his 6th grade teacher... which means, if you had
Luther? Luter? Lutha? Luta (as I remember calling her)?, she was your 6th grade teacher.

Elsie and the others, you can send the photos and a description any time, I'll keep them stored and
backed up until we're ready to use them.


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From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 9:03 PM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

Harold, Muriel, wow, Ms Luther is it?
Apparently I never knew her name, it doesn't ring a bell at all with me, but you'd think I'd remember
them bazookas, but in those days, anything in pairs looked large to me.
All we need is your 6th grade class picture with Luther in it.
I hope she resembles Nobles for my sanity.
So you're not renting your coop to me for the reunion?
Chicken S__t! :(
For the crafts fair: just an idea of checking out FedEx or UPS for mainlanders to send their material
to some central point in Hawaii to determine if it would be cost effective, assuming you trust them.
Virtually all airlines have fees on all luggage now.
If you're luggage is over weight, even more fees.
Do any of you have a website like Roy for ordering online?

Jean, I was on two cruises, a total of three weeks plus I get inundated with paper work when I get back
home and stuff to get done between the cruises.
Our blog was very busy so I didn't want to submit any dry stuff anyway.
We found some good cruise deals and they both floated out of LA so no expenses for air fare,
nor airport hassles.
We also found one going to Alaska in May out of LA but not sure if we're going to sign up for that one.
One cruise was to Hawaii and although shore time was very short, I got to see a few classmates
in Honolulu and Maui.
On the ship, we told the passengers how it was when the Lurline used to dock at Aloha Towers.
The passengers used to toss out streamers, flower leis and silver dollars/coins which the young Hawaiian
boys used to dive for.
I think one of them drowned on one occasion.
Guests could also visit their relatives on board the ship.
There was a large room for the poorer people which had a name; steerage class?
We all said good-byes to our relatives who could afford to go to the mainland.
"Good-bye" meant to me when I was a kid was, my aunt or uncle would disappear off the face of the earth
from three to six months or longer when they left on the Lurline.
Once, when we all started to leave my oldest uncle's house after celebrating Mother's Day, we all usually sang,
'Goodnight Irene Goodnight', a hit song in the 50s and Irene was one of his daughters.
As each family left, every one said good-bye to each other.
I sort of panicked because I thought I wouldn't see my cousins for months.
Yep, I was that dumb.
I don't like to use the bus either since every time I see a classmate on or from a bus, it's the last time I see them.
Till this day though, I don't really like to say good-bye to anyone.
I know there's a way to say in Hawaiian, Aloha, until we meet again (Aloha a Hui Hou?) which would be a better
way to say good-bye, although I'm not too comfortable with my Hawaiian as a result of me being away for so
long from Hawaii.
Since the late 90s, Roy O. has tried to make connections with many of his classmates so through him I was lucky
to reconnect with some of them through emails, and met others on previous trips like Marj, Frances, and Sandy;
none who remembered me, but I remembered them, especially Frances M. because we were in the same
5th grade class Frances M ;)
(Harold, I think Frances or Chester has Miles' 5th grade class picture.
Chester sent me an e-copy years ago but I can't locate it.
I'd like to have a copy when he finds it, which I can cut and paste from your site).
Shame on me for not having a sparkling personality like Betty Ann, smart like Elsie, cheeky cut like Elsie,
nice like Jean, tall like Jean, energetic like Brenda, wrinkle free like Frances, a voice like Karen,
humor like Patricia, vocabulary like Gerri, creative like Bessie, strong arms like Elsie O., and a chicken coop
like Harold; but then I'd be a female for the most part but well remembered.
As for the papiermache project, I can't remember if it was the Fujita or Cunningham (names provided by Roger K.;
what a memory!) class.
I don't remember if we did masks in our class but I was surprised at what one can could do with old newspaper.
If your mask was stolen, shouldn't you get a 'A'?
Wouldn't someone steal the best one?
Roger sent me pictures of his egg mosaic as well as his ceramic ducks that he did in his 5th grade.
He also had an abstract design and his ducks were pretty good too.
Makes me wonder if our other classmates are now digging through their closets looking for their old art projects.
I would sure like to see Elsie's carriage from Mrs. Chang's class.
Weeks ago, I actually had a dream about seeing those projects all displayed together.
I don't know what Elsie's carriage, if it was a carriage, looked like but in my dream it was black, jeweled, with large
gold spoke wheels, four on the floor, double quad carburetors, moon roof, and white wall performance tires.
It looked great even with those sponsors' decals on it.
Elsie look very good in her asbestos suit standing next to her carriage, helmet in hand.
Weren't those class projects interesting?
Nobody has asked me, "Remember that sentence diagramming test we had?", or "Remember those mind blowing
solutions to those algebraic determinants on Page 78 in 7th grade?"; or digging in your closets for old high school
test papers.
Being a professional artist is difficult.
One has to find a niche, and people's taste for art changes, always gravitating toward something new and different.
And there's little justice for those who are ahead of, or just different in their times, to be only recognized long after
they are gone.
I do think artists do produce their best work when they are hungry and striving to be recognized.
When they get rich, I just don't think their art is as good.
So keep those artists starving.
Art has always been a luxury so the rich are the benefactors and so they set the trend in the art world, and not the
taste of the average person.
These days art is bought more for investments which doesn't make sense to me but such are the times.
Now, even the average person is doing that, buying for value appreciation, a selling point in the cruise line auctions.
I do my own art work.
The advantages are it doesn't have to be insured, it's cheap, and nobody will steal it. nuk

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From: Pamela Machida Halford
To: hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 8:42 PM
Subject: RE: 1/23/10

Thanks for including me in your email-forwarding.
It sure is interesting reading all these stories from days gone by!!!
Sure wish I had my yearbook with me so I could look up some of these people.


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From: Seda Deguchi Pratz
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 2:13 PM
Subject: Re: 50th Reunion t-shirt

Your work seems unending.
I am interested in participating in the online website.
I am at the moment out of inventory. I am making new
Iphone bags and when I finish, hopefully in a few days I will be glad to send the pictures and price to you.
I have a recipe for the cook book and would like to send it to whoever is in charge of that project.
Thanks for you help. Seda

----- Original Message -----
From: Roger Kobayashi
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 1:20 PM
Subject: Fwd: Cookbook

Pearl's out galavanting somewhere until January 25th.
Can I still order a cookbook?
Who is taking orders?

----- Original Message -----
From: Lillian Tarumoto Zane
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 12:31 PM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

From: Lillian Tarumoto Zane
Subject: Cookbook recipes

Hi hal,
Please forward these favorite recipes to the appropriate person.

Toffee Bars

Cream Cheese Mandarin Orange and Lychee Gelatin

Apple Crisp

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Louie
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 10:54 AM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

Hi Hal,

The teacher that Muriel mentioned - Mr. Fong or Mr. Fung.
If I recall correctly it was Mr. Fung but I'm not sure if I had him - know that I had Mrs. Luter for sure.

Pearl Chun Louie

----- Original Message -----
From: Pearl Louie
To: Hal
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 10:51 AM
Subject: Re: 1/23/10

Hi Hal,

In regards to the teacher that Muriel mentioned. It was Mrs. Luter.
After leaving Waialae Elementary School she corresponded with me for a few years but eventually learned
that she was deceased when mail that I sent to her started to be returned to me.

