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Java | Bali | Bali Cremation Ceremony | North Sumatra - Sumatera Utara

Bali Cremation Ceremony

One of the most spectacular ceremonies in Bali is the cremation ceremony. Ofcourse, like any ceremony in Bali, the cremation ceremony's size and spectacle depend on the importance of the deceased, and the money spent. While the poorest of the Balinese are buried, and finally cremated in group cremations, the people with some more money to spend are cremated right away. One thing is for sure, the body needs to be burned to set the soul free from worldly ties, and to start a new life in a world that is supposed to be as beautiful as Bali itself.

When the body of the deceased is carried to the place where the cremation is to take place, the often very beautiful and colorful temple-like structure containing the body is shaken and turned by the people carrying it, to make sure the soul doesn't find its way back home.


Een crematie is een feestelijk gebeuren op Bali ,want het doel van de crematie is de ziel te bevrijden en zo de weg vrij te maken tot re´ncarnatie. De omvang en het spektakel van de ceremonie hangen af van de belangrijkheid en financiŰle status van de overledene. Minder kapitaalkrachtigen worden tijdelijk begraven en later in groepscrematies gecremeerd. In elk geval moet het lichaaam worden verbrand om de ziel te bevrijden, omdat anders de weg naar re´ncarnatie is geblokkeerd. Eens in de 5 jaar worden zulke groepscrematies georganiseerd.


All images in this gallery are scanned slides made during my
stay on Bali in 1984, using a Canon A-1 Camera and Fujichrome Film.

Click on thumbnails below to see them enlarged - Click op de foto's om ze in een groter formaat te bekijken

g1/98/696298/3/109660695.2mRq6fpG.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660697.BFUBR52o.jpg g3/98/696298/3/109660698.fMLs53no.jpg
g3/98/696298/3/109660699.NHTFpxTQ.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660700.hzE0PcTL.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109660696.QTJdkbZM.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660701.S2SQys7i.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660709.GgpIt0v3.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109660703.7APtA5Dt.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660704.ra4usjlu.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109660705.tmhpyoEl.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109661144.vUpH6MRV.jpg g3/98/696298/3/109661145.AJzQcimD.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109661146.k7QGeuoV.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109661148.7qyn88fv.jpg g3/98/696298/3/109661150.fIBOgbAI.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109661153.l4zcCm0g.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109661155.fsoVAPdY.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109661156.Fa1Wuc8o.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109661149.UQCVbS4A.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109661154.ecRMevGE.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109661157.al7L1AvB.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109678576.8EhM4s5h.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109678577.xpwKx2Bs.jpg g3/98/696298/3/109678579.YRwtjyOT.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680733.ueyjQFYU.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109680754.bAeWUEPV.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680738.MN4ZNwUc.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680742.bC2Fpjam.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109680746.VdVgrGly.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680751.GZ2ADwv0.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109678575.IHSWy3Qr.jpg
g3/98/696298/3/109680760.wKmLqfyF.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680765.GDfrJ20e.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680768.qITSsKcb.jpg
g1/98/696298/3/109680772.MCIppJi6.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680776.EnEOJbx4.jpg g1/98/696298/3/109680779.ZlIvHr4d.jpg