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JUL-2003 Emily

Little Green Spider

North Carolina

I have no clue what kind of spider this is. He just bummed a ride on my windsheild one day.
If you know, please leave a comment and tell me.

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Guest 19-Feb-2018 08:02
I saw the same spider in Queensland Australia, my hometown, I was a little discombobulated when I saw this spider, as I never saw a spider like this with long arms.
Guest 13-Jan-2016 04:56
1 Meshweb Spiders (Dictynidae)

This family of small spiders (most are merely 2 to 4 mm long) is also known as Cribellate Spiders or Mesh-webbed Spiders. Many species are attractively coloured and showing distinctive patterns on the bodies. Identifyication is often possible although in some cases you won't be able to determine only the genus. They build a small, robust web, usually on leaves and wait under it for their prey. For animals as small as these spiders, the prey is can be surprisingly big. The females are exceptionally gentle with the males. After mating they often live together for a couple of weeks, until he dies. Only then she will eat him although there are exceptions to this rule. The green species below is easily identified. The animal in the picture is a male. The female has a light green thorax. The markings on the abdomen differ clearly from those on the abdomen of other green species, such as the Cucumber Spider and Diaea dorsata, a Crab Spider. The web is usually build on big leaves. In spite of the striking colour this spider is rarely spotted. In the Benelux area this is a common species. In England it is a rather local species which can be found in London among other places.
Meggan 23-Jun-2012 03:22
We cought one today, I put it in a jar with a smaller spider. All it did when the little spider got closer was tapped it a few hard times and the little one just went about its way webbing. They have been in the same baby food jar for a few hrs. And have not eaten eachother yet. I too am curious about what type of spider this is. It is interesting how it moves its front 2 legs, and resembles a grasshopper's head kind of.
Grace 20-Jun-2012 20:36
I had one come out of my nose and i am beyond terrified of spider so i freaked out then when i say it again i squashed it real good!!!!!!
Brandi 15-Jun-2012 16:49
This was by far the coolest spider i have ever seen in person! I found him on a huge rock by a lake in Ohio. He was very calm and i let him crawl on me for about a half hour while i watched his movements. I even saw him shoot a few webs, something i'd only seen on television in slow motion until then. Nature is the coolest, who needs tv. It's amazing how calm other life forms are when we're not freaking out and screaming.
Guest 09-Jun-2012 17:39
just found one in my kitchen hanging from the roof. i was very curious about what it is so i took my broom and knocked it down. it tried to run so i wacked it a little just to stop it but now its lost somewhere in my broom and i dont think i wanna stick my hand through to find a spider that i dont even know about.
Danielle 07-Apr-2012 14:56
I've been trying to identify what kind of spider this is also. I found one in my bedroom (on the third floor) by the light. I am TERRIFIED of spiders, but I just didn't have it in me to kill it, but I wasn't going to let it live if it were poisonous. From the slight research I've done on spiders such as the Green Orbweb Spider or green jumping spiders, they don't seem too venomous. They say they're not really dangerous. But I'm still a little nervous. if anyone finds out, please let me know >_<
Sue 30-Mar-2012 04:35
I had one on my leg this morning it is a very kool colour, only tiny so just took a pic for facebook then flicked it off. I have spiders coming to me everywhere lately. The other week I found a funnel web. arghhhhhh
guest 16-Oct-2011 12:29
i just got biten by a little green spider it was as if a bug bit me i hpe they not pisonas :/ ill let u know if ne thing eventuates from the bitefingers crossed it dont!!!
katie 01-Jul-2011 01:50
I saw a little lime gree spider they were falling out of tree as i sat under it but seemed harmless i would like to know what they are never seen one before and ive seen lots of spiders
Guest 28-May-2011 16:10
i live in somerset ky and i was out side then one of my frinds said that one was on my arm im glad it ddt bite me
Rori 25-May-2011 20:31
I just saw one that looks like it outside on myh trampoline and it freaked me out badly. Thank gosh nobody was bitten
Guest 25-Apr-2011 21:58
i found one in my vegetable plot i live in connamara ireland
Guest 15-Feb-2011 03:04
i saw one in my mom door, is it poisioness , i might not go to sleep
Guest 16-Jan-2011 01:15
yeah i just found one in my room, i live in sydney australia. :P looks pretty mad thou! aha hope its not dangerous
Guest 10-Sep-2010 15:06
About a month ago i got bitten by one on my right hand. As soon as it bit me a blister devoloped. I applied antibotic and left it along. It took two weeks for the blister to dry up. It did however left a brown spot. No, they are not poisioness.
