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Baltic Amber

Wolfe et al. (2009) propose that "conifers of the family Sciadopityaceae, closely allied to the sole extant representative, Sciadopitys verticillata, were involved in the genesis of Baltic amber." Their "conclusions challenge hypotheses advocating members of either of the families Araucariaceae or Pinaceae as the primary amber-producing trees and correlate favourably with the progressive demise of subtropical forest biomes from northern Europe as palaeotemperatures cooled following the Eocene climate optimum."
Cone in 27 mm Baltic amber from Lithuania. Baltic Thuja flower Thuja, Baltic amber Baltic oak flower
Flower, 7 mm, in Baltic amber 6 mm Baltic amber flower Baltic Eocene flower and three springtails Baltic amber, 47mm with bushy lichen.
Baltic snail Baltic amber centipede Baltic amber mite Baltic mite on fly
Baltic amber opiliones Baltic amber opiliones Baltic amber colembolla 2 mm.jpg Baltic caddis blue eyes
Baltic caddis eye Baltic gnat with eggs Baltic gnat eggs Baltic amber 6mm beetle.jpg
Baltic amber beetle 2mm 1.jpg Baltic amber 13mm cockroach (I bought this with the fee for examining a PhD) Baltic planthopper 10mm Baltic amber 2mm Plant bug.jpg
Baltic bee 10mm Baltic amber cranefly 1.jpg Baltic amber fly 3.jpg Baltic amber fly copula.jpg
Baltic amber Mayfly 1.jpg Baltic amber moth 3mm 1.jpg Baltic amber mothfly Baltic ant
Baltic ant 3 Baltic ant, 3 mm, wrapped in spiderweb Baltic ant 12 Baltic ant with larva
Rusmithia gorochovi, pygmy grasshopper, 15 mm, Lithuania Rusmithia gorochovi, pygmy grasshopper, 15 mm, Lithuania