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Thomas Gehlhaus06-Aug-2020 12:49
I stop by here now and then to see your wonderful pictures. You were a great artist Francis!
julivalley21-Nov-2012 00:12
You are missed, Francis. You were a genius with a camera. I frequently send people here to see what magnificent photos you left. I wish the family would publish your images in a coffee table book.
Guy Dube22-Feb-2011 03:48
Un tres grand photographe, a great photographer!
moved to kieboom.net08-Nov-2010 19:32
I have my doubts about the future of PBASE, but these pictures should be available to everyone well beyond the demise of this site.
Daniel Wickwire16-Jan-2010 19:11
I love that these galleries are still here and a tribute to an incredible artist!! Daniel.
hermankervel06-Dec-2009 19:21
love your work
julivalley16-Oct-2009 18:14
I continue to love you and your work, Francis. You left us far too soon. God's peace.
Achim Magener25-Jun-2009 22:14
ca fait du bien de se plonger dans ses galeries....
le temps passe et un voyage commence

Jean-Claude Liehn06-Feb-2009 19:49
Merci très sincèrement à ceux qui font que ces galeries continuent leur vie sur Pbase. Jean-Claude.
Jean-Claude Liehn06-Feb-2009 19:49
Merci très sincèrement à ceux qui font que ces galeries continuent leur vie sur Pbase. Jean-Cleude.
kimene S07-Feb-2008 13:51
Your work is outstanding to say the least! Ever truly inspired!
François Hamon15-Dec-2007 20:51
Des années encore, Francis sera une source d'inspiration inégalée... Tant d'émotion dans ces images d'un cher disparu...
Guest 14-Dec-2007 20:07
I believe in reincarnation. So, I guess the Master is back already and growing. He'll soon shoot his next PBase gallery. Look out for the talent!! :)
Guy Dube21-Nov-2007 00:31
Francis Toussaint a ete une inspiration pour moi. J'y reviens temps en temps me ressourcer.
Guest 15-Sep-2007 16:41
This is a beautiful gallery Francis
julivalley25-Jul-2007 23:24
Dear Francis,
I continue to visit your galleries. You were taken too soon. I wish your family would publish a collection of your best.
Soenda10-Mar-2007 09:59
And still your light illuminates our world and fires our imaginations.
Guest 02-Nov-2006 20:42
Very wonderful gallery!! Best of best! Enjoy it!
Jean-Claude Liehn28-Oct-2006 04:09
Je reviens sur ces galeries plusieurs mois après leur découverte et m'aperçois combien inconsciennement, elles m'ont influencé. J'ai pris l'habitude de présenter mes galeries en trois colonnes et respectant une symétrie des formats, c'est ici que j'ai puisé cette idée, je ne m'en souvenais plus. Et bien des sujets de mes photographies sont présents ici. Je ne dois pas être le seul des amateurs qui ont vu leur intérêt pour la photographie augmenter avec le numérique, à avoir été influencé par le travail de Francis.
Qu'il soit disparu est une très triste nouvelle. Que son oeuvre continue à vivre ici est émouvant. Merci très sincèrement à ceux qui font que ses galeries subsistent sur PBase.
Kim Randolph16-Sep-2006 17:41
Francis was the first pbase artist that I added to my favorites. As a new photographer I emailed him several times with questions that he always answered with gracious generosity. Thank you to pBase for keeping his galleries here. I have missed him. Kim
dave03-Sep-2006 17:51
Im so sorry to hear of his death.
He was a WONDERFULL photographer.
Its so sad.
Dave ...............
julivalley25-Aug-2006 14:01
Your thanks go to Slug, the operator of pbase, for his continuing display of dear Francis' wonderful images. Francis is gone too soon.
Soenda20-Aug-2006 03:46
My heart lept, for a moment, when I saw Francois's gallery in the most popular list. Could it be true...just a rumor that he is gone? Mais non.

Already three years? He was a major insptiration to me. I thank whoever it is who keeps his galleries here. They remain bright light to set a course by.

julivalley13-Apr-2006 00:36
You are missed and much-loved, Francis. Your beautiful images continue to inspire.
Guest 14-Mar-2006 22:02
May you rest in peace, your galleries are an inspiration to many, especially me.
Guest 10-Feb-2006 01:23
Three short years since your death today but your work lives on in the hearts of those who admire your work.
Thank you for your art and inspiration - it still inspires us all as I am sure it will do well into the future.
Guest 08-Feb-2006 01:29
As others have stated before me, Mr. Toussaint's work was the first that I added to my Favorite Artists list when I joined PBase. Francis, your work thrilled me and inspired me, and I still thank you for sharing your love of beauty and your talent at creating photos that show that love. I am thankful that PBase will retain your photos in your memory.

From what I have seen in his remarks to people who have asked for photo tips, as well as the remarks from his associates and friends, Francis was as fine an artist at the Art of Living as he was a fine photographer. I was never lucky enough to meet the man, but I mourn the loss of the photographer. May your spirit always be surrounded by Beauty and Love.
JOSE MATA14-Jan-2006 16:54
Guest 07-Jan-2006 07:45
These images are breathtaking and make you feel like you are there. This is my first time viewing Francis' work and I made comments on pictures before finding out that he is no longer with us. God bless. There is no way these pictures were taken by an ordinary person--he was extraordinary. My regrets to the family.
Guest 27-Oct-2005 04:58
I'm shocked to hear that you are gone. I've always loved your work, still do....will keep you in my list of favorates. I know you are bringing beauty to where you are now, just as you brought it to us here. RIP.
Rene Hales19-Oct-2005 12:13
Francis was among the first artists I added to my favorites list. I will miss his creativity and his wonderful work. My heart goes out to his family and friends.--Rene
Guest 01-Oct-2005 14:33
God Bless you Francis! You have shared so many wonderful moments with the world. Youwill be missed yet remembered my friend.
Guest 28-Sep-2005 18:48
I wanted to say something to francis, who galleries i just discovered, that i really like his photography. What a tremendous loss. So now these words are for his family...
dhphoto28-Sep-2005 15:13
I spoke to Francis often about the wonderful quality of his work and I am deeply saddened to hear he has passed away. If his family ever read this I'd just like to say I think he was one of the very best photographers I have ever seen.
Guest 12-Aug-2005 23:50
I am saddened by the loss of Francis. He is amoung the pantheon of the greatest photographers ever. I remember the first time I happened upon his site here and then at Fred Miranda I was left visually speechless. We all mourn the loss.
Guest 25-Jul-2005 18:17
Deeply saddened to hear about Francis' not being amongst us any more. May the supreme bless him. -Cat
Guest 25-Jul-2005 14:27
I haven't been visiting pBase too much recently, and when I saw how old Francis' galleries were it seemed very odd. Francis' photos have been my inspiration since I joined pBase, he was my 1st favorite. He truely was a magician with his camera.

An assembly of his work into a book would be fitting tribute.