sonya 27-Aug-2010 15:03
i think the little green spider is not poisonis.because my friends ran away screaming so i killed it and im not dead
kennedy 27-Aug-2010 14:57
i think it is not poisois
Brittany 19-Aug-2010 02:27
i have hade one or two of them in my room at home and they r some kind of crab spider and from what i have heard of they might be poisonous but but no one is for sureand i live in Ben Wheeler,Texas
Andrea 04-Aug-2010 22:03
Found one on my driverside door this afternoon... (spiders seem to like bumming rides apparently).. but i got in through my passenger side door and drove home with it.. LOL...and had the neighborhood kids take it off my car for me cause helllllll no am I gonna go near that thing.....Live in south Florida..
george 16-Jul-2010 04:03
same here he was on my windshield the same type of spider
Guest 30-Jun-2010 15:38
I just found one of these on my counter. Its soooooo little, but I thought it was cool since I've never seen one that color. It was like kelly green!
Justin 27-Jun-2010 18:48
I just found one on the side of my car next to my gas tank. Freaked me out...but glad to hear it's not dangerous. I live in Central Illinois.
kendall 23-Jun-2010 19:07
i had one exactly like it outside and i just found one in my room. it spans out its front four legs like a T or a crucifix right? red feet? they jump like crazy. i wanna know what it is
Chelsea 19-May-2010 04:42
does this spider jump too i got bit by a little green spider and i have redness and swelling around the bite mark just itching when i first got bit.i feel like crap all i wanna do is sleep i have a bad headache im not really hungry if i am at this spider poisionus can somebody help please!!!
emily 23-Mar-2010 19:23
I just found one in my car earlier today. im extremely terrified of spiders and i freaked out and killed it. i live in virginia
AMY 30-Oct-2009 02:57
malyssa 12-Aug-2009 17:31
omg what the hell is that it looks like a crab spider i live in san antonio its scary
Laura 04-Aug-2009 22:41
Just found one on a sunflower in New Mexico
nathan 21-Jul-2009 23:20
i just found one outside on my step, so i tried to burn it but it was very agressive so i squshed it, i have never seen one like this, im used to wolf and jewel spiders. im writing from edmonton alberta canada
jasmine 03-Jul-2009 22:41
i found one outside today at my backyard.i got scard andran but fell and got hurt .so my mom got me in thank you for telling me it is hamless also it jumps.
Megan 25-Jun-2009 23:24
I found one today on my basil... in NC... I told the kids to stay away... my 4 year old loves spiders... but it looked like the legs were "spiny"....
Brooke 29-May-2009 03:38
omg i just got bit byone today and they sting it feels like a mosquito bite... ouchhhh,, buh i put cortosone 10 and it "kinda" stoped iching buh not completely,, [i live in AZ]
Guest 31-Dec-2008 19:18
Go to and search under "crab spider" or "flower spider". You can submit a photo too, under ID Request. It's free. Anytime you see an insect or spider and you don't know about it, go to The site is run by Iowa State University Dept. of Entomology. If you want to feel REALLY creepy, take a look a House Centipedes! You'll learn to be kind to them as they are VERY beneficial. Some fun comments on them are there too.
Brendan 08-Dec-2008 00:11
I Found The Exact Same Spider In Sydney Australia In My House But My Mummy Killed It
Guest 28-Oct-2008 11:42
the last 2 days i have seen them walking around in my apartment and i just hate them and kill them
guest 27-Sep-2008 14:53
i found one in england in my garden. me and my friend have put it in a jar. i want to know what it eats. it is about 2mm
Guest 16-Aug-2008 17:04
i got bit by one yesterday and it hurt so bad. i thought it was a cool leave and thenn it crould up my arm and bit me it still burns
carrie 13-Aug-2008 22:51
yeah I found a bright green one on the playground today..I hate spiders so I ran away, but I'm sure its fine..
Paula 18-Jul-2008 15:45
Thank you for posting this. I had one in my kitchen this morning, and even though it's small, it still freaked me out! I've never seen anything like it. I'm in the Detroit area.
Noemy 03-Jul-2008 19:35
What Kind of spider lives in Sunflowers? Because I took a sunflower in a patch next to where I work, and later I felt something crawling on me. I saw a small spiser the size of nickel and baby spiders coming out of it. It was yellow-ish. Please help! I have bites all over me and I don't know what it is!
Guest 28-May-2008 23:05
good to know what kind it is.
amber 20-May-2008 01:09
my dad just got bit by one and he says it burns!!!!
gest 11-May-2008 11:01
The spider is harmless if you see it just ignor it
Kris 20-Apr-2008 21:55
We found one today on the wall of our pub over in Lee, North Devon UK. Had it in our hands and had no bite or anything from it. But it did take up a position that it would atack when we came to close with our fingers.
