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Photo Gear

First of all, Iím not a professional photographer, though I wish Iíam, probably someday. Started early on my college day (back in 1987) using Yashica 35mm FX-3/2000 (merged with Kyocera at that time). Itís low end model but serve me well in starting to use SLR camera. Learn from KODAKô photography pocket guide book for basic photography since then I fond lotís of fun shooting with camera. After the camera mirror broke incidentally and the meter is out of function, I stop taking picture with SLR basically due to no moneyÖ ďsighĒ . Since then busy trying to make money. First introduction to digital camera is back in 2000 or 2001. I bought the camera Canon A10 in Sim Lim Singapore around 300 USD at that time 1.3MPixel is still well up in the middle of the digital camera pixel war. Soon I found out itís getting obsolete rapidly, every year another new camera with a better Mega Pixel is introduced.

In the beginning of 2005 my friend bought a pro-consumer digital camera, a Sony brand. That is the time when I was triggered back to the glory old days of photography and with the internet knowledge base which is now easily accessible all the knowledge of photography technique, equipment and photo sharing itís become apparent that digital photography is here. Then I bought Canon 300D based on the reviews and seems to be a good entry point to DSLR. Soon I caught into a very expensive game of equipping myself with all the gadgets. New lenses, accessories, etc. So here Iím back into the photography interest. For sure Iím far from good, but being connected to the community online and talking and sharing with friends really speed up some of my approach to photography today. Not to forget the old way of getting knowledge, reading books and internet browsing. Magazines and books is one of the good way of getting more insights and knowledge especially when traveling. My work enable to travel to some place and Iím sure I will use that opportunity to take more pictures. SoÖ keep shooting, keep experimentingÖ its digital.

Time has pass by since 2005, from Canon 300D, move on to 20D then upgraded to 50D. The cameras also equipped with several key lenses from 17-40mm from Canon, 70-200 f4, 50mm f1.8, Sigmas, Tamrons, etc.
Since 2013, I've sold most of my Canons and move in 2014 to the Mirrorless. I consider Fuji as the main choice, with Olympus mirrorless as my 2nd thought. Finally I pick Fuji. Now I'm in a Fuji Guy bandwagon. Any camera though is a mere tools without knowledge and practices its mostly useless.


Fuji X-Pro2 - Active Duty
Fuji XT-1 - Active Duty
Fuji X70 Compact - Active Duty
Olympus XZ2 compact pocket camera - Active duty
Canon Compact A10 (1.3 Mp) relics now
Canon EOS 300D - Sold
Canon EOS 20D - Sold
Canon Compact A640 (10 Mp) obsolete
Canon EOS 50D - Sold
Sony TX-5 Outdoor Pocket Camera for water and wet adventure photos
Samsung Galaxy Camera latest addition - Sold
Samsung SII and SIII mobile phone camera with 360Camera or else

Fuji XF 14mm f2.8R (21 in 35mm), ⊙58, 7 round blade, f22 19 stops, min 18cm
Fuji XF 16mm f1.4R WR (24mm in 35mm), ⊙67, 9 round blades, f16 19 stops, min 15cm, 375g
Fuji XF 18mm f2R (28mm in 35mm), ⊙52, 7 round blade, f16 19 stops, min 18cm, 116g
Fuji XF 23mm f1.4R (35mm in 35mm), ⊙62, 7 round blade, f16 22 stops, min 28cm, 300g
Fuji XF 27mm f2.8R Pancake (40mm in 35mm), ⊙39, 7 round blade, f16, 16 stops, min 34cm, 78g
Fuji XF 35mm f2R(50mm in 35mm), ⊙43, 9 round blade, f16 19 stops, min 35cm, 170g
Fuji XF 56mm f1.2R (85mm in 35mm), ⊙62, 7 round blade, f16 23 stops, min 0.7m, 405g
Fuji XF 90mm f2R WR (135 in 35mm), ⊙62, 7 round blade, f16 19 stops, min 0.6m, 540g
Fuji XF 10-24 f4R OIS (15-36mm in 35mm), ⊙72, 7 round blade, f22 16 stops, min 24cm, 410g
Fuji XF 18-135 f3.5-5.6R OIS WR (27-206mm in 35mm), ⊙67, 7 round blade, f22 17 stops, min 0.45m, 490g
Fuji XF 50-140 f2.8R OIS WR (76-213