Pearl Chun Louie

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Saturday, January 23, 2010 9:57 AM
Subject: RE: 1/23/10

Hi, Muriel….Thank you so much for your information.
Yes, will wait until the committee has another meeting to discuss craft fair.
If there is space to set up extra tables for craft items, we can plan to bring items to sell, but will limit number
of items because of cost issues.
Jean has an excellent suggestion that might help limit extra baggage, if we can show some items in advance
on this blog.
With jewelry and also iphone bags, there are so many styles,colors and fabric to choose from that showing a
variety via the craft fair would be better.
I will, however, send some photos of jewelry as soon as Carl or Hal are ready for them.

Seda: do you have any suggestions or ideas?
Unlike Nuk, my brain can only expand so much….always seem to miss thoughts/ideas of others. Mahalo, Elsie T.

January 23, 2010

There you go Nuk, Muriel did remember... some of the 'smart' kids in our class really were smart... and keep away
from my coop come reunion time.

Jean, as I've mentioned to you and Carl in other email, I can host descriptive text on the blogs but photos will need
to be hosted on the Pbase website or on Google-Picasa... this to avoid being flagged as a spammer again if I send
large repetitive emails... otherwise, no problem... if some of the classmates preferred, I can relay order requests-info
to Carl and the others to preserve email address anonymity.

That's her ! Mrs. 'Lutha' ! Muriel, I just knew it started with an 'S' .

What can I get for a gold tooth Manny... fanny pack ? coin purse ?


----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 6:37 PM
Subject: Re: 1/22/10

Harold & Muriel, Mr. Fong was MY 6th grade teacher, not yours; kapu already.
Fong's class was on the Ewa end of the top floor.
Your class was, as Harold said, on the Petrie Park side, and your teacher was a female.
Betty Ann should remember her name.
I'm sure of it.
Waialae 4th picture, 2nd row, 3rd from left is Flora Takamiya next to Sandy, to confirm Muriel.
I don't remember her being in our 4th class, but remember her from 7th grade.
She worked at Chunky's part time when I was at UH.
The last time I saw her was outside her apartment where a small group of us were sitting during my senior year UH.
Shirley Tamashiro was there too, the last time I saw her too.
I'm glad to see Jack Padua in the class picture.
I forgot what he looked like until I saw the class picture and recognized him.
Very sweet to see those pictures.
Chester Bow was the other guy that did the Indian dance with me in Hiawatha.
I could not remember his last name.
I have to conclude, we were the only two in class that were physically coordinated.
He confided with me on something I still remember today, I think to keep me out of trouble with the teacher.

Hi Elsie, I don't think anyone would 'want' me anymore than they did in high school.
No, I'm not an interesting person.
The only women who find me interesting are divorced women.
I wonder why that is?
I'm so uninteresting I don't even talk to myself like some people do when they get old.
I am not a politically correct type person and I pretty much can turn off people with just a few words.
Shortly after (?) got into office, I said he was a stupid man, and I lost all of my Republicans friends and I never heard
from her since.
In fact, Roy is very reluctant to introduce me to his granny girlfriends because of my frankness, and my wife has to be
there since she's the one with all the personality.
When we go on cruises, it seems to the people we meet thinks, she knows half the people on board.
Some people wave to me, and others leave messenges with me for her, and I have no idea who they are.
I feel like I'm serving the Queen, just like I do at home.
It doesn't feel like a vacation.
I'm just teasing you about the money piling up, I'm trying to keep people from falling asleep, but I am in the phase of
life where no money sitting around doing nothing shall go unspent.
I'm trying to be like our government and stimulate the economy or my poll numbers.
And no, the IRS interest is unrelated to me spending it.
They try to ping me with a tax assessment virtually every year because they have a statute of limitations and need to
push out their audits before April 15th of each year.
One year, it was a large bill.
I explained to them they were in error and showed them the procedure that they should use to calculate the actual
increased tax assessment, which = 0.
The process zeroed out certain 1040 deductions automatically.
There is a time constraint for both parties and I had to laugh when they sent me a letter asking me for a 30 day
extension for them to evaluate my response.
I mean, who the hell am I anyway?
Folks, I'm afraid, the people at the IRS do not understand their own tax code.
Just remember, the IRS interprets the laws of Congress to develop the tax code, and you have that right to do so too.
Late last year, the state tried to tax my tax exempt interest and I had to do a lot of unnecessary work to defend my
case because if I had lost or did nothing, they would go back and tax all that interest for the previous years so I
couldn't ignore it.
I was glad to come home from my cruise and read their letter saying that based on my submittal they rescinded
their assessment.
Dang these people, I only look confused and stupid, but I'm as sharp as a dull tack.
Elsie, I may move out your way.
I can save a lot of money because my pension is income tax exempt out there in that desert of yours.
Florida is even better, no tax on interest from bank accounts.
And it's close to the Caribbean and nice beaches.

After reviewing our class pictures of our cute classmates, I'll mention Karen Iha since her name comes up quite
often here.
Karen and Patricia Torigoe sat together in Mrs Mau's class in 7th grade and I sat in front of them and even after
changing my seat a few times, I still ended the semester in front of them.
I knew Pat from 6th grade who was humorous but quite unflappable IMO.
Karen was more vulnerable I'll say, so I teased her more than Pat in class.
I was moved around in classroom along with some other boys since we were disturbing the class talking too much and
talking across the classroom; it didn't matter what Mau did about our seating, the decibel level only increased.
I behaved quite well until I saw my grades.
The two top students in Mau's class were Frank Ifuku and Harris Mabe.
They sat together, nothing suspicious about that.
What got me mad was my test scores was up with theirs yet, they had A+ for grades while I had a D-. I even challenged
Mau to open her grading book in class in front of everyone.
I didn't think she would do it, but she did for two seconds, long enough for me to see the latest test scores,
from a difficult test.
Frank and Harris scores were 60 and 63, both A+, something like that, and I had a 59 D-.
It was war from then on.
Yes, we boys made her cry in class a few times, but I didn't feel bad for her; she made her lumpy bed and needed
to sleep in it.
Anyway, Karen had what I considered a nice voice, kind of a musical tone to it when she talked.
Jane Powell was my favorite singer/movie star then and I thought Karen was like her, although I never heard her sing,
but there will be karaoke soon.
I said something gross to her one day and she hit me with her purse.
My poor glasses got bent out of shape from football, fighting, and now a purse.
Now, don't bother Karen with questions.
She was just one of many people trying to knock some sense into me.
I don't think she remembers that so leave her alone.
I last remember seeing her in the summer after my freshman year at UH.
I was on the bus to Dole for my summer job.
Karen and her friend got on the bus someplace in Kaimuki, I guessing the bus stop at 6th Ave and Maunaloa Ave.
I think she had a full length yellow, or maybe light orange, dress on and she was much thinner than in 7th grade.
I found out they were going to a dance and it was still early in the day.
We were sitting in front of the bus across each other where the old folks sat so I did observe them both.
They were really anticipating this dance, talking to each other and giggling.
They reminded me of two fillies at the gate chomping at the bit, totally focussed on their appointed bus stop.
I had the feeling they were each going to meet someone special at the dance; they were so cute;
too bad no youtube those days.
I forgot where they got off, but it was only a few miles from where they got on the bus.
I last saw William Jennings on a bus.
I last saw Bessie from the bus; it stopped along King St. in town, and there she was in high heel shoes, well dressed
as usual like a young business woman.
Yep, I was going to Dole to work.
The last time I saw Patricia was a block away along Waialae Ave, always in a nice dress.
It made me wonder what she did those Saturdays before noon.
Our washing machine broke down so I went to the self service laundry near 8th Ave on Waialae and Pat was across
the street at the 9th Ave corner waiting for a bus.
It's all about buses.
I saw her for a few weeks in a row until the machine got fixed.
I worked with Susan, Pat's sister at Piggly Wiggly.
They seemed to be cut out of the same marble with the same type of humor.
I left school early in high school since my last class was a study period, and I had a signed permit to leave before
the last class.
I got to work about 20 minutes early and went to the loft and parked my butt there before I started.
One day Susan came in to the store and I overheard her say she was out shopping.
The other gals asked what did she get.
Susan said, she was out looking for a girl for Robert (me).
I'm not sure I wanted one.
Maybe her point was I needed to develop my social skills.
In which case, I could still use a 20 year old these days to improve my social skills.
I'm sure the reunion will require me to be at my best behavior; don't droll, don't have my undershirt sticking out of my fly;
don't eat kim chee the night before, do double up on the Depends, do polish those dentures, do trim those eight inch
eye brows, don't use chia pet grass seeds to cover that bald spot, do buy new batteries for those hearing aids,
do wax off those nose and ear hairs, don't sleep in a chicken coop the night before, and finally, do forget the blue pills
because you won't get any luckier now than you were in high school.
That's just a starting list. nuk