Chris 08-Jan-2008 14:53
The crab spider - like all spiders - is in fact venomous, but as pointed out, is considered not harmful to humans.
nicholas 16-Nov-2007 06:24
what kind of spider is this!?is it poisioness?
Rebekah 06-Nov-2007 22:17
tammy is correct it is a crab spider they are not poisioness or harmfull just annoying
Nicole 12-Oct-2007 20:43
I just found one hanging on me by its web. It was very disturbing.
Tammy 18-Sep-2007 18:31
The spider in the photo is a crab spider and is comonly known as the neon flower spider.
No they are not poisionous, and if you do happen to get bitten witch is highly doubtful, the only thing you will experience is a red bump that itches like a mosquito bite but most likley if bitten nothing will happen and you will be fine there is no need in medical attention. All crab spiders are non-poisionous. They may look exotic but they are harmless to humans. Crab spiders don't use webs so they can be found anywhere to attack there next victom, I usually see them on flowers sitting motionless, on car windshields while stopped at a red light, in my bathroom, and just about anywhere else a spider can go. Crab spiders are generally shy and can be quick at times but I like to hold them in the palm of my hand so I can get a close up view of them and also feel how they move from my hand to my arm. You can hold a crab spider if you are carefull with it and don't freak out because of it's looks and it's movements I can almost garuntee you will not get bitten and if you do it is painless and harmless so feel free to study and learn more about the harmless crab spiders in our back yards and sometimes in our homes.
Guest 12-Jul-2007 22:03
i work at a daycare and i found one outside. it's color is almost transparent and the markings on it's back look almost like a face. i would really like to know what type of spider this is.
JOEL 12-Jul-2007 00:14
Carmen 13-Jun-2007 22:13
I found one on my windshield yesterday. It's almost a flouresent green color. Glad to know it's not poisonous. Thanks for the information
Guest 13-Jun-2007 12:15
is it a crab spider or a yellow sak spider ? i found one on our camper yesterday
Darcy 08-Jun-2007 19:23
I have one in my office and when I looked at it I said it looks like a crab and now that I see your pic and read all the comments I want to say THANK YOU!!! Now I know what this little guy is ...and to know he is harmless makes it even better to let him crawl all over my computer and stuff :)
Guest 13-Apr-2007 05:30
It is a crab spider without a doubt
yoyo 07-Oct-2006 10:24
i got one on my lavender plant in Sydney Australia. isn't it a cool little spider! thanks for putting the photo on-line!
spiderman 07-Sep-2006 02:52
The spider in the photo above is definitely a crab spider. They are harmless to humans.
Guest 07-Sep-2006 02:51
The spider in the photo above is definitely a crab spider. They are harmless to humans.
Guest 02-Sep-2006 20:13
its a Crab Spider
Guest 02-Sep-2006 20:11
that a spider that can kill its prey or other spider by shockin them with his electic thing idk something like that but its harmless to humans
Beth 02-Sep-2006 20:10
Mine was huge- maybe 3 inches across if legs were spread out. On the outside of my window in a web- there one minute, gone the next. My 8 year wanted daddy to catch it- he wouldn't go near it! We are in Denver where it's usually too dry for such wildlife.
Guest 18-Aug-2006 15:16
just saw on my windshield and decided to look it up cause never seen on elike it before
Guest 09-Aug-2006 21:51
it looks like a yellow sac spider. i saw on my sunflower a week ago.
Guest 25-Jul-2006 05:05
i had three crawl on me this weekend wut the hell is it
Guest 07-Jul-2006 16:44
Looks like a yellow Sac Spider. Watch out for these if they are Sac Spiders, you do not want to get bitten.

Yellow Sac Spider - Cheiracanthium inclusum
Yellow Sac Spiders are relatively small (10 mm body length), and are yellowish in color; they are difficult to distinguish from one another. Bites generally produce instant, intense stinging pain, not unlike that of the sting of a wasp or hornet. This may be followed by localised redness, swelling and itching; these manifestations may or may not evolve into a necrotic lesion, but when that occurs healing is usually complete within eight weeks. Side effects may include chills, fever, headache, dizziness, nausea, anorexia, and sometimes shock.
Julie 30-Jun-2006 23:22
I just found one tonight on my umbrella on my patio table. We live in Northern Illinois, but recently took a vacation to virginia. What is this? Is it poisonous?
Megan 23-Jun-2006 17:35
i found one on the bottom of of a plant that a squirrel dug up out of my garden do does anyone know what kind it is?
Guest 16-Mar-2006 16:41
Ya... It was on a flower I was picking. Is it poisioness?
martin 02-Mar-2006 11:20
i saw this spider while watering my plants,i want to know wheather it is dangerous
Natalie 27-Jan-2006 19:44
What kind of spider is this!? I just found one hanging in my room, is it poisioness?