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Barry McCartney22-May-2017 15:08
I just happened upon your galleries - you have amazing talent.
Super interesting quality work!
Have added you to my favorites listing.
Stephanie31-Dec-2014 13:25
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Guenter 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
Guest 07-Apr-2014 17:39
I have viewed your galleries , simply fantastic
& have added you to my favorites
Guest 19-Nov-2012 16:11
excellent galleries...Lot of creativity and great imagination in some collection, some are wonderful portraits. It's amazing word and surprises in each images!
artist16-Aug-2012 08:30
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
adriana 26-Jun-2012 21:33
Love your Pictures..:)
David Chronister 31-Aug-2011 22:59
Excellent galleries! you have a very professional way of seeing and photographing images captured. Regards from David C.
Peter Sussex24-Dec-2010 15:44
Dear Guenter,

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!
an nguyen08-Aug-2010 12:22
All I can say is you are the finest photographer I have seen.
always best,
yibo 15-Mar-2010 23:10
i found your pictures on youtube with nice music, your photos are very inspiring, some are great!
foto61.net06-Jul-2009 05:40

for me you are one of the very best street photographers ever. I love most of your pictures. Keep them coming...
Kind regards/Viele Grüße
Guest 25-Jun-2009 20:57
Been away for a while. Can't wait to catch up with your photos!
Guest 11-May-2009 08:26
Hi Guenter. That's only 3 years after discovering your work that I realize that I had never dropped a line here. You are a very talented hunter, with the eye of an hawk, with fantastic processing skills. One month without posting an image worries me. Please don't stop!
Guest 10-Feb-2009 13:55
hello guenter you are really such a great artist had amazing feelings and sens of the photo i liked and enjoyed your gallery's real much i hope you come to take a look on my gallery it will be honored for me thank you for sharing this great photos with us
Meta10-Dec-2008 17:36
Thank you so much Guenter,for allowed me to print out The artist's hand/ Paris Photo 2008.
It looks Marvellous.Otherwise,what can say I,such newby,about your fantastic photo work other,than I enjoy it with all my heart,simply and sincere.
Guest 12-Nov-2008 03:43
Hello Guenter!
I am very glad that i could spend some time with you & Dagmar. But it was too short my friend...I wish we had more time especially to talk about photography and take more photos together. Next time you are here you must meet my family.
I hope that you had a good trip home and also that you will have a good trip to France..oui oui.
Please give my regards to dagmar.
Also please tell me what you think about the coffee. I am interested to know your comments and taste.

Guest 09-Oct-2008 21:52
I had to be back here because I want to say my many, many thanks for your movingly kind words. I do sometimes have doubts in my skills of photography as I started not long ago, but what you said means more than you can imagine. Not only do I have admiration for your unique sense of beauty and your photography, I admire you for the person that you are within- truly kind and simply wonderful.

Guest 09-Oct-2008 01:53
There are so many beautiful photos in your gallery- my favourites are amoung the london and street photography series. It's been a pleasure viewing them- please keep up the great work!

Anna Cieslukowska30-Sep-2008 20:06
I'm under impression by the way You use street shots to present people, relations, life.. Intimate, very emotional, sometimes austere. Always powerful and touching. I love to see the cities through Your eyes. Best regards, Ania.
Patty Roth17-Aug-2008 19:48
Great idea and enjoyed immensely the choices you made in photographing unique moments in street art!
Ken Zaret09-Aug-2008 23:48
Very impressive street photography and your other galleries too. Creative and fresh look, keeping the subject in mind first. Best regards,
Margarida 06-Aug-2008 09:50

I’ve already use some of your photos and I apologized for no having ask your permission before, but now here I am asking you to grant me permission to use some more of your photos on my poetry blog. I really love your exceptional work and I tank you for sharing it.