----- Original Message -----
From: Boyd & Jean Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: 1/22/10 - W-Misc

The t-shirt idea at the beginning was not feasible because we would have had to guess how many and in what sizes.
Carl has a new idea.
He is setting up an email that Hal will send to everyone on the blog.
It will have a picture of the items we are selling and the price.
So far, we have the cookbook, medallion, patch, totebag, apron, and t-shirt.
I thought if you and Seda sent Carl a picture and price for your bracelet and i-phone bag, he could include it, too.
This way, we would have our orders BEFORE the reunions and we wouldn't have to hope that we would sell all of the
items that we took to the reunions.
They would be pre-sold before the reunion and we would only have to bring a few extras for the people without email.
Classmates could email their requests to Carl and he could compile the orders.
Carl would then email you, Seda and me and tell us exactly how many of each item was ordered and by whom so that
we could go ahead and get things made.
Sounds like our own Bulldog e-bay.

You were gone so long!!
Egg mosaic cigar box?
Can you believe I just found mine when I cleaned out the shed to
look for the issues of the Bulldog?
It has painful memories for me, too.
The teacher didn't like my abstract design.
She told me to go home and make a different one.
I couldn't think of anything so I copied the flower design from the
front of our metal bread box.
When I took the design back to school the next day, she asked me if it was my own
idea and I lied and said, "Yes."
She let me use it on my cigar box but it's always a reminder that I lied..
Is this the same teacher that had us make papiermache masks?
I remember making a Bozo the clown mask but it got stolen before I could finish.
I think I got a "C" because I had nothing
to show but an empty space on the drying shelf.

When I was taking art classes in New Haven at Southern Connecticut State College during my junior year abroad, I had
a friend who was literally laughed out of figure drawing class because of the elongated arms and legs that he drew
on his figures.
The professors were really critical and he just about quit his major in art.
Years later, when I was watching GOOD TIMES and J.J. Dyno-mite Evans on TV, the art that they showed supposedly
painted by him was exactly what my friend's style of painting looked like.
I was stunned.
My friend was 20 years ahead of his time.

Then, when I heard that Dr. Seuss was also thrown out of art class because he was told that he couldn't draw, I began
to think that sometimes the innovators are laughed at because they have a style unseen before by the "experts".
Being an artist is tough but it's great once you find a group of benefactors who appreciate your work.
Dr. Seuss sure had a lot of kids and parents who appreciated his style.

I'd better get ready for work.
Talk to you all later.

----- Original Message -----
From: Muriel Masumura
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: 1/22/10 - H-RR2

Sorry, I thought you were asking about the teacher of another 6th grade class.
Our teacher was Ms. Luther with the bazookas and yes, who can forget those gargantuan stairs.

Elsie, Mahalo for your patience.
This is the story thus far, although nothing has been finalized on this issue.
As for the craft fair in Honolulu, we will be able to set up tables for those interested in displaying their crafts and also
for the silent auction.
The female committee members expressed interest in the merchandise but wondered if it would be cost effective for
you all to pay the extra baggage fee to transport your items here which is the reason why many Honolulu crafters
no longer show their products on the mainland.
We will be meeting again on Feb. 11 and Pearl will be back this week.
We will definitely make it a point to contact you soon about the craft fairs both in Honolulu and Las Vegas and the
logistics involved.

Thanks so much for your support and ideas.

----- Original Message -----
From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2010 7:05 AM
Subject: RE: 1/22/10

Gerri, the order has been made and he is making them.
Rosalind Janet Mattos will have them by then.
If anyone needs more bags let me know.
Will have my friend make the bags and we will bring them with us.
Due to oil going up bag cost went up also.
Will only take payment in gold.
Stay and think young, Manny

January 22, 2010

Thanks Muriel, I'll do the additions-corrections on the ones we're sure of... funny, Fong or Fung doesn't quite
ring a bell... I remember you coming up with a female teacher's name starting with an 'S'... if I remember
correctly our 6th grade classroom was the last room, Koko Head, on the top floor of the mauka wing adjacent to
Harding Ave... it was next to the exterior stair case where I once was made to sit until I remembered my verbal
classroom assignment I was supposed to have been prepared to present.

Thanks Mike for passing on the email blog... glad you responded Richard, it would've been embarrasing to have
queried the wrong Yawata... I'd be lying if I said I remember when you came to KHS... I do remember though,
and I've mentioned this before on the blog, when we were in French? Algebra? where we had to share textbooks
with LaVerne Nishimura... I sat on her left with you on her right... we would huddle (cuddle?) over the textbook
so closely that Doris Toyooka, who sat a couple of rows over and a few seats back, commented one day with her
sweet smile to you and me ' Eh you guys, the whole class talking about you three so close together'... whereupon
we immediately sat alongside her, you on her right with your arm around her shoulder, and we both telling her
' Oh, so sorry, we leaving you out ? '... adding a bright pink-red to her normally pretty white complexion... despite
all this, Doris and LaVerne became great friends for us... I also remember when you were contemplating buying,
and bought, your 1st car... a snazzy custom car that was really different from any other I'd seen at the time... and
maybe less than a year later giving me a ride home in a brand new '59? 60? Chevy bought for the family that you
traded in the custom car for... good, fun times.

OK Gerri, will post the Kincaid's gathering dates with the 'Reminders' above.


