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Afghan Hounds

For four decades we've had the good fortune to have wonderful Afghan Hounds for companions. They're a source of constant beauty, joy, and amusement. They enrich our lives in a multitude of ways. This breed isn't for everyone: Afghan Hounds are energetic, intelligent, highly independent and sometimes stubborn, and very grooming-intensive.

Our first affie was Keia and we eventually adopted her litter mate Anoush. Both remain very much alive in our memories and our hearts. They were followed by Sparkie and Katie, her lifelong companion. Sparkie passed on to the Rainbow Bridge in August 2003 and we, and Katie, were heartbroken. Of course, there's only one remedy for this kind of heartbreak. Jupiter became a member of our family on November 9, 2003, when Katie was nearly 12 years old and he was nearly two. Jupiter was devoted to Katie, and she loved him dearly. We're convinced that he helped to extend her life and certainly contributed to its quality. When Katie passed in March 2006, Jupiter was quite lonely for canine companionship. In June of that same year, black and tan Mateo joined us. Although Jupe wasn't altogether sure about the new puppy, he and Teo became the best of buddies.

In February 2012, Mateo's sweet sister Muchacha joined our pack, much to the delight of Jupiter and Mateo. Our beloved Jupiter passed away early the morning of June 4, 2013. We found him lying outside on the cool grass in the back yard under a beautiful starlit sky. As with all of our late companions, he'll forever be in our hearts. With Jupiter's passing, Muchacha was a great comfort to all of us, and perhaps especially to Mateo. We felt that Teo and Chacha were always meant to be together.

On January 28, 2016 we added 11 week old Oranje Vahalah Naranj Midnight Mojave ("Mojo") to our little pack. He's far and away the most emotional dog that we've had and he loves other dogs (especially small ones) and people (especially small children).

Mateo left us for the Rainbow Bridge on June 9, 2017. We miss him terribly. And we lost Muchacha on December 28, 2017. That left us with Mojo as an only dog, and it was clear that we had a big hole in our lives that needed to be filled.

On April 10, 2018, we added Luci (Oranje Desert Illusion) to our family. She and Mojo quickly became inseparable companions.

In June 2021 we were delighted to welcome Lady (Waru-Shah's Fair Lady) into our family. She may be the sweetest love bug that we've had and she immediately fit right in. Life is great!

Every one of our hounds has been special and unique. Every one has touched our hearts and left an indelible mark on our souls. For all the time and attention they command, their gifts to us are far greater.

[Last updated July 30, 2022]

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