I'm so glad his gallery will remain available as a testimony of his work. Thank you.
Bob Rhéaume21-Jul-2005 01:28
I am truly and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of this gracious and sensitive soul with the powerful and unique talent. A hopeless hacker at photography with no clear notion or strong feelings as to what constitutes art, I nevertheless know that viewing the work of Francis Toussaint has given me great joy and has been both inspirational and discouraging. For me, his photos are overfilled with the beauty and humanity in the world around him, and they reveal the soul of an artist combined with the skill of a master craftsman. His great talent was to clearly see this beauty and humanity and to routinely and skillfully record his exquisite vision for all of us to enjoy. I can vividly remember the genuine excitement I felt when I first chanced upon his wonderful photos, and although I believe I’ve grown more discerning and harder to impress as I’ve worked at my own photography in recent years, I can’t honestly say that the allure of his magnificent images has dimmed in the slightest. Thank you, Francis.
Patrick DEBETENCOURT01-Jul-2005 13:27
Je suis extrêmement peiné d'apprendre la disparition de Francis Toussaint. Il a en effet été pour moi, (tout comme "Anne's Photos" ci-dessous, et certainement beaucoup d'autres), le photographe qui par ses galeries sur Pbase m'a donné envie de découvrir ce site, puis de m'y inscrire. Encore récemment, c'est pour une bonne part sa galerie sur le meeting de la Ferté-Alais qui m'a incité à y aller faire des photos.
J'étais surpris de ne plus voir de mises à jour de ses superbes galeries, mais je ne pensais pas apprendre sa disparition dans son guestbook...
Comme beaucoup d'autres "Pbaseurs" je suis très heureux que ses photos restent en ligne, Ainsi nous pourrons y revenir encore et encore en pensant à lui. Au revoir Francis et merci pour toutes les merveilles que vous nous laissez. Vous avez été, et vous resterez pour beaucoup une source d'inspiration... Patrick
julivalley24-Jun-2005 20:36
I wish someone knew how to reach his family and arrange for a book of his photographs.
lebororo22-Jun-2005 07:05
Triste nouvelle...
C'est encore plus que de la qualité, je dirai de la perfection.
Un grand trou pour le commun du monde de la photo...
Avec respect pour "son œuvre" et son travail
Guest 17-Jun-2005 21:12
Very sad to hear about Francis. His galleries are probably the best on PBASE.
tomr-photos17-Jun-2005 15:56
Sorry to hear about Francis (I had that feeling about him awhile back but didn't want to believe it). He was up there among the best...and he still is.
ricecake17-Jun-2005 15:17
Francis' photos were the first to inspire me, the first I added to my list of "favorite artists". How sad to learn he is no longer with us, but I am glad that Slug is keeping his galleries here for all of us to appreciate.
bm16-Jun-2005 01:42
The loss of Francis is indeed sad news for our world in photos. From well-known landmarks to simple objects, the diversity in each frame by Francis lures a closer look. I have always admired the creative artistry captured in his photos.
Michele Rodgers13-Jun-2005 05:31
A great loss but a great legacy in the photos!
julivalley10-Jun-2005 13:09
Happily, Slug plans to keep Francis' images on pbase for us to admire. Francis was such a gifted artist with a camera. I never tire of looking at them.
Juli Valley
Guest 09-Jun-2005 15:47
I read about his passing and came to see the galleries. But believe it or not, some immature person has already started to spamm the galleries with rude comments knowing he'll not be around to delete them.
Guest 09-Jun-2005 13:43
Dear PBase,

Please keep this gallery as a memory of a great Artist. Again and again looking at your unforgettable photos I say BRAVO Francis!

julivalley09-Jun-2005 13:38
I had feared we had lost Francis for months. I had tried to locate him through some forum friends in Paris without luck. He will be so missed. He was a genius with the camera.
Juli Valley
Daniella T.09-Jun-2005 01:06
That is a very sad news in deed. when and how did it happened? How old was he? Is there any biographical information available on him? Quelle perte pour l'humanité, un si grand talent :(
Guest 29-May-2005 18:28
Your photos are amazing. What lenses do you use?

Guest 23-May-2005 03:35
These pictures are amazing- that's all I can say. I would spend hours on end just looking at them if I could, but I can't.... I'm no expert, but these photos truly capture some amazing feeling that makes a person want to go hop the next plane to somewhere, anywhere, that looks as beautiful as it does in the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Théo 14-May-2005 15:05
Terrible nouvelle si c'est vrai...

Je ne pense pas qu'il ait jamais publié de livre malheureusement (il n'y a rien sur Amazon à son nom)
Dan 14-May-2005 14:58
That is very sad; did he ever published his work somewhere?

When did he passed away?
John Vermé 07-May-2005 06:30
Francis has passed away, I am sad to inform you.
Peggy Roden 28-Apr-2005 21:27
Are there any books by Mr. Toussaint. We are interested in purchasing gifts for cruise participants cruising the northern coast of France.
Andreas 07-Apr-2005 14:52
Wonderful pictures. I thank you very much.
Guest 03-Apr-2005 01:44
Does anyone know anything about Francis? He has not posted any photos for 15 months :(
Marc Vermeulen12-Mar-2005 20:33
So many fantastic galleries,great work.
Mehdi 28-Feb-2005 10:36
Tout d'abord bonjour ...

Comme tout le monde ici je tenais à vous féliciter pour vos photos, et j'aurais aimer savoir comment vous contacter.

En effet, je suis moi même graphiste, et certaines de vos photos m'intéressent dans le cadre d'une de nos éditions en print, afin d'illustrer certaines régions de france et d'ailleurs.

Si vous pouviez me contacter assez rapidement par mail :

nous sommes basés à Paris, merci encore, j'attends de vos nouvelles.
Alain-Philippe BAUDRY-KNOPS18-Feb-2005 11:40
Suis allé voir vos photos, j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
Brooke 05-Feb-2005 19:41
I don't know if this is the correct way to do it, but I wondered if your pictures are available for purchase, I don't mean to offend you in any way, I cried when I saw your pictures of Mont. St Michel and want to have them around me always, any help would be appreciated. You are a blessing
digital photo magazine 04-Feb-2005 10:24
Hi Francis

Great images, would you be interested in having some of your work featured in Digital Photo magazine's gallery section? If so drop me an e-mail at chris.robinson @
Guest 02-Feb-2005 16:42
Frustrated I am - you have a very wide range of images with a very high proportion showing the "x" factor. Frustrated because I am not so productive. I wonder what proportion of your day is spent out with a camera?
pretty06 24-Jan-2005 00:50
j'ai pas vu plus beau que ?a!!! excellent shot.
Guest 16-Jan-2005 08:50
I've just browsed your galleries many times, what to say? You have extraordinary captures!!! I really have great times to look over all these images. Please look at my gelleries and critizise my work too.
gilles 14-Jan-2005 21:24
Bravo pour vos photos et merçi de nous les montrer.
Je me suis permis de faire un lien vers votre site sur le lien Paris puis sites de photos sur Paris

Guest 07-Jan-2005 05:53
Dear Francis,
You don't know how many times i keep looking at your galleries and keep thinking how could one do that? Then i convince myself saying- some people just have it.... I have recently become interested in photography .......and i know i have a too long way to go. I would really appreciate if u could just give me some tips to start with..that would be very kind of you. any input from other members are welcome too...
Shall i expect a reply....? ( )
Guest 19-Dec-2004 09:27
Amazing gallery, well done. Please post more pictures, I feel very glad to know about your work.
malam mugu 12-Dec-2004 11:49
ilove this site.
moved to kieboom.net27-Nov-2004 02:36

I hope you are ok, Francis.
ellis 24-Nov-2004 11:30
Francis, I love your pictures. I'm a freelance executive trainer and I'd like to include some of your images in my training material and website. Please contact me at to discuss.

Kindest regards, ellis
Tang Mun-wa 12-Nov-2004 07:53
Cher Francis,

J'ˆmtais en train de chercher les photos de Bretagne (c'est ou j'ai pris un cours de francais dix ans avant et j'aimes cette rˆmgion vraiment). Donc, j'ai trouvˆm votre galerie de photos par hasard.