----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Nukushina
To: Roger Kobayashi
Cc: Hal
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:50 PM
Subject: Re: I remember

In a message dated 1/21/2010 7:59:45 AM Pacific Standard Time, Roger Kobayashi writes:
I recall the egg shell mosiac project.
I had to buy a little wooden box, stained the part that wasn't covered by the egg shells and then glued the
already painted egg shells on the top.
I remember seeing the box, but that was a long time ago.
The teacher was Ms. Minnie Fujita, she was the artistic mentor for one of our classmates
(Can't recall her name but she was originally from Yamaguchi, Japan.)
Great memory Roger.
I've long forgotten her name.
Maybe because she didn't like me all that much because she thought I was lazy, just getting by in class.
I can't dispute that.
Growing up, I was always getting chewed by some older Japanese person.
It wasn't a nurturing kind of thing.
It seems the Japanese like to put down others, rather than encourage them.
They tend to encourage kids that they liked because they are smart, cute, or whatever; and the rest of us,
speaking for myself, eat it.
Well, I've got a thick skin as a result.
I think I got more than my share of crap.
No matter what, we all get something out of life.
A classmate from another class had asked her what she thought of me as an artist.
I think it was Ricky Nakamura.
The answer was good but lazy.
Back then, I would have like to be considered an artist but, intellectually, I don't considered myself an artist
although I can draw and paint better than most people.
Some of these people really needed Japanese parents like mine because their work is tearfully bad.
There was a classmate that did a special project and drew at lot of W.W.II airplanes in it which was quite
good and large.
I wonder if that was Ricky.
Fujita's was more of an arts AND crafts class.
I can't remember the other projects we did.
After we finished our last project, Fujita gave out colored plastic strands for us to make lanyards like those
coaches wore with a whistle hanging from the end.
Since I was the last to finish, there weren't many colors left, pink, gray, silver, and green.
I wanted green and yellow, but no yellow left.
I didn't want silver or gray so that left only green and pink, a very strange combination and some of the girls
made nasty comments about my choice of colors, which I thought was more against me, than the colors.
Naomi Kuramoto said, 'Well pink is the color of our panties, girls.' in my defense.
A pox on the houses of others !
Well, the lanyard didn't look too bad after I finished it, probably the only one in the world like that and would
be worth millions today if my name was Picasso, and I'm pretty sure art critics would have nice esoteric BS
about the choice of colors.
At home, my parents strongly discouraged me from being an artist.
It's just as well.
I didn't have that inate talent like my classmates.
In 1990 I started painting water colors.
It was my third attempt at this difficult medium.
Surprisingly, I did well.
I found out that one really needs top quality materials, especially using top quality water color paper and a
good water color brush (Note to Roy Okano: Walfrido Garcia uses water color brushes to paint his oils).
What I like about water colors is, it is controlled chaos.
It's a metaphor for my life I guess, emotionally chaotic, and me trying to control it, trying to make a silk purse
out of it.
In California, because the weather changes quite a bit from high humidity to nearly total dryness, painting can
be even more difficult than it already is especially in dry weather when the paper dries too fast.
Do you remember our 7th grade art teacher, that sweet elderly woman?
I have better feelings for her because she chose my water color painting and Wally's too to be exhibited.
It was really watered down tempera over blank news print paper.
I'll get back to you later on the balance problem, and show you what the 2nd trial balance looks like.
As you know, the first trial is to determine which group (of the three groups) the ball may be in and whether it
may be heavier or lighter than the other balls.
The 2nd trial will narrow down the choices dramatically and is the key to the solution.
Solving this problem in high school helped me to be very flexible in my thinking.
My forte has been problem solving.
Can you imagine, GS-13 engineers were coming to me when I was a GS-9 to consult with me on their projects.
I could spot problems in their designs almost immediately when I reviewed their engineering problems,
or could offer solutions to their problems in a very short time.
Those were the days when my brain worked. LOL nuk

----- Original Message -----
From: Muriel Masumura
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 1:46 PM
Subject: RE: 1/21/10 - H-RR2

I think the 6th grade teacher’s name was Mr. Fong or Fung.
He was one of the few (only?) male teachers at the school.

The 4th grade picture:
Row 4: ?- Rodney Ferreira
Row 3: ? before Eugene Ito was Max Putman? and it’s Jeanette LUM not Sumida.
Row 2: ? next to Akau was ? Gardner? then ?- Flora Takamiya and ? next to Raynor was ? Garcia?,
before me was Wilbert Loo?
Row 1: ? between Nuk and Elsie was Doris Ching.

I remember Mrs. Guerrero as having a beautiful singing voice and also having the students construct a
pueblo village out of clay for one of our history projects.

----- Original Message -----
From: Richard Yawata
To: Hal
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:47 AM
Subject: RE: KHS '60


I am the Richard Yawata, your classmate.
I have been receiving the emails via Mike Tang.
As you may recall, I was only at Kaimuki High 1/2 of my junior year as well as the full senior year.
I have fond memories of those 1 and 1/2 years and heve read with interest of "Hanabata Years" that a lot of you
folks go back to.
I still work as does Slug in the Insurance Industry.

I have three kids and 5 grandkids and a second wife of 25 years.
We travel as much as we can and generally are busy being lazy.

Mahalo for sending me the blog sites.

Dick Yawata

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:15 AM
Subject: RE: 50th Reunion t-shirt

Hi, Jean and Hal: re: t-shirt idea……Mentioned selling a logo shirt to advertise our 50th celebration, but, Carl is right,
the item becomes quite a project because of the various sizes and would not be cost productive.
So, if we ordered the patches, then these could be sewn on to a t-shirt or polo shirt of your choice.
Anyway, that’s what I remembered as being discussed.

Nuk: Again, glad to see you’re back. Gosh, wish I had your “problem” re: finances. I can’t ever remember being in
position of NEEDING to spend money to avoid IRS interest.
Should you have this continuing issue, just donate some of it my way…..will give you my mailing address.
You are such an interesting specimen, no wonder everyone wants you, including the IRS.

Gerri: Thank you for your support.
I did not mean to have you involved in this craft fair issue…..first, forgot that Pearl was away and didn’t know Karen’s
area of responsibility on the committee.
But, thank you Karen for checking.
Really need to know whether there would be an area within the room being rented for some craft tables.
If not, then the event would not be a possibility, which is very understandable.
I would still be interested in attending the April reunion, but would also be interested to know whether there were
others in our ‘60th class doing crafts.
Looking forward to hearing from the committee.
Mahalo, Elsie T.

----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: Re: 1/21/10 - H-AOL

Brenda, Whoa, no pun intended, I am not a karaoke type, the karaoke info was merely food for thought for the suggested
possible karaoke gathering for any of our karaoke loving pals nor was any sanctions intended.
Everyone is excited about our April 17th reunion which will be a blast.
Have a great trip.
Aloha, Gerri

----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 9:03 AM

Harold, Manny, Elsie, Brenda, etal: Mahalo for the verification Harold, somehow, my email had a March 15 figure, no pilikia.
Manny, okay, now we have the Tuesday dates, March 16 and March 23 that you will be at Kincaid's.
Will Janice/Rosalind be bringing the 2 bags that we spoke about, hope so.
If you have other interesting stuff, please tell us.
See u then, Aloha, Gerri BD

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From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 6:37 AM
Subject: RE: 1/21/10

Manny here.
I said March 16 and 23 at Wards.
Hope we can meet there on both dates.

January 21, 2010

That's what I said Gerri, Tuesday March 16th.

I noticed Manny, you were also mentioning the 23rd... will assume you meant either-or and further assume
it remains set for the 16th... until I'm corrected again.

Nuk, I've managed to name most of our 4th grade class except for a half-dozen or so... faces are familiar
but can't place their names... anyone out there remember ?

Sister Gerri ? M. S. Gerri ?
Anyway, please do take our Aloha with you Brenda.


----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:49 PM

Harold, Brenda, Elsie, Chester, Roger, Mattos etal.
First of all, Harold on Mattos' visit and/or others the Tuesday date is March 16 and for April the date is
Thursday the 15th for the Kincaid's evenings.
Should be great fun.

