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Snapshots from London

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I was in London 3 days (feb 2009) with my daughter to visit the Tate modern, the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Wesminster Abbey (sadly no photo allowed in there ?!!!) and the Natural History Museum. We have seen so many masterpieces from all kinds and from all times, that it was quite an amusing journey across Art history that we both enjoyed very much. The weather was typical London weather, very moody with an interesting light. I hope to be back there some time to see more. Here are some images I've managed to snap here and there.

Bonne visite, enjoy !
ERic Pouhier

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House of Parlement (EPO_7080) British Museum (EPO_7228) London Eye (EPO_7130)
British Museum (EPO_7273) Une montre molle de Dali (EPO_7122) Aphrodite - British Museum (EPO_7199)
London (EPO_7114) Tate Modern (EPO_7028) Giant cat skeleton by Dan halen - Tate Modern (EPO_7007)
British Museum (EPO_7154) Elephant girafe de Dali (EPO_7120) British Museum (EPO_7155)
Tate Modern (EPO_7011) Natural History Museum (EPO_7346) Westminster Abbey (EPO_7046)
London (EPO_7093) British Museum (EPO_7194) Tate Modern (EPO_7022)
London Eye (EPO_7137) House of Parlement (EPO_7105) Natural History Museum (EPO_7348)
Assyrian Winged Bull (721-705 BC)  - British Museum (EPO_7174) Glass jar, possibly Phoenician, about 750-550 BC  (EPO_7265) Studying Parthenon Sculptures (EPO_7197)
Giant cat skeleton by Dan halen - Tate Modern (EPO_7001) Japanese Noh mask - British Museum (EPO_7276) An Athlete Wrestling with a Python  1877 by Frederic, Lord Leighton  V&A Museum (EPO_7295)
Portrait of a woman with blue eyes (6000 years ago !) (EPO_7263) House of Parlement (EPO_7055) London (EPO_7124)
London Eye (EPO_7126) Big Ben (EPO_7076) Tate Modern (EPO_7029)
London (EPO_7103) British Museum (EPO_7153) London (EPO_7118)
House of Parlement (EPO_7067) Statue of Richard I - House of Parlement (EPO_7064) London Gothic (EPO_7051)
Victorian architecture (EPO_7043) British Museum (EPO_7152) House of Parlement (EPO_7136)
London Eye (EPO_7141) British Museum (EPO_7231) Assyrian royal lion hunt about 645 BC - British Museum (EPO_7187)
Ming dynasty, dated AD 1486 - British Museum (EPO_7251) The Emperor Justinian and the Angel of Victory GOLD Solidus -- 527 to 565 AD - British Museum (EPO_7244) Mosaic mask of Quetzalcoatl Aztec/Mixtec, 15th-16th century AD - British Museum (EPO_7214)
British Museum (EPO_7198) British Museum (EPO_7229) Assyrian Eagle Protective Spirit from 865 B.C - British Museum (EPO_7162)
Une estampe de la série Trente-Six Vues du mont Fuji (Fugaku sanjurokkei), publiée en 1831 - V&A Museum (EPO_7309) 18th Dynasty 1580-1314 BC - Britsh Museum (EPO_7261) By Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798 - 1861) painting on wood - V&A Museum (EPO_7275)
Chinese 1800 BC ! (EPO_7226) Double-headed serpent Aztec/Mixtec, 15th-16th century AD - British Museum (EPO_7215) The Lewis Chessmen - 1200 AD (EPO_7242)
Ancient Egypt - British Museum (EPO_7161) Cleopatra and her attendees (1898) - V&A Museum (EPO_7324) In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu was the king of the demons of the wind - British Museum(EPO_7266)
Aztec skull 15th-16th century AD - British Museum (EPO_7210) A giant model of a foetus and 2 little stunned girls (EPO_7359) Giant cat skeleton by Dan halen - Tate Modern (EPO_7009)
London Eye (EPO_7125) V&A Museum (EPO_7301) Natural History Museum (EPO_7345)
House of Parlement (EPO_7056) Fayum mummy portrait - 50-300 AD British Museum (EPO_7260) Dale Chihuly's V&A Rotunda Chandelier (EPO_7317)
Medieval Ivory minuature Carvings, late Roman, AD 420-30 - British Museum (EPO_7247) Natural History Museum (EPO_7340) V&A Museum (EPO_7307)
Maya, Late Classic period (AD 600-900) - British Museum (EPO_7206) Gladiator - Britsh Museum (EPO_7245) Tate Modern (EPO_7017)
Gudéa. 2141 BC, Mesopotamia (EPO_7267) “Breathless” Cornelia Parker - V&A Museum (EPO_7334) Hoa Hakananai'a around AD 1000 - British Museum (EPO_7202)
Yaxchilan lintel 16  Maya, Late Classic period (AD 600-900) (EPO_7208) Ivory - V&A Museum (EPO_7328) The Lewis Chessmen - 1200 AD (EPO_7234)
British Museum - (EPO_7201) Haume - V&A Museum (EPO_7321) Natural History Museum (EPO_7347)
Faun with Infant Bacchus - V&A Museum (EPO_7220) British Museum (EPO_7262) Charles Townley - V&A Museum (EPO_7222)
Millenium Bridge (EPO_7034) Darwin (EPO_7341) Dali - London (EPO_7121)
Samurai helmet, 16th - 18th centuries AD - British Museum (EPO_7274) Seated Luohan (Disciple of Buddha) 907 - 1125 AD (EPO_7282) V&A Museum (EPO_7313)
Facing our origins (EPO_7342) A bit of science (EPO_7366) London B&W (EPO_7111)