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Lacy Mandelbrot 3D

This is a 3D rendering of a Mandelbrot set plot from "Seahorse valley" on the main part of the Mandelbrot set.

The plot is centered on -0.7453983606668, 0.112504634996 i
at a plot width (real) of 2.5E-11

The height of points in the plot is calculated using the distance estimate method.

If you have FractalWorks version 0.6.0 or later you can recreate a lower resolution version of this plot by clicking the link below:

Fractalworks plot Lacy Mandelbrot 9_30

Here are the rest of the plot settings:

Fractal type: mandelbrot
Plot size (w,h): 4000, 3000
Maximum iterations: 20000
Center Point (real, imaginary): -0.7453983606668, 0.112504634996 i
Plot Width (real): 2.5E-11

Plot uses DE: Yes
Plot uses fractaional iterations: Yes

Plot height: 0.2
Peak steepness: 0.1
Plot flipped: No
Camera x: 0
Camera y: 0
Camera z: -1.39
Ambient light: 0.2
Directional light: 0.6
Specular light: 0.1
Surface shininess: 10
Light x direction: -1
Light Y direction: 1
Light z direction: 1

other sizes: small medium large original auto