Brenda, since the reunion committee vetoed your karaoke suggestions for April 17th Class Reunion Party,
we must assume that the program slate is filled and set for the evening at this point since they have been
working on the 50th Class Reunion activities for some time.
No pilikia Brenda, another fun impromptu evening, another venue perhaps for the next evening Sunday or
Monday (18th & 19th)can independently be considered to not conflict with Sat. night and the other Reunion
committee programs listed on the flyer.
(However at our age many may have to rest from the Saturday evening of joy )
Other classmates may have suggestions on other karaoke places, so please jump in if any of you know of a place.
If Monday is good, Ige's in Pearl City (next to Harold's house) has FREE Monday karaoke nights I believe until
10pm, very casual, lots of space and they also serve good local food.
Except for those living on the Leeward side, Ige's may be a bit far for some single gal classmates in town or Hawaii Kai.
Again, the back area of the Side St. Inn later in the evening after the TV sports programs or if no sports TV,
early evening located off Pensacola is also a good choice.
A popular place, however not as crowded on weekdays.
Elsie, understand Karen is following up on your questions, hopefully, someone will contact you soon with time
being so short and hope that you don't have to cancel your craft fair plans for Honolulu.
Will be in touch.
Much aloha, Gerri BD

----- Original Message -----
From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 7:28 PM
Subject: RE: 1/20/10

Manny here, Gerri I made a date error. I will be in Honolulu on March 12th until the 28th.
Would it be ok for all of us to meet on 3/16/ and 23rd, at ward.
Hope more classmates can be there.
For us it was 25.00 dollars well spent.
Great pupus and fun with our young classmates.
Everybody keep the two dates open.
I will bring my finish item that Brenda was talking about.
10.00 a person to see it.
Just kidding.
Stay and think young, Manny

----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 5:34 PM
Subject: Re: 1/20/10

Hi Elsie, I took in a couple cruises and will be doing it again in Feb.
The money was piling up and had to spend it before the government takes it away. ;)
I must be on the government's income tax audit list.
They constantly hassle me with their tax assessments from their audits, but I've challenged every one and
won every one so far, including the latest on from the state; when will they learn?
I hate to check the mail these days because it's just a nuisance.
I really miss my sashimi at my favorite local restaurant.
We give them a lot of business hoping they can survive this bad economic period which may not get better.
I bet they could use Jean's Spam burrito football musubi to sell.
Let's see, three cups of rice....., I think they'll lose money on it unless they sell it by the 8-lb. slice.
Got to do something about this, or soon, it might be called the McBoyd McMusubi.
Or even buttered McMochi from Raynor.
It sounds like if I stuck the two together, I could start at one end, eat an egg breakfast, then a Spam lunch,
then have a mochi desert, and finally have a six pack for dinner. >>>>>>
Yes, I remember Mrs Nobles at Manoa school who was my friend's teacher.
Nobles had the English Standard classes is my impression.
We were in Brown's class.
I'm not sure why you were in our class since you were the top student in class, head and shoulders above
the rest of us.
Were you switched to Nobles' class?
I'm wondering how come the smart students in Waialae 6th grade can't remember their teacher's name.
I'm really curious now why I can't remember her correct name either when I thought I did.
I think the gals have a handle on this blog.
I wish I had their energy. >>>>>>
I was in Hilo but I couldn't see anything that could be smoked to explain Brenda's enthusiasm and it isn't
the vog either.
I got a couple feedbacks on my emails.
Apparently, I'm putting some guys to sleep. LOL

In 7th grade art class, early in the school year, while we were all working on our projects, there was a loud
sneeze in front of the class, a few seconds later, some students were giggling.
I was curious and walked up closer to the front and checked with one of the students to check on his project
as an excuse to see what the giggling was about.
From there I saw her with her left palm filled with rich yellow hana butta, sitting there helpless.
Wow, one healthy sneeze did all that?
It was enough to butter a whole loaf of bread.
One girl brought up a piece of tissue and Hanna Butta girl got up, took the tissue, and left class to clean up.
None of the boys wanted to get close to her after that since she had a bad cold for a long time.
The last time I saw her it was at the UH between the student union bldg and the book store.
She was wearing purple tights and did she have a figure, and very healthy looking too.
I like purple too.
It would stir Raynor's loins.
My loins are retired.
I don't think the guys avoided her at UH.

One of our art class projects, I think 8th grade, was the egg shell mosaic.
We all had to bring in a cigar box and egg shells.
We also had to create a design that had to have the teacher's blessing.
Bessie was at another desk in front of me to the left at an angle where I could see what she was doing.
She had a nice abstract design which I was so impressed with I thought I would do an abstract too.
A fast worker, she already started the project while I was just finishing the last project.
We had to put our approved designs on the cover of the cigar box and paint it with colored tempera as a guide
for the pieces of egg shell to be glued on it as well as paint the egg shells with matching colors with tempera.
Completing that, Bessie broke the egg shells in dime size pieces first, then placed one piece at a time on the
matching color on the cover, then broke it up into smaller pieces, gluing each colored piece to the cover,
while talking constantly to her table mate.
I was trying to catch up with the rest of the students so I kept my eggshell pieces at dime size, and it didn't look
anywhere as good as Bessie's because my egg shell pieces were too large so I mashed them.
Her abstract mosaic looked great when she finished gluing the egg shells and I liked seeing the white edges of
the tiny egg shell pieces which gave it a mosaic appearance.
But she painted the over the mosaic egg shells, coloring the edges so it had a different look when it was finally
completed, and I think she should have not painted it over.
The teacher approved her work.
I did the same, painting my egg shell pieces over again too, mostly to hide my poor work from rushing to catch
up with the rest of the class.
Boy, did I get chewed out for doing that, painting over the egg shells.
Life isn't fair.
My work actually looked worse painted over then it already was.
I had a lot of respect for Bessie for her creative abstract design as well as her craftspersonship.
Ever since then, I have always wanted to make an egg shell mosaic again, this time, on par with Bessie's work
because her mosaic looked so nice.
One thing I learned is girls can work and talk a lot at the same time.
Not for me, it's one or the other; I'm too easily distracted.
You see, in the good old days, the guys went out hunting for food.
The talkers got eaten by lions because they were too noisy and couldn't concentrate on hunting so that left the
introspective single tasking males to reproduce.

I'm still wondering what Brenda is using to keep her energy soaring.
I think I need a pot of it.
Maybe I'll need to go to those spiritual places in Arizona or the Big Isle and get my batteries lomi lomi-ed.
Betty Ann, where are you?
I don't fall asleep reading your messages :)

Somebody had asked me if I remembered Pam Matsuda.
I remembered a Pam that looked Chinese to me and the Japanese name threw me off although the name sounded
familiar, and after reviewing some of the class pictures, it is the same girl.
I just remember her as being very nice as well as smart, and mature; she could have been my older sister if I had one.
Harold, I really enjoy those elementary school pictures as it brought back memories of those students I haven't recalled
in decades but did interact with in school. nuk

----- Original Message -----
From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 7:21 AM
Subject: Re: 1/20/10

Loved all the blogs today!!
Gerri has now earned protective "mother superior" status, as well as spelling bee champion.
Jean, you are wonderful!
I would love to get my hands on your winning entry, that's for sure.
Can it be part of the craft fair? ;-)

Your pen pal story brought me such a smile this morning, and I am amazed that your pen pal was also from Cleveland, Ohio.
Maryann's blog yesterday said that they would like me to bring sunshine from Hawaii
and also that they are preparing a special room for me, including buying me a new bed!! 3 nights and such treatment;
I realize how much this means to them.......such a good feeling.
Here goes a pink Hawaiian lap blanket, mac nuts, coconut candy, anthuriums, maile, ginger, tuberose, .... we are so blessed
to be from a place that means love to everyone. Brenda

January 20, 2010

Tuesday, March 15 sounds good to me too Gerri.
Second that also on a pre or post reunion get-together... April 15 works for me... hey, we may even do an
impromptu post-reunion celebration continuation on the 17th and dance on down to the nearest karaoke-bar.

