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Patricia Daly-Lipe 08-Feb-2015 18:45
Ed, your photos which you allowed me to use in my book, 'MYTH, MAGIC and METAPHOR' will be used again in the new version being edited right now. Thank you again. I love your work. Please let me know where I can send the new version once it is published. (
ellen becker 20-Aug-2014 17:59
I'm facinated with your pictures. I'm especially impressed with your ability to change a photo to resemble a painting. I would like to ask a question about this. How can I get the same results as you did? Do I need a special IT process to convert pictures? Thank you again
Anne Bauman 03-May-2014 20:56
Ed, I love your pictures and look forward to each and every one. The Horn covers are so beautiful. I don't know if you do those also.
Lynda Kemper 26-Jun-2012 13:10
Hi Ed
Thank you so much for your quick response to my request of June 25. Unfortunately, when I attempted to respond to you this morning it was lost. Would you please resend.
Best regards
gary pumplin 28-Feb-2012 08:20
Greetings, I must express my appreciation for your many hours of work in assistance to educate the wayward. Your images and tutorials are most appreciated!
Thank you and please continue your art.
gary pumplin
Pete Taylor 24-Nov-2011 20:41
Ed, some absolutely superb work on show! I came here after reading your helpful suggestion about my SEP2 vs PSE8 battle, unfortunately It's still crashing and I posted a reply to you in the Nik forum.

Best regards,
Pete Taylor
Kevin R 14-Nov-2011 15:27
Hi, fantastic photos! Would you mind if I asked a few questions. I was looking at your infrared nikon d70 images. Was this with a un-modified D70? 720nm ir filter? Also can you handheld your d70 when shooting ir? I am asking because I want to buy a un-moded camera for ir work, and am considering the D70
Thank you in advance for any info you can send me.
Kevin Rafferty
Ontario Canada
Hilarie Mcneil-Smith23-Jan-2011 15:43
my goodness! your galleries are a total delight! I'm in LOVE with your flowers! Your 'georgia' collection is stunning.
Michael Brewer 19-Oct-2010 20:45
Absolutely stunning. Great stuff. I'd also be interested to see some hints/tips on your blog about how you use Capture NX2 / CFX Pro in your workflow!
carol black 14-Sep-2010 19:40
Ed...your photographs are always beautiful, creative, and inspiring. The photograph of the old oak tree that is on the discussion group this week prompted me to write as I've meant to many times. Thanks so much and I love your pink flamingo and his travels around HH.
Guest 14-Aug-2010 19:36
My wife and I really enjoy your photos. Wish we were as talented.
Guest 11-Mar-2010 14:14
Beautiful photo of crocuses and a big relief after the snow...thanks!
Martin 20-May-2009 11:46
Fabulous pictures. Where can we go to purchase a photo for use at home?
Jack J. Chu 15-Apr-2009 13:45
Your art works are great, theory, elements and practice example. Your DVD are wonderful when I watched at Charlottesville last Thursday night. You spent 80 hours even more to make it. I love it and like to learn more. I also am a retired control system, electrical and software engineer with 25 awards Who's Who etc. But I am too far away to learn photograph than you. Is it possible that I dream to get your DVD copy? I will appreciate very much.
Thank you very much.
Jack J Chu.
4749 Blue Jay Way, Charlottesville, VA 22911, 434-975-2435
Hubert Steed22-Apr-2008 01:26
Lovely work... Thank you for sharing...
Guest 21-Mar-2008 02:00
So glad I stumpled upon your galleries while looking for a forum on digital manipulation. You've supplied a lot of inspiration. I'll be back often. Thanks, Karen
Brenda LaFleur06-Jan-2008 20:01
Hi Ed. I just visited your pbase gallery. Wonderful work! I'll be back to visit again as I've added you to my favorites! Keep it up!
Brenda LaFleur
Norbert Fortelny19-May-2007 17:56
Great work, I admired a lot of your pictures today will come back for more.
Creative Terri01-Nov-2006 15:55
your work is stunning...!!
Terri corley
Carol Rawlings04-Jun-2006 00:39
Just dropped by for another visit to one of my favourites - I just love your work Ed. Thank you for the inspiration!
wayne_n29-Mar-2006 07:02
Hi Ed! Awesome gallery - really wonderful images! I am about to purchase a D50, and am interested in the Tamron 70-300 (which is how I found your gallery). I love the images you took with that lens, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

How do you like it?

