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Duncan | all galleries >> Fractal Images >> Fractal Flowers > Red & Brown Julia flower
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Red & Brown Julia flower

A 3D Julia Set fractal rendered in FractalWorks, a free, high performance fractal renderer for Macintosh computers. You can download fractalworks and try it yourself at the FractalWorks download site.

If you have FractalWorks version 0.6.0 or later, you can recreate this plot by clicking the link below:

Fractalworks plot Red & Brown Julia flower
Here are the settings for this image:

Document name: Red & Brown Julia flower
Fractal type: julia
Plot size (w,h): 805, 805
Maximum iterations: 65000
Center Point (real, imaginary): -0.7435280894506, 0.1313166455523 i
Plot Width (real): 1.64E-11
Julia origin (real, imaginary): -0.7435280894506068, 0.1313166455524238 i
Source mandelbrot width: 1.91E-14

Color scheme name: Red & gray 3D fabric
Color scheme last modified: 2009-11-05 22:34:37 -0500
Plot uses DE: Yes
Plot uses fractaional iterations: Yes
Plotted with symmetry: Yes
Plotted with boundary following: Yes
Plotted with multiple processors: Yes
Total plot time: 1.833 seconds
Total iterations: 219044402
Iterations/second: 119478765
Pixels skipped: 0
Iterations skipped: 0
Percent of pixels calculated: 100
Percent of iterations calculated: 100

Plot height: 0.6
Peak steepness: 1
Plot flipped: Yes
Camera x: 0
Camera y: 0
Camera z: -1.15
Ambient light: 0.5
Directional light: 0.6
Specular light: 0.3
Surface shininess: 10
Light x direction: -1
Light Y direction: 1
Light z direction: 1
Background color red: 204
Background color green: 204
Background color blue: 204

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