I remember the Bingo game Elsie, good stuff... I myself don't normally do games but I don't think anyone there,
myself included, didn't enjoy participating.

Another great sushi-spam-musubi story Jean... you have to get that winning recipe to the cookbook committee,
"BIG BAD BOYD'S BIG "S" SPAM SUSHI ROLL" would be a hit.

Eh, Brenda... save one cocktail for me... have been to a couple or more karaoke parties but have never been
behind a microphone at one... singing or otherwise.


----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:45 PM
Subject: 60"s KHS OHANA

Harold, Manny, Brenda, Elsie, etal. Manny, just what is it that you are taking, is it Kona Gold don't get delusional
on us, we have an exceptional class of friends, we never get upset at anyone or anything for any reason
whatsoever, we are a team and love to enjoy each others company and we would love to see you or other
visiting classmates again.
Brenda you are just as sweet as ever, always loved that about you...I just remembered our homeroom class of
only 3 of us with that junior class student, Gayle Nakasu, she is still around, lives in Palolo.
Incidentally there seems to be some confusion/questions on our victural gatherings so to further clarify matters,
these impromptu assembly of dear friends was initiated independent from the reunion planners.
Of course reunion issues may be subject of conversations , no more, no less.
High School drama days were over a hundred years ago, basta!(enough).
Anyway Manny, what two March Tuesdays are you referring to for another Kincaid's gathering, you arrive on
March 12, a Friday and leave on Sunday the 21st, the only Tuesday is March 16th.
Sooooooooo, now Manny and EVERYONE it's set for Tuesday, March 16 at 5pm (happy hour begins at 3pm,
so early birds are not a problem, just need to kapu the same corner.
So we hope to see everyone who can make it and more again for another fun time discovering more about the
last 40years from each other.
Bring whatever goodies and tales u wish to share with us.
Manny, when we first spoke last year about you wanting to get together w/Jack, we initiated an Ala Moana
McDonald's breakfast time with Harold for u.
We never did anything like this before, nor did we actually hear from anyone, in fact before meeting with
Harold and Sandy Akiyama I recall us saying to each other "we don't know who is showing up, maybe just us
but it did not matter to us, anyway as everyone knows we had a great turnout which was the intial start of our
wonderful gatherings.
Not everyone is able to join at these gatherings, however, as I mentioned just get on Harold's blog and tell us to
join you and someone will accommodate u.
You can even select a new place, but at this time, Kincaid's is the favorite (fortunately for us this economy so far
has not filled the bar as in the past).
Manny or anyone, you can set up these gatherings yourselves whenever u are in town or want to get together for
coffee, etc., just plug it into Harold's blog and invite us, this goes for all the others, we just started this and we
hope that everyone will continue cultivating and nurturing these special gatherings together as well as find
new venues.
Might add, since time just zips by and the Sat. April 17, reunion at PCC will be here before we know it, let's pen
in Thursday April 15 for another Kincaid's gathering for our visiting classmates.
Plug in to Harold's blog if you plan to attend on April 15th.
If you have other suggestions, tell us.
Harold, just received an email from Elsie, Pearl has not gotten in touch w/Elsie and 2 others, about firming up the
craft fair issues, is there someone else who can provide Elsie with details, otherwise Elsie may not make it in April.
I called Karen Chung tonight, she just arranged a place and will try to contact Pearl?
Can this be referred to somone on the reunion committee to call Elsie soon, Elsie has beautiful stuff for the craft fair.
Hope someone can help.
Aloha, Gerri BD

----- Original Message -----
From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: 'Hal'
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 3:20 PM
Subject: RE: 1/18/10

Welcome back Nuk!
Worried that some alien nation might have taken you from us.
You would have been sorely missed.
BTW, I think your brain cells are on overload, as Mrs. Nobles was our teacher at Manoa Elem, remember???

Brenda: Your excitement and bubbly energy is so appreciated.
Pearl has always said that she welcomes suggestions….didn’t matter whether you were on the committee
or not…especially for this most important year for us.
I organized Bingo one year and believed it was an added twist to the usual dinner, door prizes, etc.
Classmates bought bingo packets for $5 each at the door, divided money up into envelopes for about 10 games,
with last blackout winning over $200 by Joe Yuen.
Gerri and Kiki helped with the game.
I’m trying to organize a craft fair this year, but haven’t heard back from Pearl yet.
Crafters will be asked to make a donation to the reunion treasury based on a percentage of their sales.
So, any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Gerri: Yes, I’ve change my email address, but sure you were notified.
In any event, I will correspond via your personal email.

If Vernon Wong is traveling all the way from the Netherlands, this reunion should be really special for all those
making such an effort to attend this year.
Let’s work together one and all for this occasion to be the very best! Mahalo to our hard working committee!!
Elsie T.

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From: Boyd & Jean (Nakamura) Worley
To: Hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 2:34 PM
Subject: Re: 1/19/10

My husband, Boyd, is the poet.
He writes on this blog, too.
Sometimes, I get credit for his thoughts.
Thanks for talking about your pen pal.
I always wondered how I ever started writing to my pen pal in Cleveland, Ohio.
I must have gotten her name from the same place as you did.
Pen pals were a big thing for us back then.
My pen pal is Carol Stelter-Grill.
We got together in 1963 when I was going to New Haven, Connecticut for my junior year abroad thanks to
my 4-year Dole scholarship.
She showed me all around Cleveland and even went for an interview with the newspaper.
I had to laugh when they marveled that I spoke without an accent.
Later, she took me to a Polish wedding that was being held at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall.
I got to dance the polka with a lot of very o-o-old guys.
I had fun, too.

Unfortunately, when I contacted her again 5 years ago, her husband had just passed away in his sleep.
He had come back home from work when she was still asleep.
When she awoke, she saw him in bed but let him sleep.
After she had showered and dressed, she went to check on him but he had had a heart attack while asleep.
I've heard that this happens a lot so don't let your husband go to bed at 7 am in the morning if he feels awful.
That's a sign of a heart attack coming.
My Korean friend, Yung-ja, here in Skagway lost her husband at 7 am when he was starting work.
He told his guys that he didn't feel good and sat down.
He had a heart attack on the spot.
Several guys in town have been saved by having an aspirin popped under their tongues when suffering an
attack but no one had a clue that Yung-ja's
husband was having one.
They just thought he was coming down with the flu.

I was telling Yung-ja about our 50th reunion and the blog.
She married at age 19 when her haole husband was in the U.S.Army stationed in Korea.
She couldn't speak English so she enrolled in 3rd grade at our Skagway School.
She learned enough English to get by but, a lot of times, I don't know what she is talking about.
Anyway, she loved the story about June's "hinoshi" and Raynor's "chitto".
It's been 50 years since she left Korea.
When she got back, she found that she had a lot of grand nieces and nephews.
Yung-ja is dearly loved in Skagway.
She has worked in many of the restaurants in town.
She was tickled when the tourists thought that my 4 kids working in the restaurants were hers.
Everybody talks to Yung-ja so she was upset when her sisters' kids in Korea wouldn't talk to her.
Out of frustration she finally said, "Why you no talk to me? I speak Korean to you."
They looked at her and said, "We don't know what you're saying.
We don't know what you're talking about."
Yung-ja said that she must have been saying things the way that they said them 50 years ago so she must
have sounded archaic, too.