Vos photos sont superbs. Si vous voulez venir ˆj Hong Kong pour prendre les photos, n'hesitez pas ˆj me contacter. Mon adresse d'email est

ˆj bientot

Mun-wa (Flora)
LAGIER 10-Nov-2004 21:46
Iconographe freelance, je suis à la recherche de ... Francis Toussaint (!)
J'ai remarqué une de vos photos (des colonnes de Buren, à Paris) qui pourrait sûrement intéresser une agence de pub pour laquelle je travaille en ce moment... Avant de présenter votre photo (vue sur, je voulais juste savoir si vous étiez partant et s’il était possible d’accéder à cette photo en haute résolution... ?
L’urgence fait encore partie des données...
Merci de me répondre le plus vite possible.
Avec tout mes remerciements.

Valérie Lagier
Iconographe freelance
06 62 24 18 05
Guest 10-Nov-2004 04:23
Great work. You show amazing skills photographing old European cities. Any suggestions relating to my Italy photos would be welcomed
Guest 07-Nov-2004 01:46
Excelentes fotos
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
julivalley06-Nov-2004 16:58

I love your work. I am worrying about you since your most recent photos are from February. Please let me know. I hope you are well.
marilyn k holmberg06-Nov-2004 14:17
absolutely beautiful galleries!! .. wonderful, stunning work!!! .. 'm'
Vikas Malhotra01-Nov-2004 08:10
Simply fantastic work, awesome and very inspiring.

Cheers. Vikas
Hugh 27-Oct-2004 21:17
Perfect lighting. Perfect composition. Perfect photography.

There's only one problem: where are you? So many people want to get in touch with you, including me.

Hugh Nagle, editor "Français Plus" magazine, Ireland.
Dung Tu23-Oct-2004 01:48
Dear Francis, Your gallery is one of the best I have seen. Your photos are really stunning.
Ned 16-Oct-2004 19:54
Hello and congratulations on your fantastic photography! I will be in France in two weeks (Nov 1-8), more specifically, Normandy and Paris. I would like to discuss with you or get some feedback from you regarding some of the sites I will be visiting. I would greatly appreciate an email. Thank you!
J. Usher 06-Oct-2004 21:31
Cher Francis: J'ai trouvé vos photos, et je devais m'arrêter pour les regarder! Ce sont vraiment fantastiques! J'adore Paris, le Mont St. Michel, les châteaux de la Loire, le Louvre, la Ste. Chapelle, etc. (et tous qui est français). J'avais les larmes au coeur pour la beauté de la galerie! Bien sûr, je veux bien à voyager à la France immediatément pour visiter encore tous ces endroits. J'enseigne le français aux Etats-Unis, et je voudrais montrer vos photos à mes classes. Mes élèves vont les adorer. S'il vous plaît, ajoutez plus de photos de la France (et d'Italie) bientôt. La galerie est formidable!!!
Panos Katergiathis 19-Sep-2004 22:07
Hello. I wish to negotiate the publishing of a photo you've created in a project i am currently working on. Please send me an e-mail of yours (to :, so that i can contact you with further details. Thank you in advance!
Cindy Mead18-Sep-2004 05:49
I haven't visited your galleries in awhile, and as always I'm inspired by your work. Bravo!
xianan13-Sep-2004 09:34
hi, Francis, So nice pictures you have here. They are wonderful.
Keep on great job!
Guest 06-Sep-2004 10:27
I think that your photos are amoung the very best I have ever seen. I have been following your postings on the Fred Miranda site as well. Absolutely stunning work. Merci.
Dan31-Aug-2004 09:46
Excellent work, thanks for sharing.
Cas Toeset 27-Aug-2004 12:55
My compliments for the nice photo's they are amazing!
My parents love Paris and saw also your site.........

With love from Holland!

Bill Jones 17-Aug-2004 00:13
Dear Francis Toussaint,
I have visited Mont Saint Michel 3 times and love your photographs. Am in USA. Might it be possible to purchase some of your photos? Thank you so much.
Michael 09-Aug-2004 19:59
Amazing pictures! I enjoyed them alot.

from Denmark
Charles Moman 09-Aug-2004 09:13
I am interested in image 15486362 - yellow flowers on the right, water, open space on left.
I am releasing a short run worship CD for my church - 1000 copies.
This is a personal project - not a major release.

Please contact me directly at
to see if we can work out a deal to use that photo on my CD cover.


Charles Moman
Guest 08-Aug-2004 18:30
Amazing galleri, you combine technical skill, with an exellent eye for composision and style. Love this gallery. Makes me regreat not paying attention in French classes be couse i have to go there some day. Keep up the good work
Guest 08-Aug-2004 18:30
Amazing galleri, you combine technical skill, with an exellent eye for composision and style. Love this gallery. Makes me regreat not paying attention in French classes be couse i have to go there some day. Keep up the good work
Slides Only 30-Jul-2004 18:13
Dear Francis,
do you know, that your pictures are shown in the German "fotocommunity" where they are part of the top pictures and elected in a gallery? The funny thing is, the fotographer's name is Mathew Armstrong, and he tells, that he lives in New York and in London.

Slides Only
Guest 20-Jul-2004 05:20
Nice work!!!!
Guest 07-Jul-2004 11:26

Pejo 30-Jun-2004 07:43

Excellent pictures with really interesting frames - could you tell what software o you use to frame your pictures and add some text to them?
Thank you
Gideon Savir 29-Jun-2004 14:42
Gifted photographic eyes and mind behind excellent photographic equipment created all those amazing captured light compositions.
I am inspired and envious evry time I visit your galleries.
G. Savir
Jim Humberd 26-Jun-2004 03:35
Somehow my Email address did not get recorded properly, in the previous posting.

Jim Humberd
Jim Humberd 25-Jun-2004 04:09

I would never pretend to match the technical quality of your photos, mine are just snapshots by a tourist with a cheap camera, but you might like the composition of these shots of Mt. St. Michel. The second one is a snapshot by computer from Video, not from a snapshot camera.
indraneel 31-May-2004 09:25
dear friend
namaste (greetings from india)
thanks for sharing your exciting photographs.
twice i had been to normandy & surely your beautifull photographs made me nostalgic.
i would like to know you more.
Stefan 26-May-2004 00:50

Cher Francis, il est impossible de trouver un moyen de vous rejoindre autre que celui-ci! Sauriez-vous m'envoyer un courriel à l'adresse afin que je puisse entrer en contact personnel avec vous? En espérant avoir de vos nouvelles, sincèrement, Stéfan
Corey Wicks 24-May-2004 19:46
Bonjour Francis, J'aime vos photos de Le mon St Michel ! En fait, je voudrais employer un couple d'eux comme la base d'un effet spécial en film de bas-budget que je travaille dessus. Si vous , svp me contacter pour plus de détails, car j'aimerais avoir votre permission de les employer dans le film. Profundis de Pax, mèches de Corey
Terry 22-May-2004 14:52
Your photographs are magnificent I think in part due to your use of light as an integral part of the composition. I am a professional artist and would like to use a few of your shots as inspiration for paintings (not exact copies). I would not be making prints of such work, just single artworks and would like to talk to you about permission to do this. Sincerest thanks for sharing your talent by posting your photographs for all to see. Please contact me. Thank you!
Corey Wicks 21-May-2004 16:39
Hello Francis,

I love your photos of Le Mon St Michel! In fact, I would like to use a couple of them as the basis of a special effect in a low-budget film I am working on. If you would, please contact me for more details, as I would love to have your permission to use them in the film.

