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The Chinese Southern lion dance is performed as a traditional ceremony to scare off evil spirits
and to summon luck and fortune. Here the dancer troupes are from either Martial Arts Schools
or Chinese Guild and Associations. They visit shops to perform '' cai ching". (plucking the greens),
a quest by the lion to pluck the auspicious green, such as lettuce, which in Chinese sounds like 'fortune',
and the auspicious fruit, such as a mandarin orange tied to a 'red envelope' containing money.
The lion will dance and approach the 'green' and 'red envelope' like a curious cat, to 'eat the green' and
then 'spit' it out. For its dance ritual the troupe is rewarded with the 'red envelope'. Then firecrackers
are set off to dispel evil spirits and attract the god of wealth. (Source: Abridged from Wikipedia)
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g4/93/852293/3/141229450.FL12G8FW.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229449.bMvPLAas.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229448.luTCFI4D.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229447.4cpgkKL0.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229446.3y9dixIY.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229327.sStbgJ78.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229444.CLyYwiWu.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229370.3Mn7ZJxh.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229333.At0at7B9.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229326.vea2Pl5n.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229325.CnRw9tMG.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229277.xIhENCtB.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229324.NWLdhAgG.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229320.vT65lYqU.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141237015.t8kwXrdd.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229315.OXSpjeZh.jpg
g4/93/852293/3/141229306.77P3tMm8.jpg g4/93/852293/3/141229294.oQAU7QSS.jpg