Yung-ja loved my spam musubi story, too, because she is the one who brings me lots of Korean nori.
This is the one sprinkled with a little bit of sesame oil and sprinkled with sea salt.
So-o "ono" eaten as is.
When her two sisters came to visit, we made "makizushi".
They laughed because my sushi rolls were so fat.
I also could tell they were talking about me.
Yung-ja said, "They say that you look like one of our people."
I told them that's okay because one day when I was working for U.S. Immigration at the Border Station, three
Japanese business men came in for their paperwork.
When they were done, I told them, "I'm Japanese, too."
They looked at me and said, "No, you're not. You're too big to be Japanese. You must be Korean."

When the RED ONION SALOON here had their first and only SPAM cooking and carving contests, I told my
grandson, Bryce, " I have to win this one!
I can't be from Hawaii and not win first prize in a SPAM contest."
Since I was a do-do on our computer Bryce worked on the sign for my creation.
He did a great red-white and blue sign for my creation in honor of my husband, Boyd.
We named my sushi "BIG BAD BOYD'S BIG "S" SPAM SUSHI ROLL".
It was as big as a burrito.
All the sushi in town is made with plain rice and the filling is not cooked with the sugar/ shoyu mix.
I made the vinegar/ sugar mixture for my rice and the shoyu/ sugar for the tuna.
One of the local judges is a Vietnamese chef who won top honors in a James Beard competition in New York.
His comment when he tasted my sushi was, "This is reeeal sushi."
Of course, it wasn't.
I don't think you'll ever find my sushi sold in a sushi restaurant.
I put strips of fried spam, crisp bacon, scrambled egg, carrots, asparagus, avocado, cucumber, king crab,
shrimp, wasabi mixed with sour cream and sesame seeds.
I cut them into 1-1/2" pieces and set them into large paper muffin cups for each judge and one big roll
wrapped in waxed paper twisted at each end so that the judges could see one whole before it is sliced.
I gave my grandson a big hug when I won first place.
I told him, "We won!! We won!!"
He thought I was nuts to be happy over a first place trophy made with flattened Spam cans twisted and nailed
together to look like a man standing on one foot, a Spam cookbook, Spam bumper sticker and a Spam
baseball cap, which I will treasure forever!

Wow, Brenda, see how much you made me yak just by mentioning your pen pal?

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From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 8:10 AM
Subject: Re: 1/19/10
Gerri, ahhhh, can you please repeat the word?
Can you use it in a sentence?
ahhh, e l u c i d a t e.....
"bing" whew!!
Our teachers would be so proud of you.

You are all so great.
For the record, I have never been to a karaoke room; however, I am so hopeful that my first experience will be
with classmates and that I won't have to have more than one cocktail to get up the courage to sing.
I have a couple of songs in my heart that are 'raring to come out!'
It's time.

I'm off to Ohio..............taking Hawaii with me to complete a lovely connection and bid a life-long friend aloha.

Take care and make sure you tell someone you love them today...........orchids to the living.


January 19, 2010

Manny, having heard about the good time at Kincaid's, I'm looking forward to March... and what is it again
that you're inhaling ?
Thought you got by with just some light mountain air and burnished wood aroma.

Elsie, according to her 1/11 email, Pearl will be out of town until the 25th... hopefully there are others here
who may be able to answer some of your questions.

Thanks Gerri, well said... as I've said many times, that was the main intention of this blog... to help create a 'buzz'
for the upcoming reunions... and whether individuals are able to attend or not, to re-establish friendships and
communications or establish new ones.

'Lilikoi syrup caressing a poi pancake'... whoa, now that shows the poet-author-lyricist in you Brenda.
I second that... little over 30 hrs, Honolulu to Rome... 42 hrs, Rome to Honolulu in January snow-sleet delays... bleah.
Kudos for maintaining a penpal friendship for that long and for being there when it was needed... do send our Aloha.


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From: manuel mattos jr
To: hal
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 6:58 PM
Subject: RE: 1/18/10

Manny here, I ran away from the nut house.
I agree with you Brenda.
I have talked to Pearl about what we are doing that night.
I think that we will show up, say hi, then look at one another all night.
With all the hams we have in our class and being at our age, we can all look stupid and have some fun.
Who cares how we act, we are there to have fun and celebrate having lived this long.
I will be back in Honolulu from March 12th to the 21st.
Hope we can meet again at Ward, on the two Tuesday nights.
Brenda I will call you later.
Well I must have made some classmate upset, so I will go back outside and inhale more SO2.
Stay and think young, Manny

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From: Elsie Tanaka Ayers
To: Hal
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 5:18 PM
Subject: RE: 1/13/10

Hi Pearl: Since you all are talking about the reunion, just wondering whether there was any feed back on the craft fair.
Anyone interested, other than myself, Seda and Carole?
Also, was told that Karen Iha Chung was in charge of logistics…..didn’t hear back from her.
Just need to know whether this event is possible or not.
Let me know. Mahalo, Elsie T.

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From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal ; Brenda
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 11:47 AM
Subject: My previous message

Harold, Brenda, Carol, friends, etal, just want to elucidate my message as being my own personal sentiments on volunteer work
and should be taken only with a grain of salt.
Warm regards to all. Gerri

----- Original Message -----
From: Gerri Barcenas Digmon
To: hal
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 10:37 AM

To Harold, Brenda, Carol, Reunion Committee, etal.
Brenda, what are u apologizing for, not a big deal remember we are all ohana here and any suggestions should also be welcome,
have been involved with volunteer work for years.
Everyone has personal time schedules and do work around their schedules to help as needed so everyone needs to go with the
flow and not be so sensitive or assume the worse of a situation.
We have many talented classmates in our class and I'm quite sure veryone wants to help for this wonderful cause.
I get asked all the time on the class reunion activities and their offered suggestions, I always refer them to the diligent working
reunion committee members or other classmates..
Needless to say our dear reunion committee need all the help possible.
And also this blog is simply an incredible communications mechanism to continue nurturing our wonderful comadreship inspite
of daily trials and tribulations in our lives.
It is wonderful to be able to read and hear from long lost classmates on any subjects and that more of our classmates are coming
aboard as they get wind of this website as well.
Brenda, a karaoke venue gathering would be a blast. Mahalo, Gerri DB

----- Original Message -----
From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2010 7:48 AM
Subject: Re: 1/18/10

Thanks, Hal, for the kind words........I feel better! Like my father would say, "I no like be pushy, eh?!"
Jean wrote: "expect to see a lot of shiny cheeks in October as the
salty tears of happiness start their journey down through your makeup."
Jean, you are a poet.........what a lovely sentence.
It feels like warm lilikoi syrup caressing a poi pancake.;-)
Long's sells waterproof mascara, and I will get some.

Vernon, when I lived in Brussels, Belgium and came home for a visit from time to time, it took such a circuitous route to get here,
and depending on the weather, the hours it took were long, indeed; one time in winter, it took 41 hours.
My poor mother was waiting at the airport for hours, and tried to keep my kabocha hot, as that was one of my favorite foods.
The body temperature drops.
Never mind, we will acknowledge you and honor your efforts!
It will be worth it.

