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HO scale Krauss-Maffei ML-4000s

My friend Clyde King has done a significant amount of work on the two heavily rebuilt Rivarossi HO scale Krauss-Maffei ML-4000 diesel hydraulics he's been working on -- you'll find the other gallery here One unit will be painted in full Southern Pacific colors as SP 9001 (the unit with the snowplow pilot); the other will be in full Rio Grande yellow & aluminum colors with black Southern Pacific lettering as SP 9022, one of the three units SP purchased from D&RGW in February 1964. The three ex-D&RGW units operated this way for some time before being fully repainted into standard Espee colors in 1965. You can find photos of the 1:1 scale Krauss-Maffei ML-4000s at

The Rio Grande (D&RGW) unit, with roof-top mounted air tanks mounted in the middle, is powered by a Sagami can motor connected to a Hobbytown driveshaft system. The truck/gear assembly was custom built by Clyde's brother Jay, a professional machinist. The units will be connected via a drawbar and operate together. The unmotored SP unit will be driven through a driveshaft coupled to the motored unit. The pair was test run on our model railroad club's layout. With some additional weight added, both units will definitely pull quite well.

I will post additional photos after they have been painted. However, to be honest, I like them unpainted since it allows you to enjoy the beautiful workmanship Clyde has put into these. There will be a little more work to do, but they will certainly look cool when completed!

BTW, the exhaust stacks featured hinged flap covers that closed when not in use. The models depict the flaps open, as would be the case when they were operated under their own power. I recently received a few close-up shots of the exhaust and flaps... thanks, Mr. Zenk! Clyde will rework both the exhaust and butterfly flaps to better reflect this new information.

Included in the gallery are four Tom Gray b&w 8x10 photos of SP 9001, 9022 and 9023. The latter two units are ex-Rio Grande ML-4000s, purchased by SP and operated in those colors for some time before repainting in late 1965. They are some of the images Clyde used as reference, in addition to photos published in books and magazines including Trains magazine's October 1961 issue; Mainline Modeler's October 1984 issue; along with various issues of Southern Pacific Motive Power Annuals by Joe Strapac, and Joe's "bible" on the Krauss-Maffei units: Southern Pacific Historic Diesels, Volume 2: Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives.

UPDATE 9/11/09: Added four photos at the end showing Clyde's models with updated exhaust stacks. These were based on newly acquired photos, along with close-up in-person observation on the preserved K-M at the Niles Canyon Railway. The butterfly doors are mounted on an inside stack Clyde made from plastic rod turned down and slipped inside the revised outer stack. Clyde's models will not feature the spring mounted tensioning as they're not seen in photos of the two units he's modeling circa 1965.

UPDATE 1/1/11: Added several photos of the two K-Ms Clyde painted. Note these had their butterfly exhaust stacks removed (for painting), plus the units have not yet been weathered or had window glass installed... that's yet to come.
Both KM ML-4000 units together KM-4000 nose view of the two units SP unit nose left 3/4 view SP unit left-side view
SP unit rear 3/4 view SP unit rear with drive shaft SP unit rear right SP unit cab left-side
SP unit middle left SP unit rear left SP unit cab roof SP unit middle roof
SP unit rear roof SP unit middle roof view SP unit underframe SP unit right 3/4 view
SP unit right front SP unit right middle SP unit right rear SP unit right 3/4 roof view
SP unit right cab roof SP unit right front SP unit unpowered SP unit rear right roof
DRGW unit left view DRGW unit left front DRGW unit left cab view DRGW unit left middle
DRGW unit left roof view DRGW unit left rear roof DRGW unit left middle roof DRGW unit left cab roof
DRGW unit left cab side DRGW unit left rear with drawbar DRGW unit right rear DRGW unit right middle
DRGW unit right cab view DRGW unit right middle rear view DRGW unit right cab view DRGW unit drive
DRGW unit Hobbytown drive with custom buit gear tower DRGW unit underside driveshaft view SP 9001 at Oakland CA in 1985 SP 9001 at Bayshore Yard, San Francisco in 1965 with Alco C-628 4853 coupled behind
SP 9022 at Bayshore Yard, San Francisco in 1965 SP 9023 at Bayshore Yard, San Francisco in 1965 with EMD F7A 6356 in Black Widow colors revised exhaust stacks revised exhaust stacks
revised exhaust stacks revised exhaust stacks sp 9001 01.jpg sp 9001 02.jpg
sp 9001 03.jpg sp 9001 04.jpg sp 9001 05.jpg sp 9001 06.jpg
sp 9001 07.jpg sp 9001 08.jpg sp 9001 09.jpg sp 9001 10.jpg
sp 9001 11.jpg sp 9023 01.jpg sp 9023 02.jpg sp 9023 03.jpg
sp 9023 04.jpg sp 9023 05.jpg sp 9023 06.jpg sp 9023 07.jpg
sp 9023 08.jpg sp 9023 09.jpg sp 9023 10.jpg sp 9023 11.jpg
sp 9023 12.jpg