Pax profundis,
Corey Wicks
Guest 10-May-2004 02:11
You are a fabulous artist. I have loved viewing your galleries.
I will be watching for more. Welcome to my favorites!!
~~Mia Rosario
Miguel from Argentina 09-May-2004 22:44
Man! The more I see the more I want to travel the world.
Miguel from Argentina 09-May-2004 22:41
Amazing! Absolutely awesome!
You make me wanna be a photographer. Thank you so much for telling us the secrets of the world.
Your work is food for the soul.
Michael 27-Apr-2004 19:49
I'm wondering if you sell your photos. There is no note saying yes or no, nor an email to contact you. You might want to post these things on your page to help clear up any confusion. Wonderful photos.
Steve Pepple24-Apr-2004 00:17
Your work is absolutely wonderly. Inspiring yet deflating for us amateurs.
Zane Paxton19-Apr-2004 07:36

Absolutely gorgeous images; visual poetry may not be adequate enough of a description. Your talents stretch into many areas; a rare gift. Thanks for sharing your inspiring work!
Paul Antal 16-Apr-2004 20:56
Very fine job on the Sainte Chapelle. Thank you.
Betsy Eble 08-Apr-2004 13:44

I would like to use one of your photos in a book. COuld you please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Betsy Eble
Brussels Sprout06-Apr-2004 23:53
Incontestablement les plus belles galleries sur PBase.
De mon côté, j'essaie, j'essaie, mais à voir ces photos-ci, il y a encore du boulot
Guest 06-Apr-2004 15:37

I am a photographer from the Maldives. I am facinated with your collection of photographs. Graeat job you have done with macro photography....:). Weel done.

Ibrahim Neesham
Director Photography
idesign studio -Republic of Maldives
julivalley05-Apr-2004 15:47
I return here often to view your amazing collection of images. You really should sell some of them. Large prints of some of these would be very well received.
Michel Bérubé04-Apr-2004 13:49
Très beau travail!!!
Guest 28-Mar-2004 14:25
Amazing photography, you are invited to join our contest.
valentina 26-Mar-2004 10:13
J'ai vu vos superbe photos! Bravo!!!
Etant donné que j'ai un site sur la Bretagne (en italien) je voudrais vous demander si je peux en utiliser quelqu'une pour la galérie de mon site.
Bien sûre, j'irai faire un link à votre gallerie et je préciserai que les photos sont à vous. J'en serai très heureuse!
Voilà l'adresse:

Je vous remercie en avance.
Meilleurs Salutations :o)
r.b. 22-Mar-2004 23:20
Au revoir Francis, la perfection en photo comme dans tout le reste.
On pense a toi. Roger
Guest 20-Mar-2004 22:23
You are elegantly top notch ! robin
Guest 10-Mar-2004 04:43
I'm Jihyun Lee, and I'm Korean.
I saw your pics by accident, but after that, I couldn't take my eyes off your pics.
I'll look forward to your great jobs!

Pierre Carpentier 01-Mar-2004 20:38
Au revoir, Francis. Pierre
onyegbu 01-Mar-2004 16:41
lovely site thanks mumumumumumuumumumumummumuumuumumum
Pamela Nastali 29-Feb-2004 10:22
Your photographs are breathtaking! And, I've never seen a better collection anywhere! I have an art-school background and I just want to say that your pictures are truly works of art. I recently returned from France and if I had found your gallery before I went, I wouldn't have bothered to take pictures. There's no comparison. Your photographs are so expressive that even buildings look romantic.

I am currently building a web site called "Enjoy Normandy" with photos and a few travel tips and would very much like to include your art and add a link for others to visit your gallery because if anything can inspire someone to travel to Normandy, it's your incredible collection. May I have your permission to post your pictures and your link?
Guest 27-Feb-2004 15:30
bravo, superbe photographie.
Salvatore 20-Feb-2004 23:10
thomas kern 19-Feb-2004 14:23
your photos are amazing, are you a pro-photographer?
keep up the good work
Cynthia 17-Feb-2004 05:45
Francis - your photos are gorgeous. Would you please contact me as soon as possible with information on licensing your photos for book use. Thank you!
Cybergi 16-Feb-2004 17:58
Je me lance (tardivement) dans la photo numérique et quand je vois tout ç me dis ... y' a vraiment du boulot ! :) Hard is a way
Vraiment top ! BRAVO
Maurice Hammon 11-Feb-2004 16:01
In a way your site frustrates me! Mean I know but depressing too for you show up my lack of skill. Not only do you have 'the gift' but amazingly productive too. Intersting; some of the pictures would not do well at the photographic clubs - fault of the Judges, not the photographs. Others would knock their socks off! Versatality is the key I guess.

(putting my camera up for sale)
MEGA MGBADA 09-Feb-2004 02:21
Guest 01-Feb-2004 17:40
Paris...Your pictures are amazing, they all capture the details of Paris and its landscape. I have a small request though, please email me if you have the time
Guest 30-Jan-2004 02:31

Your galleries are pure poetry of light and colors, full of inspiration and emotions. You really have a great artistic eye. I'm sure I'm not the first one (and last) who mentioned it. Congratulations. Rich.
Guest 18-Jan-2004 18:02
Dear Francis,

By chance I entered your magnificent galeries. Your work is above words. The colors are fantastic. How do you do it????

Thank you
Delphine Poussot 13-Jan-2004 21:37
Bonjour Francis,
Vos photos sont extraordinaires. J'adore votre lumiere Je suis une aquarelliste Francaise habitant aux USA et j'aimerais avoir votre permission d'utiliser une de vos photos du Mont St Michel de facon partielle pour un de mes tableaux.
A bientot j'espere.
Paul Teixeira12-Jan-2004 15:10
Great pictures Francis! You do make Paris come alive on the screen.

Best regards,
Nichole Alden 09-Jan-2004 20:45
I visited Paris for the first time last summer... and it was a true joy to relive the experience through your photos! Your work is amazing! Thank you for sharing it!

mugu 08-Jan-2004 23:52
i dey brother!
Paul Keates31-Dec-2003 11:00
Bonne AnnŽe 2004, avec beaucoup de superbes photos.
Bien amicalement.
André Audet 31-Dec-2003 04:29
J'ai parcouru avec grand plaisir votre site et j'ai apprécié la qualité de vos photos. Plusieurs photos de Paris et ses environs m'ont rappelé d'excellents souvenirs d'un récent voyage dans la ville Lumière qu'est Paris. Les photos prises dans les Jardins du Luxembourg représentent bien le plaisir qu'ont les Parisiens à se rassembler le dimanche pour se détendre en toute simplicité, ceci en plein centre d'une ville en constant mouvement: les Jardins de Luxembourg sont un oasis de tranquillité.

La qualité de vos photos d'oiseaux est particulièrement exceptionnelle.

Bravo pour votre travail.

André Audet
J.V. 24-Dec-2003 00:22
quand même ! mes préférées le Clown, les jardins du Luxembourg (les grands arbres et le groupe de personnages) et le Louvre ("les dessinateurs au sol").Bien à vous. J.V
Guest 24-Dec-2003 00:07
Vous me faites penser Monet et à Poussin l'équilibre dans les choses,
beaucoup de vos photos sont des chef d'oeuvres ,superbes, votre registre est très large et je dirais votre moyenne très élévée.Bien sur un des meilleurs du plateau. J.V.
Waseem 23-Dec-2003 15:02
Hi Francis,

Marvellous photography done by you. I really appreciate your galleries. I am new comer in digital photography and recently joined
You can visit my gallery at although it has just 5 photographs but you appreciate and encourage me.