Who remembers the lists of potential pen pals that used to be printed in the Sunday paper and also circulated in the schools?
At KIS in the 7th grade, I started corresponding with Maryann Bosansky, from Cleveland, Ohio, and she wondered if we lived in
thatched huts, had toothpaste, etc.
We were so exotic to the outside world, weren't we?
The day we got voted in for statehood, I wrote to her about the church bells ringing, the assembly at school, etc. and she had it
printed in the Cleveland newspaper!
On Wednesday I leave for Ohio, as she is about to make her transition and wants a lomilomi and a hula and a hug from her
pen pal of 56 years.
My heart is both full and a bit heavy; yet it seems perfect in many ways, and she will gift me with a piece of art she created that
represents our long friendship....a quan yin, or kwan yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion, long a favorite of mine.
I take our collective aloha with me, as I know that we are so blessed to have Hawaii as our birth home; it represents love to
the outside world.
Everyone there at hospice are all excited to have a visitor from Hawaii.
Just wondering if anyone else took on a pen pal from those days?

Love and gratitude,

January 18, 2010

Nuk, I've added our Waialae Elementary 4th grade class pic:

Names will be added as they come to me... if they come to me.
Forgot completely that I had it... copy given to me by the family after my Mom passed away... wouldn't you
know, moms keep those things of their kids.
Yes, I remember Bessie well... her cousin was a neighbor so she would drop by the neighborhood every
once in a while when we were growing up in Waialae.
Muriel Masumura brought up the name of our 6th grade teacher when we were reminiscing about the old
days and I had forgotten it... and darned if I haven't forgotten it again... Muriel ?
Nuk, it takes a special kind of guy to sleep in coops... need to be almost as small as the intended occupants.

Brenda, I honestly don't see where any kind of apology is necessary.
All I saw was your sincere excitement and enthusiasm with suggestions for the best reunion ever.

Vern, I'd forgotten how long it took to travel across two continents and two ponds... yikes.
If everything goes like we know it will, it'll be worth it... see you at the reunion.

Boyd, Jean, you mean it's not ' Karry-oki ' like I'm always hearing on TV and at some venues ?
Thanks for the lesson and the kind words to the class... not sure about the make-up part though.


----- Original Message -----
From: Robert Nukushina
To: hal
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 9:19 PM

In a message dated 1/17/2010 8:44:52 PM Pacific Standard Time, hal writes:
By the way Nuk (the others have heard this before), Wally Nakaoka's brother was my neighbor for around
15 years.
Saw Wally once when he visited and asked if he remembered me... "uhh, yeah"... didn't have a clue at
the time, as so he said much later after he finally remembered.
So Nuk, you really do have a great memory if you could remember someone as apparently unmemorable
as me from way back then.
When I was a teenager, someone did ask me how I remembered things.
I had no idea what he was talking about.
I told him I just remember.
I would suspect Wallace should have a good memory.
He had a great memory when we were in high school.
In 7th grade history class, he and I were blind as bats and couldn't see the black board.
When I got my glasses, we shared it when we had to copy stuff off the board.
I wonder if he remembers that?
I also remember that history teacher was going through a divorce that year, then later got married and her
named changed.
The whole class had to share her emotions throughout that year, from her crying in class to being happy
when she got married again.
I remember Bessie Shimabukuro taking some crap from her during her dark moods.
At first, the teacher really liked Bessie, being intelligent and doing good school work.
The teacher wanted Bessie standing next to her at her desk when Bessie gave her presentations.
When the teacher was going through her divorce, the teacher just lost it one day and took it out on Bessie
who got chewed out before she even started.
Now, Bessie wasn't doing anything to her liking.
It was totally unreasonable and Bessie took it all in without crying.
Most of us didn't know what was going on, only a few students knew about her divorce.
I didn't know Bessie well so I didn't ask her how she felt about that bad display of temper by our teacher.
I felt bad for Bessie that one day.
All the gals remember you and your natural kiss curl tsunami surfing wave hairdo.
I remembered that because I couldn't get my hair to tsunami like yours.
As I had said before, you and Elsie were the only kids to introduce yourselves during recess to me,
the new kid at Waialae Elemen.
You did all the talking so I know it was your idea.
You also explained you were twins, the first and only boy/girl twins I've met.
I'll always remember that.
A lot of the kids weren't that friendly in Guerrero's class; I remember that also.
I also remember you giving that humorous talk to your 6th grade class and having them laugh.
I was impressed and thought you would be president one day.
How many kids do you know that can give a humorous talk to their class in 6th grade?
I remember stuff like that.
It has to affect me in some way.
I also remember Elsie doing JPO duty on Harding Avenue one day when I left school on that side of the
Waialae School.
I never saw her on the Pahoa Ave side where I walked from 18th to school.
Anyway, I remember that because she seemed to be struggling with the stop sign that she held out that day.
All I said to her was, "Oh, you work out here?"
They must have given her the cast iron model which explains her arm wrestling strength.
I thought it was difficult to work on Harding because of traffic, and there was Elsie, a tiny little girl doing what
I considered a high risk job.
Does anyone have our 4th grade class picture?
There were other students in that class that didn't go to Kaimuki High.
I can't remember their names, but I remember one guy who went with me to Miles' class in 5th.
All you smart ones went to Mrs. Lee's.
Has anyone remembered your 6th grade teacher's name yet?
I mistakenly thought it was Mrs. Nobles but that was my friend's 3rd grade class teacher.
I don't know why I have that mistaken memory; maybe they looked similar, or was it the same teacher?
Anyway, that kind of bother's me.
If I have a good memory, it is not always good.
I remember the many "I said, he said" arguments I've had. If I have a good memory, then I should have won
all those arguments, rather than use my fists.
God dang nose bleeding losers with poor memories!
So, you're the guy that falls asleep in chicken coops?
Yep, you're very unmemorable. I know 1000s of guys who sleep in chicken coops

----- Original Message -----
From: Brenda Ignacio
To: hal
Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: 1/15/10

To the committee who does so much and meets with regularity and sincerity.... kala mai ia oe....
please forgive me for the email to Gerri.
No way did I mean to imply that more needs to be is just an excitement to have us pull out all the
stops and allow the greatest expression and sharing possible for this 50th, a milestone that will no doubt
have "newbies" who have been under rocks finally surface!
No disrespect was intended, and I'm certain all are very grateful for the efforts, as I am.

Any ideas of a venue that would allow for karaoke and/or speaking would be a plus, as we have so much
talent in our class.

I stand ready to assist if I can.
Yes, Paul can show his art.
Manny can put his nightmare aside.
Nuk can give us his incredibly accurate memories.
Robert can offer yearly exams.
The list is endless!

Kulia i ka nu'u!
No foget..... Punahou is the musubi without ume!
Kaimuki get 'um!


----- Original Message -----
From: Vernon Wong
To: Harold Oshiro
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 9:07 AM
Subject: RE: `1/15/10

Hal, Pearl - Somehow I missed the signup form for the reunion.
Add me and my missus (Annie) to attend.
Also would like a class medallion, two patches, and a cook book.
Haven´t booked passage on a flight yet, but will get on it.
I dread the long, long haul (it could be up to 30 hours) from Amsterdam or Frankfurt to Honolulu.
Hal, a big mahalo for this web site.
In the past 50 years, I can only recall bumping into two KHS classmates:
Tom Okuhara while we were stationed in Naha, Okinawa in 1963-64, and Dennis Tagomori when we were both
working in Diego Garcia a decade ago.
Tschus, Vern

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