Sue Robertson19-Feb-2006 01:05
I am so impressed with the artistry in your photos. Congratulations on an excellent portfolio of work.
leona 27-Jan-2006 22:04
Please tell me in which photo club you are a member? I can't believe that people suppressed discussion and you resigned! Come to our club, we love discussion.
Leona, Stamford, Ct
leona 27-Jan-2006 21:06
Beautiful! What do you mean that I can see before and after?
Naomi S. 25-Oct-2005 19:03
Beautiful photographs. Very inspiring.

Naomi S.
Guest 10-Oct-2005 05:53
Ed - Awesome galleries - You are not far from my area - I'm in Winchester area - drop me a line and check out my galleries
ania 13-Aug-2005 19:00
Beautifull... I'm not artist, I'm biologist... but I like your photos very very very much :)
Guest 05-Jul-2005 20:37
Hallo Ed.Congratulations for Your beautiful Galleries.You are doing a great job,and You have a nice Foto - Equipment.I wish You the best for Your Future,Roman.
Scott Cooley 27-Jun-2005 04:35
Ed, you have some excellent IR shots on this site. I found your page while researching IR combined with digital photography. According to what I read, you use a Nikon D70 and D70s, as do I. Is it correct that you don't have to make any permanent modifications to the camera, but just start buy purchasing an IR filter, such as the Hoya r72 to begin shooting digital IR photos? I am really interested to know and get started.

Again, excellent site with some awesome photographs!
maga 16-Jun-2005 22:05
Guest 25-May-2005 10:45
You have some fantastic shots here. I located you via a Nikon-D70 Group posting.
Mindy McNaugher20-May-2005 14:43
Hi Ed,
Thanks for your comments in my guestbook. I'm not originally from Western PA., though I still have a lot to add to my various galleries. (Including Pennsylvania!) I have thousands of images in the form of slides, but need the time to scan them! I still love film, though I am enjoying digital more and more. Obviously using digital for my PAD, but much of the work in my other galleries is from film. ...Yes, Phipps just completed a huge renovation and expansion! Definitely worth a trip when you are back in this area! Where are you from now? ...I have been so busy looking at your multiple exposure images, that I have neglected to go through some of your other galleries. You have some gorgeous fog shots! And I love your IR work! That is something I have not learned how to do with digital yet! Used to love to work with IR, but with film! I will definitely stop back to see more of your work! Keep up the incredible shooting!
Mike 19-May-2005 15:57
Beautiful body of work. Ive stumbled across your name, postings and galleries multiple times while researching digital IR. That makes you the expert. If you dont mind sharing your secret of preferred IR Filter for your D70, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (
Nicolas Castaneda 09-May-2005 02:19
Great IR gallery. I'm starting to do IR photography with a coolpix 5700 and hoya r72 filter, but know I going for a D70. so, and since you also have both cameras, I need to ask: is the 5700 better or worst in IR photography compared to the D70 (exposure time, grain, etc.)? I've think in taking out the IR cut filter of the 5700, so it would be an IR camera only (with shorter exposure times, and hopefuly less grain), but since there isn't much information on doing this on internet (at least not with the 5700), I may not take the risk, and the it worth keeping the 5700?

hope you can answer me.
Michael Kanemoto 06-May-2005 22:37
I'd like to know which IR filter you are using - I've got a D70 as well. mkanemoto at gmail dot com.
Tim Rucci06-May-2005 15:53
Ed, I once lived across the street from an 'Ed Knepley' in Jacksonville. You're probalby not the same person, but I thought I'd post this anyway, just on the odd chance that you are. I'll to come back here and browse around more later, and see the rest of your photos.
Best regards, ~Tim
Frank Zipperer30-Apr-2005 05:01
Ed, was reading the D70 digest and came across your message RE: Mirror Lock-up so made a visit here. Wonderful body of work!! What got me really excited was your time lapse of the Night Blooming Cereus. Fantastic!! I used an image that I made on the show card to an exhibit I had and wanted to share with you. It's onmy PBase Gallery at
I'm adding your gallery to my favorites so I can come back.
David 25-Apr-2005 16:38
Thank you for the link. Your photos on pBase were very helpful in evaluating the Nikon D70. I did not know the D70 could not make B&W images (hence the reason I was asking you about it). What model Gitzo did you purchase? I have bookmarked your website to view future images. Keep up the great work, you really have a special talent and creative eye!!
Ed Knepley30-Mar-2005 22:01

After looking at your galleries, all I can say is Wow! You have a wonderful eye. I don't think you'll have any trouble with the 105 at all.

