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Middleham Market Town

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Middleham Market Town in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.
I visited Middleham after lockdown was lifted due to the Coronavirus.
On the few days I visited it, there were a lot of people and a lot of cars, far more than I remember!
I guess after lockdown people are just pleased to be out and about again.
Middleham is known for its horse training & racing.
It is quite a quirky town with cobblestones and many old stone buildings.
Middleham Grange sits in the heart of the town and is set back from the road and gated.
The other large feature is Middleham Castle Ruin that is owned by Heritage.
St Mary and St Alkelda Church is situated back from the road and is opposite Middleham House.

For more information about Middleham, please click on the link below

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Friendly Horse Trainers Coverdale Cottage Cottages Terraced Cottage Race Horse Trainer
g13/31/938931/3/173370124.cb6b3992.JPEG Terraced Houses Coverham Lane g12/31/938931/3/172436773.P6es8IGV.jpg g12/31/938931/3/172375450.1M60gLHQ.jpg
g12/31/938931/3/172360634.DMqCqQ1q.jpg g12/31/938931/3/172132088.e1v2rwCg.jpg West Wood Cottage Window Reflections Harmby House
Terraced Houses Hillside House g12/31/938931/3/171890429.CaLx2N6o.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171883515.tnKVbFov.jpg Blue Door & Window
Friendly Horse Riders Laundry Cottage View from Middleham Castle House With Ivy Beech Cottage
Marrick Cottage Terraced Houses Neville View Neville Hall On Horseback
g12/31/938931/3/171214896.OXM1kw1l.jpg Another View of the Castle Ruin An Old Map of Middleham g12/31/938931/3/171210889.KZnFNSzi.jpg Middleham Methodist Church
Old School & Middleham Methodist Church Middleham Castle Ruin & Houses Sundial House & Priory Guest House Listers Cottage Terraced Houses
Old School House & Priory Guest House Terraced Houses The Priory Guest House g12/31/938931/3/171166138.L4xmGFEe.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171165188.3AjCJAUL.jpg
Sundial Sundial House Window & Plant Pots g12/31/938931/3/171137385.IJY05c0J.jpg Street Scene
Hill House g12/31/938931/3/171131869.FwmR8NWm.jpg Door & Window Reflections Castle Hill House Castle Keep Tea Room
Glasgow Cottage g12/31/938931/3/171100731.GQWrwJiE.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171099874.98VzxkqQ.jpg Alleyway g12/31/938931/3/171095381.2BVAiKoQ.jpg
Castle House Central Stores g12/31/938931/3/171084988.ikaFQzZx.jpg Barbican House The Black Swan
g12/31/938931/3/171080953.gIFLYEaO.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171075645.PTPCwA8P.jpg Reflections in a Cafe Shop Window Blue Door g12/31/938931/3/171069809.17Kj8IFr.jpg
g12/31/938931/3/171066102.W7NscKt0.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171061016.msSaCOwC.jpg Reflections Lindmar House Guest House Lindmar House Guest House
g12/31/938931/3/171051574.UbKvEoYf.jpg Waterford House Hotel g12/31/938931/3/171048588.X7QPBgcU.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171047093.1zxVMPP4.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171043594.XzVp487a.jpg
g12/31/938931/3/171042470.s6hXEbXj.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171041607.MXlf64HM.jpg Rundown House g12/31/938931/3/171033773.hxRHWq9Y.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171032870.yJbaVjPT.jpg
g12/31/938931/3/171031449.ekXFvW02.jpg Jasmine House g12/31/938931/3/171026118.XhU2Rhz8.jpg g12/31/938931/3/171024365.EGJvf0u7.jpg