Best regards

John Compton 21-Jul-2008 03:37
Hello Guenter,
Thank you for granting me permission to feature
some of your exceptional photographs in my music videos.
You Tube - Appaloosa - "Rosalie" & "Yesterday's Roads."
Alles gutes,
John Compton
Guest 19-Jul-2008 22:57
You are a impressive photographer and a good friend!
Your works are wonderful!
Melissaa12-Jul-2008 06:58
I am fascinated by your work. Well done!
María Cano17-Jun-2008 18:07
Dear Gunter, thanks a lot for your kind and nice comments and impressions about my work. It has an especial value for me coming from a photographic master ... who inspires me. Regards, Maria
Guest 02-Jun-2008 00:53
Guenter, you are a artist... great gallery, exceptionnal inspiration, you are a model for me
Hetty Bueno de Mesquita 10-May-2008 18:37
Hi Guenter,
I would be honoured to upload some of your Paris photo's and add them to my own Paris collection. This June I am going to Paris again and as I have done last August I hope to find as many as Jef Aerosols as possible. I love your "metro love" and the "giraffe/butterfly". Thanks so much for your inspiration and possibilty to use your photo's for private use only of course ! Kind regards from Hetty Bueno de Mesquita, Amsterdam, Holland.
Guest 29-Mar-2008 18:19
Thank you for being such a great artist.
And thank you for sharing you work with the world.
I just made a music video for a song that I recorded
for Columbia Records in 1969 and interviewed
your great photographs into the music video.
I listed you prominently in the music video credits.
The name of my band is APPALOOSA and the song is "Rosalie"
The video is available on You Tube.
Best, J. Parker Compton

BleuEvanescence25-Mar-2008 13:52
TU es invité(e) à la 4e édition du Challenge PBase...
YOU are invited to the 4th Edition of the PBase challenge...
Guest 23-Feb-2008 13:18
Many stunning works in your galleries. I really appreciate your afford and your skills. Congrats!
Best regards
Guest 22-Feb-2008 14:04
Thanks for sharing your exceptional work....I cannot find words to tell you my feelings
after having been trought all your galleries. Merci Guenter et bravo !!!!
Greg Little02-Feb-2008 13:33
Guenter, I really like your new layout on your galleries. Your work, of course, continues to be exceptional and an inspiration. I always enjoy returning to see what you've been up to.


Peter Zetner01-Feb-2008 19:57
Hi Guenter. I feel remiss in not commenting on your work earlier, even though you've been in my "Favorite Artists" list since the time I joined PBase! Perhaps I've been too overwhelmed by the richness, diversity and superb artistry in your work to even know where to begin. In any case, judging by the many comments in your galleries, I am not alone in appreciating the quality of your art and the inspiration it provides. So ... my compliments and congratulations on your fine work! Best Wishes, Peter.
Marijka23-Nov-2007 22:57
I love your opening comment. And even more I do believe it is true and it especially shoes in your work. Congrats on such a beautiful statement !!
Robyco13-Nov-2007 20:38
Hope to see some uploads soon.....
Still like the way you compose your pictures and your support is allways great and often you see things others do not see... even in pictures that are not yours....
flowsnow18-Oct-2007 03:23
Guenter, Fantastic work and what esle can I say but to leave this statement here in your guestbook! Thanks for your support and ........keep the pictures coming!
Guest 16-Sep-2007 07:17
Oh... I love your work! beautiful black and white images, gosh.

Best regards,
Guest 15-Sep-2007 19:05
This is a beautiful gallery Guenter, well done
alfredo camba jr.06-Sep-2007 11:35
Guenter, you are doing great with your camera. Your creativity is well seen
in every image you create. Cheers !! Thanks too for your comments.
Jun camba
Guest 31-Aug-2007 15:11

Thanks for all of your encouraging words, which I personally deeply appreciate. You have a big heart, this shows up in your work.