Take care,
Guest 18-Dec-2003 16:33
J'ai pris grand plaisir à visiter une partie de ces galleries.
Que de belles choses à voir et aussi quelle grande qualité photographique.
Sûrement que je continuerai la visite et mes félicitations.
Depuis le Québec, Canada
Guest 05-Dec-2003 01:20
La plus belle gallerie qu'il m'ait été donné de voir depuis deux ans. Absolument... saisissant. Je vais revenir souvent me rincer les yeux. Merci.

Michel Lamontagne, Sept-Iles, Québec.
Sapa 29-Nov-2003 09:23
Tes photos sont superbes : esthétique et maîtrise technique !!!
C'est le 3ème site de PBASE que je mets dans mes favoris et il surpasse les premiers.

Bonne continuation.
Guest 27-Nov-2003 21:48
Ouah !!! Je vis depuis 30 ans à APris (et j'ai 30 ans !) et j'ai l'impression de redécouvrir ma ville. Bravo !

Waooh !!! I've lived in Paris for 30 years (i'm 30 year old !) and I feel like discovering again my city. Bravo !

fabrice attali
Guest 24-Nov-2003 22:58
WOW!!!! incredible ....
I liked all of them in gallery....
thanks for sharing...
Alexander Koenadi 08-Nov-2003 07:29
I saw your work in at first then there is this link to your website. Your photographs are amazing, I have been learning photography for couple years now as my hobby and looking forward to try medium format too. Your photographs are great and inspires me to set a higher standard for myself, great pictures!
Guest 05-Nov-2003 14:15
Wonderful wonderful work!
Thank you.
Guest 25-Oct-2003 11:46

Magnificient! Your photography certainly sets a standard for others to pursue. Thank you for sharing your great talent. The voyage is quite enjoyable through your eyes . . GREAT IMAGES . . I have added you to my favorites. Thank you.

Best regards,

John Connor in Iowa, USA
Sharon Mason 10-Oct-2003 12:40
Your photography is unbelievably beautiful. I have enjoyed browsing your galleries and I envy your ability. Thanks.
Phil Douglis02-Oct-2003 18:21
Francis, I am delighted to hear that you viewed all nine chapters of my 'cyberbook' on expressive travel photography. As a photography teacher, I want my Pbase site to be more than just a way to share my pictures, but also share some of the ideas behind them. You are one of the few to recognize the potential value of my intentions, and to regard my galleries as a useful reference. It an honor for me to draw your interest, Francis. You are obviously one of Pbase's most gifted members -- millions have viewed your galleries in the last few years and have received much from your images. I am delighted that my own galleries have drawn your interest and I hope that you will find ideas of value to you within them. And thanks, too, for leaving those comments on my galleries as well. I hope that the comments my galleries draw will provide an ongoing forum to enhance the points I am trying to get across with my images.
Thanks again, Francis, for your message of encouragement.
Craig Sadler27-Sep-2003 21:46
Stunning Work. I'm going to go delete my galleries now:-)

Robyn Carter 24-Sep-2003 03:31

I just wanted to thank you for such lovely photos of Mount Saint Michel. I was helping a young friend who needed a project about France when I came upon your web site. I had the privilege of living in France over 20 years ago. This was one of my best memories, and walking through your photos reminded me of seeing this national treasure for the first time.

Thanks again and I look forward to some of your other works.

Robyn Carter
Kentucky, USA
Guest 23-Sep-2003 07:22

Guest 09-Sep-2003 14:33
Hi, Francis
Can you tell me how you created those nice frames that you use for your photographs? I've been trying to create that look, but I'm not having any luck. I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you,
Keon 07-Sep-2003 12:05
Thank you for your amazing photos. How can you get these great pictures? Can you share with us about your techniques and feelings in photography? I really enjoy to see these fantastic photos. I'm a frequent reader of your album and always waiting for your next series of pictures. Thank you for sharing your great pictures with others of the world.
Guest 27-Aug-2003 21:42
JBT 26-Aug-2003 16:30
JE n'ai jamais vu des photos de St Malo et du Mt St Michel aussi réussies que les vôtres. Grâce à vous, je peux enfin recontempler avec joie ma région natale. Mille mercis
Pierre 22-Aug-2003 11:55
Absolutely beautiful ! Speechless ...
Claudio 12-Aug-2003 16:57
Francis, my compliments for the your excellent images, is it possible to use one of your photos for a brochure? Thank you very much for your replying
William 11-Aug-2003 16:31
Does anyone know were you can purchase any of Francis's pictures? If you know please let me know
Guest 07-Aug-2003 17:51
Francis, ça fait 2 jours que je parcours vos galeries et je me régale, j'en garde un peu pour les prochains jours, ne pas tout voir d'un coup, prendre son temps....merci :)
Guest 01-Aug-2003 09:20
Superbes photos. Je presque envie de passer un week-end à Paris pour changer un peu de mon environement ici en Bretagne :lol:
o dave 23-Jul-2003 11:11
Abba Richman23-Jul-2003 09:53
Francis, your work is masterful and outstanding. Superb composition, magnificant coulr and beautiful subjects. Best regards, Abba
Sharon Palmer 08-Jul-2003 06:03
You are amazing! I love your photos....some of them look surreal! We were recently in Venice and these brought back happy memories of Italy and Venice, in particular. Thank you for sharing these with us. I'll be back to see your latest additions!
Pierre Bellavance 30-Jun-2003 20:55
J'aime beaucoup vos photos. Quel équipement utilisez-vous?
aldeca24-Jun-2003 05:39

Again, and again visiting your great and beautiful galleries.

Guest 18-Jun-2003 22:10
Furthermore, since your photos are far superior to most, if not all, i have viewed, could you share with me whether the quality of the lens of the camera is going to make that much difference as to viewing on a comuter monitor, web, email, etc. or how do you explain the sharpness and quality of your photos on the web as compared to the average photo? walt west
Guest 18-Jun-2003 22:04
I have enjoyed immensely your photos. I can't help but notice the "framing" adds to your photos. I have just purchased a camera and would like to diplay a few shots. I don't suppose you would share a "trade secret" about how to frame like you do??If not, I completely understand and i will contine to admire your work anyway.
walt west
Caroline 15-Jun-2003 03:00
I was looking for a certain painting that I saw in the Musee d'Orsay and stumble upon your work. The photos of Paris at night seemed to perfectly capture the memories of my sister and I on our visit there. Thank you so much for sharing them with the world. I will be back many times to see your work.

Human appreciating your artistry,
edward 13-Jun-2003 09:12
hi there,

I recently took up photography as a hobby and accidentally found your website, which to me is sheer beauty. As a beginner in photography, i can't really critic your photos but I can say that you've done a wonderful job on your collection, which i sincerly took pleasure to view the photos. thanks for sharing your wealth.