DOF can be a little challenging with this lens since it's so shallow, but with a little experimentation it's easy - (set an aperture and shoot several times, each time choosing a different point to focus on - different as in moving from front to back, not side to side so that you can see what's in focus in front & behind and learn to choose an optimum depth. Now - change the aperture setting and do it all over again. And then again... Indoors with note taking is probably the most efficient way to do this , but it's boring.)

Autofocus sometimes "doesn't" - and when it does, it sometimes isn't focused where you want/need it to be. Do the drill in the first paragraph and then mainly use manual focus.

If you find that you want a reproduction ratio even larger than the 105'a 1:1, the Tamron Pro 1.4x teleconverter works well with this lens and give you 40% larger than lifesize.

Best of luck, Ed
Guest 30-Mar-2005 15:11
Hello Ed, I just got through browsing your galleries. Incredible work and very inspiring. I've already learned a lot from reading your exif info and viewing your images. I just got the Nikkor 105mm and haven't posted a lot of images with it but, any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cynthia
Guest 29-Mar-2005 22:17
Hi Ed

Just wanted to tell you that your photographs are stunning! I really have enjoyed your flower photos and the sceneries are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!

Ed Knepley22-Mar-2005 20:33

Please take a look at the description below the image at

I've just updated it to include most of everything that I can think of in terms of shooting and post-processing.

Any other questions, give a holler.


Jim Hafft 22-Mar-2005 19:52
Your photos are beautiful. I'm using a D70 with a 88a Harrison & Harrison filter for IR shots. Any help you can give me, such as post-processing and shooting, would be greatly appreciated. Check out my website -


Jim Hafft
Peter Chou24-Jan-2005 10:34
Simply love your B&W and IR work! Do take a look at my humble gallery and I appreciate all comments and advices.
Guest 09-Jan-2005 13:43
Ed, I've just been looking at your Macro & flower galleries.
They are just amazing.
Congratulations my friend.
markvm09-Nov-2004 19:59
Thanks for your comment on the dark alley image.I appreciate it very much!
Stan Richard03-Nov-2004 12:43
Ed, thanks for the comments on my autumn Hiking trail photo, much appreciated. Cheers! Stan
Cory 28-Oct-2004 03:02
Beautiful images Ed! Your multiple exposure shots are gorgeous!
Keep up the good work.
Chuck Kuhn26-Oct-2004 14:58
You have many unique photographs that I enjoy. Thanks for sharing
Peter Haanschoten23-Oct-2004 16:57
Hai Ed,

Thanks for your pos comment on mine picture , i have also looked to your gallery and it's beautiful.

Ed Knepley11-Sep-2004 21:24
Hi Bob,

Lots of nice shots on your site. I expect that we'll be seeing some of them again during the upcoming competition nights.

Bob Townsend10-Sep-2004 00:50
Hi Ed, My name is Bob Townsend. I just recently joined the Camera Club you are in. I was also out at Meadowlark that day. If you get a chance, check out my gallery on it:

It was facinating to see some of the same things from your point of view including the butterfly. That little guy kept going back to the same flower. Our shots are near identical. We also have similar shots of the orange and yellow flower.

See you at the next meeting.
Dan08-Sep-2004 21:58
Thanks for the comment in my galleries. I enjoyed my visit to yours. I especially liked a couple of the bird images.
Ed Knepley02-Sep-2004 13:44
Thanks, Jane. You're right - macros aren't easy without the right equipment. That's what's driven my upgrades since the time I started photography in 2002 with my little 2MP Olympus >> Coolpix 5700 >> D70 and, most importantly, a Nikkor Micro lens.

I'd be honored for you to show my work to your classmates. What class?

Ed Knepley
Jane02-Sep-2004 01:01
Your pictures are wonderful! I never have had success with macro as you have. Yes, you do indeed have a better Nikon than I do. But I will be upgrading soon.
I would like to show your album to my classmates.
Your albums are an inspiration to a person starting out with digital photography, I am so glad that I happened on to your pbase site.
Thank you!
Jane Carter,