Best of luck in your next voyage!
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:09
This is a beautiful gallery Guenter
Shirley Wang09-Jul-2007 02:40
Your galleries are full of arts! Thanks for visiting mine too.
daanstringer.com02-Jul-2007 02:05
well, i think you are the first i am signing a guestbook for. but i so much like your work/style! Daan
Robyco26-Jun-2007 08:23
Came back so many times....
You are a master in compositions and every time i visit yourgalleries i see new things...
So time to put youin my favourite list, so i will not miss your uploads...
Johan Gerrits25-Jun-2007 18:27
Guenter its really great how stimulating and comprehensive you give comments on all the galleries here, thanks also for your own great and inspiring work,
Best wishes,
silvia marmori24-Jun-2007 14:28
yuo wrote at yuor profile: "It is only with heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."
Antoine de Saint Exupery

i am sure you have a veeery big heart to can make the images you do...
a big heart, a deep soul to may understand , apprehend, the world around you..
i am thankful you shared them..
gilanuriel18-Jun-2007 20:37
Hi Guenter, wonderful galleries, love your atitude. Gila
Guest 16-Jun-2007 12:00
Wow, that is great. I'm at a loss of words.
Susan Leigh04-Jun-2007 11:03
Guenter your work is so inspiring, very creative and thoroughly enjoyable to peruse.
Congratulations on such sensational galleries!!
regards, Susan
Guest 30-May-2007 20:34
Great galleries, I'll be back!
Roman Wojciechowski20-Apr-2007 15:25
Your galleries are a pleasure to view. Congratulations Guenter!
Guest 18-Apr-2007 09:09
Dear Guenter,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Zahn Ismail15-Apr-2007 13:36
This is absoltely amazing!! Would love to get some tips from you!
ofer zilberstein31-Mar-2007 06:41
Hi Guent,
It is an honor to get these good words from an expert in street photography such as you.
Thanks an have a good day.
Rulon22-Mar-2007 19:02
I very often visit your page. And each time I find something new. For me. Your galleries it is necessary to look hours. Thanks for your talent. And let success smiles to you!!!)))
Paco López12-Feb-2007 19:31
You have a masterpieces collection here. It´s beautiful and excellent work. Is a pleasure to look at.
Thanks for your very nice comments in my galleries.
Besst regards,
Michel CORBOZ03-Feb-2007 13:20
Hi Guenter,

Even if you say it is not a comeback,
I'm very happy your pictures are back again.
You have a great talent, and I know Pbase is very addictive (for me too)
But I hope you won't let us drop down too long.

Robyco02-Feb-2007 15:52
I'm sorry you leave us with just 1 pictures left.
I looked often at your pictures and just got a new lens and wanted to make more street pictures, came back to learn more........
But nothing left, if you have a new adress please let me know.
All the best in you future-life.
Guest 07-Jan-2007 11:20
love most of your photos.looks forward for more of your photos
Peter Chou02-Jan-2007 02:18
Hi Guenter,

Love your street portraits! Your candid shots really capture the moment of innocence! Keep the photos coming! Happy new year to you too!

Guest 07-Dec-2006 10:15
Bonjour Guenter,

Merci pour ta fidélité et tes nombreux commentaires. Ce petit mot de félicitation pour ce très beau travail sur 'Urban Blues". Chaque image mérite un vote. Bravo.

Guest 06-Dec-2006 23:44
James & Eileen Fraser 30-Nov-2006 23:34
Thank you for posting the most beautiful photographs. My wife and I truly enjoy viewing your wonderful work, and simply wish to say we wish you all the best.

Thank you, and we look forward to viewing and reviewing your outstnding presentations.

J & E Fraser
Morgan Hill, California
Burkhard 21-Nov-2006 21:51

am Samstag wird der alte Schornstein von Henninger in Ffm-Sachsenhausen gesprengt. Interesse zum Fotos machen?

Gruß Burkhard K-H
Guest 31-Oct-2006 09:59
Hi Guenter,

I really enjoyed looking at your images. You have a good eye for composition.


Guest 28-Oct-2006 00:38
one to watch!!
Guest 17-Oct-2006 14:05
Merci pour tes commentaires. Au plaisir de te "découvrir" un de ces jours!
Guest 02-Oct-2006 12:25
Don't know what to say.. just vote :) Wish I have chances to travel and shoot like you.
Guest 26-Sep-2006 04:04
I miss Ray R. What's happened to him? Is he traveling or what? Just thought you might know.
fanis 24-Sep-2006 11:13
Your photos are gorgeous. Congratulations.
Emad Omar23-Sep-2006 19:50
I have finally got around your gallery - it is awesome
You have a good collection of pictures here!
And You have a real talent
please check out this gallery
Peter Chou27-Aug-2006 02:06
Beautiful moments of wonderful places and people!
Jennifer Zhou17-Aug-2006 13:15
I am so happy to discovery your gallery Guenter, it was like stepping into a gold mine.. You have an eye of a photographer and a heart of an artist, and that shows in your work!