Ninette 12-Jun-2003 19:21
Bonjour Francis
J'ai énormement admirer vos belles photos. Mon grand respect et mon admiration. Les photos sont magnifiques. Avez-vous aussi des photos de notre LUXEMBOURG; càd du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg. Pour nous luxembourgeois c'est le Grand-Duché -- c'est ça pour nous ::Le Luxembourg.
Vous qui faites de telles photos , ce serait intéressant de visiter nos châteaux, a peu prés 27 ,et nous avons une nature exceptionnelle et des paysages phantastiques.
Bien le bonjour
Guest 10-Jun-2003 08:31

Big compliments for your galleries. You take wonderful night shots with great atmosphere and gave me some good suggestions for shooting my city. Will definitely be back.


Ken Romero 07-Jun-2003 13:25


Just discovered your work on Fred Miranda's forum and came here. Truly blown away! Lived in Paris 30 years ago and finally returned last March. Your work makes me want to pack up and head there permanently.

Thank you very much for the excellent images.

Ken Romero
María Inés Jullian de la Fuente 06-Jun-2003 21:21
Francis Toussaint:¡ Mis felicitaciones por las maravillosas fotografías y gracias por darme la oportunidad de recorrer lugares tan queridos para mí.
Hoy en la tarde he estado en París al ver sus maravillosas fotos.
Es increible estar en Chile y encontrarse con el querido e inolvidable Paris.
Maria Inés Jullian de la Fuente
Daniel Suy 06-Jun-2003 19:11
Merci Francis. J'ai découvert la lumière.
Guest 02-Jun-2003 20:31
Bonjour Francis,
Je suis Gino d'Angers. Je suis abassourdi tout simplement! Même si le D60 est un bel outil de travail, Il faut tout de même un être humain derrière (rires!) BRAVO!! Si vous passez par Angers, n'oubliez pas le D60! C'est une ville plutot belle mais à travers votre objectif je pense qu'elle serait encore mieux!
@ bientôt!
eric 22-May-2003 09:24
Dear Francis,

What a great pictures, i have a lot to learn!
especialy loved the ones of the Mont st Michel, i hope to visite Le Mont this summer to make some great pictures too!!


Eric (digital pics)
Guest 14-May-2003 02:31
Your pictures are amazing - true works of art.

Thank you for your inspiration. I just purchased a canon 10 D - and I am enjoying digital
Gerard Byrne 02-May-2003 11:10
I have enjoyed visiting your gallery and wish to compliment you on a stunning talent. There are too many "favourites" to event suggest. Well done. Looking forward to my visit to France (Normandy/Brittany) this summer... Mont St Michel is on the agenda. Thanks again.
Guest 27-Apr-2003 04:17
Francis, wonderful work. I'd love to see a consolidated gallery of just 20 or so of your very favorites. jim/shutter
Paul25-Apr-2003 19:29

Your images never cease to amaze me. I have been following your galleries for the last year and continue to be in awe in your diversity, creativity and diligence in pursuing the perfect lighting and mood in your shots. I have lived in Paris for the last two years but must have been to lazy to pursue the kind of images you produce.

Thanks for sharing your great works, and keep it up.

Cees Verduin 25-Apr-2003 17:28
Dear Francis, Looking to the pictures of Holland I also saw a photo from a Mini under the snow. I am a member of The Dutch Mini Seven Club and we always have a newyears-card at the end of the year. That picture looks very nice to me. Can you perhaps mail the orininal to me so we can use in this year?? Ofcourse we name you as photographer at the card. We would be pleased.

Please let me know.

Regards from a rainy (Southern)Holland on the moment.

Guest 24-Apr-2003 21:03
May I use some of your photos for my 'ChardyCards'? These are cards I print and send to family and friends for birthdays, christenings, christmas etc.. No money is involved at any stage and credit is always given in whatever form you wish - name only/website etc.


Frank Budworth 14-Apr-2003 07:08
Beautiful, beautiful photos. Thank you.
Orin Smith 02-Apr-2003 00:27
I just viewed your pictures of Venice taken in early March. My wife and I just returned from Venice on March 27 and your pictures make me want to go back again as soon as possible. They are magnificent.

Orin Smith
EHusky26-Mar-2003 05:48
Wonderful pictures!! Well done!
Steve Baker 11-Mar-2003 17:03
Hello from Canada. I love your gallery. I come back over and over. You have a wonderful eye for capturing the moment.
Guest 19-Feb-2003 19:43
Fine imagery. One of my favorite galleries.
Rosaire Lemay03-Feb-2003 14:17
Je définis la photographie comme étant l'art de maîtriser la lumière. Alors, tu es un maître incontesté et incontestable de la photographie. Un souffle d'inspiration que la vision de ton album.
Rosaire Lemay
Québec, Canada.
Bill Sturrock02-Feb-2003 00:26
WOW! Magnifique!
Guest 30-Jan-2003 02:55
Hi Francis,

I just woke up and was browsing pbase when I found your website. It is truly amazing and very touching. It is the more meaningful because I am also planning to visit Paris (for the first time) on August. You have given your own incredible interpretations of Paris. You have done an wonderful work.

Very very lovely photos !!
Guest 29-Jan-2003 12:31
your work is simply amazing! Great job! Wish I could learn a thing or two from you.
Guest 26-Jan-2003 13:30

PERFECT work ... Very good pictures !!!

Andrew V
Guest 23-Jan-2003 15:25
Cet album photo est énorme... chacune des photos pourrait être une carte postale. Vraiment très beau, merci de nous faire partager cela.
guy 20-Jan-2003 17:50
Je suis stupéfait devant la beauté de tes photos.
Tu pourais en faire des livres et les vendre à prix d'or. :)
Par contre, après avoir vu tant de belles photos, quand je regarde les miennes
je constate que soit je suis vraiment très nul, ou mon canon D30 est pas bon.
Ne me donnerais-tu pas un cours de photo ?:)
Bravo en tout cas ! et bonne continuation

le québécois de Bruxelles
blay114-Jan-2003 06:07
Thank you so much for allowing us all to view your photos. You are truely blessed with a talent that I have only dreamed about. I look forward to visiting your galleries often.
Hélène 13-Jan-2003 14:13 heureusement les galleries s'étoffent avec le temps :-)
Je vous conseille ce site : ce n'est pas le mien et je ne gagne rien à le faire connaître sinon d'espérer que la qualité des photos de roses que présentent les webmistresses ne vous encourage à vous y mettre vous mê suis fan de roses et avec vous derrière l'objectif je ne pourrais pas être déçue ;-)
La photo du Mont St Michel (celle de la vignette de la galerie) est mon papier peint depuis un mois.Elle a "déclassé" le lion "King", une autre de vos oeuvres...
Félicitations pour vos galeries, et merci d'en faire profiter les autres.

Guest 13-Jan-2003 00:51
Francis, your work makes everyone speechless!!! congratulation, Erik
Greg McCroskery08-Jan-2003 19:12
Your galleries represent a very extensive body of consistantly wonderful photographs. God has blessed you with a wonderful ability!
Alisa Goetz 07-Jan-2003 21:29
Mme. Toussaint, Le musée national de bâtiment organise actuellement l'exposition vers le haut, vers le bas, à travers: Ascenseurs, escalators, et trottoirs mobiles pour septembre 2003. L'exposition discute le passé, présent, et le futur de ces dispositifs de transport et comment elles ont effectué la culture et l'architecture. Avec l'exposition, les éditeurs de Merrell produit un catalogue. Un des essais dans ce catalogue discute les escalators au centre de Pompidou. Je voudrais employer l'image que vous avez signalée intitulé "l'escalator." Je peux payer une copie et de quelqu'honoraires d'utilisation vous avez besoin. Maintenez svp dans l'esprit que le musée national de bâtiment est un établissement éducatif privé et sans but lucratif. Merci de votre temps.
Eric Picot 31-Dec-2002 11:05
Bravo pour ces extraordinaires photos... La composition, les éclairages, la mise en scène... à ce propos (si vous êtes prêt à divulguer votre secret !), comment faites -vous ces encadrements ? D'avance, merci de votre réponse.
Louise Giguère 30-Dec-2002 01:05
Bonjour Francis

Je suis très impressionnée par ton talent et la qualité de tes photos.
En voyant ces chef-d'oeuvres, je suis tentée de changer mon appareil pour du Canon.