With admiration,
Philippe Jeandy20-Jul-2006 10:20
Thanks Guenter for your comments on my New Zealand gallery. Nice pictures here too. Will keep uploading with Australia pictures soon. Regards.
Martha Albuquerque15-Jul-2006 12:19
Dear Guenter,
You gallery is wonderful and shows how good you are as a photographer.. so sensible with a great eye! Love to come here and watch.. watch and learn from you! Thanks for sharing it ;)*

Emad Omar13-Jul-2006 17:57
I like your galleries so much, they are wonderful
Latifa Messaoudi11-Jul-2006 04:50
Your gallery is absolutely wonderful!!! i like your vision and perception!!! i really enjoyed myself to visit all the galleries!!! all is speaking in your work: ALL!!!

all the Best !!!
Guest 09-Jul-2006 17:02
Thank you so much for commenting on Yucca Blooms!
Rosemarie Kusserow08-Jul-2006 22:26
Thanks Günter for spending time and the kind comment on my shots, I feel honored about such words from such a great photographer like you! Thanks again, Rosemarie :-)
maja 02-Jul-2006 11:40
what a wonderful work! I love your galleries!
Guest 02-Jul-2006 09:47
beautiful galleries !! very creative and funky, i love ! @+
Guest 24-Jun-2006 15:54
Nice set of photos you have there. Now if only I can rid of my dial up connection, I will have something to upload for you to see.
Ricardo L.21-Jun-2006 19:55
Guenter, excellent photos, specially those of Paris. A greeting of the south of the world.
Guest 21-Jun-2006 14:18
Your work is excellent.
Barbara Heide21-Jun-2006 08:39
thanks for your comments!
I'm glad you like the 4CV series!
Guest 21-Jun-2006 02:55
Thank you for visting my gallery and your kind comments - it is most encouraging in my early studies in photography.

You have a wonderful gallery, hope to see more of your work in the future.
Guest 20-Jun-2006 21:07
Thanks for your visit & thanks for your kind comment.
Rosemarie Kusserow19-Jun-2006 20:32
Thanks a lot for spending time to view on my shots and your kind comments, I´m glad you like them, you are such a great photographer and I feel honored about your words and it inspired me, liebe Grüße aus Berlin nach Frankfurt, Rosemarie :-)
David Grundy17-Jun-2006 16:46
Thanks for your recent comments on my work! Appreciated. Even more so, since I came over for a look at your galleries and was amazed by so many great pictures. I'll be back soon to look at (and vote for) more.
Ahmed 08-Jun-2006 11:48
I own Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ30, and I love it except the little noise. When I saw the pictures you took with the same camera, I love it more. Now I belive that the good picture is captured by a good photographer, then the camera comes at second. Keep the good work. I'm your fan.
Guest 01-Jun-2006 14:07
One day, I will reach your level. Your pictures possesses a mysteriously motivating aura. But for now, I just need to figure out how to use this stupid Photoshop.
Guest 23-May-2006 14:25
Your photos are certainly refreshing. Can't say pbase has any thing quite like it.
Guest 15-May-2006 13:09
You have a fantastic your work..kind regards..Lorraine
Galina Stepanova09-May-2006 16:25
I looked thought only one gallery, the B&W... a lot of joy.
Amazing portraits of while ago, an essence of life in street shots, thoughtful nova day’s works. My sincere compliments to your style, keen eye and great talent to share thoughts with viewer thought your photography.
Guest 02-May-2006 17:22
Thank you for your nice comment and vote on my "After the storm" shot!
Guest 29-Apr-2006 16:50
Thanks for always checking back for new pictures(-: your comments are much appreciated (me being a little ol' 7th grader {we deserve to be taken seriously as well!}) Thanks again!

Guest 22-Mar-2006 23:35
You have some fascinating photos and galleries here. I have truly enjoyed viewing your work. You are very talented! Congrats :)

Yvette :)
Guest 19-Mar-2006 20:34
yeah, grainy pictures do have a little more meaning to them i think! Gosh, people are so picky these days! Thanks for your kind words.

Guest 03-Mar-2006 22:54
Thank you so much for your comments on my galleries and for your interest in New Orleans. I am all the more flattered by your looking at my photos after just a glimpse of your marvelous images. I can't wait to come back and browse more later this evening!
Guest 20-Feb-2006 23:35
Glad to hear from you again. Thanks for the comments.
Guest 19-Feb-2006 07:51
Wonderful galleries and a real inspiration
Guest 15-Feb-2006 23:51
Hellllo Guenter!
Thanx a lot for your messages in my pbase gallery!! I can see you area a big fon of Paris as well, and not just Paris, your photos are splendid!!
Take care, see you around hte streetof paris hopefully!
Raphael and
Guy Bruyea07-Feb-2006 02:46
Hi Guenter. Thanks for your recent comments and vote :-) on my cinammon teal image. Your galleries are incredible and nicely varied! Kind regards, Guy
isa.jantzen 31-Jan-2006 10:02
Wirklich phantastische Fotos! Ein Traum! Heute den Link erhalten von Rita L. aus der guten alten Fraspa. Freue mich schon auf meinen nächsten freien Abend und das ausgiebige Schauen,
Grüße von der ex-Kollegin Isa Jantzen (ex-Maier)
Chris Sofopoulos23-Jan-2006 09:34
Hi Guenter. Congratulations for this fantastic work here in Pbase.
I like the unconventional approach you have to your themes. Of course you are in my favourites.
Best wishes,
Guest 20-Jan-2006 21:43
Thanks for the comments. I really like all your galleries, my favorite is the LONDON series. Cheers..
Guest 19-Jan-2006 20:45
Nice pictures, very nice
Gilles VAILLANT10-Jan-2006 21:59
Hello Guenter, thank once again for your very creative eye about Paris it's all the time with love that you shot your Paris images. Thanks you for your messages about my gallery and very best wishes for the new year
Guest 07-Jan-2006 23:52
hi guenter thank for your comment ,you have nice gallery and beautiful photography .
You must comming looking the next day the next door in my gallery .
regard francis
arminb04-Jan-2006 19:36
You are such a lucky man, to have such a talent AND to have a wife like Dagmar :)
Have you already thought about making photos of her paintings to share with us here?!

Best regards, Armin
Benny Yuen02-Jan-2006 03:20
Happy New Year ^^
Guest 01-Jan-2006 00:28
Enjoyed knowing you through your work and comments. Looking forward to your Paris images. Best wishes for 2006.
Jack McSorley
Guest 23-Dec-2005 17:59
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2006 !
Guest 17-Dec-2005 23:51
Great photos and Galleries..
Guest 10-Dec-2005 23:28

Thank you for your kind words on my galleries. I truely enjoy your work and will be keeping a close eye on it.

All the Best,

Guest 09-Dec-2005 04:27
Thanks for your comments. I agree with you regarding the horn photo, just wondering why no one else had seen it. Having visited Frankfurt several years ago, I will follow your tribute. You are on my favorite list along with Ray.
Jack McSorley
Guest 04-Dec-2005 23:40
Hello Guenter -
I am taking to heart every comment, particularly the remarkable "enfant terrible".
Extremely privileged and pleased.
Your artwork is true photographic glamour and transcendency. Keep uploading!
Peter Lawler04-Dec-2005 15:07
Hi Guenter