1/ Quelle est la technique utilisée pour donner des images aussi claires?
2/ Tes images sont-elles travaillées sur Photoshop?
3/ Comment lire tes réponses?
Tu dois ëtre très occupé par tout ce courrier
Suggestion: Une page-réponse adressée à tes fans sur ce site ainsi qu'une page ¨présentation de l'auteur¨.

Merci de ta générosité.
Bravo pour ce fabuleux trésor.

Louise Giguère
Danny Brison29-Dec-2002 22:56
Photos extraordinaires, très jolies. Félicitations.
Danny Brison29-Dec-2002 22:51
Photos extraordinaires, très jolies. Félicitations.
Guest 11-Dec-2002 23:56
Hello Francis,

I regularly return to your Galleries...and just keep on enjoying...and enjoying...and enjoying your wonderful work...

Ferenc MOGOR from Budapest ( )
Guest 20-Nov-2002 13:34
Vos galleries sont superbes!
Je n'ai malheureusement pas encore l'ADSL (d'ici qq jours), mais j'ai hate de pouvoir aller visiter toutes vos pages dans le détail.
Merci pour ces lecons de photos qui me feront j'espère progresser!
pingupingu12-Nov-2002 19:56
Chapeau, chapeau et encore chapeau !!!!

En tout cas , merci de l'envie que vous me donner de me mettre sérieusement à la photo (et apparemment je ne suis pas le seul).

Une suggestion, si vous avez la fibre pédagogique bien sùr: vous pourriez faire des galeries du style : comment faire un bon cadrage, un bon recadrage, comment obtenir une bonne profondeur de champ. Evidemment, après il y le courrier à gérer.
Une autre idée moins prenante serait un bétiser, une galerie de vos photos ratées, (commentées ?) pour que chacun en tire quelque chose et surtout puisse se dire qu'il y arrivera un jour.


Guest 10-Nov-2002 13:30
Je n'ai rien a dire, je suis stupefait! Bravo Francis.
Biel Ferrer 09-Nov-2002 18:55
Hola, Francis,

És un veritable privilegi poder gaudir d'aquestes fotografies.

El cel a la terra...Un caramull de gràcies, Francis.
Louise Hamelin09-Nov-2002 17:13
Au risque de me répéter, ayant déjà fait ce commentaire en rubrique, sous la galerie réservée à vos "Favourites", vos photographies sont de véritables chefs-d'oeuvre si agréables à découvrir et à contempler. Tant de sensibilité, tant de beauté s'en dégagent.
Quel extraordinaire et merveilleux talent vous avez. Puissiez-vous nous choyer davantage en partageant ainsi avec nous ces merveilleuses photographies.
Bravo et Merci.
Guest 03-Nov-2002 14:40
Incredible pictures. I wish I could your student to learn more on visual art.
Pls visit to provide your valuable advices. Thanks for sharing
Guest 02-Nov-2002 22:02
Félicitations, Francis.
Photos extraordinaires, surement d'un photographe lui aussi extraordinaire.
Encore bravo
Guest 26-Oct-2002 15:27
Hi Francis! Wow, really nice photos! Clearly you have a lot of passion for this world, I love it!
Guest 26-Oct-2002 03:17
My father also posts on pbase. I decided to click in because your french name sounded like a real photographers. It was a lucky choice. My husband and I really enjoyed it. I will carefully tell my father (Maurice Burke) to check your site out also.


Ana & Kamal
Guest 26-Oct-2002 00:36
Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

Susan Golden
Guest 16-Oct-2002 21:40
Excellent shots you have. Amazing! Keep the good work!
Claudia F.
Guest 15-Oct-2002 04:07
Guest 14-Oct-2002 09:38
Hola Francis:

Fantasticas, dulces, bonitas, excepcionales.......

Me faltan adjetivos.


Jordi Albà (Girona-España)
Guest 11-Oct-2002 11:17
I simply love your images! I live in Singapore and just started to take digital photos.
Wondering how do you make those lovely frames?
Love to see more of your wonderful work!
Bill Valentine JR 10-Oct-2002 13:28
hello great shots !! check out my site sometime ! i am 24 years old from salem NH. i have about 4 years of digital photos about 200,000 photos also i just got the nikon d 100 digital slr> its such a nice camera well email me sometime the site will not work if your behind a firewall !!
Guest 04-Oct-2002 02:09
Vraiment magnifique! je suis certaine que c'est pas uniquement à cause de l'appareil:) Celui qui l'utilise sait en tirer le maximum!
Guest 30-Sep-2002 18:13
Hi Francis - Your skills are extremely impressive. I have learned so much just by looking at them. Thank you for making them available to everyone who enjoys wonderful pictures. I would like your feedback on some that I have taken on my travels, your opinion would mean allot to me.

Liu Liya 30-Sep-2002 09:24
This is the most wonderful gallery I have ever seen! Keep moving and I am looking forward to seeing more from this gallery!!!
francis toussaint 29-Sep-2002 16:11

Heureux de trouvez un homonyme.

Francis toussaint
Vivek SenGupta28-Sep-2002 03:18
I really like your photography. Are you a professional photographer?! Anyway, I like your pictures of faces a lot. Photography is a hobby for me, but I wish I had more time to devote to it.
Keep up the fantastic work!
heiwing 19-Aug-2002 08:13
Hi, your pictures are very nice!! The lighting and composition are very good.
Can I know which lens u are using now ?
Guest 08-Aug-2002 23:02
Dear Francis,

I just started to learn about the photography. After I visited your galleries, only one word that I want to say is 'wonderful'. I hope that one day I can get only halfs( or may be less than half ) quality of yours. Really admire your works.

Napat N.
Réal 04-Aug-2002 16:04
Bravo Francis !

Vos photos sont magnifiques. Je ne me lasse jamais de le regarder.

Je fais aussi beaucoup de photos numériques avec mon Canon G1.
Quatorze mille photos depuis un an et demi, dont plus de la moitié en nature,
sur des sites naturels magnifiques et sauvages.

Merci !

Pointe du Lac au Québec
Guest 31-Jul-2002 23:37
Hello, superbes tes photos ! Quel régal pour les yeux !
Je vais tenter de t'égaler !

2 questions :
1/ Comment fais-tu les cadres autour de tes images ?
2/ Comment fais-tu pour avoir une page ALL dans les Thurnbails ?

Je reviendrai voir tes images ... A+
Guest 30-Jul-2002 15:45
Hi Francis,

Your photographs are beautiful. Aside from your obvious talent and sensitivity, I was wondering on the more technical side how you manage to get such crisp, crystal clear pictures. I can't get half that quality with my D30+EOS 28-135 IS.
Is it me or is it my lens? Are you using L lenses, do you do any heavy post processing in Photoshop?
Thanks, and again, your work is a pleasure

Guest 13-Jul-2002 23:41
sorry i forgot to post my address
Guest 13-Jul-2002 23:41
I must say your photos are just best, please if you get a chance take a look at my pics and let me know your thoughts, love to learn from you.
Winko 05-Jul-2002 13:20
I come from Taiwan, to visit all the places you visited in the period of continuos time. Because I can't stop myself. Actually I tripped all the places there a decade ago with borrowed money, you'll see how I like all the beautifull events. Love you as well as love all your fotos. Wonderful.
Colin Bouriquet 05-Jul-2002 01:50
Splendide job, un grand bravo. J'aimerais bien savoir les objectifs que tu utilises sur tes boitiers canon, ca m'aiderait sans doute a me décider. Entre autres pour les macros par exemple.
Erik Nissen25-Jun-2002 08:08
I'm a frequent visiter to your albums, and you continue to impress me. You have a very fine eye for light, composition and content. I'll be back :-)

By the way: Some of my own pictures would be improved by a frame. How do you make the frames ?
Ita 04-Jun-2002 19:47

Amazing images. You have a wonderful eye, gift of composition and the ability to capture a moment!
Dias dos Reis01-Jun-2002 01:06
Dear Francis,
I'm admiring your work more and more.

Best wishes,
Antonio Reis
went 25-May-2002 22:02
Francis, your site & photos are a credit to you and an inspiration to the international lovers of quality, composition and beauty of your wonderful photography.
Where is the A3 size coffee table book of all your masterpieces ?
Guest 23-May-2002 17:26
Francis, your photos are just amazing. Every one of them very carefully thought out and created - just wonderful!
Guest 20-May-2002 09:42
I've been following your work on for some time and look forward to seeing each new posting. Your work is inspirational. It never ceases to amaze me how you achieve such clarity and depth to all your shots. Thank you for allowing us to view your work here.

Mal Smith.
Guest 15-May-2002 08:49
your page is so wonderful....i study more from yours. please visit mine and give me your important advices. thanks
ian scott-parker 13-May-2002 04:38
excellent galleries which i very much enjoyed browsing. if you will be kind enough to send me your email address francis, i have a private message i want to send you as soon as possible.
Paul 10-May-2002 22:24
I truly enjoyed the pictures of the Louvre, and look forward to browsing the rest of your wonderful site. Paul (San Francisco area)
Guest 09-May-2002 09:37
I like the leave that was half like a skeleton.
Did you construct your object for photography or was it purely nature?

Guest 07-May-2002 01:55


Excellent pictures! I am inspired by your work.


Guest 26-Apr-2002 05:49
FRANCIS, your work is absolutely beautiful. You have inspired me to pick up the camera again after a 10yr layoff. Your work sends a chill down my spine just as an old song sometimes does. Thanks for the inspiration. HANK
Guest 20-Apr-2002 19:33

I really love your photographs
can you explain how you create the beautiful frames?

Many thanks

PS - I lived in Belgium for 8 years and spent many wonderful days in France. Memories :-)
David Hood 18-Apr-2002 01:41
of what others should strive for. Whoever said "a Picture is worth a thousand words" must have seen your photos.

Thank you for sharing them.
Paul 11-Apr-2002 13:43
Excellent composition and creativity. I like the photos you took using the D30's. I'm waiting for other pbase users to post any D60 samples. Can you share the template or frame your attaching this photos? If it's a photoshop please attached the template through my E-mail address. Thanks, Paul T.
dave07-Apr-2002 21:24
Hello Francis,
May I say that allthough I am only a novice to photography I must say I find your images a "class act"....I enjoy them ........Thankyou.
Guest 19-Mar-2002 04:42
I keep returning again and again to your galleries. The images are spectacular. As a beginning photographer, you have given me new ways to look at my surroundings. Thanks again for such wonderful work.
Guest 15-Mar-2002 15:44
Dear friend photograph,
I like your pictures from "Le Louvre", they are beautifull.
You can also see my pictures (taken with Sony Cybershoot F505v and F707) at >400 photos by thematic >Fribourg in Switzerland step-by-step >here on this server
Thank you visiting my sites and tell me a commentary.
A propos, peut-être parlez-vous français? Qui êtes-vous? Ètes-vous un pro ou sinon que faites-vous dans la vie à part la photo? Paris est toujours fascinant... Il n'y a pas autant à montrer de Fribourg...
Bien à vous
Christian Roux, Fribourg, Switzerland
Guest 06-Mar-2002 23:21
Nice, very nice,
congratulation, please continue

question: You use wich software for the frame, presentation
Guest 22-Feb-2002 19:04
Bonjour Francis,

Fabulous work of photography and digital enhancement. You can see people working on Macintosh.
I'm still deep into argentic photography compare to digital, but your work with the D30 make my heart balance,
I'm now leaving in US and the cost of film (VELVIA) and processing is killing me.

I would appreciate your comments on some of my photos (unfrtunately I have no time to scan all of them),
including the way I could enhance them with Photoshop to have the slide quality back on the screen.

Merci beaucoup and post more photo is possible
Patrick Ho 20-Feb-2002 15:54
Hi Francis,
excellent gallery!!! : )
Dias dos Reis03-Feb-2002 10:57
Dear Francis,

Thank you for your comment on my Óbidos gallery.

I´m not going to say anything further on your work, for the adjectives I could use, even in portuguese, wouldn't pay justice to it.

You make Paris look like a calm and harmonious city.

Best wishes,

A. Reis
Guest 01-Feb-2002 00:23
Francis, I'm far from being a pro, and i know very little about photography, but i'm really impressed by your work and I wish I know how to take pictures reaching half the quality of yours.
You've got my whole and sincere admiration and respect for your talent.
Thank you so much.

Francis Toussaint20-Dec-2001 15:33
It is my pleasure to share pictures with people like you.
Merci beaucoup pour ce compliment qui me touche.
lacoste 20-Dec-2001 13:50
J'ai rarement vu d'aussi belles images...
you have a great touch

Mark 09-Dec-2001 21:34
Your photos are very inspiring, the people, the places, the objects, and the scenes. The pictures are very artistic and effective.

Just great work, very enjoyable, thanks.
SteveH 06-Dec-2001 00:10
Looked through your gallery because I love all things French. Beautiful pictures. I've taken many shots at Jardin de Luxembourg, none compare to yours. You have a natural talent, I need lots of luck.
Guest 30-Nov-2001 09:43
I was looking for a reason to come back to France... Well, your pictures I just discovered give me now the wish to come back and to see again this so beautiful Autumn light. Douceur de l'Isle de France...

Jean-Paul (from San Francisco)
Altofran27-Nov-2001 05:31
Few words to congratulate you for the job you've done on your pictures. I knew that the "Canon D30" was a good camera, but any camera is nothing without the talent of the photographer. I take this opportunity to make some publicity for my galleries Montreal at, hope you'll enjoy them.

B. Nacef
Guest 23-Nov-2001 04:09
Hi Francis,
i browsed all your pictures (16 galleries) i honestly like them all..but image is somewhat distracting to me..distracting in a way that i am so envious with your equipments...well on the second thought i guess it is too much an accessory for a beginner like me..i guess i have to be happy with my cp-995
...seriously photgrahy is only a hobby for me.. but i wish i could be as accomplished photograher like you ...
my sincere best regards and all my respect/floren a.k.a. ulol
Guest 16-Nov-2001 04:37
beautiful pictures and nice colors. Can't wait for some more of your work. Good job.
lazy 09-Nov-2001 12:17
Oh! You have very good shots.

It all amaze me!