Thanks for all of your comments on my pics - I really appreciate them! It's nice to be noticed.
Gilles VAILLANT02-Dec-2005 23:53
Thanks you very match for all yours encouraging messages...I continue to follow your great galleries best regards
Wendy02-Dec-2005 04:21
Hi There,
What a wonderful diverse gallery. I like your way of viewing the world.
Thank-you for your many kind comments in my gallery.
Guest 27-Nov-2005 04:11
Guenter, you have such a nice collection of pictures. I have been visiting several times and I especially like the Pairs gallery. Keep up the good work.
Naomi 23-Nov-2005 19:58
Thanks for your kind comment on my sunset photo. The sky can be very dramatic here in Montana. Perhaps that's why they call it "Big Sky Country".
Guest 16-Nov-2005 12:54
Thanks for your comment!
a lot of wonderful shots here!
got my vote!
Julien Moebs 16-Nov-2005 08:20
Hi Günter, I love them all!
Special thanks for all your wonderful pictures. Wish I could have a bit of your talent!
ps: Weiter so :-)
Guest 14-Nov-2005 12:42
I'd like to thank you for all your galleries! They are a gift for my eyes and heart...
Kees Terberg12-Nov-2005 20:08
Hello Guenther, you have indeed travelled the world. I was hoping to see some of your Cuban captures. I was pleasantly surprised to see great shots from all over the world. Beautifully done and well captured shots.
Roy Birger Nilsen12-Nov-2005 14:56
Thanks for your comments on my pages,always an inspiration!And yes,that`s me in orange
jumpsuit on the right(I wish!).Keep on taking pictures and sharing!:-)
Guest 07-Nov-2005 02:00
Guenter, you certainly been to a lot of places. Love all your pictures. Keep them coming my friend. Cheers from Canada.
Roald Synnevaag06-Nov-2005 19:07
I enjoyed looking at your galleries. Greetings from Bergen, Norway
Guest 01-Nov-2005 21:43
Thanks for your visit and comments. I specially like your portraits and the Tate pictures.
Roy Birger Nilsen29-Oct-2005 00:39
Thanks a lot for dropping comments on my galleries,Guenter, it`s very nice to know
that someone is taking the time to do that in this busy world we live in!Your
galleries are now listed as a favorite on my pc,so I`ll be dropping in from time to time.
Thanks again!See ya!
Guest 27-Oct-2005 20:26
Hallo Guenter,
Thank's for yours comments
You made a great job ! I really like your galleries. I'll come back.
Benny Yuen23-Oct-2005 12:29

Nice to meet you!
Thanks a lot for your visiting^^

I like your galleries so much, they are wonderful!

Best regards
Jose Canovas20-Oct-2005 21:36
congratulations Gunther, You have splendiferous galleries here full of life. Please keep up your catching photo enthusiasm!
Gilles Navet19-Oct-2005 12:00
Welcome Guenter.
Thanks for sharing
I like your sense of details and great composition too
I just want some more B&W...
Benjamin Fox18-Oct-2005 10:53
Thanks a bunch for al your comments! I left you a couple of my own, you've got some pretty amazing travel galleries on your list as well. I think I've added the Taj Mahal as one of the next places I wan't to visit (someday). I don't suppose you'd be willing to share the technique you used on the Midi_4, Midi_5, and Midi_8 shots? :) Let me know!
I'm sure I'll be back again,
Guest 17-Oct-2005 13:36
Thank you for visiting my photography exercises. I'm delighted with your kind comment. I try to do my best to record the daily life of people with my pictures and all comments are very rewarding for me.
Best regards!
Guest 17-Oct-2005 08:59
Your works have good composition :) and color also. Well done, keep posting!
Guest 17-Oct-2005 08:53
Guenter, thanks for your dropping by my galleries. It s the 1st time Im in Europe, everything s amazing.
Peter Lawler16-Oct-2005 18:19
Guenter, Thank you for the comments on my own pics. They are especially valuable given the quality of your own work which I have only begun to persue. It will take a few visits I think. i'm especially inspired by your use of colour.
@ Bruce Gilling16-Oct-2005 00:00
fantastic pictures !
Guest 13-Oct-2005 13:56
I'll take the honor to write here first on your guestbook! :o) I just surfed on your galleries and I find a lot of interesting shots! You've captured all the images with quality work, excellent choice of subject, full of vibrant colours with perfect composition and lighting... Keep up your work and 'looking forward to see more of your new great photos.. :o) Greetings --edith:o)